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Crime / Re: White Lady Who Stabbed Her Nigerian Boyfriend To Death Is Seen At A Bar Chilling by Midas01: 4:55pm On Apr 10
That's really sad but that's what most of you do on this forum anyways. Insult Nigerian women all day everyday claiming white women are better.

U are the one who is an illiterate if u don’t know that guys story of always abusing black girls just because he was dating a white girl


Romance / Re: I'm Crushing Or Liking My Reverend, What Can I Do? by Midas01: 4:54am On Apr 10
And what about Julius Agwu's who cheated on his wife with reckless abandon right after his surgery after she was there for him all through the period of his Illness?

Doesn't suite the narrative right?

What about Okon whose chat with a girl was leaked that showed him soliciting for sex with a lady, when the chat was leaked he even admitted to it.... Does that suite your narrative too?

What about the uncountable useless Nigerian men who will make small money and start gallivanting around town with small girls turning their wives to prayer warriors.

Look, Nigerian men will always be planets worse that the worst Nigerian woman and the entire world knows that. Y'all are just pained that women are not taking your bullshit anymore.

If roles were reversed and a Nigerian man was the op, you'd have asked him to smash and clean mouth but since it's a woman, heaven must fall...

Foolish beings
You're married with kids and you claim you still love your husband But yet you're crushing, liking and developing feelings for another man. Nawa oo!

This is the main reason why most guys don't take Nigerian women serious.

I do come across some foolish articles on nairaland like "How to make a woman love and respect you" "How to make a woman stay with you till eternity" "How to make a woman do this... How to make a woman do that... Blah blah blah" the funny thing is, SIMPs will even be saying "nice one op".

Lol, seriously I go just dey laugh and dey look them like mgbeke.

Oga, if you like give Nigerian women the whole world, If you like chase everybody away to planet Mars and give her the whole earth. She would still cheat on you to go collect better preek in planet Mars.

Dear Men, don't ever take Nigerian women serious Please. Avoid Nigeria women like a plague.

Meanwhile.. Adeleke ifeanyi be like Madam carry your mouth go one side... abeg.

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Romance / Re: See What The Girl I Liked Told Me by Midas01: 1:32pm On Apr 09
There's nothing you people won't say about women.

Please where are the women that hate men who give them attention?

Corner the bae n move on DNT ask her again at all just be looking her n be doing well.

Soon she will be after u I swear, women hates men that gives them too much attention

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Crime / Re: Ann Oshaifi Brutally Murdered, Vital Parts Removed In Lagos (Photos) by Midas01: 1:55pm On Apr 07
You're just a bastard.... Just look at fools who have no sympathy for human life. So you've never insulted someone in your life before?
Serves her right in her next life she would never insult a stranger she has never met before.... That's how most of this girls rudely insult strangers and Thier families, people they have never met before. They just insult them, not knowing that Thier killer might be coming for them and would want them dead for insulting them.

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Crime / Re: Ann Oshaifi Brutally Murdered, Vital Parts Removed In Lagos (Photos) by Midas01: 1:52pm On Apr 07
Like the way your mother has been doing hook up right?
No tears for the dead. Hook up,okpo . They never listen

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Celebrities / Re: Davido's Aide, Isreal DMW Proposes Marriage To Girlfriend & She Said 'Yes' (Pix) by Midas01: 1:04pm On Apr 05
Like your mother?
Ode go propose to olosho grin
Celebrities / Re: How Comedy Skit Makers, Social Media Influencers Buy Lekki Mansions, Posh Cars by Midas01: 12:59pm On Apr 05
Keep discrediting other people's success to feel good about yourself.

About 5 years ago, I remember when reports came out that Maraji used to charge 500k per sponsored post. Keep thinking everything is a lie while they're smiling to the bank.

Mind you, this report doesn't even include youtube streams...Lol.
Your post is bogus with funny conclusions. People that buy houses of 100m+ are not people that make 100m+ yearly, they make x5 or more of that.

Who would pay a skitmaker 2m for a post? Not even top 5 nigerian comedians can boast of being paid that for a post.

It's either they're chasing the usual clout, yeyebrities do or they are running BEC or crypto scam on a low.
Romance / Re: How Do You Guys Move On??? by Midas01: 12:46pm On Apr 05
So cheating is bad when it's a woman doing it? I never knew.

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Celebrities / Re: Davido Unfollows 2baba, Wizkid, Timaya For Not Congratulating Him by Midas01: 7:44am On Apr 04
Even R, Kelly.
The guy who said they don't feature A - list artists in FIFA Songs is very funny..

