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Politics / Re: Impeachment Loading.. by kosovo(m): 2:01pm On Jun 10, 2015
Even as weak as president Jonathan was. ...everyone knew it was a silly move to impeach him not to mention almighty Buhari

Typical Nigerian! They don't read..

Who was talking about impeaching Buhari? undecided


Politics / Re: Buruji Kashamu To Head Senate Committee On Foreign Affairs by kosovo(m): 11:52am On Jun 10, 2015
See ur TV sef
Politics / Re: Mass Protest As Edo LG Workers Demand Salaries by kosovo(m): 7:01pm On Jun 09, 2015
I don't just get it.. Why do all the news of non-payment of salaries come from APC states?

Even with their over-estimated contracts, they still can't pay salaries.. Now that GEJ is resting, I wonder what will be their excuse.

I heard that short man of a governor, constructed a mere 2KM road for 17 billion naira.. The most expensive 2KM road in Nigeria.. Yet, his government can't still pay salaries.. What a mess!

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Politics / Re: Open Campaign For The Adoption Of Sen Saraki And Hon Dogara As PDP Candidates by kosovo(m): 6:46pm On Jun 09, 2015
Forget the House of Reps. It is a done deal

154 voted Femi
30 were absent.
Femi only needs 27 more votes to win
Majority of the absentees are actually from Ogun and Oyo so lets say he gets 15 of the 30.
You are saying Femi who has been in the house for so long can't get 12 from the other side?

To forget that some members of the house want to decamp and this will be seen as a sign of loyalty

As for Saraki, I hope you realize that not every APC senate elect participated in the mock election, some were not present. A lot of Saraki supporters are not going to vote for him just to spite the Party when they know this will affect their re-election.

You can solve the rest

You think Politics is Barca Vs Juventus? undecided
Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 10:12am On Jun 08, 2015
Brilliant and lovely! You have written well... Buhari is a Trainee President

Thanks.. He is obviously a trainee president, I have always said Buhari was too rigid and may likely become a democratic perpetual failure.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 2:41am On Jun 08, 2015
@Kosovo,its been ages
i really thought you've changed your moniker
You guys shouldnt be panic PMB is still busy reading the hand over note handed to him

Really? cheesy

Most times, What I do is just to read.. It's been increasing-ling difficult to manage my time on other things..

Regards to you and your household.
Politics / Re: Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 2:37am On Jun 08, 2015

Too early my friend Kosovo.

Even if he has a list of people for ministerial positions, he cannot make it open now because the new national assembly that will receive and approve the list is yet to be constituted.

Though I think he should have appointed his chief of staff and The Secretary to The Government but then a week is too early to judge him.

Hello Buddy, been a while .. wink

I do not incline to any political party, I am only venting the frustration of many, judging by the intensity of the APC campaign machinery. One would naturally expect that their government will start working within hours of their "take-over"..
Politics / Buhari's Government Is Dead On Arrival by kosovo(m): 3:31pm On Jun 06, 2015
It's a known fact that you can't continue to do the samething overtime and expect different results. It's not a crime for a nation to demand a change of government, but its a crime when that change has its foundation rooted on propaganda and politics of malus peior pessimus.

Anything gotten out of emotions do not have the capacity to last. Nigerians voted on emotions not on facts. You can't fail with facts! My annoyance with the Buhahri's government is the plain lack of direction, which is recipe for "cluelessness".

A government who got victory over 3-months ago and still clueless on its ministerial positions is completely an irresponsible government! The party who has an eye for bad things, a specialist in criticism, preaching the change mantra like the second coming of Christ can't get its acts together. Doesn't it cast a doubt on the notorious change they hanged on their neck? It is even more disgraceful that the issue of Senate presidency will find its way on the headlines of newspapers.

Somebody said and I agree, those who fail to read history books are those who repeat history! This is clearly how the government of GEJ started. No clear-cut direction. It is even more ridiculous locking out the Vice-President from a security meeting. At first, it played out like one of those expensive jokes released by e-touts, the confirmation of such disgraceful act by the APC-led government was the height of all reckless-abandonment.

The first thing Buhari did was to announce the re-location of the Army command center to the North-East, without thinking about the consequence. A week after the premature announcement, nothing has changed!

