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Education / Re: I See Membership Of Alumni Whatsapp Groups As WASTE Of Time: Am I Wrong? by kinguwem: 2:39pm On Apr 17
It depends on your alma mater.

My secondary school alumni association donates money for sick members and for members hosting events. Those hosting events are not mandated to give the association anything. Accept the alumni's donation and serve the alumni whatever you can afford. Two or three years ago, they talked about asking members in diaspora to help members in Nigeria to japa. But that topic didn't get a serious attention.

My university alumni association funds dinner night for graduating students every year and occasionally call members for get-together events without mandatory contributions from members. The rich ones silently donate the money.
It's a good one. Most of those Associations don't force people to contribute but could be useful in resuscitating old colleagues.

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Celebrities / Re: Jnr Pope: Remains Of Make-Up Artist Abigail Frederick Exhumed (Photos) by kinguwem: 8:48pm On Apr 14
Why were they in a haste to bury her? Besides, the funds realized from donations ( if well utilized) would have been enough to perform that useless rituals and also transport her corpse back to the village.
Some Nigerian communities are still barbaric & exploitative. Poverty, illiteracy & ignorance plays a major role. Poor governance & the government being far from the people is a major reason.
The government & the management of the inland water ways should live up to their responsibilities.

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Politics / Re: Borehole: Obi Said He Wants People To Get Angry At What He's Doing - Abdulkarim by kinguwem: 1:35pm On Apr 10
Most idiotic statement ever. 8 out of 10 times when this man talks infront of a microphone, he vomits trash. It is like saying, you deliberately serve people a plate of stone rice because you want others to be provoked and deliver clean rice to the masses. Worse of all, he was saying this in the palace of an emir. I wasn't informed of northerners write him a letter to come dig boreholes for them neither is he the first southerner to donate projects in the north. When we talk about how mediocre he was as Governor, some ignorant folks would start kicking themselves to the floor. He has confessed with his own mouth how shameful and disgraceful that he couldn't deliver an ordinary borehole.
Why take anxiolytics for someone else insomnia. Peter Obi has provided water to communities that lacked water & the government of the day couldn't assist them.
He's challenged those that can do better than him to do the needful. He's said it openly that he's not desperate for power but just interested in empowering the people & making their lives better.
Politics / Re: I’m Disappointed That Obasanjo, Jonathan Are Watching PDP Bleed – Sowunmi by kinguwem: 8:19am On Apr 10
The nemesis of the PDP is linked to the way they treated GEJ because he's a minority & the cash & carry politics associated with their Presidential election primaries.
The party led the country for 16 years & finds it difficult to play the role of a leading opposition party because most key members cannot survive outside the government circle.
The way forward is for members to abide by the principles laid down by the founding members of the party & ensure that internal democracy strives in the party. That way, they will be able to produce a candidate that can win Presidential elections.
Religion / Re: 10 Countries With The Largest Number Of Christians- Statisense by kinguwem: 4:25pm On Apr 07

Mexico and Congo DR is a very big surprise.
>90%, yet high on Violence, crime and war.

Most African Christians, especially Nigerians don't even know this and that's why they support Israel in EVERYTHING.
The funny thing is that, the present day Israel is not even the same Israel in the Bible. These Israelis are mere European land grabbers and migrants from Poland, Netherlands, Denmark etc. Even their prime Minister is not from Israel. The Palestinians they've been terrorizing since 1948 are more Israelite than them.
The conflict in Gaza is mainly a problem between the Jews & Arabs over the occupation of Palestine & declaration of a State of Israel by the Jews in 1948 & the resistance by the Arabs. The two State proposal as a solution to the crisis is not supported by the Israelis due to acts of terrorism against the State of Israel by Hamas. Israel is presently at war with Hamas with displacement of millions of Palestinians.
Politics / Re: Reno Omokri Criticizes Peter Obi After The Space Event On Social Media by kinguwem: 3:31pm On Mar 30
Peter Obi brought political victory to LP but the leadership of the party is interested in making money & aligning with the ruling party. Otherwise, how do we explain the leadership crisis after the successes achieved at the general elections. Nigerian politicians are naturally greedy & will do anything to remain relevant & make money.
Politics / Re: Murder Of Soldiers In Okuama: Army Releases Statement On Misinformation by kinguwem: 8:06pm On Mar 18
There is no military in this world that won't retaliate against that community and bring it down.

