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Politics / Re: How Come No IPOB Protest In Edo? by kosovo(m): 10:50am On Nov 14, 2015
Everyone is now opening thread about IPOB....smh

But you clicked to read undecided

You better return to the miserable hole you came out from..
Politics / Re: How Come No IPOB Protest In Edo? by kosovo(m): 10:48am On Nov 14, 2015
Next week they will be there live

Really? undecided
Politics / How Come No IPOB Protest In Edo? by kosovo(m): 10:40am On Nov 14, 2015
It seems the Biafrans need to go back to the table and understand what they want.

Although the arrest of Nnamdi Kanu by Buhari is totally unacceptable in any sane country. The Igbos need to know what they really want.

In the last few days, there have been a couple of protest in some SE and SS states.

Some guys in Edo have never heard of the name Nnamdi Kanu and it's not clear if IPOB has any member in Edo.

I did some investigation and realised that Biafra was a dead issue to the Edos, though Edo is a SS state.

However, we have equally seen several groups from different SS states openly denouncing and rebuking Biafra..

It's not enough to protest, these guys need to know what they want.

They need to talk with their elders, women and children. Do they really want a break-away or they are angry because the Hausa-Fulani man will never live to see an Igbo man become president.? undecided
Politics / Re: "Gov. Oshiomhole Is Mad & Has Verbal Diarrhea" - Hon. Omosede Igbinedion by kosovo(m): 9:07pm On Nov 13, 2015

Don't mind the fat fool, What happened to her matrimonial home? She didn't spend up to 6 months in her husbands house. She even puit to bed in her fathers house

Iresponsible thing

BTW: Why is Adams just realizing this now after 7 years in govt? Adams self no dey try at times

Marriage is a choice, and not everyone will marry...

Her matrimonial home is exclusively none of your business. Afterall, we don't know if you are a product of broken home or bigamy ..

The only verifiable fact here is that Oshiomole is a mad man! undecided

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Politics / Re: Igbinedion University Was Built With Edo State Money – Oshiomole by kosovo(m): 6:51am On Nov 13, 2015
what a low life...that miserable labour leader can afford to feed u and your unborn generations till death tear u all apart.
Same way the Igbinedion family can feed your miserable governor and his wife..

And I have the capacity to feed you and buy your father's rented apartment. Then send you guys to the village where your lot are..
Politics / Re: Igbinedion University Was Built With Edo State Money – Oshiomole by kosovo(m): 6:41am On Nov 13, 2015
Let the State take it over and rename the Instruction. It's good that you are informing us. As part of Buhari s anti corruption drive, just let State take over the University

It's like saying the government should take over Obasanjo's or Atiku's University. You clearly don't know who the foolish governor is waging war with.

The funny thing is that Igbinedion has never gone so low to reply this short midget.

The irresponsible "go and die" governor is only trying to distract the Edos away from his miserable 7-year governance.

He is aware that the 3-people who brought into power have decided to deal with him when he leaves the office. He is particularly scared because the former SSG who used his structure to bring him to government has decided to run for the office under the PDP.

It's like a case of Wike and Amechi. Wike had the structure and we saw how Amechi was disgraced.

Although I have no sympathy for any politician, Oshiomole's reckless governance is totally unacceptable, especially coming from a kleptomaniac ex-labour leader who deceived the entire Nigeria with his evil deal with Obasanjo.
Politics / Re: Igbinedion University Was Built With Edo State Money – Oshiomole by kosovo(m): 6:30am On Nov 13, 2015
bro u r a mere common fool! All u typed are lies and deceit. So pdp sponsored apc I don't think u r all ryt at all. Everyone knows in edo that igbenedion are theives. They even cheated the oba of benin,law requires he gets 5% but they didn't give him his 5%. Go and compare edo state under their rule and the present state it is clear they ruined the state. Oshio never said they built the university with edo state money because I watched it live he only said their medical students where sponsored by edo state for 6yrs. Which is not right. All the igbinedions know how to do is to throw birthday party for months whereas the average edo man is suffering. Even the oba support oshio he is not perfect but he is far beta that the igbinedions.

When The governor won at the Appeal court in 2008, where was the first place himself and supporters went to?

