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Food / Re: What I got for #1800 versus how I prepared it. by JerryQ: 9:26pm On Sep 19
My husband became restless at some point when the aroma from the food was killing him...lolz.
He was ahnie how far naw,what's going on.i had to press him one fried plantain to calm his igbo nerve down,Nnam Biko calm down..
Indeed isoko amaka.

Pics of the place where the food was prepared
Abeg make una no yab me o

Madam, thanks for this.

For a wise person, so much lessons can be gained from the pictures.

I see you as a prudent woman. You are doing well.

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Religion / Re: Chioma Ifemeludike: "I Slept With Apostle Suleman Twice For Money” (Video) by JerryQ: 2:23pm On Aug 21
This is not good. Everybody can't be wrong and only one particular person always right. This one will hunt him bad.

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Npower Question & Answer Thread by JerryQ: 11:04am On Aug 17
Career / Re: The #nairalife Of A Banker Tempted By Her Family Business by JerryQ: 6:40pm On Aug 11
Much to learn from this
Education / Re: JAMB UTME 2021 Thread by JerryQ: 9:57am On Aug 07

Oga, so in all your academic prowess you can't identify the difference between "given" and "giving"?

And I guess you know nothing about paragraph too.

So sad you are part of the low performing students you are trying to castigate (no apology)


I think we could have done better with this reply. The issue he raised is a fundamental problem in the educational sector.

Some Learners with a far below average score are made to progress into higher classes without gaining the required knowledge. This is not good for our nation.

I understand he made some general statements which are fallacious and one or two typos but can we focus more on the message he is trying to pass across?
Politics / Re: El-Zakzaky, Wife Released From Kaduna Prison After 5-Year Incarceration by JerryQ: 7:06am On Jul 29
Finally !!!!!!

Good video for Your kids


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Romance / Re: Bauchi Begins Headcount Of Sex Workers by JerryQ: 7:05am On Jul 29
Parents, give your children the training they need to live a good life. Give birth to the number of children you can take care of.

Good education video for your children

Sports / Re: Floyd Mayweather Targeted In Drive-By Shooting As Bodyguard Is Shot by JerryQ: 7:05am On Jul 29

Good video for our children

Politics / Re: Pictures Of The Nigeria-Cameroon 1.5km Border Bridge by JerryQ: 8:30am On Jul 28
Nice view. I hope it's worth the Budget.

Sing and Learn


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Politics / Re: Gunmen Kidnap Seven Naval Officers In Edo, Five Rescued by JerryQ: 7:26am On Jul 28
We need find solution to this challenge as a nation .

Good educational songs here.

Politics / Re: Anti-Open Grazing Law: Herders Want 750,000 Square Metres Of Land In Delta by JerryQ: 7:25am On Jul 28
Career / Re: Bsc In Computer Science, Is It Still A Lucrative Degree? by JerryQ: 9:12pm On Jul 26
Politics / Re: Bandits Release Abducted Students Of Kaduna Baptist School by JerryQ: 12:03pm On Jul 25
Family / Re: Sure Home Marriage Seminar On Zoom: A Focus On Money by JerryQ: 8:08pm On Jul 24
Okay, hope they make it very practicable.

Relax with our educational video songs for Primary school learners.



Science/Technology / Re: UAE Creates Rain Using Drone Technology That Gives Cloud Electric Shock by JerryQ: 5:30pm On Jul 21
Some battling with flood due to heavy down pour others provoking the weather to rain. Na so life just be.

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Education / Re: Nairalanders Composes Children Educational Songs by JerryQ: 11:28am On Jul 21

Education / Nairalanders Composes Children Educational Songs by JerryQ: 8:11am On Jul 21
We came together to compose some songs for children to allow them 'sing and learn' in the process. Over 80% of the songs are original.
As the leader of the team, I want to show this video to the world. I am just so proud of them.
Thanks for working together on this project and for our school.

We will be very pleased and delighted if this can make the front page. Help us quote the mods, thanks.

Just sing and learn.




School's Anthem

First class School
We are proud of you.
Our learners are great and wise.
The motto of our school is excellence driven.
First class School is a great school.
Our labour shall not be in vain.
Our goals shall be accomplished.
First class School is a great school.
First Class School is God's School.

Do you know all the parts of speech? (2x)
There are eight, parts of speech, and I will mention them to you.
Noun, Pronoun, verb, adverb, adjective, preposition, conjunction and interjection
Are the parts of speech.

A noun is a name of a person, animal, place or thing.(2x) Jerry, Cat, Warri, Fan are all examples of nouns.

