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Agriculture / Re: Introducing Agric Zyme 3x 1 Litre Bottle by greenmonk: 9:30pm On Sep 18
1 bottle is sufficient for 1 hectare of land. But for soil conditioning before planting, we recommend you use 2 bottles
What's your location please?
I'm in Ph.
Agriculture / Re: Transparent Fibre Sheets For Green Houses by greenmonk: 11:30pm On Sep 17
99-ADEPT SYSTEMS, We're one of the very few local Producers of Transparent Polycarbonate Sheets (popularly known as Glass Fibre) in Nigeria, it's the only acceptable material used for the production of Agricultural Green House, other Materials only last less than 18 months. it can also be Used for Walkways, Carwash Area, Sheds, extensions etc... Our prices are actually 50% of the regular market price and we'll be glad to have your patronage even for a small scale test run.
We are also System Building Experts in the Construction of Green House
Best Regards.
Contacts: 2348028807102, 2348133766996
What's the price per metre?
Agriculture / Re: I Need Ogbono In Bulk From Calabar by greenmonk: 6:05pm On Sep 15
benue state ogbono are good and draw well. A bag there is about 30k or less... If u need, check my signature. I can help u get
How much is the bag and how many paint buckets therein?
Health / Re: How To Cure Asthma For Free Using Herbs - Confirmed & Tested - 100% Effective by greenmonk: 6:20pm On Aug 31
Poorly managed asthma can increase emotional, social or behavioural problems, which can inhibit academic progress.

Concerned about how to help your asthmatic child do better academically?

Please join me this Saturday 4th July 2020 as I share tips from my years of personal experience.

On Instagram @thatasthmaticgirl
By 3pm.

Agriculture / Re: Introducing Agric Zyme 3x 1 Litre Bottle by greenmonk: 7:18am On Aug 28
The 1 litre pbottle is N6,000 Sir
How many acres can a bottle cover?
Agriculture / Re: Farmland Sales At 100k Per Acre!!! by greenmonk: 10:29pm On Aug 15
Welcome. what state is the land located?
The land is located on nairaland.
I wonder how someone want investors and buyers without disclosing location of the land.
Internet land shaa...

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Agriculture / Re: Is It Raining In Your Area? by greenmonk: 10:39am On Aug 14

Sir? shocked That's scary o. I'm just but a woman o. I don't have that kind of strength and my small kids will not even allow me.
Just buy rope and custard bucket and two 7litre buckets.
1-2 hours a day whenever you have time until you go round the crops and rotation continues until rainfall returns in September.
It's better than losing the whole crops. The dry spell is a national issue and I fear for food prices next year.
Agriculture / Re: 10,000 Bundles Of Sugarcane Available For Delivery by greenmonk: 10:18am On Aug 14
Are you into sugar production or Sugarcane juice? If yes, order for your Sugarcane from i60 Foods Limited.

We deliver anywhere within 24hours.
Terms of payment - Payment on delivery.

Call or DM 07062489436
What's the cost per ton or bundle
Agriculture / Re: Buyers Of Rice Paddy, Sesame Seed, Maize And Soybeans Should Check This Post by greenmonk: 10:15am On Aug 14

900k per tonne.
Chat me on WhatsApp
What about rice paddy-long grain and short grain?
Agriculture / Re: Greenhouse Covering Film For Sale by greenmonk: 9:59am On Aug 14

180,000 only.
Sorry, I didn't see your reply earlier as I lost my main phone.
Kindly confirm the film is still available and the price.
Politics / Re: Ondo State Deputy Governor Speaks On Reconciliation With Akeredolu by greenmonk: 11:11pm On Jul 28
Someone in PDP attending a reconciliatory meeting by the APC.

Maybe there's just a single party.

All Progressives People's Democratic Party Congress.

So na now you dey Sabi say dem dey run one party system.
Agriculture / Re: 5litres Of Palm Oil For 1,800 In Ibadan by greenmonk: 11:45am On Jun 20
Okay is it imported
I wonder oo!!!

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Agriculture / Re: Dirt And Stone Free Ofada Rice Available In Retail And Wholesale by greenmonk: 11:26pm On Jun 08
Still available. Kindly place your orders now.
How much per kg?

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Education / Re: Engineers In The House Please See If You Can Settle This Argument For Us by greenmonk: 11:35am On May 22
If a naked wire with current falls into a flowing river or lets say Lagos lagoon, will all parts of the lagoon electrocute when touch?

