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Politics / Re: APC Loses Edo Rescheduled Senatorial Election, Clears State Assembly by kosovo(m): 2:16pm On Apr 13, 2015

You're such a pathological liar. Thank God you were the one that reported Osagie alongside Obahiagbon's defection on Nairaland sometimes in 2010, www.nairaland.com/446312/hon-patrick-obahiagbon-hon-samson You're trynna make it look like he just defected to the APC. He defected to the then APC before the merger!

Seems you just learned the words "pathological liar" .. I can't see anywhere where I placed the year he decamped. The point is that he decamped! Period. Now, get a life!

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Politics / Re: Against All Odds, Rochas Wins Re-election by kosovo(m): 2:14pm On Apr 13, 2015
Politics / Re: APC Loses Edo Rescheduled Senatorial Election, Clears State Assembly by kosovo(m): 1:50pm On Apr 13, 2015
If you analyse the 3 Reps and one Senate that APC won, you will see a very tight contest. Compare that with those won by the PDP, you will see a relatively large margin(though not very large). What PDP need to do is to deploy the missiles in their arsenal to prove to Edo that they have nothing to fear and they could trust them the more. May God spare our lives to witness the 2016 Edo Governorship contest.

Edo has decided. A governor who governs with reckless abandon and excessive impunity cannot be allowed to appoint a successor.


Politics / Re: APC Loses Edo Rescheduled Senatorial Election, Clears State Assembly by kosovo(m): 1:31pm On Apr 13, 2015
I think PdP in Édo didn't do much mobÍlisation for the State legislative election unlike the NASS where they only lost 3 Reps and One Senate to APC. Probably they are gearing up for 2016 Governorship election to wrestle power from Governor Adams and APC. The NASS result shows that PDP is very popular in Edo State and Oshiomole is not as popular as the media make him to be. I can't wait for the Governorship contest.

Recal that APC won two Seats in Senate in 2011 leaving PDP with one. Now the table has turned...

Where is Mogidi?

Spot on. Nice analysis and exactly what my permutations arrived at.


Politics / Re: Live Celebration Goin On Now In Ph. Pics by kosovo(m): 1:26pm On Apr 13, 2015
The people have spoken. 1000 Amechi's can not undo the will of the people
Politics / Re: APC Loses Edo Rescheduled Senatorial Election, Clears State Assembly by kosovo(m): 1:23pm On Apr 13, 2015
And I won't be suprised if the winners from PDP decamps to APC before long.

The guys who won are not Atiku Abubakar, they have the PDP in their DNA and Oshiomole is aware. wink

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Politics / Re: APC Loses Edo Rescheduled Senatorial Election, Clears State Assembly by kosovo(m): 1:21pm On Apr 13, 2015
Edo PDP didn't canvass for votes like they did in the National Assembly which they swept.

I guess it wasn't important, since there are gpoing to remove whoever Oshiomole appoints as his successor with the ballot next year.

The governor shared 2 million to each ward in the state from intelligence report on my palm.

The biggest looser is Samson Osagie who was a PDP member all through his political career, only to decamp to APC, called a saint. Yet, the people answered him with their PVC's.

I particularly, like what happened to the short man, it would make people sit up, knowing people no longer judge on party lines but on personalities and leadership qualities.

Nigeria is still far from votes that appear on party lines, because the two strongest parties in Nigeria do not have a clear cut ideology yet.

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Politics / Re: Final Result Of Gubernatorial Election In Rivers State by kosovo(m): 1:09pm On Apr 13, 2015

You are very s.tupid. Did I quote you. PDP thugs mtcheeeeeeew SMH

Of course you are an idio~t to think that anyone who opposes you in a PDP member.

When you say trash, I put you where you belong.

I have no sympathy for any political party..
Politics / Re: Final Result Of Gubernatorial Election In Rivers State by kosovo(m): 9:43am On Apr 13, 2015

That is Ikwere land and Wike 's strongest hold.That is not Rivers state. My question is why must PDP rig even when they claim to be sure of winning? How did Rivers record over 1million votes with low turnout and so much violence and killings? Obviously these were fake results. Even neutral observers said they saw nothing near to elections. My point is let a winner emerge under free and fair atmosphere. Period.

Keep quiet! undecided

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Politics / Re: Wike Trash Dakuku, Shows Amaechi Way Out by kosovo(m): 9:08am On Apr 13, 2015
if not so why would the international observers said there should be cancellation of election in rivers state

You have obviously not read the electrical act. Neither do you have a copy of the 1999 constitution as amended nor have you read it.

