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Politics / Re: Without A Cabinet, Nigeria Is Stuck 'On Hold' - Reuters by kosovo(m): 9:45am On Oct 24, 2015
Reuters got it wrong, even with a cabinet, from what we have seen in the Ministerial List. There is really nothing that can come out from this government.

It's the same old, tired and recycled politicians who will be appointed to head ministries. Irresponsible ex-governors and ex-senators climbing the mantle of leadership once again, to further mortgage our future.

When the APC screamed Change, I was never moved by that demonic mantra. Unfortunately, alot of Nigerians fell for it.

What are we seeing? The same crop of people who looted the nation dry.

President Buhari in his old age and love for archaic ideologies will not be able to track the sophisticated fraud these guys will carry out.

You can imagine a minister saying he has never collected bribe in his life, even when an almagiri knows he is a "common thief".. And another one saying he doesn't sign cheques? Isn't that the height of gross irresponsibility?

Most painful is that we have frustrated, shattered, fragmented and dejected Nigerians who praise these set of people that have eaten their future and those of their unborn generation. undecided

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Politics / Re: Facebook Is Banned In China So The Youths Can Be Productive. by kosovo(m): 5:47am On Oct 24, 2015
Even Google is banned too, is that to boost productivity also?

The Chinese prefer using their own technology, and don't trust the west.

For me that's better, instead of selling data to these corporate organisation who later hand them over to the C.I.A

With over a billion people, China can still feed itself without crying to the U.S like our irresponsible government continues to do. #Shame


Politics / Re: Why Is No One Commenting On My Political Posts? - Cramjones by kosovo(m): 5:43am On Oct 24, 2015
Your posts are Lame and without vigor.. undecided

I only commented here since you asked for it, otherwise I will simply pass.
Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 5:25am On Oct 24, 2015

you are either:

a. the guy who used to be a mod and who seemed to be Edo

b. some other guy who used to post pictures of himself, including the ones of him in Edo attire. He was clearly Edo, cant remember his exact user id however but it's similar to yours.

Are you not Edo?

I am option (a)

You are right anyway. I can't deny my tribe for anything, even for a million dollars.. cheesy

How are you pal? It's being ages...


Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 5:21am On Oct 24, 2015
So because Kosovo speaks the truth about Biafra he is now Igbo.
Funny people.

@Kosovo, the most important thing is that you stand for the truth, and it shall set you free!

Thanks a lot, Nigerians are the most difficult and gullible people.

At times. You just want to cry like a baby when you hear many of them talk.

Thanks for your kinds words. smiley

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Politics / Re: Political Prisoners And The Call For Biafra - Ffk by kosovo(m): 11:59pm On Oct 23, 2015
The United States and Russia both have nuclear weapons that can destroy the world 10-times over.

In fact, both country have defence systems that is highly sophisticated. Even if the U.S attacks Russia today and clears the country to dust. There is an automatic trigger that will launch all of its arsenal to the U.S and we can kiss the world goodbye.

These countries are powerful, but they would rather tread the path of diplomacy.

Life has changed, but Buhari is too rigid for a mult-ethnic country. You cannot kill an idea.

If the DSS succeeds in eliminating Nnamdi Kanu, there are millions of Nnamdi Kanu out there that will continue to champion the idea.

I only hope they learn from Yusuf of BH.


Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore,The Founder Of Sahara Reporters(photos) by kosovo(m): 11:54pm On Oct 23, 2015

go on continue ranting, Sahara reporters is watching you on 3D

Another clown undecided
Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 11:45pm On Oct 23, 2015

he's Edo.

Shymexx, who claims to be Yoruba, is also toeing this line.

they are probably linked to the ongoing Biafra saga, maybe some of the stooges.

Who told you that? undecided

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Politics / Re: We Are In A Democracy, Pro-Biafrans Have Right To Protest -Gowon by kosovo(m): 10:46pm On Oct 23, 2015
Gowon!! Imagine the Nigeria you fought to keep. You can now bury your in sandsad
The old man had the opportunity to write his name on Gold, but he can now bury his head in sand..

What a tard! undecided
Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore,The Founder Of Sahara Reporters(photos) by kosovo(m): 9:17pm On Oct 23, 2015

The world also know Osama , why don't you blow yourself up
so that people can "know" you.

