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Education / Re: What Is The Most Useless Certificate You Have Ever Gotten? by fedorahat: 10:29am On Aug 16, 2023
Certificate of training on how to build fuelless generator

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Investment / Re: Majestic Rig Collapse by fedorahat: 8:45pm On Aug 15, 2023

Nah wa o this rig don really go through a lot on Nigerian waters. Wayback in 2018, there was a fire outbreak on this same rig. Now again in 2023 the rig don collapse

Yes you are right.
Investment / Re: Majestic Rig Collapse by fedorahat: 4:53pm On Aug 15, 2023
Dominique Mukina2,

please move this to frontpage, let people who have people aboard Depthwize majestic start making enquiries for Thier loved ones, this happened yesterday.
More bodies are being recovered.
Investment / Majestic Rig Collapse by fedorahat: 3:50pm On Aug 15, 2023
Reports reaching out, is that the Depthwize Majestic Rig has collapsed with about 96 people on board and 1 reportedly dead around the Sapele axis

Seun, Dominique, Mynd44 , Mukina2 , Nlfpmod

Please treat this as a matter of urgency. More emergency response is needed.

Cause of collapse is yet unknown .
I will update as I get more information


92 members out of the 96 members have been accounted for .1 reportedly dead and 3 still missing.

Forum Games / Re: The Yam,lion And The Goat Riddle. by fedorahat: 12:20pm On May 28, 2022
Ok...originally, d first question asked is....how is he going to cross the river with one of the items?...i go with this question. So, i say....the goat eats the yam, the lion eats the goat then the Man crosses with the Lion.....Bon voyage.

The lion eats the man or viceversa.
It doesn't work that way
Politics / Re: 10 Days To Presidential Primary: Southern PDP Leaders Weigh Fresh Option by fedorahat: 3:10am On May 28, 2022
I see Peter obi coming out as PDP Presidential candidate.

This I have seen.
Is peter Obi still coming out ad PDP presidential candidate.

Or you were wearing eyeglass to see that day.
Romance / Re: How A Feminist Overpowered Me by fedorahat: 10:40pm On May 27, 2022
Another cukoruku and b... .....

Someone should help me complete the sentence.

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Politics / Re: Wike Blasts Obi: You can be the best Economist, but you don't have character by fedorahat: 1:25am On May 27, 2022

This man use to be very humble before Patience Jonathan empowered him and he becomes what he is today because he is a governor.

Power changes people o, makes some people talk anyhow as if there isn’t God.
Wike was never humble, he only added drama to his thuggery

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How To Stay Awake At Night by fedorahat: 6:13pm On May 26, 2022
.... If you are going to work outside, you need a different approach,

First you have to wake up at least two hours before work, then its all about mental aclamatization.
You need at least a warm bath, not cold bath in any way, you need to condition your mind that, that is your morning. You would also need a hot cup of Lipton preferably two bags but this time with sugar this is because your body needs energy, I will explain later. Avoid any thing food drink especially bournvita as it releases a hormone that relaxes you.
You might have to go for tea breaks every three hours till your body masters the night routine, Avoid getting yourself cold, your body needs to be warm so that you don't become fatigued that is where the cold tea comes in, if you get cold , you will loose energy and find it difficult staying awake.

I advise you get a thick sweater, also look for something to chew on, I go with orbit and once in a while Ginger. This is very important.

The most important times are around mid night, when your body starts succumbing to nature, this is normal, take a walk around and get busy, in about 15 to 20 mins you should be fine, if not take a power nap of about five minutes if you can, it will help boost you up.
The next is around 5 am, when the morning dew starts settling in and you are awaiting your reliever, you can't do much about this, you just have to fight it mentally, and keep yourself warm. With time , you will get used to it.

One challenge you will face is adjusting your sleep pattern to daytime.
Don't sleep too early or you will wake too early and find it difficult to maintain a positive night shift, also don't sleep two late or you won't get enough quality sleep.

Falling asleep will be another challenge, just take a cup of warm milk, tumeric or cough drops whichever works for you.

