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Pets / Re: Mimi... by hilaryiq(f): 3:52pm On Dec 14, 2017
This is Mimi,she's my hen,she's almost four years old,she's a very lovely and gentle bird..anyone that says she belongs to the pot will be penalized...She's sitting on her third batch of eggs,she has about 12 eggs under her fluffy feathers and they should be hatched by weekend..

She’s adorable smiley
Romance / Re: Pamela Adie: "Coming Out As A Lesbian Is The Best Decision I Ever Made" by hilaryiq(f): 8:34pm On Oct 12, 2017
Are you bisexual? And who gave you the right to influence my decision? I condemn every and any act of homosexuality. It's my business. I have kids to protect. You saying I should mind my business goes to show how demented your mind is. Such mindset is the reason why there's more evil in the world today. It's just like saying I shouldn't condemn the looting of public funds, if I've stolen my mother's money. Where's the power of sound judgement? Are you even a Christian? Please, I'm willing take this conversation to the highest limit.

If you read the last paragraph you’d see where I said if you like support or don’t support. But it’s their personal choice and it’s none of your business as long as they are not harassing you. You mentioned they should be whipped; I’m not telling you to support them all I’m saying is stop acting righteous and saying it’s an evil spirit cause sin is sin. If homosexuality is an evil spirit then the same fornication that is accepted so widely is also an evil spirit and fornicators should be whipped. If you’re a true Christian you’d know that.

Also I understand how public looting affects everyone but how does someone personally choosing to be a lesbian actually affect you directly? Why do you care about their decision so much when they probably don’t even know you exist? I’d like you to explain that part.

I checked your profile before I decided to quote you and you said “people are diff, be tolerant” but your comments don’t reflect on that.

PS: I’m Straight and I’m not a Christian.


Romance / Re: Pamela Adie: "Coming Out As A Lesbian Is The Best Decision I Ever Made" by hilaryiq(f): 7:10pm On Oct 12, 2017
shocked*are u J**** lipsrsealed lipsrsealed

Am I what?
Romance / Re: Pamela Adie: "Coming Out As A Lesbian Is The Best Decision I Ever Made" by hilaryiq(f): 6:46pm On Oct 12, 2017
Since God has termed homosexuality an abomination, I perfectly support the condemnation of such ridiculous act. Damn, there are a whole lot of beautiful women to sleep with, and one stupid guy will come out and start saying he's attracted to a guy? Hell no! They need deliverance. Maybe a whip laced with fire would drive the evil spirit away.

It's really disgusting. Bisexuality is becoming rampant these days. A whole lot of people are proud of such despicable act. It only goes to show how wrong our world has been in the last few centuries.

God also condemns fornication and premarital sex. Also condemns judging other human beings. Can you proudly say you haven’t committed any of these sins? If the answer’s no then be the first to cast a stone. If your answer is yes then you are just as guilty of sin as a homosexual.

In all honesty whether you support it or not, nobody is forcing you to be gay and it’s not your life and also not your business so simply turn your face and walk away, it’s not that difficult.

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Gaming / Re: Hasn't Anyone Here Heard Of A Video Game Called No Man's Sky? by hilaryiq(f): 6:15am On Sep 08, 2016

And I agree with you that VR is d shit!
I'm getting me a Pro first, then come next year my 349£ would be getting that VR

Great smiley , for VR gear, get the Oculus Rift or pre-order the PlayStation VR headset. I heard there's not so much difference between them both but those are the best ones right now
Gaming / Re: Hasn't Anyone Here Heard Of A Video Game Called No Man's Sky? by hilaryiq(f): 1:21am On Sep 08, 2016

And now we have "no man's sky"

Watched a few gameplays and believe me when I exclaim: "Jesus!"

No man's sky is the sh1t!

