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Politics / Re: Jimi Agbaje Drones Monitor Lagos Elections – Rare Footage by kosovo(m): 11:24am On Apr 11, 2015
Interesting undecided

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Politics / Re: Is Someone From Virginia Considered A Guest In Texas? by kosovo(m): 11:22am On Apr 11, 2015
That's the pathetic nature of Nigeria. We can only blame Lord Lugard whose bones must be dancing in xterisis for the unholy matrimony.

I was watching a program online, where one of the NNPC female directors was asked to present an award to these young kids after emerging winner a competition. I can't get the details as I was not entirely following, but what got my attention was what I heard..

She said, I am first a "yoruba" woman before being a Nigerian... For me, that's it. There is nothing that can change our misconfiguration. If someone, who has attained such status in life can make such a callous statement. Then, I am afraid, there is no hope for a totally unified Nigeria.

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Politics / Re: Alleged Photo Of Desmond Elliot "Sharing" Money To Policemen Goes Viral Online by kosovo(m): 9:36am On Apr 11, 2015
Social Media has really changed a lot..

Desmond should know better..

When people enter politics they loose their senses.. sad

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Politics / Re: Certain Predictions Of Who Will Win The Governorship Elections Across The Nation by kosovo(m): 7:00am On Apr 11, 2015
If he truly heard from God, he won't use the word "may" 85% of the time.

This is a mere prediction. God's vision is total and would contain the word "will" rather than "may"

He "will" win and not he "may" win..

I wonder when God turned to a peddle that you can call anyhow.. HOW many times did God speak to people in the entire bible? God doesn't change, some fraudulent preachers have obviously "changed" God to a talkative, one that talks everyday.. not the same thing, but different things to different preachers who seek relevance from their gullible followers.
Politics / Re: Protest In London Against Oba Of Lagos-akiolu's Threat by kosovo(m): 9:55pm On Apr 10, 2015
See how the Oba has dragged the throne to the mud, because of Tinubu's dollars.. sad


Politics / Re: BREAKING :DHQ SUV Filled With Ballot Papers Airlifted To Rig Lagos Elections by kosovo(m): 9:53pm On Apr 10, 2015
It's good to know after tomorrow, lies from the pit of hell like this one would be reduced drastically.

Everyone can now live their lives once again..


Politics / Re: Bauchi Warns Under-age Voters To Keep Off by kosovo(m): 8:02pm On Apr 10, 2015
Is this not ridiculous...?

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Politics / Re: Russia Ruble Is Up To 20% Against US Dollar. by kosovo(m): 8:01pm On Apr 10, 2015
Putin the chess master. Obama is good at Ludo

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Religion / Re: Jide Macaulay, Nigerian Gay Pastor Writes Letter To Homophobes With Bible Quotes by kosovo(m): 7:56pm On Apr 10, 2015

We all know that homosexuality was the major reason God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

U c, God punished nations for worshipping idol but destroyed a kingdom for homosexuality. Shows HW grievous it is.

Lets reason logically,is right to b sexually involved wit same sex.

Sodom and Gomorrah Was not destroyed because of homosexuality. Do not say what you have no idea of..

If you need answers, I can help you..

I have no sympathy for the LGBT community and their oppressor , but facts have to be set straight!
Politics / Re: Differences Between The Oba Of Lagos And The Oba Of Benin by kosovo(m): 6:17pm On Apr 07, 2015

You disgusting ibos are too repulsive in your idiocy and ignorance of history. You lack common knowledge of how societies are organised to make things work.
I know this is a waste of time, because you will never comprehend or learn. But I need to educate you a little:

The Benin monarch is unequivocal in his support for Oshiomhole, even to the extent of snubbing the clueless Jonathan on some occasions.

He paid visits to the Government House to "bless" the governor during his reign.

He didn't grant audience to GMB and GEJ when they visited Benin because he was said to be "indisposed". Do you know his whereabout?

Ever since his son, the Crown Prince assumed the palace responsibilities, he was seen romancing with pdp leaders in the state, making visits to Aso Rock, and promising GEJ of the Bini votes.

Focus on you leaders who knows nothing about good governance and cannot make demands for it other than leading you astray to please the Ijaws--your new slave masters.

You are not worthy! Next please..
Politics / Re: Differences Between The Oba Of Lagos And The Oba Of Benin by kosovo(m): 6:10pm On Apr 07, 2015
true but we in Benin knew who he was supporting. If the Oba of benin wants igbos to vote for a particular candidate, he wouldn't go low like the Oba of lagos. You would only hear rumours flying around that any Igbo that vote for that candidate na em do emself by emself. Then you would see the leaders of the Igbos coming to beg.

