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Education / Re: JAMB Releases 2022 UTME Result by ElderlyPerson(m): 2:33pm On May 14


Front page oo
Politics / The Myths Of Osinbajo Aspirations by ElderlyPerson(m): 3:34pm On Apr 19
It is no more a gainsay that the Presidential election race has witnessed an intense camaraderie in the last couple of weeks.

Popular news had it initially at the early part of the year of Bola Ahmed Tinubu an elder stateman of APC declaration of aspiration to fulfill his life-long ambition of becoming the president of the FRN. In a bid to as well make known of their intents to fit in for the herculean task. The VP, Prof Yemi Osinbajo, the Minister of Rail and Transport, Rotimi Amaechi, and most recently the minister of Labour in person of Prof Chris Ngige has as well declared their interest in the climax seat of power.

However, as expected, some loyalists of the most renowned candidate under the platform of APC had taken to social medias to libel, slander and blackmail the Vice President accusing him of betrayal and all sort of immoral prejudices.

In light of this, I will like to refute some of the myths as fondly constituted by these set of bigots:


I need to first reiterate that, the idea of Osinbajo being conceived and rumoured as a betrayer is completely nothing but an emotional blackmail.

Tinubu, for years had been known for staunch Godfatherism. With numerous testaments to this. Among which are his breach of Agreement with ex Governor of Osun and current Minister of Interior, Ogbeni Rauf Aregbesola, such that the hierarchy of gubernatorial seat after Aregbesola in Osun State was supposedly to be Alh Moshood Adeoti. But due to Tinubu's domineering attitude to the trend of things, he preferred Oyetola, a relation, to the seat thereby pocketing the life-long ambition of people who had crossed their Ts and dotted their Is for the post.

Not only, Gov Akeredolu was said to have fallen apart with this political juggernaut during his aspiration towards becoming the next governor of Ondo State. A move, owing to the fact Tinubu was in support of a candidate he felt would be a simp to his authority.

Lagos State, former governor, Ambode also was one of the pawn in the chess of Tinubu's radical show of politics amongst many others.

What do we then say to these people whom Tinubu had outsmarted them, due to their non-adherence to his bidding, or his conception. They might not do his bidding.

To say Osinbajo is a betrayer, begs the question does Tinubu uphold his moral standards in any wise ?


As much as we cannot shy away from the fact, the current administration had failed all and sundry who entrusted them with the mandate. It is not a yardstick to label the VP an outright failure for the said economy for the following reasons:

1. Economy is controlled by quite a number of factors. Most of which the VP have little or no say. For an instance, closure of borders wrecked the Economy status of the country greatly, an implementation the VP have little or no control over.

2. Not only, some economical stringent policies such as high taxation, banning of cryptocurrencies, COVID-19. Among many other factors largely play a crucial role in deciding the Economic progression or retrogression.

As a matter of fact, the ban on Cryptocurrency was promptly condemned by the VP as a technocrat who understands the implication of such move on the economy status of the country

Another myth that has been going round the media recently is that of controversial journalist Farouq Kperogi's allegation of the VP's agenda to rccgify Nigeria. Based on his said, underground research and inquiries.

As much as I strongly condemn bigotry at any instance and from any perspective. It's safe to say the publication of the said journalist is quite controversial, and of ulterior motives. You will recall, such release was debunked earnestly by the VP's office with a video release of Muslim from various part of the country and their congenial post in the cabinet.

My bone of contention to the said RCCG members is that; was the said journalist able to give a genuine backup to his claim of VP's cabinet Christian members being RCCG members? If he was? To what extent or degree. All these are questions that needs to be answered beyond gainsays and hearsays. Lest we fall for the gimmicks of people of the bourdillion villa.

In conclusion, Facts they say speaks for itself. The numerous achievements of the VP in his acting days as the President speaks for how much of a man of Timber and Calibre he is.

Politics / Re: Bode George: Tinubu Is A Serial Betrayer, Has No Right To Label Osinbajo Judas by ElderlyPerson(m): 2:12pm On Apr 17
Osinbanjo fits the description!

Why I never trust short people. They will always end up betraying you.

Never put your trust in a short person, even if it’s your wife or mother, politely be optimistic of them betraying you.