So, he mean Shakira, Wyclef Jean, Jennifer Lopez who have featured in FIFA WC Soundtracks are not A - List
Family / Re: Is Cheating Enough Reason To Leave A Legal Marriage ? by Midas01: 12:54pm On Apr 03
Bla bla bla.... please save this advice for men. It's always when a women cheats that preaching starts.

Let your wife keep cheating so you can help tame her excesses okay?
jane, i totally understand your point of view. But then, how would you handle the gilt after you and your hubby might have work things out?

i know no gender have the monopoly of cheating. You shouldn't let your spouse actions influence/makes u go against your vow of fidelity..

i will advice that, in such scenario u only try to tame him of his excesses. But if he's not ready to change and u reach your breaking point. U can always go with the option divorce..

personally, if i cheat on u and u cheat back. Hmmm. I think that will be the end of the relationship coz two imperfect people can nt make a relatnshp work. That's tit for tat

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Family / Re: Is Cheating Enough Reason To Leave A Legal Marriage ? by Midas01: 12:52pm On Apr 03
Why are you pained and crying? The only ode here is you.

If cheating is so good for you to do to someone's daughter, why do you not want it to be done to you?

A guy will cheat with reckless abandon and you'll keep cheering him on but when a girl does a quarter she is an ode and an olosho.

Better go and marry a bush girl that you'll cage at home cuz in today's world , women will cheat right back. Highest thing you can do is divorce and keep divorcing.

Mumu talk... Two wrongs do not make a right undecided

Just say you are looking for opportunity to bang your cultist ex undecided

Ode undecided

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Politics / Re: Mother Of Four, Brother-In-Law Set Ablaze By Angry Lagos Husband by Midas01: 9:49am On Apr 03
Yet women are their problem.

If a woman commits one quarter of this, they'll fill this thread with their useless misorgynistic "fear women" rhetoric.
98.9% of evil and barbaric acts are carried out or caused by men round the world.

Jail that monster of a husband for life, when he finally die, let his corpse be buried in jail also. GOD!!!!

Evil men everywhere!!! I'm sick and tired!!

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Sports / Re: World Cup 2022: The 8 Stadiums To Host All The Matches (pictures) by Midas01: 9:43pm On Apr 02
Shey if na woman post this rubbish you'll call her ashawo?
I watched a documentary about one of this Qatar stadiums, I saw n liked a particular stadium dt have hotel inside, d hotel rooms av glass doors n walls dt u can watch live matches from ur hotel room tru d door or walls n i was like WOW
imagine d feeling of me docking a foreign bea in doggy style In dt hotel n seeing messi scoring a last minute winning goal, d feeling would be magical...
Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Has A Very Reckless Past. by Midas01: 11:21pm On Mar 28
No wonder you fools keep meeting these reckless women.

What then differentiates him from the so called "reckless" girl. One day you people will fvck Mami water and your dvcks will hang there
Abeg Bleep and leave her


Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Has A Very Reckless Past. by Midas01: 11:17pm On Mar 28
And I guess a man who had numerous sexual partners and a high body count turns out to be such a faithful husband , right?
The situation am in ATM.. because with a girl having multiple sexual relationship in the past and high body count, they is a high possibility of her cheating in marriage.. they are not use to one man

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Romance / Re: My Girlfriend Has A Very Reckless Past. by Midas01: 11:14pm On Mar 28
I beg to differ please. I do not have a reckless past.

Is there anyone both male and female that doesn't have a reckless past? personally, if I love , I love, I don't believe in the philosophy of digging one's past before settling down with the person; because to be very candid, there's nobody past that's is palatable.

Na sex she had no be say she kill person, or no be say she give you disease. Na knack she knack, u been de knack too before u even meet am. The abortion she committed, even house wives of today , commit abortion too. It's an old story.

Meeting you , means starting afresh with a new chapter. people with trust issue have the time of going back to dig at one's past and if look closely their past too may even be worse.

Look for more justifiable reason to jappa after knacking the poor girl, don't come up with this childish excuse.

Jobs/Vacancies / Re: How Do You Handle Being Shouted On At Work??? by Midas01: 3:55pm On Mar 27
Beat him na shey if it's your wife you'd land her "corrective" slaps. Why not beat your boss and show him who the real man is.


Crime / Re: Liberian, Princess Cooper, Found Dead After She Went To Meet A Caller (Photos) by Midas01: 8:44am On Mar 27
Why are you Nigerian men so useless like this? A woman dies and the first thing out of your foul mouths is they just wasted "kpekus"

After you fools will say it's women that have fish brains.... Such idiocy.
See as dem waste better kp....us

Those whose conscience allows them to harm a harmless person are really barbaric animals.

