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Politics / Re: Obidient Pre-wedding Pics. by KosiGee: 9:59am

Stop sounding dumb just because you want to do your tribal gbasgbos � grin
Ipob is a sect in Igboland not a tribe.
There are ipob minors in other tribe aside Igbo.
There are millions of Igbos who do not support whatever ipob is calling for so what are you talking about?
So what should we say about the SW with the Oduduwa movement?
Una just dey shame unasef with all this yeye senseless tribal gbasgbos wey una dey do.

Don’t tow the line of that fool. Not everyone who banter or post hate against Igbos is from south west and vice versa.
Politics / Re: Obidient Pre-wedding Pics. by KosiGee: 9:56am
Very local concept from illiterate couple

This wording and graphics on this local concept were legible enough to attract you and also prompt you to spew your gibberish.

Your literacy hasn’t gone beyond typing and posting stupidity on social media but no matter how much effort you make, it won’t still rid you of your misery.
Education / Re: The Best Thesis, Dissertation, And Assignments Writing Service In Nigeria by KosiGee: 8:01am

We have a price list. Contact us: www.yourresearchwriter.com

This is not right mister. You should mentor or support people to produce their own works, not accepting fees to write it for them.

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Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: “I Have Been Managing Peter Obi’s Twitter Account For Years” by KosiGee: 7:37am
No wonder GEJ failed woefully...
His aide kept revealing sensitive info to the enemies camp

Reno is not intelligent. Think of narcissism, think of Reno. He’d sell anyone for money. Like you pointed out above, I’m sure he contributed to GEJ’s failure and I’m sure he must’ve created multiple pseudo accounts to ridicule GEJ and his wife online. He is that sort of person.


Politics / Re: Reno Omokri: “I Have Been Managing Peter Obi’s Twitter Account For Years” by KosiGee: 7:33am

Reno is a world-renowned writer, he writes for high-profile dignitaries around the world, just like he mentioned.

Stop the hype. Reno is empty and foolish. He can only write for people like Buhari, Buratai and maybe Mc Oluomo if he was in politics.

Reno is a child in an adult’s body. The kid is too unstable and I feel sorry for whoever entrusts him with any sensitive information.


Politics / Re: Everything You Need To Know About Tinubu’s Certificate Controversy by KosiGee: 8:11pm On Jun 26

The answers you seek are already up there. He did menial jobs when he got to US just like most struggling Nigerians that had the opportunity to go hustle abroad. So, there was no scholarship.

He did not complete his secondary education before traveling to the US so he simply did remedial studies at Richard Dale College and passed. He was then offered full admission to Chicago state university.

As for the records of the schools he attended before he traveled out, he already told you they were burnt by the military when they attacked his house while on exile.

Which primary and secondary schools did he attend in Nigeria?

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Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila: Tinubu Is My Mentor, Benefactor: God Directed Me To Him by KosiGee: 7:39am On Jun 26
In years to come, Tinubu's family will pay heavily for all the looted sums. That time, all these his pawns will not be in power.

Sorry to disappoint you mister. Tinubu’s family won’t pay anything. Abacha’s family is still there rolling with the high and mighty.

It’s Nigerians that will pay heavily for the errors and disasters caused by people like Tinubu. Tinubu has got the pie and there will always be sycophants with tentacles to suck on the crumbs falling off his table.
The people are part of the problem…Mc Oluomo is fine and would be staunch and loyal as long as he is able to grab as much cheddars as he wants.
Gbajabiamila would be happy as long as he can steal enough to keep his spendthrift wife happy.
Of course they would praise Tinubu to high heavens. He has created the opportunities that enable these individuals to loot and soil their hands without disturbance.
Politics / Re: Gbajabiamila: Tinubu Is My Mentor, Benefactor: God Directed Me To Him by KosiGee: 7:24am On Jun 26
He can be anything to you but that doesn't change the fact that he is uneducated, unrefined, unhealthy and lacks the capacity to help this country in any way. Tinubu should be in an old people's home resting by now.