Your moniker is affecting you indeed...
Politics / Re: Osinbajo Never Informed Us Before Relocating Membership To Ogun State –Lagos APC by ElderlyPerson(m): 9:33am On Apr 13

I know he is yoruba but at the same time we shouldn't tolerate betrayal, backstabbing and Judasnature

If fayemi should declare, I wont mind, if Amosun should declare I won't mind. In essence if any other omoluabi should declare I won't mind but you see this osinbanjo, just acted in an unforgivable manner just as Judas did. And the end of judas, we all know.

Osinbanjo has just lost every moral grounds to preach Christianity. I am highly disappointed in him. He got power drunk or should I say he is been used like a doll attached to a string.


The evil men do lives with them.

When Tinubu has been pioneering crooked and manipulated candidates to power. It was never a betrayal in your wise.

Shall we talk of when it was crystal clear Moshood Adeoti was the next in agenda to power but he chose to put his kinsman in person of Oyetola to power.

What do we say of Ondo state when he worked his last breath to overpower Akeredolu from emerging due to his self-centered candidates

The Ambode he sidelined for reasons best known to him for his petty boy.

Among many others.

Now the chants is Osinbajo is a betrayal. Osinbajo this. Osinbajo that.

Y'all need grease to oil your rusticated brains.

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Sports / NUGA Themed 'unilag2022' Opened In A Grand Style. by ElderlyPerson(m): 7:58pm On Mar 19
The long awaited 26th edition of Nigerian Universities Games Association taking place at Unilag commenced today with an Opening Ceremony in a grand style.

It is important to note over 136 Universities from all geopolitical zones of the country had booked a spot at this years' NUGA edition.

With Arrival/Registration exercise having proceeded with as at Thursday and Friday respectively.

The game officially commenced today in a grandeur style with series of activities to mark its commencement

Notably among the dignitarians to witness the opening ceremony is the Deputy Governor of Lagos State, a representative of Minister of Sports, Lagos State Commissioner of Sport, Unilag Vice Chancellor among several other personalities who were present at the opening ceremony held today within the school sport centre.

Attached below are the clips of schools in their unique attires:

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Business / Fire Inferno At Mds Market, Osogbo. by ElderlyPerson(m): 8:38pm On Oct 17, 2020
It is reported now that MDS market, Osogbo is currently on fire now.. Reports reaching me is that Post Office Area, MDS, Station road sides are the affected areas. Lots of properties are being burnt down and Fire Brigade men are now on ground to put out the fire outbreak

Politics / Re: Edo Election: Excitement Galore At PDP Situation Room In Benin by ElderlyPerson(m): 1:25pm On Sep 20, 2020
.the woman that recorded this video should send her account number

0800924065 Access Bank
Religion / Re: Meet Nigerian Pastors Who Own Private Jets. (photos, Video) by ElderlyPerson(m): 2:25pm On Aug 23, 2020
That Pastors own private jet is not a reason for church members being poor.

Howbeit do we explain our non-christian brothers whose clerics or religious leaders don't own private jets but still can't afford 3-square meals daily.

The reason for being poor is simply our inability to harness available opportunities and bad governance.

Since you have not paid a dime in place of worship. How much choppers have you owned talk more of a jet. #Seek wisdom and get it#


Education / #30 Common Slangs Used In UI Community # by ElderlyPerson(m): 8:14pm On Jun 29, 2020
1. *All the Best fun e*- mng all the best for you. This is used to tell someone do what pleases you and stop disturbing me with affairs of your life

2. JJC- Jolly Just Come. This is used mainly gor Jambites or freshmen. Because they are still not familiar with the school yet

3. *FYB*- Final Year Brethren. This is used for final year students who are in their last year of course of study. Whether 400lvl,500lvl or 600lvl

4. *Efico*- this is commonly used for someone who knows book. A scholar or a genius

5. *Jones*- this means to shun/neglect/ignore someone or something

6. *TDB*- Till Day Break. This is used for a reading session done from night till daybreak. Otherwise called 'Nightreading/Nightclass"

7. *MTN*- 'Morning Till Night' a lecture or activity done throughout the entire daytime

