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Politics / Re: How I’ll Defeat Buhari And Atiku– Peoples Trust Presidential Candidate by HOTsnow(m): 6:10am On Nov 12, 2018
3rd Force Candidate INDEED. Already positioned yourself as No 3. Lol.

Your rants hold no water. No matter how desperate you are to be the Number 3, You CAN NOT say the present government has not done anything. That is the sound of a blind desperate, clueless, i-want-to -chop-govt-money-by force-symptoms showing already.

Find a better angle to get votes for Number 3, Hashim. cool

Business / Re: CBN Slams Fines On 4 Nigerian Banks Over Fund Repatriation For MTN by HOTsnow(m): 12:08am On Aug 30, 2018
Good News...
Music/Radio / Re: 'AZA': Davido Ft. Duncan Mighty & Peruzzi (Video) by HOTsnow(m): 12:01am On Aug 30, 2018
Noise! Noise! Noise!!...AZA!, Wire!, Ofensala!,....so much noise and not making sense...

Wizkid/Duncan Mighty Collabo beats this hands down.

*argue with your phone and data*
Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi's Easter Message: Suicide Not The Way Out Of Economic Hardship by HOTsnow(m): 10:12am On Apr 17, 2017
Actually I'm not scared, but obviously you are. Its quite pathetic that the energy we need to use to do something productive is used elsewhere. There are many religions all over the world and God in his infinite mercies created us to be rational thinkers. So pls can u answer this question.
Before the pink people came to Nigeria in the 1880s and sold Christianity to us, your forefathers had what they believed in, So where are they now?.....

China, India etc have got huge population and majorly practise their respective known religion without wearing suits and ties and expensive shoes to take the last kobo from the wallets of the poor. STILL OUR PEOPLE NEVER BELIEVED IN THE POWER OF CONVERSING WITH HIS/HER CREATOR.
Oga wake up to reality, live your every day as it comes , do good, be good and be realistic.

And please let's use all this sense to develop our country rather than wasting it to scare ourselves of what u know nothing about.... smiley

if you think these is false, why reply sir,
deep inside of you, you know this is the
truth but dont want to accept the fact,
remember when death creeps in, the
fate of man is sealed, either eternity in
heaven or hell, will you wait till you
stand before God before you
aknowledge him? I tell you then it will
be too late, have you ever wondered
where the dead are? Think about your
soul sir, dont follow crowd, deep inside
you know there is a heaven and hell, am
not saying this to scare anyone but to
warn, you are precious in Gods sight


Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi's Easter Message: Suicide Not The Way Out Of Economic Hardship by HOTsnow(m): 9:05am On Apr 17, 2017
There it is again....if you sabi compose English like this,
then try write literatures for the younger generations to learn from you, rather than sounding alarms that you have no idea of. You are just spilling the way you are told. Naija, the biggest black nation in the world, open your eyes....*nuff said undecided
Originally posted by annyplenty

Dear YOUTH and everybody by extension,

On 03/06/2013, GOD asked me to warn
youth of both heaven and hell but hell first,
then heaven. HE said I should tell you that
HELL is a place of weeping, anguish, pain,
horror, sorrow and torment for all eternity.
He said he has sent a lot pastors to you to
warn you about HELL but many did not
warn you. If you reject his warning today,
HE says your own day of rejection is
coming, too. Proverbs 1:23-33
I have once seen the gate of HELL in a
vision before. It was more terrible than
what you can think and yet people were
rushing to enter through it as if they were
in a race. I implore you to do everything in
your power to escape this place. Give JESUS
a chance to save you. Repent of all your
sins genuinely and sincerely to Him and do
not return to the sins anymore. He will
help you if you show genuine readiness.
GOD said I should tell you that HEAVEN is a
place of Joy, peace, love, ecstasy and
perfect beauty all in the presence of God
for all eternity.
As I implore you to escape HELL, I also
implore you not to miss this kingdom of
God (heaven). Do not trade your eternal
glory for worldy vanities. Now I have
delivered HIS message to you, too. You
may now choose. Please, choose Heaven.
Deuteronomy 30:19.
Please, join me to share this message. a
soul can still be saved. forward it to any
young people you know in your family, in
your church, in your place of work.
Organise seminars and retreat for youth
and warn them about hell.
For more information, bible teachings on
end-time/rapture/holiness and breaking
news of end-time events happening
around the world, please, send email to
raptureglorious@gmail.com or


Religion / Re: Pastor Kumuyi's Easter Message: Suicide Not The Way Out Of Economic Hardship by HOTsnow(m): 8:48am On Apr 17, 2017
They keep telling us what we already know undecided .... Still using the 'Opium of the masses' to keep us in bondage. The day we wake up, clear our eyes and channel our energies to making things work rather than corner corner, that's when naija will work.
Tschior oyinbo wey we collect the religion for dem hand no dey do reach us. Hmm hmmm

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Career Opportunity With AIICO Insurance Plc by HOTsnow(m): 7:15am On Feb 13, 2017
Awon onranu. AIICO ko AIBO ni undecided


