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Phones / Re: Review Of Redmi 12c After 1 Week Of Usage by eskorelvis: 10:20am On Dec 11, 2023

I need a Redmi Phone with quality Camera, strong battery... My budget is 100k , please suggest a good phone for me
Redmi 13c 4+128gb
Wat I'm currently using
Sports / Re: Ronaldo Shines By Net Brace As Portugal Trash Luxembourg 6-0 by eskorelvis: 9:41am On Mar 27, 2023
Kinda easier when you are playing Kazakhstan, Krygystan, Faroe Island, Malta, Estonia, Luxembourg etc everyday as a "Competitive match".
Our Osimhen would have 300 International goals if he was playing Euro Qualifiersgrin
Person wey no fit net Bissau?
Family / Re: Romantic Chat Between Pastor Ab Isong & Wife , Emem by eskorelvis: 11:51am On Jan 19, 2023
Pastor? shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked shocked is dis what Christianity has been reduced to? I will stop going to church from henceforth embarassed


Nigerian men are us*less............all of them embarassed embarassed

Ur type are useless too. So he being a pastor means he cant be ROMANTIC with his WIFE?
Romance / Re: Like My Profile Pic by eskorelvis: 8:18pm On Oct 21, 2022

Well I can't say, I commented based on what I saw.
Save and send here make I see. Dunno why I can't see profile pics of nairaland members
Romance / Re: Like My Profile Pic by eskorelvis: 8:18pm On Oct 21, 2022
Do you like my profile photo wink
Always having this problem of not seeing profile pics of nairaland members. Sighs.
Romance / Re: My Medicine Shop Is Going Empty Since I Met My New Girlfriend (pic) by eskorelvis: 9:49am On Jul 04, 2022

I need advice
Mister u don't need advise, u're a fool. Wat advise do u need again? Is it till when ure wrecked totally and u can't afford to eat before ure aware of wats happened?
Besides u're not in a relationship, u're in a business deal. U're paying her to act as ur gf so wetin u expect before
Romance / Re: What Physical Features In Ladies Turn You Off? by eskorelvis: 2:06pm On Jul 02, 2022
If she's clingy I don't like it
PHYSICAL features
Romance / Re: Women Won't Do This... by eskorelvis: 10:22am On Jun 13, 2022
sorry bro, I have been on the road traveling. I am currently in Uyo. I tried to do it but mobile banking no show your bank name and Na so I take forget. I go use internet banking run am now
Thanks and safe journey op. I've seen it
Funny enough, im an Akwa ibom man o, buh I've never been there before
Romance / Re: Women Won't Do This... by eskorelvis: 4:17pm On Jun 12, 2022
cheesy u Wan set me up for others be that. Still on the road. How do I send it?
U no con reason me again op�
Romance / Re: Women Won't Do This... by eskorelvis: 6:44pm On Jun 11, 2022
cheesy u Wan set me up for others be that. Still on the road. How do I send it?
Lol, God bless a cheerful giver
Kuda MFB

Gracias comrade:-)
Romance / Re: Women Won't Do This... by eskorelvis: 2:11pm On Jun 11, 2022
I am on the road traveling to Asaba and I had to pen this down for men whom may be losing a part of themselves because they want to date or please a girl.

Below is a screenshot from a friend thanking me after I paid money to get him a laptop.

The thing is that this is like the 3rd time he will send a thank you to me and prayed as well

Today before I got to the park, I entered a bus from my bus stop to iyana Ipaja. It cost 300 Naira and I gave the conductor 500 naira and told him to keep the change. He wouldn't stop thanking me anytime our eyes meet.

As I was about to alight from the bus, I deep my hand into my pocket and gave him 1000 naira. At least, that will feed him well for today. This guy prostrated immediately to thank me.

It is not new for me to do such to a random person that I don't know and I am not typing this because I want people to worship me.

I am just posting this to fellow me to give help to their fellow men. A man will appreciate you more than that girl you wanna kill yourself for who probably has 3 to 4 other guys running after her and so, she may not really be bothered. If anything happens to you, she will quickly move on to the next guy.