Finally, the president kick-started a tour to other countries, literally begging for assistance to end Boko Haram, the same movement GEJ did. Of course the APC rained insult on the man, which was further re-echoed by gullible Nigerians who can't see beyond their nose.

The dept of every foundation determines the height of any building. The foundation of this government doesn't reflect any change, it's a shame Nigerians will have to suffer repetition of the same events that has befallen this British experiment called Nigeria, coined by an unholy matrimony between the southern protectorate and northern protectorate. Each time I think about Nigeria, I can't help but condemn to hell the bones of Lord Lugard who raped our women, took our men as slaves and brought doom upon a people who had dreams that never were.

For those who were la-phoned by the scandal of APC, do not regret, it's time for you to wake up and realize that government doesn't bring change, people do. No government can change anything, it's the people who will decide to change themselves before transformation can happen. Unfortunately, that change can't come in an entity called Nigeria, as tribalism, ethnocentrism and political jingoism has eroded the sanity of a great people.

Let me say again that any government who can't have its cabinet within one week is a failed government. You cant build upon cluelessness and expect results. That can only be the recipie for #OnceChance governance.

I heard someone said, Buhairi is scared of failing Nigerians. I agree, the APC promised Heaven on Earth. They criticized instead of helping the government. Now, they realize that criticism and governance is not the same thing! undecided

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Politics / Re: Fear Of Buhari: David Mark,others Left Without Exotic Cars Or Siren by kosovo(m): 10:51am On Jun 05, 2015
In a government headed by Muhammadu Buhari, you can’t take away an official vehicle that is no longer at your service, unless you are looking for some serious trouble.The outgoing Senate President, David Mark, and his deputy, Ike Ekweremadu, did not drive back to their homes with the usual convoy of exotic vehicles after the valedictory session on Thursday.After they left the National Assembly on Thursday, the vehicles were parked at the parking spaces allocated to the offices of the principal officers as of 7.05pm while Mark and Ekweremadu were driven away in their personal vehicles without siren.

Buhari will have more problems with the educated illiterates like the recipient of this article.
Politics / Re: Petroleum Ministry: Ledum Mitee Hails Buhari’s Moves To Take Over Job by kosovo(m): 5:00pm On Jun 03, 2015

Why dont you go there and ask to be nominated?

Of course you cant!!! you spend your whole day on nairaland writing comments!!!

if you want to be relavant in life, go out of your house and achive something

You can check my profile, come back and tell me you are a complete mongoloid
Politics / Re: 7 Month Salary Arrears, I Am Helpless -aregbesola by kosovo(m): 3:16pm On Jun 03, 2015
But the thug had money to spray while fooling his old age ontop of a moving vehicle during the campaign.. undecided

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Politics / Re: Petroleum Ministry: Ledum Mitee Hails Buhari’s Moves To Take Over Job by kosovo(m): 3:11pm On Jun 03, 2015
If Buhari can't find one trustworthy person out of 170 million Nigerians to head that Ministry, then he must be living in a fool's paradise.

He should come clean, by telling us he want to siphon money to fund the North East.. Good Riddance!

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Politics / Re: BREAKING: One Day Before Tenure End, Senate Passes 46 Bills In 10 Minutes by kosovo(m): 3:09pm On Jun 03, 2015
I know one deluded Buharist's will come and scream Change here, like its something new undecided
Politics / Buhairi Should Immediately Organize A Sovereign National Conference by kosovo(m): 6:32pm On May 30, 2015
I don't have to type long stories. The bitter truth is that Nigeria is failed British experiment.

Lord Lugard whose bones will never know peace was the irresponsible tool used to orchestrate this unholy matrimony.

No government, no leader can solve the problem of Nigeria. The President will soon understand what will befall him. Tribalism has eaten deep into the system and not one man can salvage it.

For 101 years, Nigeria's experiment hasn't brought any result. Thinking that another 4-years would be magical is plane hypocrisy.

Let there be a referendum, let the geo-political zones decide if they want to remain in Nigeria.

Texas, the 15 biggest economy in the world are gearing up to separate from the U.S. Scotland voted to remain in the United Kingdom.

