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Romance / Re: 8 Friends You Need To Say Goodbye To! by hotangel2(f): 10:01am On Jun 07, 2013
very interesting post. love this
Forum Games / Re: Who Are You Missing Today? by hotangel2(f): 10:05am On Oct 22, 2011
Missing every NL member from when I was very active on Nairaland.

New names/faces are fun, but I am reminiscing on back when I used to come on NL like every hour! Mehn, Time don fly, Way back when I had the most number of posts on NL, lol, *sigh*, it is well.

Hello People. smiley

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Health / Re: Disabled, Still I Stand – Lizzy’s Story Of Hope by hotangel2(f): 7:10am On Oct 18, 2011

I command healing to flow into your entire body right now. In the name of Jesus I declare u healed perfectly. Life flow into your spine and into all your bones right now. I loose u from every affliction in Jesus name. I command satan to loose his hold of paralysis and negative condition upon u. I set u free in Jesus name. I command strength to return to your legs, your hands, and every part of your entire body. I speak to your body right now, to be conformed to the Word of God. The Word of God says Christ took your infirmities and bore your sickness. He took your weakness and your paralysis. He took your pain and your disability so you wouldn't have to bear them anymore. There is no legal right for u to be afflicted nor paralysed. Paralysis cannot violate the Word of God. Nothing can violate God's Word which says by the stripes of Jesus Christ you were healed and made whole. You have life in Christ, and that life is in abundance.
You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image and likeness of God. The same Spirit that rose Jesus Christ from the dead is also in you. And that same Spirit is giving restorative life to your body right now. The law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus has set you free from the law of sickness and paralysis.
God doesn't recognize paralysis, neither do I, and nor should you. In the name of Jesus Christ RISE UP AND WALK NOW. Walk to the glory of God.
Your body was purchased with the high price of the blood of Jesus Christ. Therefore you shall glorify God in your body. Your body will never bear the mark of affliction of the enemy. I put a stop to every action of the enemy. I say you are perfectly healed. You are walking, jumping, running and exercising like never before. From this very hour you are totally healed.
Thank you Mighty God for perfecting her healing and giving her a testimony worth shouting about. Glory to God in the Highest.
I look forward to your testimony,

AMEN AMEN AMEN AMEN!!! I definitely join my faith with yours, and when God has manifested his healing powers in my life, I will definitely Be emailing you! You are blessed, and thanks for your prayers. God bless you and God bless everyone else that has commented. smiley
Health / Re: Disabled, Still I Stand – Lizzy’s Story Of Hope by hotangel2(f): 6:29pm On Oct 11, 2011

Lizzy, one of your nickname then if i could still remember is: "O jabo ko fo, omo na bounce" Well, the interpretation of that name is: "It fell but did not break, it only bounced off the ground" Honestly, as i reflected on that name you gave yourself then i can say it's so meaningful and prophetic! You fell but refused to break. You really bounced off the floor! I thank God for sparing your life and giving you a new start. You will stand on your feet again, you will surely walk again.

Indeed Indeed. You are so right! That's what I said too. You definitely do remember correctly, that was one of my names. WOW, smiley

Thank you so very much, I fell and didn't break. Indeed.

THANKS AGAIN EVERYONE. I know I can't thank you all enough for your kind words, but please know that I am grateful.
PLease keep an eye on my blog http://lizzyoke..com/

must_a_far, I saw your comment, thanks a bunch.
Health / Re: Disabled, Still I Stand – Lizzy’s Story Of Hope by hotangel2(f): 11:39pm On Oct 10, 2011

wow  shocked this is super amazing didn't know hot angel.
don't know if this is wicked but i couldn't even shed a tear cos girl I find this so amazing like swety you are more than a conqueror , damn i admire you and your courage, its just wonderful and right now the joy in me is something i can't comprehend,  now this is a true definition of ''I'm so inspired'' , I'm not God but I'm more than convinced you're going to walk again  kiss kiss kiss You're one heck of a brave girl  damnkiss kiss

Thanks  a bunch. Good you didn't cry. You can only cry if they are tears of joy, because I overcame. :-)