Exactly the point.

So how do we differentiate the Oba of Lagos from an ordinary thug?
Politics / Re: Differences Between The Oba Of Lagos And The Oba Of Benin by kosovo(m): 5:58pm On Apr 07, 2015

The Oba supported Oshiomole re-election, he is write. Why the Oba didn't see Buhari or Jonathan is a thing fear don't allow people to say openly in Benin.

He blessed Oshiomole, and The Retired General. There was no public endorsement. Spot the difference buddy wink
Politics / Re: Differences Between The Oba Of Lagos And The Oba Of Benin by kosovo(m): 5:34pm On Apr 07, 2015
why won't u believe so long it suits ur ego ode

You delusional rat-bag

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Politics / Re: Differences Between The Oba Of Lagos And The Oba Of Benin by kosovo(m): 3:23pm On Apr 07, 2015
@ op go do ur reach benin is also a yoruba state we just lending u the land
after chasing u out of lagos the next is benin

I am not Benin. But from History, it's a know fact, at least what I was tought in school that the yorubas actually came from the Bini..

I won't have time entertain any further confrontation on this issue. It's an issue that has been dragged for so long.

I have read history books, I believe what I just taught is absolutely correct.

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Politics / Re: Differences Between The Oba Of Lagos And The Oba Of Benin by kosovo(m): 3:20pm On Apr 07, 2015
at the reelection of oshiomole tge oba of benin specifically and openly endorse jonathan and also refuse to entertain pdp and president jonathan entourage in his palace ....every gud oba want to associate his state with progressive.

Keep quiet!

To the best of my knowledge, he Oba of Benin does not endorse any political candidate. He didn't see President Jonathan and he didn't see President-elect Buahri as well..

There is no gain in spreading fabricated stories online.
Politics / Re: Differences Between The Oba Of Lagos And The Oba Of Benin by kosovo(m): 2:44pm On Apr 07, 2015

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Politics / Differences Between The Oba Of Lagos And The Oba Of Benin by kosovo(m): 2:40pm On Apr 07, 2015
The Oba of Lagos is a tribal bigot, a political rat-tag. His recently made untamed comments, unleashing terror and death on the Igbos should they fail to elect his anointed son as Governor of Lagos, a state the Oba claims he owns.

The Oba of Benin is the most respected Monach in Nigeria. Political parties and chieftains have tried to drag his throne into politics, enticing him with millions of Naira. On each attempt which ended in an embarrassing failure, the Oba has maintained his integrity.

You would always see the Oba of Lagos in Government house, Aso Rock "begging" for contracts.

You can "never" see the Oba of Benin reduce his throne to the floor of the government house or Aso Rock.

There are more, but let's take a break!

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Politics / Re: Igbos Must Prove To The Oba Of Lagos That We Are Ndigbo And We Bow To No Man by kosovo(m): 11:11pm On Apr 06, 2015

Stopped reading after the bold comment. The way you guys lie with the name of God is totally ridiculous.

So one irresponsible Lord Lugard was actually God ? There is nothing we won't read in Nairaland.

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Politics / Re: I Told Jonathan He Will Lose - T.B Joshua by kosovo(m): 9:23pm On Apr 05, 2015
I wonder how people sleep at night hearing these things from this man. It's a shame, really.
Politics / Re: R-E-V-E-A-L-E-D: Real Reasons Jonathan Conceded Defeat by kosovo(m): 10:46am On Apr 05, 2015
GEJ is not d hero.. d person or group of people that made GEJ to make that call is or are d Hero...

We all know that no b GEJ carry hm Tecno phone wit hm hand take call Buhari... na force dem force am

If they couldn't force Buhari to concede on three attempts, what makes you think they forced GEJ, even when he had the military on the palm.

You are only displaying your ignorance because, you yourself cannot make that sacrifice.. How much the president-elect.

A friend of mine died while serving in 2011 because Buhari simply failed to control his emotions, even when he knew it was mathematically impossible to win with CPC. Buhari should do well to apologize to Nigerians.

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Politics / Re: First Thing First, Buhari Must Stop Tinubu by kosovo(m): 10:39am On Apr 05, 2015

If tinubu is corrupt why didn't his enemy Goodluck Jonathan and the the pdp prosecute him?

So many opposition parties have won governorship seat in different states.. Have you ever heard an opposition governor probing his predecessor?

You still don't understand this country.. You guys can keep screaming.. For me, I know APC is PDP and PDP is APC.

They would be massive deflection and all that.. Even in extreme cases, where deflection doesn't happen. It's nearly impossible to probe a predecessor in Nigeria.. Because of higher powers.

