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Religion / Re: Oba Of Benin Sacks Ohen-Osa Harrison Okao, Priest Of Holy Aruosa Church by eliash: 8:22am On Feb 05, 2021


Great Indeed
nor dai hate na so e b
Religion / Re: Oba Of Benin Sacks Ohen-Osa Harrison Okao, Priest Of Holy Aruosa Church by eliash: 7:55am On Feb 05, 2021
Benin way of christianity....Who knows what they will fabricate again with the aruosa church...Maybe this time they defeated Ethiopia and built the church to mark it's remembrance
e shock you how bini people take dai great abi

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Religion / Re: Oba Of Benin Sacks Ohen-Osa Harrison Okao, Priest Of Holy Aruosa Church by eliash: 7:48am On Feb 05, 2021

So a fake or false church set up just to woo the Benin people
Ah africa don suffer.
No wonder someone up there said all Benin churches are glorified shrines
why prove to us you don't have sense
Religion / Re: Oba Of Benin Sacks Ohen-Osa Harrison Okao, Priest Of Holy Aruosa Church by eliash: 7:42am On Feb 05, 2021
What business does the heathen have with the church. Is the oba a christian? This is quite absurd
can't you just be quiet when you ignorant about something....or ask question to know more.

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Programming / Re: Review My Site UI Update by eliash: 2:46pm On Oct 02, 2020

when I started with the UI I only know bootstrap and I don't like it, i later encounter tailwind CSS, someone on this forum introduced me to the framework and I love it, it allows me to write custom components with class names but I have already written CSS myself, so I plan to use tailwind in the future but for now I have more important things to focus on. like consuming new API to give visitors something to do for those that are not into tech

you can always click the title of a posts to view the post, if not how else or Maybe I don't understand ur question
ok nice...
Programming / Re: Review My Site UI Update by eliash: 9:15am On Oct 02, 2020

yeah with jquery
Nice I can literally see the pain taking to build the UI...why did you not use a CSS framework....I also noticed something I need to click on the title for me to enter a post it would be easier if I can click the meta description and view the post
Programming / Re: Review My Site UI Update by eliash: 8:49am On Oct 01, 2020
Was this built with pure html and css
Computers / Re: Please Is There An App Lyk Playstore For Pc by eliash: 1:31pm On Sep 04, 2020
thank you very much.
The bolded was all I needed
what kind of app are you looking for to download because i would recommend going online to download it directly as I barely use the store
Computers / Re: Please Is There An App Lyk Playstore For Pc by eliash: 12:21pm On Sep 04, 2020

There are ways you can use all. Google playstore apps on your pc. When you open such an app on playstore on phone, simply copy the url and send to your pc and download. Simple
I really did not get is question...I just answered with what I felt was what e was looking for and also I don't understand what you are saying
Computers / Re: Please Is There An App Lyk Playstore For Pc by eliash: 11:45am On Sep 04, 2020
please guys I also need information on this please.
let me tag some nairalanders that could help.
I don't understand your question but if you are looking to run Android apps on ur laptop u could use BlueStacks or check out remix os but if you are looking for a place to download apps for Windows there is Microsoft store
Programming / Re: I Just Bought A Laptop And I Need Apps For Graphics Design And Webdesign by eliash: 8:50am On Sep 04, 2020
Which website can I download.
I prefer
The ms publisher and dream weaver for web.
Check out getintopc.com


Romance / Re: 8 Important Sis Code Every Lady Must Follow by eliash: 7:03pm On Aug 30, 2020
Damnnnnn niggarrr
Our bro code for real niggarrrz is always working
But i can bet my balls that the sister code is not working
Females don't love themselves the way they pretend to.. especially in public..they pretend to love themselves in public......they don't love themselves at all

Na female discussion you go hear something like this on phone
Jennifer: hello baby...my sweetheart heart
Sandra:. How are you darling?
Jennifer: are you at home?
Sandra : yes..
Jennifer:: okay am coming.. prepare something
Sandra: okay honey...I will Cook fried rice...come quickly
Call ends... Sandra is like this witch don dey come again

But if na boys..they will be acting as of they hate each other whereas they love each other... You go hear something like this
Kelvin: idiot how far?
Terry: your father...
Kelvin: you dey house?....I just weak my guy
Terry: I dey house..wetin happen...why you weak?
Kelvin: arsenal jus cut my ticket
Terry: you see your life..I nor say make you nor carry arsenal for that game yesterday
Kelvin...I dey come your side..shebi you cook
Terry: for where....I nor cook anything....na even garri I drink sleep yesterday...but come first...two hundred Naira dey with me...make we buy two cup of rice take arrange oil jollof
lol baba u nailed it

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Programming / Re: For Django Developer by eliash: 3:48pm On Aug 19, 2020

Bro, we are in the same boat, I love writing my views in functions because I will be able to express myself without initiating anything.

