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Politics / Re: The Moment Soldiers Were Ambushed By Bandits In The North West. (Video) by letsfarmnigeria: 6:49pm On Apr 20
Celebrities / Who Are These?.......celebrates by letsfarmnigeria: 12:14pm On Mar 10
Life is a stage not about who starts the race but whom grace found look at this pics and see who was a hype here and check out who is the start today

Agriculture / What Makes Your Catfish Big Without Weight by letsfarmnigeria: 3:39pm On Feb 11
Most times when u look at your catfish you see them big but during sales this fishes weight little compared to their body size, what exactly is the reason for this abnormality in the farm.

Let's discuss and learn watch the reason and solution don't forget to ask questions and subscribe to our YouTube channel letusfarm for more videos

Agriculture / Advantages Of Under Stocking In Catfish by letsfarmnigeria: 11:46am On Feb 10
If you are a catfish farmer your target will always be to make use of the available space in the pond to stock and make better returns however there are proven facts that if you understock a pond and feed very well you are likely to make more profit than the normal stocking capacity of same pond.

Here is 5 advantages of under stocking with proven results pls ask questions at the end and if your pond is having issues just send the pics or video of the fishes and pond with issues I will give u a free guidance to solving the problem.

Don't forget to like and subscribe after watching

Travel / Re: Justwise Is Our Best Section Moderator Of 2023 by letsfarmnigeria: 6:59pm On Jan 22
This is True he has really done much even in personal contributions on topics in travel section.

Kudos justwise


Agriculture / What's The Best Size To Sell Your Catfish by letsfarmnigeria: 2:46am On Jan 15
Catfishes are produced in different sizes and weight and some sizes actually gives the highest and best profit margin during sales here we discuss the best size that will give a farmer the best possible gain watch and ask any questions

Nairaland / General / Re: 2024 Is The Year Of Nairaland's Resurgence by letsfarmnigeria: 10:04pm On Jan 01
Am happy @seun u talked about advertising it's truly sad that one of your money making avenue is not well managed, how do u explain that people who want to place ads mail mods and get no response even tag u on without response, to a point of tagging u on X and yet no response.

Other platforms not as big as Nairaland and this bigger than Nairaland usually create pages dedicated for advert enquires where you get answers to advert queries without advert what's the life line of an outfit

Pls do try and do well on this and all other areas u have identified

Good luck
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by letsfarmnigeria: 8:00pm On Dec 16, 2023
I can barely understand you, but I will try to explain all scenarios as much as I can.

1. If his visa is issued before her graduation, that's great because both of their extensions can be processed simultaneously, either online or when they go to the border (flagpoling). This seems quite straightforward to me.

2. If he hasn't received his visa approval yet, he'll need to continue waiting until it's approved. This scenario is also quite clear.

Now, let's consider a scenario based on what you've described.

Immigration Officer: "Are you working?"
Spouse: "Yes, I am working," provided she actually is employed. Working is not inherently a problem; it largely depends on the specific conditions you've assumed. The Canadian government doesn't prohibit work. Review your Study Permit and Work Permit. If they expire before you flagpole, then you know you need to cease working. This isn't overly complicated.

We should always strive to ask the right questions when uncertain to ensure we receive accurate information. There's no need to instill fear in others.

Regarding those who went to flagpole without adequately informing themselves beforehand, it seems that was a decision they made independently.

My advice to everyone, including Nigerians here, is to engage with others, seek information, conduct research, and, when necessary, consult with immigration experts to resolve any doubts. You might be surprised by how much you can learn in a short time.

Just recently, I consulted an immigration professional here in canada while I was cracking my head about how to go about an issue with me. 95% of what the immigration consultant said, I already knew, my payment was actually for that 5% to get a clearer picture. This is life, it is give and take.

Good luck to all!

This is not exactly what I said am saying that with a work permit visa if expired and you go to flagpole if the officer ask u if are currently working and u answer yes it's illegal and u can be sent home reason is that by the virtue of your visa as a work permit holder u are not supposed to keep working once your visa has expired expect where you apply before the expiration date then u can keep working until approval and in this case if he wants to flagpole he will wait for the spouse to get approved because his on an open work permit with the spouse as his main reason now if he gets to boarder when his initial visa has expired and his asked if his working if he answers yes he may be heading to lagos having breached his initial sowp visa condition I know someone who is currently back in lagos spending money on immigration lawyers to get him back but if in doubt it's always good to try and if successful its a win and if otherwise it's a lesson
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by letsfarmnigeria: 12:16am On Dec 13, 2023
That is not a problem, when she gets her extension, he can apply online or flagpole immediately to get his extension as well to the new date now given to his wife.

Don't waste time unless you have enough of it.

Good luck!

