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Politics / Re: Whistleblower, George Uboh Accuses Obaseki Of 'Monumental Fraud' by Magicians: 3:47am On Sep 16, 2020

Too many fools in Nigeria.
Fools like you father n mother ba ?!
Politics / Re: Edo 2020: Oshiomole Is Desperate And It Is Dangerous - Oke Umurhohwo by Magicians: 10:56am On Sep 15, 2020
Baba has a reputation to rebuild and if pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu loses this electoral bid, then I can safely say that Oshiomhole is done and dusted politically. grin
If Ize-Iyamu loses too he will never be governor of Edo State ever again, mark my words.


Politics / Re: Why We Need Oduduwa Republic And Why It Should Be Taken Seriously by Magicians: 1:59am On Sep 15, 2020
Foolish lunatics telling Yoruba what to take seriously n 2hat not to take seriously.
Travel / Re: What Victoria Island Looks Like In 2020 (pics, Video) by Magicians: 9:23pm On Sep 14, 2020
You are a cursed lunatic and I rebuke you in the mighty name of Jesus in all entirety. I have seen state not a million times as developed as Lagos grave NL Frontpage celebrating their achievement. From pathetic terribly horrible state like Ebonyi, to the shithole of stinking filty Abia that is overtaken by disease n disaster to Enugu that continue to deteriorate from where Chime left it but you n your bigoted father where no where to castigate those thread not even the Kadune thread that graced NL Frontpage yesterday but wheneven article of Lagos goes on NL frontpage you n your bigoted father will quickly put on your sorrowful wailing garment of disaster n unending sorrow in anticipation to wail to death. It is God almighty that will punish anybody that advice you n your entire household not to wail to death over Lagos. May it never be well with n your unborn generation. Eni ku re tebi Tara.

Show us Ajangbadi jare'

Most Nigerians are little minded.
We celebrate buildings that don't translate to better living condition.

Building is never a metric for standard of living, especially in this century.
Rather than rejoice over brick and mortar, let us demand governance from the crooks that has held the country hostage.

You will never see people that live in Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Tokyo etc snap buildings to celebrate non-existent national pride


Culture / Re: Ohu, Osu: Nigeria's Slave Descendants Prevented From Marrying Who They Want by Magicians: 5:17pm On Sep 14, 2020
Una go die fi iah be that e sure for me die.

True talk.
Our ancestors knew the stigma associated with slavery, that is why they rather die than allow themselves to be white slaves. E.g the Igbo landing in Virginia where they all commited suicide.
An Igbo man will rather die than allow himself to be enslaved because they believe that once you are enslaved, your soul and generation become enslaved. The same spirit is what you see in IPOB members, they see Nigeria as a slave camp so they rather die than be part of it
Properties / Re: Recent Developments In Igbogbo Ikorodu by Magicians: 5:10pm On Sep 14, 2020
This place also produced the infamous Maami Igbogbo - the Nigerian Female P0rnstar, whose oga - Tblak - is smelling rod for fvcking in the presence of the gods in Osun state. Please include her as one of the major developments in this area.
But at least the indigene of Ikorodu ain't as foolish as your tribesmen that went on to elect a globally renowned IndecentStar afikpochick as their representative to the national assembly.

Foolish soul removing log in the eyes of others while your rotten eye continue to degenerate to your doom with any attention from you.
Politics / Re: 2023 Presidency: Tinubu’s Political Movement 'BAT 23' Flagged-Off By Supporters by Magicians: 12:40pm On Sep 14, 2020

Obasanjo, President 8 years, SW

Osibanjo, VP 8 years, SW

And yet They want to be president again.

Yorubas are not in the position to talk about zoning. If Zoning is their mantra, they should support SE or SS candidature. Anything aside this, let the North keep their thing.
You must to cry blood when Yoruba become the president 2023 again.
Politics / Re: Akpabio Inaugurates Committee To Rejig NDDC by Magicians: 12:26pm On Sep 14, 2020
Where did he reveal that he awarded contract to assembly members ? The contracts he exposed awarded to the assembly members where on earth did he confess to you he awarded it to them. Myopic soul like you do not want to be insulted but you believe you own the right to make foolish n senseless statements.

You want to act like you can reason but dementia won't let you query why PDP was unable to audit NDDC from 1999 even when all Nigerians know it is the citadel of corruption. Why would you rather castigated Akpabio that made this attempt but shut your foolish mouth on those that never attempted any prob talk more a forensic audit ?


First of all, no insults please, I believe we are all adults here.

