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Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home Order: Transporters In Abia Beg For Palliatives by GreenArrow1(m): 4:56pm On Oct 25
Fake news from DSS media. Sit at home continues till infinity. They better get used to it. This battle must be won.

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Politics / Re: Obituary: Dr. Chike Akunyili's Burial Poster (Photos) by GreenArrow1(m): 7:16pm On Oct 22
The same Apc who killed the wife kill the husband tag it IPOB

Anything to make you sleep better at night jare. It's not easy to be this deeply brainwashed so, keep living the lie.

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Politics / Re: FG Files Fresh Charges Against Nnamdi Kanu by GreenArrow1(m): 9:36pm On Oct 18
and what are those evidence?, can you mention them and beyond reasonable doubt.
Lol. They should "mention" the evidence to you. Are you the judge in charge of the case? Lol. Una too funny.


Celebrities / Re: Janemena Reacts To Prince Kpokpogri Leaked Audio On Dirty Sex by GreenArrow1(m): 3:06am On Oct 18

Some men dey try sha. Person go just open eyes carry ashawo put for house start to dey call am wife undecided

My thoughts exactly. It's so sad.
Politics / Re: Chikwe Udensi: Make An Igbo Man President In 2023, IPOB And ESN Will Die Off by GreenArrow1(m): 10:06pm On Oct 16

Tell me how the Igbos are not being given a sense of belonging in Nigeria. Tell me what other tribes enjoy more than Igbos in the country. O have a seed of extreme hatred deeply planted in your hearts and it has blinded you from all rationalities. We all know Nigeria is not where we want it to be, and seeking better leaders is our collective desire, but your own agitations and approaches are fuelled by acute poisonous hatred you feel for other tribes. You act like snakes that see all as enemies, yet you cohabit with these people and derive your livelihood from them

Captured perfectly.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Building Military Camp In Enugu Not Ruga Settlement - Army by GreenArrow1(m): 8:41am On Oct 14

Lol u want igbos houses in your cities ? Keep them

U want to chase all igbos out chase them

LMAO if igbos leave there would be houses crisis in many cities .. recession instantly
Price of houses would drop too much supply low demand , loan can't be paid because of value of houses has dropped

We double dare you to do it

Why the emphasis on the houses? Lol.
Of course you do not seriously hope to declare soveriegnty and still maintain status quo as regards the residency in a foreign country na. That's a pipe dream - get over it fast.
Again, for the 1000th time, no one is holding y'all from leaving. Why is that them difficult for you all to do?
You guys approach this secession stuff like it's child's play. It's going to take more than engaging in occasional gun duels within your region to get it done.
Learn from the Israelites: When they wanted freedom, they LEFT Egypt for good. Heck they even parted the Red Sea to do it. Today, there's a bridge on the River Niger to enable faster movement.
I'm yet to see a single of you cry babies pack up and head east to go fight for the country which you all claim to want so desperately. Instead, the reverse is the case.
Don't be spineless. LEAVE.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Are You Broke And Looking For Money? This App Gave Me #7500 INSTANTLY Yesterday by GreenArrow1(m): 7:25am On Oct 14
if I reach the time to pay back and I've not yet gotten the money I can just borrow from another place to pay them back... SIMPLE

This is a recipe for disaster.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Building Military Camp In Enugu Not Ruga Settlement - Army by GreenArrow1(m): 7:21am On Oct 14

Let them build ooh , they think Igbo land is ilorin

Even if America , UN , England all the world power give fulani land in Igbo land they won't survive in that land simple

Relax. It might just turn out just how it happened in Afghanistan. All the equipment deployed by the U.S in that country later became the property of the Taliban. The same might happen to their IPOB comrades once they leave other regions and move back to Biafraland to declare soveriegnty. Keep your fingers crossed. This might be a victory for you people.
Politics / Re: Soldiers Chased By Unknown Gunmen In Anambra (Video) by GreenArrow1(m): 2:23pm On Oct 13

Maybe it's your lack of knowledge of military tactics making you say this. But it's called retreating to find a better vantage point to retaliate fire. Thank you

You are explaining this to some of the dumbest people on the planet? You get time.
Crime / Re: Qatar Returnee Charged With Smuggling Heroin In Designer Buttons by GreenArrow1(m): 2:50pm On Oct 12
what the Qatari government failed to scan over there is what Nigeria detected over here. Interesting. And the man is from the South East Issokay.

Just blame DSS and get it over with.

