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Politics / Re: Attahiru Jega Receives New Appointment by kosovo(m): 9:52am On Aug 17, 2015
what is stoping you from modifying the post before anyone opposses you again

You are right..

M not used to modifying post. But I will do that ASAP

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Politics / Re: Attahiru Jega Receives New Appointment by kosovo(m): 7:28am On Aug 17, 2015
I pity u anyway. U lack understanding right? he is appointed as pro chancellor of the university. Or u have nt heard that b4

You should have pity on yourself..

At the time I left the comment, the article was inclusive..

you just woke up and the first thing you can do is to ridicule yourself undecided
Celebrities / Re: Checkout Timaya's Dope Church Outfit (Photo) by kosovo(m): 7:06am On Aug 17, 2015
Check Good News translation. Thankssmiley

I read the Hebrew and Greek translations.. tongue

Not a dotured bible designed to suit a particular denomination or someone's idea of Christianity.

Judge not, in your over flogged verse simple means ,do not judge hypocritically..

For example, a Thief judging a thief.. Read the Chapter 7 to the end..

If you say we can't judge.. How then do we differentiate a good spirit from a bad one?

The bible says "Test Every Spirt".. Judgement is required after testing..

So please stop quoting verses out of carnal understanding.. God bless you.. smiley
Politics / Re: Attahiru Jega Receives New Appointment by kosovo(m): 6:59am On Aug 17, 2015

"appointed pro-chancellor and chairman of council of the Plateau State University"

Thanks, the news was incomplete earlier.. I appreciate buddy smiley

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Politics / Re: APC Says Jonathan's Government Looted N11tn, PDP Kicks by kosovo(m): 6:54am On Aug 17, 2015

You can choose to rant for as long as you want but that will not change the fact that what you typed is empty and should not be taken with any form of seriousness. They have evidences of the massive looting that took place. Where is your own evidence to disprove all the allegations? If you can't tender one, then shvt up and stop seeking cheap solidarity to your baseless and empty post.

They have evidence and they showed it to you? If a sane person has evidence on a crime, what does he do with it?.. Nag over it and keep whining continuously?

It seems I over estimated you after all.. Your brains are not even developed as that of an earthworm..

Funny how this place has been infested with kids who can't make a little effort to do something as simple as "think", even if their brain is redundant..

I won't dignify your hypocrisy any further. This is my last and final reply to you..

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Politics / Re: APC Says Jonathan's Government Looted N11tn, PDP Kicks by kosovo(m): 6:25am On Aug 17, 2015

Permit me to say you have absolutely typed rubbish, very empty and hollow thoughts. Not so surprising. All I see is a typical tanoids rising to always deny the obvious. Do you have evidence to disregard the allegations. If not, then you have no business ranting here.

Another clown on the lose.. And where is your over flogged evidence.. ?

I really pity your emptiness.. Because anyone who criticise the government is a TANoid.. It shows how far your brain has developed, which is clearly on the same level with an earthworm..

I have no sympathy for any political party and I really don't care if you cant absorbed that.. Good riddance. undecided

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Politics / Re: APC Says Jonathan's Government Looted N11tn, PDP Kicks by kosovo(m): 6:01am On Aug 17, 2015
In countries where sane people live.. the APC spokesman would be tied up side down and flogged in the city center. ..

These bunch of irresponsible old men take Nigerians for a ride.. They did it pre-election.., they ridiculed the office of the President.. one of them said GEJ only needed to look at the mirror to see the description of a chimpanzee.. The same set of people complain when PMB is labelled a dullard.

Now, they have forgotten that they are the government and no longer an opposition.. I have never seen a country where a government keeps making noise.. "I will, I will".. I thought PMB was a military man.. and in military if you want to shoot, shoot don't talk..

How did PMB suddenly turn to an amebor with mouth diarrhoea that all he does it to snap pictures and make noise..?

This is really pathetic and annoying... The APC spokesman should understand his new position and stop making reckless statements..

As it stands now, Nigeria has two main opposition parties, the APC and the PDP..

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Celebrities / Re: Checkout Timaya's Dope Church Outfit (Photo) by kosovo(m): 5:53am On Aug 17, 2015
Matthew 7:1 ~Do not judge others, so that God will not judge you.

I wonder how you guys read the bible from back to front..

Another hypocrite on the lose.. Where did the over flogged verse say "God will not judge you"

No wonder you guys dump your inheritance on an alter and go unclad for one irresponsible man who call himself a pastor to carryout deliverance on you..
Education / Re: A Thread For All Prospective\New Postgraduate. Students Of NOUN by kosovo(m): 5:50am On Aug 17, 2015

Minimum of 2,2.

Yeah, it recognised. I, for one, work in a corporate organisation. In my firm, presenting your MSc cert from any school simply gives you the chance to be measured alongside other people with MSc but your recognition depends on how you prove yourself afterwards.

For you to pass in NOUN, you must read cause the school has no means of exam malpractice or paper sorting. I believe if you eventually do well, you'd be able to represent well out there.

