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Politics / Re: EFCC Obtains Court Order To Detain Fayose For Two Weeks by GoldNiagara(m): 7:50am On Oct 18, 2018
This is holding charge where do they get the judges that grant all this null orders
Politics / Re: Who Are These Women? Wole Soyinka Accuses Obasanjo Of Awarding Oil Blocs For Sex by GoldNiagara(m): 5:50pm On Aug 13, 2018
I know one.
Folorunsho Alakija. grin
Nigerians and bad Belle
Family / Re: Lady Marries Okada Rider Who Posed As Military Officer by GoldNiagara(m): 8:19pm On Jul 01, 2018


you don't marry people's professsion, you marry the person.
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Rodrigo Duterte Calls God 'Stupid' by GoldNiagara(m): 6:38am On Jun 26, 2018
Shit like this happens when you elect godless men into power!
Foreign Affairs / Re: President Rodrigo Duterte Calls God 'Stupid' by GoldNiagara(m): 6:36am On Jun 26, 2018
shocked Now left to God to prove him otherwise even as he created him in his own image.How God does it is His own business & not like a helpless god that commandeth his followers to kill for him.

To prove what, when your houseboy call you an impotent man, do you rape him to prove you are not impotent?
Sports / Re: Nigeria Vs Argentina; Ifeanyi Ubah Arrives St. Petersburg In Style (Photos) by GoldNiagara(m): 6:30am On Jun 26, 2018
The CEO of Capital Oil and Gas, Dr. Patrick Ifeanyi Ubah who is a staunch football lover - has been in Russia to support Super Eagles at the 2018 World Cup. The business mogul arrived Vasilievsky St. Petersburg. where Nigeria will battle Argentina in a do-or-die match.

The Nigerian national team will file out against Argentina in their third group game on Tuesday (tomorrow).

The Super Eagles, which fell 2-0 in favour of Croatia in their opening match, defeated Iceland 2-0 in the second group game.

In five previous appearances, the Eagles have had to play Argentina in the group phase on four occasions. It was only in France 1998 that both teams ended up in different sections.

Meanwhile, Coach Gernot Rohr has admitted that the Super Eagles must be on the attack against Argentina in Saint Petersburg on Tuesday and diligently take the chances that come their way against the two –time World Cup winners.

“Simply put, we must take even half chances, and be on the offensive as much as possible. Perhaps, a draw could be good to qualify, but we cannot think and play for a draw. Sometimes, when you play for a draw, you get punched in the face late in the day.

“It will be a tough game and we must go with a tough mentality from the start to the end.”

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/06/ifeanyi-ubah-arrives-vasilievsky-st-petersburg-for-nigeria-argentina-match.html

Nigerian politicians and thief go carry bad luck go give our player now.

BTW I thought this was Biafra team until an aboki made it clear, it is an aboki team.
Politics / Re: Local Boats Being Manufacture In Onitsha Anambra State-photos by GoldNiagara(m): 11:08am On Jun 19, 2018

Where in any of your states do your people reinvent such?

They make cutting edge stuffs not reinventing the wheels and your people issue out of your landlock cave to taste the light therein
Politics / Re: Local Boats Being Manufacture In Onitsha Anambra State-photos by GoldNiagara(m): 6:59am On Jun 19, 2018


Since the rest of Nigeria cannot produce even a toothpick.

Really! When you are confronted with facts you will beat a retreat and start to doddle.
Politics / Re: Local Boats Being Manufacture In Onitsha Anambra State-photos by GoldNiagara(m): 6:35am On Jun 19, 2018

Just because you have not left Oshogbo doesn't mean others don't travel.

Those boats are locally made boats on the banks of River Niger.

And that is something to be proud of?
Politics / Re: Local Boats Being Manufacture In Onitsha Anambra State-photos by GoldNiagara(m): 7:01pm On Jun 18, 2018
Taking a random picture of boats and tagging it as made locally without nary shred of evidence. if that is what you guys manufactured it is merely reinventing the wheel.


Politics / Re: The Sophisticated "morons" Thing And The Boycott Of Vanguard Newspaper By Yoruba by GoldNiagara(m): 10:06pm On Jun 15, 2018
we will take the campaign to church we will as well boycott all Yoruba church and sure the Igbo population forms majority of Nigerian Christians let's see where they will get money for new private jet

Are you sure you are sane? Yoruba church, what does that even mean? Any way the churches shepherd by Yoruba born pastors is not based on human patronage, it is God's business except it is not a church any more
Crime / Re: Lady Calls Out Edo 'Big Boy' Who Scammed Her by GoldNiagara(m): 10:01pm On Jun 15, 2018
. Who's this one, so you mean 10k is not money, what da Bleep are u saying. You must be a criminal for you to have told her to stop whining for ordinary 10k. I mean no insult though.