Pronouns are those words(2x)
used to replace a noun(2x)
Types of Pronouns(2x)
•Personal Pronouns: I, he & She
•Possessive Pronouns: Mine, hers and his
•Reflexive Pronouns: Myself, himself, herself, themselves, ourselves, itself

Verbs are action words, verbs are doing words, run, jump, swim and sit are all examples of verbs.

Adverbs are those words (2x) that tell us more about how an action is done. Adverbs tell us how (2x)
When and where, an action Is done. For example: Carefully , Sweetly , softly , gracefully

An adjective (2x) is a word (2x) that tells us more about a noun (2x)
Types of Adjectives: Description, Numbers, Demonstration, Interrogative and Possession.

Preposition are those words that show relationship with a noun and other words, such as: On, in and into, under, below and beyond. Preposition are those words

Conjunctions are used to join words together (2x) if, and, because, so are some conjunctions. Conjunctions are used to join words together.

Interjections are those words that show emotions and sentiments such are surprise, joy, disgust, excitement, enthusiasm are those words.

12 sons of Jacob
Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph and Benjamin, Dinah is the Daughter.
12 sons od Jacob!!

DORCAS was a kind woman, DORCAS was a good woman, She cared for the poor, cooked and gave them clothes, everybody liked DORCAS

There were Twelve Disciples Jesus called to help him.
Simon Peter, Andrew, James, his brother John,
Phillip, Thomas, Matthew, James the son of Alpheus,
Thaddeus, Simon, Judas, and Bartholomew.
He has called us too (2x)
We are his disciples, I am one and You.
He has called us too (2x)
We are his disciples. We his work must do.

Love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.

Word of wisdom, word of Knowledge, the gift of faith, the gift of Healing, working of miracles, Prophecy, Discerning of spirits, Divers kinds of tongues and interpretation of tongues.

39 books in the old testament, 27 books in the new testament, and all together are 66 books in the bible.

There are 7 continents in the world, I can name them, what about you? Jesus loves all the children in the continents, so let us name them now. North America, South America, Africa, Asia, Europe, Antarctica, Australia. These are the 7 continents in the world.

7 days of creation.
Day 1: Day and Night
Day 2: Firmaments
Day 3: Land, sea, Vegetation, Plants
Day 4: Sun, moon and Stars
Day 5: Sea animals and Birds
Day 6: Man and beast
Day 7: God rested.

Weather Instruments and their uses
Rain gauge: Amount of Rainfall
Wind vane : Direction of wind
Barometer: Atmospheric Pressure
Thermometer : Temperature
Anemometer: Speed of wind
Hygrometer: Relative Humidity
Hydrometer: Specific Gravity or Density


8 Planets
Mercury ,Venus, Earth, Mars.
Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus
These are the names of the 8 Planets
Pluto was once a planet

Music is the coming together of sounds that are enjoyed

Types of Teeth
Incisors first 4 teeth
Canine sharp and pointed teeth
Premolar they are flat
Molar last 3 teeth.

3 sided shape is called....Triangle
4-Sided shape is called....Quadrilateral
5-Sided shape- Pentagon
6-Sided shape-Hexagon
7-Sided shape- Heptagon
8-Sided shape- Octagon
9-Sided shape- Nonagon
10-Sided shape- Decagon
11-Sided shape- Undecagon or Hendecagon
12-Sided shape- Dodecagon
13-Sided shape-TriDecagon
14.-Sided shape -Tetradecagon
15 Sided shape- Pentadecagon
16-Sided shape- HexaDecagon
17-Sided shape-Hep tadecagon
18-sided shape-Octadecagon
19-Sided shape-Nonadecagon
20-Sided shape- Icosagon

There are 6 classes of food.
Vitamin, Protein, carbohydrate, fat and oil, mineral salt and water.

Colours of the Rainbow
Colours of the Rainbow (2x)
Red, Orange,yellow, green, blue, indigo and Violet.

Mathematics is the study of numbers
The language of science,
The study of patterns,
That helps us to think Logically, Critically and Creatively.


Mathematics is a good subject.
What can I do to be good at it ?
Everyday Practice.
English Language is a good subject
What can I do to be good at it ?
Everyday Practice.
Sports / Re: Caption This Picture From Euro 2020 Final by JerryQ: 12:29am On Jul 12
Don't run away with my trophy !!!!!!


Career / Re: The #nairalife Of An Education Consultant Departing His Low Income Roots by JerryQ: 5:43pm On Jul 06
The 30-year-old in this story was born into a low-income family. The constant struggle was a lack of money. When he got his first 9 to 5 in 2014, his salary was ₦40k. In 2021, his monthly earnings stand at ₦800k. This is his #NairaLife.