Don't mind the tard..He thinks NL is the end of the world.. undecided
Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore,The Founder Of Sahara Reporters(photos) by kosovo(m): 9:15pm On Oct 23, 2015
who knows him in uni? was he really a cultist sorry FRATANITY member, i almost forgot

That's no longer news. Why ask what you know? undecided
Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore,The Founder Of Sahara Reporters(photos) by kosovo(m): 9:11pm On Oct 23, 2015

Sowore we know
You, who know you? If you die today,you just add to the statistics

If Sowore was on NL, you wouldn't know his moniker.

You know me on the larger picture but I prefer being unknown to you here.

What a tard! I never knew people could be this dumb.. undecided

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Politics / Re: Omoyele Sowore,The Founder Of Sahara Reporters(photos) by kosovo(m): 5:56pm On Oct 23, 2015
This low-life, we know his pathetic past..

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Nairaland / General / Re: I Was Moved To Tears When Barcanista Dumped The APC by kosovo(m): 5:44pm On Oct 23, 2015
oponu...if only u went to school, you would have learnt that brain tissues are in actual sense not thicker than an earthworm..
..but i dont blame you for making that assumption, you would need to have one to know what it's like...i will fast ontop ya matter....God will give you common sense before the year 202020...Amen

U joined nairaland in 2006..lol...is it my fault that you were a cybercafe attendant? Abeggi
Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 2:51pm On Oct 23, 2015
Whoever you are, you can go and die.

If you decide to live u will live with some realities you can do nothing about.

Ojukwu asked for War, he got a nice deal.
In fact apologies to Igbos is late because the selfish coward who led them to autogenocide is dead.

You and whoever deceived u into believing Igbos have been cheated can cry your miserable selves to sleep.


Nigeria shall be great again.

God Bless PMB/PYO.
God Bless FRN.

I will not join issues with you.. You are too much of a coward..


Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 2:50pm On Oct 23, 2015
You are a typical Igbo Man. Stop denying it. Else, why would you waste your time on this?

I will not deny being an Igbo for any reason if I was one. Stop parading your ignorance and face the issue or go to a gym.


Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 1:40pm On Oct 23, 2015
War was inevitable.

D two parties felt dy were ryt in their causes,dat war was d only means to make peace,so why ask one party to apologise to d other

If Gowon had signed what they agreed upon at the Aburi Accord, the war will never have happeed.


Politics / Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 1:26pm On Oct 23, 2015
Firstly, let me point out that I am not Ibo, neither do I have a bias towards the people.

101-years down the road, since the demonic Lord Lugard almagamented the Northern and Southern protectorate, Nigeria, 55-years after Independence, it's future is still in shambles.

No doubt, only in Nigeria uncertainty winds precipitates the entire masses conditionally in this twenty-first century of human existence. Criminals are promoted from the valley of the downtrodden to the helms of affair. While evil masterminders receive the highest ovation when flaunting their magical over night wealth, the frustrated masses sing praises as solidarity agreement for people that mortgaged their future and that of their upcoming generation.

Instead of northern leadership to strategize on how to sensitize their people for basic education, they converge to discuss office of the presidency which is now a mirage. Opportunity that does not repeat itself is the type the North had for 38 years and failed to maximize it. Any attempt to impose such criminality once again will amount to infringing on the rights of other people. Such people may not fold their hands and watch vampires champion their destiny under “Born to Rule”mantra.

What is going on in Nigeria today is for the best interest of those with eyes but cannot see. Those with mouth but cannot speak.Those with ears but cannot hear. Those with legs but cannot walk into their freedom. Those with nose but cannot smell the pollution in the air.Those with hands but cannot write. God gave these natural senses to men so that they will use it to improve and maximize the earth to their betterment. In other parts of the world, these senses helped them to build a better nation on earth while in Nigeria, what is paramount is the visibility of a failed state-the consequences of the British colonies not asking enough questions before amalgamating people of different religion, culture, language and vision together as one people.

The only way Nigeria can survive is to re-visit the Aburi Accord. Ojukwu saw 48-years ago, what scholars and national shakers and movers are seeing in 2015.

Yakubu Gowon, before he goes back to his ancestors, must swallow his pride, apologize to Nigerians for taking advise from his Emirs and Sultan to kill the Aburi Accord.

