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Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 7:12am On Jul 24
I better drop the talk cause actions speaks louder than words

But when I start you'll be the first one to fall
Gaming / All Gaming Youtubers Unite by Henuell(m): 8:20pm On Jul 23
I'm lilPixel A Minecraft YouTuber

whether you are a big time gaming YouTube or your just a small time or still upcoming YouTuber.Let's meet up here whether you want people to support your channel or other stuffs

For those of us upcoming Let Us just meet up here and support each other


Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 8:11pm On Jul 23
Who's this bitch above me,please move off cause you ain't the one am after

Cause if I face you na only maximum prison go end my matter
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by Henuell(m): 8:08pm On Jul 23
If only there's a way to silent you
Cause I keep wasting my word fuels
You just like your dad
Your family stupidity spreads like bird flu
I can't just resist killing you
No matter how hard I keep my cool
You get scared like an infant even with slightest BOO!!!
So why should I brawl with you,tell you what you're a random monkey and am the majin buu
I'm your king,you can ask your Grandpa for proof
Your father was surprised how I got the crown
Even your mother had no clue
I remain the king that fell outta the blue

Your Great grand father got really mad
When I stayed in power even when the time for me to leave was due
My reign in power was overdue
And I guess his in anguish in his grave cause am still the one to rule

What chance do you have
When your forefather couldn't diss me.
They tried but they didn't even accomplish half
Why be the one to try a very fruitless journey
I can't give you my word
But all I can do is just laugh
I feel like you can do better that your forefathers
Cause I know you'll be better at doing something smaller
They couldn't even get a trapped prey
Yet you all call yourself a hunter
I spit on their grave cause I'm gonna off your lantern
Am still the king there's no stopping that
Cause when I'm pissed,all humans to me becomes little as rats
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by Henuell(m): 6:41am On Jul 23

Since you want to fight someone else's fight

Then you are sure to die someone else's death

Which make me laff in preambles of ecstacy cus all I see is fallacies

You clearly don't know why they call me poundz, cus I pound foes like you to follicles

Your words plays are too meek like the nusery rythms

Why are you forcing rhymes to rhyme at the end of your lines

You are clearly a poet and not a rapper cus an MC don't force rhymes the rhyme comes

Even your punch lines are fetty what the hell is "all wack rap peeps"

You clearly don't know how to use your adjective and preposition

Your lame insinuations is full of wack imagination

I really wish I got a mic so you can hear and feel the shackles of my rage

Hell no you can't even withstand a sec with me on stage

I will shatter you to pebbles with word plays

Reduce you to numero uno, in many ways

Like making you a scape goat like vlacodimos, for calling your self a king

Let's go on
You call me a poet whereas you're the one with some good words
A rapper must not know how to speak English
I feel your pain cause I guess you haven't dined with the lords
You ain't my style I always rhyme with my words
I rap with bad English and bad voice I don't pay attention to my chords
You clearly new to dissing and that's getting me bored
As you can see or hear I wish I could go smooth
But I just can't I guess am brutal now that I've drank smoove
Am still the king,main gangster leader of the grooves
Imma throw some punchlines but I guess you won't even budge
I need to use something bigger
That's why I'll whack you with larger buds
You haven't found your match cause I got bigger balls
Your rap is bad you tone just rise and falls
Am still the king am the god of gods
You can't compare me to you cause you ain't in my level
Your level is highly below me not even in my dog's
Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 8:49pm On Jul 21

O yeah! I hate to tell you this your rhymes are nusery
It doesn't even rhyme makes You a feeble mind, an mc of fuckery
Another prick disturbing junior dicks

I don't like that you might make me whack you with a big stick
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by Henuell(m): 8:44pm On Jul 21