International observers are speaking for themselves.

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Politics / Re: Breaking News- Photos: Asari Dokubo And MASSOB Leader Hold Private Meeting by kosovo(m): 8:17am On Apr 13, 2015
They will be dealt with by Buhari.

An irresponsible old man who couldn't fire a single shot, when he was overthrown like a baby by IBB?

So much for the over-confidence you guys have in a man who has no confidence in himself.

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Politics / Re: Wike Trash Dakuku, Shows Amaechi Way Out by kosovo(m): 8:10am On Apr 13, 2015
How can you unseat someone that is not contesting for an election?

You can't blame him. That's how he was groomed in our mediocre educational system.

Thank your stars, that people like us put in an extra effort to becoming the better person that we are. Otherwise, we could have been no different from the OP


Politics / Re: Wike Trash Dakuku, Shows Amaechi Way Out by kosovo(m): 8:08am On Apr 13, 2015
Full of irregularities

Cry me a river.. Ameachi knew there was nothing he was going to do.

You mean PDP generated 900k votes from their backyard right?.

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Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Floors PDP, Wins 21 Out Of 24 House Of Assembly Seats by kosovo(m): 8:01am On Apr 13, 2015

I doubt if the Edo State House of Assembly lawmakers will be so gullible as to leave a ruling party both at the state and federal level for an opposition with only three members from Chief Tony Anenih's territory. More importantly, Oshiomhole has broken the jinx of the PDP in Edo state and with the decamping of PDP stalwarts like a former governorship flagbearer of the PDP, Charles Arhiarhe, former governor, Osunbor, business magnate, Captain Osha, and yet to be announced Rice Man to the APC, only Esan Land will be left to the PDP. Mind you, Pastor Ize Iyamu and Chief Dan Orbih will only continue to make noice, we already know the sort of opposition PDP is.

I do not think APC has a chance. The people only voted for Oshiomole. Even if Oshiomole was in Labour, he would have won.

However, the problem would the at the next election. If He can't find a good successor. He would definitely, lose.

PDP is planing to use the ex-VC of Uniben as their candidate next year. If that happens, 100 oshiomole can't defeat him.

I don't believe any governor in Oshiomole shoes will let the house of Assembly go without putting up a fight. Just like Fayose. Impeachment would be certain, so they would fight with their life to gain control of it.
Politics / Re: Transition C’ttee: Buhari Insists On Credible Persons As Bakare Heads Screening by kosovo(m): 7:50am On Apr 13, 2015
Bakare for EFCC chairman. Even pastors will flee Nigeria grin

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Politics / Re: Full Result Of The Just Concluded Election In Edo State by kosovo(m): 7:42am On Apr 13, 2015
Hon. Osagie can go and hide his ugly face in shame ..

A man who has been in the Government since 1999 and all that is accounted to him was bore hole commissioning. He wants to be a senator, a man who learned how to speak correct English, right in front of all Edo people.

He was always scattering the floor of Edo House of Assembly with grammatical blunder. Goodbye Osagie forever..
Politics / Re: Oshiomhole Floors PDP, Wins 21 Out Of 24 House Of Assembly Seats by kosovo(m): 7:01pm On Apr 12, 2015
It was expected.. After Oshiomole gave out 2 million naira to each ward..

He was scared of being impeached... PDP weren't interested in the election. The plan is this, once PDP win the governorship election next year. All these house of Assembly members will decamp to PDP.

Edo is PDP and PDP is Edo..
Politics / Re: Against All Odds, Rochas Wins Re-election by kosovo(m): 3:41pm On Apr 12, 2015
how come he won re-election but APC candidates lost woefully last two weeks. proves PDP rigged as usual.

Do I need to remind you that national election is different from state election


Politics / Re: Against All Odds, Rochas Wins Re-election by kosovo(m): 2:10pm On Apr 12, 2015
Douglas house na INEC office?

Just got a call from the governor's aide
Politics / Against All Odds, Rochas Wins Re-election by kosovo(m): 1:27pm On Apr 12, 2015
Result currently in Douglas House.. Rochas is seen dancing..

More details shortly!


Politics / Re: IMO Governorship Election Result by kosovo(m): 8:42pm On Apr 11, 2015

You just shot yourself in the foot. Please name the industries he built that oshiomhole killed. Am waiting.

If you claim ignorance of this very fact, then I am afraid, I won't try to dignify your ignorance any further.