Very short answer
. The same House of Igbinedion. It's either you don't know how politics is played or you enjoy being a pathological mor_on. undecided


Politics / Re: Igbinedion University Was Built With Edo State Money – Oshiomole by kosovo(m): 4:52am On Nov 13, 2015
do u eat with the same hands that typed this CRAP?"IGBENEDION SPONSORED OSHIOMOLE"S..CAMPAIGN" im sure he also sponsored BUHARI"S campaign..what a "BEN BRUCE"..

Is that news? How did a miserable labour leader get money to sponsor his campaign and pay for the services of the SAN's that helped him reclaim his demonic mandate??

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Politics / Re: Igbinedion University Was Built With Edo State Money – Oshiomole by kosovo(m): 4:49am On Nov 13, 2015

Tomorrow you will say cosmos Maduka (coach arid) made his money from legitimate business without stealing from the common wealth. Well cosmos Maduka has been over invoicing our federal, state and local government for decades. There are no legitimate rich business person in Nigeria, they are all thieves. Where did Esama get his capital and his money?

He stole from your father...
Politics / Re: Igbinedion University Was Built With Edo State Money – Oshiomole by kosovo(m): 10:57pm On Nov 12, 2015
So people still take Oshiomole seriously? undecided

I am sure Lucky Igbinedion also bought a Boeing 747 for his father. Foolish governor....

The father was the first Nigerian to buy a Boeing 747 in Nigeria. Even the University started before the Son became a governor..

Igbinedion is the only man that brought 35-ambassadors to his birthday ceremony, one of such birthdays, the irresponsible "go and die" governor went there uninvited to beg for forgiveness.

Oshiomole is a product of the house of Igbinedion. They sponsored his campaign, his court cases and made him governor. Lucky Igbinedion single handedly made the noise-maker the governor.

Someone should ask the short midget which money he is using to build his own university?

Never trust a labour man with power, he will lose his sense and start smoking marinujuna in government house.

For doubters, go to the Edo State Government house on Friday, just by the left. You will See Oshiomole thugs smoking Indian Hemp.

I have sympathy for the Edos, they entrusted 8-years of their life with a demon.


Politics / Re: Where are Goodluck Ebele Jonathan/ Namadi Sambo? by kosovo(m): 5:37pm On Nov 12, 2015

address issues...not criticising...

Do I Look like someone who has time to criticise you? I only told you what you deserve. undecided
Politics / Re: Reminder That Fashole Constructed The Most Expensive Power Station As Gov by kosovo(m): 4:20pm On Nov 12, 2015
Fashola is a pathological liar and a common thief


Politics / Re: Where are Goodluck Ebele Jonathan/ Namadi Sambo? by kosovo(m): 4:16pm On Nov 12, 2015
No even press statement about them! are they in Nigeria? Any PROBE?

An example of someone who should be benefiting from Buhari's N5000 monthly allowance for 25 million poorest Nigerians.. undecided


Politics / Re: Why I’ll Prosecute Former Gov Igbinedion, Esama —oshiomhol by kosovo(m): 4:04pm On Nov 12, 2015
Cool down boy! Another propaganda on its way! Have seen 2billion massion? Am not sure u ve! But I ve! Its all lies!

I will not dignify your gross ignorance with further reply.
Politics / Re: Why I’ll Prosecute Former Gov Igbinedion, Esama —oshiomhol by kosovo(m): 4:03pm On Nov 12, 2015
Gov Igbinedion has been tried and found guilty of corruption. He was given an option of fine, which he paid. U can't try a man twice on the same offence. Oshimole should know that.

You can't expect a Thug to know these things. He thinks Buhari is going to be the judge.

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Politics / Re: See Port Harcourt International Airport Arrival Hall by kosovo(m): 3:58pm On Nov 12, 2015

Says the bastard from Yoruba land, the producers of the worst looters and criminals who are only good at pointing at others while their assses stink up the building.
If you would be so kind as to remind us again the "moral, ethical and spiritual grounding" Obasanjo had when he squandered 16 billion dollars to manufacture nothing but darkness for Nigeria, I would immensely appreciate it.
Never have I seen a more repulsive set of humanoid wastebags who glamourize hypocrisy, greed and fiscal wastefulness as much as Yorubas.
Isn't it funny that you talk about Stella Oduah buying SUVs, but praise your nauseating crook Fashola when he so shamelessly justified his 139 million naira borehole as "being a lawyer and not signing cheques"? Is that your own definition of moral, ethical and spiritual grounding? Your Femi Fani-Kayode who served as Minister for Aviation and under whose watch billions were carted away from the ministry, does that also count? A simple look at the history of ministries since Nigeria's existence would expose you and your race of vultures for the kleptomaniacs you are.