Confederation is the only solution to "one" Nigeria. Britain does it, China does it. Even in the U.S we have semi-independent states like Texas. In 2014, Texas threatened to break-off from the U.S.

I have no clue why some parts of Nigeria are scared to the bones when they hear Biafra, yet they don't want to do the right thing. You can't force a tribe into a union and enslave them, even after killing 5-million of their people. Life doesn't work that way. There is a limit one can be pushed, and he will retaliate in a deadly fashion.

Nigeria was dead on arrival, we can either amend it by going to the Aburi Accord or watch it disintegrate before our eyes.

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Politics / Re: Nigerian Government's Position On Pro-biafrans by kosovo(m): 12:58pm On Oct 23, 2015
Nigerias disastrous 55 year history is testament to the fact that the country does not work as a nation. What the major power blocs of Hausa-Fulani/Yoruba/Igbo want are completely different from each other. The three don't even like each other. If Gowon had kept the Aburi agreement, Ojukwu would not have seceded but Gowon could not keep to terms of the agreement he signed because a confederation was not in the interest of the North. All we have been doing is fighting with each other for 55 years instead of admitting that we are wasting out time with each other so that we can all go our different ways

Politics / Nigerian Government's Position On Pro-biafrans by kosovo(m): 1:52pm On Oct 21, 2015
In an interview with IBTimes UK, government spokesperson Mike Omeri said the authority does not consider the separatist movements as a threat to the current leadership and defined pro-Biafrans as an "insignificant number of frustrated people who are not a threat to the existence of Nigeria".

Read full article here

The bold words really caught my attention, forcing me to realize how insensitive the Nigeria government can be.

From the images and videos I have seen of protests in the East, only a nincompoop will believe these pro-Biafrans are insignificant, and posses no threat.

Wild fires are usually started with a smoke.

Personally, I think what Ojukwu proposed at the Aburri Accord, and agreed by Gowon. Had it been implemented by the Head of State, Gowon it would have solved Nigeria's problem many years ago. No one would have heard the easterners agitating for separation.

Instead of accusation and counter-accusation, we need to sit down and think. 100 years down the road, nothing has changed in Nigeria.

The same complaint my parent complained about, is what I am complaining about, and it's what the newly born will complain about in few years time. Isn't that a curse?

That we keep ranting, but too hypocritical to call a spade a spade.

We need very strong laws on corruption, corrupt politicians should be hanged and their carcass flogged in the community square.

Distractions from the North, from the East and it wouldn't take long before Niger-Delta starts to agitate again. Their amensty ends in December, what happens if the president fails to renew, considering the fact that Nigeria is entering into recession in 2016.

Where did we go wrong?

Was it the Festac 77, where we had very irresponsible leaders who didn't know where to invest tax-payers money but invite all the "juju" men in the world to Nigeria? My God!!!

What did they come to do, if not to lay a curse on this nation.


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu’s Arrest: Nigeria Finally Plays Into The Grand Strategy Of Biafrans by kosovo(m): 4:00pm On Oct 18, 2015
The Nigeria government never learns..

Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha Death: Nigerians Misplaced Sympathy & Show Of Shame by kosovo(m): 6:13pm On Oct 13, 2015

I find only few sane people that can reason on nairaland. The OP of this thread is one of them.

Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha Death: Nigerians Misplaced Sympathy & Show Of Shame by kosovo(m): 11:32am On Oct 13, 2015
In 1999 Bayelsa was still a virgin state, with almost no sign of development in most areas of state, even in its capital Yenagoa. As the first civilian governor of Bayelsa state in 1999, Alams had a golden opportunity to create a positive legacy in the life and history of Bayelsa. This is a state with only eight local governments and less than 2 million people.

It is heart-breaking bruh.
Politics / Re: This Edo State Govt. Task Force Madness Must Stop! by kosovo(m): 11:28am On Oct 13, 2015
Edo people voted the short midget. Let them enjoy him while it lasted.

They will bear the consequences of their actions.. undecided

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Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha Death: Nigerians Misplaced Sympathy & Show Of Shame by kosovo(m): 11:22am On Oct 13, 2015


I hereby withdraw your wailer card...

You flouted the first rule of the wailers' membership ethos, you analysed a topical issue from an objective angle which is no no...