Did Akpabio himself not reveal that he was involved in the corrupt practice of awarding contracts to Senate and HoR members?

So how can Akpabio who is complicit be part of the process to reform the NDDC?

Has Akpabio issued a query to head of the NDDC, a parastatal under his ministry as to why he is unable to account for N81bn in 6 Months.
Politics / Re: Akpabio Inaugurates Committee To Rejig NDDC by Magicians: 8:01am On Sep 14, 2020
I cant believe Akpabio still has his portfolio as Minister after that scandal....

What foolish scandal are you talking about or is your brain dead ? Since 1999 PDP is not able to audit the NDDC, to an extent it sponsored one foolish hag claiming Akpabio want to rape her all because of this same probe n idiot like you still want Akpobo fired.
Politics / Re: How Obiano Spent 15 Minutes On Phone Begging Arthur Eze by Magicians: 8:27am On Sep 13, 2020
Funny reportage.
Nobody will believe this newspapers use Igbo English to write it news article, the most ridiculous newspaper writing I ever witnessed lol.

APGA ‘begging’ delegation: How Obiano spent 15 minutes on phone begging Arthur Eze

Some APGA Stakeholders visited Prince Arthur Eze at Abuja. They were sent by Gov. Willie Obiano to beg Prince Arthur over the misunderstanding between the two that has led to Obiano’s aide calling Artur Eze all sort of names, including “accidental billionaire and big fool.”

As the delegation were with him and in what appeared to be a well-scripted drama, the phone of one of them, Chief Cosmas Anigbogu (Orthon Palace) rang and behold it was Gov. Obiano calling from Houston. The phone was ... continue: https://dailynewsreporters.com/apga-begging-delegation-how-obiano-spent-15-minutes-on-phone-begging-arthur-eze/

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Politics / Re: How Obiano Spent 15 Minutes On Phone Begging Arthur Eze by Magicians: 8:23am On Sep 13, 2020
And what is wrong in that ?


Politics / Re: Throwback: I Made $500 Million From Oil Block -TY Danjuma by Magicians: 8:16am On Sep 13, 2020

Oil blocks worth billions of dollars should not have been shared to individuals, but the oil producing communities in the Niger Delta. What qualifications did Indimi,Alakija,Deribe,Danjuma,Adenuga,Arthur Eze etc have to be awarded oil blocks worth billions of dollars?
is it only Arthur Eze that own oil block from Igbo land n who own oil block in the USA Saudi Barahin Iran Iraq Kuwait ? Are the owner of oil wells in those country angels more human than those in Nigeria. Bro if you want to address corruption address it. No country elite will oil block away from themselves bidding or no bidding.


Politics / Re: Nigeria Borrowed N18.89tn Under Buhari – Report by Magicians: 8:11am On Sep 13, 2020
That's your father you described.
A deranged Igbo lunatic referencing his bigoted father after being told the truth to his pathetic face.
Politics / Re: Nigeria Borrowed N18.89tn Under Buhari – Report by Magicians: 7:11am On Sep 13, 2020
He borrowed to share to people. Instead of improving the society and allow private hands to flourish in it, he chooses to close gaps of inequality by nepotistic tendencies.

The root is simple, dependence on oil out of hatred for the owner of the oil.

Foolish fool making foolish comment. What happened to those who never shared the money they borrowed ? How come Buhari is the one completing their project all around.
Politics / Re: Throwback: I Made $500 Million From Oil Block -TY Danjuma by Magicians: 5:50am On Sep 13, 2020
Will this still be the case with oil blocks owned by Igbos or Igbos don't own oil block in Nigeria ? Oh! I forget if only Igbo's don't own all the oil block in Nigeria then it is one ineptitude.

people reaping where they did not show, ironically, it will be hard to see southerner owning an oil block in his territory.

TY Danjuma proves Nigeria is a corporation with stakeholders being the politicians and military generals who make less than 0.01% of the population.


Politics / Re: State Of Road In Imo State Few Weeks After Commissioned by Magicians: 2:04am On Sep 13, 2020
What standard is Ugwuanyi n Ikpeazu following, FAILURE STANDARD or what ?


Am not surprised this is the highest standard of the apc. The supreme court governor is following the foot steps of rochas apc govt of waste and substandard projects.
Politics / Re: State Of Road In Imo State Few Weeks After Commissioned by Magicians: 1:34am On Sep 13, 2020
PDP fooling their fathers in advance to other election. Hope is sha building what is the hopeless fools in both Abia n Enugu doing n why is there no report on it ? The two down even have projects to show case after 4 years in office that rain can wash away. It's really sad for n in Alaigbo.
Politics / Re: Edo Election: Ganduje Lands In Benin City For APC, Ize-Iyamu Campaign (Photos) by Magicians: 7:22pm On Sep 12, 2020
Gandollar the thief!

