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Crime / Re: Titus Badejo 'Eja Nla' Shot Dead In Ibadan (Photo) by missuzoma: 3:44pm
What will the comments be if this man is from the south east? Deal gone wrong? We're a sorry bunch!
Politics / Re: June 12: Police Presence In Ojota, Lagos (Photos) by missuzoma: 9:04am On Jun 12
This thing is turning to a sit-at-home something

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Politics / Re: Photos From Herdsmen Attack In Igangan, Oyo Today (Graphic) by missuzoma: 4:51pm On Jun 06
When it was happening in the southeast, it was blamed on IPOB and ESN, so who's responsible for this one?
Politics / Re: Twitter Ban: Canada, The EU, Ireland, UK And US Issues Joint Statement by missuzoma: 7:14am On Jun 06
When daddy was oppressing just the Igbos, many were dancing happily and applauding him. It's good we're all feeling the pains now. If you keep quiet when others are being killed, the killer gets bold and proceeds to your corner.


Politics / Re: Bandits Gathering In Kano Falgore Forest - Ganduje Seeks Army’s Help by missuzoma: 8:38pm On Jun 03
Na IPOB cells in Kano forest ooo! Shebi any person they arrest anywhere now is an IPOB member?
Politics / Re: Hope Uzodinma: Gulak's Death Is A Clear Case Of Political Assassination by missuzoma: 7:10pm On May 31

Nonsense igbo people killed our son and we will take revenge for that.

All our people murdered in their homes and farms by Fulani herdsmen, nko? They don't matter, abi?
We all feel bad about Gulak's murder but don't let us start remembering how many of our people your guys killed.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by missuzoma: 4:08pm On May 10
How else do I contact @ Walspring? Nairaland send message system is not functioning too well.
Travel / Re: Uk Student Visa/tier 4 Pbs - Your Questions Answered Part 5 by missuzoma: 10:20am On Mar 22
Good morning all! Please, what's all these discussion about a Police clearance certificate? Is that a new requirement?
Investment / Re: Crypto Currency Investors Thread by missuzoma: 10:31am On Mar 01
BeeTeeCee racing up on Luno, don't know exactly what VI's happening.
Crime / Re: Gunmen Kidnap 3 Travellers In Osun by missuzoma: 1:15pm On Feb 10
Where's Amotekun?
Politics / Re: Enonyi Police: IPOB Attacked Us, Burnt Our Station & Four Vehicles by missuzoma: 12:05pm On Feb 06
Liars!!!! That's my village; Fulani herdsmen were loaded and dropped in Police Hilux vans and they attacked the village and injured many. A man was also killed by them. The Police burnt their
own station to remove attention from explaining why their vans dropped the herdsmen and picked them after the attack. Even our king is in hiding as we believe he's aiding and abetting Fulani herdsmen.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by missuzoma: 8:40pm On Jan 17

The best way of paying tuition from Naija is via the Form-A process. All you need is an official letter from your school stating your fees, the school bank account, routing number and a swift code. Take this info to your Naija bank and let them know you want to pay for tuition with the Form-A. A friend that has done it said First Bank debited his naira account with CBN's official exchange rate. It took 3 weeks for First Bank to approve the payment though.

Three weeks?!!!
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 16 by missuzoma: 11:14am On Jan 13
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 5:32am On Jan 07
Please does anyone know where we can get the covid test done in Lagos and possibility of getting the result in 24-48hrs?

Google Afriglobal in Ikeja area. In less than 24 hours you'll get a text message of result and then go pick it. 50k!

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Business / Re: Luno Or Quidax? Need Help Deciding by missuzoma: 1:14pm On Jan 04
Does Quidax charge less than 2% during buying and selling like Luno?
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 2:52pm On Dec 31, 2020

Wawu, thanks! But how can I find her please? Any idea? There are almost 800k pages on this thread ���
Check Naijaeclectic. and JulianBarnes.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 1:49pm On Dec 31, 2020
Good afternoon gurus! I urgently need help on something.
Does anyone know any school offering creative writing for MA level? Then do I need to take the GRE? Thanks in anticipation!
At least two people posted their visa success transcripts here and both got into creative writing programs at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. You can go to Facebook and join MFA draft groups, but it's late in the day, most of the programs have already closed applications for Fall 2021. Go the the Facebook MFA draft groups and join, you'll see like hundred universities offering creative writing programs with scholarships.
Politics / There May Be No Nigeria In 2023 Without An Igbo Man As President — Anenih by missuzoma: 9:34am On Dec 30, 2020
There May Be No Nigeria In 2023 Without An Igbo Man As President — Anenih

By Raymond Ozoji, Awka

Ex-Aviation Minister of the first and second republic, Chief Mbazuluike Amaechi, former Women Affairs Minister Iyom Josephine Anenih and a host of other Nigerians at home and in the diaspora have unanimously endorsed the global movement for Igbo presidency in 2023.