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Politics / Re: Sit-At-Home, Insecurity Causing Mental Illness – Monday Igwe by GreenArrow1(m): 9:45am On Oct 12
Nonsense. The people are not complaining. Let them sit for as long as they want.
Family / Re: I Am Regretting My Marriage That's Not Up To 2mths by GreenArrow1(m): 8:05am On Oct 10
How can people not think things through before taking decisions on things like marriage? I really feel like a lot of premature death for men could be avoided if men can focus and try their possible best to put their happiness first when choosing a partner. Women do that all the time.

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Politics / Re: South-South Governors, Leaders Demand 50% Oil Derivation by GreenArrow1(m): 9:08am On Oct 09
and you think if Igbos go, Nigeria would remain? The country will tear into pieces.

Well, that depends on what the rest of the remaining states decide to do. Whatever happens, posterity would be the judge.
Politics / Re: South-South Governors, Leaders Demand 50% Oil Derivation by GreenArrow1(m): 4:46am On Oct 09
Very good. The south south states deserve it and more. The federal government must do more than pay lip service to it's decades -long diversification agenda.
More work has to be done go stem the tide of terrorism and banditry in the north and middle belt regions so that the agric revolution can take place.
The south west is doing well economically.
Lastly, a referendum has to be conducted in the South Eastern region so that they can be peacefully granted their long time wish of becoming their own separate country.

Enough of talking. Let's start doing.

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Crime / Re: Unknown Gunmen Has Hit On Me by GreenArrow1(m): 12:24pm On Oct 08
Ask yourself..,when did this killings and all that start!
Can you remember also what happened during the end SARS protest??
Wasn't the government that equipped criminals to attack the peaceful protesters??
The way you people support evil because of hatred on a particular tribe is quite alarming

Don't mind the poster. He doesn't understand how you guys brains function.
He doesn't know that it was the government that organized owerri prison break, formed the ESN/UGM and started killing security personnel in the south east. The government even hired people to stand by the roadside and be hailing the UGM whenever they go out to kill. Evidence of one of this hired crowd can be found in the video of UGM displaying shortly before they went to kill Dr. akunyili. We'll submit such evidences to WHO and FIFa soon.

Please pay him no heed. His hatred has blinded him.
Let's join hands and blame DSS jare.


Crime / Re: Unknown Gunmen Has Hit On Me by GreenArrow1(m): 12:15pm On Oct 08

You said unknown gunmen is from Federal government? No problem.
If am Buhari, I will not send army, everyone should enjoy southeast the way it was.

My question is? The armed robbers that were released into the society, what was it for?

They released armed robbers into the society so they can kill people anyhow they like

This cause and effect analogy is obvious to the whole world except of course, the IPOB brain.
It's amazing really.

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Crime / Re: Unknown Gunmen Has Hit On Me by GreenArrow1(m): 12:11pm On Oct 08

The Islamists ruling Nigeria have got what they have been wishing for years for Igbo land to become.
They hide under ESN to unleash their terrorists on Igbo land.


hehehehehehe. This one hasn't yet woken up from his slumber. grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: IPOB Invades, Burns Joe Igbokwe's House In Anambra, Caught On CCTV (Video) by GreenArrow1(m): 12:03pm On Oct 08
Very good d useless big mouthed slowpoke ogbokwe

Lol. How e be you for body now that you have been "touched" by the UGM?

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Crime / Re: Police Arrest Man For Planning To Rob Himself by GreenArrow1(m): 3:29am On Oct 07
Choi! How did they even catch him in the planning stage?
Romance / Re: If U Were Born In The 1980's, Then U Are Most Likely Guilty Of This Naughtiness by GreenArrow1(m): 3:27am On Oct 07

Hints & Hearts magazine
Better Lover magazine

Thrills and Boom.


Politics / Re: Amnesty International Condemns IPOB Sit-At-Home, Assassinations In South-East by GreenArrow1(m): 4:33pm On Oct 05
So by tomorrow, you go fit write UN, UEFA, AU, ECOWAS that govt is killing innocent people in the east.

When Una tire of UGM, Una go face them

You forgot to add KONAMI. grin grin
Politics / Re: INEC Insists On Nov 6 Anambra Guber Poll Despite IPOB’s Threats by GreenArrow1(m): 4:27pm On Oct 05

Nov 6 is Wednesday tomorrow how come inec is holding election on Wednesday weekday I thought it's supposed to be Saturday weekend elections are held, anyway this is a propaganda from inec, wetin be my business, who election help nonsense.

Tomorrow is November 6th?


