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Career / Re: Have You Ever Considered Learning Truck Driving? by etrange: 4:10pm
Who will now take us there, have been willing to travel abroad to drive a truck.. I can negotiate my salary with my sponsored... Am serious about it..

I wish I had details that could help you. sad
Career / Re: Have You Ever Considered Learning Truck Driving? by etrange: 4:09pm

Where have you been man! How's Canada

I've been around, boss!

Canada is good. It's summer, we're trying to enjoy the few days of warm weather. cheesy
Career / Re: Have You Ever Considered Learning Truck Driving? by etrange: 1:23pm On Jul 30
Truck drivers make good money in Canada.

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Education / Re: Esther Chukwuemeka Corrects Report On Her Age (Video) by etrange: 12:54pm On Jul 30
E don start.
She never get first court appearance but her mouth don dey run like tap. Cho cho cho

Marry this one at your own risk. You go end up like dat Nairalander wey him marriage crash come turn to motivational speaker against girls raised by single mothers. grin cheesy

Who do you guys want? An object or a voiceless slave? You see a beautiful, intelligent and hardworking girl who makes it a point of duty to be honest, and you're still criticising. Maybe the ladies will have to leave this planet for you guys.


Crime / Re: Man Who Stole Food Items In Anambra Caught (Photo) by etrange: 1:11am On Jul 27
If na hunger dey worry am, na garri or akpu him for steal.

Wetin indomie wan do for him body?
He stole things he could eat without looking for other ingredients. If he stole garri, he would have to look for where to get stuff for soup.

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Celebrities / Re: Van Vicker Graduates From University 24 Years After High School (Photo) by etrange: 2:03pm On Jul 26
This is nice.. He is very very down to earth. I was in akwaaba conference at Eko Hotel in 2018 and we took pics together. Congrats to him

Please, what was the the conference on?
Crime / Re: Man Beats Wife To Death Over N1,000 In Adamawa (photo) by etrange: 5:16pm On Jul 23
The same people that would normally say "fear women" would look for other things but gender to blame this time.

RIP to the dead.

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Religion / Re: Video Of Prophet T. B. Joshua Last Miracle Before His Death In June 5th, 2021 by etrange: 5:17am On Jun 29
He was almost harassing the woman.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Whale Appears At The Shores Of A Beach In Sierra Leone (Video) by etrange: 12:44am On Jun 28

What are they called?
They are mammals.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Whale Appears At The Shores Of A Beach In Sierra Leone (Video) by etrange: 3:18am On Jun 27

The general term for sea animals like this is called FISH oga
The general term you gave them? Dudes, whales are not fish. Don't embarrass yourself.
Romance / Re: My Neighbours Wife Brought Me This Food (pic) by etrange: 4:52pm On Jun 26
You guys and cooked up stories...


Crime / Re: Usifo Ataga's Wife And Her Boyfriend Become Prime Suspects In His Death by etrange: 2:39pm On Jun 26

You better calm down before you get heart attack over another person headache! This one that you are already hyperventilating!

No point made.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Whale Appears At The Shores Of A Beach In Sierra Leone (Video) by etrange: 2:38pm On Jun 26
Actually, that's not a fish. It's a mammal.

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Celebrities / Re: "Micheal Usifo Ataga Did Not Deserve To Die That Way"-FFK by etrange: 2:29pm On Jun 26
No one deserves to be killed.

But it's funny how men will always justify immorality and turn around to ask why women of nowadays are into oloshoism. Lol. Hypocrisy at its finest.


Crime / Re: Usifo Ataga's Wife And Her Boyfriend Become Prime Suspects In His Death by etrange: 2:15pm On Jun 26
You guys will always find a way to put it on the female spouse. A man cheats, a woman suffers it. How can someone stay at home and cook up such a story as if he lived with them and still be bold enough to put it online regardless of who gets hurt? Why are some of you so heartless?


I like the story line though. It makes a lot of sense. That's if it's true.

You like the story? How? You like it as a fictional tale or you wish that's what really happened cause you'd want the wife to be held responsible? In what sense do you like the story?

This is someone's real life and not some fictional stories created for entertainment to be liked or disliked by the audience. The writer is a heartless person.

