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Education / Re: 114 Oldest Secondary Schools In Nigeria. Is Your School Among. by Flamezreal(m): 6:35pm On Jun 10
You can't capture them all though.
Politics / Re: VP Shettima Inaugurates 76.67km Ogbomoso-iseyin Road Constructed by Seyi Makinde by Flamezreal(m): 8:56am On May 31
Well-done Mr Governor but no be road we go chop o, Ebimpawa ooooo....
Ẹlẹ́kún egbére. It's obvious that you're EBINA. Shey na like that you chop all supposed development that should have come to your region? Ọmọluabi will never do that.


Politics / Re: Heavy Security As Kano Emirates Council Law Scales First Reading by Flamezreal(m): 6:05pm On May 22
Emirs and sultan are never a king but religion leaders.
Culture / Re: Longest Marathon Drumming By An Individual (african Talking Drum) by Flamezreal(m): 12:17am On May 07
Politics / Re: States Divided Over FG's ₦‎35,000 Wage Awards To Federal Workers by Flamezreal(m): 8:24am On Oct 05, 2023
Romance / Re: My Wife And Side Chic by Flamezreal(m): 8:46am On Jul 29, 2023
Good evening guys, please I need some advice, my wife had pcos then that she couldn't get pregnant and now it's almost our 4th year in the marriage, after doing 2 ivf I told myself not to do it again because the money was not there and adoption is not my thing. So I was worried because am not the kind of man that like polygamy.

Now after we stop the ivf my wife started taking supliments and now she's pregnant after 7 months of taking the supliment and now because of my wife condition I decided to have a side chic who I can marry for the sake of children because it's not easy after 6 years between me and my wife and we are 4 years in marriage, so now as am talking to you my wife and my girl friend are both pregnant same month and from the scan results my wife might likely give birth to twins because two sack was found in her.

AND now I love both of them so much and I don't know what to do now. My girl friend is two weeks pregnant. Am not a bad person but I feel bad hurting my wife but the condition is not easy for both of us that is why I went out for another woman. Does it make any sense to abort my girlfriend pregnancy. Because even if I want to keep both of them it won't be easy for me to have two women pregnant for me at the same time. I wish it's different time I would have allow my girlfriend keep the pregnancy and my girlfriend really loves me ans she said she needs the pregnancy too.

Atleast am doing financially okay because I can feed both if them but how do I handle this kind of situation.

I have been having sleepless night because my wife can nit give me children at that time and now the blessings are here please advise me.

It's won't be easy to keep two women and it's not my thing but what do I know. Guys help me no insult please, if you ask me why can't I be patient the I will say am my mum is old and am the one taking care of my mum. And am 35, years now but if I don't what I did when I grow old who will take care if me? This are the quei asked myself daily before going ahead to impregnated my girl friend. Please advise me

Should my girlfriend abort the pregnancy?
Please can I know the supplement's name?
Culture / ��� �������� �� ������ ���� �� ��������. by Flamezreal(m): 2:54pm On Jul 23, 2023

Atakpame is the Fourth largest city in Togo by population and is situated in the center of the country in a majority Yoruba speaking part called Ogou which has a population of around 260,000 people. The dialect of Yoruba spoken here is called Ifè.

Atakpame is located on a hilly wooded savannah about 500m in elevation at the eastern end of the Atakora mountain range. Together with Kpalimé, it represents the last major settlements of Yoruba origin dotted between the Niger and the Volta rivers. Today, while Atakpame is majorly Ife speaking, Kpalime is majority Ewe speaking. The Ife people of Togo trace their history from Ife in Nigeria to Ija Oku and Chabe (Savè) in Benin. It was from there that they migrated to the originally Yoruba city of Chabelu (now Savalou) in Benin before crossing over into their territory in what would later become central Togo.

In the 1764 Battle of Atakpamé, the town was the site of a clash between the Akan state of Akyem with the Oyo Empire against the forces of the Ashanti Empire. The result of the battle was a crushing defeat of the Ashanti forces and the death of their Juabenhene (head of one of the royal clans). Today, most native residents of the city belong the Ana subgroup of the Yoruba people. Other Yoruba speaking settlements in the locality include; Akpare, Goubi, Djama, Kaboli, Okutaya, Anie, Kamina, Moretan - Igberioko, Kolokope, Glei, Alabata.

