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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by itunu8(f): 9:20am On Nov 12, 2016
let's reason itunu

Sent u a mail
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by itunu8(f): 12:28pm On Nov 11, 2016
Hello guys..
Pls anyone travellin on the 11th dec via royal air morac.. pls lets hookup..so terrified of travelling alone.. abeg oo.. jfk is d destination
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by itunu8(f): 1:25am On Nov 08, 2016
Hello house.. pls i wanna kniw.. do i book a round trip or one way. Cos som1 told me i will havee issues at the point of entry if i book oneway cos im not a permernent resident?
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by itunu8(f): 1:14am On Nov 04, 2016
My list of possible visa questions for d benefit of new applicants
1. Y r u goin to the us....
2. Wt do u want to study
3. WHy u.s precisely wen u can do it here
4. Why that school
5. Aw many schools dd u apply to
6. Y that school over d odr one
7. Tell me about ur reserch area
8. Wat r u study plan
9.hav u ever been refused visa. . Y wre u refused
10.wts ur frst degree c. aNd aw does it relate to ur intended course (if diffrnt)
11. What r ur future plans ( dis means after ur msters)
12. WHo is ur sponson and wt does he or she do.
13. What do u do currntly..... wt r ur responsibilities dere
14.dd u take gre/toefl .... wen and wts ur score... wy is ur score low (as d case may b)
15. U got funding/grant/scholarship/tuition waivr tell me more about it
16 wen dd u graduate.. school nd course
17.how old r u
18.what is *your intended course* (u define here)
19.wen dd u apply to d school
20.how dd u gt to know d school
21.wen does ur prog strt.. wen dd u intnd to return (know d dates on ur i20)
22.list courses u wl b takin
23.name some lecturs in ur intnded school
24. Dey one asked my frnd to pik a course on hs transcript and talk about it.
25. How mch is ur tuition. . Nd living expenses (kw ds frm ur i20 too) also kw ur school ranking in us news national ranking.

Good luck guys..

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by itunu8(f): 12:44am On Nov 04, 2016
Got to d embassy at about 6am.
Mine ws a bit tricky as d lady at d frst window sed dere ws a mstk in my ds160 d sevis no precisely.. ws confused nd wordered aw it happnd.. was so sad i went to d rest room for about 15min.. thinkin aw i wl explain to my people dat my mistake led to my refusal and wre i wl see mony to reapply.. ws convinced i wld b refused cos error on ds 160 is a huge one.. (infct my brodr told me i ws supposed to b sent bak to reapply)
Was d 8th person on line.. was directed to window 2 (female vo). Ws so nervous but immed i stepped in her front i regained composure
Vo- Good mornin and how was ur night
ME - very well thank u
Cn i av ur pasport and i20 pls
I gave them to her
Vo- wats ur study plan
Me- i plan to study environmental engineering wt conc in Environmental remediation process inorder to resolve and prevent prevailing environmental problems. This course will enable me determine best, most effective and timely remediation process for any environmental... vo cuts
Vo--why civil engineering
ME-- its actually environmental engineering but at fkorida state uni it istaken as a subdiscpline under cilil engr
Vo- in wat ws ur fst deg in.... ur school.. year of grad
Me- agricultural engr.... federal uni tech ak... 3rd dec 2014
Vo. Y d change of carreer
Me - in my third year at d uni, my course was modified to agricultural and Environmental Engineering, so i had the opportunity to take a lot of environmental engineering courses.. thats wre i frst pickd the interest so i decided then i would purse it at the masters level....cuts in again
Vo- how did u hear about d school
Me-- wen i ws ready to start my application process i seeked advise from former colleagues of mine who wre alredy running their masters and three of them recommended Fsu amongst others, i also.. cuts in
Vo-- how many schools did u apply to
ME- TWo schools florida state uni and florida international uni and i was offered admission at both both schools
Vo-- why dd u pick fsu
ME- i pickd fsu particularly because they offer specialization in my area of interest which is Environmental remediation processes.. Researsh work are currntly ongoin in bioremediation nano-remediation and even phytoremediation which i have never even heard of. Im so exited and curious to know what phytoremediation is and it can be successful applied to the solution of or environmental challenges.. i have spoken to the professor currntly workin on it about my interest. Prof youeng tang and he has agreed for me to join his research team (first time she let me land)
Vo-- wht rvur plans after graduation
Me-- i plan to return to my country and work wt d federal ministry of environment becos i bliv it is the right platform for me to gain the much needed practical experience i need. The federal g. Is currently embrkin on a lot of envir project such as the clean up of ogoni land which is a vry huge project that will go on for so many years. It isbd best platform for me to aplly al the knowldge and technical skills i have gotten from my masters in order to....cuts in
DO u av any family member in florida
ME --yes
ME-- im sorry did u say Florida
Vo- yes
ME -- no. i have a brother in the u.s but hs not in florida
Vo-Wre is he
Me -Missouri
Vo --DOin wat
Me--- his a phd at umkc
Vo-- who is ur sponsor
ME---my father
Vo--wt does he do
(at ds point I ws clearly tird of d questions aswear )
ME-- he is a civil engineer majorly into building and construction.. he gets building and renovation contracts from private corporation, organization's and lagos state govt.
TYpin typin....(me stll feelin bad dat i av to reapply cos i tot she hs seen d error nd ws redy to gv me green paper)