A bit late here I'm afraid but I'd say the future of gaming is VR. In 10 years+ I'm pretty sure it'll be commonplace for everything. As for no man's sky I wouldn't really think it's going to set a pace for the future. smiley

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Religion / Re: Do Demonic Cobwebs Exist? by hilaryiq(f): 12:58am On Sep 08, 2016

lmaooooo wonderful testimony from sister nkechi all the way from aba lmaooooooooo

Lmaooo I'm only making a mockery of them grin
Religion / Re: Dear Christians,do Not Be Scared Of Atheism by hilaryiq(f): 12:54am On Sep 08, 2016
I certainly became an atheist when I realised that I'm the only one that can help myself in this world. Plus Christians everywhere aren't doing a good job tbh, especially in Africa. The pastors are either fake or using tithes from their poor congregation to buy private jets and live lavishly (once again, FAKE). Plus the bible is quite misleading and the stories they tell sound like a Walt Disney movie (Jonah and the whale, Samson and the Lion/Delilah). For real there are deeper things I can talk about but I'd rather just skim over the surface.

Nigerians will condemn your entire life and your generations if you say you're an atheist, there's no use tbh. I have nothing against Christians and wouldn't want them to give up the only hope they have in life but they should leave Atheists out of it and just mind their business. After all ,"salvation is personal" yeah?


Religion / Re: Do Demonic Cobwebs Exist? by hilaryiq(f): 12:40am On Sep 08, 2016

Hehehehe cheesy cheesy pets have their peculiar attitude, and shredding, sneaking and making some funny sounds especially at night is peculiar to cats! grin. We also have a very funny monkey in the house who's fond of raising my sister's skirt when she's sleeping or pretending to be asleep cheesy. We have been unable to convince our grandma that the monkey is not evil! The monkey does a lot of funny things like handling my sisters bbreast when they carry him, going to hide when he has done something wrong etc! Just imagine if we are superstitious in our family!

cheesy yeah I've seen enough of those 3 S' (shredding, sneaking and sounds) lol the shredding is the most unbearable!
I've always wanted to own a monkey so bad, but they're illegal here so no luck!

But for real Nigerians, stop believing in superstition, reason with the number 6 that God gave you and if the info (like demonic cobwebs) isn't written in the bible then why do you believe? Smh

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Pets / Re: Any Cat Lovers Here On Nairaland?? by hilaryiq(f): 12:22am On Sep 08, 2016

Don't tell me that's true....Are you that hungry?

Some people can eat every animal on this earth. sad


Religion / Re: Do Demonic Cobwebs Exist? by hilaryiq(f): 12:15am On Sep 08, 2016

Okay but pls change your mindset! I just checked your dp now and saw a cat on it which makes me believe that you may love cats as pet! But I tell that some people will tell you that cats are demonic and the devil can use it to cancel your destiny grin pls don't believe that demonic cobwebs trash! Its not true swerrie cool

Lol grin oh I definitely don't believe it that was pure mockery of the entire post. And yeah I love cats, I've got two and they certainly aren't "demonic", just regular pets to me. But sometimes I believe they are really demonic like when they start shredding the curtains around the house

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Religion / Re: Do Demonic Cobwebs Exist? by hilaryiq(f): 11:57pm On Sep 07, 2016

You have made my day with this your joke cheesy. Even basket mouth and Bovi have got nothing on you bro grin
On a serious note; did you read this trash you just typed? I don't think so!! undecided

I'm a girl :p
Romance / Re: Do you Believe In Love? by hilaryiq(f): 11:44pm On Sep 07, 2016
I believe in love. Not that I've had any personal experience but the way my partner still acts towards me even with all the stupid things I do, cheesy


Religion / Re: Do Demonic Cobwebs Exist? by hilaryiq(f): 11:40pm On Sep 07, 2016
Is is real. It is a way the african spiritual enemies uses to deter someone from progressing, happens mostly to those with bright future. The solution is prayer and rebuke, remember REBUKE THE DEVIL AND HE SHALL FLEE, he has no right over a saved soul, amend your ways also. GOD BLESS YOU

Yes my brother let me tell you my experience with a demonic cobweb

So one day I was walking down the streets and suddenly I was trapped in one place, I couldn't move. Next thing I know I'm entwined in a massive cobweb with a big black spider-looking owl coming towards me and laughing and saying I will never prosper. I was so afraid so I began praying and rebuking, lo and behold a big brown broom appeared and I used it to clear away the cobweb and kill the spider owl. A dust pan then appeared which I used to pack up the remaining pieces.

