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Celebrities / Re: Churchill Joins Anambra Bigwigs, Kings Makers At Commissioning Of 11km Road Proj by KenModi(m): 8:01am On Apr 11
I'm 2021 we are still commissioning roads
Something that should be a thing of the past

You mind Nigerians and mediocrity
Celebrities / Re: Princess Shyngle Divorces Her Husband, Gibril Bala Gaye (Photos) by KenModi(m): 7:51am On Apr 11
grin next thing now na to dey claim self love

She don already dey do am...

She say her true love now na her sef and money.


Celebrities / Re: Princess Shyngle Divorces Her Husband, Gibril Bala Gaye (Photos) by KenModi(m): 7:49am On Apr 11

It reminds me of Tontoh Dike. She didn't allow us hear word about her 'King Kong', until we heard King Kong don return bride price

Na when Tonto Dike call am ‘King Kong’? I no see dat one for news oo. cheesy
Celebrities / Re: Princess Shyngle Divorces Her Husband, Gibril Bala Gaye (Photos) by KenModi(m): 7:42am On Apr 11
I'm surprised how a sane person will use his korokoro eyes go wife a continental olosho. It's beyond my understanding!

grin grin grin cheesy

Guy your mouth no good ooo! “Continental olosho”

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Health / Re: Woman Shows Off Her 'Flat' Stomach Six Months Into Her Pregnancy (Photos) by KenModi(m): 2:18pm On Apr 09
All these clout chasers sef! So having a flat stomach six months into pregnancy is now an achievement??


Politics / Re: FG Receives Stolen Ile-ife Artifact From Mexico by KenModi(m): 11:46am On Apr 09

Is it useful to you?

You no jus get sense at all! I no blame you. Lack of exposure na im dey worry you. People wey know the importance and value of dat tin know wetin to do with am. So just keep quiet or google “the importance of ancient artifacts” before you come online dey disgrace yoursef.


Politics / Re: #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon: Reno Omokri Continues With Protest (Video, Photos) by KenModi(m): 1:58pm On Apr 07
Mother of all rally indeed

Forget that one and focus of the aim of the rally. Its for you own benefit as well.
Family / Re: Why Is It That Some Married Couples Hardly Wear Their Rings Nowadays? by KenModi(m): 9:30pm On Apr 02

It's not about symbolising love. You don't need to wear a symbol of love... let the love be between you and your spouse. It's about letting other people know you're unavailable.

It's only age-advanced people I automatically consider married whether or not they have a wedding band on.

Young couples should wear their rings religiously.

See mental slavery! You obviously have been completely brainwashed by the white man. Did your ancestors wear rings? Did your forefathers wear rings when they got married?

That is how you people go about marrying according to the white man’s tradition, even putting on their traditional wedding attire of black suit and white gown all in the name of religion.

Who do black man this kind thing ennn?!!

Politics / Re: #HarassBuhariOutOfLondon: Reno Omokri Questioned By London Police by KenModi(m): 8:53pm On Apr 02
If it was in Nigeria, Reno would have been “sowored” by now

Comments like this is why I enjoy seeing the current suffering and hardship Nigerians are going through. We go suffer till we get sense for this country.
Religion / Re: COVID-19 Vaccines: Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Condemns Christians Taking Vaccines by KenModi(m): 4:52pm On Mar 30
Pastor Chris is very interesting. And his courage against reason is remarkable! Interestingly, that is the definition of faith.

Faith = Blindly following your’s or someone else’s intuition.
Politics / Re: Buhari Leaves For London For A Medical Check-up (photos) by KenModi(m): 4:10pm On Mar 30

President Buhari departs Nigeria to a foreign country for medical check up.

If you are looking for a sign of a failed government, look no further!

Just imagine the uproar that would happen in the U.S if Joe Biden goes abroad for medical checkup. Just imagine the news headline in the dailymail if Boris Johnson abandons London’s hospitals to rot and chooses to go for checkup abroad. Just imagine the commotion in Russia if Putin goes abroad for medical reason. Just imagine how embarassing the Chinese govt would be if Xi Jinping leaves the hospitals in Beijing to decay and goes abroad for medical checkup.

But in Nigeria, would continue to watch as the hospitals across the country including the nations’s capital Abuja rot and decay; ans whenever he has a headache, he jets out to the U.K to get medical diagnosis, treatment and then relax till whenever he feels like coming back to the country.