I must admit you kind of hard And bad but you feel you are great

When you've not meet with the best of the best to test your fate

What an over statement to make

J.o.d is here to put feeble minded at stake

No mercy like how merciless you are to fadal

You even involved his grandfather who called my dead father

That called me to intervane

Of course it wouldn't be in vain

I will start by cause strains of pain in your vains

And then leave you in a lane to marinate the pains

Then your blood will cloth which will make you gnash your teeth in dispear

In fear you will bear what you sow without your tears

For thinking you are the greatest I'll severe your head diagonally

And drop your I.Q to minus 5 making you derail till you 65 mathematically

I would cage your mind In fantasies for that 65 years you'd be minus zero behind

Until you beg for mercy before you'll realize your life to a civilized state of mind

If not let the Battle begins
There's a better rapper in the building but he has been hiding
You've been silenced thus just looking
FYI better know am still the king
Have been and always be I'll keep ruling

I thought a new emcee would pop out but all I see is this lil kid
I cannot underestimate you yetcause I haven't seen your deed
I better give you little cause you might not survive when I do it real
I slaughter all wack rap peeps
Fadal,johntitus they all scared they now play hide and seek
I can't find them..cause they are hidden
I guess you'll end up like em cause you can't survive the heat
After this youll be found tonguing ma feet
Cause I fight solo, I slaughter army fleets
Am 10x brutal when I spit
I don't give a shit
Cause my rhymes always flows with that beat
Hope you got these feats'

Cause if you don't you ll find your self by the gutter side
So drunk you've drank a lot of my bad side
I pour out my anger on those that put up a fight
I'm not so nice when it comes winning the fine
You better go back to the hole you crawled at from
Cause you can't go back there when it becomes the night
I'd be to dark to see and none of your lines can show u the light
If u feel like getting a taste of my bar.
I won't but I'll let u have a bite
This is a warning, think before you enter this fight
You might not survive
This might the your last flight
Remember am still the king here cause no one can put up a real fight
Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 7:21pm On Jul 20

Your lines are fishy.. Yet can hardly swim.

It's over! Go ahead and drop the mic... Winning me in a battle can't happen even in your dream.
As it is now its obvious am going home with the win

Cause winning lil emcees like you is in my gene
Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 3:43pm On Jul 20

Your bars are dead and buried... It leaves me unworried.

Born2winKingOG said it and yeah I believe it... You are nothing but a loquacious breed.
When I kill you with my lines.I'm sure your body won't be cremated

You'll become the vulture's feast while your bones would be deserted
Pets / Re: A Snake And Four Cats Found In A Nigerian Woman's Car Wrestling by Henuell(m): 2:20pm On Jul 19
,,,,, no it's not. The car was parked overnight. The snake got into the vehicle first, the cats perceived it's presence and went to kill it. The woman should thank the cat's for being there for her, if not she would be telling a different story, like people who got bitten by snakes in their toilets.
Yea i know that so what im saying is what is the sname looking for in the car
Anuways like you said the woman should thank the cats tho

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Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by Henuell(m): 2:16pm On Jul 19

Everybody know I'm rapping
Hoe I'm kalik
And I'm all about that smoke if you want action
Mac 10 get to clapping
Boys get to dancing
More like doing backflips
Inside of those caskets
Bullets I throw em and foos catch em like madden
Ruben like a dragon
47 market that's where I'm relaxing
Was with all that capping
Now he in the past tense
Heyyo what's your FB name (imma add you to a group)
Pets / Re: A Snake And Four Cats Found In A Nigerian Woman's Car Wrestling by Henuell(m): 5:57am On Jul 19
We've lost our Sense of reasoning. Cats hunts snake that we know for sure. It's not strange seeing cats with snakes, that's because they we're hunting it. If only this guy's know how stupid they look right now.
How did they get in? The car I believe is not air tight, cats have the ability to move through little spaces found in cars, this I've witnessed with mine.
I know but if we use our Nigerian reasoning
Just look closely its a jeep used for taking here kids to school
And cats and snakeare in it,for four cats to fight a snake you should know its spiritual(coven vs coven�)
Pets / Re: My Pet Snake by Henuell(m): 9:16pm On Jul 18
u funny die
Pets / Re: A Snake And Four Cats Found In A Nigerian Woman's Car Wrestling by Henuell(m): 8:06pm On Jul 18
Pets / Re: A Snake And Four Cats Found In A Nigerian Woman's Car Wrestling by Henuell(m): 8:02pm On Jul 18

