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Politics / Re: VAT: Oyo Generates More VAT Than The Whole Of South Eastern States Combined by Inspirelove: 1:24pm On Sep 21

Dumbo vat doesn't measure economy otondo

If value added Tax is not a measure of economy, what else sir ?
Politics / Re: VAT: Oyo Generates More VAT Than The Whole Of South Eastern States Combined by Inspirelove: 4:42pm On Sep 20

This Oyo?

The mistake u are making is that, people are living in those building and the people are eating, bathing and wearing cloths and VAT are takin from them.

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Politics / Re: Jubilation In Edo Over Shaibu’s Planned Defection From PDP by Inspirelove: 5:09pm On Sep 13
Who cursed the black race??

Ask Noah, what he said to Canaan because of the sin of Ham. pay attention to those words mentioned to him and relate to today's black race issues.

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Politics / Re: The States That Received Foreign Inflows In H1 2021 by Inspirelove: 6:25pm On Sep 09
There was a time that Oyo state used to be a good destination for investment. even Kwara has overtaken pace setter state. O ma se ooo

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Politics / Re: The States That Received Foreign Inflows In H1 2021 by Inspirelove: 6:24pm On Sep 09
the case of Lagos can be said to be its proximity to a 'functioning' seaport. And Abuja being the Capital, you have the case of expats staying there, thus chance of investments are high.

That might be part of the reasons but not all of it, sales, proximity to raw material and market, peace and security where the investment could be secured are factors working for Lagos as well as other southwest states.
Politics / Re: Akeredolu Bans Trading Unions, Associations Activities In Ondo Over Exploitation by Inspirelove: 6:15pm On Sep 09
God bless you Mr Governor for that laudable action. I have always wanted a governor that would be bold enough to stop all those stupid union in the southwest. Association awon iya lata and co... I hope Sanwoolu and that of Oyo state will follow suit. Once again Akeredolu God bless you.
Politics / Re: Lagos GAC Members Visit Tinubu In London (Photo) by Inspirelove: 7:27pm On Sep 03
Yoruba people visiting their god.
The greatest Yoruba man both dead and alive...
Even oduduwA no reach am.

Hail god of Yoruba land ! Puppet king of Lagos. Chief slave of Fulani caliphate. ... and oppressor of his fellows

clap for yourself for being stupid and lacking in wisdom.
Travel / Re: Lagos-Ibadan Expressway: FG Diverts Traffic 72hrs To Fix Flyover Beam by Inspirelove: 8:12pm On Jul 27
100 years from now, that road will still be under construction...mark my words.

The dark forces that reside in that road hate development that's why they frustrate every move by the government to make traffic there free flowing by manipulating the government into awarding the contract to fraudulent construction companies who will embezzle the money and leave the road in a worse state.

This I have seen.

You are wrong. that road has near completion. about 90% of the road has been completed on the Journey part only remaining Lagos and Ibadan inside town.
Culture / Re: Yorubas May Have Possible Partial Berber (north African Blood) by Inspirelove: 1:51pm On Jun 14

All yoruba groups were originally edoid who migrated west ward, and later intermixed with the few aborigines, nupes and fulani people over time

They kept their dark complexion to sgow their edo heritage, alongside some inherent ediod words

Ema tan ra yin je.. Yoruba migrated from Nowhere except Ile Ife... other groups might have come into our land that we assimilate them with their culture. how did Yoruba cross the Atlantic Ocean ? or it's pacific ocean ? why would they leave other parts of Nigeria especially their point of entry and came to Ile Ife to settle ? you people to give that away, our lives started from Ile Ife, it was water that separated Yoruba and Brazilian. go and study the Word Peleg. once u know the meaning go to the Bible and read what it means

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Phones / Re: Is Your Twitter App Still Loading? by Inspirelove: 8:37am On Jun 05
I'm an influencer, I have million of followers on twitter and Instagram but daily u keep using the same platform to insult your country and incite the young ones to act foolishly. you think you are destroying Buhari and his administration, now that it has been removed from the country, where do you get your free food ? u now see that without a country, u cannot have a dream ? this is just a tip of the Iceberg, just imagine this country goes into war ( God forbid).