Atakpame is fondly referred to as the city of 7 hills (sept collines). Some of these hills include: Oke Omi kosi, Oke Batabali, Oke Agemo, Oke Akposso, Oke Mefa, Oke Ekpa and Oke Ologbo. Just like many other towns in Yorubaland, where myths are explored to trace the people’s roots, Atakpame’s history is not complete without reference to the mountains. According to some elders of the town, the rocks played supernatural roles when the natives were engaged in battles with other ethnic groups, most especially the expanding army from Dahomey. This is how Atakpame also shares topographical and historical similarities with Idanre, Ondo State, Igbeti, Efon Alaaye Ekiti, Okeho in Oyo- All towns famed for the huge and acrobatic mountains that surround them.

The town of Atakpame is named after the leader of the group of Yoruba people who founded the city; Chief Atakpa. Annually the ife of Togo come together to celebrate 'Odon Itsu' (Yam festival) and reinforce their culture.

Health / Re: Dominion Ultrasound Centre,ibadan by Flamezreal(m): 10:22am On Jul 23, 2023
Religion / Re: "Thousands flock to ‘AI JESUS’ for gaming, relationship advice" by Flamezreal(m): 10:11am On Jul 23, 2023
"And this too shall pass"
Travel / Re: Kazakhstan Has Banned Nigerians Over Rape & Bank Robbery - Dara Ikenna Nzimora by Flamezreal(m): 11:02am On Jul 19, 2023

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Food / Re: Have You Eaten Any Of These Strange Nigerian Food? by Flamezreal(m): 5:07pm On Jul 11, 2023
Sorry, but ewedu is strange too, expecially putting Amala in the same plate with it, and pouring that yellowish liquid around it. People dey chop sha
How about slimy ogbono (wey be like small pikin wey just dey comot teeth poop
cry) and smelling/stinking Stony akpu? weird people with disgusting food.
Politics / Re: Asari Dokubo’s Flaunting Of Weapons Highlights Inequality Before Nigeria’s Law by Flamezreal(m): 4:48pm On Jul 09, 2023
The video was made in 2022 during Buhari regime and no rumble was roused then. So, if you are really serious about it, you'll have to travel back in time and tackle head-on. No time for witch hunting, no time for emotional blackmailing, the country has enough pressing issues to address. Let sane Nigerians breath!
Thanks #igbos #Obiidients ##ipob
Culture / Re: Why We Cancelled Yoruba Cultural Ceremony, Isese Festival – Emir Of Ilorin by Flamezreal(m): 7:45am On Jul 09, 2023

Why do you guys want to forcefully bring confusion to Yoruba land? kwarans were fully in support of their emir. God forbid we don't have emir in Yoruba land so stop dragging kwara with these people. I saw the way salah was celebrated in kwara and i told my cousin whose mother (rip) is from kwara that this kind of salah celebration dont have anything to do with Yoruba way of celebrating salah.

Lets leave aboki as aboki, i've came across Muslims from kwara in Lagos state their intolerant nature to other religion always make me marvel. My aunt is alajah and my family is predominantly Muslims reason why most christian from Epe to join salah celebration but to the abokis from kwara its not suppose to be like that.
As a lagosian i know kwarans are abokis who are fluent with Yoruba. Lagos is home to all abokis but speaking Yoruba cant make you a yoruba person.
What do you mean by 'kwaran'? Kwara is a state educated illiterate! And going by that, how many emirs are in Kwara and how many obas? You are just a misinformed buff*n.

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Agriculture / Re: Poultry Farmer Cries Out After Losing 100 Broilers In A Day by Flamezreal(m): 12:11pm On Jul 08, 2023
Crying and recording yourself, how do people do that?
she's a fraud.
Career / Re: I Need Your Advice On Whether To Relocate To Canada Or Start Poultry Farm by Flamezreal(m): 2:50pm On Jul 06, 2023
Poultry business is tedious and risky. Go to Canada.


Crime / Re: Woman Burnt Policewoman & Her 2 Children To Death In Anambra by Flamezreal(m): 4:23pm On Jul 05, 2023
This says alot lipsrsealed
Travel / Re: Lightening Bolt Strikes Plane Full Of Passengers by Flamezreal(m): 8:25pm On Jun 26, 2023
are they coming
Politics / Re: Police Disclaim Viral Video, Report Of Kidnapping On Enugu Road by Flamezreal(m): 2:42pm On Jun 25, 2023
The kidnappers dey even do shift cry12pm, 2pm and 6pm
That's Kidnap-a-thon probably they're gunning for GWR
Politics / Re: Tinubu Should Have Been Poisoned By His Wife - Apostle Kassy Chuckwu (Video) by Flamezreal(m): 6:36pm On May 14, 2023

As in ehn!
It's mind boggling!
Please has the guy in soldier uniform been reported? With his access to weapon, he's a disaster waiting to happen.

