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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Should I Stay In Nigeria Or Travel To Ghana My In-law Place In Search Of Job by Ironi: 7:20pm On May 07, 2021
You people don't get it, do you?

There are no jobs in Ghana.

Ghana is a small place and Ghanaians are struggling for jobs so how do Nigerians with their huge population like rabbits invade Ghana for jobs.

This makes Ghanaians very wary and is one of the major reasons why Ghanaians are being protective and rightfully so.

They would be damned if they sit unconcerned and allow Nigeria with their huge population to overrun their country .

Between, I don't seem to understand why Nigerians want to run to Ghana.
Nigeria has all the indicators for any young person to succeed if you work hard. Huge population, vast land, lots of natural resources and lots of oil money! Where else can one be successful?

Don't go to Ghana and mess up the little they have, just stay the fck off !


Sports / Re: Manchester United Fans Burn American Flag In Protest Against Club Owners(Photos) by Ironi: 4:32am On Apr 26, 2021

I don’t need to tell you anything..

I have friends that have lived in Ghana before so I know what I’m saying..

Besides, the motive of my post is that Nigeria is not in any form of beef with Ghana.

Bloggers and unfortunate people should go rest!

“ l have friends who have lived in Ghana ... “

Total rubbish !

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Sports / Re: Manchester United Fans Burn American Flag In Protest Against Club Owners(Photos) by Ironi: 5:38pm On Apr 25, 2021

Nigeria don’t care about Ghana but you people dey look for all means to create what’s not existing..

Ghana is not up to Nigeria standard, even with the corruption and bad leaders..

Because angry fans burnt a flag, e main say Britains are jealous of America? I hope you get it right soonest!

So can you tell us what standard Nigeria has that Ghana doesn’t have ?

Nobody is telling me anything, I want to understand so I’ll start respecting Nigeria !


Sports / Re: Manchester United Fans Burn American Flag In Protest Against Club Owners(Photos) by Ironi: 3:07pm On Apr 25, 2021
You just come online and start writing rubbish.
How can a brit be jealous of an American? Have you ever been to the UK?

The british society Is what the Americans are praying to achieve for many years now, some teachers in schools in united states don't allow their students speak using words like ain't, yeah, fork you and all that, they want their students to speak using the normal British English.
Try watch lots of American high school movies then you will know what i am talking about and lastly, Britain is one and the only true ally of the united states of America, do you know why each elected president of the united states of America always makes it very important to visit the Queen? Go and do your research about it.
The united states might have a higher military ability but Britain will forever be the Queen mother of America.

And lastly, Ghana and Nigeria are not in a secret competition, the fact that there is corruption and insecurity in Nigeria don't give you the right to put Nigeria and Ghana in a supremacy battle, that's an insult to more than 200 million Nigerians.
Anyways i don't blame you, because maybe you feel that because Twitter puts it's headquarter in Ghana, now means Ghana is better than Nigeria.
If not for our useless government and unstable business environment, i am sure by now there will be more Africans using 2go than those using Twitter or Facebook.
But Nigeria government keeps frustrating innovations.

You also just posted some crap!

There is no competition between Ghana and Nigerian and I think it’s Nigeria that has this bloated illusion of being better than everybody just because they have a big population.

Now Nigeria must make noise about any company that decides to set base in Ghana. How dare they go to Ghana and not Nigeria, they would lament . Just keep wallowing in you bloated egos and illusions.

Now , pray tell , can you give one reason why Nigeria is better than Ghana ?

Break it down , I want to understand the source of your illusions !

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Politics / Re: Why More International Firms Prefer Ghana To Nigeria by Ironi: 12:40pm On Apr 19, 2021
Nigerians and bad belly .

Instead of blaming Ghana for your problems, try dealing with the problems which is making Nigerian unattractive . The issues are real.

Bottom line , Nigeria is less stable than Ghana and the reasons are real so deal with it and fix it !

