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Religion / Re: My 8 Year Old Son's Debate With A 7yr Old Atheist by Farki: 8:20pm On Dec 13, 2021
At the first bolded, wrong.
The proof of both are evident.

Ok prove the existence of God.

At the second bolded, don't generalise on the "ruling class" as some of the ruling class believe in a God and some do not.

It's always a cliché to say such things but that doesn't make them true.
Marx was wrong.

Now you're just being plain dishonest.

Ever since humans could write, religion has been inseparable from the ruling class.

Priests and Kings would work together to define what was right or wrong until the American and French revolutions introduced the idea of separation of church and state.


Religion / Re: My 8 Year Old Son's Debate With A 7yr Old Atheist by Farki: 6:39pm On Dec 13, 2021
Actually science is not sure of these phenomena, the mind.

It's still very much hard to tell. So objective manifestation of something to show its existence can be subjective.

Take for example.

The "existence" of magnetic field.
You may wonder, are these real.

The Simple answer is, you may choose to believe it exists or not.

But of course it's real because certain "objective manifestations" come to be in alignment with the existence of it.

Which boils down to the unseen things of science which science agrees to be true but can't behold.

This logic isn't consistent.

We can demonstrate the existence of a magnetic field, but we can't demonstrate the existence of God.


Because most likely these stories where people would "speak" to him and gain miraculous powers never happened.

They tell us to follow and arbitrary set of rules which mainly benefit the ruling class and tell us we will only see God when we die.


Religion / Re: My 8 Year Old Son's Debate With A 7yr Old Atheist by Farki: 6:28pm On Dec 13, 2021

So how do you constantly talk or think about Something or Someone that doesn't exist?
Hmm. The BOOK OF UNIVERSAL HISTORY already predicted a time like this when at very tender age our kids will be arguing God-related matters. I'm happy seeing this already. The concepts of God which are available right now are the ones atheists and irreligious people see and antagonize. For instance, how will you say that God is Jehovah or Allah? Their personalities and frivolities are enough for a 5 year old kid of this generation to detect that they can't fit as God with their myopic explanation of creations, reality and the universe.

Maybe when the world finally comes to understand that THE TOTALITY OF EXISTENCE is God Almighty, then we might not be having atheists in the world again, since all atheists are aware that there is EXISTENCE and so there will be TOTALITY OF EXISTENCE(God Almighty). But for you to say that God Almighty is one of the gods in one religion or the other, then atheists will surely antagonize you.

So I think the reason why atheists keep talking about that your god is because you keep telling them that he or she is their God.

Why do you think about movies where the characters aren't real people?

Atheists have to talk about religion because in places like Nigeria, people use these delusions to influence public policy.

Sometimes they even kill others for expressing their unbelief.

Until not believing in religion is no longer a crime, atheists will continue to talk about it.


Politics / Re: Lekki Tollgate Shooting Was A Massacre - Lagos #EndSARS Panel by Farki: 9:30pm On Nov 15, 2021
Thank you seun for bringing this to the front page.

I have been vindicated.

All you BMCs defending evil for crumbs well done.

We will remember this come 2023.


Politics / Re: 2022 Budget: Reps Fear Economy Collapse, Says Debt Servicing Too High by Farki: 6:56am On Oct 14, 2021
I was warning you guys about the Chinese loans but you said I was alarmist, I was saying nonsense.
Politics / Re: Army Launches ‘Exercise Golden Dawn’ In Anambra State To Curb Insecurity by Farki: 5:23pm On Oct 04, 2021
Vaughanlanrewaj.... another slimy chameleon

The shameless MONIKERS listed above are the various paid media thugs hired to spill hate and conceal EVIDENCE of fulanization by the usèléss northern oligarchy.

They are very many here with over 200 different monikers which they use in trying to suppress the truth.....Bunch of lunatics who are mostly from the North.

This sets of people will be happy at the news that the military has been deployed to kill harmless Igbo youths all in the name of security

Why are you tagging me?

I hate this government.
Education / Re: Edo Schoolgirls In Trouble After Matching With 'Dorime' (Video) by Farki: 11:36am On Jul 07, 2021

It is not about what it means it is about what is being used for, Even some people kill in the name of God, does that means God is bad?

