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Travel / Re: Skilled Immigrants In Canada With Heightened Unemployment ( Phrankleen) by maternal: 10:58pm On Jun 21

You intentionally misconstrued what he was trying to say, i know you have issues Phrankleen but for God sake try to be open minded and stop this false propaganda.

I'm watching the video now and he put a disclaimer for people like you from the beginning

He is stating raw fact! People don't want to hear this, not everyone that leaves Nigeria to Canada or UK makes it or do better than their mates back in Nigeria.

He is not discouraging people rather narrating what is common among immigrants.

I'm not his biggest fan but i watch to learn and understand

Well if his father listened to his advice, he wouldn't have been born in France, while holding UK citizenship. He is bias and not balanced. Not everyone will succeed. We get it. If these same people were successful in Naija, they never would have left. But for some reason they get impatience when they're in Canada. The issue is, he never looks at the totality of everything. It's not always about money. He's not rich in the UK, so why isn't he back in Naija ? He's still in the UK because he's looking at the totality of everything for himself and children. He's a hypocrite !


Travel / Skilled Immigrants In Canada With Heightened Unemployment ( Phrankleen) by maternal: 9:51pm On Jun 21
Enemy of progress, Phrankleen, who posts fake stories on his YouTube page, and who still lives in the UK and REFUSES to return to Nigeria, is now saying Nigerians who migrated to Canada are facing massive unemployment. What is stopping them or Phrankleen from returning to Nigeria is beyond me. Other than employment, he never mentions a high quality of life, law/order, visa free travel with a Canadian passport, etc. Does Phtankleen have a point, or he's an enemy of progress ?

Travel / Re: Relocation To Canada by maternal: 1:21pm On Jun 15
Canada seem to be a safe heaven for so many these days, well the government has constructively baked out unsuitable living conditions for the citizens of Nigeria hence the quick rush to migrate to Canada especially since the government has created a system to help people who deem it fit to increase the population and boost their economy in all ramifications...

Question is if everyone leaves now,,how do we fight our way out of this political and economic mayhem...

We all have one life to live. Gaining prosperity for your current family and generations down the line is all people care about. Nigeria and her prosperity should be the least of any Nigerian concerns; especially for a country that has never given a damn about you.

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Travel / Re: Relocation To Canada by maternal: 1:19pm On Jun 15

Those 30k a year will multiply later, you know giving birth and making connections to your siblings so they can join you in Canada too.

Exactly. That 30k is easily 40 to 50k. By the time you sponsor you parents, help your siblings come, have kids, etc, is way more.
Travel / Re: Relocation To Canada by maternal: 1:18pm On Jun 15

Considering the hype online, the stat is very low. Well, I can understand why sha.

Canada picks the top of the top who can contribute right away.
Travel / Re: Why Do People Return From Canada After Getting A PR by maternal: 4:45am On May 03
I know a few people who did this. They weren't suffering at all, but couldn't risk living in Nigeria with their wife or kids. So they come to Canada, get their PR with their kids and wife. They get them set up. He'll go back to naija to work, while flying back to Canada to be with their family. He'll eventually make the move permanently, after taking care of their affairs. They just couldn't risk leaving their family in Nigeria a second longer. But they'll all move to Canada for good without a doubt.


Travel / Re: Returning To Nigeria Is The Worst Decision I’ve Ever Made by maternal: 6:52pm On Mar 21
The man isn't telling the full story. He's selfish and a coward. I know a guy like this in Canada. He didn't get a good job originally and wanted to return to naija with his wife and kids. His wife brought him divorce papers and said she's not going anywhere with him, back to naija.

A few years later he finally got his dream job and they're doing good. He now realizes how foolish he was trying to leave Canada and going back to Nigeria. He admitted he was selfish at the time. Ladies never let a blind, incompetent man lead you.


Travel / Re: If Nigeria Is The Easiest Country To Get Rich, Why Is It Still The World's Poore by maternal: 9:16pm On Jan 30

Masa a lot of Nigerian grsduates are into business. Mini importation, fashion design, Shoe selling, making food and selling with social media and they are still broke.

How did they get the capital to start these businesses?

