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Food / Re: How Much Will Get You These In Today's Nigeria Market? (SEE PHOTO) by LadyG05: 12:59pm On May 21
300,000.00 you might get change afterwards.
Family / Re: How Can He Take Custody Of His Son by LadyG05: 2:18am On May 08
On the basis of this baby having STl, please let the doctor check if the baby has been sex.ually abused.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 5:32am On May 02
Could anyone have even a single advice on the below?

You need a specialist to attend to you. Go and see a gynaecologist and let her recommend the tests you should do and treatment plan.

Positive result to you soon.

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 8:05am On Apr 19
Good day everyone. Please at how many weeks would it be advisable to do a gender reveal scan?

You can see gender from 18 weeks and above due is not guaranteed as your baby might keep the private privately.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 3:13pm On Apr 07
Good morning

I am 8 weeks pregnant. Due to some situations,I cannot see a Doctor urgently. Can anyone refer me to theirs, so I can have an online consultation with the doctor/healthcare providers. It's important.

Search for Dr Chukwudi Ufondu on Facebook


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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 7:20am On Apr 06
Hello pregge mummies and daddies,

How is the beautiful and amazing journey going?

We over here are doing well, just that am feeling like old skool mama and not eager to start shopping for baby things. This is my 3rd and hopefully final pregnancy journey as we intend to close up afterwards. Currently 31weeks old !

Abeg anyone in my shoe? How do you motivate yourself to start the preparations. As I dey see it as not a big deal .


Phones / Re: The Xiaomi Thread. by LadyG05: 6:25am On Feb 15
I want to change my Samsung A20s to Redmi 13C , what's you View for on the phone?
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 7:53am On Feb 12
Bringing premium BS gist soon.

Scan EDD:Feb 18th,weight 4.3kg

God's time: Feb 2nd and birth weight 3.9kg
Modified :
This is going to be lengthy...I dont even know where to start from self.
I am using a state hospital and based on recent strike issues, hubby and i decided that I would go to private to avoid stories that touch. Against my appointment date which was 5th, I went to do the tests I am to submit and also use the opportunity to check out the private hospital I intend to switch to. So on Friday 2nd after I finished the tests(scan, Pcv, urinalysis) before heading to the private hospital. Thank God I am learned and know couple of stuff. The scan I did that morning was conducted by a white man, it's meant to be my last scan. All appeared to be normal but then I saw the recorded heart beat on the report given me was 164bpm Hmmm this to me is quite high for the baby at this stage. So after I left the diagnostic something struck my mind to branch the state hospital (it's same street) and see doc. I was hesitant at first that I would wait till Monday for my appointment day, then my mind told me but hospital is just adjacent na, enter and recheck the heart beat.

So i eventually went in,met with the docs and asked they use doppler to help recheck my baby heart beat. They said why? and I told them my scan showed 164bpm and I know thats not normal. One of them asked me to bring out the scan result, I did and they all screamed that madam you are having your baby today and now because he is distressed and even too big for first timer( measuring 4.3kg). The hospital only allow 3.8kg max weight for first timer.
I was shocked that hanhan baby today how? Just check the heart beat for me na and let me go. They refused and asked I go get my file from the office so they can admit me. I was shocked, sad, disturbed, unprepared to say but tried to stay calm to avoid high BP. It was around 1:30pm and the docs told me to decide before 2pm otherwise I am on my own and they will refer me to UCH to go have my vagina delivery since that's what I wanted.
The pressure from the docs was so much that I could barely think. I called my husband to update him, meanwhile the docs were shouting behind me that they told me something and I am still making call... Yelled back at them to calm down, this is so sudden and fast, I just came to check heart beat and you told me something else entirely that I am not prepared for and you want me to enter theater like that without telling my husband? Hubby asked if I wanted the operation in the state hospital and I was like seems there is no time anymore for the private considering situation of things. So I told him to bring baby things.. Lol which of course wasnt complete self cos I was to do final shopping this week.

I went with them to the labour room to be prepared for threater. There they then used the doppler to check for heart beat Hmmm non found, they used the plastic one they put hear on still no heart beat found but in all I tried to stay calm and kept telling myself my baby is fine and my journey or 9months won't be in vain. They kept trying but no heart beat found. Eventually the doc tried one last time and he said it was faint and they need to get the baby out in less than 15mins. My heart sank, I was just like how is all this happening so fast. The docs and nurses were all scared that things could Go south. They told me to keep praying. That it's not their fault oo, I was the one that delayed too much that I was making call...