Even in law enforcement, Yoruba people have never failed to showcase their thieving talents. Does the name Tafa Balogun ring a bell? The very man who was elevated to the HIGHEST post in the Police force, but still didn't fail to show his pathological penchance for embezzlement. The man who was supposed to catch the thieves, but ended up the king of thieves.

Now, let us even take a look at your states and how they've been governed so far. From Osun to Oyo, Ekiti to Ogun, Ondo to even Kwara, the story remains the same - debt, debt, debt. Unjustifiable debt, collected in the name of government but diverted to the pockets of your vile, greedy, vaucous, kleptomaniac leaders.
Iddiotic, ill-planned, vainglorious capital projects and white elephants which serve no purpose but to massage the egos and line the pockets of your "morally, ethically and spiritually grounded leaders".
From Opon Imo, to OYES, YESO to OMeal, Fake IGRs to hunger games, spine-crushing penury to state-issued IOUs, dear Adminisher, the joke Is-On-U.

Please take it easy, I am not sure the slowpoke will have any idea what you are saying.

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Politics / Re: Why I Sacked 900 Teachers – Oshiomole by kosovo(m): 3:48pm On Nov 12, 2015
The only governor who doesn't have a primary 6 certificate sacking teachers who lied about their age.

The same Goodluck Jonathan he had been mouth-wetting helped his sorry black arse when he could not provide his pry.6 certificate at the courts..

Thereafter, the irresponsible "go and die" governor went ahead to burn down the records department of the Ministry of Education.

Education is not having mouth diarrhoea...
Politics / Re: Why I’ll Prosecute Former Gov Igbinedion, Esama —oshiomhol by kosovo(m): 3:42pm On Nov 12, 2015
Edo will miss this man- Oshomole! The former gov and his father ripped the state! Lucky Igbinedion used the states resources to construct his father's university! Pple re bad! I wonder why!

You better keep quiet.

Oshiomole is a noise maker, let him try himself and get consumed.

I am not sure you are aware the short midget and irresponsible old man has been building a private University in his village.. How about his massion that cost N2Billion??

Oshiomole was brought in as governor by three persons, Lucky Igbinedion, Captain Hosa, a major shareholder in NTEL, and Pastor Ize Iyamu.

Immediately Oshiomole was declared the governor by the appeal court.. Guess the first place he went to with his supporters.. The House of Igbinedion.

He went to bow there and the Esama pat him on the back..

The irresponsible "go and die" governor thinks the Edo's have short memory..

He will definitely go to jail because his corruption is nothing compared to what his predecessor carried out.

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Politics / Re: Edo State Gubernatorial Aspirant, Rt. Hon. Matthew Aigbuhuenze Stuns Everyone by kosovo(m): 1:00am On Nov 09, 2015
Staged falling.. Nigeria is finished! undecided


Politics / Re: INEC Faults Tribunal’s Judgment On Rivers Guber Election, files Appeal by kosovo(m): 6:09pm On Nov 08, 2015
you are a good example of the saying, common sense is no common. So INEC was not joined in the suit? And it was not the credibility of INEC that was challenged in court?
If you still do not understand, I am sorry, I can't help you.

The guy is a clown, it shows the rot of our educational system. So sad, and this rat-tag will beat his chest and say he is a graduate.. SMH

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Politics / Re: INEC Faults Tribunal’s Judgment On Rivers Guber Election, files Appeal by kosovo(m): 6:06pm On Nov 08, 2015
It seems INEC in Rivers State has become a political party to file an appeal against a Tribunal judgement. I have not heard of this b4. It is the PDP and Wike, its candidate that are meant to file an appeal against a tribunal Judgement and not the INEC. Except the INEC is constituting itself as a political party which seems to me like the INEC commissioner in Rivers State has been heavily been compromised in Rivers State by the PDP.

That's why your life is not adding up.. I can't even imagine that 15-dumb people liked your post that lacked every sense of rational thinking.

People like you keep coming to Nairaland ranting like a bush fellow, like you know anything about politics.