If it will not, please elaborate...I am interested in knowing why.
I don't know the essence of the question. Do you want to use the river Niger as your transmission medium or the lagoon as your power reservoir?
The presence of an electrical line in a river or anywhere other than the transmission system is abnormal and be reported to the relevant authorities immediately.
To answer the question; a transmission or distribution line contact to a flowing river would be very dangerous to anyone within the immediate vicinity and pose serious danger to humans and other organisms.
If the system protection is adequately sized the system would trip off.
If the system is ht the substantial portion of the river or lagoon would be charged and dangerous but not enough to energise the entire river.
Warning do not attempt to find out by yourself. Report to the appropriate authorities.
Agriculture / Re: Hybrid Cassava Stem For Sale by greenmonk: 1:41am On May 17
Hello farmers in the house, I'm glad to inform you that there is hybrid cassava stem for sales in abundant supply at affordable price.
It is imperative that we all guide against food crises as a result of this pandemic ravaging the whole world. However, cassava as been the almighty savior for many homes in the country due to its easy to cultivate and also it can dwell in the poorest of soil. Therefore if you are interested in investing in cassava farming this year, I ll implore you to be give with a viable and good planting material.
You can reach me on 07050270047. It is sold @ #500 per 30 stem of 3metre.
What is the measurements in feet or cm? What's the actual variety?
Education / Re: Nigerians React To 400L Student Of Unilorin Who Finds It Difficult To Express He by greenmonk: 1:28am On May 17
It is the aspect of everyone barking to school that really got me.
God forbid rabies pandemic!
I think the "barking to school" could be correct considering what everyone has suffered during these lockdowns.
People are getting mad and bark at the slightest provocation.

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Family / Re: After Serving Him Food, He Said I Didnt Give Him Drinking Water by greenmonk: 11:49am On May 16

lol but she was also a visitor. It wasn’t her house and she came from her own house to cook. Remember, this was also just a month old relationship and her second visit to the boyfriend’s house. There is nothing wrong in serving water with the food, in fact that is more appropriate but to berate her in front of people like a child is a big NO. One month relationship?? Anyways, people treat you the way you allow them to.
She should have declined going to her boyfriend's to do the cooking.
We should learn what discipline is and hold on to our words.
Once you give your word to do anything follow it through.
Family / Re: After Serving Him Food, He Said I Didnt Give Him Drinking Water by greenmonk: 8:22am On May 15

Why should I create a cooked up thread? Because I want to entertain you or what? What is the big deal in washing his hands in the wash hand basin right beside him and also getting water from dispenser without having to stand up sef, because its that close.
And if he feels it is my DUTY as a woman, not because of anything but because it's my duty why cant he wait to tell me in private rather than using me to catch feelings in front of his friend.
I entered the kitchen sweating and didnt even sit for one minute before entering the kitchen. He didnt help with anything, I did it myself just to wash his hands and drink water he cannot do. I'd have done it if it required him going about but it was right beside him. That to me is not being nice at all. I used 'disturbing me' because he kept asking me to come earlier than we both agreed, cos him and his friend are really hungry from eating bread last night.
I don't know where we are getting all this rights mentality from. All over the world if you're playing host you do it properly. I don't know why we support incompetence in Nigeria.
If you are serving anyone you provide him/her everything thing need. We are in Nigeria and the culture is that if you have a visitor to your house you serve him/her especially within the first two days no matter the relationship, even your daughter or son, unless the person volunteers to do the chores.
I don't see what is a big deal in someone who cooked a meal in serving it properly.
Crime / Re: Fact Check. Was Leo "Micah" A Yahoo Boy And "Azaman" As They Are Fondly Called? by greenmonk: 11:07am On May 14

From your write-up, parents send their children to school to acquire formal education and become professionals in their chosen field.

As for not getting employed, I think it's a two way thing.

But acquiring formal education does not translate to being employable. What happened to creating Jobs?

The university is supposed to open your mind to creativity. But sadly, it's a business place now.

Do you know that?

Some of these children graduated with bad grades without their parents knowledge.

Some payed their way out of the university either through cash or kind.

Some are simply unemployable because they have a very bad attitude.

There are so many reasons why people are unemployed.

As for the Government, they are a representation of the people's mindset. Imagine if we loose our youths to Yahoo, when they get into Government all they will do is steal.

Before today, the trend was to become a thug and get rich.

Today, it's Yahoo Yahoo.

We must stop it or it destroys us.
Op you are on track.
Imagine a graduate who can't fill an employment form by himself asking to be employed.
One of them boldly told me to my face that he's really ashamed for me that after twenty years on paid employment I was unable to "hammer".
This is the common mindset among Nigerian youths but same persons blame politicians for the ills in the society.