*dancing windeck* yipeeeeee!!!! She came!!!! Ahhh, hotangel it's goooood to see you here,even if it's brief,  Now I wish icingbaby and co wud just come on 'briefly'. cry
Lizzy you have always been in my prayers and God is with you all thru the way. Much LOVE!!!
I had to show up after you pointed this out to me. I'm touched that a thread was started about me. I Thank BellaNaija For the opportunity to share this. Here's the original post for those interested. http://www.bellanaija.com/2011/10/07/disabled-still-i-stand-a-story-of-hope


i've read a lil about you on here, on bella naija and your blog. i actually understand what you are going thru, my younger sister was involved in an accident and broke her back as well. im a blogger as well (although ive not blogged in quite a long minute) so i'll be coming to your blog to check up on u from time to time. im glad to hear you have a good support system(family and friends) around you cos thats what you need smiley maibe i can be an anonymous part of your support system although im not as anonymous as i make myself believe smiley

PS: i tried leaving a comment on your blog and it says somn about my google account not having access to comment yada yada yada.

Ohh snaps,  I just fixed that, sorry about the not leaving comment. I just got the blog, so I'm still getting used to it. Thanks for bringing this to my knowledge.
Now, About your younger sister, I am sorry to hear about her story. But with family members like you, I know she's in good hands. Please send my regards to her, and I say a quick a prayer for her. It is well with her in Jesus name.  Please don't be a stranger, and indeed no one is anonymous. When you comment on my blog, please leave a link to your blog so I can keep up with you. :-)


now i really want to cry. Big up to you girl.
Tears of joy only please. I overcame. And what the devil wanted to use for bad, has now been used for good. :-)

Thanks to Sike and goggs. :-)
Health / Re: Disabled, Still I Stand – Lizzy’s Story Of Hope by hotangel2(f): 8:08pm On Oct 10, 2011
Oh Dear, My Nairaland Family still representing?

Thanks to the person who started this thread. I am short of words, and I can only say God bless you all for your kind words. God is good, and it's only through him that my life could be what it currently is despite what the devil tried to do.

I know I've been off NL for a while, But I'd like to thank Snazzydawn for drawing my attention to this post.

There is definitely more to come, and I'm not stopping now.
Please take a moment to visit my website at http://lizzyoke..com/

Thanks again to everyone, and I hope that my message is making a difference in your lives. :-)
Politics / Re: The Physically Challenged/handicap in Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 4:41am On Jul 22, 2011
This video makes sense.
You might wanna check out this Topic I started a while back.

Disability awareness in Nigeria
Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 4:31am On Jul 22, 2011
I hope you're all still helping those around you who need help? The Lord is your strength.  wink

@Yield, I just watched the video you posted, and I must say, That about sums it all up. I pray the change continues.
Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 11:30am On Apr 09, 2011
Amen to your prayers. I thank you all for taking out the time to read this.

Currently, I'm still in school, and trying to finish my final year. After which, by the grace of God I could start to see into the things I can do to help make this awareness exactly what I envision it to be.
In the mean time, I can only urge you all to be considerate and be the beginning of the change we all want to see in the issue of Disability in Nigeria.
Nairaland / General / Re: 50 Men and Women That Moved Nairaland: 2005-2010 by hotangel2(f): 9:24am On Jan 04, 2011

we dey fine o.
only that when you were reigning, me I be newbie then

Ehen, Lol, Okay, That's why I didn't know you.

Mehn, I was addicted to NL, I Miss this place, but all is well. :-)


@hot-angel, where have you been?
Busy with life o. Very busy with life. I also had a bad accident. But I had quit NL even before the accident though, You can read my story on this post on NL,

Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 8:11am On Jan 04, 2011
Hello All,

This Post I saw today on Nairaland made me happy, 

You all should check it out, 
Omotola Jalade Visits Disabled Children and helps them. Click to view full story


It is exactly what we need in Nigeria. A Movie about awareness to Disability in Nigeria. Please Get the movie if you can, and watch it.

It's also available to watch for free on www.ghananation.com In the Movies/Videos section.

