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Literature / A Young Mother's Monologue (a Tribute To Nursing Mothers) by lagtim(m): 9:25am On Sep 12, 2016
Belle dey worry me before.
To sleep sef, dat one na yawa
because say I wan born pikin;
now wey I don born,
pikin come dey worry me

I tap my husband, make him wake up,
make him change Baby pampers,
make me sef close eye small,
he say that one na woman job,
when e dey sweet am,
him no talk that one o!

See as this yeye man dey snore,
no be him give me belle ?
No be him pikin I carry ?
Shebi him talk say him go love me tire ?
Shebi he talk say he fit die for me ?

No be now now night just fall?
I never close eye reach one hour
cock don crow already
Baby dey suck suck
Baby no gree me sleep

As Baby reach three weeks,
my yeye husband come again
he dey smile, dey rub my back;
e be like say I recover fast fast,
he tell me say I don dey fine again o,
he wan make e dey sweet am again !

Also available on this blog.
A big thanks to MrAjayi for publishing the poem on his blog

Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 5:01pm On Jun 15, 2013
ini4brandon: dr.pls. where do I purchase 10% albumin. our premature baby has jaundice with high birilubin. at UUTH uyo. blood transfusion is not an option. plsssss.help us.
If i was the doctor managing your baby and the baby needs EBT (Exchange blood transfuaion), i ll just get get a Judge's order authorising me to do the EBT. the baby is still a minor and is a ward of the State. Kernicterus, or Acute Bilirubin Encephalopathy are
serious conditions that you do not want to see in any baby. the damage is really irreversible.
you have access to the internet so read about these conditions yourself.
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 8:10pm On Jun 18, 2012
igben: Hello doctor,
My wife just put to bed a bouncing baby boy some few days ago on the 9th june 2012, but I discover that one of his leg the foot, is a bit tilt, the toes if he happen to stand and start walking in the near future will be pointing towards the right leg,some1 says it was during her pushing when she was about giving birth that led to that what do I do now to correct it now that the bones are not too close to each other?.
this is a fracture and has to be treated.take your child to a hospital so that it can be assessed and managed
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 8:07pm On Jun 18, 2012
akpu nku: Good day doctors, i am 22yrs, male. I have this eczema like skin discolouration which to the best of my 'undiagonised' knowledge is not eczema, it doesnt scratch nor irritate me, i noticed this early 2007 when i was 17yrs, then it started at my back, just bellow the neck and since then it has been spreading to other parts of my body, right now it has taken over my back, advanced to my stomach, my chest and hands and going up to my neck aswell. Now i cant remove my cloths in public, it has taunted my social life. The confusing part of it all is that it doesnt itch nor irritate me, please doctor what can this be? And how do i get rid of it? What are the medical implications of this? I want to have my skin back please help me. Thanks alot..
what you have described is called vitiligo.you ll need the help of a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 1:34am On Jun 06, 2012
ayobarmy: Pls doctors, can i use septrin syrup for 1month old baby? Any side effect?

I am surprised that you ve come to an online forum like this one to seek advice on how to care for your 1-month old baby. if you really care about your baby, dont self-medicate. see a doctor !!!

this is very wrong!
a word is enough for the wise
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 1:30am On Jun 06, 2012
omo harry: Doctor, thank u for the good services u are rendering to us. I m a 30+ old lady and i have observe that my mensual cycle is changing.My regular period duration takes only three day and its usually with light flow but from my observation in recent time starting with my period in May 2012, my period which usually take three days, flowed for seven day heavily with cloth.Now in june the period is on the forth day and going to the fifth day.Also i use to feel the normal mensual pain during my flow But i now experience it toward the end of my period.Dr could this changes be linked to age? do i have any cos to be scared?thank u doctor

hello Omo harry,
there are many questions to be asked. i have sent you a request for conversation. make sure you reply so that i can ask you those questions.
best regards
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 2:14am On Jun 04, 2012
Hello doc, need medication for itching. I knw some antipruritic cream but i need to know the tablets, What are the antipruritic drugs. Plz list them to me. Without the se tablet i dont think the cream will work.

Hello Joel,
you are so concerned with treating the symptom (itching). it is better to know the cause of the itching and treat accordingly. it is better to go to a dermatologist or any doctor around you who would access you and decide the next line of action. this is the best thing to do.
if you continue to self-medicate, you could be concealing a greater problem which would be more difficult to treat in future if it has deteriorated.