The fact that religion commands it's followers to kill and use religion as justification to kill makes it bad!
Education / Re: Edo Schoolgirls In Trouble After Matching With 'Dorime' (Video) by Farki: 11:35am On Jul 07, 2021

Does any of you have an idea of what Ameno Dorime means
Ignorance in deed is a very big virus

Walai Nigerians are stupid sometimes.

Maybe we really deserve this Buhari. angry

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Education / Re: Edo Schoolgirls In Trouble After Matching With 'Dorime' (Video) by Farki: 11:34am On Jul 07, 2021
Cultist anthem

It's a pop song ode undecided


Religion / Re: Dunamis Statement On Arrest, Detention Of Buhari Must Go Protesters In Abuja by Farki: 11:33am On Jul 07, 2021
The church is not political until the offering tray is threatened. grin
Politics / Re: Southern Governors Meet In Lagos Today. by Farki: 8:52am On Jul 05, 2021

So with all your sai Baba zombiesm, you're still looking for connection to join the military. You see your life.
You too will say you want a better Nigeria o

Man has been begging for three years now. The werey was disguising since, always flinging shit at yorubas everywhere.

See that Sai barbarians are just directionless idiots.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Cut Off Man's Dreadlocks, Flog Him by Farki: 7:52am On Jul 05, 2021

You are funny!!! A military man cannot beat me with my neat haircut, well dressed ironed cooperate shirt and trouser, well polished black shoes and my well barbed low cut hair.
Again, a military man cannot beat a man who leaves his office by 5pm, reach home by 5:45pm and start his next day by 7am off to work. If you dress well and stay away from reckless lifestyle, the Military man is your friend. Give it a shot.

Rubbish, Nigeria military personnel are heartless animals
Politics / Re: Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag Again by Farki: 8:14am On Jun 14, 2021
he is lying facts.
How many nigerians are on twitter,how many actually pay for ads?
If he is saying Nigerian maybe how you guys have messed the trend tables on many countries

It's Nigerian multinationals that will suffer it the most, the citizens are already getting past the ban.

The government is just making themselves suffer because of unnecessary pride.
Politics / Re: Twitter CEO, Jack Dorsey Tweets Nigerian Flag Again by Farki: 8:10am On Jun 14, 2021

He was still on Twitter oooooo

Telling Jack that he needs Nigeria more than Nigeria needs him

Someone that eats and sleeps on Twitter via the back door ooo (VPN) grin cheesy

The cows are addicted.

They know that kroo will die after a few months and nobody is there to hear their useless talk.

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Politics / Re: Hoodlums Return To Lagos-Ibadan Long Bridge, Residents Raise The Alarm by Farki: 7:51am On Jun 14, 2021

Why attributing it to the Fulanis, I feel this is a propaganda, it is the local hoodlums that are doing this, yorubas not Fulanis!!!

Which other ethnic group roams around the country casually carrying daggers and living in the bushes?
Politics / Re: 936 Students Abducted From Nigerian Schools In Six Months by Farki: 7:45am On Jun 14, 2021
They didn't link their sim to their NIN, if they did that they wouldn't be kidnapped.
Crime / Re: Blessing Tunde Strangled To Death By George Kyeremeh, Her Ghanaian Ex-Boyfriend by Farki: 5:32pm On Jun 13, 2021

You're dating a sex worker, yet you're complaining about the men in her life?

See that the man's case is finished, his foolishness knows no limits. Bloody waste of a man.


Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode: MKO Abiola Funded 1985 Coup That Removed Buhari by Farki: 5:06pm On Jun 13, 2021

God bless IBB.. the very man wey sabi...

Yoruba just hate him for nothing...

Na Sunday freebie be this for Yoruba on Nairaland.

Mention with sense.
Man who ruined the economy, I swear I hate brainless Nigerians
Politics / Re: Femi Fani-Kayode: MKO Abiola Funded 1985 Coup That Removed Buhari by Farki: 5:05pm On Jun 13, 2021
Deep inside, u will know that though PMB used to give preference to his closest associates, but the president doesn't see anyone as an enemy, deep inside that tough skin of Buhari, there is a good man that is been suppressed by whatever it is.
Him no get friends, him no get enemy.