FRm here i cant even rembr wat odr things she sed as i saw d white paper.. lol. She retrnd my i20 too. ANd sed sth like in 3 business days bla bla..
Was mad exited as i exited the building. . Ws jst smiling at al d officials i saw.
ALl i can say is this was purely Gods Grace and noin else

Pls to al who maild me for material i replied but got a devivry failure mail.. u can mail me here itnoble4real@gmail.com so i can snd dem.

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Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by itunu8(f): 5:33pm On Nov 03, 2016

Congrats, welcome to Obama land, soonest to be Clinton land... Lol

Tnks.. amen oo.. God forbid it called trump land
Travel / Re: General U.s.a (student) Visa Enquiries-part 10 by itunu8(f): 9:51am On Nov 03, 2016
Visa approved ds morning..silent follower thought but i will share my transcript for the benefit of others as i really gained from ds site.. advise to applicants.. pls take ur time to go through the thread,dont give in to Laziness cos it will be worth it in d end, read other peoples transcript, get familiar with the questions and how to answer them, practice and pray.. i was asked about 10questions but it wasnt a problem cos i prepared for all. was a bit shakky at first but then i regainned my confidence cos i knew wat to say. Please take yout time to read through there is no question dey will ask u that aint here alredy.. i will also share a list of questions i i compiled and anyone who needs visa prep materials can mail me.. preparation is key. Transcript comin soon..


Properties / 4bedroom Duplex At Seaside Estate Badore Ajah For Rental by itunu8(f): 9:42am On Sep 22, 2016

Nice and clean four bedroom duplex up for rent at a very good price

Location : Seaside Estate Badore Ajah

Features :

Exclusive Compound with Five parking Spaces

Good Estate access road (Interlocking)

Interlocking floor Compound

Zero flooding problem

Clean Treated water

Good Electricity supply

Water Teatment plant

Beautiful Interior




Vegetable garden and beautiful flowers.

Spacious masters and Jacuzzi etc.

For enquiries, cal 08166627597, 07030854126
Romance / Re: Virginity Is NOT The Pride Of A Woman. by itunu8(f): 6:43pm On Sep 07, 2016

Hi follower wink

Was wondering if I was safe grin until I checked your posts. It appears we share similar thoughts on some issues I deem fundamental to the human experience especially in Nigeria. grin Where have you been all this while?

