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Politics / Re: Henry Ugboma: Wike Mandated Our Transition Panel To Destroy Amaechi Politically by idahme(m): 2:08pm On Apr 13

What stops technocrats from becoming politicians? Perhaps that is why we hardly appoint technocrats into govt because you hardly find them in politics

Technocrats been politicians is not the problem. The problem is not setting pace for other politicians to follow thereby causing positive change for societal benefits.
Politics / Re: Henry Ugboma: Wike Mandated Our Transition Panel To Destroy Amaechi Politically by idahme(m): 10:07am On Apr 13
Chief Medical Director of a federal university teaching hospital indeed!
Someone that should be talking about how he is saving lives and providing primary health care for the people hopelessly sounding like an ipad member. Nigeria being debased on a daily basis even by the so called educated professionals.

You are hereby conferred with the deserving title of Chief Bricklayer.

The man is a total disgrace to medical professionals in Rivers State, very unbecoming of a supposed technocrat behaving like a common street political tout.


Romance / Re: Should I Be Worried? by idahme(m): 3:02pm On Apr 12
My girlfriend was invited recently to a particular church by a friend of hers and on her first day of worshipping with them a prophesy was made about her of how she is been troubled spiritually by the family of her ex fiance. she was told to undergo a 14 days fasting and prayers and was asked to relocate to the church during that period. I don't really subscribe to their mode of worship which is entirely different from what I'm use to, for instance she was asked to buy white handkerchief and packs of water and other stuffs which I can't remember and was given some rules to abide by within the said fasting period if she must get results, all this instructions negates the tenets of Christianity as I know it and doesn't sit well with me but she was actually comfortable with them and did as she was told.
She is done with the fasting and prayers and recently came to my place to visit when she asked for a picture of mine that she needs it for a prayer session on my behalf.
Actually I'm going through a very difficult time of my Life, nothing seems to be working and I'm currently broke and jobless, I understand it's a phase that will eventually pass and I'm doing the best I can to get out of this situation believeing GOD to crown my effort.
She said she needed the picture for a prayer session on my behalf which I refused to give her not knowing that she took it without my consent and I only got to know when she called me later in the day after getting home. Considering the fact that there are too many diabolical churches springing up this days with many false prophets and evil men disguised as men of GOD misleading people, I really Don't know what to think anymore cos left for her I believe she has good intentions but I'm still not comfortable with the whole thing.

You need to worry, pray against any powers that isn't of God sent towards your dwelling. Most of these folks exhibiting these tendencies you just enumerated are fake, they all have one thing in common and always negate biblical principles in their way of doing things. Keep pushing, don't get weary because your due season is about to come to your doorstep. Be steadfast in the Lord and jettison all those fake prophets and prophecies going left right and center, the Good Lord will crown your efforts with success.

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Celebrities / Re: Uche Ogbodo: Single & Pregnant At 34, So What? by idahme(m): 11:49am On Apr 12
Why are they all bleached?

This your question even google can't resolve it.
Politics / Re: Damasak: 2 Soldiers Who Tried To Capture A Boko Haram Spy Killed In Ambush by idahme(m): 9:10pm On Apr 11
This is not the right time to join Nigeria army

Imagine been killed at a time when there is no war. When it very clear that the country is not at war with another country but a war created by greedy politicians.

I don't things there's sense in capturing this criminal. Kill them at slightest opportunity, that how to avert danger

Rip to those fighting for our safety

The soldiers made a big mistake, they don't have drones for good intelligence gathering to avert ambush , they decided to use the analog way of doing things. It's pathetic, good training and good military gadgets would have averted this.

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Crime / Re: Naval Ratings Beat Up LASTMA Officials (Disturbing Photos) by idahme(m): 9:24am On Apr 10
Our military officers are very "powerful" when they are in group or when there is hope of re-enforcement. If u meet them in a one on one situation, without hope of reinforcement from other military personnel, that is when u will realised that most of them are cowards. This is one major feature they share with cult groups, they are good only powerful as a group. I just pity the Lastma official who may never get justice in a banana republic like ours.

you are correct, there is no major difference between the military and cult groups in Nigeria. the only difference is that one is backed by government.