After they finished prepping me, i was wheeled to the theater and Anasthetic injected into my spine was cut open and blood everywhere only to hear doctor screwm ah it's placenta previa(when placenta is blocking the cervix) . How come?! All my scan from day one till 9months were anterior placenta(front placenta) even the one conducted that morning by the white man was anterior. This really came as a shock. In like 5mins the baby was brought out and immediately he was pulled out he cried even without beating, tear rolled down my eyes. The docs and nurses were so happy he was fine and alive.
Honestly, anytime we feel something isn't right we should take action. Who would have thought placenta was previa? What if I didn't branch hospital that Friday And that's very dangerous if I had refused the cs and went home instead. Anyone with placenta previa is never meant to fall into labor, it's very dangerous to baby and the mother, as the mother can bleed to death. All in all it ended in praise

God be praised.
Congratulations dear
Indeed to be proactive is good and in this journey the woman is the first doctor. Gather information a lot and watch and pray.

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 11:50pm On Feb 09
and it ended in praise . Thanks very much

Congratulations sir!
More blessings to the family!
Quick recovery to mama.

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 10:40am On Feb 09

Welcome back dear..I sure remember pearl05..duo I was a silent member. Lol...as in ehh, if all pregnancies are simple..na too dy drop children every nine nine months ooi

Smiles, I hope you are enjoying kpekusing well, no let Tboy induced hash weather affect you for headquarters. Now is the best time to dey collect without fear of getting pregnant. kiss

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 5:44am On Feb 09
Hello everyone,

How is the pushing ministry going?

I'm back by the mercies of God to my 3rd and final pregnancy journey!

I was here 2019 and 2020 with a different name ( PEARL05) those days were fun and exciting to be here as we unburden, rant and encourage each other on this journey.

We are 22weeeks gone and so far it's been nothing short of amazing adventures, in my other pregnancy I rarely had issues like morning sickness and heartburns but this present one is super amazing no single vomiting, no food aversion, no sleeplessness, no chest burns nor tiredness.

I just dey flex life dey go. Super bedroom activities and glowing skin. Omo if na like this all pregnancy dey be for all everyone ehhh, na to dey carry belle every year go sure pass.

Do we have Class captain for June yet? Please add me.

Not forgetting to say hello to my previous chairpersons

I wish us all safe and swift pregnancy journey and delivery. Amen.


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 5:30am On Feb 09
is well o

Pregnancy is + or - 2 weeks of The EDD, she will soon fall into labour or the doctors will induce it for her at the right time. Follow up on the activities listed my other mom's here and that of the doctor. Most importantly, relax your mind and take rest too.

It will end in praise.


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 9:21am On Jan 16
Goodmorning to every mama here. Knock knock knock. Team August here I come. I am back for the last time. 3rd journey cool


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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 9:16am On Jan 16
Good morning mummies.
Please assist me with this concern!
My wife had tear after given birth about three weeks now. Although she was given some drugs, which she finished taking i think within a week.
The issue is that, a few days ago she noticed some discharge as though there was a pus. Meanwhile she uses hot water to clean her private everyday as suggested;she has never missed a day!

Although she earlier confirmed that she felt she was healing as some of the stitches are falling and she could feel the wound are closing. But alas a kind of discharge like a pus!

That leads to the question, please is thee a way to clean the wound and stiched area for it to heal faster and to prevent infection aside the normal hot water usage everyday?

I would be counting on our suggestions and experience, thank you all.

Sitz bath ( sitting for some minutes on warm water with salt or dettol) is the care given to stitches.

You can check the area for her and see if there is boil around the tear from where the pus-like discharge is coming out.

It could be her normal after birth discharge but if not then she should meet the nurses at the hospital of her delivery for check.
Politics / Re: Pressure On Peter Obi To Run As Vice To Atiku In 2027 - NationalDaily by LadyG05: 5:40am On Jan 06
That d only alternative trust me. It will be foolish for obi to decline this offer. He should remember if not for Atiku that personally pick him 2019 Nigerians would not had notice his intellectual skills. This VP debate 2019 is what shot obi to limelight thanks to Atiku

The north has done that 8 years with Buhari And Atiku will be 81 by 2027 his ambition shows he just want to answer the title Mr president and that not what Nigerians need at d moment. So we the Obidents want Atiku to support obi to finish south turn he have d honour to nominate a VP for Obi. With that singular Heart he has written his name in Gold . with that he will be remember for

Respectfully sir, you are not well.