Nigerians should also relax because companies setting up HQs in Ghana and targeting Nigerian markets does not mean Nigeria would not reap benefits too. It will be a win win.

I don’t know why Nigerians are becoming upset other than bad belly!
Agriculture / Re: 4 Benin Republic Ministers Meet Nigerian Rice Farmers by Ironi: 12:52pm On Mar 10, 2021

They are a lot of caneroinians and Ghanaians in akwa cross claiming Nigeria

Why would a Ghanaian call himself a Nigerian??

Yeye Nigerians, something small happen then Nigerians would start forming , we are the giants, we are the supper power , we are the big brother , we are sought after in the world ..blah blah blah..!

Meanwhile, you can’t even wipe your nyansh at home and your citizens are a real nuisance any where they are found!!

Comot from there jor, you sef !
Family / Re: Wife Can't Tell Who Impregnated Her Between Her Husband & Her Father-In-Law by Ironi: 3:23pm On Jan 16, 2021
Disgraceful Nigerians, will Bleep anything , anytime and anywhere.

Nigerians and sex are like dog and bone .

See population..206m now

Soso fucki fucki

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Politics / Re: Boko Haram: West Has Shown More Concern Than Arab Nations – Borno Gov, Zulum by Ironi: 2:14pm On Jan 06, 2021
Why do we Africans like to beg without any shame at all ?

Here is Nigeria with its huge Oil wealth and supposedly one of the richest in Africa asking for help from Palestinians !!!

Guess what , Arabs don’t give a fck about you because they know you have oil too and should be able to take care of yourself and help others , you dumb fck !

Wtf !


Crime / Re: Man Kills His Pregnant Girlfriend In Jigawa, Sentenced To Death By Hanging by Ironi: 5:48pm On Dec 31, 2020
Nigerians are generally mentally unstable people !

Killing is a second nature to Nigerians !
Family / Re: Woman Celebrates As Her Husband Marries A Second Wife (Photo) by Ironi: 7:59pm On Dec 20, 2020

Its more honorable to marry more than one wife than keep many side chicks with STD's.
Christians find it difficult to practice their religion due to hypocrisy.

You are crazy ass if you are suggesting christians should stone a woman to death because it’s written in the bible.

Christians understand that what you read is the life of a people in a long gone by era and applying teachings of a BC era to 20th century era must be done with a lot of common sense if sanity is to be maintained in society.

Apparent Islam has no application of common sense at all and picks a 7th century lifestyle and slaps it right in the middle of 20th century.

That is why you are even thought how to fart , how to shit , how to Bleep , bath ..etc

Makes your religion too barbaric to be even thought of.


Travel / Re: Ghanaian Airport Staff Caught After Stealing From Travelers (Video) by Ironi: 10:28pm On Dec 18, 2020

Many Ghanaians have no good reputation. I can tell you first hand. They are just as criminally minded as their brothers all over Africa. They hide behind the so-called "good reputation" to fleece foreigners (as in other Africans), who they hate covertly. A typical Ghanaian will invite a Chinese with open arms, treat him like a god, but despise other Africans. The hatred for Nigerians is on another level. The only difference between an average Ghanaian xenophobist and a South African one is that the SA guys do not hide it.

In many places in Ghana, a landlord will not allow you to rent his house if he knows you are Nigerian. It is that bad.

We have just finished dealing with two persons who tried to dupe a friend of mine of 4,000 cedis he paid for accommodation. By the time we applied the heat, they were fished out and detained and made to cough out every last pesewa.

Or is it the police that collect 2 cedis from tro tro drivers? Make I no talk abeg.
No time for rubbish!

If you ever have any real estate investment to do in Ghana, be it rent payment or land lease or acquisition, you should be VERY CAREFUL. They are the worst.

You saw what happened with the Nigerian embassy. They do this all over the place.

They used year of return to deceive a lot of diasporans to come to Ghana. But many of them are starting to see they have been tricked. People are now beginning to catch on.

