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Celebrities / Birthday Greetings by fcbgotel(m): 12:33am On Apr 22
IDRIS: "Look back, what can you see"?

It’s your birthday once again!

On this special day of yours, I join the rest of your well wishers to say happy birthday to you sir.

A time is coming when we will no longer see each other as often as we used to; there will be a moment of ups and downs in our journey on the path of friendship.I will never stopped thinking about the beautiful memories we had together as colleagues.

SS international secondary School, brought us together since 2017. I can't but say you have been a wonderful person.

This is 2022, looking back, I can't but just thank God for your life.
When I looked back at your life, all I can see is God, God and God at work.

Sir, remember you graduated with alot of people, you also served with alot of young people; my question here is:
"is everyone of them still alive till this very moment"? The answer is obviously NO!

In life, we may not get what we want instantly not because it's too big for God to do but because God may be planning something bigger for us in the shortest of time.

Spending five (5) good years in school only to graduated and be searching for a dream job; it's so painful.

We can't deny the fact that the government has failed us . It's obvious they don't have any good plans for the youth.

Even the society we found ourselves as at today, has also failed us.

Merit is not longer celebrated but mediocrity.
Hmmm what a country!

Immorality has become the other of the day.
The so call leaders of tommorow have become ritualist all in the name of Yahoo Yahoo.
Hmm, I weep for my generation.

Despite all this sir, you have remained steadfast, fearful in Almighty Allah, considerate of humanity and most importantly you have continued to imbibe core moral values on the younger ones.

The students you have impacted, has gained immersly from you,not only academics but morals and healthy living.

I boast of you and also your accomplishments. The roadway has actually not been smooth, but you have actually made it this far. I am more than happy as well as proud and thankful to heaven for you.

Be rest assured sir that , I have not forgotten the role you played in my life over the past years.
You have been there, morally, spiritually, academically and even financially.

Despite the occasional misunderstanding, I never doubted or wonder on whose side you are, on issues concerning me with other persons.

I thank you for challenging me to be a much better person.
Keep in mind, all we have actually prepared and all we intend to achieve in time to come. The future is waiting on us with all the goodness we can consider in life. I can not wait for the day when all our desires will certainly come to life, and we will certainly sit right near to each other discussing just how far we have come.

I could go on and on with words on this special day of yours, but it all sums up with the same idea that is; you are amazing in every aspect.

Today, I celebrate the birthday of a genius, the best of its kind. You are a treasure to humanity, and I will spend every day letting you know that you are a friend worth keeping until the end. I love you even if we fight on who is right or wrong.

My prayers for you are as follows;
May God enrich your world with immense happiness, laughter, success and good health.

May God grant you sufficient conscience and wisdom to live your life with uncompromising ethics, elegance, love, and dedication towards the betterment of humanity.

As you mark another special day of yours today, may your life always attract the incredible blessings of God. Have a fabulous birthday and may you have all the success you truly deserve.

Happy birthday, Architect Bello Idris Adeyemi.


Comr. Ehomanyin God'swill.
Politics / Today Is My Birthday. by fcbgotel(m): 9:05am On Feb 03

Dear Lord,

I thank You for all of the talents and years You have granted me, now i ask that You act as my supporter to help me share them with the world.

God, you gave me a life that day I was born, and I hope I will spend all my life and do as much as I can to show you my love and gratitude.

I pray that this new year shall be the best year of my life and the ones following better, in Jesus' name. Amen!

Crime / Re: Un Recognized Debit Alert From Access Bank. by fcbgotel(m): 7:51pm On Oct 16, 2021
Crime / Un Recognized Debit Alert From Access Bank. by fcbgotel(m): 7:30pm On Oct 16, 2021
Good evening nairalanders, I just received a debit alert of #50 from my Access bank account. The narration was FGN ELECTRONIC MONEY TRANSFER LEVY.

Please has anyone experienced this before, because it's all strange to me.

Avail Bal:NGN183.66
Religion / Re: What Are You Thanking God For As A Nigerian? by fcbgotel(m): 1:36pm On Oct 03, 2021
As a Nigerian, i always thank God for the gift of life, considering the fact that the country is not save for now.
Politics / Re: Bandits Capture Nigerian Military Base In Zamfara, Kill 12 Officers by fcbgotel(m): 9:41pm On Sep 12, 2021
So pathetic may God save this country.

