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Romance / Re: Court Order Lady To Pay Man N150k For Not Coming After Taking N3k For Transport by JADEK01(m): 11:22pm On Jan 19, 2023
Broke men are the most shameless people living on earth. I'm allergic to broke and wretched men. I hate broke men like Kilode!

How can you sue a lady because of ordinary 3k transport undecided. Shame!! Big shame!!

I was jejely on my own, when one broke wretched man wanted to send me 5k, biko what can I do with 5k undecided? I just told him to hold his nonsense 5k to himself, then I blocked him immediately.

Broke men everywhere!
I want to start dating a rich lady now so she will not be asking me for transport before a visit that will benefit both of us
Business / Re: What Business Can I Start With 180k Capital by JADEK01(m): 11:38am On Dec 01, 2022
With that amount I can be supply u 5bags of local rice weekly within Lagos ,u can trade in Ibadan or Lagos,Ogun state not advisable

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Religion / Re: Klaus Schwab: ‘God Is Dead’ And The WEF Is ‘acquiring Divine Powers’ ( Video) by JADEK01(m): 8:50am On Nov 26, 2022
They supposed to have win over death,if u can lived forever then I’ll accept u
Family / Re: Regretting My Marriage. by JADEK01(m): 11:06am On Nov 20, 2022
I am fully regretting marrying my wife. She is always right and doesn't take corrections.
She doesn't have sex drive. Prefer sleeping alone that she doesn't want someone body to touch her.
She is not serious in anything that can generate money.
I have made a lifetime mistake. Sometimes I feel like committing suicide to get free from regretting. I am seeing myself going down slowly.
I dated someone I smell something similar,styly I ran away,I’ll rather die single or be a single father than to manage one yeye love or consider what people will be saying about me or putting my self on everlasting bondage.
Religion / Re: What Is That Addiction You Can't Do Away With, That You Wished God To Overlook by JADEK01(m): 10:16am On Nov 20, 2022
Gold digging.
may the lord help u digg gold and diamonds.

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Romance / Re: I Want A Nigerian Man Living In Canada by JADEK01(m): 10:15am On Nov 14, 2022

I'll send you a DM. I don't mind. Would help if you can share ur digit
I can’t put my line here,u Msg me or john.Jadek@gmail.com
Romance / Re: I Want A Nigerian Man Living In Canada by JADEK01(m): 10:15am On Nov 09, 2022
If you are registered nurse,and u don’t mind to marry a single father of 40 years old man,anyway I have prepared for betrayed when u land in Canada,and if u continue the marriage all well and good....this are my offer.

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Politics / Re: "Don't Let Yahoo Boys Run You Street" EFCC Warns Against Ponzi Schemes by JADEK01(m): 4:58pm On Nov 06, 2022
This EFCC alway in interest Nd image of this dearly country’s,it was bcoz of d level of poverty in our society that make us believe they are doing us evil.

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Crime / Re: Singapore: 4 Friends Drugged, Raped Each Other's Wives, Congratulated Themselves by JADEK01(m): 10:06am On Nov 04, 2022

Sister useless is an understatement

Men got nothing to offer all they bring is pain and sorrow

If ihad the power no single one of ‘‘em would be alive today

They are just abunch of waste of space on earth
how I wish you understand that this thing is vise visa,it happens to men world as well,Be wary about peoples in darkness,avoid them in 10000 mile
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Arsenal Vs FC Zurich Europa (1 - 0) On 3rd November 2022 by JADEK01(m): 9:29pm On Nov 03, 2022
Gunners for life
Business / Re: "Tribapay Dollar Card Is The Cheapest And Best At N705/$1" by JADEK01(m): 4:51pm On Oct 19, 2022
Plus your charges,710$?

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Politics / Re: Hijab Crisis: Kwara Is Muslim State, Take Your Mission Schools To Rivers - MURIC by JADEK01(m): 9:13am On Feb 23, 2021

I see no reason why Muslim students should be denied
their constitutional rights.

All Muslim students, in particular, female students should be allowed to dress in Hijab since these schools are for the public.
Both religions are slavery and brainwashing
Go back to how our old tradition then there will be peace

“Are the schools not grant-aided? So you want to use
public money to persecute Muslim children until they
submit to forceful conversion? Even if they are
missionary schools, must they force female Muslim
students to strip? We are not surprised because it is
part of their old way of forceful conversion. Nigerian
Christians should desist from using Muslim children to
subject their parents to psychological trauma. We will
not go back to slavery. Enough is enough.
Romance / Re: Is She Selfish Or I Am Overreacting by JADEK01(m): 8:39am On Feb 20, 2021
This is what happens when you try to buy a woman's Love.