Crime / Re: Naval Ratings Beat Up LASTMA Officials (Disturbing Photos) by idahme(m): 9:20am On Apr 10
I dont just know,if i should blame poverty for the high handed wickedness in nigeria..2fiakwa.

it's never poverty, this same attitude is exhibited by the high and mighty all over the country We have a serious problem in this country, how do we start to change this mentality.
Car Talk / Re: What Are Your Funny Experiences Teaching A Woman How To Drive A Car? by idahme(m): 9:52am On Apr 08
One of the most important thing when teaching anyone how to drive, is always make sure the car has a very good hand brake. As an instructor ur left hand is supposed to be on the hand brake thoughtout the teaching as long as the learner is the one handling the steering. That's my own secret for teaching how to drive, nd it really worked for me even for the 1st time I tot a lady how to drive. She almost smashed her brand new car to the goal post the football field we used, but thanks to the very effective hand brake. Don't ever make the mistake of depending on the learner to match brake when he or she is in panic.

Car Talk / Re: What Are Your Funny Experiences Teaching A Woman How To Drive A Car? by idahme(m): 9:35am On Apr 08
Wahala oti poju.. when i was teaching my sister i shouted match break when we were facing one big wall but she just kept on accelerating, i was like God! Which kind wahala be this one u wan kill me ontop say you wan sabi car.. but my mom said it was because i shouted.

Your mum is right, once you shout at a learner the learner tends to take decision in frightened mode thereby affecting accurate decision. It's always advisable to avoid built up areas at the first week of the session. It's advisable d to send learners to professionals who know how to avoid these issues because of the experience they have gotten over the years.

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Romance / Re: What's The Coldest Way You Found Out Your Relationship Was Over? by idahme(m): 9:49am On Apr 07
When I realised she saved my number with Honourable, I no know the constituency wey I represent

my rib... I hope u did not deliver projects to your constituency, if you did expect your recall in 24 hours.
Romance / Re: What Has Been Your Experience Dating Nigerian Girls From Poor Homes? by idahme(m): 10:28pm On Apr 06

Ur wife is entering ur world and not the other way around

In marriage there's no equality, there the dominant gender and the submissive gender

I rest my case.
Romance / Re: What Has Been Your Experience Dating Nigerian Girls From Poor Homes? by idahme(m): 9:35pm On Apr 06

Because u are a lazy mothafoka and u want ur wife to support u financially

Weak ass fool

is anything wrong if the wife supports him financially? won't she support herself if she was living alone? won't she pay her bills? be calming down.
Music/Radio / Re: Mr P Releases 'The Prodigal' Album by idahme(m): 10:52am On Apr 02
gud man looking gud. Onlike the other dirty looking dada i saw in parkview the other day.

The 'dirty looking dada ' is the more gifted one, he has lovely vocals.

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Politics / Re: Breaking: Protesters Storm Nigeria House In London, Await President Buhari (PHOT by idahme(m): 6:59pm On Mar 31
[quote author=favor914 post=100368873] Jobless immigrants, bet my last prince Charles mama head. [/quote

jobless immigrants and Nigeria keep having an increase in diaspora remittance every year.... Let me end here
Politics / Re: Breaking: Protesters Storm Nigeria House In London, Await President Buhari (PHOT by idahme(m): 6:26pm On Mar 31
See those useless EndSars miscreants again

The UK police should arrest them before they start their destruction and lootings, especially those holding free sowore placards.

Unfortunately, your dreams can't come to reality because they are not in Nigeria where things are done upside down .
Politics / Re: Breaking: Protesters Storm Nigeria House In London, Await President Buhari (PHOT by idahme(m): 6:23pm On Mar 31
UK should have done the needful by stopping this man from entering their country for his violation of human rights and covertly and overtly supporting terrorist Fulanis in killing and maiming innocent Nigerians.