It’s really surprising how the great Yoruba nation filled with individuals who are well read, enlightened and have passion for personal development would feel disrespected that others or rather some people see Tinubu differently. Not supporting Tinubu has nothing to do with disrespect on Yoruba people.

Yorubas are known for education and research. They are good at it. A Yoruba man would invest in education acquiring certificates and honours but here we are trying to foist a man with dodgy and questionable history on Nigeria. He has been implicated in financial irregularities as a governor.
He has made claims that he never attended primary and secondary schools! How is that possible? He has no certificate! Where are his childhood friends?
Look at his henchmen and supporters…Mc Oluomo etc…now Gbajabiamila claiming that God led him to Tinubu!

Despite the glaring warning signs, people are still pushing and encouraging this man to occupy Aso Rock. Tinubu is a disaster waiting to happen. He would obviously look after some of his closest allies but…save this and remember someone said it here….Buhari would look like a saint after Tinubu’s first term if he ever emerges the next president of Nigeria. Nigerians would regret they never heard the name Tinubu.

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Politics / Re: Ebonyi Youths Organise Rally For Peter Obi (Video) by KosiGee: 11:05pm On Jun 25
don't worry, it will continue to increase, your PR job is intact for now,all his group of nitwits supporters will retire with him at his country home.

His attempt to divide the igbos along state lines failed woefully, the insecurity he created in the eastern region because of his selfish interests, will hunt him down after 2023.

After instigating other eastern governors to work against the interests of the igbos, he will not go unpunish ,i am happy his evil hands have entered his mouth.

Who is your candidate mister? Who are you advocating for?
Romance / Re: Erotic Art From The Ancient World. by KosiGee: 8:17pm On Jun 25
This is more like Vulvalence.

Romance / Re: Am I The Only One Who Finds This Annoying? by KosiGee: 5:26pm On Jun 24

This will not work, trust me, you will only end up engaging her the more, my roommates then, it started with one, the other had no choice than to join him, then the idiot that started it all decided not to go to toilet for days just to increase his rate of farting, and I will stay outside till past 12am before I go inside to sleep because the whole room will be smelling. Even when I joined them, I was not happy doing it because it's not my thing and I always use the toilet daily no matter what, but I target when they are eating and I dropped it before they started having sense after like a full session.

Kakamorufu, hope you remember this scenario those days?

Your room mate would not go to toilet for days just so he’d accumulate enough smelly fart??!!! That room mate of yours is disgusting. He was actually harming himself doing that and someone should’ve dragged him outside and shot him or have him shot just as he was about to trump.

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Politics / Re: Sen Ekwerenmadu,his Dying Daughter And The Ogoni Fraudster, David Wamini by KosiGee: 12:29pm On Jun 24
there is no shred of bigotry here .. sir . Just trying to attach some details to the personality

There is bigotry. Why did you attach ogoni to his name? You are very biased and how did you know that he was paid up to N70m.

Stop this nonsense.

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Politics / Re: Buhari To Borris Johnson: Kanu Felt Very Safe Condemning Nigeria From Britain by KosiGee: 7:16am On Jun 24
Buhari is so obsessed with Kanu that I don't understand what he intend to achieve with his fruitless chase when he has more pressing issues he should have focused on.

Kanu messed up big time and I wouldn’t blame Buhari for what he has been doing to him. As much as I dislike Buhari and believe that he isn’t fit to hold a political office anywhere in Nigeria, I can understand his feelings about Kanu.

Kanu called him a pedophile because of his wife, Kanu was spreading the rumour about Jibril El Sudaini. I’m not sure if he was doing that for fun or if he truly believed that Buhari was dead and being impersonated by someone from Sudan…..that’s a big low for Kanu and Igbos in general. I used to listen to some of his broadcast but stopped when he started the Sudan angle. That was stupid and embarrassing.