Eku orire.


Politics / Re: Kemi Olunloyo: Ahmed Gulak Was Killed By Fulani Bandits by Inspirelove: 8:32am On May 31
Aunty Kemi, ore yin, why would Fulani trail him to south East when he is on his way to Abuja where Fulani are many ? the Fulani sabi the South East pass? it does not add up for me. we would wait till we have more information. God knows sha

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Politics / Re: Tinubu Receives Atiku At Airport As He Returns To Nigeria (Photos, Video) by Inspirelove: 11:16am On May 29

He's just running from pillar to post, his political career is dead when he was disgraced in Edo's election.

The people will hit the final nail to his coffin come 2023 if he dare to contest

Even you if you have PVC, u will vote for Tinubu when the time comes. wait and see..
Politics / Re: Constitution Review: Akeredolu Backs Return To 1963 Constitution by Inspirelove: 8:55pm On May 26
The only man worthy of being called south west leader.Tinubu is a janjaweedi arselicker tongue tongue

IF you understand the game of politics ( you will not speak like that, politics does not answer to your emotions no matter how high it runs, no one answers to you when their interest is being threatened)
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: More Cracks In APC Over ‘open’ Ticket by Inspirelove: 9:27am On May 25
Tinubu political career will be brought to a disgraceful end in 2023


u think by bringing another person down, u can rise? is it the reason for all of these insurgencies? is it the reason u are wasting your sons and daughters for silly agitation ? soon u will learn that sense is more powerful than physical strengths.
Religion / Re: Igbo Jews Hold Prayers For Israel At Onitsha Synagogue In Anambra (Photos) by Inspirelove: 1:33am On May 17
Black man with no identity, the Northern muslim would do rally in supports of Palestine and Some South-east would hold prayer in support of the Jew claiming they are Jew.. What is wrong with us ? It's a terrible thing not to be proud of who you are!
Culture / Re: Warri Succession Crisis: Oba Of Benin Wades In, Meets Ologbotsere by Inspirelove: 9:31pm On May 15
Yoruba and Bini are distance cousins is just the fact that no one can dispute however, we might not want to have a relationship with each other but will not change the known fact. let me state it categorically without mincing words that Yoruba does not need Edo to be a great Nation, we have been without them and we would continue to be without them but we are too civilized to deny facts the reason we refer to them as our cousins. if they do not want the association so be it.

....lol, bros nobody dey drag relevance with u...chop all the relevance for the world ......na u win...just read the comment that made me give this response and maybe u will realize that this rubbish u posted is not called for and is most definitely NOT relevant....enjoy the rest of ur day bro!
Culture / Re: Warri Succession Crisis: Oba Of Benin Wades In, Meets Ologbotsere by Inspirelove: 8:57pm On May 15

Say what you know stop circulating that oromiyan myth that holds no historical stands

But a false history coined after Nigeria amalgamation to unite bini and Yorubas into one ancestry for political benefit....

What is your point gan ? u have done no research work even if u are a graduate i doubt u did you project by yourself? what ordercity to discredit history that has been in existence even before your parents were born.

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Politics / Re: IGR: Ogun Targets Over ₦100 Billion In 2021 ― Governor Abiodun by Inspirelove: 3:22pm On May 09
Will all these IGR erode all the brown ROOFS in that region?

Just asking for a friend.....

Those brown roofs have sheltered millions of lives and many generations who have made and still making positive contributions all over the world. we are very proud of it. u can pay attention to your own region and leave us alone to enjoy our heritage.


Politics / Re: Olusegun Bamgbose: We Cannot Forgive Those Who Re-Elected Buhari In 2019 by Inspirelove: 8:38pm On Apr 27
You can wail as much as u want, PMB would complete his tenure and Nigeria shall be great for it. all of these terrors that u guys have unleashed on Nigerians will pass and evil doers would be cut off from the land.