All human rights organisations are quiet now till the Army will do their own. RIP to the dead.

Army no be work.
Sad incident but failure of intelligence is strongly associated with this incident. There're so many armed groups & communities operating freely in this country. The military must do a thorough investigation to unravel the sources of arms & ammunition of these groups & how they get training on use of firearms.
Crime / Re: Irate Ijaw Youths Kill Army Commander, Soldiers In Delta by kinguwem: 12:19pm On Mar 17
Always remember... There is NO greater gangster than the government... Nuf sed
Why massacre innocent people; are they the ones that killed the soldiers? The incident is sad & regrettable. Why did soldiers go for a peace mission in a communal crisis? What's the work of the Police, Traditional Council & Community Leaders? Nigerians need explanations.
Religion / Re: Budget Parts Of Your Offerings To Feed Poor, Unemployed– Kumuyi tells Christians by kinguwem: 8:15pm On Mar 03
Helping those in need is just as important as building a church, lets not forget our brothers and sisters struggling to survive in our communities.
Yea, churches must not necessarily be gigantic buildings but a conducive place of worship & service to Humanity.
Health / Re: Rebecca Sekidika: Rivers First Class Graduate Dies A Week To Her UK Travel by kinguwem: 1:21am On Feb 25

If this narrative was actually what happened, the invasive visual examination can be done with or without a local anaesthetic. That way, the doctor knows when patient is in real pain and stops.

Spinal anaesthetic should be for very serious operations like CS especially if cutters are not to be used.

Standard practice is to explain the details of a procedure with the patient and possibly with a family member present, including details of possible complications and risk assessment of the procedure. Doctors must confirm that patient understands the risk involved, that they're in sound mind prior to the operation and that they agree both verbally and in writing by the signing the operation consent form before any procedure is embarked on.

Whether detailed due care was taken by the medical team should be the subject of the investigation.
The indication for the hysteroscopy was not clear. Absence of menses in a young lady that's not pregnancy & doesn't desire to get pregnancy has a management algorithm. Medications (hormonal drugs) are used to evaluate & correct the menstrual cycle. If this fails & a uterine factor is suspected to be the problem before a hysteroscope is indicated.
Spinal anaesthesia is usually complicated by hypotension & rarely respiratory paralysis (high Spina) & unconsciousness (total Spina). Spinal anaesthesia is not usually associated with vomiting of blood unless the anaesthesia was converted to general anaesthesia & they was an attempt to intubate the patient with trauma to the airway & asphyxia. Another possibility is perforation of the uterus with the bowels during the procedure. The blood could've been from a bleeding uterine vessel & there could've been an associated intra-abdominal bleeding which was not picked up.
This complications can happen during surgery & anaesthesia but better preparation, early identification & involvement of more experienced physicians & surgeons could've prevented the death.
May God comfort the bereaved parents & family; may the soul of the departed rest in peace. Amen!
Health / Re: How Much Does Consultant Medical Doctors Earn by kinguwem: 12:23am On Feb 25

The only reason you're migrating is because your services are needed in "these" countries. Knowing that your services are in high demand, the average Doctor is ready to use the opportunities available in other countries to blackmail the government at any given opportunity.