Kanu also implicated the British high commissioner to Nigeria and US ambassadors in his propaganda. How can he be so silly? He is in a big mess and IPOB wants Britain or US represented by these diplomats to intervene. I wouldn’t if I was in their position. Kanu has no international backing but yet kept deceiving people of Biafra. He has passion for the struggle but he wasn’t telling his supporters the truth.

It’s sad what he has gone through having his home invaded by Nigeria army, escaping to safety, losing his parents but he should’ve changed strategy. Getting caught in Kenya was embarrassing and very preventable, sadly, the other one in Finland named Simon Ekpa has refused to learn.

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Education / Re: Hijab: Muslim Students Ask Lagos To Issue Circular On Supreme Court Ruling by KosiGee: 11:25pm On Jun 22
shut up. It is not about "holy". It is Islamic identity. If any teachers dare yanks off hijab on any students he or she must be suspended indefinitely. Awon keferi

What about non Muslim students especially the girls attending muslim schools?

Would they be allowed to dress differently or would the hijab be imposed on them?
Politics / Re: Igbo Man Threaten Lady To Not Dare Wear Tinubu City Boy T-shirt Enter Anambra by KosiGee: 8:42pm On Jun 22

Why don't you read his twitter history as suggested by someone here? He's Igbo.

What about his history? He is a fool to make such comment.
There are Tinubu supporters in the south east and they are proud to support him. There are Atiku Abubarkar’s supporters as well. Everyone is campaigning for their candidate while you lot are here finding reasons to justify your bigotry and paranoia.

Just one tweet from a very foolish individual online and you are in turmoil.
Politics / Re: Igbo Man Threaten Lady To Not Dare Wear Tinubu City Boy T-shirt Enter Anambra by KosiGee: 8:36pm On Jun 22

You're obviously stupid, you saw pictorial evidences, yet you went on to display your stupidity for "likes" .

You are foolish and childish. Some idiot replied one individual called Ada Anambra who supports Tinubu and his silly opinion has become that of Ndi Igbo?? Who did this to you?

You all have left the person who made the negative comment and focussed on Igbos.

What is wrong with you?
Business / Re: Meet Anambra Billionaire Construction Czar,ken Ifekudu by KosiGee: 8:04pm On Jun 22
Bikonu what’s the meaning of this ‘High Chief’?

This one is not just high chief but ambassador and a professor.

Politics / Re: VIDEO: Youths Protest Insufficient Pvcs In Enugu by KosiGee: 4:40am On Jun 22

The most useless set of people in d world

No more Biafra?

Confused people

So dejected in thinking pateru will win 2023

Una just start

Referendum no more?

You, your generation past and present and everything connected with you are useless, confused and disorientated.

Did those people in the video ever ask for Biafra or referendum?

Idiots like you patrol online space spreading hate, filth and stupidity.
Politics / Re: VIDEO: Youths Protest Insufficient Pvcs In Enugu by KosiGee: 4:36am On Jun 22
My inlaw was there live, sent in these shots of when they went to INEC office to confront the officials. The protest worked, they were issued two more machines and more workers to go attend to them.

The youths are waking up.

Please note, all these efforts are just because of Peter Obi, the youths wouldn't even have bothered if this election was between Atiku and Tinubu.

The last paragraph of your comment was not necessary.
What those people did was right, they should be commended for fighting and making efforts to obtain pvcs in order to exercise their civil duties when the time comes….but undermining Atiku and Tinubu was wrong and disrespectful.
Sports / Re: Sadio Mane Is Transforming His Village Into A Beautiful Town by KosiGee: 12:53pm On Jun 21
That must be his brother by his right.


Politics / Re: Babangida Aliyu: Peter Obi Should Wait Till 2027 Or 2031 by KosiGee: 7:24am On Jun 21
The oracle has spoken.... but the truth is bitter lipsrsealed

Which oracle?? This man is one of the people that caused the deplorable state Nigeria is in. He has been active in politics since the 80s. What has he achieved.

