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Celebrities / Re: Arik Air Frustrates Lola Omotayo’s Trip To Lagos by lonecat: 10:11pm On Dec 20, 2016
is she the only one that was supposed to use the airline? so why una singled her out like say other passengers no matter
Politics / Re: Customs Seizes Military Hardware, Weaponry From USA In Lagos by lonecat: 6:45pm On Dec 20, 2016
the suspect name is mr christian mbachi...... And it is fully documented ... If only u go tru ..... Smh for delibrate dumbness
THE Tin-Can Command of the Nigerian Customs
Service (NCS) has seized different types of
military hardware and weaponry imported from
the United States of America (USA) inside two
different containers at the Tin-Can Island Port in
Speaking to newsmen on Monday in Lagos, the
Controller of the Tin-Can Customs Command,
Comptroller Yusuf Bashar explained that the
seizures were made on November 29, 2016, and
the containers examined on the 30th of same
According to him, “we first impounded a vehicle
that was discovered to have carried magazines
with 10 life rounds of ammunition while our
officers were discharging from a vessel. The
vehicle is a used Toyota Corolla 2004 model car
with chassis number 2T1BR32E54C309841.
“There are no suspects yet because we
discovered this when the vehicles were just
coming out of the vessel. But investigations are
ongoing on the owner of the vehicle so that we
can bring the culprits to book.
“Also, in a container with number MSCU718443/6
containing one used Nissan Armada 2007 model
with chassis number 5NIAA08A69N709779, we
discovered the following items: One Omini
American tactical rifle with number AR48634; one
Moaperg American Pump Action rifle with
number U648018.
“In addition to these two rifles, we also
discovered in the same container 3500 pieces of
Premier Hollow Point Airgun pallets and another
4000 pieces of Premier Hollow Point gun pallets.
There is also inside the container 26 parks of
already made foods for military use.
“Nine pieces of military bullet proof vests; military
helmets; military gas mask with two pairs of
glasses; and two pairs of military boots. We have
one suspect with us. The name of the suspect is
Mr Christian Mbachi. We will be handing the
suspect and all the seized military hardware to
the DSS for further investigations.
“In this yuletide period, the security of this
country should be paramount to everybody. Why
will somebody bring in all this military hardware
and ammunitions into the country, putting them
inside a container tagged ‘Personal Effect
“A personal effect container does not pay duty.
This is so because government wants to
encourage Nigerians coming back home. So, if
government has graciously granted such a waiver
for Personal Effect Containers, should people
abuse it by bringing in military ammunitions and
hardware inside such containers?”
It would be recalled that the Tin-Can Customs
Command had intercepted a container load of
ready-to-eat local foods imported from India at
the Tin-Can Island Port.
Politics / Re: Customs Seizes Military Hardware, Weaponry From USA In Lagos by lonecat: 9:58am On Dec 20, 2016
"no suspect yet"
no documentation?

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Sports / Re: Victor Moses Wins Man Of The Match Award As Fans React To His Tweet by lonecat: 7:00pm On Nov 21, 2016
Igbos are indeed doing very in Chelsea..though not a fan, but this is great grin grin

His attacking prowess coupled with the energetic power to shoot and dismantle any organised defense, puts him in front as a great footballer.

Indeed, Moses is doing very well representing Nigerians and his kinship very well grin grin grin grin

BTW - what is his native name? I dont believe in all this colonial name sef...Victor? Moses? undecided
what's with Nigerian people and tribe? check all the replies on Victor Moses' post no such thing as 'blackman or igbo' over there he is only known as a 'Nigerian' while over here he is known as an igbo. this whole tribal war on nairaland is really getting irritating & it's destroying things

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Literature / Re: "Wole Soyinka And I On Our Way Back To Nigeria" - Prince Adeyinka Success Says by lonecat: 11:35pm On Nov 09, 2016
Trump on Wole soyinka right now

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Foreign Affairs / Re: Donald Trump Wins US Presidential Election- 2016 US election results by lonecat: 8:47am On Nov 09, 2016
t.b Joshua right now


Politics / Donald Trump Wins by lonecat: 8:43am On Nov 09, 2016
Donald Trump elected 45th president of the U.S

Foreign Affairs / Re: Clinton Crowd Shocked And Tense As Trump Nabs Swing States by lonecat: 7:58am On Nov 09, 2016
wole soyinka right now

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Politics / Bill Seeking To Make Sharia A Federal Law Quietly Passes 2nd Reading by lonecat: 7:19pm On Nov 04, 2016
was shocked to watch the live proceedings of the House of Representatives as covered by NTA2 and saw that the bill calling for the criminal aspects of Islamic Sharia law to be implemented in our legal system in Nigeria at the Federal and states passed the second reading on Thursday, October 28, 2016.