8. *BOL*- 'Book Of Life'. This is the lists containing all UI undergraduates CGPA/GP usually realled after second semester exams. It includes the grade of all students from part 1-5/6 regardless of your depts

9. *ARO*- this means to whine/dribble/make fun/make jest or stylishly insult someone. Usually with offensive/abusive/funny words

10. *Squatter*- someone who couldn't get bedspace but lives/shares with someone who got

11. *Porter*- those elderly men/women in charge of hostels so as to ensure sanity and maintain orders

12. *Tsunami*- a large/massive failure. Usually accompanied with expulsion/failure/repeat
[29/06, 19:12] adegramms✍: 13. *Erosion*- a situation where someone could no longer meet the requirements of a particular course of study so had to be sent to another dept leser. Eg From Medicine to Zoology

14. *Igi Iwe*- one who reads alot but still fails. Igi Iwe, Eso odo

15. Baluba Kingdom- a common slang for Independence Hall residents(Indy Hall). Due to their ruggedness, stubbornness, aro and lousiness

16. *C of O*- carry over. This means to fail a course and have to retake it following year

17. *Fortified*- this means to scale through the passmark usually *'45'*. Mng I was *40*-fied

18. *Chip*- an expo smuggled in into an exam hall

19. *Spaghewa*- combination of Spaghetti and Ewa(Beans) cooked together

20. *Igbeyin UI*- These are the endtime period in UI. Where students are broke, no money to flex, everyone seems to be on a *Manager-mode*

[b][/b] 21. *Dept of EFCC*- dept where students get grades E, F or luckily C more due to tough exams and tests.

22. *Leggediz Benz*- this is used for a long trekking phase esp when you're broke/without money

23. *Crash*- after reading, studying and taking series of lecture. The period where one need a very deep sleep

24. *Splash*- an extra year where one needs to repeat the year all over

25. *Graduation before Convocation*- this is a slang used for someone who had been expelled. Either due to cheating/fighting/any form of misconduct

26. *Omo VC*- a slang for students who pride themself, throwing up weights and feeling as if they can do and undo on Campus

27. *NFA*- No future Ambition. A slang for aimless/nonentity

28. *Woods*- a renowned lecturer in UI dept of English precisely

29. *FWB*- females with boobs. This is used commonly for girls with little breast. An aro insult though

30. *Pick 2*- a common slang for ASUU frequent strike known for delaying students

31. *Won sha mi*- they stabbed mi. Mng they failed or nearly failed one


Religion / Re: What Happens To Those Who Did Evil To Fulfill The Scriptures ? by ElderlyPerson(m): 12:51pm On May 31, 2020
Can we just see this mystery about God's selection from Romans chap 8 vs 12, 17 and 19.

But in the real sense, Repentance of heart cannot be overlooked.

"A fallback cannot but happen, but woe into Him in whose hands it happened."

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Politics / Re: 2021: Akeredolu Says APC May Lose Ondo If He is Dropped by ElderlyPerson(m): 1:29pm On Jan 26, 2020
Nothing will happen ,yorubas are sophisticated they follow the winning team , ... Evil has been winning after Christ died on the cross ,so wise people follow evil ,foolish fools follow good n continue losing ...satan has come to reign supreme and Win multiple times , so yorubas will stick with the winning team ,we are so wise n sophisticated
Secondly Fulanis has been winning since 1967 and u think yorubas wont stick with the winning club (fulani elite club) ..

Abegi ...Join the winning team to avoid been mocked by cowards n shameless cursed souls

What is this one saying. Ki ni wi ?? Ase
Politics / Re: South-West Governors Move To Legalise Amotekun by ElderlyPerson(m): 4:39pm On Jan 18, 2020
This is a wrong move,

Let's hear from tinubu first and know his direction..

You're officially mad bro

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Literature / Re: Number 225 Katakata Street by ElderlyPerson(m): 1:44pm On Dec 16, 2018
First of all Mr. Centino . I must confess this, after *Bukky Alakara* and *The Devil Wears Okrika* which I have read on this platform. *Katakata street* is the best of them all.
Also, the indepth analysis of Mr. Cosmas is too awesome, his balance between religion and godly life. Irikefe notorious life is also worthy to be notified and Agbonyinbo's deciphering nature is worthy of utmost curiosity.
in short keep the good work going man, you are a rare gem to this generation. By the way I don't know if you have published it. If yes how can I get the hardcopy please !!