As per being underpaid, everybody is underpaid in Nigeria. Which of these countries pay N30k as minimum wage?
Your analysis doesn't make much sense. Payment of wages is based on productivity. I agree the minimum wage doesn't make sense & may contribute to the poor productivity of the civil service. A viable health sector is an index of the level of development of any country meaning the services of doctors is very vital for the well-being of the citizens.
Politics / Re: Subsidy: Tinubu Reaping The Consequences Of His Hasty Decisions - Babachir Lawal by kinguwem: 8:37pm On Feb 24
The decision was hasty without a bailout plan for the ripple effects. But the floating of the dollar is the major reason for the collapsed economy.
But Nigerians generally and the political class in particular are heartless and exploitative. Why are allocated funds converted to dollars by the politicians and why are we running a dollar based economy? Is the Central Bank Governor and his Management team competent to manage the mess created by the removal of fuel subsidy and the floating of the dollar? Time shall tell.
Politics / Re: Onanuga: S/Africa Has Worsening Insecurity Than Nigeria, Temper The Headlines by kinguwem: 7:56pm On Jan 31
It's sad that the man must do a dirty job to earn a living. It's difficult to market a bad product. Comparing the insecurity in South Africa to that of Nigeria is simply myopic & unacceptable. Communities are wiped out daily, farmlands destroyed, citizens kidnapped for huge ransoms, security agents implicated in crimes etc. in Nigeria without any plans by government to reverse the status quo.

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Politics / Re: Relocate Katsina Airport Project And Risk 2027, Katsina Elders Warn Tinubu by kinguwem: 8:51am On Jan 27
What's their contribution to the development of the country? What's the traffic flow through that airport per annum.
Sad that we've have people who discuss politics all their lives but cannot tie the politics to sustainable development & progress of the society.
Politics / Re: Relocation Of CBN: There'll Be Consequences If Tinubu Doesn't Reverse - Ndume by kinguwem: 6:38am On Jan 25

You're correct. Some Departments of CBN & FAAN need to be in Lagos to benefit from the economies of scale.
Ndume's behaviour is just like that of a typical core Northerner. Political consideration is a priority compared to basic economics.
The economic situation in the country is harsh. The earlier the present administration comes up with policies that will reverse the trend, the better.
Crime / Re: Bandits Shoot Two Soldiers, NSCDC Officer Dead In Benue by kinguwem: 8:34pm On Jan 21
Sad that troops are lost to terrorists due to poor political commitments, corruption & expansionist intentions.
But what I don't understand is repelling terrorists with loss of troops & injuries to soldiers without stating or displaying the bodies of bandits killed, ongoing plans & operations to decimate the dispersed criminals.
Health / Re: Drama As Hospital Returns Patient To Husband’s Shop In Ibadan (pic) by kinguwem: 6:03am On Jan 20
It's a wrong move by the hospital. The hospital should've involved the services of the State's Social Welfare Department. Taking her to the husband's shop is indirectly a death sentence. We need to revive our social welfare services instead of sharing money as a form of humanitarian service.
Politics / Re: Insecurity: Wike Asks CP To Establish Additional Police Divisions In Gwagwalada by kinguwem: 5:53am On Jan 20
You are a joker
Does that address the issue? What about intelligence gathering?
Don't the security agents know where these criminals are hiding?
We should be preventing criminals from attacking rather than aiming to solve crimes which we are poor at.
I believe he's acting based on security intelligence. Criminals stay somewhere & the uncompleted buildings are their hideouts. The FCT needs addition Police divisions. Wike is in order.

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Politics / Re: FG Reviews Recruitment Guidelines To Accommodate 35% Women In Four Agencies by kinguwem: 5:45am On Jan 20
It's a good development keying into the Beijing declaration but meritocracy should not be sacrificed for gender equity.
Politics / Re: Video Of Nigerian Army In Another Brutal Encounter With Bandits by kinguwem: 5:43am On Jan 20
Impressive .

If the tempo is sustained against these bandits in coordinated and simultaneous attacks on their hideouts, we may be seeing their end in no short a time.

However, a field drone operated by our troops would have been very effective in tracking those bastards and helping the ground troops to concentrate their fire instead of what we saw.