I was even more shocked because even though there were many Christians in the House no one raised an objection!

The Speaker of the House, Hon Yakubu Dogara, who presided over the proceedings said that what this meant was that it would now move to committee level where it will be discussed fully before the House would decide on it finally, but it is curious that not even one voice of dissent was aired against it!

I waited till 9pm to hear what NTA Network news would report about it, but there was a blackout of reportage about it!

Of course, other issues discussed and decided in the House on same day were reported but not this one! The bill to amend the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria to make provision for the full implementation of Sharia Criminal law at the federal and states legal system has passed the second reading in the House of Representatives and no one is telling Nigerians what is happening!

For all we know, when a bill passes the second reading unchallenged in parliament it is almost as good as passed.

Long before the 2nd Republic, Muslim leaders in Nigeria have always agitated for the full implementation of Sharia in Nigeria. Nobody has forgotten the hot debates that took place in the Constituent Assembly of 1978 about the place of Sharia in the 1979 Constitution.

Christian members kicked against the full implementation of full Sharia because non-Muslims would fall victim of this law. In the end, a compromise was reached that the Sharia Personal Law be allowed, not the criminal aspects.

The same thing that happened in 1988 Constituent Assembly that produced the 1989 Constitution, which never took off. In fact, in the 1988 Constituent Assembly, General Ibrahim Babangida, then Nigeria’s self-styled military president, had to stop all debates relating to Sharia and other sensitive issues when he saw how inflammable the debates were becoming, and retained the status quo.

The 1999 Constitution drew much from both the 1979 and 1989 Constitutions and retained Sharia Personal law.

Now, Muslims, under President Muhammadu Buhari have surreptitiously attempted to amend the Constitution to insert the full implementation of Sharia without carrying Nigerians along!

Muslim leaders have always argued that Sharia law is meant for Muslims only. But Christians have always refused to buy the argument because in practice, non-Muslims have often been dragged before Shariacourts and have been adjudicated by a legal system repugnant to their faith. Several documented cases abound to prove this.

Besides, Christians have always argued why the government that is supposed to be neutral to all religions should uphold the religious laws of one religion with public funds to the harm of the adherents of other faiths.

These are some of the issues that make some of us to take with a pinch of salt the claims that President Buhari means well for this country. Our job is to bring these issues to the fore to create awareness of what is happening. Whatever happens afterwards is beyond our power. It’s up to you all.


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Jobs/Vacancies / . by lonecat: 9:35am On Nov 02, 2016

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Jobs/Vacancies / Re: Post Abuja Jobs Here by lonecat: 9:33am On Nov 02, 2016
Vacancy: A Real estate firm in Abuja is currently seeking the services of the following:
(1). An Admin officer:
with a Bsc or equivalent.

(2) A site officer: with ND/OND.
All must have an excellent interpersonal skills & success attitude.

forward your application letter & CV via e-mail to

Jobs/Vacancies / by lonecat: 11:42pm On Nov 01, 2016
Politics / Re: Major, Captain, Others Held For Leaking Information To Boko Haram by lonecat: 8:18am On Oct 27, 2016
it's no news that the fight against terrorism in the north east has been under attack as far back as from last administration. saboteurs in high places. Army Col, 10 officers set Nigerian tankers ablaze, pave way for Boko Haram.

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Politics / Re: Food Given To Nigerian Soldiers Fighting Boko Haram - Politicsngr.com by lonecat: 9:09am On Oct 25, 2016
Brutai has used d money meant for their feeding to buy houses in Dubai. cool
Politics / Re: I Don’t Care If Obaseki Betrays Me – Oshiomhole by lonecat: 7:42am On Oct 25, 2016
ok, Roger that
Politics / Re: Patience Jonathan Celebrates Her 58th Birthday Today by lonecat: 7:30am On Oct 25, 2016
European Football (EPL, UEFA, La Liga) / Re: Chelsea Vs Manchester United - (4 - 0) On 23rd October 2016 by lonecat: 6:59pm On Oct 23, 2016
DSS should arrest Jose mourinho so EFCC can investigate the misappropriation of £100m on Paul pogba

