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Politics / Re: Why Doesn't Dangote Invest In South East by kosovo(m): 6:59pm On Apr 18, 2015
With Ibeto,Guo,Innoson and very numerous businness tycoons already domiciled there it would be bad idea for Dangote to start there(he will be chewed raw by the stiff competition).....tis like asking GM to go fight for market dominance in Japan,the hometown of Honda,Toyota,KIA,Mitsubish etc....Tis good thinking to fight for dominance in the neutral grounds of Southwest and the rest of the country....You know how those slaves enjoy paid employment and pean nuts....no businness acumen,industry or competition.South West is every industrialist wet dream.

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Events / Re: How I My Wife Had Our Wedding With N50k. Its Possible by kosovo(m): 1:37pm On Apr 18, 2015
I can't see any sense in this poo. You were not going to buy alcohol for your in laws, but wanted to give them money to buy it. What difference does it make?

Another gullible evangelist we have here. Who even said alcohol was a sin in the first place?

You abstained from sex? For how long? I smell pride. You think abstaining from sex makes you any more better than the other guy who does that shit daily?

There is more to true worship than all these vain abracadabra.

In vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandment of men.. undecided

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Crime / Re: New Scammers In Town! by kosovo(m): 1:31pm On Apr 18, 2015
See what incompetent government cause

If the foundation be broken, what can the righteous do?

In 1984, the Nigeria government wasn't any more competent than what's happening in 2015
Politics / Re: Doyin Okupe Wrote About Chibok Girls by kosovo(m): 1:25pm On Apr 18, 2015
The guy is a clown. I wonder what he takes before accessing the internet.

#coke undecided

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Politics / Re: Saraki Tells Buhari: 'Declaration Of Assets Can't Stop Corruption' by kosovo(m): 1:20pm On Apr 18, 2015
From the stated source, i know it's definitely a lie. Saraki never said such. This is how PDP, even after a great loss, continues to spread lies.

If the same source had praised GMB, it would have been a credible source, just like the irresponsible Saharareporters.

Would the word hypocrisy be out of place here? undecided

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Crime / Re: Pastor In Court For Allegedly Defiling Friend’s Daughter by kosovo(m): 1:08pm On Apr 18, 2015

I think the media should learn to use a 'man' or 'woman' rather than title(s).

We have unprofessional jornalists in Nigeria.

However, everyone is workng for their pocket. "Pastor" instead of "Man" in the title will naturally lead to more hits, which in turn brings more money. grin

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Politics / Saraki Tells Buhari: 'Declaration Of Assets Can't Stop Corruption' by kosovo(m): 1:00pm On Apr 18, 2015
Are we having conflict of ideologies already? undecided

Senator Bukola Saraki has stated that declaration of assets by politicians and public office holders would not make anyone less corrupt or accountable to the people.

Saraki who made this assertion in an interactive session with Tribune said “I don’t think it is declaration of assets that would make you less corrupt or more accountable.”

He however made this claim against the declaration by President-elect, Gen Muhammadu Buhari that anyone who must work with him should declare his assets publicly in order to halt corruption and enhance transparency.

“I pledge to publicly declare my assets and liabilities, encourage all my appointees to publicity declare their assets and liabilities as a pre-condition for appointment.” Buhari stated.

Meanwhile, the All Progressives Congress, APC Senator observed that declaration of assets should not be taken as an issue.

He said “I think it is your own individual commitment to your party and leadership provided.”

“Leadership is very important because the leader leads by example. Honestly, things will change. Instead of sitting with the president to seek favour, you come home and sit down with your people so that you can have the better chance of winning election.” He added

Saraki representing Kwara Central senatorial district noted that the key areas which would be addressed by the incoming ACP-led government are the issues of corruption, security and jobs for youths in the country.

He noted that “There would be zero tolerance for corruption and because of the backdrop of that, you begin to see revenue coming up and you will have more money for infrastructural development.


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Politics / Re: APC Zones Senate Presidency To N'central, Speaker To N'east by kosovo(m): 8:35am On Apr 18, 2015

Awareness in deed. GEJ administration where SS and SE controlled everything. Imagine our military was even.practically handed over to the Creek Lords

So how is the APC different from the PDP? If they are doing the same thing but change of regional alliance.. Tell me sincerely how this equates to the change mantra that has been preached like the second coming of Christ.


Politics / Re: Pastor Adeboye Prays For UK Prime Minister At RCCG Festival Of Light UK Event by kosovo(m): 7:14am On Apr 18, 2015
Really cool...he didnt kneel lik one presido grin

Well our value system is different. We have swallowed too much poo from these guys, that we now believe they have superiority complexes.

As a president though, It's really ridiculous to be kneeling on every alter you visit. GEJ clearly didn't know the office he occupied It's unfortunate it took his defeat to regain his senses.


Politics / Re: Uduaghan Commissions Effurun Flyover Amidst Eulogies by kosovo(m): 7:08am On Apr 18, 2015

My friend you need to open your skull to understand that Delta state has the highest revenue from the centre since time immemorial.
Go back and check before you think he is doing you a favor.
He is only managing all your money/resources, you better learn to hold him accountable rather than comparing Osun who has almost least resource with Delta state.

