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Politics / Re: 11 Facts That Will Make You Rethink 9/11 Attack. by kosovo(m): 6:56pm On Sep 19, 2015
We all know the biggest terrorist group is the CIA.. Who doesn't know the Bush killed his people to gain access to oil in the East? undecided


Politics / Re: Why Nnamdi Kanu's Biafra Project Must Be Stopped (PUNCHNEWS) by kosovo(m): 1:01pm On Sep 17, 2015
The miserable writer Igbokw is suffering from self-denial and self-illusion. Even a mad man's knows that you can't slain the lives of over 3 million people belonging to a tribe and not get a response.

Whether you believe or not, there are spirits, the spirits of those innocent people who fought for self-dignity and a better live for posterity will never rest until their will is actualized.

You don't need a prophet to tell you that Nigeria can't work. The unholy matrimony between the North and South has lasted 101-years and nothing has changed. What makes you feel that in another 100-years, anything will come out from a union where there was no practical agreement.

It is not by force to enslave a tribe while the irresponsible people who call themselves the Northern Elite keep believing they are born to rule by providence and continue to ride-rough upon the South.

The gullible writer has not read history, he just lifts words for what people have already said without subjecting it to reasoning. He keeps assuming, when in reality assumptions do not create anything but illusion.

I will advise the writer to channel his energy into writing something more intelligent that can foster the unity of Nigeria. There are a lot of Nonsense in the constitution, especially the recognition of three so-called tribes that claim to be majority and must have everything to themselves.

If Nigeria can't practice true Federalism, then the zoo must fall in Kanu's words.

May the bones of Lord Lugard continue to rot in hell. Good riddance!

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Politics / Re: Buhari To Slash Nigeria’s Ministries From 49 To 19 – Presidency by kosovo(m): 3:11pm On Sep 14, 2015
Damn! That's why I will continue to say WAILERS are the useless and frustrated fellows have ever come across You sound dumb dude, use your brain not anus Mtcheeww.

A silly_ kid undecided
Politics / Re: Buhari To Slash Nigeria’s Ministries From 49 To 19 – Presidency by kosovo(m): 12:25pm On Sep 14, 2015
Nice plot, so only the 19 Northern states can produce 19-Ministers


Crime / Re: Terwase Akwaza, Benue Militant Leader Surrenders 84 Rifles To Government by kosovo(m): 10:55am On Sep 01, 2015
Dry weed is not good for you,what a pained imbeci.le,where in the news do you read that the guy was a hired thug,and where do read the number of people he killed,you can equally carry arms and received amnesty,you can even surrender ur xpired brain for amnesty.
we are talking about a militant and the guns,u are here hating.
Crime / Re: Terwase Akwaza, Benue Militant Leader Surrenders 84 Rifles To Government by kosovo(m): 9:41am On Sep 01, 2015
Funny how Amnesty is now the solution for Government's inability to provide security..

The people who they hired as thugs to win elections now legitimately benefit from Amnesty..

When will graduates submit their glorified certificates and received Amnesty also? undecided

If you look at the comments above, you don't need a soothsayer to tell you why Nigeria isn't working. The leaders have realized that Nigerians are very emotional beings and lose their sense of reasoning on the alter of sentiments and ethnic bigotry..

It only in Nigeria that the term Amnesty can be abused and it's a shame...

I hear they want to give BH Amnesty also.. After killing thousands of people, leaving many windows and orphans.. The so called body language government believes Amnesty is the cure..

Other people will carry arms, wreak havoc on unarmed Nigerians and wait for government to offer Amnesty also.. This is the nasty trend we are setting and posterity may not be forgiving as I am.

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Politics / Re: One Dies And Many Collapsed As Electricity Supply Was Interrupted In San Diego. by kosovo(m): 5:33am On Sep 01, 2015
NONSENSE... no pic

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Politics / Re: PHOTOS: Fayose Visits Secretariat asks Civil Servants to Kneel down on the floor by kosovo(m): 2:40pm On Aug 31, 2015
Yorubas can lay down anywhere, even inside the gutter.. SMH
Phones / Re: What Can You Do With A Smartphone With Deca-Core Processor? by kosovo(m): 10:37am On Aug 31, 2015
did I here u say a watered down version of Cortana? grin grin n u think Google will allow that to happen? As for ur other points ,u need to check out the BB 10 OS cos it runs some android apps flawlessly n u made use of the words "port or convert" android n iOS to windows which means either they side load android/iOS to windows or they convert it to d windows specification required. Now most OEMS regularly update their phones to fix bugs n security issues n with the Google Android One project making its way to lesser OEMS across the globe,I don't think windows can challenge that. Don't get me wrong ,I for one is eagerly anticipating getting my hands on a windows 10 PC but not its mobile phones.