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Politics / Re: Aisha Buhari Attends Crans Montana African Women's Forum In Brussels (photos) by lonecat: 3:24pm On Oct 19, 2016
Why is AFRICAN's WOMEN forum held all the way in Europe? I'm sure nowhere in African continent is ideal to hold such meeting. Africans & patronizing foreign 'everything' is the reason our currency doesn't have value over theirs
Politics / Re: Ben Bruce Is A Hypocrite For Criticizing Buhari by lonecat: 5:20am On Oct 16, 2016
why are u wailers so dumb to comprehend a joke?'m pretty sure u didn't watch the video,u would have seen his facial gestures........he said his wife(jokingly )not all women,and what's wrong if his wife has different perspective about his govt?.........why are u wailers making a mould outta an molehill
He's a president & not a comedian, forget whatever facial expression u may think he had, some comments are too damning to be considered a joke. He is the leader of a country & every single one of his citizens are looking up to him. all these damage control that people are trying to do now can't help anything because international communities can't buy into this 'it was a joke craps' let's just find a way forward & leave behind the mistake
Politics / Re: Buhari Departs Germany, Arrives Abuja (Photos) by lonecat: 12:02am On Oct 16, 2016
Oga you goof no be small.
Reshuffle your cabinet before its to late.
Start with Emefiele Adeosun and Udoma Udoma.
the kitchen cabinet or the other room cabinet? reshuffle kwa when Aso rock has been hijacked by cabals.

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Politics / Re: "Stop Misreporting Buhari In Germany" - German Reporter Tells Nigerian Media by lonecat: 8:46pm On Oct 15, 2016
How do we now know who's lying and who's telling the truth?
Here's a verbatim transcript from the press conference https://m.bundeskanzlerin.de/Content/DE/Mitschrift/Pressekonferenzen/2016/10/2016-10-14-pk-bkin-buhari-nigeria.html

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Politics / Re: "Stop Misreporting Buhari In Germany" - German Reporter Tells Nigerian Media by lonecat: 8:44pm On Oct 15, 2016
Lets wait for the "other news" before concluding whether bashir ahmed lied or not
Here's the verbatim transcript from the press conference. https://m.bundeskanzlerin.de/Content/DE/Mitschrift/Pressekonferenzen/2016/10/2016-10-14-pk-bkin-buhari-nigeria.html

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Fashion / Re: Lady's Outfit At The Abuja International Airport Sparks Outrage (Pics, video) by lonecat: 6:52pm On Oct 15, 2016
I certainly do not support ladies walking the street naked, same way I don't support the act of the man that made the video. this is a COMPLETE HARASSMENT, DISRESPECTFUL & UNCIVILIZED. it is an infringement of her right to choice of clothing. in a sane climes, that woman would be checking out properties in choice locations by now to buy with d settlement from a law suit resulting from the man's foolishness.
people should learn to mind their business
Politics / Re: Owie: If My Wife Does What Aisha Buhari Did She'll Return To Her Parents by lonecat: 11:13pm On Oct 14, 2016
another one who's wife belong in. the kitchen.
by their fruit you shall know them.
Politics / Re: wike's show of shame against federal agents by lonecat: 10:10pm On Oct 10, 2016

Yes the rogues knows themselfs but not when you are frustrating my government. We all need this country to work so let us all support Mr president.
did you say support him?
Hell no!!!
anything short of democracy count me out.
this is certainly not a democratic way of doing things.
-stopping people from a peaceful protest (even in UK & U.S, people are allowed to protest peacefully)
-killing unarmed protesters
-ignoring court orders (if he feels all the judges are corrupt & no court can pass a true judgement then he should close down all the courts in d country because it's not only ordinary citizens case he should allow corrupt judges to preside overnight)
- unlawful adoption of men from their various homes thereby terrifying their family members
-sending DSS to arrest a state house of assembly members for trying to impeach the governor (which is their duty as stipulated by the law)
the list just goes on.
no matter how corrupt people are, there are ways to fight them within the ambient of the law, u don't just come up with ur own style of governance overnight & u will expect sane people to support it.
we have 3 arms of government but the other 2 arms are been neglected, the executive now does everything.