Let’s go down memory lane for a bit. What’s your oldest memory of money?

I’d say knowing money from a distance. My parents struggled to raise four kids and most of the problems were money-related. My dad was a businessman and my mum was a petty trader, who sold anything she thought she could sell. The default mood around the house was always ‘Where will the next meal come from?”

The first time I held money that felt like my own was in 1992. I was in nursery school and my parents gave me an allowance of 50 kobo. I don’t remember what that could buy at the time, but it wasn’t a lot of money.

When you think about your childhood, what comes to your mind?

Two things: being sent out of school and not hanging out with some of my mates because I didn’t have clothes to wear. I grew up in a large compound full of neighbours, so both were a struggle. Whenever I was sent home from school, because I hadn’t paid my school fees for the term, I would sneak into the house through a bush path at the back of our building because I was embarrassed to walk through the main road. I was mostly indoors when kids my age were out playing because there was no point going out to join them when I didn’t have clothes to wear.

I like to think that our neighbours were praying to God to bless my family first before blessing theirs. That’s how bad things were.

And you know what? Things got better for a while in 2002 – 2003. My dad started working with some oil and construction company and that came with a steady stream of income.

But something happened?

Yeah. I can’t say a lot about it because I was still young and it isn’t my story to tell. But I know my dad made some terrible financial decisions and some of his business plans went south. Along the line, some key business relationships broke down, so the oil and construction money stopped coming in. This phase hit deeply because we had gone from having nothing to eat to have a fridge stocked with food, then back to nothing. The promise of a new life was snatched from us before we could get used to it.

What did this do to you?

I wanted some level of control or anything that looked like it, and this drove me to looking for ways to earn money.

Do you remember the first thing you did that fetched you money?

Yes. I was good with computers, so I started working out of my dad’s office and helping people type letters and do basic graphic design. This was in 2003 when I was in JSS 3. I was making between ₦50 and ₦500 from this. Also, I used to go to a cybercafe in my street to work for a stipend.

Phones were also beginning to be mainstream but the older folks didn’t know how to work it. I had become popular as the computer guy, and I leveraged it, helping people perform simple tasks on their phones even though I didn’t have one.

I stuck with all of this until I went to uni in 2008.

What was uni like?

My parents worried about paying tuition and that was it. I had to fend for myself for the most part. Some money came from my older siblings sometimes, but it was few and far between. I grew up loving fashion and had always wanted to do something with it. In uni, I met a tailor and we decided to work together. I was a striker — people who belong in this category don’t own shops. My job was to get the job and the materials the tailor needed. I was getting deals and bringing them to the guy and making between ₦500 and ₦1000 on a deal. This accumulated into lump sums when the business caught on.

What was the biggest money you made from a single job?

₦30k. I met this guy when I was in my second year of uni. He asked me for the price of a shirt and I told him ₦18k because I knew he could afford it. He brought it down to ₦15k and paid for two shirts. I went home with ₦30k when all I needed to make a shirt was ₦5k.


My earnings saw me through uni. I don’t remember how many deals I got or how much I typically made in a month, but I was never hungry. I graduated from uni in 2012.

What came after?

I almost got a big break. One day, a hotelier I had made some clothes for asked to see me. When I got to his office, he introduced me to a man who came from a state in the south-south. Apparently, the man was rich and managed a large music band. He wanted me to handle the project of making new uniforms for his band members.

He put me on a plane — my first time in one — to meet the members of the band and take their measurements. I met the guys — about 100 of them and the initial deal was that I would make three shirts and trousers for each one of them. The total job was ₦2m. I got an advance fee of ₦800k on that trip.


I returned home with so much excitement. The only problem was that my go-to tailor had travelled and I thought I couldn’t wait for him. I decided to go for another guy I’d used for a small job a few months earlier, and I briefed him. He agreed to it and got a few more people to work on the project. But I put him in charge of the project and deposited the ₦800k advance I got. It was supposed to be spread among all of the guys who signed up on the project.

It was time for NYSC and I travelled to camp and was following up on the project.

When I got back and went to check on the status, I found out that this guy hadn’t done anything. He used all the money I gave him to fund his wedding and rent an apartment.

Wait, what?

For real. It was a bad situation. You know what this guy said to me? “You can’t do anything to me. The worst you can do is arrest me and I’ll get out eventually.”


I was under pressure because my deadline had passed and I had nothing. The man who gave me the job had also started threatening me. During one of our conversations, he called out my NYSC state code and said he could make service year and life hell for me.