The president of Nigeria, can even go to the U.K and spend six months chilling and nothing would happen because the citizens are useless; people who despite the glaring suffering they were experiencing trooped out in their numbers at the last general election and voted to continue suffering.

Nigerians I ask, shame no dey us?? Even if we no get shame, we no still get sense join??

They are already preparing Tinubu to succeed him. A man who is one of the main contributors to rot and decay in the country. And I trust Nigerians, the majority of us would campaign and vote for him.

Nigerians, we think we are suffering now, make Tinubu enter Aso Rock, we go suffer ennn!! Toll gate go full everywhere from state to state, with the money going into Tinubu’s account and they would call it “internally generated revenue”.

I have said it and would say it again and again, we would continue to suffer in this country as long as we continue to vote the same people from APC and PDP repeatedly. Nigerians our mumu never do. No one suffers and smiles better than Nigerians.


Politics / Re: Tinubu: I Chose Kano To Prove That Yoruba And Fulani Are One by KenModi(m): 5:17am On Mar 30
The jagaban has spoken.

Shildren of 8, anger, frustration and perdition can go wail out their intestines.

In another news, Tinubu has made it clearly that he is not unaware of inconsequential noise from ipob pigs. He has therefore factored that into his plan.

Jagaban, ride on, we Nigerians are strongly behind you.

Be like dem take suffer swear for you. You never tire to suffer?!
Politics / Re: Tinubu Hunts For Talents, Says Akeredolu by KenModi(m): 10:20pm On Mar 29
All those he help into office a spiritual citizen. The like of MC he empowered, minister commissioner LG chairman n LCDA chairmen are spiritual. The females he empowered to the post of deputy governor, those employed by the construction work being undertaken by Lagos when he was governor isn't empowerment. How many job acquisition center are in Lagos now ?


We never learn in this country. No lessons learnt from past mistakes. Its like we Nigerians have very short memory. Thats how they marketed Buhari as the next best thing after sliced bread and the majority of us bought it immediately. Now they have started marketing Tinubu who has contributed immensely to the rot in the country directly and indirectly and a lot of us are already buying it. You think we are suffering now, wait and see what would happen if Tinubu becomes President. Nigerians, we go suffer ennn! Toll gates go full everywhere for the country. From state to state go be toll gate with revenue straight to Tinubu’s account and they would call it ‘internally generated revenue’. Mark my words today and mark this date. Since we have refused to look beyond APC and PDP, we go suffer till we get sense for this country.
Fashion / Re: Lagos Restaurant, Grills By Delis, Denies Lady Entrance Over Her Outfit by KenModi(m): 5:06pm On Mar 29
Where are the parents of these ppl?

Don't judge, don't judge will finally spoil this world.

Stup.id girl.

In all my life, I have never met more hypocritical people than Nigerians.

Na still same Nigerians go visit native doctor for night, go church dey sing worship songs, come still chop communion join. Rubbish!
Celebrities / Re: Toyin Lawani's Nun's Outfit To 'The Prophetess' Movie Premiere Sparks Outrage by KenModi(m): 5:04pm On Mar 29
Do not disrespect other people's religion or faith... It is done abroad and in movies, but i do not consider it right.
Respect Christians, Muslims, Atheist and what have you... A man's faith is sacred and never tl b toiled with.

That is why and how the white man and Arabs succeeded in brainwashing Africans.

Celebrities / Re: Ruth Kadiri Warns Her Colleagues Against Posting Politicians, Seeking For Votes by KenModi(m): 4:57pm On Mar 29
Why is She wearing Bedspread angry

Goat! Focus on the message not the messenger. Why many people no just get sense for this country?!

Politics / Re: Tinubu Hunts For Talents, Says Akeredolu by KenModi(m): 2:16pm On Mar 29

Why are you people always asking silly questions? Are you not educated and can you not use google? Abeg who singlehandedly made Lagos the 6th biggest economy in Africa bigger than Kenya, Ghana and all West African nations?

No insult meant but was it your father? Was it a Fulani, Igbo, Hausa or Edo? Why do people like you enjoy petty mischief like this for god sake? Can you not hate someone and still retain that core uprightness that would enable you to admit the truth about them?

Does it make sense to ask for Mike Tyson's achievement in boxing merely because you hate him and remain committed to belittling him?