How do you forgive unrepentant idiots when they can't be cured of idiocy? It's obvious that the broom they supported was first used to wipe sense off their brains before they thumb printed on the ballot...little wonder why they preferred someone who will keep a cow on a red carpet and place them in IDP camps.
Politics / Re: Makinde To Build ₦1.2 Billion New Governor’s Lodge in Abuja by Inspirelove: 5:08am On Apr 22
Only God knows how much he used to win the election of SWZ of PDP chairman, now another 1.2 Billion, our schools are begging for attention, face of the state is wearing off, our active young population are now okada riders. it hurts badly having a leader that is more politically motivated than the real governance.


Even with paucity of funds, Governor Seyi wants modern Lodge at Abyja. How many new clinics could be refurbished to modern levels with the money?

They all don't care


Business / Re: Shoprite Sells Nigerian Business To Property Company by Inspirelove: 4:44pm On Apr 14
This is so sad!!

Every foreign investor is jumping out of Nigerian market before the country erupts.

Yet some people are here blaming Twitter for steering clear of the mess called Nigeria?

why would they not ? when at the slightest protest, we they would loot and burn their goods..no thanks to Sorosoke idiots

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Politics / Re: South-West Zonal Congress: Who Triumphs Between Makinde, Fayose? by Inspirelove: 10:46am On Apr 12
both terrorism and stealing were introduced into politics by PDP.. the right thing to say about APC is party for infrastructure and economy diversification.

Ok na party of thieves why A PC is of terrorists
Education / Re: Another Strike Looms Over "Unpaid 10-Month Salary" - ASUU by Inspirelove: 7:09am On Mar 15
strike action, nonchalant attitude, unqualified teachers, dilapidated schools have killed the primary and secondary education in Nigeria( no thanks to Government, teachers and teachers union ). little do we know that it's what is making people poor as parents have to pay the tuition fees of their kids through their nose. coupled with the stupid method of younger ones not able to use their elder ones text books. No nation can attain a good standard of living without one form of subsidy from the government.

Now, these lecturers and government are gradually leading tertiary institutions through the path of destruction the way they led primary and secondary school education. selfishness and greediness are the way to define a black man born and bred on the African soil more to the ones born in Nigeria.

We are quick to blame government but we would be worst than them when given the opportunity.

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Education / Re: Enugu's Izuchukwu Godswill Edeani Wins National Scientists Presidential Award by Inspirelove: 6:42am On Mar 15
Unfortunately he is ruled by a very analogue president who cannot even define the meaning of science and has never passed any real examination in his life. Got into the Army with a recommendation letter from his principal without meeting the most basic WAEC requirement, failed all promotion exams and became a General by quota system

He cannot define it but knows it's important enough to give the award to encourage Nigerians to embrace science? I would rather choose to be great like Buhari without WAEC than to have PHD and my name not known, hatred does more evil to you than the person u hate.
Crime / Re: Headless Body Of Lady Found In An Uncompleted Building In Delta (Graphic Photos) by Inspirelove: 1:55pm On Mar 09
The heart of man is desperately wicked. People will commit all manners of atrocities for economic consideration. their end would be bad.

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Sports / Re: Isreal Adesanyo Loses UFC259 Fight Against Jan Blachowicz by Inspirelove: 10:36am On Mar 07
Do not worry bro, come what may, we are proud of you, we are proud of who you have become. Ti esin ba gbe ni san'le a ma n tungun ni ( when u fall off at the back of a horse, you climb it again. more wins will come your way. love man
Politics / Re: FG To Sell Oil In Naira To Dangote Refinery by Inspirelove: 8:39am On Feb 28
Honestly human beings cannot be satisfied more to an African Nigerian, the Chinese are investing heavily in Nigeria infrastructure, we are say they mortgaging our sovereignty to China, now our own very Dangote is doing his best for our country instead of being grateful we want to start smear campaign against him.


The plan is to sell to themselves at cheap rates so they can resell to us, and export at a good rate.