Pets / A Snake And Four Cats Found In A Nigerian Woman's Car Wrestling by Henuell(m): 8:01pm On Jul 18
Guy this life ehh
This is village people pro max
People were astonished and amazed after four cats and a snake were found inside a woman’s Prado jeep used for taking her children’s to school.

In the video that has become a growing sensation, the yet to be identified woman raised an alarm after she saw cats in her vehicle.

With the help of bystanders who came to her aid, they were able to chase out the cats and snake living inside the jeep.

The incident reportedly happened in Edo state.

Watch the video below;

YouTube video
See some of the reactions below;

@kemiolunloyo wrote; ‘Spiritual and placed there by her enemies. The cats are used for witchcraft, snakes to grow and eventually bite the children and kill them. Watch who rides in your car. I see all the evil people lined up at my alagbo lady in Agege market buying kittens, red lizards and snakes. Yahoo boys buying shigidis (miniature coffins) Welcome to the real world. I get my eucalyptus black soap made there in front of me for my lovely skin.‘

@Iyasaburi wrote; ‘Great deliverance! May it be permanent IJN’

@Juju wrote; ‘Years ago a cat was resting inside my engine!fiam I called everyone shouting.my mum said enter the car and drive.i did with tears.Poor cat was resting;

‘@halimabubakar wrote; ‘Thank God to this family’

@kelvin_ck101 wrote; ‘All these science student go still argue say JuJu no dey and dem go still give you mumu excuse why the snake and cat they inside that car.’

@everythingbeautyandskincare wrote; Village people came in grand style

Video link:
Pets / Re: My Pet Snake by Henuell(m): 7:51pm On Jul 18
Op have you been smoking foreign cigarette
See ur brain can't comprehend it oo
Anyways my boys are still watching

Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by Henuell(m): 4:15pm On Jul 18

Whoa, whoa, whoa
Now I'm shinin' beamin' glossin', Big Tymin' stuntin' and flossin'
Lamborghini sitting on broaders with two more in my garages
Plus a blue and black ferrari with Nintendo and Atari
Man I swear the car is awesome, vroom! Sorry, we lost 'em
I'm back, I pull up smelling like dime sacks and cognac
I leave in the Hummer, hour later I'm flying back
Whoosh, private jet's about to land
The women fall out when I let them touch my hand
I get out the plane into a Mercedes Benz van
TVs all over with chrome 20-inch fans, damn
Goddamn, man, I am, L-I-L, Freezy, off the heezy
But still in awe, ice floodin' on my watch
And in my grill and all, Porsche Box', front blocks
Skrrt! Peeling off, me and Slim in the Rover
Beatrice brick holder, Cash Money young soldier
I will get this straight cause ingot no time
Male sure u read this cause it ain't no basic rhyme
You just rap thrash it sounds like nursery rhymes
But to kindegartens its like you're the king of all time
Go back to where u belong
You got no wordplay nor punchline
Your bar so straight forward it moves on a straight line
I've got a diss license
So I can diss you till you grab some common sense
You just so dumb to climb a glass fence
To see what's on the other side
Ohh that's my Benz
No peeping,except you ain't a friend
I feel nasty when I diss but I guess that's the new trend
Don't go about dissing when you know your barz could bend
I got a titanium bar and I'm not ready to lend
Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 2:59pm On Jul 18

Thanks for your wishes, and Sunday prayers.

But that still won't stop me, from whooping y"all assès later.

@happy Sunday bro's. John, henuel.