Killing has become a norm in my country

Nawa oo
Jobs/Vacancies / I Need A Writting Job by fcbgotel(m): 12:24pm On Sep 10, 2021
Good morning nairalanders, have been in to writing for sometime now. I have posted some of my write up on here on nairaland.

Please am need of money to sort some things out.

Please I need to monetize my writing skills.

Please help
Politics / Re: "The Nigeria Of My Dream". by fcbgotel(m): 12:11pm On Sep 10, 2021
Great piece. Totally agree with you

Thanks brother.
Politics / Re: WHAT IF!! What If Buhari Turns Out Better Than The Next Incoming President? by fcbgotel(m): 11:55am On Sep 10, 2021

I'm glad you've noticed same. So, when some of us state that "the Nigeria of today will be a paradise to the Nigeria in the next ten years", we're not mincing words.

So, yes, by 2031, Buhari will adored and praised because the president by then will be way worse than he's today.

Romance / Re: What Actions Made You Believe He/she Will Be Your Ex? by fcbgotel(m): 2:46pm On Sep 09, 2021

The answer is YES. But u will take her for granted. Dats the bitter truth

Smiles , I won't sir.

It's obvious you don't know the kind of person I am.

I respect people alot.

Politics / Re: WHAT IF!! What If Buhari Turns Out Better Than The Next Incoming President? by fcbgotel(m): 2:44pm On Sep 09, 2021
[quote author=Nackdemall post=105643895]That is the reality with African Presidents !!![/quote

Lol. U just nailed it bro
Politics / WHAT IF!! What If Buhari Turns Out Better Than The Next Incoming President? by fcbgotel(m): 12:42pm On Sep 09, 2021
Have you ever thought about this before?�
I notced that in the history of presidency and leadership in Nigeria, the previous government/administration, is always better than the former/past.
Romance / Re: What Actions Made You Believe He/she Will Be Your Ex? by fcbgotel(m): 12:10pm On Sep 09, 2021
Don't really have any.

Have not been in relationship before.

Am more concerned with my education.

But have learnt a lot from nairalanders experience under this thread.

But my question is, Can one really find a perfect partner who is almost complete ?


Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Let's Put In Place New Measures To Prevent Coups by fcbgotel(m): 11:12am On Sep 09, 2021
Coup is not the best thing.

Nevertheless, there is need for the various governmental institutions to be be properly strengthen to avoid reoccurrence.

The major problem is that Africa leaders and power drunk and to corrupt.

May God help this continent
Nairaland / General / Re: What's The Highest help You Ever Received? by fcbgotel(m): 8:57am On Sep 09, 2021

You're doing well. God bless you

Wow good to see people testifying here.

Nairaland is indeed a good forum that has been a blessing to a alot of People.

I hope to be bless here one day.

May God almighty continue to bless and multiply all those who have one way or the other bless someone here.

I have passion for writing , have written alot of articles.
I wish to testify too, please kindly help a brother (undergraduate).

Ehomanyin God'swill
Access Bank
Nairaland / General / Re: What's The Highest help You Ever Received? by fcbgotel(m): 10:23pm On Sep 08, 2021
A lot to mention. I'm grateful to for all them.

I attended secondary school from Js1 to SS3 on someone's pocket.

Got relocated from a very unstable state during NYSC to a better state and a PPA of choice from just 'Good afternoon sir'.

Financial support to start up my photography business although I later chop the money. grin

People really come through for others. I will forever come through for any one who genuinely needs my help as far as I can provide

Wow good to see people testifying here.

Nairaland is indeed a good forum that has been a blessing to a alot of People.

I hope to be bless here one day.

May God almighty continue to bless and multiply all those who have one way or the other bless someone here.

I have passion for writing , have written alot of articles.
I wish to testify too, please kindly help a brother (undergraduate).

Ehomanyin God'swill
Access Bank
Politics / Re: Obasanjo Knelt Down For Emiko, Olu Of Warri (Photo) by fcbgotel(m): 10:19pm On Sep 08, 2021

Your assertion is laughable,you know ? Well,you have every right to make yourself happy; it's okay ! The picture below was taken in Buckingham palace and it says a lot about the ranking of traditional stools in Nigeria by the Powers that be ! Take a look at where Omo N'Oba was seated by the colonial lords who understand Nigeria more than any Nigerian alive because they have the records in their archives.

So enlightening,I now understand better.