Politics / Re: INEC Insists On Nov 6 Anambra Guber Poll Despite IPOB’s Threats by GreenArrow1(m): 3:46pm On Oct 05
Good one. However, rather than risk the lives of INEC staff,p in conducting an election which the people do not want, why not allow them have their "No elections" and instead appoint an administrator at the end of the current governor's tenure? It seems this is what the people really want. Give it to them. That's true democracy.
Politics / Re: Breaking News: Unknown Gunmen Set The House Of Eze Awo On Fire by GreenArrow1(m): 3:42pm On Oct 05
I no longer see how this is a problem. I wholly support them in whatever they choose to do in their region. As long as they keep it firmly there. It's hard not to support a people fighting for their freedom.
We on this side will do the needful to help their race get a strong and flourishing Biafra by persuading those reluctant to relocate, to go back home in order to join hands together with their kin in building a wonderful country that will be the pride of Africa.
Nairaland / General / Re: What Is Wrong With GSM Network In The Southeast? by GreenArrow1(m): 7:13am On Oct 05
Please, folks in the South East, are you able to make calls this morning?

Maybe just like it's sister region the North East, the military has decided to start restricting call network functionality as it begins it's operations.
Or, it could just be your phone.
Politics / Re: Anambra Guber: Operation Golden Dawn Is APC's Tool To Win Election - Ohaneze by GreenArrow1(m): 6:42am On Oct 05
Lol. As predicted. The great victimization blame game has begun. My only anger is, why the hell would the federal government further risk the lives of our security personnel by sending them to a region that obviously hates them.
Lower the Nigerian flag in that region, pull out all federal presence and immediately grant them their sovereignty.

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Politics / Re: Comply With IPOB Sit-At-Home In The North & Lose Your Shops - Arewa Warns by GreenArrow1(m): 5:47am On Oct 05

Yea that's all u can do, blab and insult. E no pass like that. Buhari doesn't even know u exists. Una noise no de pass internet. grin

Mind u am neither Yoruba nor Muslim. Neither am I interested in the paltry properties of peasants. Igbos should be booted back to Biafra. Why are u so scared of going back home

The bolded is the one million dollar question none of them wants to answer. They want to have their country and still remain as economic refugees in their former country. It's funny really.

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Politics / Re: BREAKING!! Sporadic Gunshots At Control Post Roundabout Owerri (HAPPENING NOW) by GreenArrow1(m): 6:06am On Oct 01
Do you have proof ESN is killing people?

Aren't you tired of asking this foolish question? Or they are not teaching you terrorists anything new in your propaganda classes? Get busy, go out and do your job. There's so much for you to destroy and kill today. Sabos are everywhere. Get them.

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Crime / Re: 24 Hours After Killing Dr Ckike Akunyil, Anambra Rep Member Escape Assn [PHOTOS] by GreenArrow1(m): 1:09am On Oct 01
Most definitely an Igbo driver. Another burial and another family put in sorrow. Those in the coffin making business in that region must be making a fortune this period. Take it as free financial advice if you are resident there and your present business is not doing fine.

With how the "zoo government" is incapable of stemming the present tide, you can expect more of these killings for a long time to come.
Politics / Re: Unknown Gunmen Kills Popular Emeka Throws Him Inside Gutter - VIDEO by GreenArrow1(m): 12:49am On Oct 01
Politicians using unknown gunmen as smokescreen to assassinate their opponents.

APC desperation is becoming glaring to the blind

Wow. That guy lying dead in the gutter is someone's political opponent?
Kai. The womb that bore some people must be shriveling in shame and agony right now when they realize the bundle of stupidity they have burdened the world with.
How can one individual be so foolish?

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Politics / Re: Chris Azubogu Kidnapped, Driver Killed Gunmen Raze Anambra Police State by GreenArrow1(m): 12:30am On Oct 01
Nigerians can be so dissilusioned, it is clear that this is the work of outside forces trying to cause the differences in the south east like they've always done. The divide and rule tactic. Lord, most Nigerians need to learn.

Igbos would never kill Igbos. They can't fool them or us. Never.

Can't you see the move. This is what happened in the coup, kill the notable ones so that a civil war would start. The civil war tactics, this government is very lame.

Lol. Whatever helps you sleep at night. Tell the lies you need abeg.

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Politics / Re: Chris Azubogu Kidnapped, Driver Killed Gunmen Raze Anambra Police State by GreenArrow1(m): 12:28am On Oct 01
Igbos are hunting other Igbos like wild animals.
Keep blaming DSS, fulani, Afonja, Aboki, etc.

Tomorrow is October 1, they will still kill Igbos tomorrow. Sure banker.

Whether it is 5 or 10 or 20, I don't know. What I know is that Igbos MUST kill Igbos tomorrow.

I wonder when bet9ja would make this a betting option. It'll really boost the economy as it will be steady winnings all through.

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