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Education / Re: Bnaira: Former UNILAG's Richest Boy (Then Vs Now Photos) by etrange: 2:08pm On Jun 26
If it was a lady, everyone would be cursing and lamenting how oloshoism is bad. But it's a guy, and it doesn't matter if he swindles others to get rich.
Crime / Re: Nigerian Mother Catches Daughter Making Out With A Man In Their Compound by etrange: 3:11pm On Jun 21
Why is everyone focusing on the girl? You think you'd achieve any goal turning blind eyes on the boy child while criticising and policing the girl child? You guys are just shying away from the reality. Provided you keep treating boys with kid gloves, it's useless expecting anything to change.
Family / Re: Tie Your Manhood With Rope If You Are Not Ready To Take Care Of A Child - Man by etrange: 3:01pm On Jun 21
Lol... Nigerian men will get a lady pregnant and still put the whole blame on the woman. That's how they are wired.

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Romance / Re: Naija Music: Why No Hit Songs In 2021?? by etrange: 11:05pm On Jun 20

Oh,based on the Covid of last year!!
Mayb, dats a reason!!..

For what you said on an Hit Song, wouldn't say it's based on my opinion!!

When you listen to a Hit Song, You will feel it@once!!
E.g Bobo- Olamide(2015)..
Dat song, Only the Intro Alone is a Hit.. cheesy cool

I see. Well... you love the song, and it's okey to call it a hit cause a lot of people liked and played it. But even poorly done works have ended up being hits in the past too, and some better works never made it. That's because music is an art, there's really no standard for measuring what will be a hit. Beats, lyrics, location, timing, the artist's reputation, the audience (demography, etc), all intertwine with luck to make it very unpredictable. That's why you sometimes wonder why people are mad over a certain song you personally find unappealing.

If there's no song people have liked in common this year like those hit songs you mentioned, then it's okay to wonder why the year is musically dry. But if those ones you call "average" are widely accepted, played and enjoyed by fans all over the country, then they are just as hit, and only average based on your own standard. The point here being that being a hit is not really about the highly subjective quality of the song but more about how well it's accepted by the audience; the part I think is unpredictable.

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Romance / Re: Naija Music: Why No Hit Songs In 2021?? by etrange: 9:57pm On Jun 20
It's possible the musicians are still recovering from the pandemic effects or the fans are not in the mood to make hit songs at this moment in time seeing the state of the country. I said fans caused songs don't just become hit cause the beatings and lyrics are cool, but also because they drop at a time when people are receptive of them. All these have to fall into place for a track to be successful.

Meanwhile, what you call "average" is completely based on your own taste/preference. If those songs are hit, they're hit.


Crime / Re: How Crossing The Highway Nearly Crossed My Interview by etrange: 2:42pm On Jun 18

The LCC Man O War officer said the Task Force van would soon arrive and he would hand us over to the officials in charge of traffic offenders for necessary actions.The Man O War guy called the Task Force van, two other guys came to check on us and assured him that the van would be there shortly.

I wasn't there and might not have the facts, but I am 99% sure he didn't call anybody. This same format is what they use on everyone. They'd tell you the van in coming, they'd pretend to make a phone call and then start looking in the direction of oncoming vehicles 'wondering' the cause of the delay. All these are just to pressure the 'victim' into settlement.

I was once caught at CMS years ago, and they did the same thing to me. I mistakenly mentioned the name of the company I was going to and almost told them I didn't know about the bridge cause I drove most of the time (this would have nailed me), but then I stopped halfway when one of them suddenly became excited and went "oh you work there? You know someone that works there? Call them to send you something nah". I quickly changed the story by telling them I was a first year student of NOUN looking for a petty job and that I was only decently dressed cause I was going for an interview (luckily, it was the early days of my career life so I was still looking very 'studentish'). That didn't exactly get me thier pity (it actually made them feel more in control) but it made them lose any hope of cashing out big time. They eventually took what they thought was my transport and asked me to find my way.

I was wrong to have crossed the road. I hated the fact that I wasn't on my right and had to tolerate a lot of nonsense, and even went on to smile when one called me "brother" after the whole ordeal!