Liar, how does Delta State get the highest revenue? You guys just come online and type poo, thinking everyone is as gullible as you are. Smh
Politics / Re: APC Zones Senate Presidency To N'central, Speaker To N'east by kosovo(m): 6:49am On Apr 18, 2015
See opportunity my SE/SS brothers just lost

I'm sorry hate will make we igbos forever remain followers

Keep Quite and stop all these nonsense..

You don't know what democracy is.

Even Obama retained Bush's Defence Secretary despite fierce criticism.. Go learn how democracy is practiced in leading nations. You ethnic bigot!

If the APC can't come to reality that it can't be accepted everywhere in a multi ethno country like Nigeria, then they are far from understanding the concept of Democracy.

Once you emerge the president. You are no longer the president of APC, you are the president of Nigeria, God damnit!!!

Is this the concept of Change they preached to deceive Gullible Nigerians? I expect that if PDP acted like this, the APC won't! Since they claim to represent the future of Nigerians.

We are watching, APC will know that government is more difficult when the people's awareness and alertness is over 80% now in Nigeria. Unlike when it was just 35% during OBJ's administration where they governed with reckless abandonment and total impunity.!!


Politics / Re: See What Obanikoro Wore For An Official Meeting With UN Reps And President GEJ by kosovo(m): 11:39am On Apr 17, 2015
So everybody must wear the western suit? I see no sense in this thread, unfortunately.

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Politics / Re: It Rained Fish In Thailand Today.wonders Of God by kosovo(m): 11:36am On Apr 17, 2015
Stale news.. I have seen this crap over 8 years ago..

Such as event would break the news on international media. So much for our shameless Nigerian bloggers ..
Politics / Re: Nigeria Is Not Broke! – Okonjo-iweala Fumes by kosovo(m): 9:40am On Apr 17, 2015
Madam, hopefully, by the time you are sent to jail, two months after, those fat cheeks, neck, and lips of your would shrink to a level even your children wouldn't recognise you.

Your economic policies put Nigeria in the very bad situation she finds herself today, but unfortunately, you and your household can't feel its impact because you've already secured your end with stolen funds. Your useless voodoo economics have resulted in the deaths of countless number of kids and pensioners and you would pay dearly for that someday soon.

How come all of a sudden, we are not getting anything from your propaganda publications NOI Polls anymore?? I bet they are no longer useful since your principal lost his election.

Yeye woman.

You mean the economic policies that made Nigeria 's economy the biggest in Africa and being projected to be the first African economy to hit a GDP of $1 trillion?

You should hide your face in shame. People like you who criticise without the simplest idea of the issue on ground are the reasons why Good people don't trade their Integrity for the Nigeria nation.

When you have learned how to manage your home, and your pocket then you can back and tell me how we can manage your life.

Good riddance!
Politics / Re: Ijeoma Ozichi Writes Chimamanda Adichie On The Oba Of Lagos Statement To Igbos by kosovo(m): 3:23pm On Apr 15, 2015
Couldn't read. It needs proof-reading.. No wonder Chimamanda Adichie is on another level grin
Politics / Re: Jonathan Rejects Amended Constitution by kosovo(m): 6:49am On Apr 15, 2015

Only the National Assembly may alter any of the provisions of the Constitution after which the amendmends must be approved by resolution of the Houses of Assembly of not less than two-thirds of all the States.

The President has no authority to reject any doggone Amendment approved by NASS.

The four-fifth rule applies to State creation and Chapter 4 (Fundamental Rights). All other amendments to any provision only need the said two-thirds majority approval.

Politics / Re: Shameless Tinubu Is Trying To Pick Oil And Finance Ministers For Buhari's Admin by kosovo(m): 6:47am On Apr 15, 2015
When he was spending his billions to fund Buhari's campaign.. He was not shameless..

Politics / Re: We Used Almajiris To Vote Out Jonathan – Kwankwaso by kosovo(m): 7:37pm On Apr 14, 2015
stop this ..

Get lost.
Politics / Re: We Used Almajiris To Vote Out Jonathan – Kwankwaso by kosovo(m): 12:19pm On Apr 14, 2015
After they vote, they would be recruited to BH. It's no news.

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Politics / Re: Alamieyeseigha And Other Lead APC In 2016 Gubernatorial Election In Bayelsa Stat by kosovo(m): 12:16pm On Apr 14, 2015
Politics / Re: Jump into the lagoon and hide ur Heads in SHAME International observers(Photo) by kosovo(m): 5:54am On Apr 14, 2015
GMB knows if he plays dirty with Rivers, he would be met with resistance.

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Politics / Re: How First Lady ‘influenced Rivers Governorship Poll For Wike’ by kosovo(m): 5:50am On Apr 14, 2015

That's how you people will suffer for the next 4 years

Tribalism have finnished my SE/SS brothers, after all amechi did for you people you prefer to remain opposition state in this new era

People are embracing better governance and moving forward. my rivers people prefer to remain backward because of tribalism. that amechi supported a northerner to oust their good for nothing brother

anyways whatever rock their boat

Hypocrite, so because APC won at the center..All states must be APC.. I wonder how you sleep at night knowing your parent wasted their money educating you. If they had spent same money on a business. It would surely have developed more than your brain.