I find your opinion on some issues quite refreshing. cool

Lol.. of course u'r safe.. i read through a recent thread.. cant reall wat d topic was but it was about a guy who complained of his girl demanding money from him.. i found ur views vry mature and candid, reason i clicked d follw button. ur choice of words quite amusing too.
So.. like i said, u r safe bro
Romance / Re: Virginity Is NOT The Pride Of A Woman. by itunu8(f): 11:13pm On Aug 09, 2016

I don't search for them my dear ,I only meet them by chance.
and marrying a virgin is not on my wish list, if it was I was available kept one of them I helped.
mind u, it might not be an icing on the cake, it might just be.........

Lol.. i get ur point jare.. issokay na.. everyman to his own
And i hope God dosnt give u one either cos the good ones deserve someone who wl appreciate and value the effort at least cos e no easy no b lie..
Romance / Re: Virginity Is NOT The Pride Of A Woman. by itunu8(f): 10:54pm On Aug 09, 2016

didn't really expect something big from them... all I want is just for them to act like a human and not a saint that fell from heaven.

Hmm.. u sound like u tried to get some and dey declined grin grin grin anyway some people can be shallow tho.. telling u in order to appear all righteous, that to me is a complex issue. Like i said earlier that where intention comes in. But if I were u.. i will look out for the beauty of the heart and character.. and if God sends me a virgin, icing on the cake it is grin
Romance / Re: Virginity Is NOT The Pride Of A Woman. by itunu8(f): 10:46pm On Aug 09, 2016

I consider it an act of folly to ask a woman about her virginity and making conclusions based that,. Its absolutely unreasonable.
Why would I want a virgin over a non virgin for a wife?
What's the advantage there?
An employer will always prefer an experienced applicant over a fresh man.
In my opinion, I would say that the virgin will most likely commit adultery since she's never had multiple sex partners,she would always fancy the thought and even act upon it.

I honestly think the most important thing is the intention.. the reason behind it, the motivating factor. Virginity in itself is not important cos everyone will loose it sooner or later. It aint for keeps neither is is anything exclusive. Having sed that, the real question is y r u virgin? Cos honestly there are different reasons and some can be pointless and dumb. Some dont even av a reason .. thats y in all character and values are what really matter.
Sorry ur analogy of the employer and employee dosnt hold in the marriage sense. Your wife is urs alone to keep and she is equal with you. An employee is bound to leave sooner or later.

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Romance / Re: Virginity Is NOT The Pride Of A Woman. by itunu8(f): 10:24pm On Aug 09, 2016

that's the real me.... I hate deceitful people. and I wont deceive u..
maybe that's y I'm straight forward.

I've met a lot of virgin celibate ladies in the last few years ....
trust me, they didn't impress me, maybe cos they think that will keep a man.

Dats where the misconception is .. u met virgins dat dint impress u soo.. havnt u met non virgins dat dint impress u either. A man is not meant to b impressed by evry lady.. it only means she aint yours. For heavens sake virgins are normal basic humans with their own inherrent faults and weaknesses. People place too much expectations on them expecting them to be all perfect. They aint saints na.. being a virgin is jst a very simple personal choice wch can be very inconsequential to one person and to another, a thing of preference.

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Romance / Re: Virginity Is NOT The Pride Of A Woman. by itunu8(f): 9:44pm On Aug 09, 2016
Jeezzz..... wat does this frigging society want exatly. What?? If a woman decids to sleep around, society castigates her and call her all sort of demeaning names, if she tries to uphold a higher moral standard, they call her proud or 'holy pass' in a bid to bring her down, then if she decides to be a virgin, they tell her 'shes being a fool as its neither a virtue nor a thing of pride' what an insane world full of judgemental hipocrites who try to justify their failures by spiting and constantly seeking to demean others. Y doest everything have to be under public scrutiny and biased judgement. Everyone should live and let live. Stop trying to measure up and validate other people life choices whatsoever.
@op what exatly is the purpose of this topic. To undermine, downplay and discredit virginity?
Tell me.. will u tell teach your daughters this same thing u preaching here.
Please please i dont even want to delve into the issue .. just know this is uncalled for. When u have al ladies sleeping around u people will talk about moral decadence and say the society is too corrupt yet u have people who try to live rightly (for reasons best known to them) suddenly its no longer important. P.s not evryone wil be non-virgins and not evryone will be virgins either. So dont pull anyone down. Embrace whatevr u are and find peace with it. Thanks


Crime / Everyone Beware On This Mail. Gens@@gtbank.com by itunu8(f): 4:49pm On Jul 22, 2016
Internet Fraudsters at it again.