Separation must not be by war. There are matured and legally binding ways to disengage from a failed experiment like Nigeria.

Any war that was fought, leading to the death of millions of people MUST be realised. Over 5 million people were killed in the South East, just because one man saw the future.

I have no sympathy for anyone who thinks this idea is uncalled for. Until citizens harboured in this experiment rise up and take responsibility. It would simply be repetition of the same system.
Politics / Re: Nigerians! Mind What You Say!!! by kosovo(m): 1:30am On May 30, 2015

Dis is where mad people like u get it wrong
The whole of nigeria was in support of jonathan at first..he severed that bond himself...we are not ready to support anybody who is going to destroy nigeria..if buhari does..den we will all automatically become TANoids like u

You must be high on cheap weed. The whole Nigeria was in support indeed, when they couldn't let him be acting president.. When he finally became president, the people who have been deceived by our colonial masters into believing the born to rule mantra made sure hell befell him.

If you think Nigerians are are hypocritical and dumb like you, you have to think again friend..

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Politics / Re: Man Pushes Wife To Save Himself From A Sinking Cruise Ship. Reality Is Priceless by kosovo(m): 6:45pm On May 29, 2015

A teacher was tutoring a class of students when she relayed a story about a cruise ship capsized while at sea, and on the ship was a couple that managed to make their way to a lifeboat but realized there was only space for one. You’ll never guess what lesson they learned from the story.

A cruise ship met with an incident at sea. On the ship was a couple, after having made their way to the lifeboat, they realized that there was only space for one person left.

At this moment, the man pushed the woman behind him and jumped onto the lifeboat himself.

The lady stood on the sinking ship and shouted one sentence to her husband.

The teacher stopped and asked, "What do you think she shouted?"

Most of the students excitedly answered, "I hate you! I was blind!"

Now, the teacher noticed a boy who was silent throughout, she got him to answer and he replied, "Teacher,...

Who could guess the reply or answer

Anyone do so before i conclude

Now that The Change baba has come.. Maybe you will finally get a job.
Politics / Re: WIKE Flags Off Operation Zero Potholes With Julius Berger In Port Harcourt. by kosovo(m): 6:39pm On May 29, 2015
When did he discuss d modalities and terms of contract with Julius Berger because its certainly a contract and not for free?
Under what budget is he appropriating d funds for this project because d budget has already been passed and all ministries already submitted and got their budgets for various projects approved.
Even at that is there no ministry of works?If JB has to be contracted to fill potholes, what do workers in d ministry do?
At this age and with d new era we have entered,its expected that Nigerians see beyond d foolish things some governors do all in order to hoodwink d gullible.
Wike has started too cheaply and too childishly to know his is a governor illfitted for his office.Thank God the election that brought him will soon be annulled.



Politics / Re: Private Letter To Buhari by kosovo(m): 8:42am On May 29, 2015
Private later indeed. It was GEJ that caused your misfortune in education as well. undecided
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole's Baseless Diatribe Against Okonjo-Iweala by kosovo(m): 7:22am On May 29, 2015
This is made to garnish Ngozi Iweala's image,after displaying her economic quakery in managing the economy. This is why black people are backward,they can't judged fairly and objectively,most comments are either,tribal or intimidated by her so called phd and the fact that she worked at a ministry-like agency called the world Bank,what's kind of work did she do at the bank?what other economy has she revived?people don't want to believe that you can work in such an organization with white people and still be empty headed?Apart from subsidy and privatization,what's else does she know? Am so disappointed with black people.. They outrightly supports evil,defend bad records,twist facts,reject Truth,and praise lie,liers. What a pity, litlle wonder the black race is the worst performing and most retarding race

Ranting on the internet won't do you any good.

Despite your so-called knowledge. What's the highest leadership position you have held. You nitwit!
Politics / Re: Abdullahi Umar Ganduje Accuses Kwankwaso Of Empty Treasury by kosovo(m): 7:03am On May 29, 2015
But this is a man who was part of the outgoing administration for goodness sake as deputy governor. How can he be accusing the outgoing governor ?

Secondly...the governor single handedly chose him as candidate despite all odds and yet this is how to repay him?

Let the deputy turned governor remember that kwankwasiya is a movement....fight him at your own peril...learn from the humility of the past ...half a word is enough.