He wasn’t someone I could afford to totally piss off.

What did you do?

I used about ₦500k in my savings to try to salvage the situation. I contracted the job to another tailor and managed to deliver the first batch of clothes. But the man didn’t pay me the ₦1.2m balance because I was way past the deadline. Also, It wasn’t supposed to be a one-off job but after everything that happened, the man cut me off. He was like he had so many expectations and I let him down.

Damn. I’m sorry.

Thank you. I think my access to the man and the kind of jobs he would have brought to me would have changed the trajectory of my life. I was back at zero and the bulk of my savings had been wiped out. There was nothing I could do about it. After the deal crashed, I stayed away from fashion designing but I returned to it sometime during my service year because it was my primary source of income.

I finished NYSC in 2013 and started job hunting. After several interviews, I got a job offer. It was a personal assistant role to a managing partner of an oil and gas consulting company. The pay was ₦40k per month. Guess how long I spent on the job? Two months.

Why did you leave?

I had problems with my boss. At the peak of it, I was always looking forward to the end of the day, so I could leave the office. There was no point in staying there.

What happened after you left?

I didn’t get another job until 2014, but my side hustle kept me together. My next job was at a consulting firm and I was hired as a client relationship officer. My net salary was ₦47k when I started the job. After four months, I was promoted and my salary rose to ₦84k. However, I had taken a loan of ₦500k from work for some family needs and was repaying ₦41k per month. This put my monthly earnings to ₦43k until I finished paying off the loan.

How did this affect your finances?

I’m not sure it did. First, I was sharing an apartment with my sister and was making money on the side from fashion designing. Also, I consulted for some small marketing firms. I was running my day to day costs with my salary and saving whatever I made from the side gigs. I should add that I got another promotion and a salary increase. My salary was ₦90k when I left the company in 2017. By that time, I had about ₦1.5m in savings.

Why did you leave this job?

There was nothing to aspire to there anymore and I didn’t think I was going to get another raise. The ginger to leave really came when I got a marketing job at a sixth form college — a school that offers foundation and pre-university courses to Nigerians looking to study abroad. The salary was ₦250k. That was about 3x my salary at the time and I had to move to a new city for the job.

That’s a significant raise, but you had to move to a new city. What was that like?

Haha. It felt like I was being thrown into the wild but I took it in good faith. The money erased every doubt I had.


I was at the job from 2017 and got a few raises there. My salary was ₦290k in 2020. Later in the year, a friend told me about a vacant position as the head of a department at an international NGO. I applied for the job, went through a couple of interview stages before I got an offer and it was a very good one for me.

I’m listening!

It’s a remote job. The offer was $1650 a month. That’s about ₦800k. I dropped my resignation letter at my previous job and resumed at my current job in February 2021.

You are currently earning almost 3x your old salary, what has this jump shaped spending habits?

I’m still living on my old salary. My spending is still at a minimum and it doesn’t really reflect how much I earn. It helps that I don’t really go out except when I have plans with my girlfriend and other close friends. In addition, I don’t pay a lot in black tax, and that’s because my siblings and I pool our resources together. However, my savings habits have definitely changed. I was saving ₦100k on my old salary. Now, I’m saving ₦500k every month.

Lit. Lit. This feels like a good place to break down your monthly running expenses.

I pay ₦500k for my rent per year. I used to save a portion of my salary every month to make rent but I’ve not been doing that this year.

You’ve come a long way, how have your experiences shaped you?

My view of money is that it’s a reward for a service rendered. And financial success is what happens when opportunity meets proper preparation. People like me don’t get life on a platter of gold. We have to grab and make the most of every little opportunity we get.

Back to your savings, what does it look like at the moment?

I have about ₦5m from money I’ve saved over the years from salaries and whatever extra money I get. Saving money comes naturally to me, but I’ll admit that it got easier to save more as I earned more. Also, a savings app has been keeping me grounded.

Are investments your thing?

I invest in small businesses. Some of my friends have a couple of these, and I have a stake in their businesses. My investments there should be worth between ₦2m and ₦3m, and I’m sure they are going to grow. I’m not into or interested in crypto because I don’t know how it works yet.

In the near future, I’m looking at putting some money into setting up a food truck and hopefully grow it into a restaurant. I’m excited about that.

You’ve come a long way, but how much do you think you should be earning right now?
Hmm. I don’t think I’m grossly underpaid, but I imagine I’ll always want more. Anything from ₦1.2m to ₦1.5 is a good number for where I’m at right now.