Thank you so much sir

Meanwhile,I have tremendous respect for Omo n'oba because that stool belongs to Yoruba. Truly, Oranmiyan met Bini people in ile ibinu (Benin) but as a Yoruba prince from Ile Ife,he had to put in place the Yoruba traditional monarchial system of government (Obaship) when he took over the kingdom. This is why Oranmiyan was the first Oba of Benin. What you had before him were "Ogisos". Any Oba of Benin is a descendant of Oranmiyan; a royal Prince from Ile Ife.

The British are in possession of the above stated facts,hence the sitting arrangement as shown in the picture. Ooni of Ife is a father figure to Oba of Benin and that was why he paid Ooni a visit in his palace shortly after his coronation.

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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Knelt Down For Emiko, Olu Of Warri (Photo) by fcbgotel(m): 10:18pm On Sep 08, 2021

Are you saying Oba of Benin ranks above the likes of Ooni of Ife, Alaafin of Oyo etc?

I doubt that.

Oduduwa, their historical father gave birth to seven children. During his death time, all his children were not home-based. He however had an aide who, though wasn't his biological child, knew about his power source and top secrets. The 'aide' afterwards was made to occupy the ancestral seat (reagent) and became pioneer Ooni of Ife. His first biological son, the pioneer Alaafin of Oyo believes he is superior. The superiority tussles is the feud often passed down to new Alaafin and Ooni. Luckily, the present Ooni accepted Alaafin as his father for peace to reign, basically due to age difference.

Politically, they are all first-class monarchs? Oba of Benin is not the first child or 'reagent'. He's just one of his children.

So on what basis is Oba of Benin the greatest?

Well explained, I now understand better sir.

Thank you sir
Nairaland / General / Re: What's The Highest help You Ever Received? by fcbgotel(m): 10:11pm On Sep 08, 2021
Wow good to see people testifying here.

Nairaland is indeed a good forum that has been a blessing to a alot of People.

I hope to be bless here one day.

May God almighty continue to bless and multiply all those who have one way or the other bless someone here.

I have passion for writing , have written alot of articles.
I wish to testify too, please kindly help a brother (undergraduate).

Ehomanyin God'swill
Access Bank

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Politics / "The Nigeria Of My Dream". by fcbgotel(m): 7:48am On Sep 07, 2021
"The Nigeria of my dream".

Nelson Mandela famously said; "Africa will never get the respect it deserves,not until Nigeria earn that respect".

Nigeria a country in West Africa is popularly regarded as the giant of the African continent.

Nigeria as the giant of the African continent is not only due to her large population but her strong and large military strength, Availability of numerous natural resources just to mention but a few.

Most African countries over the years had always seek both military and economic assistance from Nigeria.

I just can't forget the role Nigeria played in South Africa during her apathied period and even Liberia during her civil war just to mention both a few.

Back home, Nigerians are lavishing in poverty, insecurity has become the talk of the town, Corruption, nepotism and tribalism has become a norm in the country, unemployment had become the order of the day, killing is now usual, religious violence is on the increase . with all these aforementioned National issues, it's obvious Nigerians had not be getting the best from her elected representatives. Thus, calls for disintegration has become inevitable.

Various groups has decided to embark in pursuit of self determination. From the South East to the South South and South west and even North Central due to insecurity and marginalisation of their Geo political zones and possibly due to ethnic cleansing, mass murder and religious reduction.

The principle of federal character had been totally abandoned. The government had failed on her primary responsibility, so calls for secession had become rampant.

But the question is; is secession the answer to Nigeria problem?

A lot of Nigerians especially the secessionists had come to conclusion that the only solution is for the country to disintegrate but I strongly disagree with this view.

Secession wouldn't come as easy as they think , moreover, Nigeria can not afford to fight another civil war. Although, I wasn't born as at the time of the civil war between 1967-1970 but have been able to read and possibly made a lot of research on the said war and I have come to conclusions that war is evil, war is brutal, war is human rights denials,war is killings of the innocents, war is not a fan of humanity. So I object it.

I am an advocate of "one restructured Nigeria". I believe we are better off together. If we separate, The respect will be gone the title of being the gaint of Africa will also be gone. Am quite sure, the founding fathers wount be pleased if we probably separate.

A Nigeria of my dream, is a Country where the rights of the citizens would be respected, Nigerians would be gainfully employed,where there would be adequate security of lives and properties, where the public servants would be fully accountable to the people, where corruption, Nepotism, Tribalism, killings and kidnapping would be a thing of the past, A Nigeria where the principle of federal character would be fully implemented, A country that will adhere to the provisions of the Constitution and the rule of law.