Kwankwaso is loved by his people home n abroad for the quality of infrastructure he is leaving behind..not the money in the coffers. Money is meant to be spent for the good of the people

I thought the bolded words are one the most foolish statement I have read in Weeks. Coming from a so-called change agent makes it more damning.

I never knew it was the out-going governor that installs a new governor in Nigeria's democracy. Only in Nigeria do we have people talking with both side of their lips.

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Politics / Re: Comparing The Achievements Of President Gej & Former President Obj by kosovo(m): 7:39pm On May 27, 2015
Thinking about beloved country Nigeria and what really has being the challenges of our presidents in this democratic era (1999-2015).
Majorly we have had two presidents in Chief Olusegun Obasanjo and Dr Goodluck Jonathan.
I came to a conclusion, which of course is my personal view.
Chief Olusegun obasanjo took Nigeria a step foward in taking us from the Nitel era to the Era of our Gsm Mobile phones, which is commendable but by 2007,the end of his tenure we had gone about 5 steps behind!
Dr Goodluck Jonathan came in, took us a step foward especially when he appointed The then power minister Barr. Barth Nnaji.
Unfortunately GEJ has ended up taking us not just steps backward but YEARS backwards.
God help the in coming government

If GSM that came with heavy licence fee to the Nigeria government is OBJ's achievement then you are more foolish than you think!
Politics / Re: Do You Want The "Cramjones" Moniker? Bid Now! - Cramjones by kosovo(m): 6:09pm On May 27, 2015
I have been seeing CramJones but I have never bothered to read any of his inputs but this.. Now, I am glad I never did..

What a ridiculous joker.. undecided


Crime / Re: Cult War: MAPOLY Student Shot Dead.. by kosovo(m): 6:03pm On May 27, 2015
stop exposing your ignorant on nairaland. how do you know the victim is a cult member? stop making moronic assumptions. Innocent people get killed in Campuses across Nigeria everyday because they get into problems with cult members. The article did not say the victim belongs to a cult so stop making f00lish assumptions. rip to the victim

You may as well "Go and Die" with the Victim.. undecided
Politics / Re: Meet The Cute Baby Born With 12 Toes And 12 Fingers (photo) by kosovo(m): 5:58pm On May 27, 2015

Lol. I never thought someone that reasons like this still exists on Nairaland. 1000000 likes for this ur comment. Africans (especially Nigerians) are the most religious and most evil. If u want a job, God, u have no money, God, Ebola comes, God, boko haram, God. We are always looking for a miracle, The white man on the other hand swings to action and get solution to their problems.

There are a lot like us buddy.. Most times we try not to comment while we weep at the level of hypocrisy and gullibility that has consumed many Nigerians.

Thats the same reason a married woman will go unclad for a so-called pastor in the name of pursuing witches.

I always tell my friends.. We keep binding the devil in Africa.. The guys over there have used Knowledge to conquer witches.

Even the bible which they glorify but don't read, says "my people perish for lack of knowledge".. Knowledge is practical wisdom.

Respect buddy.

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Politics / Re: Adebayo Bombs Jonathan by kosovo(m): 5:19pm On May 27, 2015
But none of these ediots have had the courage to insult Abacha even in his grave or IBB..

Tribalism is what will destroy Nigeria.. Shameless rat-tags

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Politics / Re: Meet The Cute Baby Born With 12 Toes And 12 Fingers (photo) by kosovo(m): 5:15pm On May 27, 2015
I'll do cos I praised God and you asked me to keep quiet, but you should continue barking about the streets

That's the difference between a black man and a white man.

While a white man will swing into action, go to the lab to discover what could have caused the abnormali.

A black man, in his usual lazy and unbecoming character like yours, can do nothing but attribute everything to God.

It was God that brought Ebola to Nigeria also? undecided

You need a brain check!

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Politics / Re: Meet The Cute Baby Born With 12 Toes And 12 Fingers (photo) by kosovo(m): 5:01pm On May 27, 2015
Miraculous God

Keep quiet! undecided
Crime / Re: Cult War: MAPOLY Student Shot Dead.. by kosovo(m): 4:57pm On May 27, 2015
you are ignorant. Thats someone's child and brother. how would you feel if that was your brother that was killed?