Have you ever thought about what you need to unlock your next level of income?

The thing about working at an international NGO is that it opens to a lot of opportunities and contacts. If I can leverage this properly, I should be able to triple or quadruple my income in the next two to three years.

And in five years?

That’s more about my investments. I want to have a couple of food trucks and a restaurant by that time. I really love the whole culinary thing, so I’m geared towards it. This plan to own a food business is probably one of the reasons I went for my MBA.

I’m curious about this interest in the culinary business.

Haha. Let me paint a picture: I see a new recipe and I get excited. I’ve always loved to cook. I did go to a culinary school for a while and when I have the time, I teach cooking classes. Also, I watch food channels a lot. So yeah, it wouldn’t be the worst idea to go all in and make some money off it.

Back to the present, what’s something you bought recently that improved the quality of your life?

A Macbook. I got a good deal on it and it cost ₦400k. The synergy between my iPhone and the Macbook has been making my life a whole lot better. It’s out of this world.

Anything you spent money on recently that required proper planning?

I’m still thinking about it. I want to move to another apartment. Rent and furnishing will cost me about ₦2m. This definitely requires a lot of thinking and planning because it’s going to take a lot of money out of my savings.

Let’s talk about financial happiness, where is it on a scale of 1-10?

I’d say 6. Do I think that the quality of my life is significantly better than what it was a decade ago? Yes. Do I think I’ve made it? No. I want to build my wealth around my investments and get to a point where the dividends are enough to fund my lifestyle. This will take me to an 8. It’s almost impossible to hit a 9 or a 10 in my opinion, and that’s fine. But I want to look back in a couple of years, see the work I’ve put in and where I’m at and be happy about it.

Source: https://www.zikoko.com/money/naira-life/the-nairalife-of-an-education-consultant-departing-his-low-income-roots/

I will read this later.
Sports / Re: How Sport Bet Ruined And Destroyed Me For 7 Years by JerryQ: 12:15pm On Jul 05
This is a lil story about my 7 years deep addiction to sport bet and in this 7 years I lost everything when I mean everything

and I beg you in whatever you hold dear, I beg you in your mother's name, I beg you in your child's innocent life, I beg you in whichever God you pray too if you're in sport bet or about to start or no matter how far you have gone you can still stop so you don't lose everything like I did before I got my salvation

I was 18 in 2014 and I had just finished from secondary school and Because I loved football so much anything about football intrigued me

I remember writing my jamb and came out in flying colors (260) and I was to proceed to take my post utme when I first found and heard about sport betting

Then it was Rapido I think and Nairabet. It started as fun, just wanting to waste that 100 in excitement of what you loved and I remembered my first winning of 14k ( I wished I never won that)

That 14k I won hooked me in till February of this year and because my close knit friends knew I won that 14k and my love for football they always asked me to "forcast" games for them

I was so hooked to sport bet that my spiritual life suffered because I stopped thinking about God all I wanted was to win that imaginary millions

I remember passing my utme and Mom was happy I passed my utme as all she wanted was for me to have a quality education

Unfortunately life happened and I couldn't proceed to school again as there was no sponsor so I had to get a job in apapa wharf

I was the quiet type, I never drank or smoked or womanize , I don't even talk much unless in my line of duty but all I did was sport bet. I was paid 85k per month because my job was high risk but before I get my salary I would have used it all on sport bet

One thing I never did was steal or lie or use someone's else's money to play sport bet but I was so addicted to this demon called sport bet

From 2016 when I started working in apapa wharf till we were made to stop working because of the pandemic last year I Lost everything I had and worked for due to sport bet

I always dressed well, even till date I still dress well with neat and good cloths so you never know but in between those clothes I was suffering, I was crying each day because I knew I was wasting away

I have never taken cocaine or no the effect it has on those addicted to it but I can tell you nothing beats that of sports bet

I would cry after each lose and say no more but the moment I got another money I was in it again

The bet9ja guy in my neighborhood could allow me play games up to 100k because he knows I would pay him when I get my salary. Each night I prayed and cried to stop this but I was never able to

I rather play sport bet than eat, I knew I was destroying my life but I couldn't stop

I was a good guy, a loyal guy, my boss loved me because I was hard working so he dashes me money but I never saved any, all I did was sport bet

I remember after the first week the pandemic was eased I went to him and told him I had a problem and he asked what's the problem and I told him you are like a father to me so I feel comfortable telling you this( I thought after 4 year's a loyal worker can see a boss as a father), I need help because I'm addicted to sport bet. Then he asked me questions upon questions and I was sincere to each of his questions and he asked me if I had any savings left I told him no that sport bet took everything, he asked if I have ever stolen from him I told him if I did Mr shonibare the auditor would have known but after that he changed drastically

It was after that incident of me telling him I needed help I lost my job.