PLEASE WATCH IT IF YOU CAN! I am soo happy today after seeing these two things. Omotola doing a good deed. And Genevieve Nnaji in a Movie that REALLY raises awareness to Disability in Nigeria! I am Glad! smiley
Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 12:54am On Dec 28, 2010
Ibo Man:

True word! why sugar coat it . In a forum like this I'd tell it as it is
because it gives eyes to the words and brings reality to every feeling and emotion felt.
Not that one wants pity but a clearer picture of what we are trying to share is seen.

True statement!!

I'm glad that this thread has given others with disability problems a chance to express themselves.
Food / Re: What Are You Eating/drinking Right Now? by hotangel2(f): 6:51pm On Dec 23, 2010
Hunger dey wire me right now oo,

Dis thread is still Alive,
Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 9:05am On Dec 23, 2010

my dear, stop using the word 'disabled' for yourself.u are not disabled but physically challenged.ok.please do not be bitter against the system but lets look inward and find a way of creating a revolution.u can be the change the whole world is waiting for.lets start now.my contact again:xtristolink@gmail.com.

Cheers baby!
Sir, I myself was very cautious with this word Disabled. Before I created this thread, it was something I struggled with severely.
I did however come to realize that for this thread to be understood, for the situation at hand to be very well understood, there IS no point sugar-coating it.
There is no point using words such as physically challenged, unable to walk, unable to stand, not totally mobile, bed ridden, standing on one foot and limping on the other, demonstrating inability to walk, or Whatever other derivatives of the word disabled there are.

Using the word does not mean you are accepting of the position. It doesn't mean you're being bitter, or angry, or sad. What matters is NOT the word you use to describe the situation, What matters is the awareness being brought to the situation.

For you to understand the magnitude of the position he's in, and what he's going through, that word had to be used. We don't say the motherless babies are "parentally challenged". We call them motherless babies so that they can get awareness to the situation, and people can go adopt the babies.

People like when things are sugar coated because lets face it, it makes us smile and help us to continue living our lives. Abi? But no, Change is necessary, so no sugar coating allowed.  smiley
Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 8:40am On Dec 23, 2010

Did you say bank?thats the last place that'l take a physically changed girl.
They'l rather go for a silly but sexy school leaver than take me a disabled business administration degree holder!
Wicked world

This is sad, but it's the way of human. It's just something about the physical. Someone once said we are physical beings, and I must say, This is SADLY true.

It happens to everyone. We see a very ripe apple in the market, and we choose it instead of the not too ripe apple. We forget that we live 4 hours away from the market, not counting traffic/hold up. We forget that when we get home, there might be no light, and thus we can't keep the apple in the fridge to keep it safe. We immediately pick the very ripe apple thinking haa, "Ha! This is the best of the bunch". We don't pay attention to the possibilities that a not too ripe apple is what we should buy.
I am not going to go around faulting humans for immediately discarding or not giving two thoughts to a person who is physically challenged/disabled/crippled/lame/diseased or whichever word you want to use. I have come to realize that I don't need to direct my energy towards those people, but rather towards the people who have been able to look past that!
And I commend you for having a degree sir! This is the way to go,  Too often I see disabled people who say "Well what is the point, I have done all I could do and nobody cares, I might as well remain as I am". And they don't strive to do something else worthwhile with themselves! When you are already lacking in one aspect, I believe you should do all you can do to make yourself better in other aspects that you are able to better at. Don't just give up entirely in all aspects.

@ Ibo Man. First I thank God for your life. Thanks for sharing your story and for teaching at the hospital you were at.
I thank God for your mother in your life, and I must say, indeed it helps a great deal when you have loving people by your side! I know this, first hand.
Believing, I sure will, because I know nothing is impossible with my God.
I understand what you mean when you say you still can't go into some places. It's sad that a person using a stick is still being prejudiced against. I mean, what should the person on a wheelchair then say?
I really believe that until people who they themselves are disabled begin to talk, a lot will not get done.

You can see someone and "pity" them, but you really don't know how it feels walking in  their shoes. So I urge people who have "been there" to raise their voices and allow yourself to BE heard.
Also, people who have Very close family members in this position, and you know how it is, you need to raise your voice and be heard. Until then, not much will be done.
Thank you for raising your voice Ibo Man. I Believe your speech must have helped in some way or the other.