For the record, it is the duty of INEC to join the case of any election being contested, up till the Supreme Court. If you have never heard of it, it's either because you are an APC robots or just being plain Slupid.
Politics / Re: BREAKING NEWS| How Buhari Smuggled Fugitive Omar Al-bashir Out Of India To Sudan by kosovo(m): 12:24pm On Nov 03, 2015
It's high time propaganda online medias such as thebreakingtimes and Thetrentonline are dealt with, once and for all.
You didn't cry fowl when the irresponsible Saharareporters rode rough on the past administration. Please make your life useful. undecided


Politics / Re: With Biafra It Is Finished, Says Gowon by kosovo(m): 4:11pm On Oct 27, 2015
Hmmm interesting,but how can a cursed 24 year old igbo boy have lyk 7mil in his account and still counting and a Honda accord?
I don't think I'm the cursed one here cool.
Which of your family members did you offer for sacrifice?

I heard you guys are very heartless when it comes to money, you can even use your mum for money ritual. Wtf.. undecided
Politics / Re: Rivers, Akwa-ibom Tribunal Judgments Cannot Stand - PDP by kosovo(m): 6:12pm On Oct 24, 2015
Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 5:25pm On Oct 24, 2015
I am using my real name because I am given the igbo people the most Godly advice that money can buy

There are only 2 countries. Western Nigeria and Nigeria.

If you igbo want to break out of your country Nigeria. You will find it hard.

The most Godly thing to do is remain.

On the issue of western Nigeria , international law have settle our case. Western Nigeria is not part of Nigeria.

It is only a foool that will be assuming. That it will be part of Nigeria.

Igbos people have to face the fact and eatup their pride.

Something in life, you can't change. And those thing you have to accept.

For the case of Osibanjo who want to join Nigeria. You have to accept the truth. It is not possible.

We would continue to use the obaship system for ever. Even the USA protect its own sovergnty.

We don't like the igbo people. And the igbo people don't like us. When the life's of million come into it. Like hausa people say. Sai gobe igbo people
Western Nigeria is not part of Nigeria

You had the chance under good luck Jonathan. You did not solve your problem. Now you are disturbing Buhari.

Good luck Jonathan is half igboman.
The guy looks like Becomerich undecided
Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 4:29pm On Oct 24, 2015

Lol...I rest my case. Uve been blinded by your myopicism
Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 4:00pm On Oct 24, 2015

Oh...I thought u wld give a reasonable response

Lol...u can't argue a case...so u want us to swallow ur submission without a contest??

You better return to the hole you came out from undecided


Politics / Re: Before It's Too Late, Gowon Must Apologize To Ojukwu And The Igbo's by kosovo(m): 3:59pm On Oct 24, 2015

e don tey, true. How dey go dey go?

I think you're Edo, cant remember what gave me that impression.

I am doing very well bruh.. smiley and I know you are magical as well.

Please enjoy the rest of the day.
Politics / Re: PDP, Governor Wike To Appeal Tribunal Judgment by kosovo(m): 2:30pm On Oct 24, 2015
Uche (SAN ) informed that the tribunal was aware that the Supreme Court judgment on the jurisdiction of the tribunal outside of Rivers State would be delivered on Tuesday. He said that the tribunal had 7 days to deliver its judgment, but chose to do so in less than two days.

When Nnamdi Kanu calls Nigeria a zoo, people get angry. I have never seen such illegality..

What if the Supreme Court rules that the tribunal erred in its Jurisdiction outside Rivers State.

There is still much drama, and I don't see APC wining even if Buhari is the electoral commissioner of the state.
Politics / Re: Apc, Pmb: Not Yet The Change We Voted For - The Nation by kosovo(m): 11:00am On Oct 24, 2015

Liar, the mandate is December 2015. Keep lying, it didn't help you last time and it won't help you this time.

And you have hopes on December 2015? You guys believe anything.. Just to masturbate your ego smiley


Politics / Re: Apc, Pmb: Not Yet The Change We Voted For - The Nation by kosovo(m): 10:56am On Oct 24, 2015
Tinubu the miserable gate man frustrated already? undecided

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Politics / Re: Without A Cabinet, Nigeria Is Stuck 'On Hold' - Reuters by kosovo(m): 10:49am On Oct 24, 2015

Long time boss. It's good to know you're on the other side of CHANGE.

Glad to see you are waxing strong boss.. Missed you guys smiley

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