Enough of this nonsense called o position state. All state have constitutional allocation. GEJ never starved Lagos of their allocation. Any attempt by GMB to ply dirty, would be met resistance.

Go to the US and tell them because Obama is a democrat, all other states must be Democrats and not republican, otherwise the wouldn't see growth. Hypocrite!

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Politics / Re: Buhari's Message To Elected Governors by kosovo(m): 10:24pm On Apr 13, 2015

Cry me a river.

Let me the first to break it to you, loser: Over 14m Nigerians voted for him to be their president. This number and a great many others also celebrated his election.

That 'old' and 'tired' General has more leadership qualities embedded in his little finger nail than your hero (I believe) Jonathan, his wife and Sambo combined.

You mean the 12-year old kids in Kano and Kastina?

We all know the literacy rate over there is less than 40%.. We are not moved. We will checkmate his government, same measure the government of GEJ was checkmated..

Any act and/or traits of impunity would met with total resistance.

We will not judge yet, even when we know the outcome. We will keep our fingers crossed, while we watch from afar.


Politics / Re: Where Are Those Who Were Laughing At Tele Ikuru? by kosovo(m): 8:50pm On Apr 13, 2015
You're wrong! Wike appears to have won. Just for now! After May 29, he'll be thrown out by the Tribunal and be reminded that PEJ won't be there then to save his ass. Federal might won't be on his side anymore. It will be too cold for him then. Pray GMB doesn't send him and PEJ to prison then for all the violence. As for Ikuku of a guy, He has well and truly retired himself from politics.

Kids everywhere.. but GMB isn't foolish afterall, unless he can prove otherwise.

I think it's really foolish to think GMB can send PEJ to prison. There is no need to waste your mental strength on that option.


Politics / Re: Buhari's Message To Elected Governors by kosovo(m): 8:46pm On Apr 13, 2015
Who the cap fit, let him wear it. He's about to show pdp what good governance is all about. I don't know why my heart is so delighted of this man.

Be sure to get super glue when your heart is broken, so it can easily be mended.

History has it that when the irresponsible Major-General was overthrown by IBB, Nigeria was engulfed with celebration. IBB also cited corruption as his reason for disgracing the old man out of office, the striking part is that the old and tired Major-General could not fire a single shot when he was overthrown like a baby undecided
Politics / Re: Buhari's Message To Elected Governors by kosovo(m): 8:43pm On Apr 13, 2015

Seconded, my people say the best answer for f**ls is .... silence... Trolls don't deserve attention .

The same treatment GEJ gave to Amaechi..

Amaechi did all the rant, ridiculed the office of the President but GEJ answered him his silence..

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Politics / Re: Where Are Those Who Were Laughing At Tele Ikuru? by kosovo(m): 8:38pm On Apr 13, 2015
I told those who were mocking him after the Presidential elections that the man did the right thing by joining the winning party in his state.
The Presidential and National assembly result in Rivers was a clear sign that PDP is the only party in the state, yet people kept mocking him. Now that the party has won the state's Gubernatorial election with a landslide, doesn't it prove that he made the right decision by leaving the sinking ship of APC at the dying minute?

Now that Amaechi's political irrelevance has been proven beyond doubt by his own people, let us see the position he can get in Abuja (if he can declare his assets)

Even Amaechi would be blown by the wind of change...

This bold words above is just priceless as Collynzo earlier submitted.
Politics / Re: Wike Promises A Transparent Govt When Sworn In by kosovo(m): 7:00pm On Apr 13, 2015
He must be kidding himself if he thinks that sham of an election would stand. I won't be surprised at all if the election in Rivers is cancelled by the court. All the local and international observers have come out to say that the elections in Rivers did not meet the minimum standard of conducting elections anywhere.

All Patience jonathan and the crook of a Rec have done is ensure that Wike is sworn in on May 29, but they won't keep him there forever. By the time the case gets to court, Jonathan and his wife would be out of power. Wike will soon experience what Olagunsoye Oyinlola and the likes experienced. Rigging can only get you into the post temporarily, it wont keep you there.

You talking like a kid.. Even on a very free and fairest situation. It's still going to be PDP getting over 50% votes.

You are ungrateful to think GMB will influence the judiciary to get Rivers. This is what GEJ never did. He never interfered with the judiciary..

Any attempt by GMB and his rat-tag to sabotage the judiciary would be met with resistance!


Politics / Re: Update On Man Who Is Trekking From Lagos To Abuja To Fulfill Vow He Made If Buha by kosovo(m): 6:54pm On Apr 13, 2015
Lies from the pit of hell undecided
Politics / Re: Madam Okonjo-iweala Wants To Decamp To APC? by kosovo(m): 5:34pm On Apr 13, 2015
Na lie, instead she will rather decamp back to her pay masters in word bank and IMF after mission to ruin our economy has been accomplished !!!

You are the biggest hypocrite I have seen.. Shame on you!

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