Ibo Man:

Hot Angel . I hope to do something with you for humanity anything. No matter how small I'd like to give back something
cheers cheesy
I would love that as well, God willing. You have the right start already. By going back to that teaching hospital.
Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 5:46am On Dec 22, 2010
Just look at this.

The turn out is amazing already.

I am more than glad that you all have chosen to read and reply to this piece.


Nice article,am also physically challenged too.as a result of road accident leading to spinal cord injury.for others who read and acknowledged your piece,they really might not know what it feels like to be physically challenged in nigeria.the physical inability is a life changing problem on its own,but living in nigeria is double the pain of being on a wheelchair.people think upside down when they come in contact with physically challenged people.it makes me wonder if they need their legs to think right,or do we need legs to operate our bank account,do we need our legs to function before we are accorded the respect,love and understanding that should be shown to us?

i can go on and on about living in nigeria and being physically challenged,life is short and beautiful like you said.am living positively and will continue doing so,when you have JESUS you've got all the legs you need,



I am glad you are living a positive life. The Lord will continue to strengthen you.
I understand what you mean by most people will not understand the level of this problem. That is why I chose to point out some of the obvious problems associated with physical disability in Nigeria.

It will be another thing entirely to start going into things such as Urinary catherization kits, suppositories for fecal elimination, and every other deep and real issues people with physical disabilities have to deal with.
Let's get the communities attention first with the changes that can be made in the mean while, such as roads, buildings and so on, and then, by God's grace, other changes will happen. Like the government supplying individuals with catherization kits and so on.



still waiting to hear from u!i have not yet recovered from the write up.my heart still burn.lets avoid procrastination.we must all arise and start something fast.im sure u didnt just put up that write up for self pity but to enact a change in the mindset of Nigerians.i sense silent revolution in the making!contact immediately using the id above.WAITING PASSIONATELY!

Yours full of Passion for a Change!

I will send you an email, and we can go from there. Thanks. Hopefully something happens from this.


Even with my degree certificate,they wont even employ me!
Yes,I have an obvious disability. A bad leg! No corporate organisation wants to have me and misery is eating me up.
Oh lord. This is what I am talking about.
The Lord will give you strength and the ability to carry on. Change MUST happen, so that people like you will be given a chance. You have the requirements!
You went to school.
If you studied banking, Nothing said you need legs to be a banker!


Thanks Hot Angel for creating this thread.

I am physically disabled too and I want to do something to help disabled people in Nigeria. I don't know where to start ans I would like ideas to help in any way possible. I don't live in Nigeria. Since the middle of this year I have been wanting to help out disabled people in Nigeria and I would like to work with others too to help.
I also don't live in Nigeria, and this is the main reason I decided to start something by means of internet. If I was IN Nigeria, I would love to go places and try to get people to help out.
I really also, don't know exactly what I can do right now. Awareness and endorsements to organization who are already working on this sort of project is the main goal right now.
And a change in the hearts of people towards disability.

When anything happens, I'll be sure to inform you all. I Will keep in touch with this Thread.
Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 5:53am On Dec 21, 2010

my dear,im ready to join u in this crusade.i wish to meet u personally if u don't mind so we could map out strategies on how we could take this awareness to a new level.This time indeed shall pass!there is hope!

Note:pls u can reach me on xtristolink@gmail.com,08032936936.


Thank you very much. I appreciate your willingness to help out. People like you are needed!


I've seen the same as well. A lot of people seem to have to feel that because its not happening to them or someone they know, then its not important. I have two cousins who have needs as well. . . Luckily for them, they came from a family that had the financial means to provide the appropriate care they needed. In fact, one of those cousins, no one thought she would ever walk. With the care she was able to receive, she was able to learn to walk. If you ever start an campaign to help the disabled or mentally ill in Nigeria, please let me know. I wanna do whatever I can to help. I'm so sorry to hear about your accident, I hope that someday you will regain your ability to walk. Your unwillingness to give up shows the true strength you possess.

Yes, care is necessary. It is a vital part of gaining independence and being able to walk again or live a "normal life".
I am glad to hear that your cousin is doing great!
I thank you for your willingness to help as well. You are needed.

And this goes out to everyone who wants to help, Please keep in mind that I will definitely keep you updated if anything comes up.
I will use this Thread as a means to share things with you all.