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Politics / Re: Cost Of Living In Nigeria Is Cheaper Than UK Or US by LadyG05: 1:39pm On Dec 03, 2023
I'm posting this as a response to the topic that made Nairaland front page yesterday; "See What Someone Bought With An Hour Minimum Wage In The UK £10", the link: https://www.nairaland.com/7929193/see-what-someone-bought-hour/8#127286855

UK & US ARE OVER-RATED NIGERIA IS STILL BETTER in terms of cost of living see a practical example why doing a price comparison: 1 pound to 1 naira today is N1,001 so are you saying with £10 x N1,001 = N10,001 you cannot buy everything in that basket and collect change in Nigeria today?

1 Sliced Bread = N800
2 Spaghetti = N1400
1 Gesha = N600
1 live chicken = N3,000
1 75cl soya Oil = N1,400
1 Midium size Butter = N600
2 Gino Tomato paste = N1,000

Total = N8,800 so your change is N1,200 that's if you exchange pound to naira at offical rate and buying at the most expensive stores or high brands. If you exchange at black market rate and buy at public market "days" you will collect as much as N6,000 after buying everything in that basket....that's about £6 left.


You must be highly foolish to reason as such.

But to help you, keep £10 and #10 side by side and make your purchase.


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 10:14am On Nov 26, 2023
Like I did say in the qouted post that our baby arrived yesterday and we were billed to be discharged today's afternoon.

Unfortunately, our precious gift developed high temperature yesterday night. Wifey noticed it when she wanted to breastfeed him.
And in a blink of an eye, he developed a difficult in breathing. We thought it was a cold and a nurse used nose extractor on him. Yes, small muccour particles were removed from his nostrils but his breathing rate became more scary. You know that kind of breathing that comes with noice as if one just finished a long race. This went on till this morning.

The doctor, on his arrival, did try to salvage the situation but no improvement. The temperature came down to normal level bit the breathing difficulty continue. He hurriedly reffered us to UCH (Peadeartrics A&E) and my boy has been under O2 since afternoon.

Buying of 02, payment for series of Lab Tests, buying of long list of materials from pharmacy etc. Wifey is emotionally down already! She's combining the pains of tears she had plus the fact that her baby will be away from her for as long as God knows. I am not also fine but just trying to be a man.

God please come to our aid ooo

Divine intervention upon him in Jesus name Amen

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Family / Re: Should I Have Collected The Bread From Her Mother? by LadyG05: 5:49am On Nov 22, 2023
Your gifts to them was very wrong.

On your first visit, you ought to buy wine , can malt and maybe a quality wrapper for the mother.

You need to apologise to them showing that you didn't look down on their gifts rather felt that the meal was more than enough.

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Car Talk / Re: Fake Transfer From A Rider by LadyG05: 8:33am On Nov 14, 2023
Next, they will block your contact.

Abeg always demand to see the cash or acct balance of your passengers before you start the ride, especially those ones going to see boyfriends.

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 1:04am On Nov 14, 2023
Good evening house, I’m here to solicit for your prayers. I have suffered on this pregnancy like none of my previous pregnancies and I don’t want to lose it. I’m abroad. I did a scan in 6 weeks and I was told all is well with a single baby, but it is compulsory here to have a 1st trimester scan between the 11th-14th week. I went in for my scan today and we were told we are expecting twins same placenta and sac(mono twins). The doctor said one is fine and the other has fluid around the neck and little fluid in the lungs(almost same weight ) and termed healthy* I do not want to say otherwise *. She said because they carry the same genes, they are likely to be both affected so she scheduled another scan for 2 weeks time to check for improvement in the affected twin. And to check both babies at 16weeks for any abnormal chromosomes. If found, then, we may need to consider termination. I rejected it termination because I’ve read a lot of people say they were told same while they birthed their babies being healthy and fine. I’m lost, confused and all. I just need your prayers. We are 11weeks 3days today. The fear of losing one is heartbreaking while the fear of both is mind and soul wrecking. Please house, put us in your prayers. I regretted opting for the test at some point because the tension is too much because knowing will change absolutely nothing.

