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Sports / Re: Barcelona’s Lionel Messi Becomes First Ever Player To Reach 1,000 Goal by Fierce11: 10:09am On Feb 23, 2020
This guy is a food chain
Crime / Re: I Witness The Highest Height Of Ingratitude Today From A Bike Man by Fierce11: 5:23pm On Jan 20, 2020
Please, we should learn to use punctuation marks and capital letters -where necessary- while composing an article or even a short message.
Lack of using punctuations, causes the message -whether interesting or not- to look like a collection of utter rubbish.
I apologize if any feeling was hurt but please, do the right thing.
Phones / Re: Huawei To Use Tomtom Maps As An Alternative To Google Maps by Fierce11: 11:06am On Jan 20, 2020
After taking 2bottles of HERO beer, i requested for a 3rd one and i was told that it was exhausted but that LIFE beer was available. I took one, added two, added a third to serve as a souvenir.. And now ladies and gents, I take only "life"!.
Nice one huawei, bring the tomtom.. Abi no be map again? We would lick it until we get used to it! The U.S should look ck for another indirect motivation for huawei that would push them forward. They've got the 5G. They're making the OS. Tomorrow, they would embark on project zeta.


Politics / Re: US Grants Asylum To AIT Journalist Who Is Wanted By DSS by Fierce11: 10:46am On Jan 20, 2020
Olamide made it very apt and clear that, "freedom of speech is assured, but freedom after speech can never be assured."
The level of rights abuse in this country is really terrible.
Even after all the beef and sardines between the CNN and Mr Trump, we've not heard that trump ordered for an arrest because of "hate speech". Only God can flush the shit out of this pungent shithole of a country. spits


Crime / Re: Unknown Woman Dumps Her New Born Twin Babies In A Gutter (GRAPHICS) by Fierce11: 10:22am On Jan 20, 2020
This is barbaric. This is utter wickedness. This is nothing short of pure evil in the greatest of all forms.
Condoms are available, levonogestrel (like postinor2) are available... Abortion is also an option.. So why the hell do people still commit this type of atrocity? It will never be well for whosoever 6rings a child into this wretched world when they know that they do not have the resources or facilities to take care of that child.

Pets / Re: Pakistani Man Who Keeps Lion As A Pet Gives Reason For Not Chaining It (photo) by Fierce11: 5:59pm On May 28, 2019
The devil works in mysterious ways. Very mysterious ways.
Sports / Re: Who Is The Best No.10 In Football World? by Fierce11: 4:37pm On May 24, 2019
There are several "best" number 10s but, there is a being a particular. The "being" that Jose` Mourinho called the GOD OF FOOTBALL. That Man, Lionel Messi Eze Nnunu.. He is not in the league of "bests" but in his solo league of "perfectly great".
In the words of a certain world class footballer, "Who am I to be compared to Lionel Messi?"
Anam aju.. Who am I?
Celebrities / Re: Bobrisky Defends And Said A Short Message For Naira Marley Earlier Today by Fierce11: 5:09pm On May 20, 2019
This croaking vagabond should shut the fvck up!
The victims of fraud are still struggling to get back half of what they lost and this distorted being is busy seeking for "God's favour" for a self-acclaimed over-arrested yahoo infant. Smh.
Let's not forget how bobrisky disturbed us and our cyberspace when he accused his gateman -or was it househelp- of stealing from him. Why didn't he pray for favour that time eh?
Nonsense vagabond. 66655
Crime / Re: Transgender Woman, 23,who Was Brutally Beaten By A Mob, Shot Dead On Sat (video) by Fierce11: 3:03pm On May 20, 2019
The problem I have with The LGBT and all related issues, is that it opens doors for other godforsaken atrocities to start up.
Incest, paedophilism, upskirting, human-animal mating, public sex and so fvcking on would soon develop into revolutions just like their parent organisation, The LGBT. They would start demanding for "justice and equality" in sexual choices and preferences.
Violence against these unfortunate creatures with distorted sexual and mental orientations, should not be supported or administered. But can you blame the common man that understands the simple meaning of morality? Of right and wrong? Mba nu! They have to do what the "need" to do because of their future and their future's future.
Its unfortunate that violence is the only means to send the painful message. The message that we would never ever accept the LGBT, incest, paedophilism, rape and all manner of sexually distorted preference.
We are homophobic for the cause. We would take any action necessary to cleanse the wnworld

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Celebrities / Re: "I Am A Prayer Warrior" - Toyin Lawani Says by Fierce11: 2:40pm On May 20, 2019
Prayer warrior indeed!
Unless she's praying to goddess Bilquiss in "American Gods" series or the Greek God of Lust, Eros.
Hoes sha.