I really don't know how I am going to go by this, but I know God will make a way, and when that way comes, You all will hear of it, and your help with be very well appreciated.
But until then, don't just sit still. Begin to do something right now. As I stated earlier, it could be just clearing the path the disabled person is moving along.
Ensuring that Your house, shops, businesses, market area is accessible to physically disabled people.

God Bless you.
Culture / Re: Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 4:41am On Dec 21, 2010

Well said my dear. You deserve a standing ovation for this. I remember being in Nigeria when I was younger and I used to see people just walking by while other were in pain and I was quite disturbed and baffled by their lack of empathy or acknowledgment of these people. Its sickening. Nigerians really needs to reform their way of thinking when it comes to how we treat the disabled and mentally ill.

Thanks. In fact I also saw some people crawling on all fours, their knees and hands. These are people that should have access to wheelchairs, and whatever else they would need to be independent but the government does not provide that.
Aside from what the government does not do, It's sickening as you said how fellow citizens treat the disabled.

alj harem:

good words,,

i believe that God would make nigeria see the light very soon

May you stay blessed

Allah be with you, Amin
Thanks. God Bless you as well, Nigeria will see the light very soon. Everyone has a part to play as I stated.


Well said honestly.
Good move too.

As for the wheel chair non-accessibility in schools, roads, buildings etc, it is very true for 99% of all our structures and plans.

So you need to have a way of doing yours (re-strategise) cos we see some of these awareness progs on TV and hear on radio but as usual Nigerian things live only in the books. All those who promised one support or the other will turn ghost after the prog. Take care.

I definitely understood the strategy thing. I mean, I practically needed help one way or the other, getting up and down of some stairs, and curbs, and bumps, and ohh goodness, roads that aren't tiled. Those sand suck up the tires of the wheelchair! How can a disabled person be independent with all that?
I long for something that will not turn into a ghost.
We first need to get rid of the mentality that "these things happen only in books". Tenacity and continuous effort on the awareness is what will eventually elicit changes.


well said.
Good positive words. You will walk again my dear smiley smiley smiley
Thank You. Amen! God bless you.


You exude positivity,high hopes and Confidence,I admire that.
Everything wud turn out fine before you know it.cheers  kiss
Much as my flesh wants to take credit for the confident, I cannot. I thank God and give him the glory. I have strength beyond my comprehension, and I just give thanks to God for it.
Thank you very much. Your words keep me fired up.


I believe that I will walk again, but until that time, I will continue to conquer and live this life.

@ hottie,

That's the spirit. I did manage to do it and you can do it. Of course neurologists/neurosurgeons would say unlikely. Never mind. You know your faith. They know science.

Amazing that you have dealt with it like a superwoman. The song "Hero" comes to mind.

Like you said, not everyone is lucky enough to have people who really care around them.
In Naija, disability awareness is poor. I wondered about this and many other things when visiting Naija last fall. Some even say disabled people are reaping the reward for their evil deeds or those of their family. I know people back then who suffered childhood polio. They were almost made invisible by their families to avoid shame. Sad indeed.

If our legislooters were not too busy sharing money, they could bring in legislation to force public offices to have wheelchair access or face a huge fine.
You can start with petitioning your state government for doing nothing in that respect. You are still very young. With time you can start an NGO.  Our good people here at NL have a big heart, never mind the constant bickering.
But then most disabled people cannot  even afford a wheelchair.
Thumbs up.
Oh you flatter me. Hero now? I am merely a girl who has been blessed enough to appreciate life. Saved from a tragedy, and still living a happy life.
Neurologists definitely do say what they may. But I have learnt not believe in their report. This does not mean I am non-complaint to medical advices, after all I am a nursing students and I very well understand what it means to comply to medicine. But In the act of compliance, I always remember that my trust in the Lord, and he is the author and finisher of all that concerns me.

The issue you have raised about how some disabled people are reaping the rewards of their evil deeds is very very true. I don't like to say this, but most Nigerian have tied everything to a thing of racial barriers or religious issues.
Quite understandably, as a Christian, I know that the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10)
But this does not mean that the person who has been affected is THE devil,

To turn this issue of lack of awareness of the disabled people in Nigeria would be covering up the CHANGE that needs to begin to take place!

