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Travel / Re: Broke Lady Offers Lagos Uber Driver Sex In Exchange For Payment. He Refuses by freakcin: 6:02pm On May 01
Good thing the guy didn't fall for her antics. . . she probably would have shouted rape had the guy agreed to her terms.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by freakcin: 6:12pm On Apr 30
Take the one you choose to believe and agree with......


As thy faith guideth!!!
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by freakcin: 12:11pm On Apr 23
@ Sanprecious

Any particular reason why you quoted my post?

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by freakcin: 9:51am On Apr 23
What has life taught you? Life has taught me, integrity is the greatest currency.

Before Scheme 124 posted. Several people have said lots of things. Scheme 124 did not even state a date. He only calmed frayed nerves and allayed fears on the subject of recruitment irregularity and these was enough to calm the hitherto raging storm. . . . suffice it to say his antecedents speaks for him.

If you have nothing concrete to say hold your peace for you will always be held accountable for what emanates from you.

As we all wait, let's remember to sharpen the mind with new skills and network. Who knows. . . in the course of doing all these, a better job might just come along.


Celebrities / Re: Davido Adopts Burna Boy’s Swag, Rocks Feminine Bag Alongside Expensive Jewellery by freakcin: 9:50am On Apr 19
Nothing new here, further westernization of our artistes. I won't be surprised if they start wearing female clothing soon.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: 2021 Shell Experienced Hire Recruitments by freakcin: 9:12am On Apr 09
So far, this thread has been devoid of chit-chat. It's better to keep it that way.

Shell will always send you a mail if they want to interview you in addition to the (missed) call you might have had or not.

Onus lies on you to always check your mails and have your phone handy.

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by freakcin: 2:15pm On Mar 31
The picture just reminded me of killerbean cheesy grin

See head like rocket

Is she into drugs? I know dudes who take marijuana, their eyes are always like that!

She also seem deficient of some vitamins.
Nobody should report me oooh! These are sincere observations.



Crime / Re: Don-Chima George & Rasaq Oluwasegun Oke: Rape Case Being Bungled In Lagos by freakcin: 4:27pm On Mar 29
Where are the feminist and female activist and champions of the feminine cause

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: NCDMB 2020 Oil and Gas EH & GT Jobs by freakcin: 12:52pm On Mar 29

Maybe for allowances.

I thought that was the sweetest part to fill in any form cheesy cheesy.

Seriously tho, can anybody do anything (to your finances ) with just your account number?

Add NIN to the mix and it starts looking worrisome. If he's comffy with it, he can go ahead. I've never seen IOCs ask for all these until you've been selected.
TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by freakcin: 8:20pm On Sep 14, 2020
Listening to Laycon's team feels like listening to the three wise men. Listening to Ozo's team feels like listening to a bunch of drug addict/ogogoro drinkers. No thought process, anyhow, anyhow people.


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by freakcin: 8:05pm On Sep 14, 2020
The brain power in Ozo's team is in negative coefficient while that in Laycon's team is off the charts.


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija 2020 Live Updates Thread by freakcin: 7:56pm On Sep 14, 2020
First time I'm commenting, Ozo nor get sense.


Culture / Re: Ohu, Osu: Nigeria's Slave Descendants Prevented From Marrying Who They Want by freakcin: 6:03pm On Sep 14, 2020
If I could wake them up I'd beat the living daylights outta those two. Why not get married against their will and draw the attention of the world to this archaic belief?
TV/Movies / Re: Big Brethren Ghana: Big Brother Ghana’s Version Causes A Stir by freakcin: 9:00am On Sep 08, 2020
No be pure water I dey see for ground so?


Jobs/Vacancies / Re: OilandGasJobs Recruitment 2020 by freakcin: 1:26pm On Aug 14, 2020
I also got basic info update a day after first deadline. EH. let hope for the best.
Aptitude tests can be done virtual to prune down candidates but interview can not be virtual.

That's what you think. Ever before COVID-19 pandemic, I'm talking 2015. . . Interviews were being conducted virtually and on phone. I should know, I did both local and international interview on phone.