Politics / Re: Lockdown: Wike Declares PDP Youths Leader Wanted, Marks Hotels For Demolition by greenmonk: 10:32am On May 10
Wike now exposing his real self no more pretence.
But you people called Jonathan "woman president".
Ordinary "man governor" and everyone is complaining.
Wike is our man. Carry on Wike.
All those who put their personal again above the lives of Rivers people must be dealt with.
Religion / Re: People Allowed In Market For 6hrs But Not Allowed In Church For 2hrs - Oyedepo by greenmonk: 4:23pm On May 06
If this is truely from him then this man has shown his hands.
He is more interested in the money than his sheep.
If a persons can pray inside their houses can those same persons buy garri abd beans inside their houses during a lockdown.
Romance / Re: Sex Styles That Can't Pregnant A woman by greenmonk: 9:36am On May 06

I don't want masturbation,i want have sex with a female & which one is mental sex?
Mental sex means to be doing it with mad woman
Agriculture / Re: Fertile Duck, Turkey, Noiler, And Native Chicken Eggs Available by greenmonk: 9:29pm On May 05
30 eggs in a crate sir or ma
I'll bookmark this page
Health / Re: "Arrest Bill Gates": Americans Protest Against Bill Gates' Vaccines (Video) by greenmonk: 10:53am On May 05

Where do u fall to in all the categories chief Cos u sound like a "talker" than a "do'er"
considering the fact u did not sway towards or propose any of solution on the table,the vaccine by who,still on trial,the herbal cure Madagascar has or bill gates vacine

You are there castigating,watch wat will happen in the next few weeks after the lock down ease.bill Gates wife said there will be deaths littered on African streets.wat is happing in Ghana now? Wat about kano? & None of African contries has even gotten to it's peak yet
What I'm saying is that nobody will come to solve our problems for us. Morris iwu claimed before now to have cure for the virus and i have not heard of any response from the government and from your tone maybe you expect bill to solve our covid 19 problem for us when the Us is still grappling with the issue.
I believe in proactive actions which l found out is the opposite of what most of our people like.
And to tell you the truth from my training, ,"The thinkers" are not always the doers. The thinkers proffer solutions and it is left to you to follow the laid out out actions to solve the problems
Reactive actions are not going to remove covid 19 from our country.
Proffering foreign solutions won't do it either.
Lagos, Abuja and port Harcourt are different from our hinterlands both in composition and economy so we have to use different ways to deal with the situations in combating the pandemic these areas.
Agriculture / Re: See The Fishes Strangely Killed In Our Fishing Pond In Delta State. by greenmonk: 5:18pm On May 03
If throughly u spray with herbicide bro nah the herbicide kill the fish joor
Herbicide is a very lethal poison even to humans and animals.
If spraying of herbicide is the case the the fish is better disposed off and not used for any fishfeed to avoid repeat of what happened to your pond.

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Agriculture / Re: See The Fishes Strangely Killed In Our Fishing Pond In Delta State. by greenmonk: 5:14pm On May 03
Are u feeding them with feeds. their environment is too bushy, spray forceup herbicide around the pond.
That type of fish thrive in such environment. I suspect your pond water dried to a very low level and the water became hardened hence the death of the fishes.

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Health / Re: "Arrest Bill Gates": Americans Protest Against Bill Gates' Vaccines (Video) by greenmonk: 5:06pm On May 03

Instead of those fools carrying placards (because they feel bill gates motives are evil in wat Eva sense) let them advocate for the public trial of solutions on ground(the drugs/vaccines& herbs some bodies or groups have claimed cures this virus)...I personally sway to the herbal cure.it can be found,it's possible.i still ask ppl to go Google the health benefits of a veggie called "Utazi" uld be amazed @wat uld find.

This is not a time to biker & oppose,it's a time to test "drugs/vaccines/herbs".from the "not so evil" (using ur/those carring placards aboves line of thought) madagascars to the very evil ones(bill gates) to rid this virus b4 it becomes a wild fire here in africa...

remb,the western world av gotten to the peak of third deaths& can only be hopeful & put more focus on the cure,
For Africas,its just starting to rise,& a combination of curtaling & containing the spread & working on a vaccine or cure are just too heavy a tast for our health system....

think deeper bro,that's wat our brains are for
What you should know is that more than 80% of the populace are not thinkers, they just react and follow the crowd.
Of the remainder 20% only very few think of the common good of the people and 3% are very selfish and do anything to succeed materially so the world become very unfair and unsafe to live hence I don't defend anyone unless all the facts are laid on the table.
Most rich people are very manipulative like to turn every situation to make money.
Agriculture / Re: Stone-free Local Rice by greenmonk: 8:36am On May 03
you no serious
The guy no really serious. It is only on nairalad the I see people who claim to be sellers will want you to call them instead of posting their prices.
Agriculture / Re: Brachiaria Grass Makes Your Livestock Grow 2 Times Faster by greenmonk: 8:26am On May 03
'pastures made up of these grasses can support three times more cattle, compared to typical tropical pastures today.The animals also gain weight twice as quickly'