It doesn't matter how the disability came by, or how it could have been avoided. All I want now is, How can these disabled people LIVE a better life now that This has happened to them?!


Nigerians would prefer they go to spiritual churches for healing. oh yeah! tell an amputee from Iraq war to go to church for regrowth, undecided
when western countries are being innovative, we are still blinded by superstition of na winch do am, na winch cause am. and they say why i love my A merry cah huh undecided

OP, good job. can you imagine in this age no wheel chair accessible workplace or home?
God bless our troops
support our troops
As I stated previously, It doesn't matter how the disability came by, or how it could have been avoided. All I want now is, How can these disabled people LIVE a better life now that This has happened to them?!


Well said, In Nigeria once you are disabled you are a nobody in soceity, In civilized countries, disabled people get hired to work because the govt pays the companies subsidies to hire them grin grin grin.When you go to ANY store/bank/office, the disabled get marked parking closet to the entrance, and if they dont work, they get paid montly by the government grin grin grin

Nigeria has a long way to go
Nigeria has some ways to go, but the change need to start somewhere. A lot of people see that the change will take a long process, and so they just discard the idea entirely. Someone has to start somewhere.
Children should not be isolated in their parents home because they have physical disability and can't go to school.
It reinforces the fact that those children are not a part of the society. Which is NOT true. They are the same as every other kids. And Other kids would be more accepting of them if they see them doing some of the things that THEY are doing, like coming to school, reading books e.t.c.

I realized something on my visit to Nigeria by the way. Considering that I was well dressed, not begging for money or food, and definitely appeared happy and well-to-do, I perceived that I was very well received by most people. Aside from the obvious question: "what happened? Why are you using a wheelchair"?


i am jst speechless after reading your write.
i salute your courage.
I appreciate your kind words. :-)


As a nation we should be thinking of disability acts/bills etc, to ensure equal opportunities for disabled in terms of jobs and education and ensuring buildings are structured to accommodate the use of wheelchairs etc like the poster highlighted.

In the meantime, we need to take it up on ourselves as individuals to help the less privileged among us.

@OP, thanks for the wonderful post

Truth! Absolute Truth! My favorite part of your post is how you not only limit the change to the government, but also every individual. This is my message exactly. As much as the government is a MAJOR part of this whole thing, citizens need to also take it upon themselves to do something.

@ Natume, Thanks dear.


You will walk again my dear, just last month a friend of mine walked again after 6 year on wheelchair cos she never gave up. Take care. wink
That's a testimony. I believe.
My life is already a testimony. No giving up here. No sulking or feeling bad either.

Thank you all so much for taking out the time to read this and I believe that change is beginning with each and everyone of us. Get the word out there. Send the link to this post to your friends. email them. Facebook them. Let's start shedding light to this issue.
You wouldn't know what you can do till you start doing it.
I do not pray for any of you or your family members to be disabled. But you don't want a situation where it's when disability strikes that you now start trying to change things.
Culture / Disability Awareness In Nigeria by hotangel2(f): 8:03pm On Dec 19, 2010
Since my last Visit to Nigeria in 2009, it has been in my heart to go back there to increase the awareness to people who are "disabled". This was my first time in Nigeria after I had the tragic car accident in March 2008 which left me with practically no other choice than to make use of a wheelchair in order to gain independence and be mobile. I was a little skeptical on going to Nigeria at first, not because of how I would be perceived as a person on a wheelchair, but because let’s face it, roads in Nigeria aren’t the best, and almost every building is NOT wheelchair accessible. As most of you already know, I don’t let this physical disability stop me from living my life and doing that which I want to do. I have been able, by the grace of God to go back to school, travel everywhere I want to go to (well, everywhere I can afford to, oh wait, I mean, everywhere my father buys me ticket to go to, lol), and do the things I want to do, because I now have a deeper understanding of the phrase “Life is short”. I stay smiling because I genuinely know joy that is beyond comprehension. I am thankful for being alive and well, and one thing stays constant in my life, My Faith in God. I believe that I will walk again, but until that time, I will continue to conquer and live this life. Do I have rough days? *Uses British accent* Oh No dear! Rough days?! Whatever does that mean? LOL, Okay, okay… Jokes aside. Well of course I have rough days, we all have rough days. But I always try to remember on those rough days: “This too shall pass”. I have been blessed with AMAZING people in my life, and I just can’t say much other than: GOD YOU ARE SO GOOD!