If not for the spiritual broom and dust pan sent to me from heaven, I wouldn't have prospered as I am doing now. PRAISE THE LORD!!!


Pets / Any Cat Lovers Here On Nairaland?? by hilaryiq(f): 10:56pm On Sep 07, 2016
Hi everyone!

Was just wondering if there are any cat owners on Nairaland? I always see dogs and hardly any cats on here. Just wondering?

In the meantime these are my cats - Momo and Bageera. smiley

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Pets / Re: Snap And Upload Your Pet's Picture Here. Its That Simple by hilaryiq(f): 10:49pm On Sep 07, 2016
These are my cats. The first one (black and white, domestic short hair) is called Momo (named after the ferret in Avatar: The Last Airbender)

And the second one (black and tabby mix) is called Bageera (from The Jungle book)


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Gaming / Re: Photos: My Original PC Disc Games On Display. by hilaryiq(f): 10:20pm On Sep 07, 2016
Cool! Do you use a gaming PC or regular PC? Also, thought about installing the games on your PC (from torrents)? They're free smiley
Family / Re: Why Male Education Is Better Than Female Education In The Family? by hilaryiq(f): 10:15pm On Sep 07, 2016
this shouldn't be a debate topic...
debate topics are controversial, but in this case the answer is just too obvious?

even a day old baby knows that male education is important...
training a girl child is like training another person's child... waste of resources

a family without a girl will be considered OK compared to an all female family....

female child na waste abeg..

You need to go back into the cave you escaped from. This kind of illiterate mentality in 2016? Please do us all a favour and kill your....

By the way, I'm sure Hillary Clinton who might be the next president of America is doing better than her male siblings and her parents are extremely happy that they gave birth to her, not another male child.



Family / Re: Why Male Education Is Better Than Female Education In The Family? by hilaryiq(f): 9:49pm On Sep 07, 2016

All you have succeeded in producing is anecdotal stories. Yes, you're female, but how many females are in your class, department, faculty? And why are they there? As a result of passion or because of government grants and incentives which, interestingly, the males don't usually have.

Also, the likes of Zuckerberg dont have female equivalents in America is because of backward Nigerian mentality? Right.

theres no way I would know the number of females in my course or "faculty" and at least in my programming class there were 7 females and 9 males. And I believe we all did it for passion and to make something out of ourselves. There are no "incentives" or "grants" (I assume you mean Student Loans) for only females... Anyone who is eligible can take up a student loan. smiley

Also, read up on Elizabeth Holmes;

Elizabeth Holmes made headlines for becoming a billionaire at just 30 years old. Today, the founder and CEO of blood testing firm Theranos is still both the youngest and richest woman in the world to build her own fortune, worth an estimated $4.5 billion

So there you have it. Hope I've answered your question. Any other questions could easily be answered by Google just so you know.

Have a nice day cheesy


Family / Re: I Am In A Dilemma. I Don't Want To Be A Baby Mama by hilaryiq(f): 7:45pm On Sep 07, 2016
Why is it that common sense is a very hard thing for a lot of people.
This is Nigeria where women bear the brunt of very bad pre marital decisions, I would expect a sensible woman to apply common sense and adapt. All these other stories you are yapping about is irrelevant. Nigeria is not a sane country and smart women have to look out for themselves instead of spreading their legs indiscriminately and without condoms..