Wearing nose masks while answering interviewers question is going to be challenging to say the least.


Celebrities / Re: Corona Virus: New Nigerian Movie. by freakcin: 1:53pm On Jan 31, 2020
its bad enough that they produced the film, to go ahead and produce part 2. . . .

Some people should actually be avoided in real life like they truly have virus!!! undecided
Celebrities / Re: Sexy Hausa Girls Dancing Crazy Shaku Shaku by freakcin: 11:30pm On Aug 12, 2018
Tramadol on fleek! lipsrsealed

Why are these fifu so fiolent

Everything na die, even their babes aren't left out! undecided

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Romance / Re: 'My Girlfriend Tried Using Fake Pregnancy To Extort Money From Me' - Man by freakcin: 9:42pm On Aug 12, 2018
So what do you do when the pregnancy is real as confirmed by the test kit!
TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by freakcin: 10:52am On Apr 17, 2018

Me? Shade? At all grin

Urm, spoke to chamo yearrrss back on Facebook, met up with Rave and still speak to him regularly, lala is still here, tosinadeda is on Twitter. I think most of them have migrated to twitter tbh. Nice seeing you again, hope you’re well smiley

Who are you rooting for?

SMS VOTE Tobi to 32052 grin

I'm good. Nice to know u keeping off the drama. Who am I voting for?....No one! Never voted, never will. I have colleagues who likes to vote, maybe I'll campaign for your candidate. Just come in to read peeps perspective once in a while. I must admit, things are really crazy in here. grin I spoke to Steve4naija sometime back, we lost contact though!

See ya, remember to stay outta the melee! cheesy

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TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by freakcin: 10:15am On Apr 17, 2018

Wrong IBK, you’re talking about me lool

Helloooooo! grin grin grin

Pls tell me you don't throw shades on NL ooooo! cheesy I remember you were that sweet girl all the guys were going gaga for back then! Where's chamo and the rest of the old squad? I barely recognize anyone around here!
Crime / Re: Yahoo Boy Runs Mad In Lekki, Lagos. Goes Unclad (Video) by freakcin: 10:06am On Apr 17, 2018
This might seem like fun and karma but if our leaders don't get their act together, this has the potential to develop into something much bigger. How long before this youth realize its easier to steal from the perceived rich that has been looting the nation? If we don't get our youths occupied with gainful employments and keep flaunting ill gotten wealth in their faces, Nigeria might just turn out like a tale of two cities...even worse!
TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by freakcin: 9:29am On Apr 17, 2018

I'm not that IBK, cause I just joined nairaland

Its okay. I thought you're same person.

The hate here though! The big brother organizers should just scrap this BBN thing. I can't just comprehend some of the things I read here.........untop wetin??
TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by freakcin: 8:50am On Apr 17, 2018

Madame will you keep shut!! I thought u said you don't support anyone!!
Others might praise your folly but not me!! Cheap ass wig wearing lawyer wannabe.. Don't cross my lane...
I know you are a queen member of beer parlour football arguments so you know how to display jankara statistics like those drunkards.

For the record, I have always been defending CeeC even when people like Teddy A were still in the house. Note I didnt even like her then. But I'll just correct wrong impressions or lies and leave.
And yes as at then she was a minority.. No one gave her a shot.. There was no wind of team CeeC on this thread, just akthedream/livelymatilda supporting and one person i cannot recollect supporting her.

In the race for the pole position, miracle is clear favorite, next is tobi, so yes she is the underdog against this two giants.. They beat her on instagram followers and everyard stick. She was behind them when they were both up..

It would be easy to tag with team Miracle and claim winner on day 85, but where is the fun in that.. Carry your pity ass from my side... Stop using ur parents data to disgrace yourself.. Ur journey in life is still far..finish school first, go to law school, then go and serve then start collecting 40- 60 k as legal stipends.. Broke ass babe..keep ur beer parlour bants to yourself..

My sweet IBK has been toughened by all these troublesome folks on nairaland.