Religion / Re: 2017 Prophecies By Pastor E.A. Adeboye by HOTsnow(m): 9:08am On Jan 01, 2017
Yea right grin Vague predictions. Still its all about enriching the opulent and smug so called pastors.
The oyinbos that gave una the religion no dey do reach us and dem they progress.
Its time to have a re-think Nigerians.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Anchor University Is Recruiting by HOTsnow(m): 11:19pm On Nov 17, 2016
[size=18pt]you are right I cant stand by them at any level, because the do not use deodorant, and as a result of that, they have a pungent smell. and you are also right I need serious prayers [/size]

. May God almighty has mercy on ur poor soul for ur thoughtless assertion. I can bet u, u can't stand many of d members both socially, intellectually and spiritually. The eternal things are not meant for perverted soul like u that have already made up their mind to perish. But I will still pray for u "may d good Lord have mercy on u" Amen.

*grabs a bowl of pop corn and 4 litres of Coke*

Religion / Re: Will I Go To Hell For Not Paying Tax To Nigeria? by HOTsnow(m): 11:38am On Nov 13, 2016
The brain is meant to be used and not just being religiously crippled.... undecided


Celebrities / Re: Soul E's Prophesies About Nigeria: "We Need To Pray For The First Lady" by HOTsnow(m): 11:26am On Nov 13, 2016
We have had enough of these business centre managers already *Self Acclaimed Men of gods*....

The Oyinbo who gave you this religion no dey practice am like this....

Its in Nigeria a Business Centre Manager *Self Acclaimed Prophet* would see vision and failed and the church will be crowded the next day

Another claimed God phoned him to be the next President * I'd like to get that number that called him tho* but we all know where he is now, busy marrying and divorcing and marrying beautiful women in his church...

One will do jerry curls and his subordinates do the same. Didn't see his wife divorcing him tho, and still not willing to tell his congregation on the allegations of adultery against him...

We have them in different shades and colours in all corners of the country and YET Smart and Intelligent Nigerians that are well respected outside and within the African continent are still gullible to these in their country. ...

Sole E or what's your name.... Take am... angry

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Celebrities / Re: Toolz & Tunde Demuren At A Friend's Wedding Today by HOTsnow(m): 10:57am On Nov 13, 2016
See the Dude... lost in love grin

Celebrities / Re: Tara Hecksher And Yemi Akinnigbagbe Wed by HOTsnow(m): 9:33am On Nov 13, 2016
Religion / Re: God Using Buhari To Punish Nigerians – Archbishop Chukwuma by HOTsnow(m): 9:05am On Nov 13, 2016
Smh. *flatinos*

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Politics / Re: Judges Arrest: ‘corruption, Not Judiciary Under attack’ - Presidency by HOTsnow(m): 8:01am On Oct 10, 2016

If Judges who are meant to protect the rights of the people and impartially interprets the law are doing otherwise. And politicians using them as tools is what you call Over Emphasised then I SMH for your comment
All the anti corruption operations are carried out sequel to facts and evidences are gotten to prove.
Politics / Re: Judges Arrest: ‘corruption, Not Judiciary Under attack’ - Presidency by HOTsnow(m): 7:47am On Oct 10, 2016
wink . If it will take that to uproot the rotten parts of the Judiciary, so be it.
Facts are there, Evidences are right in front of us to see. But people who are just docile and don't know where they stand won't just stop wailing.

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Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: 9ja by HOTsnow(m): 9:33pm On Sep 30, 2016
I'm Nigerian and currently based in South Africa. I hope that answers your question
Dating And Meet-up Zone / 9ja by HOTsnow(m): 10:45am On Sep 30, 2016
Hello All
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: What Is Your Date Of Birth? See If U Have A Match by HOTsnow(m): 7:01pm On Sep 28, 2016
March 13....2A1F0617
Dating And Meet-up Zone / Re: It's Offical: "NL 18+" Whatsapp Group by HOTsnow(m): 6:53pm On Sep 28, 2016
+27845549683. Thanks
Literature / Re: Xenophobia.... A Short Story.. by HOTsnow(m): 1:23pm On Sep 09, 2016
Eastern cape , free state provinces and western cape are peaceful and you will never hear of anything like xenophobia. KwaZulu natal and gauteng are. The Zulus are just like extreme Hausa in North east Nigeria.
Sorry bro. Try Universities in less congested cities with modest environment next time to get your grip in a new country.
Politics / Re: Ben Murray-Bruce Presents Electric Motorcycle To His Constituents (Photos) by HOTsnow(m): 10:05am On Sep 09, 2016
seeing people blast ben bruce for caring for his constituency is not only annoying but a tad hypocritical


Na lagosians carry this matter for head oya show me what Remi Tinunbu has done, Gbenga Ashafa is the senator representing Ikorodu meanwhile 40% of houses there are empty cus of militants..his people are running away in droves

Ogun people ur Kashamu na only drugs him saby carry and to hide for toilet for 40 days and 40 nights what has he done

Ben bruce is doing his best this is a man that has billions of naira debt on his neck yet he still gives his widows mite...he has fought for his people to get the water project completed, that is why he was there when it was commissioned