You are a delusional moronic excuse for being a human being. I have no sympathy for any cultist.

He should have been dead a long time ago...

How about if this child was to lure your child or relations into cultism? Do not let religious sentiment becloud your sense of normal reasoning.

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Politics / Re: Nigerians Protest At MTN, Multichoice, And Shoprite Offices' Outlet by kosovo(m): 5:36pm On Apr 21, 2015
[size=15pt]nonsense people, SA are chasing those who are taking over their menial jobs and poor once 4rm their country and they leave or protect foreigners with big investment. Nigerians are doing the opposite, they want to chase mtn, dstv, shoprite and IBTC bank which are creating jobs for unemployed nigerian. Instead of them to call on the authority 2 put nigeria economic in right shape, so that their brothers who are washing toilets, car wash, taxi driver, drug sellers, selling gala and jollof rice. To come back home, they are protesting giving ultimatum 2 SA, shameless people [/size]
You are simply pathetic. If your sister was in S.A, you won't sprew this nonsense.

In Life, you have to know why people do what they do before you open your gutter. What a mess we have here, and to think that people actually liked your reply just shows how irresponsible most Nigerians can be.

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Politics / Re: What Was The Topic Your Pastor Preached About Today by kosovo(m): 12:26pm On Apr 19, 2015
Tithe undecided
Politics / Re: An Open Latter To Buhari! by kosovo(m): 12:21pm On Apr 19, 2015
Buhari listen!!! and listen good!

Our constitutional hand over day is May 29th. Suddenly we hear it is going to be between 28th and 29th with a preceding supper in the midst of those who openly wished you death incessantly. In the midst of those who paid billions to make your obituary on national dailies headline/front page news. In the midst of those who paid billions for prayers to be offered for your death. Infact it was openly announced by one of the recipients of these billions that the gate of "HELL" is wide open for your entrance. Some have projected that you will die soon after you win the election so that someone else will take over your position. Do you call all this mere campaign languages? No!!!, they are real threats and wishes and those offering you a dinner party, those responsible for these threats and death wishes won't let the chance of it's realisation slip away.

Remember TUNDE IDIAGBON your right hand man. A man whose death you still cry over. Or have you forgotten the death of Abiola? Please embark on a compulsory spiritual exercise once it is dawn on the 28th. Keep your stomach empty for the God you serve throughout that day and refuse to accept any meal nor effectuate any ingestion until the morning of 29th comes. Two rolls of gala from your wife will see you through the hand-over day. Thereafter retire home to your wife's food. Some have boasted in their chariots, others in several other elemental forces and entities that you would die. You need no one to teach you that these people are impious. THIS MIGHT JUST BE THEIR CHANCE!!!, the chance they have been waiting for. THEIR LAST CHANCE!!!

Please this is no ordinary posting, if you believe in the emancipation of Nigeria and Nigerians from the evil clutches of incessant looters of our commonwealth, share this posting as soon as you receive it. Let it be circulated fastly all over the world as so many people have not thought along this line.

A Yoruba guy claiming Igbo.

I wonder when all these ethnic bigotry will stop in Nigeria.

May Lord Lugard be cursed!
Politics / Re: In Defence Of Diezani Alison-madueke by kosovo(m): 12:06pm On Apr 19, 2015
Same way some id-iots would be insulting NOI. People who can't even manage their homes.

I don't worry about Nigeria problems. The leaders know most Nigerians are gullible at best. That's why they mortgaged their future on an irresponsible old man to be their change agent.

Anyone who takes freedom from other persons is useless and irresponsible. I do not care if he was a military ruler or not. It's like saying the Leader of North Korea should come and democratically rule them in 49 years time. What nonsense!

Of course, only in Nigeria do we have people who don't read books. They spend all their lives on Nairaland and Facebook looking for who to devour with comments. Then, they become 40 and start to blame government because they can't take care of their 6 children. Like it was government that impregnated their wives. When people have no work, can't think, and can't read, they suffer from mental torture and become slaves to politicians, who take their wives and daughters and sleep with them in a 5-star hotel.

May Lord Lugard be cursed!

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