If this country was a sane one, Gandollar would be in Edo state campaigning with no hands grin

Fool, the like of Ikpeazu, Peter Obi, Umahi, Abaribe n Ekeweremadu are not thieves but saints no wonder igbo land is looted into the shithole it is. Tell me which of your Igbo governor accomplished 1/10 in quality n quantity of project Ganduje did.

It is God that will punish u if you talk about Kano having more IGR because if Ganduje looted all Kano n still built those massive project I wonder were the saint like Jesus governors can not accomplish something have of that quality with all the revenue accruing to Igboland.
Politics / Re: 2023, Which Way Nigeria? Tribalism Has Eaten Us Up by Magicians: 7:13am On Sep 12, 2020
And you think a foolish lunatic like you get to decide who Igbo vote for lol. Check to see how much vote Buhari garner in the East even with all your hate.


LMAO .....north 2023 they have Igbo vote 100%

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Politics / Re: Is Nigeria Giving More Rights To Repented Boko Haram? by Magicians: 7:04am On Sep 12, 2020
From what happened to GANA of Benue State, am still thinking, is it all about aboki?
Did your flat pathetic Igbotic head say the same thing when the first boko haram leader was killed ?!
Travel / Re: Pictures Of Port Harcourt International Airport by Magicians: 7:02am On Sep 12, 2020
What were u doing b4 this govt that you can not do now ?

Nice achievement.

But to be very candid about The situation in this part of the world.... Life IS TOO HARD.

For the first time in about twenty years of my self-struggle, I have never admitted that life is hard, it's my first experience in life since bubu take over power.

If not that I fear God, I will have commit suicide.

I have never witness a terrible president as this.
If prayer used to work in our direction, I will have spend all my energy to pray for something that will overthrow this man government.

The pains i goes through to make a living is terrible and my first experience in all my life.

To all of us who felt the pains this government inflicted on us, God will surely keep us alive to see it end.


Politics / Re: Let's Talk Tinubu! by Magicians: 1:25am On Sep 12, 2020
No Yoruba is that naive. There is no unbiased Yoruba who is politically alive today that will not prefer Fashola or Osinbajo to Tinubu. It is only those corrupted by PDP that scream Tinubu this n that.

What always amazes me about all this are some of the Yorubas that think they are liberal that always scream Tinubu is the problem everytime, ask them how? They will all keep shut.

Ask them who do you wish to be president in 2023, they might either mention people that can't win election like Akinwumi Adesina or mention Prof. Osinbajo.

Fine, I also love Osinbajo and he is a plus for the Yorubas too. But how do you think you can install Osinbajo as president if you bring Tinubu down?

The other tribes carrying out crusade to spoil Tinubu in the media are not stupid, they know that if Tinubu remain whole till 2023, then he has a much higher chance to either be president or nominate someone that will eventually win.

I am not bothered about other tribe hating Tinubu or trying to bring him down, that is politics and you have to play it by any means you want. But the Yorubas that fail to see the plot behind this are those that I blame.

Politics / Re: 2023, Which Way Nigeria? Tribalism Has Eaten Us Up by Magicians: 9:01pm On Sep 11, 2020
Fight your battle with northerners don't bring igbos into it ..which is massive project in south east ?

You Igbos think everyone is as foolish as you. How many northern political forum do we have online n how many Hausa Fulani comment in them ? 2023 will prove you wrong in regards to the multitude of fake monicker you Igbos open in Yoruba Hausa n Fulani names.


Politics / Re: Chinedu Ikedieze ‘Aki’ Campaigns For APC In Edo by Magicians: 12:35pm On Sep 11, 2020
I just lost all respect for him. Theres a way I see any Igbo man who supports APC, although everyone is entitled to support who they like.
To hell with your respect. Na your respect carry him reach where e in life ? It's only on NL fools feel entitled to an opinion.

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Politics / Re: Godwin Obaseki: 8 Key Projects That Define His Term In Office by Magicians: 4:16am On Sep 11, 2020
Igbo is on a race to hell fire ba ? No be only race na bastard. Foolish igbo who do not understand himself.


Seems igbos made ur parents very unfortunate, which has resulted in having a dunce like u.
Keep on masturbating and wallowing in imbecility abt the igbo race.

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