The word "please" with a corresponding facial expression is enough to melt my heart.
This is why I can never be a cultist, armed robber, kidnapper,beat a woman!

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Crime / Re: Liberian, Princess Cooper, Found Dead After She Went To Meet A Caller (Photos) by Midas01: 8:42am On Mar 27
Every woman isn't like your useless mother that does hook up.
Hook-up gone bad

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Crime / Re: Liberian, Princess Cooper, Found Dead After She Went To Meet A Caller (Photos) by Midas01: 8:36am On Mar 27
Men are just evil, useless beings

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Romance / Re: Why Are There So Many Single Guys At Over 30? by Midas01: 9:41pm On Mar 26
I pity your useless mother.
9ja girls are out to add more burden to your life instead of softening it.

They are nothing but useless. All of them..

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Education / Re: The Taliban Closes Afghan Girls’ Schools Hours After Reopening (Pictures) by Midas01: 5:51am On Mar 24
Men are the problem with the world.
We women are really suffering in this life. So because of some group of stupid men, girls in Afghanistan will not go to school again What kind of life is this? Who gave these foolish men power over women? Why do men love power and control so much? Why so insecure? angry

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Education / Re: The Taliban Closes Afghan Girls’ Schools Hours After Reopening (Pictures) by Midas01: 5:48am On Mar 24
Women are a threat to men worldwide. So much for the superior gender.

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Crime / Re: Woman Killed And Burnt For Demanding Her Father's Inheritance In Ebonyi (pic) by Midas01: 7:51pm On Mar 23
You must be very mad....

In my culture (Urhobo) women have always inherited property. This tradition has been on since the time of our ancestors before the Europeans ever dreamed of stepping foot into Nigeria.

So tell me again how did Europeanization cause that? Mumu. Keep supporting evil till it reaches your door step.
The ancient Chinese believe when a woman possesses chi a force said to be potent in the male gender it is called witch craft , when a woman wants to take the place of a man she's seen as a witch both foreign and Africa, property traditions runs with the male bloodline , so as the DNA traits are traced trough the male genes , its a wrong thing for a woman to lay claims naturally, Europeanisation of Africa caused this issue

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Crime / Re: Adamawa Man Bathes Lover With Acid For Daring Not To Marry Him by Midas01: 1:17pm On Mar 23
Celebrities / Re: Saga: I’m Now Paying ₦5.1m For House Rent As Against ₦200k Before BBN by Midas01: 2:07am On Mar 23
Smh why are men so insecure? Where in this write-up did he mention that anything concerning women?

Everytime women this, women that.... So much for the superior gender...
Spending all these money to impress girls
All the stress just for cheap punna
Women don finnese men with pussy

So i ask men, After you cum wetin u gain
Men, after you cum what else do u gain??
You give a girl 10k, 40k, just for euphoria that last 30 seconds
U cum and then 30 seconds of euphoria.
U lose 10k for 30 seconds faster than losing 10k in betting.

No bomboclat girl will ever pay for dick
Because girls are smart.

Cum that will only last for 30 seconds
After that your eye clear...

I heard their are men who pay 1,million naira for sex.
So i ask again After you cum wetin you gain

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Crime / Re: Woman Caught With Kidnapped Children In Port Harcourt (Pictures) by Midas01: 2:00am On Mar 23
And what is the pride of modern day men? Waywardness and promiscuity right?
Not all mother are mother some mother her murderer.
Crime / Re: Vietnamese Wife Hacks Off Husband's Joystick After Spying On Him With His Niece by Midas01: 10:48am On Mar 22
Pls shut up if you have nothing sensible to say....

The footage of Princess child being molested in her own house by that Yoruba actor, how did it end? Nonsense.

What she did was absolutely wrong....she should have sent the footage to the authorities.... if u don't know , the number of kids sexually abused are mostly done by women ....


Crime / Re: Vietnamese Wife Hacks Off Husband's Joystick After Spying On Him With His Niece by Midas01: 10:39am On Mar 22
Everything fear women....

Fear men for raping everything that crawls. How can you fancy your own brother or sister's child to the point of raping and abusing the innocent child and leaving that child traumatized for life

All this nonsense happens because no one checks the excesses of men. Women are trained from childhood with morals but not men.... From an early age thy are free to do whatever, that's why they commit 95% of all crimes...

Imagine if the woman didn't set up the spy cam, Nairaland frustrated alpha fools would've been calling her a liar and a feminist with a determination to bring the man down.

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