All my Django projects was written in function based views, unless I am using DRF, then I write in class based views.
Function based views has been my savior.
you said my mind
Programming / Re: Are There Any Good IT Company In Benin City To Work For by eliash: 8:32pm On Aug 18, 2020

Try to set up an account on Fiverr or Upwork.
it seems like you are really have vast knowledge in this aspect would love I could get a medium to chat with you
Politics / Re: What Is The Power Situation In Your Area at the moment? by eliash: 10:45am On Aug 18, 2020

safe to say there's a certain level of stability in power supply in the country at the moment
see as una dai talk dis thing so I dai vex...I never see light for one week na

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Politics / Re: What Is The Power Situation In Your Area at the moment? by eliash: 10:44am On Aug 18, 2020
So it's straight forward.

I will start with mine, I have been hearing of 24hrs steady light, I never believed until recently, I am in Benin City, Edo state. The area I stay in Benin, we have 24hrs stable light. Though we heard the line is a special federal line.

Sometimes self, the light dey tire me, I've been thinking about how to make maximum use of it.

So tell us yours, indicate your state and exact town.

Let's get this on front page to have a wider view cross the country.
for this same Benin wen I never see light for one week
Programming / Re: Are There Any Good IT Company In Benin City To Work For by eliash: 7:25am On Aug 18, 2020

If you are in Nigeria looking for quick job, just add php to your stack. Django is more popular outside Naija.
Sir I wish the motivation was there...I could not find any company where I could drop my CV
Programming / Are There Any Good IT Company In Benin City To Work For by eliash: 8:11pm On Aug 17, 2020
Hi, I need help looking for a web development company to work for in Benin city. My skill set are Django, Reactjs... Please I would appreciate your help
Romance / Re: Resurfaced: I Don't Love Him But This Is Happening, Advice Needed. by eliash: 5:54pm On Jul 29, 2020

"A strong man doesn't have to be dominant toward a woman. He doesn't match his strength against a woman weak with love for him. He matches it against the world." - Marilyn Monroe.
Ride on pastor

Norma Jean, also Marilyn Monroe , was the Kardashian of the 60s. A sex figure she was - an innocent fine face, endowed with curly blonde hair and the slim figure 8 which were in Vogue few decades past. Many men who we would later define as simps ,fell at her feet and wished they could have just a night with the late thespian.

The quote above suggests that women do not love men who beg them for love. If he walked your flat ass out of his office and saw you as the flirt you are, you'd fall for him. If he didn't convert his job hours at the mall to a honey moon, the title of this thread could have been :

"I love my boss but he doesn't care"

" My boss is rich but doesn't love women. How do I make him notice and fall in love with me?"

We've warned these weak men consistently but they care little. Tell him to give you 5 million naira and thereafter tell him that he is " emotionally assaulting" you. Maybe he will learn this precious lesson the hard way.

Lucky lady, I give you my blessings!

Crime / Re: Hackers Convinced Twitter Employee To Help Them Hijack Accounts by eliash: 9:27pm On Jul 16, 2020
I knew it was an inside job
Laslas no site is 100% safe
Unless its GOD that coded it.
humans have always been the weakest link
Education / Re: Do You Have Regrets About Your Days At The University? by eliash: 12:49am On Jul 02, 2020
I wish I had gone out more sha. Only focused on books, it paid off but my social life sucks. Up till now. cry
mehn you are not alone...I think I m d least sociable guy on the planet
Politics / Re: Wike Pulls Out Of Edo Governorship Project by eliash: 7:37pm On Jun 23, 2020
My inner most mind is telling me another strong party aside PDP and APC might produce the next Governor of Edo State...
lwkmd like our votes would count that day
Politics / Re: John Bolton: Trump Planned Stopping $1.5 Billion Aid To Nigeria – Ex-NSA by eliash: 12:54pm On Jun 22, 2020

Since that racist assumed white house, nothing closed to 1bn has been sent to Nigeria. Go and obtain the data
it's sad how we constantly look for help from this set of people....before you start saying racist sh*t remember a black man was in power when Boko Haram picked

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Programming / Re: My React Single Page For Small Start Up Business (Request Web App - No Backend ) by eliash: 11:21am On May 31, 2020
TV/Movies / Re: What Series Are You Watching Now? Part 2 by eliash: 11:06am On May 10, 2020
I am re-watching my comedy series

1. Meet the browns,

2. Two and a half men

3. Two broke girls

........and some movies.

I would like to watch " Bob hearts Abisola" and Young Sheldon.
please do you know where I can download or watch meet the browns online
Health / Re: 5G Network: Can It Cause Cancer or COVID-19? by eliash: 2:48pm On Apr 05, 2020

I have noticed with increase how some certain people on this forum abuse other individuals whose views are contrary to their own belief or dogma instead of expressing their arguments in a more mature and reasonable way.

A journey through some of their previous comments you will also notice that some of these abusers are Atheists and people addicted to hard substances.

You go about pouring out your vituperations on every thread, creating nuisance and getting supports from your kinds...for your mind you feel say you be James Bond.

Now to the business of the day..

Some of you believe that some radiations can can attack a cell in human body.