Hope this helps, to you and millions of night workers , who find it impossible to get through the night.

very nice and thoroughly written, I will try this.
Programming / Re: Vacancy For .NET Software Developers by fedorahat: 12:29pm On May 26, 2022
Crime / Re: Gunmen Bomb Police Headquarters In Imo by fedorahat: 11:35am On Jan 07, 2022
I see more attacks on security operatives in the south East, I see policemen putting on muftis to in order to walk freely in the south, I see Nnamdi Kanu being released this year even though buhari said he wouldn't be released.

I see Buhari using him (Kanu) as a bargain chip to keep Nigeria United, I see Nigeria breaking up by 2023, cos the masses have suffered enough.

This I have seen.
U and ur useless seeing
I see u almost blind due to too much seeing of rubbish

This I have seen
Politics / Re: If Not For Corruption, This Is How So Many States In Nigeria Will Look Like by fedorahat: 12:36pm On Jan 06, 2022
are you serious, what's the role of government then? An oil rich country like Nigeria should have world class infrastructure.
Look at Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other oil producing countries

Nigeria is not an oil rich country
Crime / Re: Businessman, Linus Owuamanam, Murdered In Ibadan By Unknown Gunmen by fedorahat: 1:28pm On May 31, 2021

All of us will soon die, I don't see anything wrong in people defending there land...
You are just a noise maker and online miscreant
Politics / Re: Imo, Uzodinma Under Attack By Enemies – APC by fedorahat: 7:13am On Apr 27, 2021

All the politicians are disgruntled, and many of them are criminal. All I'm saying is that rather than they burn down the state, Hope Uzodinma, who is currently unable to run the state should resign for peace to reign. This is especially the case since his position as governor cannot be explained by any meaningful logic. If he had problem with other politician in Imo State, he should settle it with them. For goodness sake, he's not the first politician that will have problem with other politician in Imo State, let alone in Nigeria. What is his security vote for? To buy Rolls Royce?

Don't forget also that he has blood on his hand. His invitation of the military against IPOB/ESN in the state is also part of the problem. Even if Imo State doesn't have herdsmen crisis, what is wrong in preparing? Wasn't the case that it is the unprepared state that are suffering? What exactly is Hope Uzodinma's contribution to Imo State security other than inviting military to terrorize the state? Uzodinma's action is the cause of insecurity in the state, directly or indirectly. Dude is just going about making enemies all over the places.

I repeat my call that Hope Uzodinma, the Ogboso 1 of Imo State should resign for peace to reign.
So he should resign and set a precedent that when bad forces come after you, you run instead of tackling it.
Uzodinmas victory is the same with that of Bayelsa both declared by supreme Court, hold PDP and their cohorts responsible for uzodinma coming out as a Governor, they miscalculated by a long margin.
As for the current situation in Imobwhen those fueling it are through, they too won't be able to return to Imo state.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri States How PDP Left Nigeria On May 29, 2015 As 1$ Approaches ₦500 by fedorahat: 1:48pm On Apr 23, 2021

APC had lied too much for too long. Time to tell them, "enough is enough". They make fools of well meaning Nigerians. I won't take it any longer. More money has been made available to Buhari through loans, aids and the devaluation of the Naira than GEJ ever had.

Nigeria in 2015 vs Nigeria in 2020

Petrol price: N87 vs N165.50
Dollar: N200 vs N485
Rice: N8,500 vs N31, 000
Electricity tariff: N14.23 vs N82.33
GDP: $550.6bn vs $506.54b
Per capital income: $2,930.43 vs $2,202
Vat: 5% vs 7.5%
Stamp duty: N0 - N50/1k
Inflation 8% vs 18.96%/22.9%

Hope you will have sense now fools
You know the problem with you guys is that not only are you guys myopic and mischievous, you are also half educated.

I agree that APC has done a lot of things very wrong, but PDP was worse.

While things might have appeared cheaper during PDP the reality was we were being wasteful very wasteful.
How much was generated during the Arab spring during oil windfall, how much has been generated now, we can only be truthful to ourselves, PDP wasted Nigeria

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri States How PDP Left Nigeria On May 29, 2015 As 1$ Approaches ₦500 by fedorahat: 12:18pm On Apr 23, 2021

Liar. Which radio stations were working half day, which airports were closed nation wide, who told you buhari gave states bailout in 2015.
Stop being mischievous, we were all alive then, a simple Google search can help you

Politics / Re: Reno Omokri States How PDP Left Nigeria On May 29, 2015 As 1$ Approaches ₦500 by fedorahat: 12:01pm On Apr 23, 2021

Yes, the situation was dire, but it wouldn't have been as dire as this.