Best Regards,
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 2:11am On Jun 04, 2012
dozzybaba: [size=20pt]Hello Doctors, I am a 24 yr old man. I use to have intermittent pain in my heart which comes every 2-3 days. The pain resolves itself within 30 secs to 1min. The pain immobilizes and stops me from doing anything at that point, it could come during rest or during activity. I was advice to go for an ECG, and it revealed that i had left ventricular hypertrophy with bradycardia. My heart beat/min is 52b/m, my b.p says 110/70,weight 74kg, height 1.7m. i have askede around and can not find anyone in my family with a history of hypertension or heart diseases. I am really scared and disturbed by this finding any advice would help. Thank you all[/size]

Hello Dozzy,
was it a doctor who asked you to go for the ECG? if yes, have you gone back to the doctor with the results of the investigation? if yes, then the Doctor knows the next line of action. the doctor knows the drugs to prescribe to you.

best regards,
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 4:54pm On May 30, 2012
omonikiba: @lagtim, thank you the insight, I appreciate u so much. But couldunt the presence of those thins you mentioned disturb the development of foetus cos vi have been trying to conceive for like 10months now.

Hello Omonikiba,
I would suggest that you ask your doctor as many questions as you want. this is really not the best place to have these your questions answered. As i stated earlier, the result of the investigation would be interpreted in the context of your condition.
it is possible that one of the things i mentioned is the reason for you not being able to conceive, it is also possible that none of them is responsible.
I have a feeling that you dont have faith in the Doctor treating you, if this is the case, you can always get a second opinion. but I would not be possible to make any pronouncement on your condition if i have not taken your history and examined you coupled with the investigations. i dont want to mislead you and i also want you to discard the notion that the doctor treating you is not doing a good job, but if you think the guy is not doing a good job, get another gynecologist.
as would have known by now, there are several factors that are responsible for inability to conceive. there are both male factors and female factors. it is after all these factors have been explored that a pronouncement can be made. your inability to conceive is not equal to infertility. the diagnosis of infertility is an exclusive one that can only be made after all factors have been considered.

your doctor must have told you that you should have coitus at least three times a week.
i also hope your partner has been investigated for the male factors.

there is a lot to say about infertility and i am obviously holding back a lot of information for obvious reasons.
please, see your doctor, or better still consult another doctor in person and have all your concerns clarified.
this is actually not a forum where your condition should be entertained.

Best Regards,
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 8:24pm On May 26, 2012
bluelinks: Doctor, I have this question for you, I want to know if drinking lot of water is good to health? if yes how many glass of water is really recommended?
thanks in advance.
David A. U.
Hello David,
true, drinking a lot of water is good for your health. it has several benefits: from helping you to lose weight, to preventing dehydration, to keeping your heart healthy. however, don't drink too much as it is not beneficial. there is also not a consensus on the exact amount of water you should drink. but let's put it at between 6 and 8 glasses of water.
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 7:43pm On May 26, 2012
omonikiba: Hello doctors, pls I need an interpretation on this hsg result, am scared of d defect mentioned but I know God's report is ok for me. Here:the demonstrated uterus shows fairly regular outlines, there is an oval filling defect noted within the lower segment. Pls somebody interprete for me, does this sense any abnormality if yes, what is d solution?

Hello Omonikiba,
for several reasons, HSG results are not interpreted in isolation. it is usually combined with a comprehensive history, physical examination and other investigations. i am not saying that the finding on the result is not significant, but it has to be interpreted in the context of your condition. your doctor is the best person to do that since he/she has taken your history, examined you and ordered some other investigations. with this in mind, any pronouncement that i give here would be invalid. be that as it may, a filling defect on HSG could indicate the presence of fiboid, polyps or scar tissue in the uterus. as i said earlier, one cannot interpret the result in isolation. so if your doctor says there is no cause for concern, then, there is no cause for concer.

All the best.
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 12:09am On May 18, 2012
yinkhar: pls am anxiously waitn for the reply to my question,tanx

Hello Yinka,
I was trying to avoid your question, but you caught me red handed! your question is a trick one. since i was not there when it happened, only an examination would reveal your current state. please dont get me wrong, what you described is conflicting as the breakage is usually followed by loss of some blood, but this is not constant, expecially if there was lot of pre-intimacy. however, you are the only one that can correctly describe what actually happened and i cant make a pronouncement on the description you just gave.
if you want to know if you are still a 'Virgo intacta', go for an examination, you'd have a pronouncement afterwards.

Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 5:32am On May 17, 2012
Alexylas: Dr Timilehin, I'm sorry if I sounded rude because the ethics of the profession demands unquestionable respect for seniors.
I'm glad you checked up my linkedin profile, I'll follow your advice and give back to the community my dues. However, if you ever contemplate India for any of your patients, I'll be very grateful if you channel them through my base. Thank you.
Moreso, I must say that you're doing a very great job.
Dr Alex, no hard feelings, i just pointed out some things I noticed.
All the best.
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 4:42am On May 16, 2012
Harbioollah: Can u please recommend any drug or herbal medicine that can cure premature expulsion

Hello Abiola,
your question is an ambiguous one. are you referring to 'fecal incontinence' or 'premature zejaculationz'?
both needs proper medical attention. both conditions are not just managed by prescribing drugs. you need to be properly evaluated as there are different conditions that this symptoms might point to.
as i have said to other people earlier, see a Doctor.
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 4:36am On May 16, 2012
Alexylas: Doctor Timi, I'm very happy with what you are doing. This is just to intimate you on what I do as a Medical Tourism Expert. If you have any patient, kindly refer:

What is Medical Tourism?
Assistance in choosing the Best Treatment Plan
Comprehensive Information (Hospital, Doctor and Treatment Details)
VISA Assistance (Medical Visa)
Treatment Scheduling- Doctor’s Appointments and Procedure Planning
Extra Assistance for Disabled Patients
Daily check on Recuperating Patients
Continuum of care
Post Operative Primary Nursing Care
Accommodation near to the Hospital
Post-Treatment Follow-up back home

With Heartlife Consulting, you have the privilege of end-to-end transaction from Nigeria to India. Our Associates (Bonanza Medical Tourism Pvt. Ltd.) are a reputable company with 8 years of experience navigating the Indian market.
Alexander Dare Lead Consultant, Heartlife Consulting Call: 0703 707 3523 Linkedin page: http://ng.linkedin.com/pub/alexander-dare/21/9a8/53b

Hello Dr Dare,
nice to know you are the one behind the Medical tourism thing. when i first saw the advert, i was skeptical but when i checked your linkedin profile, that was when i saw you.
my first reaction when i saw your advert was that 'do you expect me to refer all my patients to you?' anyway, as i have found out, you are a junior colleague and until you become a specialist, the referral would be the other way round.
Nice work though, but also take some time to also answer some of the questions posted. i believe that it would endear more people to you. Give something back to the community also.
You are probably wondering who I am, dont worry, you ll soon find out.

All the best,
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 8:17pm On May 13, 2012
bbporsche: Good day doctor, i really appreciate this opportunity and ur time so far.

i have a cousin who is down with pneumonia and i'd like you to advise me on how to help him deal with it because i really feel bothered when he finds it difficult to breath, eat and sleep like normal people do. i will also like to knw if pneumonia is contagious, so i don't expose myself to it in the process of caring for him. A friend of mine said alcohol will help the case but i don't know how true that is. Thank you so much.

are you sure the diagnosis of pneumonia is right? since when has your friend been having the symptoms which you presume is pneumonia? is it just difficulty with breathing, and sleeplessness? does your friend cough?
there are many questions to be asked.
anyway, pneumonia is an infection and to treat it you need antibiotics.
i would suggest that you let your friend be evaluated properly to ascertain the real diagnosis. if it turn out to be pneumonia, your friend ll be treated once and for all. if it turns out to be something else, your friend would also get the appropriate advice.
lest i forget, pneumonia is an infection and it is not contagious, you wont get pneumonia by caring for a friend who has it.
please take your friend to a Doctor,
All the best,
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 8:05pm On May 13, 2012
Treyarch: Doc, wots d surest way of keeping ur teeth as white as d color white itself. I kno bout d brush 2ce or x3 daily, but deres a limit to the effectiveness of that. cud kindly giv some advice
Hello Treyarch,
I'm not a dentist. dentists would be able to answer your question better but one of my friends who is a dentist actually told me once that it is actually not normal to have perfect white teeth like you are suggesting. only a few people are endowed with the rare feat of having their teeth white all through their lives. however, if you do want your teeth to be sparkling white, there are treatment options that dentists would be able to offer you , from scaling and polishing to bleaching.
get in touch with a dentist, and i mean a qualified dentist [not a technician] for full details on the options you have.

