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Politics / Re: How Buhari’s Government Investigated Kemi Adeosun’s NYSC Certificate Scandal by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 7:25pm On Sep 16, 2018
She left because she was charged to court and had no defense.

Remember, the petitioner is asking she return all salaries she received since 2015.

She just ran away.

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Politics / Re: Falana Advises Govt To Handle $43.4m Cash Haul With Care by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 4:39pm On Apr 17, 2017
Well said, JonaDunce's NIA DG should be fired immediately for covertly hiding our cocoyams when many of our Biafran women and children are starving to death.


Same character from childhood to adulthood. No sign of slightest maturity.

What a pity
Politics / Re: Stella Oduah Linked With N15bn Found In Lagos Home by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 7:13pm On Apr 13, 2017
The money belongs to EFCC. Ask yourself where are the trillions EFCC have recovered since the agency was setup?

These are the monies they have been recovering but refused to account for it.

It is time to stylishly give it back to the government through the back door.
Politics / Re: NDIGBO, What Exactly Is Rochas Okorocha Sin? by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 7:47pm On Jul 25, 2016
maybe op you should also tell us why you hate ikpeazu

Wanne, hara ndekaewe, ejighiwe anya ahu Onye Ngwa nno l'isi, ekpe-ehnre wee la anyi mbu ndii boi wee..

A buwe ndi anya ufu.

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Politics / Re: NDIGBO, What Exactly Is Rochas Okorocha Sin? by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 7:39pm On Jul 25, 2016
I do not Hate Ikpeazu..
Btw Ikpeazu is with a stolen mandate, you and I Know that Otti won that Election, PDP rigged it with that fraudulent 3 local govt result.


You have the crowd, continue the hate until it engulfs you.

See a chronic hater and Ngwaphobic trying to sound logical. Continue deceiving yourself.

Get lost and do your worst or better still commit suicide because Dr Okezie will be the Governor of Abia State till 2023.


Politics / Re: 14 Rare Classic Pictures Of Nigeria In The 60s and 70s by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 5:43pm On Jul 23, 2016
Stop talking rubbish. Lagos was a hellhole filled with trash on the streets, heaps of refuse, heavy traffic with Molues and danfos, with armed robbers everywhere, including child kidnappers (gbomo gbomo), who used kids for money rituals. Places like Oshodi, Mushin, Shomolu etc, where virtual no-go areas for most decent people. Totally rowdy, filthy and disorganized. Today those places look very different. Today you have BRT. You have this, you have that. Please stop romanticising the past. You probably couldn't live in it.

Is like you are a sadist. The age where we had social order and we knew who we are (may be who we were) unlike today.

The truth is that I will comfortably take care of you and your family within 2 hours of wide chase expedition in a nearby forest in those days.

Happiness is a standard for measuring satisfaction and our generation had it full.


Politics / Re: NNPC APPOINTMENT: PMB's Northanisation Policy In Progress by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 8:24pm On Jul 04, 2016
Some never believed this news a year ago but it is fully coming to fruition.

Buhari In Secret Meeting With Northern Leaders, Urged To Pay Off Buhari, Tinubu And Other Demands

The details of a secret meeting between newly sworn-in President Muhammadu Buhari and some northern leaders have been revealed. The meeting took place at the presidential villa on Saturday night, 30th May, 2015.

These northern leaders told Buhari not to make the kind of mistake Dr Jonathan made by not massively developing the Niger Delta.

They asked Buhari to treat the north, mostly north-west and north-east like every day is his last day in office, citing the long absence of a northerner at the helm of affairs.

The Nigerian President was inaugurated at the Eagles Square in Abuja, on May 29, 2015.

Buhari, 72, defeated Goodluck Jonathan in March 28 elections — the first time in Nigeria’s history that an opposition candidate had beaten a sitting president.