A good man with bad intentions grin

Why did he drug and attempt to kidnap Umaru Dikko?
Politics / Re: CBN Team Inspects Lagos Red/Blue Line Projects by Farki: 4:22pm On Jun 13, 2021

That’s not development, it’s snailish, Lagos is 4th largest economy in Africa, it’s suppose to be rubbing shoulders with big names not this one starting what people who don’t have resources have done years years back, take a look at Morocco

The project hasn't been worked on since 2017 but as usual, these propaganda accounts are only here to sell a narrative.

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Politics / Re: Twitter Needs India And Nigeria To Grow. It's Running Into Trouble In Both by Farki: 4:04pm On Jun 13, 2021

Not you Sir. Bigger businesses that contribute actual revenue.

Buhari didn't consider the fact that random regulations made without due process make Nigeria look bad for foreign tech investors, not just twitter.

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Politics / Re: Twitter Needs India And Nigeria To Grow. It's Running Into Trouble In Both by Farki: 4:00pm On Jun 13, 2021

Have you try to study twitter policy , rules and regulation ? First, tweets must be reported before it can be flagged and possibly deleted.

Twitter is online platform. I think Nigeria is a signatory to open internet and freedom of expression as fundamental human right. Twiitter products and services can be assessed from Nigeria just like we can assess thousands of products without those companies having physical offices in Nigeria.

Twitter did not cause Rwanda genocide. There was no social media then. If there was social media, genocide might have been prevented because world would get to known about it immediately.

Reckless shooting of lekki protesters trigged waves of violence that erupted after that. It was not Twitter that first broadcasted it. People watched it in the live Instagram and the clips were shared via whatapp and Facebook. I think government should worry about whatapp and Facebook. The users of those platforms don't question source of information. Twitter users are known to question source of information. They are more mature and professional.

Government can regulate anything it wants. I am certain that if regulation is to prevent people from criticising the government , populace would find means of mobilising against it which may lead to civil unrest or war. Government should always open to discussion or use information in social media to solve problems.

Humans are borne free in all ramifications. Governments are known as oppressors. Ecc 8:9

The people you are engaging with are too dumb to think of the consequences beyond the Buhari administration.

I just hope if an opposition candidate gets elected their balls get squeezed with the same regulations.

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Politics / Re: June 12 Protest Suffers Low Turn Out by Farki: 3:51pm On Jun 13, 2021
Such a useless propaganda post by a foolish OP made it to the front page. undecided

The mods are just enabling the toxicity around nairaland
Celebrities / Re: Adetutu OJ Rants About Her Daughter's Religious Assignments (Pix) by Farki: 11:42am On Jun 13, 2021

Sex education doesn't stop "unwanted pregnancies, abortions and abandoned children". Otherwise, these things would have stopped in Western world long ago.

You can't stop these things completely yet the rates of unwanted pregnancies are much less than in non western countries.

You can even see this at the state level of the United States


Religion / Re: Should A Believer Join A Protest Against The Government? by Farki: 10:49am On Jun 13, 2021
Samuel protested against Saul

Daniel protested against Nebuchadnezzar

Moses protested against Pharoh

Abeg get out angry
Celebrities / Re: Adetutu OJ Rants About Her Daughter's Religious Assignments (Pix) by Farki: 10:41am On Jun 13, 2021
I bet that Adetutu Alabi will be more comfortable and happy if her daughter is taught sex education rather than religious and moral education.

Sex education is important as it helps prevent unwanted pregnancies, abortions and abandoned children, which are things many religious people are strongly against.


Religion / Re: Frequency Of Sex In A Christian Marriage. by Farki: 10:38am On Jun 13, 2021
My libido is as high as the summit of mt everest while my wife's is like that of Olumo rock. I want it everyday and twice a day on weekends, but she wants it far less. Making love is the cornerstone of marriage, not childbearing. If I don't want intimacy frequently, I will remain single and just date occasionally or pay someone for it, but that's a sin and also a health hazard. So every married couple out there should make love as often as their stamina permits.

The most sensible response on this thread


Politics / Re: Teachers, Pupils Run As Fulani Herdsmen Invade School In Isuikwuato Abia (Video) by Farki: 8:45am On Jun 13, 2021
These brazen criminals should be dealt with immediately. None of their cows should be spared.

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