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Politics / Re: wike's show of shame against federal agents by lonecat: 12:07am On Oct 10, 2016

The presidency did not withdraw the case against So and DSP. Actually, they did that so they can charge them to court separately.
Turning blind eye to SGF /IDP case? You are aware the Senate is looking into that. So far, it's a rumour no concrete evidence.
Dogara has come out to denie all the allegations, actually what he did is a normal thing in NA. Is it right? well life is not fair
so they can charge them to court separately really? oh c'mon u can do better than this.
on the case of the SGF, it was the panel set up by NA that uncovered the N270m grass clearing issue & he has been invited but he declined to appear before d house, so it's not a rumor.
Dogara coming out to deny the allegations doesn't make it any less true. what about all the evidences?
watch how the corruption allegations against the judges will die naturally. keep ur fingers crossed.
Just understand that these rogues knows themselves
Politics / Re: wike's show of shame against federal agents by lonecat: 6:00pm On Oct 09, 2016

Yes, everyone is corrupt but no one goes to jail is that the fault of the gov? Thats why buhari said his biggest headache is the judiciary. Imagine someone like ibori been declared a saint by our judiciary but hes now in prison in London. The thief's in robe are the biggest thief's
is it the judiciary that asked the federal government to withdraw the forgery case against SP & DSP?
is it the judiciary that asked the federal government to turn a blind eye against the SGF who cleared grass at the IDP camp with N270m?
is it the judiciary that asked the federal government to ignore the padding case against Hon. Dogara despite all the damning evidences against him?
do u want me to continue?

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Politics / Re: wike's show of shame against federal agents by lonecat: 1:33pm On Oct 09, 2016

The judge is a federal government staff...right? are you telling me that the fed gov does not have the right to arrest their own worker again?
If we do not address these things the way they are, it will get to our turn one day. don't feel because you are not in government such thing wouldn't befall you.
in every other parts of the world where high profile men are been arrested, is this how they go about it?
has any of the judges ever been invited & he declined to show up?
did I hear u say arrest warrant?
do u have any prove that an arrest warrant was presented?
were they fugitives?
you don't go to a man's house by 1am with his family in it and pull down his door with a sledgehammer & you'll come here & tell me it's ok
FYI: anyone found corrupt in anyway whatsoever should face the music but not the kind I'm seeing in this country where everyone is corrupt but no one is in jail.
Politics / Re: Why Is There No Singularly Respected Regional Politician In South East by lonecat: 1:15pm On Oct 09, 2016
Igbos are too independent to allow such tyranny they practice in North and South West,I mean how can 35million people in one region blindly follow one man that can lead them to hell, and block any means necessary for any body to be financially independent without lying on the floor for one tyrant before he or she can become something.we are not animals like sheep that follows anything without asking questions cool
in as much as I agree with you, I still believe that there are some persons from the SW who are not comfortable with this national leader thing because the monopoly will make the leader dictate things for selfish interest & also block the possibility of a would-have-been a better option for the people
Politics / Re: Nigerians Are Lazy, Too Dependent On Government - Kachikwu by lonecat: 1:00pm On Oct 09, 2016

Do u think if u, me n few oda great minds form a conglomerate n we start a business n do things right n further take it international, d govt wont support us?

There r ppl dt export fruits n vegetables abroad n if u see how dey started u wud hae condemed dem.

Look away from d govt, look inwards, look around, look up, look down, plus front n back.....n u will find answers.
Getting the government to support you depends on who one has on the inside (speaking from my experience). I've looked away from the government long before now, whether business related or just living the everyday life
Religion / Re: Someone Please Explain Deuteronomy 14:23-26 by lonecat: 12:54pm On Oct 09, 2016

Strong drink actually mean something like spirit/wine with strong alcoholic content.

Strong drink by itself is not a sin, but drunkenness is a sin.

Jesus was accused of mixing with sinners:
Luk 7:34
Holy communion used to contain some wine
1Co 11:21

But the defacto standard for Christians is:

As much as possible, alcoholic or not alcoholic a christian must NOT be controlled by what he drinks.

I will rather NOT drink than allow a weak brother not having my self control go into the sin of drunkenness

Now, back to you OP, is this your question for the sake of a justifying reason to drink alcohol?

God knows your motive: it is certainly not that which goes into the stomach that pollutes the body; it is that which comes out. What is coming out of your heart, mouth and actions....

Hope your question is answered!
nothing to justify because I don't have a reason not to drink alcohol since the bible didn't specifically say I shouldn't (at least from your explanation; I just don't have to get drunk).
I only wanted to know if it's ok to drink in the house of God

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