You damned all consequences & spoke the truth without tribal affiliation or political leanings

God bless you..... wink

Funny... Thanks tho cheesy
Politics / Alamieyeseigha Death: Nigerians Misplaced Sympathy & Show Of Shame by kosovo(m): 11:08am On Oct 13, 2015
Ever since the death of the former Bayelsa governor was announced, the sheer display of hypocrisy by a lot of Nigerians was quite visible.

A lot of Nigerians are so emotional, emotionally irresponsible that they lose the basic instinct to make the right choice.

Corruption is not really the problem of Nigeria.. The problem of Nigeria is Nigerians who are so emotionally vulnerable. They can be predicted easily, that's why politicians use tax-payers money to build bore-holes and use more than half the money for the cosmetic project to organise a party which they mouth-wash as commissioning.

I find it unbelievable that some people lose their sense of reasoning on the alter of emotions. Alamieyeseigha died. Some gullible Nigerians took to social networks and started posting rubbish.. Started celebrating a "common thief"...

Before you crucify me, it is on record that the said man confessed that he stole N50billion as a governor.. And they are more that he stole unaware to us... What a common thief...

This is the same man that some gullible Nigerians are celebrating.. the same man who brought international disgrace to Nigeria, who embarrased the ijaw nation in the world stage.. That's the man people are writing all sort of emotional rubbish for...

Until we start showing our strengths as followers and condemning these "common theives" even in their death, corruption won't end..

The other guy in power keeps stealing because he knows when he dies, Nigeria will celebrate him and fly the flag at half-mast for him.. My God!!!

How did our society degenerate to this level? That people openly celebrate economic and political thieves but are quick to demand tires, petrol and lighter to alight a pedestrian theif..

Nigerians don't know their priorities. Comon thieves like what we have government should have their dead bodies in the community square and flogged, before it is thrown into the evil forest...

I don't want to get angry, but hailing corrupt politicians who died? C'mon, we can do better. undecided


Crime / Re: Photo Of Corps Member Raped And Murdered Two Weeks To Wedding by kosovo(m): 12:07pm On Oct 10, 2015

One scenario here.. Her ex spent his life savings training the girl to school. She later tells the guy she can't marry a low-life..

Beaks Up, then spreads her wedding invitation..

Girls should be careful.. Guys are emotional being even if they don't show it often. They can kill when their emotion is provoked.

RIP to the deceased. undecided

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Politics / Re: The Cement Roads Being Built By Ikpeazu In Aba. by kosovo(m): 11:51am On Oct 10, 2015
Hmmm, is this how to construct concrete roads?
Don't they know that concrete expands and needs gaps in between to breathe?
Its supposed to be in slabs and are supposed to be reinforced with rods like house deckings.

This road will be all cracked up in 8 months time without any vehicle running over it or rain hitting it.

The silly governor is even creating a bigger mess when it's time to remove this crap!



I do not know who laid a curse on Nigeria.. Who ever did it is really a good at what he does.

You can imagine the rubbish these irresponsible leaders are doing with tax payers money.

8-months is too much for the roads to tear. The guys over there are so dumb. These contractors and consultants should be rounded up and sent to jail.

What nonsense. Only in Nigeria tho... And the very foolish government will spend another tax payers money to commission this rubbish. My God!!

If Nigeria won't take their future into their hands, waiting for one demonic government that promise change to help them, we will get it worse. This is just heart breaking. undecided

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Politics / Re: Benin Crown Prince Eheneden Formally Becomes Edaiken N’uselu by kosovo(m): 11:18am On Oct 10, 2015

Are u OK?? Who told u our Oba is gone?
Be careful dude!!

Did you read the article?

If you ever managed to get a BS.c, I have to inform you that it was a total waste.. It should be in the trash can, because you don't deserve it..

Even a kindergarten will know that the Oba is gone after reading the epistle the OP posted up there. If you would excuse me please.... undecided
Politics / Re: Just Listened To This Biafra Radio by kosovo(m): 10:33am On Oct 10, 2015
Nnamdi Kanu does has some captivating voice. I heard it once and I was almost converted.. undecided


Politics / Re: Amaechi's Ministerial Nomination: Buhari Government Has Failed The Moral Test by kosovo(m): 10:22am On Oct 10, 2015

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