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Politics / Re: Nigeria Meets China For Help With Internet Censorship by michaelwilli(m): 4:04pm On Jun 07
We need censorship and we need it now before another problem adds to what Nigerians are facing

If ordinary FM radio can cause Rwanda genocide then Nigeria must be scared of fake news

You sound like a pig's fart


Phones / Re: Questionable Quality Of Xiaomi Phones Sold In Nigeria by michaelwilli(m): 3:20pm On May 24

Lmao. Why would you say they deliberately ship defective phones to Nigeria. A brand like Xiaomi that depends on word of mouth and don't do aggressive marketing. Every positive feedback means a lot to them. A few phones among a thousand sold being defective is a normal thing, I've had my fair share of it when I was using infinix. My hot 4 lite earpiece just suddenly went dead, next thing charging port, speakers, etc. And it happend in under two weeks of being newly purchased. When I went to fix it I was told it was board issue. I repaired it and continued using it till hot 6 came out, I bought it and a few months while using it, the screen went dead like completely dead. Didn't fall or anything.

So my point is a few defective phones is not a new thing and it's more common than you think. The reason why you hear about It more is that Xiaomi is not too keen on having repair shops littered everywhere. Third party repair shop is their way to go here.

I wouldn't underestimate the possible callousness of any entity. Why I'm a bit skeptical is I haven't heard this same complain from anyone who bought their phones on aliexpress. Although, what I heard is that the 9 series had a lot of defect. but 10 and above are very durable
Phones / Re: Questionable Quality Of Xiaomi Phones Sold In Nigeria by michaelwilli(m): 9:56am On May 24
michaelwilli such problem exist but they are few. However don't expect honest answer from this platform because Xiaomi fans will say otherwise
I think it's worth researching sha. Cos it's a thing of concern. Could mean xiaomi deliberately ships defective phones to Nigeria
Phones / Questionable Quality Of Xiaomi Phones Sold In Nigeria by michaelwilli(m): 8:44am On May 24
I have heard from a couple people that Xiaomi phones sold in Nigeria are of terrible quality. Had a case of a redmi note 7 having board problems, another having software issues, a redmi note 10 with some parts of the screen not touching, just a few weeks after purchase. Does any one else have this kind of experience with a xiaomi phone bought in Nigeria?

I bought my redmi note 5 pro from aliexpress, still using it, two years and counting, never had issues with it.
Phones / Re: I Just Unboxed My Redmi Note10 Pro by michaelwilli(m): 12:18pm On May 21
What specs did you get?
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Emotional Tantrums� by michaelwilli(m): 9:21am On May 07

You just made my day boss, my girlfriend is someone I have in mind to get settled with.

Don't miss the part of teaching her, let her know why it's important. She just might not know why it's bad to leave someone hanging. The benefit of doubt is necessary.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Emotional Tantrums� by michaelwilli(m): 9:19am On May 07

I guessed you missed the part where the girl told him she was stressed out. While you were trying to look like a sage,you ended up looking like a dumbo. The S in your name stands for Sense

It'll be good if you put all this energy into making your life better.
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend And Her Emotional Tantrums� by michaelwilli(m): 5:52am On May 04
OP, you are not nagging. People have things to do with their lives. If you commit some of your time to a person, the person should be good enough to tell you when they won't be able to be with you at that time and why. You could as well use that time for something else. There is communication, there is effective communication. You can try to teach your girlfriend how to communicate effectively and how to respect people's time.

If she doesn't learn, please move on. There's better ways to spend your time than pouring water in basket.

Don't let anyone tell you that you are nagging. This is your girlfriend here, not friends with benefits or sugar mummy that you share no emotional attachment with.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Naval Officer Escapes From Kidnappers - Pictures by michaelwilli(m): 10:00pm On Apr 09
nothing special, he just did what he was trained for

se o gbadun?

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Business / Re: Why I Broke My WEMA Alat ATM Card And Stopped Going Cashless by michaelwilli(m): 9:13am On Jun 05, 2020
Try fidelity

No think am o. I spent an entire day at fidelity trying to get my ATM card. i got to the bank at 6:45am and left there by 4:15pm. If you call customer service, they will still ask you to go to bank branch. So it's utterly useless.