We hear una, bad belly.

Thank you very much for your rubbish !

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Travel / Re: Pictures Of The Lagos-Abeokuta-Ibadan Railway by Ironi: 6:21am On Dec 14, 2020
I weep for Africa!

There is nothing , nothing whatsoever to celebrate here because in 5 years none of the trains we see there will be functioning and the shiny stations we see will be completely run-down and looking like a shit station and the rail system will be collapsed and we shall be back to square one.

You don’t need to be steep in any analytics to come to this conclusion !

We just don’t have what it takes to take this shiny stations and trains beyond 5years !

I’m not playing Nostradamus, just a simple observation of the clueless African!


Religion / Re: Ghanaian Court Returns Ownership Of Winners Chapel Ghana To Bishop Oyedepo by Ironi: 11:06am On Dec 08, 2020
I’m sure people would rush to say thank God, bla bla

Let’s thank Ghanaian justice, which was is at work.

Quarrels and dispute ought to be settled in court, and fortifying African institutions should be the new model.

Exactly my sentiments, shows how fairness is played in Ghana, can you say same of Nigeria .??

A big indicator of how and why laws work in Ghana!

If this were to be happening in Nigeria and the tables were turned , everybody including the government will be supporting the Nigerian especially his tribesmen.

The Nigerian sense of right and fairness does not exist, a huge reason why Nigerians are typically lawless !!

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Politics / Re: Chinese Supplier Blames ‘Bad Luck’ For Frequent Locomotive Breakdown by Ironi: 4:18pm On Dec 04, 2020
The Chinese are very eager to come to Africa because they find Africa a soft spot and would gobble any crap they throw at us. We don’t produce anything and we don’t know shit so they can afford to send us garbage at a cheap price and we would be very happy.

China as a country also have their issues for they are still a developing country doing wonders and not fully entered the realm of the so-called developed countries. They are still pirating and stealing technology from the the west.

We must see any stuff we get from China at this point as half good and partly garbage, they are still learning too.

They see Africa as an extension of China and have less regard for us.

That is what they are doing. Everywhere in Africa , the Chinese are flooding the market with cheap bad goods and some are also very dangerous. The situation is going to get worse in the years ahead because the Chinese would be well entrenched and Africa’s dependence would be irreversible.

You see , China coming to Africa is good but We Africans must wise up and be very smart and engage the Chinese shoulder to shoulder and insist on the best for Africa because they are not going anywhere and they need us as much as we need. We also have what they want.

We must do exactly what the Chinese did with the west to reach where they are today.

We should not just sign contracts and go to sleep. We must insist and work with them on technology transfer, we must understudy them and we must insist on our people being part of management and the work force else they would sign contracts and bring their own and Africa would gain nothing at the long run.

We should engage them and be smart and read the fine prints in everything, we should prioritize our needs and don’t take loans you can’t afford to service and make sure you are maximizing your benefits for any loan.

This is the last ride for Africa and we must hang on it and make sure we are maximizing our gains because they are shrewd and clever too.

The Chinese coming to Africa is good for us and I dare say, it’s one of the best things happening to Africa since eba and kpanla.

No other developed or western country is ready or prepared to offer us what the Chinese are doing , they are simply not in the position to do that. They don’t have the money like China and have simply run out of gas.

The Chinese on the other hand at this point have the money and are willing to invest, they are happy and ready to come to Africa where they find as soft and likely to have more control and leverage.

Fact is , the Chinese are coming to Africa but the question is , is Africa ready for them?

Are we ready for prime time because if we are not , we shall be colonized the second time !
Celebrities / Re: Anna Banner Graduates From Ghana University With 2nd Class Upper (Photos) by Ironi: 8:57am On Nov 29, 2020
ex Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria Graduates from a University in Ghana
Something that is supposed to be the other way round shocked

I won't give up on this country yet,
I go dey pray make she get well soon.

Shame of a nation.