I forgot he reiterated what Peter Obi said about Nigerian politicians…He said that 90% of Nigerian politicians are corrupt and thieves.


Politics / Re: Who Among These Can You Trust With Your Money? by KosiGee: 10:19am On Jun 20
I can never trust that Pandora thief Peter Obi with my money. He has the potential of becoming the biggest thief in history. Secret thieves like Peter Obi are worst than open ones undecided

The question was ‘who would you trust with your money’??

You were presented with 4 options.
Politics / Re: Joke When People Say Kano votes Is Bigger Than Southeast, See 2011 Presidential by KosiGee: 6:13am On Jun 20
That time no card reader. You could vote many times. Most of the figures you see are manufactured.

I think you undermined the population and voting strength of people from tue south east hence the biased comment above.

Let’s assume you were right, is it only in the south east that people resorted to multiple voting due to malfunctioning or absence of card readers?

Other parts of Nigeria knew nothing about multiple voting?

What about thugs coming to polling stations and carrying ballot boxes away to thumb print to their satisfaction? It happened in south west. What about under aged children being issued cards and allowed to vote in the north?
Politics / Re: Joke When People Say Kano votes Is Bigger Than Southeast, See 2011 Presidential by KosiGee: 5:56am On Jun 20

Voters apathy will not exist in East 2023 presidential election is different from governorship, not when one of their own is on the ballot, voting awareness going on in the east is something else first time Igbos will close markets for Voters registration, sensitization is going on every where church, markets, clubs etc, INEC recently deployed 200 registration machines across southeast

I hope you are right about voter’s apathy part of your comment.
There are a number of factors that might still affect participation in the south east.

No 1, Criminals masquerading as UGM or pro Biafra freedom fighters need to be checked. If threats exists before the election, lots of people wouldn’t get involved.

Obi, Tinubu and Atiku need to do a lot more to convince people from the south east that they mean business. The presidential aspirants need to endear themselves to the electorate. People need to have reason to take risk on that day. So far none of them have done that.

Obi’s team also need to be careful of playing ‘religion’ politics. Anambra people love Obi and I’m sure he has lots of love from other parts of the south east….but it seems that the Mbaka effect has been affecting lots of people especially catholics. I’ve heard people say that Obi would fail because Mbaka said so…that’s some bs. There are other religious denominations. Anglican is huge. Infact catholics and Anglicans are like the PDP and APC…now you have liberal and very demographics from both churches attending RCCG, Winners faith etc.

Obi should embrace everyone…what’s good for Shanaham hospital is also good for other hospitals…you get my drift?

We need to solve a problem like ESN, UGM, IPOB, SImon Ekpa and other opportunists like Fulani herdsmen, Nigeria police and Military plus DSS who might be exploited by some evil people.

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Romance / Re: Groom Takes Off Bride’s Pant, Throws It Into The Crowd At Their Wedding (Video) by KosiGee: 1:58am On Jun 20


Stick with your culture and leave foreign stuff alone

What’s cultural about wearing suits and white wedding dresses and flowers? What’s cultural about wearing and exchanging rings?
Romance / Re: Groom Takes Off Bride’s Pant, Throws It Into The Crowd At Their Wedding (Video) by KosiGee: 1:56am On Jun 20

It goes tó show the quality of mods on Nairaland. Little wonder the forum is the same the past 10years

I think it’s worse now. The quality of posts, comments and thread titles would make you weep for Nigeria.
10 years ago, I’m sure posters on the first page would’ve known or heard about garters.
Family / Re: I Was denied Entering At A Wedding Reception by KosiGee: 12:57pm On Jun 19
Your friend (who knew neither the bride nor groom, and was understandably not invited to the wedding by them)
decided to ask you to come along and you decided to ask another friend who was visiting to follow y'all.