Now that I have given you a brief history of myself, let’s go back to what I was saying about wanting to increase the awareness to people who are physically disabled in Nigeria. Physical disability does not mean mental disability, and this is something that I really think a lot of people don't get yet.

Most Nigerians see a person on the street using a wheelchair, begging for money, food or basic everyday needs and they just snob them and immediately think "haa, another one trying to get MY money"! It is one thing to be poor and “able bodied”, and it’s another thing entirely to be poor and “disabled”.

My reason for wanting to go back to Nigeria is not because I was treated wrong when I was there, and thus I long for something better. No, not at all, I dare say I was treated like royalty! Independent as I am, I had cousins, aunties, friends, neighbors, strangers, and just about everybody, offering to help me. I could go on living my life thinking this is the life every “disabled” person in Nigeria lives, but the truth remains: this is not the treatment the everyday person on a wheelchair or with any form of disability in Nigeria gets.

Roads in Nigeria are NOT wheelchair accessible. Offices, buildings, shopping stores, markets, even schools are not accessible. I understand the aesthetics of stairs in a building, but SERIOUSLY? Does every building have to have stairs? On my visit, I wanted to go into a bank with my friend and her mother, but come to find out, the bank had about 4 steps of stairs, and if by some way or manner I was able to get past the stairs, the doors to the bank are so small that a wheelchair would not fit into it. So where does this leave a person on a wheelchair? No access to banks? Schools? Businesses? Companies? Without education, we know it’s hard to get a good well paying job, and without access to most business places, a disabled individual is more susceptible to being poor, and having to beg for money and basic every day necessities.

Nigerians living in Nigeria, I’m sure you’re not blind, you see these people on the streets, in the market, and everywhere. You know that they are living very poor lives and most of them, though they are mentally capable would not be given the time of the day at a work place or taken seriously in the business world. They deserve much more than being treated as incapable just because of their physical deformities. This might be some sort of a stretch, because I know some of the “able bodied” in Nigeria have not secured a good job talk more the physically disabled, but these people are human and they need to have equal rights as well.

As I stated earlier, ever since 2009, it has been in my heart to do something about this, get some sort of awareness thing started out there, to just do something! But until now, I was thinking I had to be IN Nigeria to start doing something, I was thinking I had to be seen and be heard audibly! I forgot that I can start by talking to the few people I am able to reach by typing.

So what is my point today? Where exactly am I trying to reach with this?

Well thanks for asking. I plead with everyone of you, when you go out today and you see a person who is not able bodied, or someone who is not standing up as tall as you are, because of a birth defect, an accident, abuse, neglect, or a disease, Please lend a helping hand to them. It doesn’t matter what you give, nothing is too little. It doesn’t have to be cash or food, it could be a smile, a handshake, a lift, clearing out the path they’re moving along, or just plainly asking them “how are you doing”. If you are an architect, a construction worker, remember to make the buildings you’re making accessible to those with physical disability. If you’re a citizen, trying to get on a bus, watch carefully, look at that guy who can’t run to the bus as fast as you can, and give him the chance to get inside the bus. If you’re a teacher, remember that, the boy on a wheelchair who can’t participate in sports could be the best on the debate team. Everybody has a part to play here.

Although this note focuses more on disability awareness in Nigeria, I urge everyone everywhere to look around you, and help those who are less privileged whichever way you can.

P.S: I am NOT stating that everyone who has a disability brought on by an accident, a disease, abuse, neglect or on a wheelchair in Nigeria are poor, lacking or wanting! When you want to give, give to those who are needy. If you see a person on a chair and you go give them 200 naira, and you get a dirty slap, Biko, No call my name o, lol. Jor o, I no send you! Ensure that they are in the position of need, and remember Nothing is too small to give.

After all this is the season to be Jolly, Give a gift today.

Be Part of the Change in Someone’s life

God Bless you.

Signed: Elizabeth Oke.