An insider and attendee at the nocturnal meeting who demanded anonimity, squeaked to our reporters that the northern leaders made eight demands from Buhari, including:

1. Appointment of core northern Muslims in to key positions in the country.

2. Extra financial support for the 19 northern states.

3. Amnesty for Boko Haram, so that it would be an avenue to empower northern youths.

4. To establish a world class petroleum university in Katsina state.

5. To build another refinery in Kano state.

6. To pay off Tinubu and Amaechi for sponsoring his campaign, so that his presidency can be truly a northern presidency.

7. To place Ankio Briggs and Asari Dokubo on DSS watch list, seize their passports, because they can turn the Niger Delta region against his presidency.

8. And lastly they asked him not to honour the gay agreement between his party (APC) and the western countries.
Sources said Buhari agreed to try his best in the first seven demands, but he is not so sure of the last demand which is the gay agreement with western countries, because he is scared they would fight him, destabilize his government, and possibly edge him out like they did to Dr Jonathan.

The meeting had in attendance, Governors El Rufai, Aminu Masari, Abdulahi Ganduje of Kano, and Ibrahim Shehu Shema of Katsina respectively.
Others are Atiku Abubakar, Ibrahim Coomassie, Adamu Ciroma, Yusuf Maitama Sule, and Muhammad Danjuma Goje.

Meanwhile Aides of President Buhari, yesterday, explained why the president did not declare his assets publicly. They said he will make his assets known to Nigerians within the first 100 days of his stay in power in line with his pledge before the election.

Mixed reactions followed yesterday, on the report that the president and Vice-President Yemi Osinbajo had submitted their assets declaration to the Code of Conduct Bureau without immediately making them public.

A civil rights group, Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project, SERAP, argued that it was imperative for the duo to make public their assets. It said the action will indicate “their desire and commitment to ending corruption in the country.”

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, on its part, said it would allow Buhari to settle down for governance before taking him to task on his campaign promises.
However, some notable Nigerians disagreed over call for the public declaration of assets by the president and his vice president.



Politics / Re: 2,000 Suspended Immigration Personnel Protest In Abuja by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 1:41pm On Jun 15, 2016
Koboko69, Go and tell them that they were fraudulently recruited and "quackly" trained.

Riffraff that got no sympathy for humanity except on political exigencies still got opinions when humans are discussing.


Politics / Re: Ngige's Threat To Banks; See Labour Acts Breached By Banks: Know Your Right!!! by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 12:25pm On Jun 13, 2016
Devil calling saints names.

Lai Mohammed


Ngwakwe, i know your antecedents. You are never objective neither do u reason logically. From your response so far, you are the one after politics. I have always known you to support fraud. So because i am after worker's welfare, illegality should become legal? Those dismissed for fraudulent activities should be recalled? What a pathetic reasoning, you are one of the reasons Nigeria is Fantastically corrupt.
Politics / Re: Ngige's Threat To Banks; See Labour Acts Breached By Banks: Know Your Right!!! by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 11:25am On Jun 13, 2016

Which thousands where disengaged? The last time i checked, those disengaged where either disengaged for illegal recruitment, or for corruption or disciplinary purposes.When it comes to labour law, we have to give it to thr government, weather PDP or APC, they abide by it to a fault. The main problem is usually from the private sector.

What kind of unenlightened reply is this?

I thought you had the interest of workers welfare at heart hence my solidarity but unfortunately you are after politics and vainglory.


Politics / Re: Ngige's Threat To Banks; See Labour Acts Breached By Banks: Know Your Right!!! by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 10:44am On Jun 13, 2016
You are right. However, the Federal Government set the precedence when they disengaged thousands from custom to immigration to DSS and so many other agencies and parastatals without recourse to the same Labour laws you cited.

FG can't be lawless and at same time wants others to comply. Things don't work that way.


Politics / Re: Only True Federalism Can Resolve Nigeria’s Problems – Ambode by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 10:40pm On Jun 12, 2016

If u know the powers of the national assembly And the masses u will not blame Buhari for anything

Young man stop arguing and take to heart what people of experiences are saying.

