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Romance / Re: Campus Prostitution A Growing Concern In Nigeria by liquidmetall: 10:30pm On Mar 22
None of the girls am mentoring will fall into such calamity. Blood of Jesus Christ is all the irresponsible men will see and run

So the fault is now on the men not the girl that is supposed to say no
Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 11:27pm On Mar 17

It is a barren land, 95% of people there are Igbos, a city is a cosmopolitan place of green pastures, hence people from all over rush there to survive, thrive and get rich, in Anambra all you see is igbos. They are roads everywhere guy.

Anambra has the best road network in Nigeria from obi's tenure Google it

The richest people per capital (individual) in Nigeria is anambra

Google it
Politics / Re: Peter Obi Causes Pandemonium At Ladipo Market As He Campaign For GRV by liquidmetall: 1:36pm On Mar 17
GRV dey feel like governor for em mind 😄, I just dey laugh the boy you don't know what is coming. , The gap on Saturday wey sanwo olu go give am no go small

Gap of rigging
Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 1:17pm On Mar 17

Not thriving commercially when compared with these cities.

Lol then you don't know anambra state

Anambra can do without federal allocation

Human capital development index In anambra is very high meaning we have less poor people in anambra

Anambra alone has the highest number of millionaires per human capital..

Economically speaking anambra is better than those states you are mentioning..

During the time of obi in anambra , it was reported that anambra has the best road network in anambra...go and Google it

Like I said only Lagos and Abuja are scarcely more developed than anambra
Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 7:01pm On Mar 14

They are thriving commercial cities, cosmopolitan, open to visitors, secure than Anambra.

So anambra is not thriving

Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 12:52pm On Mar 13
1. The serene. 2. The workings of the city councils. There are no litters on the streets, drainage working properly, orderliness of the people. Good roads, etc 3. No Agberos on the streets. Defecation and urinating everywhere not allowed. Buildings are provided with water supply even if it is with a borehole

Lagos comes number one in what you mentioned

All states in Nigeria has litters on the street

There is no city in Nigeria that has water supply
Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 12:02pm On Mar 13
Have you been to Kaduna, Kano, Rivers, Akwa ibom, and Cross Rivers? Even OYO, Delta and Edo is more developed than Anambra. Anambra is just a concrete jungle with no amenities. A huge slum with refuse dumps littered everywhere. Or maybe you think development is all about having 4/4 deckings everywhere. Anambra is a dump site

You haven't mentioned one thing that made those places more developed than anambra
Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 10:52am On Mar 13
Anambra is a pit toilet that cannot compete with Enugu, Port Harcourt, Benin, Uyo, Calabar etc. Anambra is in the same league with Abia state so shut that gutter.

Even abia state is more developed more than ekiti, osun ,ondo ogun

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Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 10:52am On Mar 13
Anambra is a pit toilet that cannot compete with Enugu, Port Harcourt, Benin, Uyo, Calabar etc. Anambra is in the same league with Abia state so shut that gutter.

It's not by showing stupidity and using vulgar words

What makes those states more developed than anambra state ??

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Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 10:47am On Mar 13
Ibadan, Benin, portharcourt, calabar, Rivers far more developed than Anambra. You clowns think development is about building residential buildings.

Tell me what makes them more developed than anambra??
Politics / Re: Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 10:44am On Mar 13
In Anambra, people still defecate in public, there's no pipe borne water, people still go as far as a kilometre to buy water, government officials use the roads as offices. Anambra is a dead zone. Kaduna and Kano are miles from Anambra. Even Delta state is more developed than Anambra. When you Cross the Niger bridge from Asaba into Anambra, it's like you are coming from Europe to Nigeria.

There is no pipe borne water in Lagos and Abuja too , people defecate in public in all 36 states of the country

People go as far to buy water in all 36 states of the country

Apart from Lagos and Abuja which are scarcely more developed than anambra no other state is more developed than anambra state ..

Deal with it


Politics / Only Lagos And Abuja Are More Developed Than Anambra State ... by liquidmetall: 12:08pm On Mar 12
Only lagos , Abuja , being former capitals are more scarcely developed than anambra state

No other states surpasses anambra state in terms of development ..

This is about some group of people who has never left their region who thinks one region lives in mud houses

It will shock you when you arrive anambra state ...

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Romance / Re: A Response To "Don't Marry A Person Who Cannot Satisfy You Sexually" by liquidmetall: 11:45am On Mar 12

Personally, if a man can not satisfy me with these 3 things I listed, I will just leave the relationship/marriage

Can you also satisfy a man with those 3 things?
Romance / Re: What Are You Doing With A Man That Can't Meet Your Needs? by liquidmetall: 11:19pm On Mar 11

No.. I mean men should learn to be men. Man up to their responsibilities and stop expecting a woman to bring to their empty table.