It's not like most women like nice guys anyway. So why not help a fellow man and get prayers than just "thanks"?

Op oya do me 1k card
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Criticizes Osinbajo, Hails Tinubu by eskorelvis: 10:53am On Jun 08, 2022
Nigerian youths are useless
You inclusive
Wat did d youths do to u? Rubbish

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Romance / Re: I Have Something For A Nairalander, I Want To Help You Today; Come In Here. by eskorelvis: 11:57am On Jun 06, 2022
Tell me what you want, i will be helping only 5 person as long as your request is of my capacity. Only 5. person
1k wud do me for data, thanks
Sports / Re: Messi Wins 2nd International Trophy In Less Than A Year by eskorelvis: 10:56am On Jun 03, 2022

Shut up!!!

Why so pained, LOL
Sports / Re: Messi Wins 2nd International Trophy In Less Than A Year by eskorelvis: 12:54pm On Jun 02, 2022
If you watched the match yesterday, you would've seen how Argentina end up making Italy looked like Andorra..

Forget it south america teams are too good.
Small Venezuela go finish this Italy!

Lol naso una dey talk. Japan dey currently disfigure Paraguay now for friendly. Don't forget dis is d same Italy that was beaten by Sweden to deny dem world cup and also beaten by north Macedonia to deny dem going dis yr also. Italy no be team again. Kudos to Argentina still buh make una no dey talk pass ur mouth

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Business / Re: FG Clamps Down On Online Money Lenders Over Breach Of Customer's Rights by eskorelvis: 6:30pm On Jun 01, 2022
Okash na bastrd dem be
Why? Dey don't harass customers do dey?
Sports / Re: Eduardo Camavinga Has Won Over The Real Madrid Fans In Just One Season by eskorelvis: 2:20pm On Jun 01, 2022

lolz...and with limited game time, u think cama would get spain call up even If he was Spanish?
If gavi and Pedri can do so without having a good season then why not him. He played in d ucl grp stages and even final. He played crucial games and effected dem. It's like uve never heard of super sub before
Carry ur Barca agenda dey go. Next season they'd start and still collect wotowoto
Sports / Re: Eduardo Camavinga Has Won Over The Real Madrid Fans In Just One Season by eskorelvis: 11:26am On Jun 01, 2022

I said cama is getting limited role in madrid n would affect him, gavi is a starter n already had a good season better than cama n I even heard Bayern wants him..
if they both continue next season n gavi is starting bt ur cama is still playing limited role, Gavi would continue getting called n starting for national team while cama would be on d bench....carlo should try n play him more lets see how good he is
Lol just listen to wat u're saying. Gavi is starting so automatically he has a better season than camavinga. I asked u to produce a match he influenced and u cannot. Cama is coming off d bench to score spectacular goals(don't forget he scored on his debut) and effect matches buh u're there saying shit. Had a better season finishing trophyless and having lower g+a than cama. Smh. Let gavi come to Madrid and see if he can break into d squad from d bench then. Who Barca get for midfield before sef wey u dey talk starter like say na award

Guy scored on his france debut too and I'm sure when his time comes in France he'd be better than d likes of Pogba big time. Gavi starts in Spain cos the old generation have gone, it's more of a youthful setup so know how u're judging both based on starting and not starting. They're different things entirely. Gavi wud never even be considered in France
Sports / Re: Eduardo Camavinga Has Won Over The Real Madrid Fans In Just One Season by eskorelvis: 8:01am On Jun 01, 2022
my guy reduce all these hypes...the kid is good n we all know bt his limited game time this season is not enough to rate him this high bcoz he played litte or few games..
modric gat an extension n kross is still staying which means he still av to wait for his time..
I think you should start ur hype n rating when he starts playing regularly because dts when we gets to see him very well..
when talking about young stars dt are midfielders in spain, d likes of pedri, gavi, de jong would he ahead of camavinga bcoz dey had more game times than him....