The things some of you do is very childish, unmanly and dishonorable. Proper men tell and admit the truth about even their most bitter enemies.

Please ‘enlighten me’, how did Tinubu “singlehandedly” turn Lagos to the 6th biggest economy in Africa; what policies and measures did he put in place or establish that took Lagos to such height while he was in office?

Its not about quoting wikipedia, bro come with proper facts. Stop singing his praise because others are doing so. I don’t hate Tinubu, I barely even know him, just asking questions to make sense about the hype your likes are giving him.

I see a man who pocked Lagos while you see a man who is the next best thing after sliced bread for Lagosians. You need to explain things with facts and dates...not making quotes and rankings in the air.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Hunts For Talents, Says Akeredolu by KenModi(m): 2:10pm On Mar 29
If you like be from here.
Only lunatics will query Tinubu influences of the lives of the likes of Osinbajo Fashola Sanwo Aregbe Fowler Ambode and also many foolish Igbos he appointed commissioner in Lagos n other he gave opportunities to in his private businesses across the globe. You can compare that with the failures your rank him with and understand he is not your fathers mate in every ramification.

WE are not yalking about who he appointed or helped into political office. That is his political influence and that is for him. What I am asking is about his contributions to the lives of the ordinary citizen; both while he was in power and since he left office.

Stop throwing childish tantrums and foaming at the mouth; answer my question with facts.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Hunts For Talents, Says Akeredolu by KenModi(m): 9:06am On Mar 29
He as impacted more lives positively than Peter Obi Ugwuanyi ikpease Abaribe Kalu Orji Theodore Orji Umahi n Co put together more.

How has he done that? Details please and if you have photos they would be much appreciated as well.

By the way, I am not Igbo, just in case you were thinking my question is based on tribal sentiment.
Sports / Re: Cristiano Ronaldo Leaves Pitch ANGRY After Disallowed Goal Vs Serbia (Photos) by KenModi(m): 5:51am On Mar 29

Sorry o, the only person thinking backwards is the one who is too emotional without capacity to analyze and evaluate assertions. Did you even understand what I typed Mr 16-bits brain?

Look at the image below, if you draw a straight line down from the outermost right circumferential edge of the ball, it looks like it will still touch the goal line, meaning the whole ball may not have crossed the line. How will the referee give such a goal when it was not completely clear and certain? Please learn to reason objectively for it will take you far. I'll say the same if it was Messi that was in this situation.

Mr. Man go see an optician, your eyes are not working.
Politics / Re: Tinubu Hunts For Talents, Says Akeredolu by KenModi(m): 5:32am On Mar 29

More like fact, disprove it, from local govt to VP, mention one person dead or alive that has achieved that feat in political arena of this nation,forget the hatred of people like u.

Instead of you praising the man’s supposed political prowess, please tell me about his impact on the common man on the street. How has Tinubu impacted the lives of the ordinary citizen?

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Politics / Re: Aisha Yesufu Replies Garba Shehu Who Said Nobody Can Bring Down Buhari's Govt by KenModi(m): 5:29am On Mar 29
If Aisha Yesufu thinks she has solutions to the multitude of problems affecting Nigeria, let her contest and campaign for an elective office

It is exactly this kind of advice Sowore heeded to that today he is being made fun of by Nigerians and called a “power-hungry politician”.

Everyone has got a role in society, let Aisha play hers as a tormentor of this useless administration.
Religion / Re: My Experience Inside A Beer Parlour In Lagos by KenModi(m): 8:34pm On Mar 28

what do you say about those crippled who got their instant healing especially during crusade?

I that is typing, I intend having sex soon because presently I am not fully dedicated my life to Him. Nothing change the fact I know Him and He exists bro. Dont be carried away by people like us. Trust me bro God Is waiting patiently for us.....very patient and slow to anger.

@bolded, I guess you are referring to those arrangee miracles, how much do the actors cost again per service/crusade; 30k right?? cheesy grin

Secondly, carried away by people like you?? grin grin grin

Bro no kill me with laugh abeg! We are not alike in anyway, shape or form nor in beliefs.

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Religion / Re: My Experience Inside A Beer Parlour In Lagos by KenModi(m): 8:23pm On Mar 28

The fasting and prayer people are preparing for rapture. The city they'll be in after rapture will be 100x better than Dubai. grin


Politics / Re: I Won't Go To Court — Mascot Kalu, Says Aba People Have Been Cheated by KenModi(m): 7:55pm On Mar 28
Is it not funny that Kalu that is having an ambition for presidency under Apc couldn't secure the Reps seat for Apc.