Romance / Re: Should I Break Up Or Make Up With My Boyfriend? by michaelwilli(m): 12:37am On May 22, 2020
Only thing I picked is that your bf has a car on a 90k salary. King of misplaced priorities

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Religion / Re: Ravi Zacharias Dies Of Cancer At 74 by michaelwilli(m): 4:27pm On May 19, 2020
but why is he called an apologist?


Health / Re: Remdesivir: Trump Wants FDA To Quicken Its Approval For COVID -19 Treatment by michaelwilli(m): 6:31pm On Apr 30, 2020

What if he(Joe) fields Obama Mrs. as running mate? That woman will sweep the independent candidates and straw out some emotionally attached republicans. I have a feeling Democrats know Trump's game plan which is the electoral college votes. All they have to do is to focus more on those states. That was his main joker card during the last elections. I myself never knew it until results from the states with highest electoral votes started dropping in and he won the first 4 states. Generally, his rating has dropped again. Well, like 2015, let's wait for surprises again. But that Trump might win is a valid point but to say Biden doesn't have a chance, I will never say that. Outside allegations against Clinton, she would have really defeated Trump. Same game he started playing against Biden moment he showed interest. Trump is like a wrestler that will break your legs inside the dressing room before entering the ring with you. He is always scared of entering the ring with a fully fit fellow reason why he always look for all those skeletons inside competitor's cupboard. sharp guyyyyyyyy grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin

The person who had a chance with Trump was Bernie. And Bernie has been bleeped sideways twice by the dems
Health / Re: Remdesivir: Trump Wants FDA To Quicken Its Approval For COVID -19 Treatment by michaelwilli(m): 6:30pm On Apr 30, 2020

Me too. I pray that Trump wins. The other day I watched Bill Maher who claims to be a Comedian who always act like he is funny especially when he has his audience that laughs to each and every of his stale jokes. This time around. No audience due to Covid-19 lock-down and he tried doing the usual Liberal tactics and use of Argumentum ad Hominem on Dan Crenshaw as per their usual all day hate of Trump and Dan Crenshaw used higher Intelligence dismantling all his attacks. There was no paid audience to appluad his hate of Trump. Dan Crenshaw "massacred" him in that interview they both had. Not in an abusive way but in a very matured way.

He was turned a laughing stock as the video went viral in the US.

Ahhh. That one with Dan Crenshaw was the bomb. I watched that too. Baba no see better thing talk

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Health / Re: Remdesivir: Trump Wants FDA To Quicken Its Approval For COVID -19 Treatment by michaelwilli(m): 11:25am On Apr 30, 2020

Let me tell you the day I knew Trump himself new Biden is a threat. During his campaign at North Charleston, he was shouting to his supporters that who do they think is the easier to be beaten. The crowd shouted more for Biden because they knew Biden was going to win the primaries. But Trump feels he has a greater chance against Sanders than Joe at the general polls. Then he told the crowd he feels Sanders is easier to be beaten at polls and they did the nay/ya voting again and Sanders won.
It was all a mind game so that democrats can vote in Sanders a man of almost 80 years. Let's be honest it isn't going to be easy for him come November.

Let's see. The dems av played into fielding Biden and they will lose terribly
Health / Re: Remdesivir: Trump Wants FDA To Quicken Its Approval For COVID -19 Treatment by michaelwilli(m): 8:31am On Apr 30, 2020

He wants a cheap political point to use in their elections that he eradicated coronavirus. I might be wrong but the Trump I listen to and watch os more concerned about winning the next elections than what the virus is doing to them. He is scared of Biden and with rumours of Michelle Obama running alongside Biden as his vice, he is terribly worried and needs a very strong major thing to campaign on. If USA doesnt act the messiah for this coronavirus and another country does, when campaigns start, they will use media to finish him with the death rate under him. Too many people died for a great country like USA. Sincerely politics aside, another person as their president would have handled the coronavirus thing better. He goofed on it.

U really think Biden is a threat? I laugh in Cantonese


Health / Re: Remdesivir: Trump Wants FDA To Quicken Its Approval For COVID -19 Treatment by michaelwilli(m): 8:26am On Apr 30, 2020

Trump has Fox new, which is owned by a Republican and CNN is owned by a Democrat. Trump didn't listen to intelligence chief when they briefed him on the virus in January and he did nothing even called the virus a hoax, blamed Obama, blamed impeachment.
Followed what the media said about Obama during the Ebola even though he handled the virus very very well.

Man stop supporting shit.