The name Dangote is a haven for all political fraud.

They make up Dangote. Dangote is just a name.


Business / Re: Cryptocurrency: We Acted In Nigerians’ Best Interest – Emefiele by Inspirelove: 8:32am On Feb 24
Digital money issued by who ? please tell me the person that issued it and on whose authority ? if any bank has issue today CBN can help out, if crypto has issue who shall you cry to ? these guys are scammers, they know Africans will believe anything coming from them.

They don’t know what they’re saying? Because United States commented negative about it doesn’t make it right.

Bitcoin remains the digital money for the future.

Bitcoin remains bullish, records shows that it usually goes bearish every 4 years around September. We expect the bullish to reach its peak around April this year.

No panic friends it’s just 30% loss

Politics / Re: How Yoruba Shielded Hausa And Hausa Protected Yoruba During Sasha Violence by Inspirelove: 3:59pm On Feb 21
Those beating the drum of war, you can see that no absolute victor in war. both side will lose, please let us give peace a chance, there was humanity before tribe.
Politics / Re: Sanwo-Olu Commissions Ajeromi Ifelodun LG Secretariat Burnt During EndSARS Riots by Inspirelove: 4:04pm On Feb 20
Eni begi loju, Igi aruwe. Lagos will not be surrendered to the will of the enemies in Jesus Name

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Politics / Re: Lekki Toll Gate: Seyi Tinubu, Sunday Dare Exposed By Bank Documents - Peoples Ga by Inspirelove: 9:31pm On Feb 14
The protests you and your kind encouraged and boasted you'd participate in, and participated in, saw to the destruction of a huge amount of private and public properties in Lagos.

People's livelihoods were shattered, the pieces of which they're still picking to this day. Pictures abound on the internet that bear testament to this.

Folks, and even the Lagos state government, are yet to recover from this, notwithstanding, destructive characters like you are still asking that people protest some more, poking holes in all attempts by the government to ensure all that destruction don't reoccur.

The alleged crimes for which you encourage these protests and destruction happened even more in your region, notably Anambra by Akwuzu SARS, but, in your characteristic deviousness, you've not seen any reason to call for or encourage protests in Anambra. Why is that so? Are the blood of those spilled in Lagos any more important than those of your blood brothers spilled in Anambra?

Why cant the protests hold in Anambra? Why arent you calling for the head of that idiot called Peter Obi?

Even the dolt you adore with all your heart, one Nnamdi Kanu, did the same. Two peas in a pod, the two of you.

Lagos will not only survive, she will thrive to your utter displeasure.

Your plans will FAIL!

Is a sad situation, should any sane and reasonable fellow ever encourage any group of idiots to protest considering the quantum of lives and properties that were destroyed in the last protest?. Some pundits put it at 12 billion US dollar that is about the size of Rwanda economy but their hatred for Tinubu and Lagos has made them to act without any iota of sanity. Lagos will not fail rather it will continue to flourish and prosper as the Lord liveth in Jesus Name.

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Politics / Re: Lekki Toll Gate: Seyi Tinubu, Sunday Dare Exposed By Bank Documents - Peoples Ga by Inspirelove: 1:12pm On Feb 14

Thank you bro.

Now please use this same thinking to protest against Awkuzu massacre victims and Obigbo killing victims.

Also please let me know the date of the protest so that the Yorubas can join in solidarity and protest alongside you in Anambra and Rivers. Even tho I’m not home I can sponsor people to come there and help you.

When are we also protesting Peter Obi who invested into his personal business with Anambra money? Did it not happen? When are we bringing Peter Obi to justice for supervising the Awkuze incident?

I heard they invited him to the panel they set up and he failed to show up. This is a direct insult against the victims and the Igbo people in general and we must bring Peter Obi to book to face justice.

Again, please when will the protest happen in Anambra, we need to destroy all Peter Obi business and investment because he is a traitor against his people and the Yorubas will join you in solidarity to protest in Anambra.

Thanks in anticipation to your action.

Your head dey lol..

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