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Travel / Re: If Nigeria Is The Easiest Country To Get Rich, Why Is It Still The World's Poore by maternal: 7:05pm On Jan 29
To me,the reasons is that, Nigeria has a lot of untapped opportunities. They are a lot of areas we haven't tapped into in this country, like the educational sectors, health services, and agricultural sectors. The problem we have in this country is that, we fail to look at opportunities presented to us, and instead want to join the sectors that are saturated already.

Please. A big multinational company will come and exploit the areas where money can be made. The average Nigerian doesn't anywhere to get capital even if they had an amazing business idea.


Travel / Re: If Nigeria Is The Easiest Country To Get Rich, Why Is It Still The World's Poore by maternal: 7:03pm On Jan 29
Nigeria is a broke country. Other than some natural resources which the 1 percent benefit from, or entertainment, again only the 1 percent benefit from, its a broke country. I laugh when people say don't leave an X (insert nonsense salary) job for Canada. If you can hustle and make money in naija, North America would be a joke for you. Interms of hustling.


Travel / Re: America And Canada Not As Advertised by maternal: 6:31pm On Jan 24

You are spreading lies, foreign women have much worse attitudes. You didn't grow up with them and can't see it yet.

Nigerian women are actually more transparent,easy to read and are part of the successful immigrant stories in the country. Foreign women are more politically correct, even if they hate you and are racist will still smile in your face and that is how they deceive you fresh of the boat(FOB) Nigerians into worshipping them and slamming your own country women.

Na lie. Oyibo women for yankee sweet die. Nobody sends naija babes here. With their nasty attitude and pot bellle hanging over their toto

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Travel / Re: USA- Biden To Propose 8 Year Citizenship Path by maternal: 6:39pm On Jan 19
If he likes let him welcome the rest of the world....if they ain't no policy to checkmate the influx, they will still suffer it. I trust Nigerians we no dey carry last.

Yes America should get out of other people's country and business. They make other countries poor.
Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 9:27pm On Jan 18
From what I have watched on border patrol, they act only on intelligence report. Someone reports a case and they move, or if an illegal gets arrested then they forward their case. There is no point stopping random people on the street.

Exactly. They're also undercover and wear plain clothes. No fancy uniforms. There's a lot in the Toronto area.
Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 4:32pm On Jan 18

I always wonder how do people get arrested on immigration ground in Canada given that I never come across an inland immigration checkpoint in Canada.

The only places I have to deal with immigration are the port of entries when returning to Canada.

I have seen videos of the UK border agency and US immigration establishing inland checkpoint to deter illegal aliens. France has the same system as well where immigration officers would walk around a city checking people immigration status.

In Canada , the immigration doesn't check people inland. So, how do illegal immigrants get arrested and deported from Canada?

12 year ago, I met a student from Zambia who ended up by getting deported from Canada. How could this happen? I have no idea.

Another guy from Burundi got deported. Same question running into my mind.

They have all your details from DNA, biometric, address, etc. CBSA also has an inland division. Their sole job is to track down people who are suppose to be deported, but are hiding illegally. Lastly like someone said, if you're hiding they'll destroy your life. Everything is linked to your sin. They'll make sure you can't work, freeze bank accounts, etc. The border service knows what they're doing.

Europe does that because they're very racist. If a police randomly stops me, that's a lawsuit and that police will be disciplined.

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Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 7:38am On Jan 18

Besides it takes a very long time to get PR even if your asylum claims succeeds, most province in Canada don't grant PNP to Refugees...

It doesn't. You're officially a PR on paper at least, and will get all the benefits.
Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 4:50am On Jan 18

Hey maternal, question for you.
Do asylum seekers get detained in Canada?
I thought it was only in the US where a person seeking asylum could be detained.

If they're a danger to public safety or public health. So if you have a criminal record, a disease that can affect citizens, etc. But they must be satisfied with your identity before they even think of letting you go.