The Lord perfect everything that concerns you and the kids in Jesus name Amen

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Crime / Re: Abiola Tijani Rapes A Woman In the UK by LadyG05: 6:28am On Nov 13, 2023
Kudos to the system where the accused cannot intimidate the victim.

How much will it cost the fool to engage the service of ladies of the night?
Family / Re: I Had Put An End To My Marriage by LadyG05: 9:32pm On Nov 06, 2023

Don't call me wicked man you don't know my financial states if I had a lot of money I wouldn't have been sleeping in my shop I can only give her what I have by cutting my coat according to my size

I'm sorry for coming at you so hard, but am a mother of young kids and I know how bad things are currently in the market. 15k can't do proper weekend shopping for a family of 4 which can take them till next weekend.

This woman has 2 months old baby according to you which already limited her on things she can do to earn money and complement what you bring.

A sachet of 20g of milk/ milo is 100 each. 200 bread can barely satisfy 2 hungry kids. Your 3yrs old can finish 100 pap at once. Won't she use akara or buns to support it? I'm not even taking about balanced meal but something to hold body and mind together.

Your wife having 2 months old at hand is very vulnerable and can enter depression without support of family around her.

If your mind is made up about leaving your family, for the seek of the little lad in her hand, hang on there for at least 6 months.

While there, try to make things work. Invite people she respect to talk to you both. If you can afford counselling, please go for it.

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Family / Re: I Had Put An End To My Marriage by LadyG05: 10:15am On Nov 04, 2023

Yes for 3 children aside from the 15k I will also be paying their rent, school fees for 2 children one is my stepdaughter plus Nepa bills I don't think that 15k is small

15k for 2 kids is insufficient a month. Even if you stock the house with foodstuffs, there is no where 50k will be sufficient.

You expect this woman to feed each child with #250 daily ( morning, afternoon and night)

You said one of the children is not yours so her mom should fend for her.

Don't expose these children to life of destitute.

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 8:26am On Oct 16, 2023

The Lord has done it again oo💃💃
My rainbow princess arrived early hours of this morning.

I'm grateful Lord.
Team October Mamas may we all keep testifying of the goodness of the Lord.. Amen.
B's coming soon

Congratulations 🍹 🎊 💃📯🎷🎺💃🍾🍾

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 5:17am On Oct 11, 2023
Please who’s using NHIS here? How long does it take to get approved?

Three months
Politics / Re: 6 Major Findings About Tinubu From The CSU Documents By Farooq Kperogi by LadyG05: 8:04am On Oct 03, 2023
It is only fools that will claim Tinubu didn't graduate from CSU, the case would have been successful if Tinubu had submitted the college result with the csu 's certificate to inec, in this case Atiku would have sued the college and this would have been the end, but the guy call Tinubu is smart he only submitted the university certificate,i am not in support of any fraud, but I am not also sure what really transpired, but one thing is sure, had it been fingerprinting was popularly used then, I think we might not be having difficulties in solving the mystery, as it is for now and with many Nigerians in the past, it was easy to change, use and forge identities in the past in abroad before thumbprinting etc were introduced fully,for those quoting me, the case is dead on arrival for Atiku at the supreme court, because CSU did not deny the certificate Tinubu submitted to inec, so the case is dead, the only thing Atiku or any other can unravel now, is to sue Tinubu personally and include the school so as to know the real person that went to that college in America, though this will not be useful for this present dispensation but can be useful for the next electioneering if Tinubu is found guilty of forgery and identity fraud and proved at any America court of law...

See how you took your time to write rubbish.
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 6:15am On Oct 03, 2023
Have you tried using diapers as sanitary towels?

Yes, you heard me well. The very diaper you got for baby.

Don't bother buying pads, just take from your baby's diaper and use.

Size 2 will be OK. Just open it and put on your pants. Well balanced and you are good to go. No leaks no checks.

This will afford you more time to rest and not to be rushing to change every hour.

For start you can practice it before delivery.


Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 6:03am On Oct 03, 2023
Good evening mothers and expecting mother’s read a remark on folic acid above. I don’t think I’ve been taking it and I’m 20 weeks gone. I got scared already.
The drugs below are what I always got on my ANC visit.

The middle one looks like folic acid.

Ask your doctor in the next appointment.

The pharmacy ought to be writing the names of the drugs given to you .
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 5:58am On Oct 03, 2023
October Mamas are we ready to receive the mantle of supernatural child birth?