How do we achieve the aforementioned points as a country? Achieving these is possible if the country is properly "Restructured".

Let's imagine a Nigeria, where every state is allowed to to manage and mine her resources and then pay some amount to the federal government on monthly basis.

A Nigeria where Education, Heath, Fire service are under the full control of the state.

Further more, a Nigeria where police is under the control of the state.

In addition, a country where the Judiciary is highly decentralized, civil service fully decentralized.

If all this can be done, it will result to healthy competition among states, better living standard of the citizens , adequate security of lives and properties. Infact, state would develop at pace.

The sincere truth is that the federal government is over burden with powers and functions by the Constitution, there is need to relieve her of some of her powers.

If this is done, the office of the president would become less attractive to politicans since they can not longer weight much powers like before.

In conclusion of this write up, A Nigeria of dream is a Nigeria, where a child of a nobody can become somebody without knowing anybody. Thank you for reading.

Comrade God'swill Ehomanyin


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Politics / Re: Obasanjo Knelt Down For Emiko, Olu Of Warri (Photo) by fcbgotel(m): 4:10pm On Aug 22, 2021
Omo royalty is sexy.
If only royalty could be bought I'd have gotten His Royal Highness Obong of Calabar that's the highest Royal tool in Southern Nigeria followed by Obi of Onitsha before Oba of Benin!
Chai power sweet!

That's not true.

Oba of Benin is the highest royal stool in the Southern Nigeria

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Celebrities / Re: Vivian Lam Celebrates Celebrates Birthday With Hot Photos by fcbgotel(m): 7:55pm On Aug 10, 2021
She looks so beautiful


Politics / " Knowing How To Win Friends, Is Better Than Knowing How To Fight Enemies" by fcbgotel(m): 11:09am On Jul 21, 2021

( Comrade Ehomanyin Godswill)

Most people don’t criticize themselves for anything, no matter how wrong it may be.The average person is more interested in his or her own name than in all the other names on earth put together.

In the words of Henry Ford;

“If there is any one secret of success/friendship, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own".

This does not mean manipulating someone so that he will do something that is only for your benefit and his detriment. Each party should gain from the negotiation.

If you only try to impress people and get them interested in you, you won’t have many "true friends". True friends are not made that way.

If you want to make friends, put yourself out to do things for other people – things that require time, energy, unselfishness, and thoughtfulness. Learn to ways stand by what is right no matter who is involved and ensure you avoid hypocritical approach on issues.

"Wrong is wrong no matter who does it, Right is right know matter who is doing" we shouldn't allow sentiments steal away our sense of reasoning.

I am interested in others, when they are interested in me. This is not pride it's "Self respect" . If you are the type that always make your self available for people, believing that they would love you and always speak good of you, that means you are far from the truth. show of interest, as with every other principle of human relations, must be sincere. It must pay off not only for the person showing the interest but for the person receiving the attention. It is a two-way street – both parties benefit.

If we must keep friends, Make the other person feel important and do it sincerely.
There is one all-important law of human conduct: "always make the other person feel important".

If we obey this law, we shall almost never get into trouble. In fact, that law, if obeyed, will bring us countless friends and constant happiness. But the very instant we break the law, we shall get into endless trouble.

Give to others what we would have others give to us. How? When? Where? The answer is "All the time"and "everywhere"

As Galileo said;

“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him to find it within himself.” There is a certain degree of satisfaction in having the courage to admit your errors. It not only clears the air of guilt and defensiveness but often helps solve the problem created by the mistake.

Our egotistical nature may prevent us from admitting our mistakes publicly, but we need to drop that and forcus on building better future for ourselves .

Let's when speaking about your "perceived enemy" to others, speak well of them. What you say about others behind their backs will eventually get to them sooner or later .When you respect them in this way, they will want to return the favour.

Try and win a friend today.

Comrade Ehomanyin God'swill
Celebrities / Re: Share Your Favourite Sound Sultan's Line⁣ by fcbgotel(m): 2:40pm On Jul 11, 2021
One day bush meat go catch the hunter

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Politics / Breaking L: Sound Sultan Does At 44 by fcbgotel(m): 11:26am On Jul 11, 2021
Nigerian singer, Olanrewaju Fasasi, popularly known as Sound Sultan, has died at the age of 44.