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Celebrities / Re: Hushpuppi Buys N71m new Mercedes maybach S650 (photos) by Fierce11: 2:21pm On May 20, 2019
His wealth is smeared by the pungent smell of fraud. I really hope its otherwise because its complete nonsense to accumulate "legal" wealth and one decides not to the spend it to the fullest because people would say that "vanity upon vanity is bleeping vanity!" .Nonsense.
Enjoy your life Mr. Hushpuppi but never forget that if your wealth has resulted to bankrupsy or death mainly by suicides due to fraud that affected a supposedly victim, then you would definitely be "nairamarley-ed" and peace of mind would be hushing and hiding from you throughout your existence.

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Celebrities / Re: Naira Marley: Davido's Camp, Heavily Armed Policemen Spotted Outside The Court by Fierce11: 1:52pm On May 20, 2019
Courts handle different kinds of cases everyday. So there is always police presence in court premises for security cover. There is no way this number of police came just for Naira Marley. His case and his profile do not warrant it.
It's imminent that most court cases get adjourned. Therefore, most courts are able to handle quite a good number of cases.
Security personnels -especially the police- tend to arrive the court premises with their own suspects not just because they are responsible for conveying them or even safeguarding them but because they need to transport them back to the police cell if the suspect fails to meet bail conditions or is literally unfortunate not to get a bail option.
The in-house police do not really give a bleep about the court security. their priority is to move the convicted or the ''unfortunate" to the prison site.
Lass lass, Nairamarley no no get level for this kyn police. If Evans no reach, then who be marley?

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Celebrities / Re: Toke Makinwa Reacts As Her 'baby Daddy' Drake Acquires A Private Airplane by Fierce11: 3:46pm On May 11, 2019
"A hoe can never cease to be a hoe. The hunger, desire and tendency to remain a hoe, is not affected by age, financial class, relationship status or physical looks. This is because the constancy involved, ensures that a hoe is always a hoe and can never be a garden shovel".
After more than 3000bc, this statement by king solomon cannot be questioned.
Toke, e bu kwa aghadi nwanyi.. E kwesiri e ji ile gi nwe gwuo eze gi onu.

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Celebrities / Re: Dolapo Badmus Reacts To Naira Marley’s Arrest by Fierce11: 10:56am On May 10, 2019
"Massive, massive thumbs up" to the EFCC. I just hope that they don't twist tales later o..
Any vagabond who promotes, supports, encourages or propagates any form of fraud whether in act or media, should be severely dealt with..
Nairamarley should be used as a ramaddan scape goat.. Nonsense hooligan.
Awon "yahooboy influencer"

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Celebrities / Re: Ikorodu Bois Recreate Zlatan Ibile Refusing To Eat Amala After Barcelona Defeat by Fierce11: 9:25am On May 09, 2019

they are building a YouTube Chanel traffic
getting more subscribers everyday !!!

by the time they get 16 they must have gotten endorsements that will pay them all your life salaries in one signature!!!!

keep spiting sir!!!!
Why people keep believing that everyone on NL has to be as poor as them is something that never ceases to intrigue me..
Smh.. Get a life or bend down and beg me for money.

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Celebrities / Re: Ikorodu Bois Recreate Zlatan Ibile Refusing To Eat Amala After Barcelona Defeat by Fierce11: 7:52am On May 09, 2019
Fact is that these guys have zero talent.. If this shi.t continues by the time they get to 16years and all, would some of y'all still find it funny? Mba nu! Mediocrity should not be condoned or supported in any form..
Nonsense type of talent.

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Sports / Re: Ajax 2-3 Tottenham: Fans, Players, Coach Celebrate After Comeback Win (Photos) by Fierce11: 7:39am On May 09, 2019
so you knew this and you couldn't stake on Tottenham to win when they were down by 2 goals, you could have been a BILLIONAIRE by now if you had staked just 10k. Nonsense. After match prediction
Understand first. I was posting about tottenham winning the trophy. By the way, no be by force to punt games. *hisses
Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Reacts After His Fans Beat Up Shoki Shitta In Surulere by Fierce11: 6:54am On May 09, 2019
Bros,I just weak for naija bloggers undecided
I swear.. Most are Deluded creatures.
Sports / Re: Tottenham Players Celebrated Ajax Win Inside Their Dressing Room by Fierce11: 6:49am On May 09, 2019
go give then cup undecided
LMFAO. Seems you've forgotten that June 1st is not far.
Food / Re: Octopus Sucks Onto Woman’s Face And Won’t Let Go As She Tries To Eat It Alive by Fierce11: 1:05am On May 09, 2019
She wants to enjoy the "korean viagra" aka sannakji.. except that this one is not pieced.
What the hell makes a sane human eat a live octupus? Kai.. Umu ndi 'asia' sef biko
*spits again.
*drinks salty water.
*drinks milk.
*re-drinks milk.