Yall beware of this mail GeNS@@gtbank.com telling you your e-banking session has been terminated and asking you to click on a link. (Redirects u to a six page long link ..lol whose login page looks exactly like the original gtbank internet banking login page)

When u check the details of the address you see
Medigate@medigate.biz instead

Gtbank will never ask you to click on any link please neither will they ask you to provide your security question and answer for any reason.

Please do not click on the link. IGnore when you see it.

This is specially for those using internet banking.. It is very easy to get carried away and fall prey. So please yall be careful.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited 2015/2016 Post Graduate Scholarship Award(fore by itunu8(f): 6:26pm On Jul 07, 2016


If I recall correctly, there were no calculators supplied and we weren't allowed to use on-screen calculators either. Just rough work on plain paper. With regards to chances, I wouldn't know, but I'd say just try as you actually have nothing to lose. And regarding changing, officially you're not allowed to change under Agip's scheme. If you can contact Dragnet before the test though, maybe that might be possible. But thereafter... I highly doubt.
Nonetheless, I wish you all the best. smiley

I really appreciate ur response. Thanks

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Nigerian Agip Exploration Limited 2015/2016 Post Graduate Scholarship Award(fore by itunu8(f): 1:18pm On Jul 06, 2016

Yeah sorry, I have been off Nairaland for some days. I'm just seeing this.

First of all, I should mention that it wasn't Dragnet so things might be somewhat different for you guys. Yes, we had disciplined-based questions, engineering for me; in addition to standard Numerical and Verbal sections.

The test was pretty basic and infact suspiciously simple, and I'm sure that was what caught many people unawares, because we were all expecting Dragnet-esque questions but were faced with other seemingly minor stuff that one would normally overlook as being too simple to ask. By this, I'm referring mostly to the discipline-based (Engineering) one, which was essentially Physics and Applied Mechanics, asking questions about momentum and true/false questions about if a body collides with another body, will it move in this or that direction? Those kinds of questions sha, if you get my drift. But we were preparing for more tech and advanced stuff.

In my opinion, that section was biased towards mechanical engineering guys as those elements in the questions were found, one way or the other, in the course of our BEng degrees.

The English and Maths bits were about the same usual ones you would find on just about any aptitude test. But this one now that Dragnet is taking over again this year, I fear that the format might be different. I took Dragnet for ExxonMobil the year before and it wasn't so great. In fact, truth be told, it was horrible for me. LOL!
Time was just flying before my eyes and I didn't know what was happening. That was my first attempt sha and I had not even graduated at that time. So maybe na why!

But judging from the two, Dragnet was more complicated and time was shorter. In this vein, I uploaded some sample Dragnet tests last year. You can find them on the ExxonMobil scholarship thread from last year; page 8 for the Numerical and Verbal sections. I don't know about discipline-based tests for Dragnet and sadly, I do not have any sample papers. But I believe the Numerical and verbal ones would be good practice for you in terms of speed and accuracy.
I should also say that after laying hold of these samples some time last year, I found some of the questions from the Mobil test of the previous year there so it's worth going over.

I wish you all the best.

Apologies for the epistles. LOL! Let me know if you need further clarification. Cheers!

- Daniel

Thanks for you contribution
quick questions
Was calculator provided at the venue. Or will there b an onscreen calculator
Wat are the chances for an environmental engr. ?
Secondly can one change ones offer letter
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Technical Function Specific Assessment Test [dragnet] by itunu8(f): 6:48pm On Jul 05, 2016
Sent to over 15 contacts.. It's the best dragnet questions I have seen..