Stop commenting for the sake of it. This is Nigeria and we know what gives.
Politics / Re: Only True Federalism Can Resolve Nigeria’s Problems – Ambode by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 10:19pm On Jun 12, 2016
Stop assuming you know anything more than your elders. The ability to get a consensus in Nigeria is near zero without war. The only available and implementable agreement that will keep this country afloat is the CONFAB recommendations. Be it known to you that Buhari is not going to convocate any SNC and even if he does, there won't be a consensus and this will further polarize the country which will be the beginning of disintegration.

Spewing trash online because of political persuasion is not maturity and doesn't help analysis.

The structure of the government is a problem hence the political will rest squarely on Mr President and not precisely on NASS.

That is the truth, and the only way to do this is true constitutional amendment, because I read the so called confab report and was disappointed (create 18 more state, 17% derivation of natural resources and constitutional presidency rotation)

The national assembly need to raise and do this for us, only them can do this, if Buhari refuse to sign VETO him.... Let the southern cacus of the Senate initiate the process and then leave the rest for us

We will occupy the whole Abuja till that ammendment is passed... . But they know they benefit from the present system and won't want change... And now they lie and tell people to blame Buhari

We need to hold our representatives responsible and not Buhari


Politics / Re: Nwokocha-Ahaaiwe: "Buhari Never Sat For WASC" by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 8:49am On Jun 11, 2016
I'm just waiting to hear "Court blast Buhari for delay tactics" because we all know that this case came before Dasukigate and needs to be dispense first.

First-come, first-served

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Politics / Re: Eleven State Donate 55,000 Hectares Of Land by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 5:54pm On Jun 03, 2016
Ranching is definitely not a bad idea..

That's the truth but the herdsmen should pay for any land allocated to them in Abuja to be precise.
Politics / Re: Archbishop Obinna Abused By Pro-Biafran Protesters by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 8:44pm On Jun 02, 2016

You are still pained that your were unceremoniously and disgracefully sacked.
We we're told that you were using your position to reveal identities of members to your IPOB people.

I am not a tout that behaves like fo0l to get at nonexisting enemy, rather I am a proud deeperlifer whose life in a shining light to youngsters and parents.

It seems you take Nairaland to be a sort of National Assembly. I was paid my gratuity by a multi-national French Company on a senior position after putting my best hence I don't need ceremony from Seun after a free voluntary service and moreover, is there any moderator that was ceremonially sent off here starting from Aisha, Jarius to sexkillz, ishilove, ogugua88, maclatunji etal?

I support a noble agitation that doesn't shade innocent blood.
Politics / Re: Archbishop Obinna Abused By Pro-Biafran Protesters by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 5:47pm On Jun 02, 2016

See the kind of person you once made a moderator on this forum! An IPOB

Please for goodness sake never you think I'm in Seun's class. That I once did a humanitarian service of moderating Nairaland does bring me down to his level.

Anonymousity of Nairaland shouldn't warrant you to insult me.
Politics / Re: Breaking News Many Dead Bodies Of Massob Ipod Members In Onitsha by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 10:25am On May 31, 2016
When boko haram was wrecking havoc on the north east, people down south saw the massacre as that of parasitic a:bok!s murdering @b0ki....now the tide is gradually turning, and it's time for some to groan, while while gnash...

Are Nigeria Soldiers the new Bokoharam?

In northeast, soldiers fight to save civilians, In Eastern Nigeria, Soldiers shot and kill unarmed civilians.

Why should the army be agent of destabilization?

When Ogoni declared Independence in 2013, no civilian was killed, when Biafrans took over Enugu Government house in 2013/14, no civilian was killed. Pray tell Nigerians what system the government then used to suppress the agitation without bloodshed?


Politics / Re: The 10 Suspects Arrested By The Army Are Workers In My Palace: Gbaramatu Monarch by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 8:20am On May 31, 2016

I have, I read it on the website even before it made it here:

This is a screenshot, compare to "edited" version by the sucky Gani... and where did the "unfortunate" to be in the area come from?

Have you ever seen criminals ever willingly accede? They will cling to their "innocence" to the very end..