Aren't we all criminal, the lady bought a sun glasses of 3500 and wanted to sell to the guy for 10k, ripping the dude of 6500 and guy instead was faster and you are here yapping like something that won't shut up.
Crime / Re: Lady Calls Out Edo 'Big Boy' Who Scammed Her by GoldNiagara(m): 9:57pm On Jun 15, 2018
Send her the money now....... Cheap talks everywhere

If she send me her account details I am gonna clean the account out and dash it to you. Now beat it n don't border me
Crime / Re: Lady Calls Out Edo 'Big Boy' Who Scammed Her by GoldNiagara(m): 1:53pm On Jun 15, 2018
I beg stop whining how much is the glasses self, 10k! , thought it was like million of naira scam.

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Politics / Re: Meet Ragnar, Aiden And Liam: Femi Fani-Kayode Triplets (Photos) by GoldNiagara(m): 1:43pm On Jun 15, 2018
His wife is really pretty.
His kids names thou? Which one be aragon, Ragnar?
Too much movies.
Health / Re: 'I Went To Libya To Get Free Treatment But This Happened' - Nigerian Man. Photos by GoldNiagara(m): 1:24pm On Jun 15, 2018

A Libyan returnee identified as Isioma Monye, Libya returnee has narrated his horrific ordeal after traveling to Libya to get free treatment for his leg injury.

'I was a vulcanizer selling tires in Nigeria before I left for Libya to treat a leg injury i got from a car accident. I decided to go to Libya to get treatment for my leg, after a friend who had previously travelled to Italy, told me that i could treat my leg there for free. That's what made me embark on the journey but it didn't favour me. I came back with the same leg injury, even worse. Today, i have lost everything and i dont know where to start from. But I thank God I came back alive.' -

Isioma Monye, father of 4 who was assisted to return to Nigeria on 5th June 2018, via IOMs first chartered flight, operating from Zintan in Libya...

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/06/i-went-to-libya-to-get-free-treatment-but-this-happened-nigerian-man-reveals-photos.html

You gather money in hundreds of thousands naira to go and get free medical treatment in Libya, guy give us some credit we are not toddlers.


Health / Onitcha, Aba, Umuahia, and Kaduna most polluted in the world. by GoldNiagara(m): 1:21pm On Jun 15, 2018
Air pollution spiked in Nigeria.

Politics / Re: Ocheroene Nnana Apologies To Yoruba! by GoldNiagara(m): 11:24am On Jun 14, 2018
[quote author=PrecisionFx post=68430518]


Where is the link to this useless n baseless information oh u sophisticated idiot.[/quote

He pain am! is this link not a link?
Politics / Re: Ocheroene Nnana Apologies To Yoruba! by GoldNiagara(m): 8:15pm On Jun 12, 2018
Did Oba of Lagos apologies to Igbos?

No he didn't!


Politics / Ocheroene Nnana Apologies To Yoruba! by GoldNiagara(m): 8:09pm On Jun 12, 2018
I Plead For Forgiveness From The Yoruba Nation


Once again, I wish to humbly appeal to all Yoruba people to please forgive and forget my indiscretion on my Facebook comment on Friday, 9th June 2018 which, understandably sparked off widespread outrage. I never imagined in my wildest dream that an offhand remark could provoke an anger of volcanic dimension which has threatened my career and Vanguard Newspapers as an institution.

The offensive comment did not come out the way I intended it - as familial joke - but as an adult I am solely responsible for the outcome. One moment of madness has threatened my 29 years of living and working in Lagos during which I have made friends from all ethnic groups, and not among the least the Yorubas. I sincerely regret this unfortunate incident.

I must say that the indiscretion was not done at the behest, or on behalf of, Vanguard Newspapers. That is why I have serially issued my heartfelt apologies to my Yoruba compatriots both as a group and personally to those whose contacts I possess. Happily, almost all of them have shown uncommon understanding because they know me very well and have followed my work as a journalist closely.

Nothing could be further from the wrong notion of "ethnic hatred" some have ascribed to me. I have enjoyed mutually beneficial relationships with people of Yoruba ethnic stock as with a cross-section of other Nigerians, both high and low. This is probably not the forum to go into details on this because of space constraints. Therefore my apology is total and without reservations.