Why should it be the other way round ?
Politics / Re: Policeman Shoots Bike Rider During An Argument In Lagos by Ironi: 6:02pm On Nov 27, 2020
Are Nigerians that stupid, can’t they get a car for the dying man?

You want put him behind motor ?

Dumbasses !
Crime / Re: 2 Suspects Arrested For Eating Roasted Police Officers’ Flesh In Oyo by Ironi: 4:23pm On Nov 21, 2020
And when they say Nigerians are cannibals you say what ?

Nigerians and cannibalism is like 6 9 !
Crime / Re: Dad-of-2 Who Had Sex With Chickens And His Own Dog Jailed In England by Ironi: 2:27pm On Nov 21, 2020
Having sex with animals is Nigerians pass time so stop being hypocritical!

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Celebrities / Re: Chris Omashola: Davido Is The Biggest Artist In Africa, He Is Bigger Than Wizkid by Ironi: 2:24pm On Nov 16, 2020
Yeah , with the crapy music he produces !

I’ll give it to him though, he was able to market himself well by chasing American artist for photo ops and begging for collaboration and splashing it everywhere to make him look good. It paid off and earned him some recognition..

Good marketing strategy, Davido !

Other artists must learn from Davido .
Crime / Re: My Aunt Husband Showed Me ‘Blue Film’ Before Sleeping With Me - 13-Year-Old Girl by Ironi: 2:50pm On Oct 15, 2020
Nigerians always having sex with helpless children and babies ?

Such a twisted minded people !

Nigerians and South Africans, who are better ?

Neanderthals galore !

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Crime / Re: 10-Month-Old Girl Dies After Being Raped By Her Father In US (Photos) by Ironi: 1:37pm On Oct 08, 2020

What rubbish is that....why are you talking in the nonsense

Nigerians are always fucking children and babies , very common.

I’m not making it up , you can check the archives of these pages !


Crime / Re: 10-Month-Old Girl Dies After Being Raped By Her Father In US (Photos) by Ironi: 1:25pm On Oct 08, 2020
Is he a Nigerian or half Nigerian ?

Must be related to a Nigerian grin grin grin

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Politics / Re: American Blasts Nigerian Uber Driver For Hating On Trump, Calls Nigeria “trash” by Ironi: 5:14am On Oct 05, 2020
Ooh ..Did she say Nigerians smell like armpit and butt ??

Man, this lady with a horse tail behind her head has some fcking acid mouth !
Politics / Re: Piotr Cywinski Writes Buhari Over Umar Farouq Sentenced For Blasphemy by Ironi: 4:50pm On Sep 26, 2020

Yes, doesn’t make sense at all, does it?

Common mortals will fight and kill for a supposedly omnipotent and omnipresent God.

Doesn’t it occur to them that, that powerful a God doesn’t need their stupid and mundane efforts!

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Politics / Re: Piotr Cywinski Writes Buhari Over Umar Farouq Sentenced For Blasphemy by Ironi: 4:43pm On Sep 26, 2020
They are telling you how dumb and backward your society is !


Crime / Re: Cameroonian Woman Kills Her 2 Children, Prepares Meal With Their Bodies (Graphic by Ironi: 3:15pm On Sep 24, 2020
Don't tell me cannibalism is gradually coming back to real life.

Is it not practiced in Nigeria ?
Romance / Re: ‘Reduce Your Sex Rounds’ — Ghanaian Police Officer Advises Personnel by Ironi: 6:18pm On Sep 23, 2020

But Ghana is like 3 states in Nigeria. Your comparison doesn't add up. You can't compare the population of Nigeria with Ghana without also comparing their size. Actually, 30 Milla is a lot for a little country like Ghana.

I agree, but Nigerians still like fucki fucki pass all, na lie ?

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Romance / Re: ‘Reduce Your Sex Rounds’ — Ghanaian Police Officer Advises Personnel by Ironi: 3:51pm On Sep 23, 2020
Between Ghana and Nigeria, which country is more sexually active

Nigerians win hands down !