The mistake you Men make is you don't set Boundaries, You don't even have the Confidence to Express yourself in such a manner that when she Misbehaves, deep down inside her she'll know that you'll never tolerate/accept such behavior.are u from this planet??
God bless u

If You think she'll Change when she gets a job,( I pity you ),

If you also think she'll change when you guys get married ( Then I Pity you More ).
Crime / Re: Missing Missing Missing by JADEK01(m): 9:42pm On Feb 17, 2021
I saw this girl in Mende today where I live.
where be Mende ?
Crime / Re: Missing Missing Missing by JADEK01(m): 8:59pm On Feb 17, 2021
Let me guess.....she disappeared since Febuhari 14? grin

no sir/m thank ooo
It was today
Crime / Missing Missing Missing by JADEK01(m): 8:42pm On Feb 17, 2021
Please if find contact this no 09131781463 or nearest police close to u

Education / Re: When Will The Age Of Aquarian Begin? by JADEK01(m): 11:31pm On Feb 02, 2021
But I think we are already in the age of Aquarian
Education / Re: Breaking: Buhari Approves Federal Poly Ayede, Ogbomoso by JADEK01(m): 7:11pm On Feb 02, 2021
Congrat to me
Congrat to ogbomoso
Congrat to Oyo state
Congrat to Nigeria

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Education / Breaking: Buhari Approves Federal Poly Ayede, Ogbomoso by JADEK01(m): 7:10pm On Feb 02, 2021
President Muhammadu Buhari has approved the establishment of Federal Polytechnic in Ayede, Ogo-Oluwa Local Government Area, Oyo State.

According to a release signed by Sonny S.T. Echono, Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education addressed to Oyo state Governor, Engineer Oluseyi Makinde. The letter also stated that President also approved a take-off grant of N2 Billion Naira for the new Polytechnic from the funding resources of TETFund for the provision of core facilities for immediate take-off. This has been duly conveyed to TETFund for implementation.

A Technical Team from Federal Ministry of Education and the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE) will soon visit your state to identify the site in Ayede, Ogo-Oluwa LGA and assess its readiness for commencement of academic activities October 2021.
Celebrities / Re: “DJ Cuppy Didn’t Pay Zlatan Ibile For His Services” - Israel DMW Reveals by JADEK01(m): 3:23pm On Jan 29, 2021
Why do I have the feeling that most Billionaire's and their families are greedy. Nothing pained pass when you feel been used. Fake people are everywhere, their will used you for their selfish gain.
a frd once used me like that even want to kill me

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Family / Re: Not All Parts Of Imo State Is Expensive To Marry From: Enough Is Enough by JADEK01(m): 7:11pm On Jan 22, 2021
No amount of money is too much for any lady that can bring me good luck not those posses girls
I’ll struggle to get money and married
And still be struggling to fight one almighty snake or mama water

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Romance / Re: 10 Categories Of Guys Who Are Members Of "The Stingy Guys Association Of Nigeria by JADEK01(m): 10:48pm On Jan 12, 2021
3 and 8
You are talking to me

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Politics / Re: Osinbajo: Small Businesses Are Engines Of Growth Of Any Economy by JADEK01(m): 12:33pm On Jan 12, 2021
I like how this administration has been helping and encouraging MSMEs and SMEs...from slashing CAC business registration fee by 50%, free 250,000 free business registration, slashing of product registration in the NAFDAC, affordable loan to further boost productivity by business owners. These are promising and no administration has never help business owners except this administration. History will be kind to Buhari Osinbajo administration.
they really do wonder than any government in the history of Nigeria......
They just need to add up expecially in that agnesis/nirsal loan,businesses in Nigeria need a big money to sustain...not 50k,30k money
Crime / Re: Leo Anuforo Assassinated In Imo By Gunmen (Graphic Photos) by JADEK01(m): 7:34am On Jan 08, 2021
[quote author=JADEK01 post=97836812][/quote]psalm 109
Crime / Re: Leo Anuforo Assassinated In Imo By Gunmen (Graphic Photos) by JADEK01(m): 7:34am On Jan 08, 2021
embarassed embarassed very shameless bastards loitering the east,sons of darkness who hates the light and would always eliminate any who is progressing. reason development eludes the zone. what has this man done to warrant this?
may the killers and their sponsors never see light..
may they die in the open field,and let the vultures and birds of prey eat their carcasses
may their wives and daughters become prostitutes and exchange bottle water for sex
may their wives be publicly rapped
may their mothers mourn them
let the day become darkness for them
may worms eat them alive
so shall it be
may they never repent psalms 109
so shall it be
Romance / Re: Reno Omokri: Men, How Many Of Your 'Urgent 5k' Girls Wished You Happy New Year? by JADEK01(m): 1:52pm On Jan 02, 2021
No one is even bring food to me
I was hungry
No where to buy food around my house...
This year go be eyes to eyes