Make una dey look up to people like Ned Nwoko, Tinubu and the odogwus wey know how to be a man.

Your father should start being useful first then your brothers before you castigate men

Cause if your dad and brothers were like Ned nwoko and tinubu you wouldn't be here showing you're from a poverty stricken home


Politics / Re: Tinubu: Peter Obi Denied Jesus Christ Three Times In The Bible (Video) by liquidmetall: 11:23pm On Jan 31

The power situation in the country is terrible.

save cost on fuel and avoid long queues at the filling station.

The powerstation (81,600mah, 300w) can power your devices (Tv, drones, fan, tv, printer, radio, soundbar ) for a full day on a single full charge.

Send a dm for more info > and video

How much?
Politics / Supporting Tinubu is political genocide. by liquidmetall: 5:14pm On Dec 06, 2022

By Charles Ogbu.

How exactly does the mind of Tinubu supporters work? What is their thought process, really?

Are they supporting Tinubu because they genuinely believe he is mentally and physically sound to preside over Nigeria or they just want to punish the over 200 million of us?

Here is a man whose real name you don't even know. His academic record, age and ancestry are all shrouded in mystery. 20 years of his life was practically deleted from history. Health-wise, he is not good and you don't even need a doctor to confirm that. Mentally, he is not in a good place. Signs of cognitive impairment are shown in every of his public outings. In terms of character and integrity, he is doing even worse. The U.S cocaine indictment is still fresh in our memory. He has refused to speak to Nigerian media, not even his own media. All he's shown the Nigerian people is disdain. Today that he wanted to form Chatham House speaker, small questions that they asked him, he pushed them to his surrogates. The few ones he tried to answer such as the question on oil theft, he was blabbing about theft and the receiver.


You who claim to love Nigeria and Nigerians, you who spent the past 7 years lamenting the walking disaster that is Muhammadu Buhari and all the pains and sorrows and deaths he's brought us, you want to vote Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu whom you know very well is Buhari Plus and will spend all his years as President in U.K hospital attending to his health. You are willing to take this risk even after witnessing how our lives and businesses were ruined because we elected a sick Buhari who left governance to unelected shadowy figures masquerading as the cabal who used our collective destinies to play Russian roulette. You want to take Nigerians to this very tragic route again

Quite frankly, you cannot love Nigeria and Nigerians and still support Tinubu to preside over this country after what we've suffered and are still suffering under Buhari. It's simply not possible.

I mean, how can anyone who wish his/her fellow Nigerians well support Tinubu? How?

Let's even look at Tinubu's vice Presidential candidate, Kashim Shettima, one of the deadliest politicians this country has ever had the displeasure of producing. Do you guys even know how this man emerged as the governorship candidate of his party to finally become governor? Have you any idea? Have you? The man who won the primary was shot dead, paving the way for Shettima who was next in line. This was a man in whose governorship lodge here in Asokoro, Abuja, Kabiru Sokoto, the boko haram terr0rist who masterminded the Christmas day bombing in a Catholic church in madalla, was captured.

As in, a sitting governor making his own governor's lodge a safe haven for a terrorist who just finished k!ll!ng dozens of Christians in a church on a Christmas day!

This is the man who will be acting as President should Tinubu emerge top come 2023.

You know all these, yet, you are still supporting Tinubu and you call it politics. How?

How do you want to deliberately make a wrong choice that will have a terrible consequence of existential nature on over 200 million people and still call it mere politics?? People's lives, their very existence, is mere politics to you?

How do you guys sleep at night?

May God forbid BAThing
Celebrities / Re: Rico Swavey Is Dead by liquidmetall: 10:12am On Oct 13, 2022
Inside life

But OP, where was it stated that the died?

You didn't see the rest in peace ?
Celebrities / Rico Swavey Is Dead by liquidmetall: 10:05am On Oct 13, 2022
Big brother naija season 3 star

Rico swavey gives up the ghost

Romance / Re: Bride's Father Administers Strict Wedding Vows To Groom On Wedding Day (Video) by liquidmetall: 9:01pm On Sep 30, 2022
Why do a lot of guys always quick to address their fellow guys as simps on this platform simply because they choose to do things differently. Everyone cannot have the same understanding about life and marriage for crying out loud, the fact that you choose to do the wrong thing justifying as right doesn't make it right. Moreso you can't also force your fellow man to have the same ideology with you especially when it comes to handling relationships. How and where a man is raised up goes a long way in defining his approach to relationships with the opposite sex. You cannot expect a man who was raised and nurtured in a caring and well organized home to have the same ideology with one who was raised in a cantankerous polygamous family where women are treated as objects. So quit addressing any man as a simp because to me it's actually the real Simps that are always quick to call others that as a cover up for their weaknesses, it is a free world so allow people to make their choices and live with it. My opinion though so no one should come after me

Rubbish opinion

What do you expect from a woman
Family / Re: My Wife Wants Kids But Does Not Want Sex. by liquidmetall: 11:51pm On Jul 08, 2022
I think you are a good writer . I enjoyed your use of hyperbole.