He has diplomatic immunity, their hands are tied even if they think in your direction.
Education / Re: The Hostel In UAM Makurdi Has Finally Been Cleaned (photos Included) by idahme(m): 5:40pm On Mar 31


na so these current criminals in the corridor of power start. They new all these while the situation of things but kept mute but only engaged the authorities because of their selfish ambitions .


Sports / Re: Manchester City To Bid Emotional Farewell To Club Legend, Sergio Aguero by idahme(m): 11:47am On Mar 30

A.Y needs to come nd recruit comedians from nairaland.
hahahahaha, so true.
Sports / Re: Manchester City To Bid Emotional Farewell To Club Legend, Sergio Aguero by idahme(m): 8:24am On Mar 30

Chai, U dey easily 4get things ooo... I no finish because I go harvest Cassava for School farm dat year.. Dem cum catch me tell me say I steal.. I cum tell Principal say Na me plant am and Na me suppose harvest am.. Say I no steal.. Dem cum pursue me for school..

my rib, u are officially the clown of the month of March......on a serious note ur response was classic.


Romance / Re: I Turned My Fiancé’s House Into A Guest House After We Broke Up by idahme(m): 11:30pm On Mar 29
Do your things joor. but don't spoil or loot his properties.

for her to use someone's apartment for business without permission, then looting should be a lesser evil for her.


Politics / Re: How Old Is Tinubu's First Daughter, I Am Checking Something by idahme(m): 10:28pm On Mar 29
How is investigating the age of a lady whose father wants to rule Nigeria irrelevant when it’ll help determine his true age? We ignore rationality when tribe is involved. This is why we are failing.

It is pathetic, this is fact checking it is the norm in developed democracies. Instead of churning out opinions to prove the OP wrong, people are busy promoting ethnic bigotry.


Romance / Re: My Experience Today At Coldstone,port Harcourt. by idahme(m): 4:49pm On Mar 29
You guys were so focused on the story that you didn't see the lies .

He said he would be having same order with the girl and she asked for 2cups. His own added to the order made it 3 cups of cold ice cream.

Now he said 1 cup cost 4,100
4,100 ×3 = 12,300.
He lied and said 15,500.

He paid for his cup of ice cream only which the total amount for the girl to pay up her ice cream would be 8,200 naira.
He lied and said 11k+

It's either the op didn't go to school or he outrightly lied and added maggi and pepper to the story to make it sweeter for women bashers to come and rain insults of course .

This story was made and seasoned with lies.

While you focused on the mathematical inadequacies and took urself out from the moral lessons of the story. It's not whether he is telling the truth or not, but for people to learn from his supposed experience. This scenario plays itself every minutes of the day in the lifes of men and their female pals
Crime / Re: Man Beaten To Death After He Stabbed His Friend For Sleeping With Girlfriend by idahme(m): 10:21am On Mar 26
Now they can continue there fight in hell.

and the girl lives on for another man. common girlfriend for that man, shameful.
Education / Re: Secondary Teacher Disappears With N2m WAEC Enrolment Fee In Edo by idahme(m): 9:45am On Mar 26
He has cashed out. 2M is too small na, choi

too small for some one earning 25k per month? do you know how many years that guy will save that money from his salary, that money is like 1 billion for someone earning 25k.
On a serious note the guy no try, greed for I'll gotten wealth has taken over this nation and it's very pathetic. The police should track him and bring him back to where he belongs which is the Nigerian correctional Center.
Fashion / Re: The Nasty Shoes A Lady Won From Online Giveaway That Got People Talking (Photos) by idahme(m): 9:37am On Mar 26
You dey find attention
After someone on the forum usually type
The female is future or the future is female .
So do not bring to the open your dirty linen .
Manage am like that

entitlement even in begging spree. a reciever can't box a giver what she must recieve. She has the right to reject and send it back but no she won't.
Crime / Re: Man Escapes Ritual Killing From Imo Hotel by idahme(m): 9:28am On Mar 26
They have a spare key.
If they wanted you dead for real,it would have been in the middle of the night when u'll be fast asleep.
They would have planted surveillance cams to bug you and then taken you out easily by poisoning,gas or arranged bedroom accident.