The case of Edo State and Ekiti State is an example. Governor Oshiomole threatened to change the whole system. He never tried to open the books of Lucky Igbenedion because his father is a man, who from a single phone call can summon as much as 34 ambassadors to a mere birthday party. His influence knows no bound.

Looking at things from the common man perspective is okay. However, we are very far from such system in Nigeria. For anyone to believe that Tinubu and GEJ are worse enemies must be deceiving himself.

There was a report that Oshiomole would insult Anenih in the day, and run back to Anenih in the night to drink beer with with him. There is more to see than the eyes.

We just hope for the best.
Politics / Re: ‘we Feared Jonathan Would Not Accept Defeat’-buhari by kosovo(m): 10:26am On Apr 05, 2015

How to become a President Jonathan (African Hero - Nobel Peace Price Winner according to TANoids grin )

1) Become a President

2) Preside over the looting of your country's resources.

3) Accept that stealing of public funds is not corruption

4) Celebrate criminals and put them in Charge

5) Promote impunity by using military to rig Ekiti State gubernatorial election.

6) Marry a crude and uncouth wife.

7) Destroy governors forum by agreeing that 16 > 19

cool Allow Commissioner of police Joseph Mbu to intimidate a State governor.

9) Set up an Election-Rigging Squad

10) Equip Militants across all ethnicities

11) Seek Re-election

12) Seek the disqualification of your opponents

13) Spend Billions to tarnish your opponents' image

14) Manipulate Election Results from your strongholds

15) Hire an Orubebe to threaten the Umpire and incite National Violence

16) Lose the election and be very sure that you can't do anything to disrupt the process anymore.

17) Give up, concede victory, accept defeat and congratulate your opponent before election results are announced.

Even if you still can't find the lost children kidnapped under your watch, all your sins would be forgiven; You are a SUPER HERO. Some of you losers and failures are just trying your best looking for the smallest possible means to hide your shame and that of Jonathan.

Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili: New Coordinating Minister Of The Economy by kosovo(m): 8:21pm On Apr 04, 2015
Brother I get your drift but, if you may note it and not be biased, Soludo is a very intelligent guy. In times like thes, experience counts a lot. I guess you know what Soludo did to our banks? That guy, Okonjo-Iweala, Ezekwesili et al were the ministera that made Obj's government tick. Don't let sentiments becloud your judgements. If I were GMB, I would really evaluate Soludo and figure where I can place him.

You simply drifted away from my submission. If Sanusi rubbished Soludo.. Which we all saw, at least it led to the merger of several banks and the jail sentence of Mrs. Ibru. I don't see nything special with Soludo.

He only painted a picture of strong banks for us.. it took someone with balls to expose the fraud and fix the sector.

We Don't need tested and expired products...
Politics / Re: Exposed: Tinubu, To Choose Ministers For Petroleum, Finance, Other Juicy Min. by kosovo(m): 8:11pm On Apr 04, 2015
in your village, all the kids talk like okada riders bah? You are indeed wise

Before making such statement. I have gone through 20 comments of yours.. No hard feelings buddy wink
Politics / Re: Pix Of A Sober Dizeani At Abdulsalam's Residence by kosovo(m): 8:06pm On Apr 04, 2015
How come NOI is not moved. Ribadu once said he can swear with his life that She is not corrupt.
Politics / Re: Exposed: Tinubu, To Choose Ministers For Petroleum, Finance, Other Juicy Min. by kosovo(m): 8:04pm On Apr 04, 2015
OP...cry me a river...

Those of us that asked for CHANGE do not care who Tinubu or Atiku appoints as Ministers, as long as GMB handles the appointment of EFCC chairman and IGP, let me see who will try nonsense

Tinubu and Atiku having 10 slots each is simply like saying ACN and nPDP have 10 slots each ..what is bad about that?

As long as Tinubu continues to churn out the best crop of leaders he has always produced from his school of leadership and management...we will forever be grateful...as long as Fashola is given 10 ministries to handle...we can sleep with both eyes closed.

Mind you, GMB has over 200 political appointments to make...and it is not a one-man job.

You are still a kid.. It easy to know someone who talks like an okada rider grin
Politics / Re: What Motive(s) do you think was Behind President Goodluck early Concession? by kosovo(m): 3:28pm On Apr 04, 2015

You mean, he was hypnotized by the deal! Then we are saying the same thing! grin

According to a study by the University of Birmingham: " Trolls are more likely to display noxious personality characteristics, that is, traits that impair one’s ability to build relations and function in a civilised or pro-social way. Trolls are also psychopathic, cold hearted, antisocial, and especially sadistic. Trolls attempt to enhance their poor self esteem by garnering attention, which they lack in their off-line lives."
Politics / Re: The Canonization Of Jonathan And Five Other Matters By Sabella Ogbobode Abidde by kosovo(m): 2:26pm On Apr 04, 2015

If you are not more intelligent than Obama, E.U, U.N, A.U and other world leaders who have called GEJ great.. then shut up!