I take the blame for my failure to realise the damage such careless and irresponsible comment could cause. It is a big eye-opener and lesson to me. I regret the trauma this unfortunate episode has caused everybody.

I am willing to play any role required of me to end this matter peacefully and promote understanding. I have learned my lessons and I am eager to prove that I have no hatred for any group whatsoever, not least the Yoruba ethnic group. Their generosity of heart has promoted the corporate existence of Nigeria and provided all Nigerians and even foreigners a condusive environment for self-actualisation.

On this note, I completely retract that offensive post because it neither represents what the illustrious Yoruba nation stands for nor my perception of them. I call on all my friends, kith and kin to please join in all efforts to restore confidence, mutual respect and love which were badly shaken since this nightmare started.

Thank you, and may God bless you all. And may God bless Nigeria.

Your compatriot,



Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Breaks Fast With Wives Of Heads Of Missions (Pictures) by GoldNiagara(m): 12:45pm On Jun 10, 2018

Who cares? We the Igbos wants him to continue after all the suffering is a general something grin grin and we know the VP is toothless to make any impact on the SW.

So a vice President 's work is to bite the president or run a parralel government! What does this flat headed swine feed on?
Food / Re: Slaughtered Goats Are Washed In Water Containing Faeces In Oke-Ira, Lagos. PICS by GoldNiagara(m): 5:46pm On Jun 09, 2018
A man has raised an alarm following the unhygienic condition where slaughtered and smoked goats are washed in Lagos. According to Twitter user Adebayo Dawodu, the goats are washed in a filthy water around Oke-Ira, Ado road where residents defecate - with faeces floating in same water as he urged Lagosians to be careful where they buy their goat meat from or eat around the area.

Source; https://www.nationalhelm.co/2018/06/see-where-slaughtered-goats-are-washed-in-water-containing-faeces-in-lagos-photos.html

The water looks dirty but I dont see faeces floating in the pics.
Politics / Re: Long Live The Legend, The Great Field Marshal Odumegwu Ojukwu [PHOTOS] by GoldNiagara(m): 5:43pm On Jun 09, 2018

The diminutive man that was fighting so that the Caliphate can the masters of Nigeria.

That the difference between him and Ojukwu. Ojukwu was fighting to defend and liberate his people, your diminutive man was fighting to turn everyone into slaves of the caliphate

Which of the two is the hero?

I see, Caliphate, you guys always stand information on it's head. I rather choose the black scorpion over the bearded scruffy looking cross dresser.


Politics / Re: Long Live The Legend, The Great Field Marshal Odumegwu Ojukwu [PHOTOS] by GoldNiagara(m): 4:20pm On Jun 09, 2018

You him a cross dresser and a coward but but you can bet that nobody from your area will ever rally and lead his people in a military fight for independence for 3 years like he did.

If cowards and cross dresser are the type that stand up and fight for their people like Ojukwu did, may God make me one because I don't know what is more noble than to fight for freedom

Yet a dimunitive man from my area ensure the cross dresser and coward flee and causing death of 3 million people cos of your hero senseless war.


Politics / Re: Long Live The Legend, The Great Field Marshal Odumegwu Ojukwu [PHOTOS] by GoldNiagara(m): 9:34pm On Jun 08, 2018
The greatest Igbo man who ever lived

Funny enough the greatest Igbo man is a cross dresser and an accomplished coward.Now I understand why most of them are mediocre.


Crime / Re: 'We Are Being Maltreated'; Fulani Herdsmen Cry Out Over Their Condition. Photos by GoldNiagara(m): 9:28pm On Jun 08, 2018
Karma! What spins around come around
Politics / Re: Over 65 Percent Of Nigerians Are Mad by GoldNiagara(m): 12:48pm On Mar 18, 2018
what of the remaining 10 percent
Feel free to spread it.
Politics / Re: Over 65 Percent Of Nigerians Are Mad by GoldNiagara(m): 5:54pm On Mar 17, 2018
90 per cent of the 65 per cent mad Nigerians are people from the land of the rising sun.
Education / Re: These 4 States Produce Highest Number Of Medical Students - JAMB by GoldNiagara(m): 1:39pm On Mar 14, 2018
Next time spare some thought before choosing your battles...

I am not particularly good at suffering fools gladly.

Pipsqueak is fighting a battle! iwo timi ri tie ro.

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