Yes I mentioned that it's both the OP and her bfs fault for different reasons and they should both be held responsible for their actions. Singling her out and saying if it were your own daughter you'd disown her, isn't right in any way nor is it offering any good advice
Family / Re: I Am In A Dilemma. I Don't Want To Be A Baby Mama by hilaryiq(f): 7:42pm On Sep 07, 2016

You are welcomed,our big mummy,your excellency virgin mary the second grin almighty advicer,you want to menstruate under my comment or what?

I haven't insulted the OP and will not do,like I said who I'm I to judge,any ediot with a lil brain(you probably don't have any as I can see) can see that I was disgusted about ABORTION. Which your FF self must support for you to vomit under my mention.

Now carry your cobweb ridden pvssy far from my mentions,I don't exchange words with alternates,come back with your real moniker or stay silent for ever

Now swerve------------>

Yeah, you've resulted to insults because your lack of common sense wouldn't allow you say anything. You don't support abortion, no one is forcing you to but doesn't mean you should put someone else down cause they asked for advice, there are more mature ways to give advice instead of sounding stupid and selfish.

Carry your dirty privates away from here and talk to me when you get sense.
Romance / Re: Lady Exposes A Married Man Begging Her For Sex Online (photos) by hilaryiq(f): 5:09pm On Sep 07, 2016
I dont see why anybody will blame the man. From the text, the man asked her out and put his best game forward and she threatened him. I dont see any harassment here initially, the harassment started after the threat from the lady. She should've just said she is not interested and tell him to pls face him front. The only blame on the man is that he got angry at her threats and called her out how he looked at her initially which was wrong, no matter how she dresses, he had no right to look at her a certain way or because she is not a saint so she must accept his advances, wrong on his part as well.

It is the man's fault cause he is MARRIED but still looking to cheat on his wife. That's a very serious thing! Single women need to start exposing every married man that's trying to make advances on them and hopefully their wives would divorce them or stop treating them like real men.

Keyword: Married man.
Family / Re: Why Male Education Is Better Than Female Education In The Family? by hilaryiq(f): 4:41pm On Sep 07, 2016
Those are the fields they generally tend to major in anyway. my opinions may be unpopular, but the truth is that majority of the wealth of the world is created by men. Where are the female peers of the likes of Adenuga, Dangote, Steve Jobs et al. If we say they belong to an archaic age, what of Zuckerberg's peers, I'm not sure he's up to 32 years in age?

The truth is women don't create zilch, they're only good as corporate fodder. Men create everything of value in this world and on this planet and women just are along for the ride.

I don't know what backwards place you live in but women don't tend to "major" in such courses. the courses most females study at my old Uni are law, engineering and IT courses. I'm the youngest in my family but I graduated with a Msc in Computer science at age 20, my brothers (including one who is 30yrs) are still in school. I also work alongside my male partner and I earn a little more than him

The reason why most men WERE "creating" more than women was because of this type of backwards 18th century attitude towards women which by a matter of fact still exists in Nigeria today as we can see from your shrouded level of thinking. If you haven't seen that women are leading the world, especially the first world then you've been hiding under a rock. Prime minister of England is a woman, Prime minister of Scotland, top American presidential candidate, Chancellor for Germany, the Queen of England and so many others. There are highly successful women like Oprah, Ellen degeneres etc not to talk of the artists, scientists, actresses and people changing lives across the globe that are all women. Please open your eyes you aren't in 1952


Family / Re: I Am In A Dilemma. I Don't Want To Be A Baby Mama by hilaryiq(f): 4:01pm On Sep 07, 2016

Now,you made a mistake by telling me I use pills all the time,madam,I am not a righteous lady,and will boldly tell you that I use and insist on condom(it has not failed me till date) and I have the brains to use morning after pill incase something happened to the condom,who wants to be in your shoes,definitely not me. I won't be a party to ABORTION.