All the same, big up to our troops.
The troops are doing well despite the logistics challenges. May God guide & protect them.
Politics / Re: Supporters Welcome Governor Mutfwang After Supreme Court judgment (Pictures) by kinguwem: 1:48pm On Jan 14

What do you think about all these media trials we see of corrupt people? From 1999 all we hear are sensationalism in the media
Senator arrested governor arrested by efcc this and that then they go to court and it becomes clear it's all a joke. For instance the one that broke my heart what the Orji uzor kalu sentencing. . never before seen in the world that an indicted senator kept his status and salary as a senator.

My friends in the US use this to troll me till eternity.
When will we ever have a sincere president or government who cares about you and I and others ?
Look at Beta Edu, in sane countries she will be in handcuffs in custody while investigation is proceeding because she has been indicted on paying public funds Into and private account already.

But alas you all at manna and I know nothing will come of this..

My people at manna when will we Nigeria have a sincere honest government willing to go against the buck and do the right thing for the people? If an offence is a bailable offence you will infringe her fundamental human by detailing her in detention? I thought a suspect is innocent until convicted?

Politics / Re: Sheikh Gumi To CJN: Leave Sharia Alone, Talk About Restructuring by kinguwem: 12:14pm On Jan 13
This man just said the truth and nothing but the truth. I just wish to add that Nigeria should be restructured into the four original regions. The current states lacks the finance and size needed to be viable.
Yes, but the political class doesn't tow his line of thought. The Governors esp. the Northern ones are against restructuring. They're not resourceful but religiously depend on statutory allocations from the FG. That's where the problem is.
Politics / Re: Gov. Nwifuru Buys SUVs For All Doctors In Ebonyi General Hospitals (Photos) by kinguwem: 4:57pm On Jan 12
It might send a wrong signal to other professionals working in the State Civil Service Commission..
Even if the car is structured as a loan, what of the Nurses, Laboratory Scientists not to even mention professionals in other Sectors.
Other professionals might feel marginalized and will definitely impact their commitment to duty.
You don't need to pamper some at the expense of others as that is what led to different uprising/insurgency all over Nigeria.
He should have make it all inclusive and limit it to professionals at a specified cadre across board.
You've a point but the motivation must start from somewhere. The medical doctors are the heads of the medical team & without them the hospitals will not be certified. But the other members of the team are equally important & should be motivated.

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Politics / Re: Edu Received Funds For Flight Tickets From Abuja To Non-Existent Kogi Airport by kinguwem: 3:48pm On Jan 07
Most Nigerians are dubious, opportunitistic and hypocritical. Even those who complain about the thief who made this news aren't any better; they just don't have that opportunity.
Yes, you're correct. That Ministry is seen as the birth right of the owners of the country who're used to getting money without working.
Sahara Reporters is used to this kind of report. Recently, it reported that late Governor Akeredolu died in his secret location in Lagos while he died in Germany.
There's no clean person in government but that don't mean we should support corrupt practices. The Previous Minister has refused to honour EFCC invitation. Her cronies will stop at nothing until the present Minister is down.


Family / Re: 19 Year Old Man Marries Two Wives At A Time In Bauchi. by kinguwem: 1:17pm On Dec 31, 2023

Na lie.

He go just dey enjoy himself dey go.

Nigerian men are not polygamous in nature.It is the customs that is polygamous which is the law and cordially accepted by the people it's governing.

Monogamy is strange to our customs and DNA(ancestry) just as same sex conjugal relationship is forbidden in all ethnic group in Nigeria or atleast not openly supported.

We should purge ourselves of the whole gamut of western ideology on how to live our lives when we have a way of life that is designed to make us have a fulfilled life in happiness and everlasting joy.

In the old Africa,it doesn't require wealth to have multiple wives but the Western colonialist saw this and destroyed out of envy and self loath.

A man is instinctly designed to love many women even the pretentious Western men yearn for this in closet.