Enough of these poo you guys write.. These are the enemies of Nigeria. They wanted Nigeria to boil, they are the likes of Mrs Oby who is secretly begging for the job of finance minister..

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Politics / Re: Reacting To Oby's "Hate" Article Against The Democratic Hero Of Our Time by kosovo(m): 2:19pm On Apr 04, 2015
pls lady, what has GMB got to do with wot I said there? I dnt care abt whom people decided to support but the question remains: why do they like making heroes out of failures?

It is just like GMB shld lose, then he conceeded defeat, and the north now decided to call him hero, for wot?

I'm sorry if you think I was nipping on ur tribe. I didn't want to. I av enuff Igbo friends than my Yoruba counterpart and that is a fact. And luckily for me, I have as friends, the sensible ones
Your argument doesn't add up..
Politics / Re: Oby Ezekwesili: New Coordinating Minister Of The Economy by kosovo(m): 11:55am On Apr 04, 2015
Either she gets it our Soludo does. Then we can compare them with NOI

The same Soludo who Sanusi rubbished? We don't have any other technocrat in Nigeria?

If APC preached change.. I think the last thing we want to see is recycled cabinet members. People who failed during the time of OBJ.

What was Oby's achievement as Minister of Education?

At least, NOI made Nigeria's economy the biggest in Africa...

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Politics / Re: Reacting To Oby's "Hate" Article Against The Democratic Hero Of Our Time by kosovo(m): 10:52am On Apr 04, 2015
in your attempt to mock GEJ supporters, do not mock an entire ethnic group abeg.

Just in case you do not realise it, there are many Igbs who strongly supported Buhari despite the backlash we got from doing such, for the sake of those Igbos keep your bigotry to yourself. I've been ignoring your bull-poo long enough as a fellow Buhari supporter, but you need to end this pettiness

For all you know this OP could be Ijaw, Urhobo or even Yoruba, afterall, GEJ had over 10 million supporters that gave their votes in these parts so why do you always feel the sickening need to tag every GEJ apologist Igbo? The last I checked, GMB got more votes in Imo than in Ekiti, are those people also Igbos?

If this is how you act as a GMB supporter, then he doesn't need your likes as a supporter.

Once again, refrain from such blatant bigotry and support Buhari without attributing the support of GEJ to one tribe. GEJ got votes from North,South, East and West, 12 million votes didn't come from S/East, the entire S/West gave GEJ more votes than the entire East, so what's your point?

I deliberately ignored the ethnic bigot! There are some people who are unworthy of mentions. If you deny them that right, they can't sleep at night.
Politics / Re: Reacting To Oby's "Hate" Article Against The Democratic Hero Of Our Time by kosovo(m): 8:38am On Apr 04, 2015
I must confess to not encountering a more caustic form of politics, anywhere else- save Nigeria; Oby’s hate sermons, among many other unguarded utterances, on a very touchy subject, wins the cake.

One understands the mudslinging and calumny that accompanies electioneering campaigns, and worse, for a loose army of servitors, political jobbers, e-warriors and accidental activists, unhinged in the deploy of acerbic salvoes. However, a post-election period should place inhibitions in characterizations, surely not with some ill worded piece, curried to undermine a noble offering.

An incumbent capitulates, perforced or otherwise, in furtherance of a pledge to executing the components of a peace accord, and yet continues to be demonised and caricatured, by major beneficiaries of a rare and noble gesture-one certainly without precedence in Nigeria’s peculiar political history, and to scorned actors, who only too soon, were not unscathed from indictments in the orgy of murders and sectarian violence, when a reverse composition presented itself in recent history, just speaks volume of the poisoned and dangerous brand of politics on practice. I am afraid, this rabid offshoot may likely spawn a slippery road of blame deflections and witch-hunting, when reality-and the challenges of governance begins to settle in, and an embarrassed polity begin to take stock of the democratic choice recently exercised.

In defining maturity and class, I guess, embracing one measure of good in the opponent isn't too much to ask for. This victory parade- and gloating, echoed in the dregs of uncouth submissions like this, only deflates the purveyors, and serves notice of how warped and toxic, a country’s political conversation and engagements will most likely remain, despite rare moments, when commendable opportunities present themselves. Nigerians really can do better than this.

@Oyb: won't like this because he won't be able to comprehend what you have written. grin

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