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Politics / Re: Boycott Tinubu’s Inauguration, Baba-ahmed Begs Buhari, CJN by Flamezreal(m): 9:43pm On May 05, 2023
If true, this guy is desperately shameless.

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Romance / Re: Is She The Most Sexualized Underage Nigerian Girl On Social Media? by Flamezreal(m): 8:09pm On May 04, 2023

Making herself a sex object is no excuse for a grown up man to sexualize her. A kid is still a kid even if she dresses like a slut.
U beat people n u forced them not to cry. For every action, there is reaction!
And to the op, you need to be arrested for using your so called "innocent underaged girl" to generate traffic on your tabloid. Awon upcoming blogger.
Romance / Re: Is She The Most Sexualized Underage Nigerian Girl On Social Media? by Flamezreal(m): 7:57pm On May 04, 2023

Making herself a sex object is no excuse for a grown up man to sexualize her. A kid is still a kid even if she dresses like a slut.
U beat people n u forced them not to cry. For every action, there is reaction!
Education / Re: Seventy Percent Of Teachers In South-west Are Unqualified - TRCN by Flamezreal(m): 7:07pm On May 04, 2023
We know already.

I thank God professor Ajiboye just confirmed what we've been saying all these while.
I know you don't know what they're talking about. But, since it sounds like bad news from southwest you just jumped on it.

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Education / Re: Seventy Percent Of Teachers In South-west Are Unqualified - TRCN by Flamezreal(m): 7:05pm On May 04, 2023
Some people are ignorantly mistaking capability for qualification. TRCN are fighting for their pockets. They charge thousands of naira for their exam just for you to get license for teaching after which you'll continue renewing the license every certain interval of year(s). Nigerian teachers are underpaid and these people are bent on milking them dry, adding to their frustration.
Teachers have earned their certification in teaching as either NCE or BSc.Ed and those that didn't study education course as their first degree can as well go for pgde and be certified.Hence, you're qualified.
TRCN are responsible for licensing and are just jostling for their enterprise.

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Family / Re: My Dad Insists That My Fiancée Must Take Fertility Test Before Marriage by Flamezreal(m): 5:27pm On May 04, 2023
Please do it ooo before you go enter one chance.
Romance / Re: Jesus Christ!!! See How Nigerian Men Now Dress To Church. Is It Normal? (photos) by Flamezreal(m): 6:51pm On Apr 30, 2023
Safura lie small small na
Career / Re: I Am Approaching 40 And Am Scared My Dreams Are Not Realistic by Flamezreal(m): 4:26pm On Apr 28, 2023
You are experiencing mid-life crisis and this is just the start of it. It will take years before you can come out of it, some don’t (either or alive or kpai)

To win this, you need to be as realistic as possible all the time. Your post shows you are in the first stage - that is accepting what it is and coming out of childish fantasy about life.
You will go through many processes. One of such is truly pursuing what makes you happy by leaving all life’s attachments- sometimes marriage, toxic family and even career. Environment too.
You will assess what you can truly and practically achieve and you will go for it damning the shame that you once wouldn’t consider. You will be more specific about your life choices, partners, nutrition, fun etc.
Even your outlook would be more permanent… your facial look, grooming, fashion sense etc.

In summary,
You are resigning to fate, but you are going for what you are capable of doing to make you happy without minding the consequences any longer. It is at this point you are burying your regrets and leveraging on them to be a better version.
God bless you for this. So apt!

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Politics / Re: Photo: Inauguration Ankara Hits The Market by Flamezreal(m): 3:27pm On Apr 28, 2023
if you check well na igbo man import it and make his money from tinubu dogs
nah! Rashidi Ladoja owns Ankara factory. Go n verify.
Romance / Re: What's One Sex Myth You Know Is A Lie But Everyone But Everyone Seem To Believe? by Flamezreal(m): 5:18pm On Apr 27, 2023
its not a myth. I know several promiscuous guys when we were in school. They don't look the same anymore several years later. They aged very bad
well, maybe they don't take good care of themselves because same cannot be said of most polygamous home. Besides, have you checked the number of times that is healthy for a man to ejaculate in a week? Very few women can tolerate such.

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Romance / Re: What's One Sex Myth You Know Is A Lie But Everyone But Everyone Seem To Believe? by Flamezreal(m): 5:05pm On Apr 27, 2023
It's a myth
Romance / Re: What's One Sex Myth You Know Is A Lie But Everyone But Everyone Seem To Believe? by Flamezreal(m): 5:04pm On Apr 27, 2023
with several partners yes it does
It's a myth


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