The first paragraph in your "choose and pick" screenshot reads:

But just as the battle rages for the soul of the
Niger Delta, some eyewitnesses who saw the arrest of the 10 “suspects”, have revealed that just like the five Chevron contract workers who were found innocent and released, those who were picked up last Saturday were just workers in the area.

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Politics / Re: The 10 Suspects Arrested By The Army Are Workers In My Palace: Gbaramatu Monarch by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 7:41am On May 31, 2016

How come the article and the heading have no relationship?

Is the reply button and comment box running away? Why not finish the reading before this comment? I believe when you do, you will substitute the "IN" with "FROM"

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Politics / Re: Archbishop Obinna Abused By Pro-Biafran Protesters by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 7:27am On May 31, 2016

I am yet to see the intellectuals present a cogent case for Biafra... Igbos have a lot of prominent intellectuals.

Why now? Why did you not agitate in Jonathan's era? The problems you complain about were still there... Is it because a fulani man won?

Apart from maybe Anambra state, which other state can survive on their IGR?? Why do you not question the failure of your leaders?

The 2016 budget covers some of the major federal roads that people complain about... Why not give the man a chance?

We have heard you Mr Intelligentsia.

Can you now stop bugging them and being a busybody. Antagonising a people who wants to rule their destiny is not a career let alone a noble profession.

Face your business, Mr I-too-know.


Politics / Re: Attention Seun And Whoever It May Concern. by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 3:47pm On May 28, 2016

Secession is an illegal act. It is covered by rule 9.


Is this what your professors taught you in School?

You know what, everything Seun told me to allow as right to free expression is what you are contradicting so far on this thread. I have correspondents to support the claims.

What exactly has changed? Who is after Seun's business should he dance contrary to his tune.

If my memory serves me right, I warned all who cared to listen that Buhari and his regime will come heavily on Nairalanders freedom of expression should he win and the prophesy is fulfilled before us all.



Politics / Re: Buhari's Latest Appointment Vs Jonathan's Appointment Spot The Diiference by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 2:19pm On May 27, 2016

Before you complain about the latest appointments by Buhari, please check the analysis below and see if he did anything different from Jonathan.

The list of new appointees by Buhari

Mr Ishaq Modibo Kawu, DG of National Broadcasting Commission is from Kwara State ,North Central ,
Mr Mansur Liman, DG Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria US form North West ;
Mr. Yakubu Mohammed is from Kogi State , North Central .
Dr Garba Abati is from Yobe State ,North East .
Mr Bayo Onanuga , M.D. of News Agency of Nigeria is from the South West and
Osita Okechukwu is from Enugu State , South East .

Now take a look at the sacked ones appointed by Jonathan.

Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) - Sola Omole (South West, Oyo)
Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN) - Ladan Salihu (North East, Bauchi)
Voice of Nigeria (VON) - Sam Worlu (South South, Rivers)
National Orientation Agency (NOA) - Mike Omeri (North Central, Nasarawa)
Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) - Emeka Mba (South East, Enugu)
News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) - Ima Niboro (South South, Delta)


All the geo political zones are represented in Buhari’s appointment save the South South where Jonathan if from. In the sacked ones appointed by Jonathan, all the geo political zones were represented save North West where Buhari is from
Jonathan’s appointment gave 4 slots to the South and 2 to the north
Buhari’s appointment gave 4 slots to the North and 2 to the South

If you did not complain when Jonathan made this appointments (I am not sure anyone did) and you are now complaining then …………..

People are talking about possible violations of Nigerian constitution involving Internal Security and Armed Forces appointments and you come here dey discuss Information Ministry.

What is your problem sef? Didn't you hear Buhari acknowledged the lopsidedness in the first appoint for which he promised to correct in the sequent appointments and then we have another full Northernization announced.
Politics / Re: Ex-militants To Return For Pipeline Protection – FG by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 1:13pm On May 27, 2016

You are right about Ondo and Cross. Even Edo is not part of the Niger Delta. Akwa Ibom however IS in the Delta. Edo and Cross lay claim by reason of their being the parent states of Delta and Akwa. The strong cultural affinity makes the Deltans accept (emphasize) that.