I wouldn't want to drag this further..

You can do some research yourself about Cortana..

Android One is not for everyone.. Android One is simply a project to bring affordable phones to emerging markets with a 2-year update window.

After two years, Google will stop updating the OS.. I am not sure you know about that..

And stop confusing yourself with terms.. side loading an app means you are installing exact file format for a platform on another platform..

Windows 10 Mobile apps already available for Android will not be sideloaded. They will be downloaded from Windows Store.. Please spot the difference..

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Politics / Re: Nairaland Should Create A Dislike Button Under Comments(see Why) by kosovo(m): 11:52pm On Aug 25, 2015
A social wailer undecided

An ethnic bigot trying to play the saint here... Nice try OP.
Politics / Re: The Brouhaha Abt Fasholas Scams Is Just A Noise.... My Opinion by kosovo(m): 10:04am On Aug 25, 2015
If it was GEJ, it wouldn't be noise undecided

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Politics / Re: Why Tinubu,apc Leaders Missed Fashola's Book Launch - Lai Mohammed by kosovo(m): 12:42pm On Aug 24, 2015
Government of propaganda, by propaganda, for propaganda! #OneChance undecided


Politics / Re: BREAKING: Nigeria To Boost Power Generation With World Bank's $237 Million by kosovo(m): 12:40pm On Aug 24, 2015
I though only PDP borrows money..

I wonder who is advising PMB..

What a government! One man show..
Politics / Re: PDP Begins Online Registration Of Members by kosovo(m): 8:18am On Aug 24, 2015
Politics / Re: GEJ Fought Corruption - Femi Falana On Channels TV by kosovo(m): 8:16am On Aug 24, 2015
They will remember me when I'm gone - GEJ

Only egoistic people and the Northerners who have a pathetic born to rule mentality with continue bashing the ex- president..

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 8:01am On Aug 24, 2015
You most be an Igbo man cuz only the Igbo's are yet to come to term with the over whelming vectory of Baba over the treasury looters. I wanted to relocate to Italy next month, I don't think
I will go again because President BUHARI has
changed everything in this country for Good. No
petrol queues
Improved power supply
Boko Haram on the run
Nigerian Resources been utilised
looters refunding money
lifting of arms embargo by the US
clean up of Ogoni land, foreign reserve just increase
to trillions of Naira etc, etc.. A president that can
achieve all this in just 3 months is truly a GOD sent.
Say BUHARI thank u sir.

I normally don't reply tribal bigots like you.. So I will stop here. undecided
Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 8:00am On Aug 24, 2015
I'm now enjoying btw 48-72hours of electricity in this country, stealing is no more corruption and someone will be shouting around a worthless thread to bring down this govt. I detest pessimist with passion cos even if their train is moving forward, they will be feeling bacwardness, it's their mind. Pathetic.

That you enjoy 72-hrs light doesn't mean everyone does. People enjoyed same in the past, but you were not captured..

Stop using your experiences as a basis to judge the country.. Your experiences does not equate reality..
Politics / Re: Senate To Probe EFCC Top Man Over Alleged N1tr Diversion by kosovo(m): 7:53am On Aug 24, 2015
PMB would be regretting where ever he his now...

It's easy to condemn.. I hope his magic wand is still working..

Some people still believe there is change somewhere, just because one old man learned how to pronounce it.. undecided

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 7:46am On Aug 24, 2015

This pathetic entity is surely not in this country. He is just wailing from Kosovo. Diaspora wailer. GEJ has lost and is already enjoying his loot, get to him and get your share and stop this pessimistic attitude. Even many of his fans are already commending the new order of govt.

Only when you realize I had that moniker before Kosovo was realized will you cover your face in regrettable shame.. You have been scammed by this government buddy.. smiley
Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 7:42am On Aug 24, 2015

Jobless wailer, crying over nothing. What is the situation of fuel supply in your area? Compare now to then and check out the difference. Pls dont stop wailing cos the first batch of it will last for 4 years, your hero has lost for good and people that are not myopic and pessimistic like you are already experiencing change. Good morning,educated wailer.

One thing you have to get straight is that.. Not everyone who criticises the government is a fan of GEJ or a TANoid..

I don't understand how Nigeria degenerated to this level.

Let me tell you slowly and nicely, I have no sympathy for any political party and I do not merge with the mediocre majority where you find yourself, unfortunately.