Flag poling is great but one miss question at the border ends badly remember in this case he will be going with an expired visa because before the wife's permit will be approved the visa maybe expired and one tricky question officers normally ask is are you working if you answer yes then its a serious issue because by the conditions of ur visa once expired I u have not applied for extension ur illegally working 2 Nigerians are currently battling it as they on their way to be deported so it's a choice

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Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by letsfarmnigeria: 12:12am On Dec 13, 2023
Thank you Chief. If she applies for extension of her study permit, does that mean her visa would also be extended? My worry is that her current visa expires in June and I won't be applying for SOWP until August.

Once she gets her study extension, no need for his except when she wants to travel out of Canada
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by letsfarmnigeria: 3:36am On Dec 09, 2023
Guys please I need urgent clarification.

My wife study permit & student visa expires July next year. The plan is to extend her study permit an additional year to 2025. Can I apply for SOWP next year using her study permit alone once her visa expires? Does she need to apply for student visa extension before I can apply for SOWP?

Your urgent response will be appreciated.

You can apply before it expires but if u can be patient a little wait for her to get an extension reason is that if you apply now they will grant you visa until the date her current visa expires and will extend it only when her new application is approved so u see the choice is yours
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by letsfarmnigeria: 1:01am On Sep 22, 2023

I believe all 3 should be in the same envelope.

No it's separate envelopes they started it since April this year
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by letsfarmnigeria: 1:00am On Sep 22, 2023
Hello gentlemen and ladies.

I submitted passports of my kids for stamping at Abuja office through UPS courier - separate forms and passport in smaller envelope, then enclosed in a bigger envelope (one way) and paid N20k plus for the service. when it was ready for collection, I duplicated what looked like an indemnity form they emailed me and paid same N20k plus for delivery of the 3 passports. The next day I was called by a lady who mentioned I need to pay separate fees for the 3 passports.

Please I want to know from those of us in the same category whether that’s the way it works now. It’s a family package(my kids).

Pls your feedback will me know how next to approach VFS Abuja on this. I have asked the lady to email me directing me to pay for separate courier fees for the 3 passports if that’s the way they work now.

Waiting for responses guys!!! @ just wise
@justmellow and others

Yes since April this year you can no longer use 1 envelope for the whole family it has to be aid by individual document/envelope, it's a new policy
Agriculture / How Many Times Do You Feed Your Catfish For Best Result by letsfarmnigeria: 12:53am On Sep 11, 2023
Most catfish farmers have theories on how best to feed catfish for best result some of these theories are a result of trying to manage feed but one thing is constant catfish are sold by weight and this weight gain is directly proportional to feed they eat so therefore we discuss how best to maximize feeding to achieve best weight gain in the catfish

Take a look and pls ask questions

Agriculture / Fish Farm Assistant Wanted by letsfarmnigeria: 10:28am On Jun 23, 2023
Are you a fish enthusiast residing in Asaba or someone ready to work if yes then this is for You.

A fish farm in Asaba needs a Farm Assistant, the person must be resident in Asaba and ready to work, salary very attractive

Opportunity to learn new things about catfish farming, if your interested simply reply this message with your email only selected persons will be contacted

Thank you
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 10:51pm On May 22, 2023

Thanks for this insight. I wanted to be sure before I coughed out their 50K fee. Can't afford to waste money. And one more question, please. Do you know if it has validity period like that of police character certificate? If so, I may schedule the application close to my travel time.

I don't really know about validity but to be on the safer side if it can be done a month or less before ur travel it will be good then when u travel you start the process so that even if there is validity it can't be less than 3months

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 7:59pm On May 22, 2023

Hello friends, I am working on getting my DL extract AKA Driving history/record before I leave for Canada(Saskatchewan) in July. I have been directed to an FRSC website. I wonder if anyone has got an experience using the website to obtain the DL extract? They also asked about the address, email and phone number of the receiving authority. I am not sure about how to get that. Additionally, the mentioned that the delivery mode is digital copy... I have read where some folks said that they were asked to get the hardcopy of the original extract. Any contribution to all these questions will be appreciated.

The address is the Saskatchewan licensing authority google it to see their full name, they will send soft copy but what people do is to look for a computer center and print it out as coloured so you can have hard copy as well
Travel / Re: Canada Visit/tourist Visa Discussion. by letsfarmnigeria: 4:53pm On May 19, 2023
Thanks to everyone who congratulated me,,, may you be congratulated too very very very soon.

Please is it compulsory to book round trip or one way is fine?