P.P.S: Remember there's nothing God cannot do.My life is my testimony and I am very glad and thankful!

As you give a gift to the less privileged, remember to most importantly Give a Gift of thanks to God for your life and the lives of your friends and family. :-)

Happy Holidays! Remember The Reason for The Season: JESUS!


Crime / Re: A Nigerian Student Shot And Killed In Us by hotangel2(f): 3:31am On Dec 04, 2010
I don't know this dude, but May his soul rest in perfect peace.

So sad, I can't believe how humans can be so evil. Those neighbors! May Heaven Forgive them!
Nairaland / General / Re: 50 Men and Women That Moved Nairaland: 2005-2010 by hotangel2(f): 1:25pm On Jul 16, 2010

Good to see you again. Mama NL.

Hot angeli, na you be this? shocked cheesy

Indeed oo, Na me,

How una dey?
Nairaland / General / Re: 50 Men and Women That Moved Nairaland: 2005-2010 by hotangel2(f): 11:59pm On Jun 17, 2010
WOW, I was worthy of an award!!

But Idk if i should be happy? I made silver?!? Haba why?!? Me? I mean, I mean, I mean, It's me now. LOL. I had the most post on NL! I was on top, I was, ehn, ehn, Ohh Abeggiii. Don't mind me. Gone are those days abi?

Anyhoo, I take the award with a smile. wink
Thanks Y'all,
Food / Re: What Are You Eating/drinking Right Now? by hotangel2(f): 1:06am On Jan 16, 2010
Wow, This topic is still alive?

well, Just ate rice and beans, grin
Romance / Re: Is Anything Wrong Dating Your Younger Sister's Friend? by hotangel2(f): 1:01am On Jan 16, 2010
No there's nothing wrong in Dating your younger sister's friend.

But, Yes, something could be wrong in dating Your own sister's friend.

Now, before you think I'm crazy and not making an ounce of sense, Listen to what I have to say. There are people in successful and happy relationships with their younger sister's friend, and their sisters are okay with it, But your own sister in particular might not be okay with you dating her friend.

So, before you make a move on her friend, I'll advice that you talk to your sister about this first. Ask her if she doesn't mind you dating her friend.

And when you say the age difference is 4 years, I Hope you don't mean 18 and 14, lol, Cos, that'll just bee unacceptable.

Then again, I hope you know that, just because you are feeling her friend, is not a guarantee that her friend is feeling you,  wink

1 Like

Forum Games / Re: Best Qualities of Nairaland Members by hotangel2(f): 12:24am On Jan 16, 2010

   shocked  hot angel! what happened to you? where have you been?  cheesy  anyway, i know you dont know me but it's good to know you're doing well & in one piece.

@ topic,
hot angel - creative

Life happened my dear,  lol,  I've been alive, and around. Chilling, living life and doing good. And Yes, I don't know you, but definitely nice to meet you. :-)


she back
Ohhh noooo,  She's not. lol,  Not fully back. Just looking around. I don't think it's possible for me to  be Fully Back yet though. AT least, Not as I was back then. To be #1 on Nairaland again is definitely not gonna happen. lol,  I see that mukina2 took that spot.
But, I will show up once in a while.
Hope Y'all are doing good?
Forum Games / Re: Best Qualities of Nairaland Members by hotangel2(f): 2:25am On Jan 15, 2010
Memories, Memories, Memories, I wonder where some people are and how they are doing

And I Thank God for those that I'm still in contact with.
I Thank Members of NL for being a part of my intellectual growth, and for all the fun times shared with y'all,
God Bless everyone.

Signed: The one and only Hot-angel!!! Lol. wink
Forum Games / Re: Look At The Person's Profile Above Yours & Make A Comment by hotangel2(f): 4:46pm On Oct 01, 2008
cute teddy bear, and I love you too, lol,
Forum Games / Re: With Three Word Per Post! by hotangel2(f): 9:17am On Nov 14, 2007
God Is Good?
Forum Games / Re: Be The Last Person To Post Here: by hotangel2(f): 9:16am On Nov 14, 2007
How y'all doing today??
Forum Games / Re: The Game Starts With The Last Word by hotangel2(f): 9:12am On Nov 14, 2007
Addiction is bad. wink

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