Politics / OSUN RERUN: Election Results Update In Ife South And Ife North L.G.A by ElderlyPerson(m): 3:09pm On Sep 27, 2018
The All Progressive Congress is taking the lead as they had marginalised and sabotage franchise right of the citizens and democracy had been greatly aliened in the ongoing rerun elections courtesy of aliance with the INEC and security operatives.

Politics / Election Result Update: Ife North L.G.A by ElderlyPerson(m): 1:56pm On Sep 27, 2018
The electi wink[color=#006600][/color]on held at Ife North L.G.A Ward 6 unit004 result has just been released. The result goes thus:

APC- 300 votes

PDP- 005 votes

Now it is quite obvious the All Progressive Congress are very determined to bigot this election to their own favouritism.

All things being equal, it is likely the ruling party boycott the dividend of democracy to soothe their own mischievous and unscrupulous way.

Nevertheless, let's wait and see
Politics / Re: Nura Iliyasu In DSS Custody After Climbing Mast To Protest Against Buhari - Deji by ElderlyPerson(m): 8:22pm On Sep 15, 2018
As far as the news is from deji is a fake news.
But if it is true,
He should be there till next year except he name his sponsor.
Just imagine the corrupt hungry guy saying thief saraki is what he want,
What a shame?
And the jobless aggressive lazy idiotic pigs of bia-fra terrorist are applauding the jobless lazy guy as their hero.
A government that is founded on nepotism, chauvinism and ethnicity which is being against by a sensible being is what you are here pledging your support for. So you mean to say freedom of speech is now alienable ?.
*Well my prayer for you is that may the lord God rule your life the way Buhari had ruled(is ruling) Nigeria.*

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Career / Re: Photo Of A Disable Man Plastering A House by ElderlyPerson(m): 7:41pm On Sep 13, 2018

Another eye serving.
And you that is not eye-serving. Who have you been useful for? Must you criticise?
Career / Re: Photo Of A Disable Man Plastering A House by ElderlyPerson(m): 7:37pm On Sep 13, 2018
u saw him, u knw whr he works and hear you are requesting for his contact tht u hv 100k to give, who is fooling who
Fool!!! If you can't read, understand and assimilate this simple expression of an helpful being. I doubt the genuineness of your being sensible. He said *a similar case* not that he saw the same fellow in question. Abeg!! wise up

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Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Iceland: Nigerians, Celebrities React To Super Eagles Win by ElderlyPerson(m): 6:35pm On Jun 22, 2018
Politics / Re: Boko Haram Bomb Expert Arrested During Stop And Search Operation. Photo by ElderlyPerson(m): 12:54pm On Apr 11, 2018
Baba has technically defeated Boko-haram now their members are now being arrested here and there, no escape route for terrorist in this regime, Thank you PMB
You, must you keep being a gullible fellow.. Commenting nonsense on every thread, I'll make life miserable for your vestigeal cerebrum on yhis platform..####ODE##
Crime / Re: Fulani Herdsmen Machete A Man In Benue(pics) by ElderlyPerson(m): 12:46pm On Apr 11, 2018
This is not true this looks more like two brothers who were fighting not peaceful fulani people
Verily verily I say unto you.. You have outlived your sanity.. Having known fully well your people are now animals clothed in Human skin.. And a government sentimental in its chauvinistic and nepotistic knowledge.. Yet you deny a glaring truth..
Lo and behold, the vengeance of God cometh soonest and not even your foetus will be spared.. Useless set of people.. They want to turn Nigeria into a complete zoo.. So inhumane and ungodly.. #Oloshi#
Literature / Re: Recommend Threads For Fp by ElderlyPerson(m): 2:02pm On Apr 09, 2018
I recommend www.nairaland.com/A zoo called a country
Politics / Re: Photos From President Buhari's Second Term Declaration At APC NEC Meeting by ElderlyPerson(m): 1:52pm On Apr 09, 2018
Good, Thank You President Buhari, For Accepting To Lead Nigeria For The Next 4 Years...

We All Prayed For You To Accept, And God Didn't Disappoint Us....