All the best.
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 8:00pm On May 13, 2012
Grizz: I have trouble breathing sometimes. It just feels like there's a big lump on my chest that's blocking my oxygen. I've had it on and off for years but it recently got worse after a brief bout with malaria. Before i used to get it after exposure to cold or tiny amounts of dust but now it just comes on every night through warm or cold weather. I haven't slept for 4 straight days and when i do i get a total of like 1 or 2 hours. I could go see a doctor but i think i'd like opinions from the online community first. I don't know what asthma feels like but i've heard there's varying degrees. Is that what this is?
Hello Grizz,
Some of the symptoms you described suggests asthma as you said but you need to be assessed by a physician who would confirm the diagnosis and decide the next line of action. it's not just asthma that could present this way, there are other things that could present with some of the symptoms you are having. it is better to be properly assessed to know the true picture of what is going on.
I wish you all the best with your health
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 7:54pm On May 13, 2012
remiloy: In Doc, please i did like to know where (in Lagos) and how i can remove a scar from my face, this is after stitches has been removed.

Kindly, let me know the cost implication. thanks.

Hello Remiloy,
you need to see a plastic surgeon if you want to remove a scar on your face. i would not be able to say what the cost implication would be because i cannot see you.
go to LUTH and ask to see the plastic surgeon, you would be assessed and you ll be told the cost implication
Health / Re: Doctor in the House: Free Medical Advice Available by lagtim(m): 10:33pm On May 12, 2012
ennymaks2000: Good evening Dr. I just joined the nairalanders. Please Dr. can i get natural cure for fibroid cos i have been trying to conceive. I mean natural remedy without surgery. Thank you will be glad for quick response. My email address is ennymaks2000@yahoo.com. Thank you
Hello Ennymarks2000,
there are drugs that would transiently shrink the fibroid . however, the effects are temporary.
I would advise you to see a gynaecologist. you just mentioned here that you to conceive. the specialist would review your complaints and plan an appropriate line of treatment for you, because inability to conceive could be as a result of a variety of factors, not just the presence of a fibroid in the uterus.
Education / Re: JAMB UTME Use Of English: The Novels by lagtim(m): 4:16pm On Mar 24, 2012
if you didnt gain anything from reading those novels, then your written English must be impeccable and you shouldnt have any problem getting 85% in the Use of English. you guys shouldnt be short sighted as to think that they would lift questions from t he book.
i m guessing that the reason why they had to recommend those novels is that even the standard of English in our media stations [print media, television and radio] has fallen so badly that you are no longer sure you are reading/hearing the right thing by listening to the news and reading newspapers.
this is pathetic. dont blame JAMB for that.
during my time, we could still learn English by listening to the news and reading newspapers. reading novels was also one of the avenues for learning English.
We did it back then, you guys dont complain now.


Health / Re: America Is Stealing The World’s Doctors by lagtim(m): 2:13am On Mar 13, 2012
I wouldnt use the word "steal" because doctors emigrate to the US voluntarily. the US has a system of health care that works for them. they need many doctors to support the system and they have recognised the fact that the only way to do that is to remunerate them accordingly. Mind you, they dont necessarily have the best health care system in the world. in fact even US citizens now go to India for a lot of procedures.
Be that as it may, a young newly qualified Nigerian Doctor would tell you horrific stories of how difficult it was to secure internship, the mandatory 1 year post-training experience before you get a permanent practising license. Now tell me, if Doctors realise that there are jobs elsewhere in the world, would they not go for it? Mind you, the greater percentage of doctors are highly restricted in the choices of vocation they have. most of them know nothing else than medicine, save for a few that have genuine talents in other areas.
For professionals whom job satisfaction means being able to practice in a stress-free environment, which they are not getting in Nigeria, I dont think 'steal' is the word for them.
Doctors also job satisfaction and professional fulfilment. just read the pathetic story of that young Zambian Doctor and you ll realise the reality most Nigerian doctors face today. Most times the decision is not difficult to make because you are going from a place where you are helpless and frustrated by the system to another place where you have all the resources you need to succeed as a professional. I dont know if you are a medical Doctor or not, but if you are not, ask Doctors, they'll tell you how much relief it would be to practice medicine outside the shores of this country. The US is just one of the liberal places to go.
So i dont agree with the notion that they are stealing us. If I have an opportunity to go too, i ll run.
Education / Re: Top Ten Colleges Of Medicine In Nigeria by lagtim(m): 1:22pm On Jan 15, 2012
people just say things from afar without knowing what exactly is on ground. OAU tribalistic? that would be the joke of the year. the only problem you have is passing your UME, once you qualify by passing UME an th post-UME, you'll be admitted. that one is for sure.
Education / Re: Top Ten Colleges Of Medicine In Nigeria by lagtim(m): 1:08pm On Jan 15, 2012
well, if you are double sure you want to be a medical doctor, be ready to  score @ least 280 in ume because spaces are now limited, unlike in the past when there'll be merit admission, supplementary addmission and so on, there is little chance for that nowadays.
and are you sure you are not choosing medicine just for the sake of it being a childhood dream? make sure you do your groundwork to know what it really means to be a doctor, so you wont end up like most of my classmates who [although they are now doctors] are not willing to practice medicine.
i wish you all the best in your quest.