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Sports / Re: Tottenham Players Celebrated Ajax Win Inside Their Dressing Room by Fierce11: 12:59am On May 09, 2019
Barca= la liga and copa del rey (and messi gets all the golden boots and balon d'or.
Mancity= premier league and FA.
*Tottenham= champions league.
Sports / Re: Ajax 2-3 Tottenham: Fans, Players, Coach Celebrate After Comeback Win (Photos) by Fierce11: 12:50am On May 09, 2019
I have always condemned emotional people. But watching poccettino -one of the most reserved and gentleman-ly coach ever- literally cry (or weep), was the second most beautiful thing i have seen this season (after messi freekick of course!).
What a match.
I wanted Ajax to win since barca lost. but, i know tottenham would -and can- do it.
And in the exact words of poccettino, I gently write this:

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Crime / Re: Moment A Man Killed A Snake With His Bare Hands (Photos) by Fierce11: 12:38am On May 09, 2019
People might think this is news until they realise that Lalasticlala had to scrub his scrotum with a live mamba for 6weeks. 6weeks!
how else to you think he got a very lovely daughter eh?


Celebrities / Re: Wizkid Reacts After His Fans Beat Up Shoki Shitta In Surulere by Fierce11: 12:28am On May 09, 2019
The Nigerian blogging system is so messed up.
How did the OP come up with the idea that this message is actually directly proportional to the video? smh.. Shebi OP dey live for starboy brain abi?

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Education / Re: Covenant University Vice Chancellor Shares Beautiful Picture Senate Building by Fierce11: 12:16am On May 09, 2019
And how do we prove that the VC shared this pic? Anyone could've taken it.


Phones / Re: 5 Reasons To Steer Clear Of Umidigi by Fierce11: 11:10am On Feb 18, 2019

Umidigi A3 or Umidigi A3 Pro has 3 slots (2 sim + 1 tf card).........
Alright.. Thanks. Let me confirm the specs of the a3 and a3pro.
Phones / Re: 5 Reasons To Steer Clear Of Umidigi by Fierce11: 10:53am On Feb 18, 2019
The more the device is hated, the more Umidigi seems to sell....

Brand bashers cannot believe the trend, buzz and growth, around this device..........

It's a free market, let buyers decide...........

All the listed issues, have not been experienced by modern day Umidigi users.......

Xiaomitoday writes a negative report about Umidigi devices, are we surprised??

It's an agenda, seems like someone is running scared......

Umidigi...... U ME DIGITAL......
True words.
btw, can you recommend any umidigi brand/model you think i should get?
I wanted to get the umidigi one pro as a surbordinate device but i was turned off by the sim slot.. I wanted to use an extra sdcard to support the phone memory (i don't really like using the phone memory for storing anything) but the sim2 slot is also used for the sdcard.. Please can you recommend a better choice?.
Crime / Re: Trophy Hunter Pays $110k' To Kill And Pose With Rare Mountain Goat (photos) by Fierce11: 7:37pm On Feb 13, 2019
Hypocrites that kill or eat chickens and goats and cows on a regular basis would still come here screaming foul..
Well, it's not my business if any animal is rare, endangered or poached.. If it is deemed killable for fur, meat or fun, I would be absolutely alright with that.. I am not impartial. I am not a discriminator of animal species. Goat is goat.. Peppersoup does not know botanical names.
Sports / Re: PSG Star Angel Di Maria Screams F*** Off At Man Utd Fans After Goal (Photos) by Fierce11: 7:24pm On Feb 13, 2019

and barca is
AS Roma's bitch
And roma is liverpool's bitch.
And liverpool is realmadrid's slut.
But realmadrid is not only barca's home-service slut, they are also messi's wanking lubricant before any game.. ciao.
* 'spits 88 times
Sports / Re: PSG Star Angel Di Maria Screams F*** Off At Man Utd Fans After Goal (Photos) by Fierce11: 11:12am On Feb 13, 2019
Di'maria is the best player this week. Quote me anywhere!
He was booed for a complete 90minutes of football. He was even stoned with water bottles.. But the guys mentality is just like black panther's suit; the more you hit, the tougher it becomes.. Then pogboom!,.. 2 assists!!
Nonsense and manchester united. How far una 11 games unbeaten?. How far your twenty-blah blah blah points in 9 matches?
No cavani oh. No neymar oh. No meunier oh. No mbappe in his wing oh. No dani alves in his wing oh.. Not at psg's stadium oh..
Psg is barca's bitch.
But manure is psg's sexdoll.

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Celebrities / Re: Actress Princess Shyngle Reveals Why Men Of Today Are Very Boring by Fierce11: 10:52am On Feb 13, 2019
Like she expects a guy to actually kiss the wretched lips she uses in cleaning the shaft of several guys "on-the-go" cable?
Smh.. Some ladies are not only hoes, but they are also mad.
Foreign Affairs / Re: Army Bans Officers From Marrying Each Other, Give Ultimatum To Those Already Mar by Fierce11: 10:39am On Feb 13, 2019
I'm not suprised. Afterall, it's Zimbabwe..
The "ogas at the top" obviously don't want "mere" recruits to use marriage as an avenue to smash their potential "monchengladbachs". if you know, you know. If you don't know, then don't know..
*lowkey spits*

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