Lol wondering why this Barca fan I'd so pained. Gavi that's not established is who u're saying is better than he is. Bants. Camavinga was d game changer for Madrid vs psg. Mention a match that gavi influenced pls
Sports / Re: Ballon D’or 2022: Close Votes, Benzema Has Won It – Thierry Henry Reveals by eskorelvis: 7:20am On May 30, 2022
That is if Ronaldo or Messi dosent win the world cup. Because the moment they win it. Benzema should forget ballon d or. Nothing beats world cup. The greatest competition on earth. But if with the look of things benzema is still the favourite to also win worldcup. Because France is not joking this year.

Balon dor format has changed
It's now judged per season not per calendar yr. Check, balon dor ceremony holds before wc starts so Benz has won it already. WC wud be factored into next yrs balon dor
Investment / Re: How Can I Make Money Online With My Phone by eskorelvis: 7:25pm On May 27, 2022

Yes boss, i am comfortable learning online.. How do we go about it?
Ok send a WhatsApp message to this number "2348182627831"
I just started taking one person today so I'd hold back on his and wait till uve caught up with where he is if that's if, u're truly ready to start
Business / Re: Addmoney Loan Goes Wrong by eskorelvis: 1:55pm On May 25, 2022
Why take loan and won't pay back
Re-read d op post

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Investment / Re: How Can I Make Money Online With My Phone by eskorelvis: 10:31am On May 25, 2022

Sure... Can you do the teaching/training stuff?
U comfortable learning online and devoting like 2hrs daily for it? If yes then no problem.
Romance / Re: How Do I Make Money Online With My Smartphone Or Laptop? by eskorelvis: 6:54am On May 20, 2022

I saw a post someone said "If you have a smartphone, a laptop and data and you are not earning online, it's either you are lazy or uninformed"

I have been thinking about this deeply because I currently work for someone and I am in possession of a laptop, a smartphone and I have data, I can even waste data watching "Oga Sabinus" and laughing nonsense when people are cashing out online with the same data I'm wasting..

I'm not lazy, I'm really not informed and I want help...

I know I will get help here that's why I posted this, nairaland has been great and I believe it will still be...

Help a brother, I don tire to work for person..
Romance / Re: And Yeah Good People!!! I finally said YES To him with my full chest! by eskorelvis: 11:42am On May 14, 2022
It all started with a harmless 'hi' nd I'm about to begin forever wif you.

SO This morning, my ride or die, made my finger heavier by giving me the most amazing shocker suprise kiss .

It's the easiest YES Av said this year with my full chest. Moma and papa, Tasha has a wedding to plan oo.

so I'm 18, the people wey born me ain't complaining.


It's ganna be lit tonite. Osheyy!!! Congrats brownygold002, natasha Grace Lotanna soon to be be MRS Alexandar Natasha
Congrats. Wish u and ur boo s blissful marriage
Romance / Re: In Need Of A Boyfriend Urgently. by eskorelvis: 11:29am On May 14, 2022
Broke ass ugly person finding an opposite

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Romance / Re: Why Do We Nigerians Discriminate Against Ugly Ladies? by eskorelvis: 11:17am On May 14, 2022
Why ask op?
R u ugly?

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Crime / Re: How Prison Saved Me From Committing Suicide — Ex-bank Manager by eskorelvis: 4:40pm On May 13, 2022

Men are so wicked and heartless angry her selfish wicked boss got her into this mess

Like Jean grae said
blessing in disguise, gaining knowledge in prison

Iwanna believe she is a stronger woman now

Men may not be able to stay for long without sex but women can actually stay for years without having sex.

Coz they are hypersexual beings. They think with the rod between their legs.

Men r so wicked, including ur father, grand father, great grand father etc. Rubbish!
Nairaland / General / Re: I'm Giving Out 2k To The First 10 People Who Need It. by eskorelvis: 12:03am On May 12, 2022
So today, I've decided to do small give away to the first 10 people who need it on this platform.

Just reply
This op no do well o
Nairaland / General / Re: How ASUU Strike Made Me To Get Pregnant – Final Year Student Laments by eskorelvis: 8:40am On May 10, 2022
Nairaland / General / Re: I'm Giving Out 2k To The First 10 People Who Need It. by eskorelvis: 10:40pm On May 09, 2022
Thanks brother

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