This was disclosed in a statement signed by Dr. Kayode Fasasi on behalf of the Fasasi family.
Politics / Breaking L: Sound Sultan Is Dead by fcbgotel(m): 11:05am On Jul 11, 2021
Nigeria singer Sould Sultan is dead.
He died after a long battle with cancer.

Rest in peace dear brother
Gaming / Dream League 2021 by fcbgotel(m): 9:43pm On Jul 02, 2021
Please who can share me link to download dream league 2021
Romance / Re: She No Longer Picks My Calls by fcbgotel(m): 6:30pm On May 13, 2021
Am in similar situation presently.

I met this girl last week when I was admitted at an hospital she works.
She was very cordial

So when I was about to to discharged, I politely asked for for number and I also told her how much I love her.

After my discharge, we met close to house and we were able to have reasonable discussion.

After two days , I called her and she told me , she was sick that she couldn't go to work.

I was very worried and asked if I can come to her house to check on her which she said I shouldn't worry.

Believe me , a day after , I have been calling her till today but she is not picking up.

Honestly, I was surprised by her action.

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Business / Re: How To Make N6,500 Everyday With This App [Proof Inside] by fcbgotel(m): 9:42pm On May 03, 2021
Am interested. fcbgotel@gmail.com
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Where Is Dr. Chris Ngige? by fcbgotel(m): 7:50pm On Apr 27, 2021
This is so pathetic, considering the fact that his people needs him now than before
Politics / Insecurity: Where Is Dr. Chris Ngige? by fcbgotel(m): 7:46pm On Apr 27, 2021
Admin please kindly help me move this to front page

For a very long time now, the Honorable minister of Employment. Dr. Chris Ngige have not really been in the news in fact, it's been awhile since I've seen him make public outings.

Considering the level of insecurity in the East today, I think it's important he speaks out or don't he really care about his peoples?

Dear Nairalanders, Where is Dr. Chris Ngige??
Career / The "Idris" That I Know by fcbgotel(m): 8:59am On Apr 22, 2021
The "IDRIS" that I know.

Happy birthday sir,

If you think I’m writing all of this to make you feel good, you’re right, because you deserve to know the truth about yourself and you deserve the feeling of goodness that comes with that knowledge.

Can I talk about your energy? Boundless! Awesome! Admirable! It’s like there’s an ever-flowing spring of energy flowing from your soul. You tirelessly go about doing all that you believe in. Nothing discourages you, nothing stops you. Once you set your mind on it, you go for it. It’s so amazing to watch you when you’re this way.

You are empathetic, always watching out for other’s well beings

If the world had more people like you, it would definitely be a better place.

I want you to know I will always be there for you, just as you’ve always been here for me.

I want you to know that you deserve the very best in life, so don’t ever settle for less.

I want you to know that one someday, one day soon, you will achieve all of your dreams and I will be here to celebrate with you.

Over the years, you demonstrated what kindness really means and am so lucky to have benefited from your generosity.

Your versatility outside your field of study is highly commendable, no wonder you have established your self as one of the best in choosen profession.

Despite the fact that, you are a core scientist, your contributions to human endeavors most especially in political aspect cannot go unnoticed.

I once had the privilege to watch you speak to your student about Nigeria, the historical perspective.

What you demonstrated that very day won my heart and that of most students present at the program.

If you can still remember what I said, immediately after your speech
I said to the students " Emulate your master's versatility, the fact that he is a science teacher, he didn't limit himself to just science field but outside his field"

My candid advice to you is to carry on, on the path you have chosen.

I don’t want to count how many years I’ve known you but I just want to pray that this ever-flowing love existing in this friendship would continue to grow. You just match my taste and you understand me perfectly.

Thanks, friend for staying by my side.
You put smiles on my face.
You keep my secrets safe and make my soul happy.
You’re always in my thoughts.
I’ll never forget to pray for you. I’ll always remember and know that I have a special breed as a friend so unique and perfect.

My prayers for you are as follows;

As you celebrate, dear friend, I pray for total happiness and sunshine in your life. Your destiny will never meet with darkness.

As you enjoy your special day, I pray that the Almighty God turns all your worries into glorious moments in the days ahead.

Dear friend, go through life without a worry in your heart because God is in control. You will never stop receiving the favor of God in your life. Many happy returns!

I’ll always remain loyal boss.

Happy birthday to you Mr. Bello Idris Adeyemi!

OMONO'BA Celebrates with you.

Comrade God'swill Ehomanyin

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