Having said that, I'd also like to pre-inform you that you'd meet a lot of people who would tell you the cert is not recognised. This category of people are skeptical cause it's not what we are used to and we're always allergic to change. Check out, such people are not in managerial positions. The school is trying to run things the western way and has become the choice for busy workers. It is presently the 15th best in Nigeria which rates it better than some conventional universities like UNICAL, FUTO etc.

It's all about determination and focus.

NOUN is a hotbed of malpractices and corruption..

That you don't know doesn't mean it doesn't exist.. undecided
Politics / Re: Attahiru Jega Receives New Appointment by kosovo(m): 9:41pm On Aug 16, 2015

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Politics / Re: Reasons Why I Masturbate Alot, Told By A Friend During NYSC by kosovo(m): 9:55pm On Aug 14, 2015
op you just concluded she is possessed simply because she masturbate, come to think of this you are even a graduate and you still have this archaic few of life.

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Politics / Re: Shocking Facts About Governor Oshiomole In Pictures by kosovo(m): 9:04am On Aug 06, 2015

You have an obligation to be objective! Of all the issues raised, your only objection is PDP vs APC ? Pathetic !

It's really pathetic.. and I am sad...


Politics / Re: Barcanista Is The New Beaf Of Nairaland. by kosovo(m): 9:06am On Aug 05, 2015
Beef was/is a rear gem.. Guess he was tired of the kids who have infested Nairand.

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Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Should Accept Homosexuality by kosovo(m): 10:56pm On Aug 03, 2015


This is actually the last time I will mention you..

I do not merge with people whose brain are far less developed than that of an earthworm.. undecided
Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Should Accept Homosexuality by kosovo(m): 10:52pm On Aug 03, 2015

Take your homosexuality to the USA, they will embrace you there.


It's either you enjoy being sarcastic or you are just plain ignorant..

The Americans keep laughing at black people.. Like I said earlier, Nigeria and Kenya ranks top 5 countries in the world who search for gay related images and videos daily...

So who does those searches? These guys have the data, if they check your browser history... Only God knows what you have been viewing lately.

I have no sympathy for people who claim to be moralist.. Every man has a "secrete sin".. believe it or not..

I have studied human behaviour for close to a decade to fall for your cheap moral stands ...

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Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Should Accept Homosexuality by kosovo(m): 10:41pm On Aug 03, 2015

To HELL with Homosexuality.

If you are not gay, then go an marry some fine lady, and LOOK FOR CREATIVE SOLUTIONS TO AFRICA'S PROBLEMS

The last time I checked, Apple's CEO Tim Cook is openly Gay.. I doubt you are smarter than him, because his company has $190b cash that they don't know what to do with.

Either way, your frustration didn't let you answer a simple question...

In the early 80's your type would be put to death for defying a girl who isn't your wife..

I remember then, from stories.. they do make-out on a white bed-sheet. The white sheet is then shown to their families. Blood on it signifies purity while it's absense showed unfaithfulness.

The girl who had blood on her white bed-sheet was celebrated while the one who didn't have was mocked round the village...

What went wrong?. Mr. Moralist.


Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Should Accept Homosexuality by kosovo(m): 10:28pm On Aug 03, 2015

Can you find ANOTHER way of addressing this alleged intolerance, instead of proposing diabolical homosexuality.

If you didn't have sex before marriage, you may have a slight point..

But if you were testing before marriage, or not married and still testing.. then the word hypocrisy won't be out of place here..

I am just trying to be rational here. I know someone would soon say I am gay.. Which of course, is far from reality..

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Politics / Re: Why Nigerians Should Accept Homosexuality by kosovo(m): 10:15pm On Aug 03, 2015
The irony is that Nigeria and Kenyan ranks top 5 countries who search for gay related images and videos globally..

I wonder who does the searches.. The same people scream on Nairaland in the day and return to their little cubicle to view those gay media in the night..

The hypocrisy of a black man has always been the reason why their inferiority complex is exposed in full glory.

I normally do not comment on homosexuality and I dont expect the OP to get any meaning input from anyone here..

Life is a choice.. To be or not to be.. I still maintain that everything in life can be learned and un-learned. undecided


Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu And IPOB Are Pinheads by kosovo(m): 3:11pm On Aug 01, 2015

it's not by force. Give us compelling reasons Why we should divide and not some cheap propaganda.

Listen to yourself undecided
Politics / Re: Nnamdi Kanu And IPOB Are Pinheads by kosovo(m): 1:30pm On Aug 01, 2015
I do not think this union should be by force.. It is not too late for Nigeria to divide without bloodshed

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Politics / Re: The Final Year Uniben Student Who Knelt Down In Class(the Real Truth). by kosovo(m): 6:41am On Jul 30, 2015
Another clown!