Travel / Re: 10 Things To Know About Boarding The Lagos-Ibadan Train by JADEK01(m): 5:29pm On Dec 31, 2020
If government can be genuinely use the entire country to borrow money,and give us a good nation,I don’t mind ooooo
We need this kind rail line throughout the nation and stop this trailer
Good road network throughout the nation with street lights,cctv and security patrol van
They can introduce toll gate to generate their money back...
Then they should add up more to our electricity
I think Nigeria problem will be solved by 80%
I wish I can meet presidency’s

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Religion / Re: Real Identity Of 3 Wise Men Who Visited Jesus' Birthplace Revealed By Expert by JADEK01(m): 9:16pm On Dec 25, 2020
Kuthumi, and Dhal Kul (the three wise men
That’s their name
Fashion / Re: Amina Tukura Emerges As Miss Comely Queen 2020, Gets New Car Prize by JADEK01(m): 8:38am On Dec 21, 2020
The irony is that most beauty Queens are not beautiful undecided
by your profile pics
U deserve d crow
Properties / Re: Abandoned Home Of Aleister Crowley: Satanist & Wickedest Man In The World by JADEK01(m): 4:57pm On Dec 20, 2020

Okay, good one.
Again o my question here is if there is heaven and a hell which we believe is the destination of transition after this earthly life( good people go above while evil people go below) then of what use is the reincarnation you mentioned here, when you said "your next life is based on the things you do in this life"
I thought you should be in heaven or hell.
Just curious bro
if u do bad u r coming back to balance ur karma and if u do good u r going to above to be with ascended beings....
U can lived on this earth 1m type if u refuse to balance ur karma and change ur way...Bible talk about Elijah that came back....
All this thing will stop on dreadful day of last judgment....until then...recarnation is real.�


Properties / Re: Abandoned Home Of Aleister Crowley: Satanist & Wickedest Man In The World by JADEK01(m): 4:40pm On Dec 20, 2020

Again I warn you severely if truly you have some peripheral knowledge then you know the consequences

Be warned how you mislead others

Everything I know of spiritism I was taught by my grandma (now late) from age 5 . I grew up staying with her learning firstly about the beings ..what whites call fairies ,elves and garden gnomes

I learned about all these beings and how to communicate with them , how to bring them close and keep them far. I learned about the good ones and the bad ones

I learned about the ones for water , air , fire , plants and soil

I learned about the dates and stars , I learned about the power of native names called at your birth

I learned about possession have seen it live and direct

I learned about reincarnation

I learned about the power of past Earth lives and their influence in current ones

I learned about the witching hour

I learned about the human blood and it's uses

I learned about all the plants and their powerful ones

I learned about animals and their protective ways

I learned about spirit travel i learned about the spirit body

I learned about protection from evil and why spiritism isn't taught openly

I learned about every single demon and their tongue

I learned about the life after death

I learned of the lands up and down in the spirit world

Bros I have learned way too much and sacrificed too much for chartalans like you to tell me what not

Beware spiritism isn't a joke

I know what all this knowledge has caused me

Bros this isn't a movie


Enough said
you must be right...
I have little knowledge about
Spirit guard
Realm and their angels
Coven(whiches world) and how to excape them
Lord of karma
Also about all God sanctions
Great sacred fire of Venus,mighty kumaras,goddess of Venus,astha command,benevolent galactic,federation member,archangel Michael,legion of angels,light warrior,great forces of light,lord of light...
And it’s not that difficult as u claim or maybe I go to Light side not the dark side
If u see me with any problems maybe am balancing my karma.....anyway my brother be very very careful d kind of gods u choose...

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