I doubt you have followed the thing all along. You didn't see when he barred entry from China and the response from the democrats where some went to Chinatown, others where having gatherings and were downplaying the threat of the virus


Politics / Re: Coronavirus: "High-Ranking Member Of Buhari's Cabinet Dead" - Kemi Olunloyo by michaelwilli(m): 2:07pm On Apr 02, 2020
This woman is hardly ever wrong ... Next few days will be interesting
Like when she said buhari is positive shey?
Romance / Re: Take A Picture Of Your Valentine Gift And Drop It Here by michaelwilli(m): 1:47pm On Feb 14, 2020
I got new PS4 with games and complete accessories from my wife grin

U marry better pikin

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Is Being Forced Into Marriage by michaelwilli(m): 12:07pm On Feb 07, 2020

You're 19 and you say you and a 17 year old girl have a future together...boy can you even feed yourself not to talk of taking care of a wife and child?! undecided

That's why he said future, not we have a present together
Crime / Re: Graphic Photos From The Ondo Bank Robbery Attack by michaelwilli(m): 7:26am On Feb 07, 2020
Dey remove dey brain with knife cs I don't understand our Police no doubt are crazy people but dey need to be given better weapons not all dey ones dey walk with red ribbon tied to an expired gun
They have good weapons. An AKM is a good weapon. What they need is better training. I don't think they do any training once they graduate from police college or even spend any day at a shooting range to sharpen their shooting skills. The best weapons in the hands of a poorly trained person is virtually useless.
Agriculture / Re: This Is The Snake Killing My Chickens & Tampering With Their Eggs In My Poultry by michaelwilli(m): 1:28pm On Jan 14, 2020
that's a black mamba, very potent venom which kill within 20mins, a drrop is enough to kill 20 fully grown adult men, it is expected since you have a poultry, you can't really prevent dem from coming but you can atleast get snake traps or plant a particulr leaf called taba leaf it wards dem off
That's not a black mamba. Black mambas are grey in color. They are called black because of the color of their mouth

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Travel / Re: Iran Will Not Give Black Box From Crashed Ukrainian Airliner To Boeing by michaelwilli(m): 6:08am On Jan 09, 2020
Actually they shouldn’t give it to Boeing because it is an American company. They should give it to country or institution with neutral interest to analyze.
It's not a matter of interests. The plane was a boeing plane so boeing should have access to it
Family / Re: Do You Consider Flogging An Effective Way Of Discipline? What's The Alternative? by michaelwilli(m): 8:40pm On Dec 30, 2019

A proverb you probably misunderstood? In those days, the rod was used for guiding sheep in the right direction, not flogging them. It literally means “if you do not guide the child, you spoil the child. Sometimes you need history lessons to understand the context of the Bible.
You obviously didn't read verse 13

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Foreign Affairs / Re: President Donald Trump Impeachment Updates by michaelwilli(m): 8:10pm On Dec 18, 2019
Republicans have tried twice today to derail the impeachment process and failed and it has been alleged that Trump has paid off every Republican. They just don't see how they can put him above the country. "They are not standing to their oath of office to protect the Constitution. Some may fear for their careers but I don't think that's all of it."
Na galaxy u dey watch
Phones / Re: Aliexpress Which Of The Two Should I Go For Nairalanders by michaelwilli(m): 8:36pm On Nov 19, 2019
Buy a tecno or infinix that you'll be able to repair in Nigeria
Politics / Re: Sowore Vs Buhari - The Guardian UK Calls Nigeria 'A Climate Of Fear' by michaelwilli(m): 7:05pm On Nov 14, 2019
let them say
Travel / Re: Air Peace Aircraft Develops Engine Failure Mid Air by michaelwilli(m): 4:27pm On Nov 06, 2019
that belview was it not bomb?
It wasn't. The plane dived almost vertically. The pilot of the plane had been off flying for about 14 years because he was shot in the head during an attempted robbery. That alone should have put him off airplanes. According to wikipedia;

The pilot-in-command (PIC) training of the Captain was inadequate, and the cumulative flight hours of the pilot in the days before the accident which was indicative of excessive workload that could lead to fatigue. The investigation was unable to determine the captain’s medical condition at the time of the accident.

The aircraft had a number of technical defects and should not have been flown for either the accident flight or earlier flights. The airline failed to maintain an operating and maintenance regime within the regulations and the Civil Aviation Authority’s safety oversight of the operator’s procedures and operations was inadequate

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