People who bought their admission.. Glad you made it to final year anyway.. undecided


Politics / Re: BREAKING: Imo At Standstill, Banks Join Strike by kosovo(m): 7:19pm On Jul 29, 2015
those staffs must all be sacked. Didn't they hear from the news that the bailout that will address workers indebtedness across the country will b ready in 2 weeks?the staffs must be sacked for trying to embaerass and blackmail the governor.
Please go and prepare for Post UME.
Politics / Re: We Never Denied Patience Jonathan Access To Vip’s Lounge At Airport – FAAN Says by kosovo(m): 6:31pm On Jul 28, 2015
Government of lies, propaganda and denial..

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Politics / Re: Questions For Supporters Of Gay Rights by kosovo(m): 11:55am On Jul 28, 2015
Apple CEO Tim Cook who is openly Gay should come and answer your questions..
Politics / Re: Reactions Over Oshiomhole's Allegations That An Ex Minister Stole $6billion by kosovo(m): 11:47am On Jul 28, 2015
Coming from a common theft! I wonder who takes that irresponsible short man serious.. An illiterate without Primary 6 certificate. A thug who single-handedly burnt Edo State ministry of Education to cover up his education deficiency trait.


Politics / Re: US Officials Say Jonathan’s Minister Stole $6bn – Oshiomhole by kosovo(m): 6:49pm On Jul 27, 2015
Coming from an irresponsible short man who owes Local Government workers 8-months salary.

Only in Nigeria tho.. undecided


Politics / Re: Buhari Makes U-turn, Says 250,000 Barrels Of Crude Oil Was Stolen Daily by kosovo(m): 6:44pm On Jul 27, 2015
When we tell Buhari to always get his fact right people think we are enemies. The greatest enemies of Baba Buhari are his "Sai Buhari" chanters. They praise him when he errs. The hail him when he flops. From One Million barrels of oil being stolen daily (which is silly to even debate) to 250,000 barrels. I smh for the man


Politics / Re: Buhari Makes U-turn, Says 250,000 Barrels Of Crude Oil Was Stolen Daily by kosovo(m): 4:48pm On Jul 27, 2015
1 barrel or 2 barrel, oil theft is oil theft and money you are losing.

It's like saying you are not a thief because you stole 1 kobo instead of 2 kobo.

Mentally crooked, dumb and unintelligent anti Nigeria village trolls..

And someone would beat his chest and say, "I worked so hard to get you educated".

What a shame! Shallow and disgusting way of thinking..

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Politics / Re: Buhari Makes U-turn, Says 250,000 Barrels Of Crude Oil Was Stolen Daily by kosovo(m): 4:17pm On Jul 27, 2015
So wat r we to do with dis information?

Kids like you who have hijacked Nairaland with full blown hypocrisy are part of the reasons I don't spend time here.

Like someone said, put the blame on Tecno and cheap Glo BIS Android subscription. Otherwise, your type should be building molds with sand for recreational purposes. Please take a seat!

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Politics / Buhari Makes U-turn, Says 250,000 Barrels Of Crude Oil Was Stolen Daily by kosovo(m): 4:09pm On Jul 27, 2015
The government led by President Buhari has proved to be more clueless and ridiculous than it's predecessor which APC propagandists labelled clueless. Several times has persons connected to PMB's government of change gulfed and retracted statements.

For the President to personally re-tract another volatile statement from his government clearly shows that APC were not ready to govern Nigeria. Worse still, APC apologists who do not wish to spend time thinking, absorbed the lies and propaganda that the PDP-led ministers in the last administration stole one freaking million barrels of crude oil daily.

I am not a fan of many words, but it must be said that no body succeeds on propaganda. No government built on a foundation of lies and deceit as the current APC government can provide anything meaningful. Responsible and sane people do not need a sootsayer to know that they have been scammed by a government that still doesn't know it is a government.

It was disgraceful to hear the president explaining why he hasn't constituted a government even when it won the election as far back as May 28. The president compared his government with the U.S., claming Barack Obama didn't have an immediate functional government, a statement used to deceive his gullible change agents and e-robots who continue to post dirge on social media.

What Pa. Buhari didn't say is that the United State already has a working system and can run itself for months unlike Nigeria without a system. With all the jamboree, political gangsterism, lies and propaganda of the APC before the election, one would believe they had a clue of how to effectively and efficiently run a Nigeria government. One would believe that they already had a list of ministers who will pilot the country to a greater heights. Of course, they are regrettably "clueless" as the party is a bed of strange fellows headed by a man whose snail's approach to national issues is putting everyone is disarray!

Few days ago, while the president went to United States with politicians, not technocrats, he alleged that his predecessor "stole" 1 million barrels of crude oil daily. Probably out of short-memory, today while speaking at NTA's Goodmorning Nigeria, he twisted his statement, saying 250,000 barrels of crude oil was stolen from GEJ's administration daily.

It's a shame one has to wait one week before knowing the position Nigeria's government has taken after a statement is released, because 99% of the time, such statements are either twisted or withdrawn!

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Business / Re: Cecilia Ibru's Son Rode Dies At 34 by kosovo(m): 8:15am On Jul 06, 2015

They should bury him with some millions.

Nonsense. They live as if they would live forever.

Even your moronic dad won't have such hate..


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