Send to me please

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Technical Function Specific Assessment Test [dragnet] by itunu8(f): 6:48pm On Jul 05, 2016
Sent to over 15 contacts.. It's the best dragnet questions I have seen..

Send to me please
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Technical Function Specific Assessment Test [dragnet] by itunu8(f): 6:44pm On Jul 05, 2016

Thanks, I have received it. God bless you.

Please can u send me the materials u received
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For 2016 AGIP Oil And Gas Msc Foreign And Local Scholarship For Nigerians by itunu8(f): 5:33pm On Jul 02, 2016
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Apply For 2016 AGIP Oil And Gas Msc Foreign And Local Scholarship For Nigerians by itunu8(f): 5:32pm On Jul 02, 2016
If interested in joining the what's app group for Agip 2016 scholars, drop your number and I add youk.

Add to grp.. 07030854126
Education / Re: NDDC 2016 Postgraduate Foreign Scholarship Application Commences by itunu8(f): 12:13pm On May 30, 2016

1. Yes, there are past questions
2. I can only attest for the ones I have
3. No, people are giving their own different opinions
4. The invitation is for real

Hello can u kindly forward ur extracted questions to me
Education / Re: NDDC 2016 Postgraduate Foreign Scholarship Application Commences by itunu8(f): 8:50pm On May 23, 2016
. Am going on the 1st

Education / Re: NDDC 2016 Postgraduate Foreign Scholarship Application Commences by itunu8(f): 2:49pm On May 22, 2016
Pls. Anyone from ondo with an invite?

Yup.. Me

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Education / Re: NDDC POST-GRADUATE FOREIGN SCHOLARSHIP 2015 by itunu8(f): 9:46am On May 07, 2016

For instance,I got admission in pipeline engineering and applied with that,I later got admission on subsea engineering and subsequently went for the interview with subsea engineering admission letter.However,I was asked questions based on pipeline engineering and current affairs mainly.This is because that was what was showing on their record and my efforts to convince the interviewers that I changed my choice of course went on deaf ears.
I thank God that I peeled and dismembered the questions anyway grin.....To be on a safer side,you can prepare for both before the interview date,my two cents...........Good luck

Hello, please i av a question. I recently applied for the 2016. I uploaded my passport but it did not appear on the page after i submitted. I want to know if that has disqualified me already. Secondly approximately how long after sumbition deadline will it take b4 we are invited to take the CBT and then the oral interview.. And wat state will it most likely be. Im askin al ds cos i want to plan myself as i intend travelling for a short while.
Thanks in anticipation of a reply
Education / Re: NDDC 2016 Postgraduate Foreign Scholarship Application Commences by itunu8(f): 8:18pm On Apr 22, 2016
can help u wit admission letter from my university here in Russia, ull get it tommorrow, thru email, ull use it for application, after d whole process then ull start looking for admission letter from ur skool of choice

Ohh really.. So do u mean one can swap offer letter becos i got coventry buh i dont wanna go to UK. If i get my offer letter from another country.. Will they accept it even if its more expensive? And also at what point wil i no longer b able to Swap.
Secondly can one do oil and gas mgt and get d scholarshp cos i wonder y it wasnt listed as one of the accepted courses wyl pmt was.
Thirdly do u av a timetable on how the process will go so that i can plan myself and also follow up on the process.
Celebrities / Re: Linda Ikeji: I Took Wizkid To Police In Lagos Because Of These by itunu8(f): 10:11pm On Apr 17, 2016
I just had to share this anon comment on her blog here.. Totally agree