IbK, abeg e don do. I remember you as that quiet, almost timid babe. What has nairaland turn you into? Incase you wondering, I was one of the foremost bullies on games section during the days of chamotex, lysaa, Missyb and co. Nor fight again, abeg. Just ignore if anyone piss u off. But u don develop punchlines ooh! grin

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Crime / Re: Offa Robbery: Police Arrest 12 Suspects (List Included) by freakcin: 7:11pm On Apr 13, 2018
Armoured personnel carrier deployed to carry out high powered discreet investigation...... grin grin grin lipsrsealed

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Celebrities / Re: Lanre Gentry Congratulates Gabriel Afolayan, Disses Mercy Aigbe by freakcin: 12:01pm On Apr 13, 2018
His use of English actually made me feel dizzy for 3 seconds! I am not joking!

What was he tryna say again?


TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Tobi Bakre "A Lady 'Toasted' Me By Putting Her Card In My Pocket" by freakcin: 10:47am On Apr 13, 2018
4 girls are toasting me, did I announce it?


Errrh! Yes, you just did! undecided
Celebrities / Re: #bbnaija: Dino Melaye Hosts Bambam And Teddy A In Abuja (photos) by freakcin: 8:27am On Apr 13, 2018
Where's Dino's left hand? shocked shocked shocked grin

Teddy-A, this fraternizing with Dino....are u sure it will end well for your relationship with your girl? lipsrsealed
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Real Madrid Vs Juventus: UCL (1 - 3) On 11th April 2018 by freakcin: 9:45pm On Apr 11, 2018
When the going gets tough the tough gets going.

They are not called galaticos for nothing, they didn't win Champions League back to back for nothing (won it more than any other club), Ronaldo is not called the best for nothing....... Take a bow Real Madrid, take a bow!!!

PS: Penalty was a master piece, few keeper if any would be able to stop that penalty kick.... likewise you'd need more than nerves of steel to remain that composed with a minute to go and all on the line to tuck that away......Ronaldo issa beast!!! grin

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TV/Movies / Re: Live: Big Brother Naija 2018 (Double Wahala) BBNaija Live Thread by freakcin: 9:58pm On Apr 10, 2018
Lolu should go n sleep nau...
Isn't it obvious

I've heard of guys like that never knew they exist in real life. Babe say no, u begin yarn nonsense for international audience, he's killing his game and that babe will soon shout harassment.

Don't know what happened with Miracle but dude should just suck it up and play the game to the end. Why is he effing himself up untop babe he can have anytime in that house? He doesn't need to play any silly games right now or Tolu and Ceec will just emerge winners and runner up! grin

WTF am I doing commenting on this thread..... That stupid lolu caused it grin

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TV/Movies / Re: BBNaija: Cee-C's WAEC Result Hits The Internet. Real Or Fake? (Photo) by freakcin: 3:18pm On Apr 08, 2018
How she take get admission sef? Not up-to 5 credit oo

Quite an observation! Except she combined with another result she ought not to have gained admission going by General jamb rules, however there are exceptions.......she could've entered through pre-degree (which I'm not sure is obtainable in law) or she went to a school with non strigent entry requirements! undecided


Crime / Re: The Cars Used By Armed Robbers To Escape The Offa Bank Robbery In Kwara (Photos) by freakcin: 8:06am On Apr 07, 2018

Sorry please but which law is that?

Even if no law states that (which I doubt), the reasonable thing would be to report to the cops that your car has been stolen, to safeguard yourself in the case of eventuality such as this.

If you're scared of going to the police alone get a COMPETENT lawyer. If you can't afford one, talk to relatives. There must be someone in your family that can link you to a trusted lawyer, no?

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Romance / Re: Lady Refuses Her Boyfriend's Breakup, See Her Funny Reason by freakcin: 8:59pm On Apr 04, 2018
let me tell you.. it is difficult to bond with an Olosho

Nothing like a decent responsible woman

There is, I assure you. Let's start with females in your family! cool Sisters, cousins.... You still believe there's nothing like responsible woman?

The problem with guys nowadays is that they obsessed with slay mama's and the really good girls don't appeal to them. Beauty alone is not enough when selecting a partner.

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