You believe that consistent usage of x-ray machines can cause harm to the body.

You uses phones that recognizes your thumb, eyes and face and respond instantly.

You've seen or believe there's a technology that detects when someone lied.

Yet you find it difficult to believe that a technology such as 5G is harmful to humans or cannot have negative effects to a human body? Now I'm not saying that I have a proof of it's danger but the possibility cannot be neglected.

Your claim is that 5G is a non-ionizing radiation yet ultraviolet rays, Microwave which also are among the non-ionizing radiation are reported in most cases to be harmful to humans and animals.

[s]Chinese, the originators of 5G are busy destroying the masts and you are inside your small village abusing and cussing them.[/s]

Your colonial masters are determined to destroy all 5G programs in their territories, and you that studied physics in one local university in Nigeria is out here exposing your ignorance.

I weep for you.
Romance / Re: When A Girl Plays Hard To Get, What Should A Guy Do? by eliash: 11:10pm On Apr 02, 2020
Leave her the f alone
guy u said my mind
Culture / Re: Restrictions Of Movement Around the Oba of Benin Palace? by eliash: 11:48am On Mar 12, 2020

Government means " Ijo awon Oba" in Yoruba language. Do you have any idea what that means ? It means " congregation of kings" in the true sense of it.

You need to understand that government is powerful than any Oba because it is a " congregation of Kings"- Ijo awon Oba i.e Ijoba in Yoruba language.

If Oba of Benin oversteps his boundary, government will deal/punish him accordingly without any consequence..
is the individual in government powerful than the oba. Go back to history and see what happened to the person who once tried it. I believe you have not stayed in Benin to know how the bini's respect or should I say fear traditional things than the government. My point is the government can try but can the individual in government stand the consequences of his actions
Culture / Re: Restrictions Of Movement Around the Oba of Benin Palace? by eliash: 12:30am On Mar 12, 2020
This is laughable actually. Ever since Sanusi's issue begins,these Benin people have been making spirited efforts to make their Oba appears larger than the whole universe itself !

The noise is just too much ! Oba is this,Oba is that,wetin na ? You guys are only being foolish if you ever imagine that a non Bini person will fear or respect your Oba just like you do.

When it comes to real juju,trust me, you're all learners over there,including your Oba. What is the big deal if movements are restricted around the palace of an Oba for certain sacred meetings ,sacrifice or processions ? Is that not why he is called an Oba ?

In your futile attempts at promoting your Oba as untouchable, most powerful and etc since Sanusi saga begins,you have only succeeded in bringing disrespect his way by other non Bini people. You exposed him to all manners of insults !

The message you are sending 'codedly' is that you want the rest of us to believe that your Oba is above the law of Nigeria and that he cannot be dethroned but that is a big lie. He will be dethroned and sent on exile if he oversteps his boundaries.

Let it be known as well that if anybody is killed in the name of any tradition and it becomes known to the law,those who are involved will spend the rest of their lives in jail that is if they are not killed.

Actions against the oba has consequence...the government can try but can he face the consequences is another thing.
Education / Re: ASUU Set For Strike, Maintains Opposition To IPPIS by eliash: 6:40am On Mar 09, 2020
The Federal Government has not told Nigerians the truth about what it wants to achieve through the IPPIS because the IPPIS is an embodiment of corruption itself . There is evidence to prove that many people are on the payroll under IPPIS yet they are not working anywhere . If they are sincere they should decentralise it .
“ Each university should have desk officers so that anytime somebody has a complaint, it doesn’ t require the person going to Abuja ; you walk over to the desk officer in your university and put up your complaint . But as it is now , if you go to Abuja you will hire a hotel and you may spend three, four days without meeting the officer in charge. These are the things that people have been pointing out but they don ’t want to understand it that way .
IPPIS software controlled in US – UNN ASUU chair
“ They say they want a centralised system of payment as if those who are there are the saints of society . But whatever it is, our own concern , the concern of ASUU is that the IPPIS is not corrupt- free . You say you want software that can control everything about Nigeria, yet the software is not domiciled and controlled by Nigeria. It is controlled by a foreign country . The software that they are using is that of the Apple domiciled in the United States of America which means every information about Nigeria is to be managed by the US. How can Nigeria hand over something so sensitive to the US like IPPIS. hmm
if you really know the reason why d so called ASUU don't like dis scheme u would be disappointed

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Politics / Re: 40MW Dadin-Kowa Hydro-Power Ready For Inauguration, 60 Years After by eliash: 5:41pm On Dec 28, 2019

You are very wrong.

40 Megawatts equates 40000000 (40 million watts)

40 million watts converts to about 2.3million volts which is enough to power over 2 million homes. It is not a water project with 40mw as added advantage but a source of power to over 2million homes.
Apparently you don't know how Nigerian power supply works...trust me it would improve nothing

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Webmasters / What Is The Best Platform For Monetising A Music Blog Website by eliash: 6:30am On Dec 20, 2019
Does Google Adsense approve websites with mp3 download and if so how do I go about it?

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