Linda I have never commented on your blog but Im here now to speak the truth to you as a woman. Forgive me if its lengthy and I will understand if you do not post it. First of all I agree with you on the need for men especially Nigerian men to show women respect. The case of the Olomofin brothers insulting Gbemi publicly was an eyesore but hey I did not see you publicly condemn that. Instead you reported it as it was and even laughed. Now some1 has spoken about your pussy and you are upset with men slut shaming others. I would love to say Wizkid was wrong but Iv been observant. You paid alot of attention to Wizkids baby mama story and he got upset and put some of your old modelling pics on his snapchat. After that you started writing only negative stuff about him. We both know you write up on his eviction was malicious. You could have written that story without acting like you were gloating but you did. Now he reacted and ofcourse everything he said hurt you. A man calling a woman smelling pussy is painful then your mum etc.and now your only way to retaliate is to report him for saying he would ask his 16 year old cousin to beat you. We both know that would never happen but Im not here to defend Wizkid. I do not know him and cannot be bothered by the outcome of this brouhaha. Its the hypocrisy of your write up that gets to me, the way you are suddenly acting like a victim, the way you are making this about women and violence and comparing it to Chris brown and Rihanna. Common Linda. You write about people everyday and you have stepped on toes. Dont get upset if you get a taste of your own pudding. I will advise you to drop the case, move on with you blogging and yourself and Wizkid should issue a public apology to each other. Celebrate his achievements and let things go. Journalism should never be emotion based. I know you can be biased so I dont expect to see this up. You will like your readers to read only comments that support you and subtle ones that dont to shape their opinions. Lol.As long as you read it thats fine.

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Education / Re: NDDC POST-GRADUATE FOREIGN SCHOLARSHIP 2015 by itunu8(f): 2:17pm On Apr 13, 2016

LGA certificate is from you LGA origin. EG Assuming I am from OBIOMA NGWALGA abia state but reside in PortHarcourt. I need to go back to my Obioma Ngwa LGA and obtain the LGA certificate/ identification letter.
The other letter which us a guarantors letter can cone from the listed options. The easiest is going to the LGA where you reside.... in my hypothetical example....PortHatcourt LGA. You can use the other options listed. Check the scholarship advert.....it is in PDF format. The earlier you start the better....Good luck!!!

Thanks for ur response.. So in conclusion i can use my homtown lga certificate i.e the one the call state of origin (d one we used for registration in school)in place of the identification letter. Am askin this because it was letter of identification specifically that was listed wch i avnt heaRd about b4. I want to be sure i can use one in place of the other.
Education / Re: NDDC POST-GRADUATE FOREIGN SCHOLARSHIP 2015 by itunu8(f): 12:02pm On Apr 13, 2016
Go to the LGA secretariat of where you reside. They will give you one.....at a price though.

Please i want to find out about some of the required documents for scholarship.
The local gov identification letter- Does it have to be from ur state of origin or your lga of residence. And if it is from ur state of origin, can one use the certificate of origin in place of the letter of identification because it will be the same lga.

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Politics / Re: CCT: Saraki's Objection Thrown Out, Trial Commences by itunu8(f): 8:05pm On Apr 05, 2016
oga, na saraki matter dem de talk here nah, if you no get fuel, stay for your house or go buy black market

0'boy saraki case is pure political witch-hunt coz he refused to forfeit the senate seat to Tinubu boys.
if its not witch-hunt why haven't they called tinubu back to the podium since tinubus own case was in error but they were quick to rush aluko like bee coz he made confession abt fayose..
Apc govt.,pmb & opposition witch-hunt is like bread & butter,,but the end will justify the means.

Ok yes we all agree its witch hunt. But the real question is .. IS HE GUILTY OR NOT? Am sure if u r a kwaran u wont follow this line of argument cos honestly It dosnt really matter. I belive no one can bring you down if u av no skeleton in ur cupboard because u will always shame them and stand tall ,so please stop supporting what is obviously wrong all in the name of sentiments and politics. Even his own kwara people disowned him so wats your own. The man is a thief and he will be made a scape goat. Wen pdp returns to power let them do same for apc people it dosnt matter as long as corruption is tackled. You will see that from the saraki senario, public officers will be careful when it comes to declaring their assets and that my friend is a good thing.


Autos / Re: Super Clean Tokunbo Honda Accord 2011 Model Up For Grabs by itunu8(f): 11:58am On Mar 12, 2016

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