Not under the PDP.
No it would have been worse.
Before PDP handed over radio stations were working half days , airports closing Nationwide and govenors owing salaries for over 4 months.
The first thing this administration did was to shell bail out to various states,.

What do you think PDP could have done differently without access to funds

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri States How PDP Left Nigeria On May 29, 2015 As 1$ Approaches ₦500 by fedorahat: 11:21am On Apr 23, 2021

And the solution to looting is to bastardise the economy with useless and unstable policies.?

Isn't it a shame that despite the huge looting, every indices of the economy then was significantly better than what it is now?

Isn't it a big shame.?

What the APC should have done was to reduce looting, divert more resources to infrastructure, introduce more efficiency into the system, and let the macroeconomic policy of the PDP keep running itself.

It would have been great.

Instead, Buhari fixed politicians into critical federal position, turned nepotism to state policy, shut the borders, wage war on Nigerian fintech, and many other economic abominations.

No matter what APC could or could not have done, Nigeria was bound to be in a mess, our population explosion coupled with our dwindling income could never have been synchronized even if we had Albert Einstein as president.
Let's stop deceiving ourselves.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri States How PDP Left Nigeria On May 29, 2015 As 1$ Approaches ₦500 by fedorahat: 11:18am On Apr 23, 2021

From your analysis you are even shooting yourself on the foot.
1999-2015=16years but only #67 increase
2015-2021=6years and #68 increase was added. You want to tell us that the inflation in Nigeria in the past 6 years was higher than the one of 16 years before 2015?
I guess you guys quoting him don't understand the use of paragraphs.
Buharis tenure and PDP tenure are in two different paragraphs.
Going by his analogy PDP left Nigeria 200times worse than the met it, which is completely true.
Omokri is just a useless hypocrite.

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Crime / Re: Woman Sets Her Boyfriend's House Ablaze Over Misunderstanding In Benue (Pictures by fedorahat: 9:38pm On Apr 21, 2021
And told you I didn't read it Mr. mind reader? And I think you need a brain surgery if you can't understand my post.
A lady sets her boyfriend's house ablaze due to domestic misunderstanding. Can't what I mentioned earlier lead to the misunderstanding? Or you think boyfriends don't rape their girlfriends?
As far as am concessioned you need a psychiatrist as soon as possible, you are far gone.
Politics / Re: Fayose: PDP South West Congress Election Was A Scam by fedorahat: 3:43am On Apr 15, 2021
Am not surprised, PDP is a scam so is Fayose

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European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Tottenham Hotspur Vs Manchester United (1 - 3) On 11 April 2021 by fedorahat: 6:16pm On Apr 11, 2021
That female assistant referee no even fine, breasts she no get, yansh too she no get, she come resemble that moderator wey sabi ban person for here
Abeg no vex Wetin you wan use her fine, breast and nyash do


Celebrities / Re: Yemi Alade Vows Never To Lend Anyone Money Again - Full Update by fedorahat: 9:27pm On Apr 10, 2021
If am to lend you money, you must drop collectral
, even if am lending you 5 hundred.
People have really betrayed my trust

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Car Talk / Re: First Solar Powered Car Charging Station Is Up In Sokoto by fedorahat: 6:39am On Apr 10, 2021
If nigeria had leaders with vision we would use be using this same solar for electricity generation for the national grid
What is stopping you from being a leader

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Romance / Re: Bodybuilder Who Married Sex Doll Gets New Wife - Massive Chicken With Human Head by fedorahat: 6:00am On Mar 18, 2021
Even people sleeping with dil do and cucumber are complaining.

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Politics / Re: Experts Criticize FG Over ₦568.5 Billion Vote To Repair Loss-Making PH Refinery by fedorahat: 5:47am On Mar 18, 2021
This is one of the reasons I keep on insisting Nigerian government has no business doing business.
They should call different valuers both foreign and local, set up an independent panel from various groups to audit the valuers report. Open a bid for a company to invest in the maintenance and another bid for another couple to manage.
The job of government should only be to regulate.
When government does business it scares off investors and kills competition.

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