Y'all were just inviting each other to a wedding none of you were personally invited to.

As in the ‘3 Musketeers’ grin grin grin

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Sports / Tobi Amusan Broke African 100m Hurdles Record by KosiGee: 10:09pm On Jun 18
Congrats to Tobi Amusan. She won the 100m hurdles at the Paris diamond league athletics meet with a time of 12:41.

Properties / Re: How Do I Share The Rooms? by KosiGee: 10:17am On Jun 18
OP has a dysfunctional family. I know a has who 6 children (3 boys and 3 girls), all the children manage one big room. The girls change clothes in front of their male siblings.

There’s nothing like dysfunctional family here. Op is a happy man who happened to have the misfortune of relocating to another place with limited resources to afford and sustain the type of life he and family were used to.

Did you read the part where he stated that they were living in a 3 bedroom accommodation and now living in a 2 bedroom one?
Prior to this, they all had their spaces. There’s nothing wrong with that. He did all he could to make his family happy….they are used to living like that and have been orientated that way. Yes the 16 year old girl is the lady of the house….what’s wrong with that? I think lots of people are misinterpreting what he meant.

I know a young man with two children…a boy and a girl..they are less than 10 and have separate rooms. Not everyone grew up in an environment where the parents have lots of kids and they are all crammed up in one or two rooms.

I’m sure the op has something working for him at the moment.
One room for the parents….the little big woman can have the room and her privacy….the boy is about to leave for Uni…he can sleep in the living room on a separate mattress which he can pack up and store inside the girls room in the morning…he can store his stuffs there….meaning both kids can share the room till it’s time to go to bed.

The problem with such arrangement is that the boy can come home one day and would like to stretch out, have a snooze, do his assignment in the privacy of the room without being disturbed by people watching Tv or having a discussion in the living room.

The dilemma created by this experience would make the op to work a bit harder and hopefully secure a more convenient accommodation for his family and also would motivate the boy to work hard and better his dad.

You should stop calling the young woman spoilt. It’s not her fault.


Crime / Re: 53-Year-Old Woman Stripped Unclad As Baby Allegedly Disappears In Lagos by KosiGee: 9:32am On Jun 18
I hope some of those attacking her were arrested. Rescuing her from the crazy mob isn’t enough. They should be arrested as well.

I’m sure most of those people assaulting her didn’t know why they were doing it. Lots of people are just unnecessarily aggressive and programmed to commit mindless violence.


Religion / Re: Catholic Diocese Of Enugu Shuts Down Father Mbaka's Adoration Ministry by KosiGee: 9:06am On Jun 18
At a mosque in Abuja, an Alfa was suspended for criticising Buhari, people wailed bitterly about it. They said there is freedom of speech, and the Alfa shouldn't have been suspended indefinitely for castigating Buhari.

I hope those set of people wey wail against the removal of the Alfa will also wail bitterly about the removal of Father Ejike Mbaka for expressing his opinion.

You are not very intelligent…the IQ of those who liked the above are even worse than yours.

What did the Alfa say? Why was he removed from the mosque?

What did Mbaka say that prompted the response from the Catholic Church?
Religion / Re: Catholic Diocese Of Enugu Shuts Down Father Mbaka's Adoration Ministry by KosiGee: 9:03am On Jun 18
I stopped attending Adoration when I realized that Mbaka was unwisely picking battles with politicians. And when those politicians know they cannot get him, they come after the worshippers and wreak havoc. This happened at the GTC field decades ago.

Father Mbaka is not bigger than the Catholic Church. If every priest in the Catholic Church had behaved like Mbaka, the universal church wouldn't have lasted for this long. Admittedly, Mbaka is gifted but he talks carelessly...that's why Archbishop Adewale Martins doesn't want him anywhere near Lagos archdiocese.

No politician wrecked any havoc at GTC Enugu. Stop misinforming people.

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