I was told because of the effect of the pandemic I had to stop coming that I would be called back but it's More than a year I haven't been called but I blame me telling him I was addicted to sport bet

All I wanted was just help

Then I had no job again and had a mouth to feed so I decided to start working as a labourer or doing any menial Job just to survive ( one thing about me was I was hard working and never derelict in my work or hustle) but guess what I never stopped playing sport bet because I wanted that imaginary millions

I would be paid 1500 as a labourer and 1000 would surely go to sport bet that same day and I would eat with 500 and I didn't win

No one knew I was in bondage, no one knew I lost my job because each morning I would dress neat and go do labourer and come home neat like I was coming from apapa, no one knew I was dying slowly due to my addiction

I can't begin to mention in naira how much I lost but thank God today made it 4 months I last played sport bet and I remembered how I stopped

It was a game I was suppose to win 1.8M with a stake of 1500 which was my last money and Liverpool vs Fulham was the last game and I staked it over 1.5 goals and I was excited because Fulham scored in the first half and I said at Last I finally won today and would get a car to do Uber and stop this finally but guess what it ended 1-0 and oh I cried, I cried aloud, I cried and yelled and gnashed my teeth like a woman crying to bring forth a child or like when Mom died, I cried so loud my tenants came and I told them my brother died but that day was my day of salvation

I cried so much ehh and In my tears i prayed to my mother this time around to come and deliver me as I was overwhelmed and needed help and I slept hungry that day because I had no money and I had used my last money to bet and in my dream I remembered I was choking so I vomited I think 50k and a palatable food and in the dream I wanted to take the money and food to eat but I had a voice. Oh I had that voice I hadn't heard for years and she called me my native name that only she did and I looked up and I saw my Mom from afar and she said don't touch it and go back now, but I said to her I was broke and hungry and she said do you want to touch or carry back your vomit? And I said no and she said now go back and I turned and Immediately I woke up I knew I had won but I knew I still had to play my own part to win finally

I went out from all the telegram betting group I belonged too, deactivated my nairaland account because I was always in the bet section, deactivated all of my bet site account

I remembered I didn't play for 3 days and I had 3k saved for the first time in months and I got on Twitter and I saw a guy saying a game is sure and the devil wanted to play with my mind but guess what that same day I had to sale my phone so I don't think or see anything about football , I packed up my DStv and TV not to watch football and see the advert of any sport betting company and for the first time in almost 7 years I went a week without sport bet WOW I was happy. the following week passed and another and another and the money I sold my phone with I didn't touch it, I had saved like 15k from my working as a menial labourer and I got another phone and I thought I was gonna fall but this morning Made it 6 weeks that I got a new phone and I haven't played or logged in to any betting site thank you Jesus

Last night I had to go to Instagram because I was feeling sad because of everything I had lost and i saw my best friend picture, I felt so sad, I cried my eyes because we are Miles apart, he doesn't call or text again and I understand I was useless, I was the brilliant one that fell, I was the lil innocent quiet handsome one that lost his easy due to sport bet

He looked so good and I blamed my self for everything but I'm in the road to recovery

Sport bet Made me lose my job, my mom, my peace, all of my savings, my friends because I couldn't compete with them financially as I was always broke but thank God today I have a New beginning and a fresh start. I know things are so hard right now but I feel like a fresh Man, a Man born again, a Man like a new born. It's almost or More than 90 days now since i last played sport bet and oh I have peace, lol I have such peace, yes occasionally when I don't have somewhere to work or when I'm lonely and think of where I should be I sigh but I say Thank you Jesus, thank you my savior

Please I beg you, sport bet would destroy you, sport bet would end you, sport bet would make you so useless, sport bet would would take everything from you, sport bet would make you lose everything you worked for, sport bet would make you become so isolated. Please stop now. I know it's hard, very hard I have been there but if I can do it I swear you can, I have lost 300k in a day before and the next day I had 2k and lost it again. Please sport bet is devilish and a destiny destroyer. You can't win them, Come out of nairaland for a while if you have too, come out of Twitter if you have too, anything that makes you think about it I'm begging you now please come out of it. Just like yesterday I was 18, now I'm 25, broke, lost everything but it's fine I would rise again. Don't be like me ok

Thank you and God bless us all for reading

So true

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Celebrities / Re: Mercy Eke Launches Foundation, Set To Give N5million Grant To Business Owners by JerryQ: 2:26pm On Jul 02
Good one.