Good evening Nairalanders..I was aware Brachiaria Grass a.k.a Congo Grass was high in protein but i didnt know it was this good.
Read this excerpt from an article i recently found titled : 'To Save The Planet, Give Cows Better Pasture'
( nb. i have precious seeds of this grass for sale..the attached pic is MINE taken today)

...basically, the more slowly cattle grow, or the less milk they give, the greater their greenhouse gas emissions per pound of beef or milk. And in many parts of the world, cattle grow very slowly, because they're grazing on sparse and poorly maintained pastures.

The impact is astounding. Producing a pound of beef in East Africa probably causes a hundred times more global warming than the same product from a feedlot in the United States.

The good news, Searchinger says, is that "there are enormous opportunities to improve efficiency" at a very modest cost

Chief among those opportunities: faster-growing, more nutritious grasses like the ones that McCloskey wants to establish in Puerto Rico. Those grasses are part of a botanical family known by the scientific name Brachiaria that came originally from eastern Africa. Researchers at the International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), based in Colombia, identified specific varieties that are best for cattle grazing..

According to Michael Peters, who leads CIAT's research on tropical grazing, pastures made up of these grasses can support three times more cattle, compared to typical tropical pastures today. The animals also gain weight twice as quickly. It translates into a six-fold increase in production per acre, and a dramatic cut in greenhouse emissions.[/b]

From the above friends its very clear that Brachiaria grass is a must for any serious cattle/goat/sheep/rabbit/grasscutter farmer because it simply makes economic sense. It has so many advantages..

Those into cattle fattening need it...Dairy people need it..
It is drought resistant.
Once you plant it, it can last a decade with simple care.
It spreads (see pic) and is good for the soil
When u plant it you are helping the planet..(american & european girls will love you) grin
A must have for those into cattle fattening

I didnt know all these before.. now i really appreciate this beautiful grass.

..My friends..not every green grass is the same..I saw it myself during last dry season ..the whole field was brown and dead but the brachiaria side was still green ..still alive..still surviving despite aggressive grazing by the cows. Right now i am removing naturally occuring grass on my pasture to plant Brachiaria. Its quite annoying how the other grasses are trying to drag space with the Brachiaria now that rains have come. Where were they when i needed them most? One of them even try dey resemble am so i wont uproot it

Anyway i have the seeds available for sale..take full advantage. For those that enquired before..now that lockdown is eased i can send this vital agro product to you.

Call me: Seyi 07063463851
Look out for more Brachiaria and Cattle posts.

This is the link of the quoted article.

How do you sell the seeds?
Is it in kg?
Agriculture / Re: Fertile Duck, Turkey, Noiler, And Native Chicken Eggs Available by greenmonk: 8:16am On May 03
Fertile Duck eggs(# 200 per egg, crate #6000), Hybrid Turkey eggs(#200 per egg crate #6000), Noiler chicken eggs (#80 naira per egg crate #2400), guinea fowl eggs (100 naira per egg crate 3000) , and native chicken eggs all available @ (100 per egg crate 3000)

We’ll train you on how to hatch them all without an incubator!!!

All available at @kingkoreyfarms
Instagram @kingkoreyfarms
How many eggs in a crate?
Health / Re: "Arrest Bill Gates": Americans Protest Against Bill Gates' Vaccines (Video) by greenmonk: 8:12am On May 03

1.you don't av to av education on a field to be able to exploit it as long as u have money to employ the best minds in it.
2.b4 the vaccine will be approved for human application,the governing body of world health is mandated to ensure it's full effects,including side effects too.
As it is now,is self isolation not mandatory?is wearing face masks not too? etc.
3.aslong as they are not enbeding chips in human skin,it's reasonable to be able to tell the vaccinated (not dangerous ones) to the other.
a birth certificate proves the hospital u were born.a valid I'd card identifies u so also the digital identification
Who is really paying you people for your defence of obnoxious policies in this world?


Health / Re: "Arrest Bill Gates": Americans Protest Against Bill Gates' Vaccines (Video) by greenmonk: 7:59am On May 03

I probably would show some respect if these guys would come up with tangible arguments for mandatory vaccination .. instead of talking about Bill Gates' wealth - but no they cannot present tangible debates, rather they call others fools for not kissing Bill's ass!
The same bill had ruined the agriculture output of some countries in South East Asia by tricking/forcing them to use gmo crops that could not resist the local pest and when the crops failed the local varieties where no more available.
They had to struggle to breed back their local varieties to shore up production.
Everything about bill is just money.

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