I align to people with vision, we have them but we'd rather celebrate old men who can only dream without vision. Vision is this commander of focus, a man who has focus can only have the will..
Politics / Re: Tinubu Lobbies Saraki, Senators Over Fowler by kosovo(m): 7:34am On Aug 24, 2015
I thought it was the other way around yesterday..

Saraki allegedly begging Tinubu on his kneels..

Junk Journalism everywhere...

They can't be blamed however.. The evil seed of discourse planted by the APC on the media like the irresponsible Saharareporters to bring down the government of GEJ is beginning to back fire.

The other day, Tinubu was begging the media to help PMB.. You can't build something on propaganda and expect propaganda to sustain it.

Government of propaganda, by propaganda, for propaganda! #OneChance undecided

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 7:28am On Aug 24, 2015
Oga go siddon jooor.

If you are blind to the positive changes ongoing in this country after 2 1/2 months then you are truly blind. undecided......... and we still have 4yrs to go.

Because you open your mouth doesn't mean trash can't come out.

Only a pretentious and sanctimonious tool like you will keep deceiving himself that there is a positive change somewhere, only visible to people who have allowed the constitution of their mind to be eroded with lamentable sentiments. undecided

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 7:12am On Aug 24, 2015
The crying and wailing thread!!!!
Baba, carry go, this change is real.
In other news, IPMAN is planning to bring in fuel without subsidy, and some are gnashing their teeth here. Awon oloshi.

June 8, you said this garbage.. Two and a half months later, can you swallow your words in shame.?

I do not understand how some people go to school to become uneducated..

They believe anything because they don't stand for anything.. Believing the lies and propaganda of this retrogressive government simply tells us why your life isn't adding up..

Government of propaganda, by propaganda, for propaganda. #OneChance undecided

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Politics / Re: Buhari May Force Pay Cut On Nass-the Sun by kosovo(m): 6:59am On Aug 24, 2015
When an old man is tired of leadership and looking for an escape route, he undermines the legislative arm so he can be impeached..

I see PMB lamenting daily because his cluelessness is worse than that of GEJ.

Government of propaganda, by propaganda, for propaganda! #OneChance undecided
Politics / Re: Iweala’s Multi-million Dollar Hospital In Abuja Doesn't Exist - Paul C Nwabuikwu by kosovo(m): 10:21pm On Aug 23, 2015
Government of propaganda, by propaganda, for propaganda! #OneChance! undecided


Politics / Re: Buhari, Tinubu, Lawan Mohammed Refuse Saraki’s Apologies by kosovo(m): 5:52pm On Aug 23, 2015
Junk journalism everywhere..

Nigeria is literary finished!

Failure of government to provide jobs has forced youth to write fairy tales from their little cubicle.. undecided
Politics / Re: A Bayelsan Woman Enjoying Oil Money(photo) by kosovo(m): 3:46pm On Aug 23, 2015


Kids who have hijacked Nairaland..

The same crub of people who were shouting Change, just because they think they know how to pronounce it.

I curse the minute you typed that garbage.
Politics / Re: Tears! Girl Run Over By 5 Cars. Drivers Said They Thought She Was A Dead Animal! by kosovo(m): 10:33pm On Aug 22, 2015
All these irresponsible bloggers.... undecided

I have searched everywhere and there is nothing relating to this cooked-up story..
Politics / Re: Nigerians Will Pelt Jonathan With Stones If…- Oshiomhole by kosovo(m): 6:54pm On Aug 22, 2015


Politics / Re: Picture: The Girl Who Is The Jamaica Minister Of Youth And Culture. by kosovo(m): 12:33pm On Aug 22, 2015
She's 40 years old, so she's not a girl!

Assumed Office 2012..

At that time what was her age?
Politics / Re: Amcon:buhari Makes U-turn,sends List To Senate by kosovo(m): 10:43am On Aug 22, 2015
Even Buhari is looking for an escape route. It is insanity for him to think that the Nigeria of 1984 is the same as the Nigeria of 2015...

Every tool he orchestrated against GEJ will befall him...

Where are the irresponsible BBOG wailers?

How come Boko Haram are suddenly seeking amnesty?

The APC government is a joke!

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Politics / Re: Babcock University Students Lament After Their School Fees Is Increased by kosovo(m): 4:00am On Aug 19, 2015
as una no fit pass jamb nko
na by force to go school
make una go learn work

Ever wondered why Nigeria is perpetually backward? This e-thug I quoted is your answer. undecided


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