And to think you went back report to the same hotel you accused of attempted murder.

What do you expect him to do? The Hotel repudiated the terms of agreement by not providing a safe and habitable place which he paid for. The young man has every right to bring the hotel management to book, they cant feign ignorance in their backyard without a cost to go with it if the incident is true as reported by the public relations officer of the police..
Crime / Re: Man Escapes Ritual Killing From Imo Hotel by idahme(m): 9:21am On Mar 26

I'm neither Yoruba nor IBO but I don't like how some of you people behave on this forum especially Yoruba's
Funny enough there are actually more ritual cases In SW than SE.
Yall should stop this rubbish

It's really pathetic, hypocrisy in its ugliest state.
Crime / Re: Man Escapes Ritual Killing From Imo Hotel by idahme(m): 9:19am On Mar 26

Like seriously why are u yorubas like this ?
Is it dat yall do this on purpose or u actually have short memory ? undecided
Becoz it was just 3days ago we read here how ur brother in ogun state killed his wife and son...as in WIFE and SON for blood money.
Yet u are ones to first throw jab at others.
hmm nawa for una oh..
I only blame all the biased mods here.

any one who go so low doesn't need a reply from you.
Crime / Re: Man Escapes Ritual Killing From Imo Hotel by idahme(m): 9:17am On Mar 26
May God help us,

hope is'nt a plan to tarnish d hotel image
By their rivals

If Adams Oshomole could kneel to beg when a 10 billion naira defamation suit was brought against him who is the young man not to jitter for possible libel suit against him. The matter is already in the police
Crime / Re: Man Escapes Ritual Killing From Imo Hotel by idahme(m): 9:14am On Mar 26
Are u sure its not one of those Instagram skits dey want to use u to do?....hitting the one at d door with ur last strength... Hmmmm....if dem mean u Oga u wud av been a gunner....I'm not saying it can't happen tho

Didn't you read the public relations officer of the police response?
Romance / Re: Should Age Difference Be A Major Criterion? by idahme(m): 6:16am On Mar 26

I think men who think like that are very insecure.

Why would a woman need to be ten years younger for you to feel able to get along with your wife? It doesn’t even make logical sense.

Such a man doesn’t know what it means to be a husband and doesn’t know how to love and nurture his woman. Therefore he requires a person a decade or more younger so he can replace a woman’s natural submission that she gives in response to love with a submission based on him being her elder.

Men who think like that won’t make good husbands.

That he wished that difference doesn't make him not having capacity to make good husband. My parents age difference is 10years and I have wished everything I desire as a man from my dad, he is an epitome of Love, Care and knowledge. Where the problem lies is when the person puts the age difference thing as a criteria that must be gotten by all means. In my dad and mum it was when they were married already that they new the exact difference between their ages. in synopsis, every one has the right to wish for qualities and attributes he or she wished in a partner, just like a lady will wish to get married to a billionaire when she hasn't worked for a single thousand all her life does it mean she will always turn out to be a bad wife? your answer is as good as mine.

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Sports / Re: Mikel Obi Says That Conte Benched Him At Chelsea Because He Represented Nigeria by idahme(m): 5:20am On Mar 26
please when saying things like this,say it fact. If I remember correctly there was controversy surrounding is invitation with other players then which made him decide to stay put then.not that he didn't want to play for Nigeria.

The point I was trying to make is that he was a very important player for the Chelsea football club at that time and no coach will freeze him out whether he choose to play for the national team or not unlike his position in 2016 when he was just considered a club member by same coach making me to assert his claim as lame.

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