1 Like

Romance / Re: Ladies, Would You Date/marry A Submissive Man? by lagtim(m): 8:10pm On Jan 04, 2012
why do people keep asking questions that do not have answers, like this one. you cant generalize for all men on this kind of issue: there is no homogeneity so how can there be a universal answer for such a question?
remeber submissiveness is not the only variable. have you considered money, or social class? which sometimes can shadow every other attribute an individual has?
Ask the ladies they ll tell you that as long as he s rich, they dont care,
Romance / Re: Must Girlfriends Demand An Allowance? by lagtim(m): 2:37pm On Jul 20, 2009
I'm tired of all you people who try to conceptualize the issue of relationships! you assume (wrongly) that all men are thesame, and that all women also act thesame way. much as it is possible that certain trends are followed in relationships, I don't believe that anyone can rightly pronounce on relationships, not after having at leasr 7 girlfriends/boyfriends.
Romance / Re: What Do You Enjoy Most About Being Single? by lagtim(m): 8:55pm On Jan 27, 2008
the freedom is unquntifiable
Education / Re: Students: What's Your GPA? by lagtim(m): 1:27pm On Jun 13, 2007
5.0 times 10 to power minus 3 on a scale of 5.0, OAU
Music/Radio / Re: Yahooze By Olu Of Maintain by lagtim(m): 1:09pm On Jun 13, 2007
if you need any song, try searching it on esnips.com, and make sure you sign up and upload the recent songs you have too.
cheers. shocked
Education / Re: What Next For Obafemi Awolowo University (After Closure)? by lagtim(m): 12:52pm On Apr 03, 2007
Both sides have their inadequacies, but I think the VC should have acted maturely in handling the situation. He was a bit harsh in handling the situation. The lecture free week should have being given, and the examination time-table reviewed. The length of the first semester break could even be shortened, if the SUG insisted on the lecture free week. I think the VC was just trying to stamp his authority, and I hope this kind of attitude will not continue for the next 3 years he has left on his tenure.
Computers / Windows In Nigerian Languages? by lagtim(m): 12:39pm On Apr 03, 2007
Yeah it's still a dream that can come true. Now that we have a lot of programmers in Nigeria I thing we should start thinking of how to get "Microsoft windows" in Nigerian languages. I think that will shift the interest of us young people to taking our various local languages seriously, and also that means more bucks for the developers, and everyone is happy
Health / Re: Can Two People With AS Genotype Marry? by lagtim(m): 12:22pm On Apr 03, 2007
Well, I think you guys should be more grateful to yourselves for finding out now instead of having up to 3 or 4 sickle-cell children. although it's just a game of probability, chances are that you guys might not even have one SS child, and you might end up having as many as the number of children you guys decide to have.
The ball is in your court. I think you should have known your genotype before you get to this stage of your relationship. it is always very difficult to make a decision when things like this come up, you'll always think you didn't make the right decision in the long run because whichever option you take now, the other option will still appeal more to you.
However, in anything you do, try to be as objective as you can be taking into consideration that you guys are already thinking of marriage.
I wish you guy’s best of luck and I hope that whatever decision you take now will not come to haunt you in many years to come.

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