This my last and final reply to you!

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Politics / Re: IMO Governorship Election Result by kosovo(m): 8:20pm On Apr 11, 2015

You are a mad man sha. Hope you know? I guess you were in primary school when Igbinedion ruled Edo....ode

Some one is pained.. lol

At least there was never a time Lucky didn't pay workers salaries before 28 of every month..

He built industries that Oshiomole has killed.

Lucky was getting 120 million naira as internal generated revenue every month. While Oshiomole gets 1.3 billion naira every month as IGR. You do the maths and se how you have been raped.

I have no sympathy for Lucky or Oshiomole, I only work with facts. I don't let sentiments becloud my sense of reasoning like you are obviously doing.

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Politics / Re: IMO Governorship Election Result by kosovo(m): 8:15pm On Apr 11, 2015
I can see Barcanista trying to console himself on this thread ....what a loser grin

I wonder how you guys think..

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Politics / Re: Buhari! I Want To Buy Fuel For 10 Naira! by kosovo(m): 8:06pm On Apr 11, 2015

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Politics / Re: IMO Governorship Election Result by kosovo(m): 7:57pm On Apr 11, 2015
Pls all you Edo, Rivers and Lagos Busybody people get the hell out of this thread, this is for Imo Election Results. If you have no Objective and constructive comment to make about Imo get out, If you have no election result to share get out and stop bleeping another persons thread.

You better return to the miserable hole you came out from undecided


Politics / Re: Jimi Agbaje Drones Monitor Lagos Elections – Rare Footage by kosovo(m): 7:32pm On Apr 11, 2015
N. Ero N. African Gamer. Is that you?
Yes I am cheesy

Been a while wink
Politics / Re: IMO Governorship Election Result by kosovo(m): 7:23pm On Apr 11, 2015

Oga which Edo are u talking about?
Apart from Auchi ppl, who is going to vote APC in Edo?
Baba Shut Up. You are not the only Edo guy in this forum.

Don't mind the clown who think he has monopoly of politicking in Edo State. He is obviously an APC loyalist, enjoying from the rascally of the irresponsible Go and Die governor who is building a mere central hospital for 6-years and no sign of completion in sight.

A man who deceived the good people of EDO State with Storm water project. There is no single functioning industry in Edo State. Some clowns think Democracy is re-constructing roads that were motorable with Tinubu's HI-tech construction company with exorbitant price and having a bill board of Shoprite..

Edo South and Edo Central have decided..

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Politics / Re: IMO Governorship Election Result by kosovo(m): 6:58pm On Apr 11, 2015

Lol Barcanista you know nothing about my state(Edo state). So kindly shut up.

PDP claiming majority seat in Edo House of Assembly.. You think this is 2011 when the Go and Die governor talked without leadership qualities.

Edo is controlled by thugs in uniformz.s Does the name Kabaka and Osakpawan ring a bell..?

There were reports earlier, confirming theses guys smoke marijuana in the Government house with the "very" irresponsible governor who has constructed the most expensive road in Nigeria.. The Airport road cost a whooping 17billion naira... (less than a KM road)

The result as they would be announced tomorrow will shock you. Just hope the governor survives impeachment.. And hope GMB compensates him with a ministerial position afterwards.


Politics / Re: Open Letter To GMB, By The People Of Auchi, Edo State. by kosovo(m): 12:33pm On Apr 11, 2015
Politics / Re: PHOTO: Under-aged Female Voter Accredited In Sokoto by kosovo(m): 12:28pm On Apr 11, 2015
That's why they had to uproot Jonathan.

Population censors is 2016... The North did everything to cover the massive fraud in that region!
Politics / Re: Alleged Photo Of Desmond Elliot "Sharing" Money To Policemen Goes Viral Online by kosovo(m): 11:48am On Apr 11, 2015

Why should Desmond know better...Is he a not an actor? Make believe artist
Is you are in Rome, act like Romans do..Just the way politics is done in Nigeria mehn...
Dude chill.... grin

Lol, I am calm wink

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Politics / Re: Is Someone From Virginia Considered A Guest In Texas? by kosovo(m): 11:43am On Apr 11, 2015

What's wrong in what she said? You want her to throwaway her heritage because of some silly contraptions?

She is a Nigerian before being a yoruba woman.. and not the reverse.. Spot the difference..

We have latinos, hispanic, jews etc in the United States.. You don't hear anyone saying he or she is this or that, but an American

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