Back to back BAs is only allowed here.
I can't wait to meet my LO😍 💃💃💃💃
Everything is set.. bags are packed and ready

We await our baby arrival announcement!

More grace to you and all mamas that are due to bring forth our babies.

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 10:04pm On Aug 17, 2023

See 2020 momma,welcome back grin

From your mouth to God's ear! Amen.

Hugs and kisses
Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 10:03pm On Aug 17, 2023

Longest time.
October 2020 cappo

You were our rugged cappo !
Gallant mama,
How are you and yours?
What about our gracious little madam Grace?

Sending you hugs

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Health / Re: Pregnancy Are You Pregnant Or Going Through A High Risk Pregnancy,,lets Talk by LadyG05: 10:41am On Aug 17, 2023
Birth Story!


Hubby came to the house to see us having been away at work for more than a month. As i dey service my head office, my village people whispered to me saying wetin i gain if i no feel the instrument unwrapped? Sharp sharp i told dh say i want to feel it raw. He asked am i sure since my fertile window just ended yesterday? I said no shaking.( for my mind the detox water i was taking then will clear everything comot).

Fast forward next month February, i missed my period. I searched everywhere evrn reported to police station but they couldn't help me. When i told dh about our missing period, he was so happy because he wanted us to try for another baby once Bobo is 9 months but i said no until 1yr and 3 months. Na so i take become Mrs Let me feel it raw!

The first trimester was a sweet ride no stress just few days of tiredness, headaches that won't go untill i throw up. 2nd trimester wasn't bad save that my bobo turned me to punching bag. I tried as much as possible to avoid him especially while laying down. I usually shield myself with pillow.

At one of my antenatal visits, my bp read 140/90 and the dr prescribed aldomet 500mg morning and night for me to be taken for 2 weeks. My spirit was so down about taking the medication my reason being that it was the first time my bp read that much and the doctor didn't start with lower dose. I read somewhere that cucumbers helps to regulate it so i bought plenty cucumbers and ate. Drank water like fish, came here and ask questions then slept very well. The next day i went to a pharmacy store and checked the bp. 120/70. I kept eating my cucumbers, water and sleep. At my next visit, the doctor said i should continue with the medication since it had stabilised the bp. I told her that i didn't take the medication and had been reading it.

The 3rd trimester came with pelvic pain, abdominal pain, waist pain and chestburn. All these i managed as they come. So we moved one day at a time. I had tooth problem. The pain was something else and mostly comes at night. The doc referred me to dentist who said that the only solution is extraction. I tried to resist it and opted for oral medication but when the pain became too much, i ran back and got it removed. ( the procedure was painful sha.)

Bobo came before due date so i thought that baby girl will do so. From 37 weeks i started intentional trekking. 30minutes, 1hr, 1hr45 mins just as the spirit leads. At 39 week, they did Virginal examination and said that am fully effaced and to expect labour at anytime. Nothing happened, thrn at 40weeks antenatal they did membrane sweep for me. Same day at night i started seeing show. And was having contractions small small . Dh wanted us to go to hospital immediately i said no, let's wait till morning ( i wanted to be at home for the night so i can conveniently use the toilet as i was already purging and wouldn't want to go to the hospital and be using thrirs where i can't sit my butts down for the business).

We got to the hospital around 6am and was checked 4Cm. When checked again 11am it was still 4cm. When the doc came around 12noon he asked them to give me hot drips which they did and also did another membrane sweep. Contractions started hitting me back2back. It wasn't pleasant experience. When i got to 8cm around 4pm they raptured the membrane. That's when i started feeling as if i will poo for them. I asked for bowl and vomited so much.

I was taken to the favour room and was given injection on my thigh and they kept checking and asked me not to push untill they say so( holding back pushing takes a strong force ooo) at a point I told them that i can't hold it again as it's pushing me badly. So they gave me go ahead to push.

Time to push, it seems as if i don't know how to do it well anymore. It seems as if my kpekus want to scatter as the fire there was too much. One of the nurse climbed up and started pushing down my baby as i push too. Baby came out after the third push. Screaming down the building. After few minutes, placenta came out after inspecting it they said it's complete. The nurse put her hand inside kpekus and packed out blood and water then cleaned me up .

DoB 23/10/2020
Time 4.44PM
Weight 4kg

Cappo threegees
Team October 2020 BS submitted.

To God be all the glory for for the great work he has done.

Sweet memories 💖

Being here then was so much fun and sweet.

Love lives here


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