The contraption called NDDC is a misnomer. It should actually be renamed OMPADEC Oil Mineral Producing Area Development Commission. The Niger Delta and Oil producing aren't synonymous.

You are wrong and unfortunately I don't have time to lecture.

Politics / Re: Ex-militants To Return For Pipeline Protection – FG by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 11:58am On May 27, 2016

There's a difference between oil producing state and Niger Delta states. U can be a Niger Delta State without producing oil. Lagos is an oil producing state but cannot be called a Niger Delta State. Niger Delta is a geographic region

Ordinarily, Akwaibom, Cross River and Ondo States are not part of the Niger Delta you alluded.

NDDC (Niger Delta Development Commission) covers both Abia and Imo States and you still think this way?
Politics / Re: Ex-militants To Return For Pipeline Protection – FG by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 7:08am On May 27, 2016
Sen. Heneiken Lokpobiri; coordinator, Amnesty Programme, Brigadier General Paul Boroh (rtd), and stakeholders from the seven Niger Delta states of Edo, Bayelsa, Rivers, Akwa Ibom, Cross River, Delta and Ondo states.

Even when Cross River is no longer Oil Producing State was included while Imo and Abia States were not mentioned.

We call it systematic marginalizatiion and exclusion.


Politics / Re: Who Can Solve This Maths From Frank Donga, Which Was Reposted By Ben Bruce? by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 8:12pm On May 26, 2016
If I pass my neighbor; the neighbor I pass is the minimum wage earner who can not afford it!

Let assume you pass your Neighbour by N1000, substitute N19000 for improved wage.

Do the arithmetic
Politics / Re: Who Can Solve This Maths From Frank Donga, Which Was Reposted By Ben Bruce? by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 7:32pm On May 26, 2016
that is a very wrong Question!
A minimum wage worker can not afford a car and hence wont have to buy petrol!

But can afford a Generator.

Consuming 3.3 litres a day is 100 litres per month

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Politics / Re: Who Can Solve This Maths From Frank Donga, Which Was Reposted By Ben Bruce? by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 6:58pm On May 26, 2016

Minus the fridge (that gen cant carry any fridge) make it 3 power saver bulb and add a fan, it will last 8hrs! Now if u put it on by 7 and turn off by 11pm thats 4 hrs, 3.3lit will last 2 days.

I have personally used it (off station) for giant double 1HP compressors, double door freezer and Fridge compartments with 21" television, fan and 4 bulbs. Procedure: Off everything in the house, start the Generator, allow it to run a minute, on the refrigerator and give it a minute then put other appliances on.

With the above appliances, it consumes 3.3 litres in 6 hours per day amounting to 100 litres per month.

For debate sake, do the calculation using 50 litres per month for the very poor enlightened Nigerians.
Politics / Re: Who Can Solve This Maths From Frank Donga, Which Was Reposted By Ben Bruce? by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 4:28pm On May 26, 2016

When I used that gen a full tank lasts me 2-3 days with a monthly wage of 9,800. Like I said live within ur earnings.

P.S. Am a fan of ben but lets be realistic here!

Maybe you had reasonable NEPA supply to supplement, which is another budget altogether.

With small refrigerator, TV, sound system plus 3 light bulbs, 650Kw Generator will consume 3.3 litres in six hours each day amounting to 100 litres per month.
Politics / Re: Who Can Solve This Maths From Frank Donga, Which Was Reposted By Ben Bruce? by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 3:02pm On May 26, 2016
An 18k minimum wager should know his limits, and live within it! what d heck is he doing with 100litre petrol?

Using 3.3 litres a day for "I pass my neighbours" generator each month is 100 litres.

Just solve the mathematics. Is "I pass my Neighbour" generator beyond anybody in Nigeria?
Politics / Re: Sponsors Of Niger Delta Avengers Are Same Sponsors Of Boko Haram We Haven't Arrested by IsraeliAIRFORCE: 12:48pm On May 25, 2016
Sponsorship is different from negligence. Being Sympathetic to a course is also different from allegiance on common interest (your enemy's enemy is not always a friend).

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