SE as a region should rather focus on how to get the presidency under Pdp

You do realize PDP and APC are one and the same right?
Religion / Re: My Experience Inside A Beer Parlour In Lagos by KenModi(m): 5:35pm On Mar 28

Even if he turns water to wine for ur FA ce
u will say its witchcraft.

If God wan arrest, He knows how to do it bro.

I rarely visit this thread...

Nope, that would never happen. Turn water into wine? Those are just stories. If it was true and if it can happen, why has no pastor world wide cured a Covid-19 patient? Make una stop all these stupidity; those who their eyes have opened can see right through your bullshiit.

Religion / Re: My Experience Inside A Beer Parlour In Lagos by KenModi(m): 5:29pm On Mar 28

why being hostile, it's a message of hope not of calamity. I wonder why people consider preaching disturbance when it's a discussion, mind you there are always discussion while drinking.

Not being hostile bro. Just saying the truth. Pains me that my people are so brainwashed that they cannot thing for themselves; waiting for God to do every single thing for them.

Religion / Re: My Experience Inside A Beer Parlour In Lagos by KenModi(m): 5:27pm On Mar 28

It’s either you hate whites or you’re just ignorant.

The Holy Bible was not written by white people.

It is the word of God written by Hebrews.

People who wrote the book still believe in it because every word is made manifest in our daily lives.

Tell me brother, why are you angry with your maker?

And the hebrews were black right? Go siddon one corner! You guys have been so brainwashed such that even now that you have the truth steering at you, you still blindly ignore it, because “Jesus” brings you comfort. Yes, some imaginary being to put all your problems, blames, and mistakes on.

Religion / Re: My Experience Inside A Beer Parlour In Lagos by KenModi(m): 3:59pm On Mar 28
Am sorry to say but u are a very foolish unbeliever...U better repent before u are destroyed and utterly consumed...Look at you sounding so foolish like you own ur life and have total control of ur existence.. God is a merciful God if not he would be visiting some of you with very terrible plaque and consequences for the careless statements u make...May God have mercy on ur lost soul

I am not lost bro; on the contrary, it is you who needs help because obviously you have been brainwashed.

Religion / Re: My Experience Inside A Beer Parlour In Lagos by KenModi(m): 8:54am On Mar 28
You went into a place of relaxation and started disturbing people’s peace. After all the hustle and bustle, person decide to relax, make im body cool down, you went there to be disturbing people’s peace with one imaginary white guy who his people told you would come from the sky in flowing white gown and shiny hair to come take you to ‘paradise’.

If na me b dat guy, I for tear you correct slap, come tell who get beer parlour say you dey disturb me make dem chase you comot. Nonsense!!

The guy was cool. He should have given you six drums of water to convert to wine as a test.

"Oga just pretend it's a wedding in Cana and give boys sapele water"

At least let them show us something. I can bet no pastor can do that. They just read from a book written and nicely packaged by white people and they take in everything in there hook, line and sinker, without even thinking for themselves or asking questions like rational human beings. Even the people who wrote the book no longer believe or abide by what they wrote there because they know its all crap!

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Travel / Re: Suez Canal: 'Beached Whale' Ship Gets Stuck. Dislodging Could Take Weeks by KenModi(m): 1:28pm On Mar 26

Gbe enu soun... I can't believe you're still waiting for a white man to come out of the sky with another man that's holding trumpet grin ogbeni they've brain washed you with their fictional character grin

I have be saying this to him and since he has cement and block for a head, he has refused to listen. Brainwashed fellow still waiting for a white man in white garment and flowing hair to drop put of the sky and take him to an imaginary place.

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Sports / Re: Comoros Qualify For First Ever AFCON Tournament, Players Celebrate (Photos) by KenModi(m): 1:22am On Mar 26
Which one is Comoros again?

Make una dey try educate una about Africa, una no go hear. I am sure you have not heard of Lesotho, Sychelles, Sao Tome and Principe, Cape Verde, Mauritius....all these are countries in Africa. Use your internet well. Not only TikTok and Instagram, big big nyash and big bress; cheesy surf the web to gain knowledge and educate yourself.

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