Thank You Buhari...

God Will Be With You Till You Handover In 2023...
You and who dey pray... Seems you're high on codeine.. Sense is what you need

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Literature / A Zoo Called A Country by ElderlyPerson(m): 9:50pm On Apr 08, 2018
I know of a country
Where disorderliness attains its climax
Dignity and Prestige they let go off
All in the name of selfishness.

I know of a country
Where agitators are tagged terrorists
Terrorists they apprehend not
Yet, unending lies they deploy to redeem their uncourteous acts

I know of a country
Where Fulani herdsmen are privileged of gallivanting in gangsterism
There, armless IPOB they consider a threat to the country
Operation Python dance today, Crocodile smile the next they use to savage the situation.

Peace of mind a long forgotten word in her dictionary
As Boko Haramists terrifies the peaceful atmosphere today
Our maidens they make means of dialogue tomorrow.
While we were still in a melancholy of the unseen Chibok girls
Not long after our Dapchi girls they got hold of again.

A country I had always thought it was
Not until they made known it was a glorified zoo
Snake now turned a minister of finance, Monkey the new C.B.N governor

A country or a Zoo ?
Where toils of hardwork counts not
Admission/Employment you get not from unrelentless efforts
Rather, connection masterminds even the slightest efforts

A Country or a Zoo ?
Where the corrupted wants to fight corruption
Where dying masses is not a concern
Rather merrying in their 50-milion power bike is what
matters most

A Country or a Zoo ?
Where the rich gets richer
Embezzlement their utmost goal
Fraud/Yahoo the only means of surviving for a common man's child

Only if I knew it was a glorified zoo
Only if I knew animals were slightly different from these ones
If and only if I were to make another choice
Then I would have opt to stay in heaven.

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Education / Re: Big Snake Found Inside Delsu Hostel Toilet Last Night by ElderlyPerson(m): 3:10pm On Mar 27, 2018
Wowwww!!!! This snake no get class, while its mate are busy swallowing money,this one dey swallow gebe(faeces)
Education / Re: University Of Ibadan(UI) 2017/2018 Admission Thread by ElderlyPerson(m): 4:07pm On Nov 17, 2017

I like the vibes.

I understand your point - right from your approach to your conclusion and I must astutely commend your sense of perseverance and commitment.We will all fail and fall short of our expectation at some point in life,the ability to persevere through this stage and re-inforce our commitment is the true meaning of SUCCESS.

Don't be discouraged by your performance this year,though the imbalance in question structure glaringly affected you.Pick your pieces,learn from your weaknesses and prepare for the worst.Thank God you have a first hand experience of the whole admission process likewise the examination as this will really boost your preparation ahead of the examination.

Right now,I know how you feel - The regretful rhetorics of I'm SITTING at home for another year,Please don't dwell on that as it might dangerously affect you thus making you feel less of yourself.Look at yourself and admire the abound cognition.Tell it to yourself you are an overcomer.

And Lastly,Please endeavour to make time with God.Seek His merciful face and all things shall work for our own good.
Bro... Every bit of your word soothes my bothered heart... Hoping to see you contending for SUG president one day.... �

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Education / Re: University Of Ibadan(UI) 2017/2018 Admission Thread by ElderlyPerson(m): 1:09pm On Nov 17, 2017

Even though there should be a level of quality maybe different style from same topics

Boss you are talking like this because you have not compared fridays questions to Saturday
I bet some like pes babola etc would finish and be waiting I to could have done d same if it were to be that I wrote on Saturday Naa
But ask Friday mbbs aspirant dey wud tell you how tine was there utmost enemy Kikikii I can still remember dat day... 90 min is a good time but not one with 60% long calculations even if you are fast you still can't beat dat time
This is nothing but the truth... The fact that you enjoyed grace doesn't make you better off others... I sat for my p.utme on Friday and I know the agony the unfriendly and rigorous calculation made us pass through.... I do say it that if the way we read and how accurate we are makes us superior then my rank of superiority with my contemporaries cannot be questioned....
All the same, I strongly believe there is no excuse for failure... The fact that I'm having an aggregate of 66.25 doesn't make someone who had 80.1aggregate a better person than I am...
Hoping to comeback with a full force next year.

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