It is impossible for him to buy just one bike and take pictures, you guys should stop being petty

Ben bruce is in touch with the current times he knows about the Green/safe energy agreement made by countries to save the planet
that is why he opted for electric bikes, your fashola is still talking about generating power from Coal that is why the presenter disgraced him during the hard talk interview

i am proud of ben bruce and i am sure bayelsa people or bayelsans are proud of him too...If you want perfection go and Die then u will see perfection cus only God is perfect and to see God all men must die (Vahlar Moghulis)

In a senate that has been painted Black for budget padding, soliciting for sex in the USA, earning salary they dont deserve, i am 100% sure that Ben bruce and that other senator that challenged obasanjo to prove if he accepted his third term bid bribe(cant really remember his name someone should help me with that) these men are the ray of Light in that dark dark place

I'm sorry to say you are not making any point. You just want to throw politics and tribal issues into a simple common sense scenario.
Do they have electricity in that constituency to charge the bike? How many of them can afford to maintain it or import parts once it gets broken? And I can 21 more qsts....so pls let's be realistic and not myopic


Politics / Re: Ben Murray-Bruce Presents Electric Motorcycle To His Constituents (Photos) by HOTsnow(m): 9:59am On Sep 09, 2016
What's happening to us in this country. Ben Murray Bruce has totally lost it.
You bought electricity bike for people who barely have electricity in their homes. Do you think everyone can afford mikano generator u use in your mansion?
Maintenance and repairs: can any road side mechanic fix this new invented bike, how about the spare parts? according to him 'the first in Africa blah blah....
And you will be the first running to twitter to criticize the government gullibly.
From today....you are at per with any other senseless Nigerian politician to me *dropsMic*

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Politics / Re: Buhari Sacks JAMB Boss, Ojerinde, And 16 Others, Appoints Replacement by HOTsnow(m): 10:05pm On Aug 01, 2016
Chief Dr Buhari is not joking, you shake,! you are out.

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Politics / Re: Economic Crisis: We Won’t Bail Out Banks With Public Funds – FG by HOTsnow(m): 9:11am On Jun 12, 2016
This is a warning that the government needs to put on its crown and waves its command stick in the banking sector. One of my recommendation is that:
There are a lot of banks in Nigeria claiming national status without the capacity of maintaining there positions hence, demoting more of them to regional banks and having 4-5 as national bank based on their resources of surviving. With this banks will not over stretch themselves in competiting at the national level. I.e employing nationwide and sacking annually. Soludo did this and it seperated the shafts from the seeds. More of this has to be done over time to put the banks on their feet so they won't bit much than they can chew. Note, its not in Nigeria, banking sectors all over the african continent and beyond are experiencing this.
A good case study is south africa: Capitec Bank, Standard Bank, Nedback, FNB and ABSA Bank are the only national banks well regulated by the government and the rest regional and provincial.
Economies of countries are changing not just Nigeria and the money-keepers (Banks and financial institutions) have to go with the change and not by sacking employers but by being properly positioned by the government.

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Politics / Re: South-west Capital Projects In 2016 Budget.. by HOTsnow(m): 8:30am On Jun 02, 2016
Religion / Re: The Mark Of The Beast by HOTsnow(m): 2:45pm On May 22, 2016
undecided Always challenge and question what you believe in cos that makes it clearer to you.
Beast ko?, Lion ni.

Being a rational thinker or stating the obvious does not make one an Atheist (Which I never criticised) but open your mind to reality... If you doubt me, observe and see how the colonialists who passed it to us practise the religion and stop being a weak, lazy arm chair BEAST theorist.
Religion / Re: The Mark Of The Beast by HOTsnow(m): 2:39pm On May 22, 2016
The last time I checked Christianity was passed on by the colonialist to us and we always claim to know better.
Christianity as a religion as evolved and we have to wake up to that reality.
SMH. Please grow up.
- Be good to others
- Be True to yourself
And please stay away from the phone or computer you are typing with cos they are products of Capitalism.
*My People Perish Because of their Ignorance*
Heaven Help Those Who Help Themselves.

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Romance / Re: Characteristics Of A Nigerian Male Gold Digger by HOTsnow(m): 1:10pm On Mar 03, 2016
Ladies, you want a Tall, Handsome, white teeth, muscular, grey eys, cute lips, etc all in one man. What you fail to realise is gold diggers know what the gold diggies are looking for, hence the gold diggie is so blindfolded by the physical qualities and gbam! falls prey.
Men, you want a tall, sexy, good looking, light skinned, big boobs and behind, independent, good smile, good cook etc hence the gold diggie is so blindfolded by the physical qualities and gbam! falls prey.
Why don't you try understand or know what this Man or Lady is on the inside. Note: DO NOT BE IN A RUSH TO BE TAGGED COUPLES, Put Him or Her through rigorous tests and believe me you will THANK ME LATER. cool

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Religion / Re: Pastor Paul Adefarasin Directing Traffic On Lagos Island (Photos) by HOTsnow(m): 12:53pm On Mar 03, 2016
Good for him. cool

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