Hope you also noticed that I did not advice you,just have it at the back of your mind that ABORTION is not for everyone,I hope for your sake and that of the innocent man who might end up with you,your womb/reproductive organs don't get ruptured.
That is if you survive the abortion sef
Then [b]remember that you have to answer to your God after you kill the life within

I leave you to your conscience,I am not qualified to judge you.[/b]

This is exactly the type of judgemental people I'm talking about. You are ALSO having pre-marital sex but because you haven't gotten pregnant (YET) so you feel it's right to judge others who fell short of that luck.

Also you're saying she has to answer to God if she goes ahead with an abortion? YOU HAVE TO ANSWER TO GOD FOR FORNICATION AND SEX WITH SOMEONE OTHER THAN YOUR LEGAL HUSBAND!!! Please bear in mind that no sin is above the other, read the 10 commandments.

"I am not qualified to judge you", but you just judged her whole life, smh. Hypocrites everywhere cheesy

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Family / Re: I Am In A Dilemma. I Don't Want To Be A Baby Mama by hilaryiq(f): 3:44pm On Sep 07, 2016
A girl get pregnants and bears the brunt of the stigma and whatever. That nigga that did the ejaculation is free. Free to spread his seed somewhere.
Common sense would dictate to a sensible lady with atleast a decent number of brain cells that she has FAR MORE to lose and should use a condom if she can't keep her legs closed.
May God not let me give birth to this kind of stupid daughter due to a freak of nature, I would disown her immediately.

It's because of Nigeria's shameful attitude towards women that's why you can say bs like this. You would disown your daughter because she got pregnant before marriage? I hope you have only sons please because you seem like you would make your daughter's life a living hell if she makes a single mistake.

As for the condoms, it is the man's responsibility to buy the condoms and his responsibility to put them on. It was her responsibility to make sure he was protected before they had sex. OP and the guy are very much in this together. No matter what the father of the child will always be OP's boyfriend.

It's so sad that because of Nigeria's non-existent laws about the treatment of their own women, men have the right to do and say all this rubbish. If the same laws in developed countries were in place, the boyfriend wouldn't have a choice than to pay child support all his life, that would have made him think twice

@OP millions of women have been through this several times all over the world. It's entirely commonplace. The only thing is Nigeria doesn't provide support for single mothers, and some illiterates with no education will call it a "shame". If you think keeping the child would be bad for you psychologically or mentally then you can decide not to keep it. Although, I've heard abortion is illegal in Nigeria so please make sure you do it in a clinic with a certified doctor!

If you keep the child please remember to tell your boyfriend's ex immediately, if you don't, there will be a lot of drama when she finds out. And don't listen to hypocrites who go about sinning everyday but are quick to judge others whose sin is "different" from theirs.

Don't let anyone guilt you into keeping a child, they are not in your situation and some are extremely judgemental and backward in their thinking. If you're not religious then outweigh the pros and cons. If you're religious however, you could read up on what the bible says about abortion but remember that no sin is above the other so forget the guilt trips from other sinners.

Please A LOT OF PEOPLE have sex before they're married! Most of them are only lucky to not be in OP's shoes, so why the f*** are people acting all righteous undecided

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Family / Re: I Am In A Dilemma. I Don't Want To Be A Baby Mama by hilaryiq(f): 4:57am On Sep 07, 2016
If you got pregnant by having unprotected sex, that's cause and effect.

It is amazing how you are making the innocent boyfriend out to be the villain. He was open and honest to tell you he is getting married to his ex. This means that you were aware of his ex to start with.

Then u r a Hoe. Go and abort the baby you are trying to force on the guy, don't break up a happy home. If he saw you as no Hoe, trust me, he wouldn't get back with his ex without telling you.

He told her he is getting married to his ex AFTER the OP and her boyfriend have been in a relationship for a year plus. She must have not been aware that her boyfriend was still seeing his ex. Looks like you are just trying to insult her for no reason. She is not trying to force the baby on anybody, it is HIS baby as much as it is hers. It takes TWO to tango (and make a baby) so both the OP and the BF made mistakes here!

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