You dated her. The attitude didn’t start after marriage but before it. So what’s the essence of courtship and dating or you think marriage will change her?

I don’t support divorce. I don’t support forced sex in marriage. She isn’t a sex slave. I don’t support cheating. If it’s bad , get second wife. She will either go , or sit up.

It’s possible 2 secs sex result to pregnancy.
No be man wey fvck toto tear dey give woman belle.

Greatest rubbish quote of all time
Car Talk / Re: On The Eight Day, God Made The V8: My Journey To 400 HP by liquidmetall: 12:24am On Jun 14, 2022
Oh, and BTW, I actually get better fuel economy on this 5.5L V8 than I do on the 3.5L V6 G35.

It's ridiculous.
please can you tell me more about this Infiniti g35
I love fast cars and I would love to own one though it's not rampant on Nigerian roads
And I believe when Nigerians don't use something it's because maybe the car has a stereotyped problem

And I also noticed the car is cheap on tokunbo and naija used

Please does this car have any problem that is is known with it

Like the Murano that currently has gear problems

Please I would love to hear from you


Autos / Re: I Finally Bought The Tokunbo E250 Ford Econoline For 1.4m (PICS ATTACHED) by liquidmetall: 11:26pm On Jun 09, 2022
So, after much market research and advise I got from this thread https://www.nairaland.com/7161605/good-people-buy-tokunbo-e250, I finally decided to 'risk' it and purchase the vehicle.

I paid for it 1.4m, gave the ford mechanic 8k to service it (Nozzle and oil change), and also bought gear oil and engine oil. Then I gave it a small body wash.

In all, I spent about 1,430,000. Now vehicle speeds like mad, and is a Rear wheel drive.

So all I need to do is panel beater work. I'm budgeting like 200k for it.

So all in all, this vehicle at 1,630,000 is an excellent buy.

Or what do you think

Please where did you buy this I want to buy too
Travel / Re: Any Nairalander In Abidjan? by liquidmetall: 10:28pm On Jun 01, 2022
I am currently living in abidjan. The country is very friendly interm of it characteristics bussiness wise.. and i guess it will be very good for you to start a business that is rare over here and is popular in nigeria ( experience).. besides which business do you wanna do ova here??

Shoes importation

Coming to set up a shop there
Travel / Re: Any Nairalander In Abidjan? by liquidmetall: 10:28pm On Jun 01, 2022
[quote author=montanaguy post=47110362][/quote]

Shoes importation
Romance / Re: I'm Crushing Or Liking My Reverend, What Can I Do? by liquidmetall: 7:18am On Apr 10, 2022

When I say I'm Antimen, I'm only against the bossy attitude of men, nothing more nothing less..and that doesn't stop me from loving or crushing on anyone....
It's just a feeling, im only Looking for ways to making it stop ,nothing more....

There's nothing you can do about the bossy atitude of men if you misbehave you go collect wotowoto
Phones / Re: I Think I Have Been Scammed by liquidmetall: 11:36pm On Mar 27, 2022
His number is 08121730537

Account number is 2184293829

UBA Bank Miracle Aruchi

Pls help me

Please what's escrow

Do you mean third party handler

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Romance / Re: I Met This Girl In Less Than 2 Weeks. NOW THIS!!! by liquidmetall: 11:33am On Feb 22, 2022

Americans say: Opinions ate like assholes so everyone is entitled to one.

Well we are in Nigeria

Go and work
Romance / Re: I Met This Girl In Less Than 2 Weeks. NOW THIS!!! by liquidmetall: 11:30am On Feb 22, 2022

What a sensible contribution!
However, I don't like the idea of saying that you don't ask men money. It makes no sense to me.

Come on, it's your boyfriend and it's okay to ask when you are in need, not all the time though. Remember, friends ask friends for financial assistance..No, it's not a crime.

But the truth is, a lady who doesn't ask deserves everything. So, some guys don't even wait for such a lady to ask. They just do it to keep her happy. But then, nobody likes dating a leech.

A lady who doesn't ask deserve nothing

Let her go and work
Autos / Re: Very Clean Rx 330 Working Perfectly by liquidmetall: 6:45am On Feb 19, 2022
Very clean Rx 330 working perfectly
Selling @ #2.6m
location is lagos
Buy and drive
Quick Sale

Can you wait end of this February I will buy 2m
Celebrities / Re: Uche, Pete Edochie's Son Spends N6M Treating COVID-19 That Damaged 80% Of Lungs by liquidmetall: 9:02pm On Sep 17, 2021
You mean

Can you do for me


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