It takes a lot of guts and wits to do this.

I celebrate Her
Education / Re: What's Behind This Year's Low JAMB Scores? by JerryQ: 9:56am On Jun 28
We need to check the level of preparedness of JAMBITES this year.

With the state of the economy, many JAMBITES now work from 8am to 6pm.

What time do they have to prepare effectively for their exams ?


Education / Re: What's Behind This Year's Low JAMB Scores? by JerryQ: 9:52am On Jun 28
Romance / Re: After Introduction, I’m Seeing Too Many Red Flags by JerryQ: 1:57am On Jun 24
Dear Nairalanders,
I have an issue that has been on my mind for weeks now. My fiancé and I have been dating for over three years. I love him and he loves me too. We are physically attracted to each other. We’re both catholic but since I graduated, during my service year I gave my life to Christ, got saved and left the Catholic Church. So I’ve been a Pentecostal Christian since then. He on the other hand is still catholic. I subtly try to nudge him to consider getting saved, i.e acknowledging Christ as lord and savior and becoming born again but he is content with his laidback Christian life.

Earlier this year, he asked to meet my parents and I let him. My parents like him especially because my younger sis is married and they have been waiting for me too. They’re glad I’ve someone. However, after the introduction,I regret it. I’m now certain that he’s not the one. I think about my spiritual life and how lukewarm he is about the things of God, I think about kids and how we’ll raise the, with such differing views about God and I’m discouraged. I feel like I’m settling because he checks all the boxes on the checklist of physical attributes. Another mistake I made is, I didn’t pray about this decision and that worries me because anything that involves him,I just act with pausing to ask God, but I always ask God about other aspects of my life. So it’s like my associating with him is a minus for my spiritual life and that’s a huge cause for concern.

At this point, I want to tell my parents I am not convinced it’s him but I’m afraid of the disappointment this will cause. *sigh* I’ll appreciate your thoughts, comments, criticisms...

It's a hard place to be.

I would advice you talk to him about your concerns and fears. Then come to a definite conclusion on How the spiritual atmosphere should be in your home if you both agree to marry. Which church to attend, which church your kids will attend, their baptism and dedication, his notion about you leading the kids to Christ in the future, His Perception about being born again. What you now believe vs what he still believes, where you defer and where you are the same.

Catholics too get born again and saved, can you ask him why he isn't if he isn't? Don't also forget to talk to your heavenly father about this, he still wants to discuss it with you, Not too late.

There are many born again christianns who are still babes and will be more problematic to deal with than some so called unbelievers who have excellent morals and characters. So, don't just look for born again, look for born again and well behaved.

Wishing you the best

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NYSC / Re: Corper Salutes Her Elder Brother For Training Her In School (Photo) by JerryQ: 7:00pm On Jun 23
Great one there.


I hope tomorrow you'll not tag your brother wizard .
My Dad was single handedly trained by his elder brother, but today my Dad turn against his elder brother by calling him wizard. Because he's better than the brother that trained him, reason the brother wants to kill him. When we were so young, we believed my dad. But when we grow up, i personally came to realized that all what my dad was telling us was a lie, that he was actually the cause of everything.

I regret for having so much hatred for my uncle back then, to the point that if i see him, i refused greeting him, never did i know that my father was the actual wizard here.

He deliberately have problems with all his siblings, niece and nephews, so that no one can come to his house and beg for something, or seek for financial help from him. And my mum wasn't even helping matters. She secretly blew the flame.

You don't allow your blood people to come to your house, but your wife people come anytime and go any time they wish. That's stupidity to me.

I hate my nuclear family, but i love my extended family. I love you uncle, and i am very sorry.

Though i am not hating my parents, but their actions towards my uncle and his children is what breaks me down.


For those asking about my relationship now with my uncle. I can say that the bond between me, my siblings and him is stronger now. There's no month my elder sister and me and my brother do not sent him money. He collected it with so much gratitude. That man is truly a good man. I am just sorry for him, the way we treated him back then, as the result of how my dad painted him in our presence. I wish i can apologize to him everyday.

Wow! This is so touching with enough moral instructions. Thanks for sharing ......
Education / Re: JAMB UTME 2021 Thread by JerryQ: 11:52am On May 28

It's either you send it, using the sms route or with the Ussd code which you've don't both. I don't know of any other way to get the profile code oh.

Education / Re: JAMB UTME 2021 Thread by JerryQ: 7:11am On May 28
Please what's the solution on getting this profile code? We have been dailing *55019*1*NIN# since morning but haven't worked.