Because it's a visiting visa you have to book round trip if not you will have issues because you will be asked for ur return booking by the airline and at the border
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 6:25pm On May 03, 2023

Thank you. Will they allow me to do the G2 road rest with an expired 9ja license

Yes the only thing is that if it's possible go with extract and don't bring out the license so u can go for G direct because if you present an expired Nigerian license although they will see your yrs of experience but they will want to treat you like a new driver so your yrs of experience may not count but if your lucky or your able to explain to them that you are waiting for the renewal then all is well because the only function of your Nigerian license during the test is just to show you have been driving nothing more it's the extract they put in their file

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 10:40pm On May 02, 2023

He stated it is New Brunswick

See below

Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 10:29pm On May 02, 2023

Hi. Please I recently got my G1 license, I have my driving license from Nigeria tho just expired. Can I go for my G license without the extract?? How did your wife got her G and where pls?


From G1 without extract you will need a G2 to drive you can't go from G1 to G without extract

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 10:27pm On May 02, 2023

My wife did not go with any extract and she drove with her Nigerian licence until she did the written and physical examination and got her licence.

Which province in Canada is your wife driving with Nigerian licence
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 12:16pm On Apr 30, 2023

I don't think you require any extract, just go with your naija driver licence, your insurance might be a bit high until you get your Canadian licence.

Nigeria drivers license need an extract with ur Nigerian licence it will give you an experience of 1 year before you can go for G but with extract from G 1 you just go to test for G

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Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 2:12am On Apr 30, 2023
Please I’m landing Canada in July. Should I change my naira to CAD now or can I wait and change in Canada when I open an account?
PS: I have a close friend whose account I can use.

Change your naira to Usd when u arrive you can easily change the Usd to Canadian dollars because inflation in Nigeria seems to be driving up the Usd
Travel / Re: Living In Canada/Life As A Canadian Immigrant Part 2 by letsfarmnigeria: 2:10am On Apr 30, 2023
Not exactly. I used International driver's license for 6 months in Canada

Was this recognized when u went for your G license because I heard it's only extracts they consider
Travel / Re: Canada Spouse Open Work Permit (sowp)timeline by letsfarmnigeria: 1:57am On Apr 30, 2023

I understand you... But my point is not about excitement. It's about providing important information about Port of entry requirements. If solid information were not provided on this platform, majority of us will not be able to do it ourselves. So, providing information about what was asked before gaining that final entry to the country is equally important, as the processing of the application. And it's not a must we put that up immediately when we meet our family, what about days or few weeks after. It'll help many families with kids on study or visit visa, and also the spouse with work permit.

Someone here told me how her 2 kids and her were nearly turned back at Pearson airport because she didn't expect the questions that were asked. She initially asked here that what are the requirements and possibly questions at the port of entry, and no one was able to provide any information... That wouldn't have been if we do drop landing gist.

Don't forget that questions that may be asked from a study permit holder will be different from work permit. And having a visa does not automatically mean entry into the country. Don't ever think such landing gist is not equally important! That's my point!

If the woman can be specific it will go along way, the thing is that at the POE the main question for swop is usually your passport and the introduction letter IRCC sends after Visa stamping this is once the officer greets you and ask you for your documents however the visa officer somethings may ask you which company is sponsoring you and your answer will be that it's SOWP then he may request for spouse full Name just for confirmation and ask you to sit and wait for fee minutes.
However I was on a thread where an Indian was almost turned back reason is that sometimes during applications some spouse maybe nonchalant of the application process, the indian was asked which Visa she had she said work permit and when she was asked of LIMA she got confused it took the intervention of the indian friends around to explain to her that what she had was Sowp and not Lima, so it's always good for intending travellers to also understand what purpose they are traveling for because this is the likely border question

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Sports / Re: How Much Referees Get Paid Per Game by letsfarmnigeria: 6:34pm On Apr 09, 2023
You guys above saying its too small.u guys are funny.have u converted it to naira?do u know how many games they officiate in three months?do u know abt allowances?

Do they convert it to naira to spend, how many games do they officiate a month
Agriculture / How To Treat Your Tapolin Pond Before Stocking by letsfarmnigeria: 12:27am On Mar 18, 2023
Many Farmers always believe that soaking plantain stem in a pond is best before stocking yes this is done by many farmers but many have never asked the real advantage of this practice

Here we examine the real reason for this and benefits of this practice

Agriculture / Re: Best Way To Reduce Cost And Increase Profit by letsfarmnigeria: 10:42am On Feb 21, 2023
Cannibalism is a serious loss to a farmer if not checked because it reduces the population of the stock however this can be checked if we understand the simple steps to ,

Pls watch below and learn

Agriculture / Re: Harvest Of 10 Months Hybrid Catfish by letsfarmnigeria: 10:16am On Feb 18, 2023
Fishes eating one another is an act of cannibalism, thus reduces fish population in the pond, there are solutions to handling it they include


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