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Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 2:19am On Jan 18

...until Nigerians topped the list of asylum seekers grin

That's not sneaking in. Its their right. Most have been deported or are sitting in a cell waiting to be deported. The US visa approval in which they came in from have bee reduced.
Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 4:36pm On Jan 17
when usa, uk and Germany were doing normal. Only few people reason canada. Unlike those other countries canada has an aging population, women who prefer to own pets give birth. Has to choice really than to keep inviting people cheesy. Even employers most time have no choice than to employ migrants as they cant find alternatives.

Every western nation has an aging population. Germany didn't let all those arabs in because they are nice people. Canada is now popular because they don't play any games with people's lives and they're honest. If you have what we need or want, we'll give you PR. Then in 3 years if you behave yourself we'll give you citizenship. No games whatsoever. I have people in the US and UK running to Canada. They fell for the hype.
Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 4:31pm On Jan 17

Wow! Three decades? Mehn, Canada is an outlier amongst western nations regarding immigration.

Back then and even till now Canada doesn't really advertise themselves like other developed nations. Hence why people use to run to America or UK, and they're now in Canada. Those countries are professional marketing firms. Also the stereotype that Canada is unberiably cold.

Lastly, Canada is surrounded by ocean to the east and west, then America to the south, and the north pole to the north. It's the hardest country to sneak into honestly.
Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 6:22pm On Jan 16

It seems like the reply was meant for a different post instead of mine.

Gladly. I lived in the UK for a couple of years before I moved to Canada. I had a university education in the UK; hence, the name Salford..

Anyway, where in my post did I mention that racism doesn't exist in Canada ? I said we detest racism, discrimination, Trump's style of politics e.t.c, atleast the majority of people here detest such.

Unlike the UK, Canada is a country of migrants meaning the majority of whites here are recent immigrants themselves. Within 2 years, I lost count of the amount of time I was told to go back to where I came from when I lived in the UK. Almost a decade here in Canada now and not one single incident.

Telling me not to get comfortable. GTFOH grin
Actually, I am getting very comfortable and even getting more comfortable as the day goes by. You can't really understand. I doubt if you have ever lived in Canada, so I will pardon your ignorance
. wink

My only regret is that I discovered Canada later. I should have moved here for studies instead of going to the UK, but all my siblings live in London, England, so it was natural that I leaned towards UK before I thought of Canada. However, I have caught up with my peers here and doing great.


Ps: Canada has always accepted immigrants, mostly from Europe, Asia and Africa. People just do not fancy that it is an extremely cold country. I have met Nigerians that have been here since the 1990s. Heck, a Nigerian graduated from the University of Saskatchewan Pharmacy program in the 1950s. The skilled program has been around for over 3 decades. It just recently became popular due to social media and affordable internet.

As per Brexit, Brexit was more of shutting out fellow European nationals. Especially those from Eastern Europe being governed by anti immigrant and dictators like Viktor Orban of Hungary and a few others that of turned those countries to latrine pits of Europe.. I can't find any similarities between migrating to Canada and Brexit.

I've met Nigerians in Canada who were born in Canada in the late 70's to mid 80's.


Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 6:20pm On Jan 16

These are my thoughts too! Africa is loosing so many skilled individuals everyday because of our shitty leaders. It's sad. sad

Those who come over to the west send home billions each year. On top of that, some will purchase or build homes, while spending millions if not billions on visits. People leaving helps the economy more than you think.


Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 5:24pm On Jan 16

There is a difference between a war and a terrorist attack.

War and terrorism is subjective. It depends on who you ask and their position.


Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 12:16pm On Jan 16

It's ridiculous to judge the "lack of racism and discrimination" in a country based on the current president who will leave office at some point.

Canada has always had very few immigrants living amongst them.. what do you think will happen when citizens start seeing more and more foreigners in their country? ....remember years ago when people used to praise the UK for its hospitality towards immigrants? yeah, until the citizens voted Brexit to the shock of many.. (we all know the Brexit vote was laden in covert racism, people getting fed up of immigrants "taking over" their country).

Remember when America had Obama as president? Well, nobody envisaged the nightmare that would follow shortly after...

Bottom line is, don't get too comfortable.

White people in Canada don't own the land and they're equally immigrants. They're just a few generations in. Also white people here are soft. They'd never run up to a Nigerian and physically try to fight for example. We'd back hand them easily. At most they'll gossip behind your back like school children.


Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 12:11pm On Jan 16

I don't know why people are over emphasizing racism all the time, the UK and US spent decades accepting legal and illegal immigrants, at some point they must close their boarders, so the covert racism is justified.

The Black entitlement mentality is just out of this world, the funny thing is when Nigggas shoot Nigggas we keep quiet but when whites shoot Nigggas the whole world shouts racism...

The wealth you see today was built off the backs of our black ancestors. Countries like the UK, America, etc became wealthy off stealing human capital from Africa, and Africa's resources till this day. The typical white American is an immigrant themselves, who's not liked by the native American. He has no legal rights to be there, talk less saying who should come in or not. Lastly whites have been killing each other for hundreds of years. World wars, Canada vs USA, UK vs France, etc. Nobody says much. But when an Arab Muslim kills a white the whole world shouts terrorism. What's your point ?


Travel / Re: Will Canada "Cast" For Nigerians Soon? by maternal: 7:25pm On Jan 15
Everyone is talking about Canada, many Nigerians are fleeing Nigeria to Canada every day. My mind tells me the country might "cast" for Nigerians soon because anything Nigerians do en masse doesn't always end well, just name it - business, profession, school e.t.c.

Please note that i'm not trying to discourage anyone from fleeing to Canada or anywhere outside this hell hole of a country, I am also planning to japa soon. grin

Guys, what do you think? Will Canada cast for Nigerians soon? Will it become harder to immigrate to due to some shitty things some of our countrymen MIGHT indulge in?

You'll always have your exceptions, but Nigerians usually respect the laws in Canada. They can't try nonsense in Canada.
Travel / Re: America And Canada Not As Advertised by maternal: 5:21pm On Jan 14

Bintin laye......hmmm deep

So why aren't you married to any over there? They don't meet your standard? Cos it's not possible for all of them to have same standard.

Nobody cares about Nigerian women in Canada. There's so many different options of women, minus the attitude. In fact Nigerian women to Nigerian men are seen as local. While other women are seen as foreign. Foreign products always get more attention

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Travel / Re: This Is What Canada Looks Like During The Second Phase Of The Lock Down by maternal: 5:27pm On Jan 07
Once they enter canada like this, next thing is Youtube. Welcome ma.
One more thing, I noticed its only women that are into this YouTube of a thing..why na

Naija women have no power in Canada. No one sends them. The men are also busy hustling, strategizing.
Travel / Re: "Relocating To Canada Is A Huge Achievement" - Nigerians by maternal: 7:19am On Jan 06

You already have cultists and Yahoo boys in Toronto...

The federal government have intelligence on the cultists. They were broken up, and those who weren't citizens were deported, and those who are were given long sentences. I know of a girl who's boyfriend got deported. I also know of a guy who's doing 20 years for 419 and drug trafficking in the Toronto area. Canada is ready for any lawless individuals who wants to turn this place into naija. It won't work.

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Travel / Re: "Relocating To Canada Is A Huge Achievement" - Nigerians by maternal: 7:15am On Jan 06

Did blacks build Europe?

Where do you think they European countries got their wealth from, after enslaving blacks for hundreds of years ?


Travel / Re: "Relocating To Canada Is A Huge Achievement" - Nigerians by maternal: 6:10am On Jan 06

You're very correct.

So many Nigerians from England, USA are here in Canada in the past 5yrs. Their numbers is scary

They never had papers there to begin with.
Travel / Re: "Relocating To Canada Is A Huge Achievement" - Nigerians by maternal: 3:49am On Jan 04

The loophole is d assylum seekers. Most comes in with fabricated lies to constitute a nuisance.
You hear some lies and forget ur name

They hand pick who they want from refugee seekers as well. They're not dumb.


Travel / Re: "Relocating To Canada Is A Huge Achievement" - Nigerians by maternal: 1:20am On Jan 04
It takes x amount of Nigerians to destroy the system there. The place is getting too full of our brothers, I would check elsewhere.

Blacks make up like 3 percent of Canada's population. Either way the system is Nigerian proof. Most won't try it.

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