Why later?why don't you do it now.ohh you can't you wanna go train first

Just drop rap and leave for those that rap flows in their body vest
Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 2:58pm On Jul 18

Hailing you doesn't make you a friend.

Ain't nothing you say that could ever trend.
Something smells bad it seems like its hate

Its confirmed I don't need to investigate
Pets / Re: My Pet Snake by Henuell(m): 10:00am On Jul 18
We are watching just in case

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Jokes Etc / Re: Show us how good and creative you are with your use of words... Fun all the way by Henuell(m): 9:56am On Jul 18
Firewood in cooking gives a food a better taste

But I disagree even if after eating I like the plate
SILENTandSMARTZ nor be u bro
Happy Sunday cause I'm on the low
Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 9:53am On Jul 18

Come on dawg! Why so passionate about rhymes that leaves deficit?

Your bars are nusery, no difference from words and opposite.

Ps: Happy Sunday to you all @Henuell, @Born2winKingOG, @fadal, @tianshie, @BankyGee, etc.
Don't be so outspoken after you've gone through some little practice

That's why out of 10 of my capacity I only diss you with one piece

Ps:Happy Sunday bruh and to the rest of them @johntitus,@fadal,@Born2winKingOG etc

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Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 7:43pm On Jul 17

you and Johntitus, I don't know who is better.

is it his basic lines or your fishy lies... they is no difference between Tail and center.
The prick that said "better" is a basic rhyme..the same peep is the one using it for defense

Stolen rhyme doesn't protect you..it just leaves you numb without any common sense
Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 7:41pm On Jul 17

I'm happy simp you used 'bigger'.

Cause in this fuccking forum, there's no one iller.
Two dickheads including fadal crying for fame

I'm rude so imma give you the bitter truth..you're lame!
Rap Battles / Re: Flow For Rank by Henuell(m): 7:39pm On Jul 17

kill ur flow eAsy/
u aint sicker then freezy/
u rap like u still need a practice/
i rap like the sicker rapper copy my shit/
u said the same things in the last verse/
i might fuk ur girl's breast/
let the 38 hit u on the chest/
Am in AFrica west/
i gun u down like u wearing a fake vest/
Your rhymes don't add up it makes me wanna puke
If u need rap flows flip the bible to the book of Luke
My punchlines are much like an unlimited pages book
You can't copy em no matter how hard you look
I tell stories with my rap to educate you crook

Breast you say? That's absurd when I got a pussy
You Rap rubbish just to keep your self busy
I can't undermine the fact that youre Wacker than freezy
Even if I try to be lame
I just get dizzy
You know why? I'm alergic to shit and rubbish
Feed on that even if I'm nice I always get teasy
You hit me with a wack bar,my punchlines and word plays are always ready
For ur info I just licked the pussy below going to Lucy
You can cry behind ur phone or imma send u pics but you'll get Hot

I'm yo king acknowledge that!!
Education / Re: The 8 Planets And Others . by Henuell(m): 11:52am On Jul 17

Oh! Really?!
I really hope so.
Thank you so much! I appreciate you!!
But how to speak and read is still very very poor embarassed

Live - action? No, I didn't watch it.
I didn't even read manga or watch that Anime. Interesting?
Haven't watched it but peeps here are saying its really good
Rap Battles / Re: 2 Lines To Diss The Person Above You by Henuell(m): 11:51am On Jul 17

Toddler, bigger, 2 basic rhymes.

Even an infant is doper than you... when the baby cries.

You think you're dope by using other peeps rap style

But I tell you your 2 years composed song is just my freestyle
Education / Re: The 8 Planets And Others . by Henuell(m): 8:32pm On Jul 16

I'm happy to hear that!

I saw your Birthday topic.
Happy Birthday!!
Yeahhhhhhhh!! ( ≧∀≦)/♪
Damn your English is good now

If only I could speak Japanese like that

Anyways I heard of this Japanese movie
"Tokyo revengers" have u watched it

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