If I have my ways,I'll marry plenty beautiful women because I love them.

Do we've the means to sustain polygamous? The answer is no. The end result is more corrupt practices including online scams, armed robbery, kidnapping, banditary, rituals for money etc.
Family / Re: The Marriage List Given To A Man In Akwa Ibom State by kinguwem: 11:40am On Dec 31, 2023
The list is quite long & exhorbitant. May be the family is poor or need a high taste ceremony.
A lot of the items on the list is not what is required traditionally may be they want to host a feast.
There's need for tolerance in what we do. That's why the Caucasians are far ahead because nobody worries about unnecessary issues but plan for better things including researches to solve complex problems & make life more convenient to live.
Health / Re: Doctor Shares Emotional Letter He Received From Patient Before Her Passing by kinguwem: 11:06am On Dec 28, 2023
Doctors are forking over rated

I can't wait for technology to forking replace the med field and put all those loser docs out of work
Technology reduces stress for both doctors & patient but can't replace a doctor. AI, robots can assist in making diagnosis, surgeries, documentation, consultations etc. but can't clerk patients independently. That doctor-patient interaction is invaluable in management of several disease conditions.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Visit President Tinubu’s Ikoyi Residence For Xmas Goodies (video) by kinguwem: 10:18pm On Dec 26, 2023

It is a daily ritual that has been on for years. Not just the season or now that he's the President.

If you are familiar with that area of Ikoyi, you will know anytime Asiwaju Tinubu is around because there will be a lot of people gathered outside and waiting to see him.

Most people who are just knowing the enigma Asiwaju Tinubu is are the ones who regard this as news. It's normal and I believe he learnt this from his late Mum.

Some years ago that we went to visit Mama in her Ikeja residence, the crowd waiting outside to see mama was so much that we had to reschedule the visit. Mama was getting old and frail then so could only attend to few visitors. Check my signature for free stuffs!
Are they no better ways of attending to people other than them waiting outside under the sun for hours?
Celebrities / Re: Mohbad’s Wife, Wunmi Accuses Father-in-law Of Sponsoring Content Creators by kinguwem: 8:10am On Dec 26, 2023
This is what happens when problems are not nipped in the bud.
This lady needs to proof that her son is late Mohbad's & most of the unnecessary harassments will stop.
The most important issue now is knowing what killed her husband & the prosecution of those involved.
Late Mohbad's dad is poor & doesn't trust the late son's wife. He'll stop at nothing unless he confirms the child is theirs. The talk about property is just a way of diverting attention from the child's paternity issue.
Politics / Re: I Didn’t Invite Tinubu To Intervene In Rivers Crisis – Wike by kinguwem: 10:13pm On Dec 24, 2023

You dey cap dust

That’s how one man enslaved an entire tribe because nobody wan pull ladder

So because Wike put Sim as governor now Sim has to be paying him 25% of a whole 13million Rivers people’s money

Because of ladder one man should take 25% while the rest 13million people share 75%

Una really dey Mad for that una yeye region

Is the 25% stuff confirmed. How many installments have been paid?

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Politics / Re: NLC, TUC, Others Hold Solidarity Walk For Fubara In Port Harcourt (Photos) by kinguwem: 6:22pm On Dec 22, 2023
Fubara should stop acting like a coward. I've never known Ijaws to be cowards.
Is Fubara an ijaw man. When did the Okpobos become ijaw?
Health / Re: Pictures Of The Newly Renovated Abia State University Teaching Hospital, Aba by kinguwem: 1:54pm On Dec 17, 2023
All these are lies meant to deceive gullible folks.

Even a fool would know that teaching hospitals cannot be renovated within 2 months by a governor who was sworn in midyear. The 2023 budget of the state was passed by former administration.

Anyways, EluP is synonymous with mendacity.
Is renovation of a facility rocket science that it must take years to complete?
Alex Otti has done well.

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