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Sports / Re: Uefa Warns Teams Could Be Fined If They Move Drinks At News Conferences by etrange: 9:49pm On Jun 17
But it wasn't like this before so what changed?
Why not put the logos rather than drinks.

The drinks are actually the ideal thing to put on the table. We all know it's a way of practically showcasing thier products as no one drinks it. The company paid a lot for it to be there and I wouldn't be surprised if they ask the organisers for a refund. It's a B2B arrangement, and the footballers are not in any position to interfere regardless of their preferences, affiliations or grudges. They can decide not to show up for the session, but once they're there, they're in no position to cut off the ads section of the host. Advertisement is a major income stream that sustains the game.

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Travel / Re: Help Advise Me On Relocation Plan With Money Saved. by etrange: 2:08pm On Jun 11
Wow.... see the way he described his fellow citizens cause of gender dichotomy. Lol. I see Nigerian men are models of how a man should be. My advice to you is not to expect to be a typical Nigerian man with a white woman cause that has never worked. As for country, most western anglophone countries are alike though I personally prefer Canada due the "anybody can be anything" mentality there.

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Crime / Re: Suspected Motorcycle Thief Set Ablaze In Benue (Graphic Photos) by etrange: 7:08pm On Jun 08
Nigeria is not Africa boss. Speak for yourself

I'm African and I was speaking for myself.
Sports / Re: Cameroon Vs. Nigeria : 2nd Friendly Tue 8th June 2021 by etrange: 6:04pm On Jun 08
OP, why everybody come leave you alone make you dey talk to yourself like this nah?
Crime / Re: Suspected Motorcycle Thief Set Ablaze In Benue (Graphic Photos) by etrange: 6:01pm On Jun 08
Contrary to popular belief, Africa is not a place to raise a child.

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Travel / Re: Nigerians In Russia by etrange: 1:09am On Jun 08
Real or VPN?
Family / Re: As A Lady, Can You Marry A Man Like Your Father? by etrange: 12:07am On Jun 08
I know there won’t be positive answer meanwhile many of their father is better than their bf but because he can’t send 2k urgent they forgot the sacrifice the father has made for them.

Why not let the ladies answer for themselves? Why can't you guys just give ladies a little breathing space. Men were given the room to tackle a similar question onhere and nobody flooded the thread with gender related bickering. Even the ladies that commented on that thread gracefully submitted thier opinions. Now, it's the ladies' turn to answer and you guys can't wait to turn it into another gender bashing thread.

For what it's worth, the sacrifices a man makes for his children doesn't make him a good husband to his wife.

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Education / Re: Car Without Its Usual Roof... Nothing We No Go See For Lagos! by etrange: 9:00pm On Jun 07
Lol....Eyaa, OP called it "car without it's usual roof". I can only imagine how astonished he was seeing a convertible car for the first time. He was so shocked he didn't realise the expression had more than three words. He even came to Nairaland to share with us. How adorable. There's always a first time for everything.
Politics / Re: We Did Not Give Any Condition Regarding Lifting Of Twitter Ban - FG by etrange: 8:51pm On Jun 07
Lol... even the ban couldn't stop fake news. In fact, fake news brought the war to your doorstep.

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Religion / Re: How My Husband Died — Evelyn, TB Joshua’s Wife by etrange: 8:46pm On Jun 07

I just shared ur post with my cousin-his ardent follower.

As you are distributing, also know that anybody can just type anything. There's no part of that write-up that has references, dates, locations, names, or other elements one can use to verify the content. Someone who is - going by his comments - going through a traumatic moment caused by certain false prophets who defrauded him in the past has decided to retaliate by cooking up ridiculously unsubstantiated claims against pastors, and you just want to distribute without questions.

The write-up is even funny and poorly written. Even when we want to accuse people, we should do it with some intelligence. The guy simply wrote down every single vice he could think of. You think the dead pastor did all that, and only that guys knows about it?


Travel / Re: Nigerians In Sweden, How Is The Economy And Life Generally by etrange: 3:10am On Jun 07

Yes is the answer

Ok... any idea what would be the ideal response in case he's asked during the interview to explain why he chose yes despite the fact that his studies will only take 10 months?


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