We tried on all networks too.


Can someone help out please ?
Education / Re: JAMB UTME 2021 Thread by JerryQ: 7:22pm On May 27
Please what's the solution on getting this profile code? We have been dailing *55019*1*NIN# since morning but haven't worked.

We tried on all networks too.
Family / Re: Am I A Failure? Please Rate Me. by JerryQ: 7:30pm On May 05
First of all, apologies for any errors you may come across as I am not at the right frame of mind now.

Secondly, this post is 100% real about my life. So nothing is fake in it.

I'm a man, precisely 33 years old. I graduated from the University in 2019 at age 31. You may ask why I was still in school till that age. Well, I have realized that family/parental background matters a lot in a child's life no matter how people try to twist the fact. My family/parental background wasn't a good one educationally and financially as my parents were just petty traders and this has contributed negatively in achieving my goals and aspirations in life. With the above, you can deduce that there was no sources of funding for my tertiary education so I had to find a job after my secondary school while very ambitious about my furthering my education because I always believed in acquiring education up to university level. This led me to doing several odd jobs such as construction site labourer, security guard, cleaning, barbing, hawking, even to remove soak away and many others just to feed and see myself through school. Let me also add that @33 now, there are some jobs I can't do again because of some changes in my health system occasioned by some of the odd jobs I exposed myself to. For example, any strenuous job now is not for me as it makes me breath heavily like an asthmatic patient; any job that requires standing for long or bending down not for me due to broken waist (although these might be solvable issues but for now, I can't tell cos I have no money to visit health facility).

Moving on, while I may be thanking God for the academic success (even though the school is yet to issue me certificate) but I'm having strong feelings about myself. I feel like I have failed in life. I feel like I am a failure. My mates who got admission into university immediately after secondary school are gainfully employed today, living in comfortable apartment (built or rented), married with kids, have their own car and generally doing well. Even the ones who didn't further but venture into learning trade are doing well too. On the other hand, at 33, I have virtually nothing to show for it. Still living in one thatch house, poor, hungry and starving, no wife, no kid(s) (not even a serious girlfriend), no job, no car and nothing to show for my 33 years on earth. This is why I'm feeling like I have failed in life and it has made me to always be ashamed of myself and always trying to avoid meeting my mates who are doing well.

Also, looking at the country Nigeria, most employers recruit under 30. @33, what are my chances of
landing a good job if I refuse to forge age and go for service but collect exemption letter? What are even the possibility of getting a job as I have no capital for business? Note: between 2019 and now, I've learnt several online money making skills but yet to make a kobo out of it all. Note also: ordinarily, I wouldn't seek employment (private or government) because I'm multi talented e.g in football, entertainment or business but these talents need money to develop which is what I'm lacking.

My questions:
Please what do you all think? Do you think I have failed or I'm a failure in life? What is the future holding for me? As at today, the only thing I can boast of is "I am a graduate". Nothing more...like I said, poor, hungry and starving.

Help me with good pieces of advice please before my mind begins to consider evil as fastest way of making money. Thanks.

Who doesn't need money in this life ? Even the richest of people are still in need of money. This means, if you judge yourself only by your need of money then you aren't right. A successful life is a life of purpose. Provided you are adding value to your life and also adding value in others life, you are successful.

All of the things you listed as your needs are majorly a product of money. So, focus on making money.

I perceive you should be a lecturer so,

I will advice you go back to your University and your department. Volunteer as a graduate assistant. Tell your HOD about your present state and plans you have to teach in the university. Tell him you are willing to volunteer as a graduate assistant until the department is willing to employ one. Immediately you state as a graduate assistant, start your masters degree. Give yourself 5 years to work on your plans and I can assure you that this list of yours will be child's play.

Your certificate and your disposition to get your goals are two major weapons you have. Only successful get their goals accomplished amongst all odds like this, You are a success.
Jobs/Vacancies / Re: N-power Batch C: How To Fix "Surname Can Only Contain Alphabets" Issue by JerryQ: 1:52pm On May 03
The working pace of the present N-Power body is rather slow compared to when it was under the office of the vice president. I wonder why amend a thing that isn't broken. N-Exit has not been attended to, Batch C is taking too long to admit.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Spends $2 Billion On Generators In 20 Years by JerryQ: 7:34am On Jan 30
I am 99.99% sure the money is far more than $2B. We have a challenge with record-keeping in Nigeria. The number of generators that have passed through our porous borders will be like x10 of what they have on this record.

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