Nigerian men will Bleep anything that moves , ashawo, babies, goats, cows, mad women... etc . They don’t discriminate cheesy

The women , just go to Europe , na there you go see something !

Now fucki fucki for Nigeria everywhere , baby factories another level ..

Your population is not 200million for nothing

Nigeria - 200million
Ghana - 30million

Now tell me who like fucki fucki cheesy

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Business / Re: More Hardships For Nigerian Traders In Ghana Despite Truce by Ironi: 8:00pm On Sep 22, 2020
It is not "quite" but "quiet." Learn to spell correctly next time before quoting me, I have no business with dullards. No insult intended, just being realistic.
Don’t even go there , you little twerp; want to talk about spelling with me ?
Business / Re: More Hardships For Nigerian Traders In Ghana Despite Truce by Ironi: 5:37pm On Sep 22, 2020
Actually Ghana did it first in 1969, when they drove out Nigerians, this is just a back and forth issue, I'll paste you an excerpt from an article sharing the experience then, note how the Nigeria tagged it 'aliens' citing reasons for deporting 'undocumented' immigrants during shagari time.
My little time in Ghana I must say alot of folks there don't like Nigerians, don't know it's just inbuilt but get ready to be exploited when they know you can't speak or understand Twi and you're Nigerian, o kpa ri, the ones I had good rapor with where guys we grew up together in Nigeria who usually aided me navigate the country, plus those Ghanaians who have lived outside the shores of Ghana, yeah those kind are pretty reasonable and welcoming.

"... When he was 14 and in elementary school,
back in 1969, he had witnessed the then-
Ghanaian prime minister, Kofi Busia,
invoke the Aliens Compliance Order and
deport an estimated 2.5-million
undocumented African migrants, the
majority of whom were Nigerians.
The Nigerians had grown annoyingly
enterprising, their business acumen
sharper, to the detriment of Ghanaian
businesses. Even in Ghana’s instability,
Nigerian traders managed to have
everything — and at cheaper prices —
Adjei said.
The resulting fear shook the Nigerians
affected. Most had intermarried, and
traced their roots back to trade
relationships between the two regions,
even before colonial rule.
There was one crucial difference between
the Nigerians expelled from Ghana in
1969 and the Ghanaians expelled from
Nigeria in 1983: the Nigerians had money,
said Green Ndume, a Nigerian media
entrepreneur who has lived in Ghana for
a decade. “I’ve interacted with those who
were affected. Unlike the artisans and
teachers expelled in Nigeria, they were
rich. They were traders in kola nut who
made big money and built houses. They
left their houses or sold them cheaply.”
Nonetheless, in their haste to flee, the
Nigerian deportees suffered. “I saw what
it was. They were stuck at the Aflao
[Togo] border. People died there and it
was a humanitarian issue,” Adjei said. The
government’s announcement had
emboldened ordinary Ghanaians, who
taunted the foreigners. Even before the
deadline, Adjei remembered chants of:
“Go home, go home! What are you still
doing here?”

You can read up the entire article on the source :atavist.mg.co.za/ghana-must-go-the-ugly-history-of-africas-most-famous-bag.

Stop giving false information!

Why do you people like reducing everything to Nigeria , Nigeria ..because of Nigeria

Busia’s aliens compliance order was not about Nigerians !!

It was about aliens , it would have been Nigerians compliance order !

In the 60’s Ghana was the place to be and Ghana had Africans from all over making Ghana home.

When the economy took a nose dive after Nkrumah and Busia came he thought there were too many aliens than the country can handle and sent them packing.

Well, Nigeria did the same when it felt there were too many aliens than it can handle.

I personally don’t have problems with policies like that. I believe countries should be able to regulate the influx of foreigners into their country unless you don’t have a problem with foreigners taking over ...

Immigrants and foreigners help build your country but when from all intent and purposes they become too hot to handle then it makes sense to advise yourself .

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