They concurred at the world press conference held at Chief Mbazuluike’s country home Ukpor, Nnewi-South local government area of Anambra state, that the need for a Nigerian president of southeast extraction was long overdue and equity demanded that it was the turn of the southeast geo-political zone to produce the next president.

The Ex-Aviation Minister and elder statesman who gave his full backing to the quest for an Igbo president in 2023, said Ndigbo must form a united front devoid of sabotage, if they must actualise the Igbo presidency project. He said it was a noble cause as well as achievable but there must be unity of purpose amongst Ndigbo.

During her speech, the former Women Affairs Minister, Iyom Josephine Anenih, observed that Ndigbo seemed to have brought up the rear in the political history of the country. She said Ndigbo were more patriotic and believed very strongly in one Nigeria because of their industry and proficiency for economic development wherever they were across the country.

Anenih also observed that the southeast region had been disenfranchised from the presidency for too long and that it would only be in tandem with equity, natural justice and good conscience, if a Nigerian president of southeast extraction emerged in 2023.

She explained that she was part of the global movement for Igbo president because of the intentions of some non-Igbo Nigerians whom she said were intrepid enough to boldly speak up that the southeast geo-political zone must believe that they were part and parcel of the Nigerian federation.

The ex-Women Affairs Minister maintained that only the Igbo man truly believed in Nigeria and that in spite of provocations, he still believes in one Nigeria. She said Ndigbo wanted a Nigerian president of southeast extraction and that they were consulting widely to ensure that an Igbo man becomes the next Nigerian president; that anything to the contrary, there may be no Nigeria in 2023.

The social crusader and convener of the Global Movement for Igbo Presidency, comrade Eddy Iyere, said there was no going back in the demand for an Igbo president in 2023. He said the die is cast and every lawful means would be deployed to champion the cause for Igbo presidency, where every Nigerian child would be given hope for a better and brighter future.

Other speakers who contributed to the discussion on the Igbo presidency project, established that other geo-political zones of the country have had their fair share of the presidency and that it is unarguably the turn of the southeast region to ascend the presidency to change the narratives.

A governorship hopeful, Mr. Valentine Ozigbo, who was part of the solidarity world press conference, said equity demanded that an Igbo man of the southeast region should be the next Nigerian president.

Ozigbo also advised that unity of purpose was non-negotiable for such laudable project to succeed but emphasized that what was most paramount was that Ndigbo should eschew all forms of sabotage and impediments that might cause a clog in the wheels of the Igbo presidency project in 2023.


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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 11:19am On Dec 29, 2020

If you've gotten your visa and resumption is within a month, please find your way in case they mean what is in the link above.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 5:33pm On Dec 27, 2020

I just called Turkish airline customer service to confirm this for flights to the USA. They said covid19 test is not required. If your transit is Istanbul and you stay at the airport you don't need a covid test. But if you leave the airport then you'll need to show the test result. You can also call to confirm Turkish Airline_ +23412771559

OK. Then let's disregard my earlier post. Thanks.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 11:29am On Dec 27, 2020
Turkish Airlines just announced that you can't board without a negative covid-19 test result beginning from December 30, 2020. It was earlier scheduled to start by December 28.

Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 2:20am On Nov 24, 2020

Also, how did you get the discount?
Someone got ticket to JFK for 234k but in last week of December, same Turkish Airlines
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 6:47pm On Nov 22, 2020

Date: Friday November 20
Location: Lagos

Duration: (The VO could make 58 seconds feel like ten minutes)

Status: Approved

Atmosphere: I was among the first eleven applicants ushered in for the 7AM interview. After the biometric screening, we waited for what looked like some good fifteen minutes or so before two windows commenced interviews. The VO at window 9 ( I believe the window that is directly opposite the only door that leads to the interview hall is 9) denied four people straight and approved two. From my observation, the four either didn't have adequate/ full funding as she went through the bank statements for about three of them or she wasn't convinced. All this time, the other VO adjacent to window 9 had just concluded two interviews and granted one approval and one denial. I didn't need to pass further maths to know that the dx/dy didn't balance in window 9. I wanted an escape from this mathematical disequilibrium. But before I could do so, I found myself presenting my documents to her.

I stood in front of her for a few seconds to allow her to finish up what she's typing.

VO: Good morning
Me: Good morning

VO: Let's first get your scanning done. You will have to put your four right fingers here for me….

VO: Where are you going to?

Me: I am going to Miami University in Oxford, Ohio for a master's program in Creative Writing.

VO: ( does as if she's not listening). You said you are going to Miami Florida?
Me: No. I'm going to Miami University, in Oxford Ohio.

VO: What did you say you are going to study in Florida?

Me: (temi bami). I'm going to Miami University, Oxford Ohio for a master's in Creative Writing.

VO: Okay. Why did you choose Miami University in Ohio?
Me: I chose Miami University because of the prospect of working with prof xyx. She's a brilliant writer and will be mentoring me on lyrical essays, a sub-genre I'm passionate about. But that's not all. Miami University provides a stimulating environment for the study of the craft, culture and criticism of …

VO: (cuts in) What will be your focus?
Me: Nonfiction Writing
VO: What do you write about?
Me: I write lyrical essays about losses, cities, people and places and the contradictions of contemporary life. As a writer, I don't see people or places for who they're or what they're but the stories that made them. I see a bridge and I want to know the story behind it. Did people try to blow it up during a civil war? What will life be like without it? I have written about my experiences about places I have been to. I write about these things because stories matter and shape how we see the world, people and ourselves. I submitted some of these essays to the admission committee.

VO: (behaves like she's typing and not paying attention to me, but was in fact listening as she spoke immediately I stopped speaking)
Who's covering the cost?

Me: I received a Graduate Assistantship that covers monthly stipend and tuition waiver. (She peers into my I-20). My cousin will cover the deficit.

VO: Where does your cousin work?

Me: He works with xyz construction company.

VO: Are you married?
Me: No
VO: Do you have kids?
Me: No

VO: (about three seconds of silence).She begins to rifle through a stack of papers for a white paper, and I thought I was done for. But she then added a yellow paper to my passport and confessed those words that we have read on this thread several times when a Visa is approved. By this time, I was retrieving my passport and the yellow and white paper and wasn't even capable of listening to anything from her. The music of approval had left me deaf to instructions.

Tips: I have no new tips. All the tips in previous transcripts here are mostly true and tested. I'm rather grateful to those who posted their transcripts here courageously, even when they experienced temporary delays to their pursuits, so we could all learn. You're the real deal and I wish you all the best. May your desires find expression soon.

I'm happy you came here to tell the story yourself. Congratulations! You're a man of courage, may God go with you and your sister and everyone else here.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 4:10pm On Nov 22, 2020

I am also thinking of booking with them, but want to visit their office to make Enquiries. I heard they are only landing at JFK
Last time I checked about a week a go, Royal Air Maroc had not been fully cleared to fly here post-covid. Their site is up and you can book but ensure they have been cleared.

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Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 9:59am On Nov 20, 2020
Let me drop this here. Visa Approved this morning for another MFA person going to study Creative Writing at Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. I've been praying he gets his visa and I got to know him because he and my daughter, Naijaeclectic, were the only Nigerians offered admission into the program. Naijaeclectic got her own visa exactly two weeks back and wrote a rather long transcript.
I have not found out if he's a nairalander. He said four people before him were denied and he wanted to leave the line and go to the toilet to avoid the difficult VO; the oga VO, however, seemed to relax when it got to him and asked a couple of easy questions before uttering the magic words.
Bia, Chief, if you're a nairalander, come and write this story yourself. The offer of a place for an MFA in the school comes with full tuition waiver plus graduate assistantship.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 2:25am On Nov 20, 2020
May testimonies fill this thread today! It's going to be a good day!


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 7:40am On Nov 15, 2020


About Royal Maroc, I read a lot of bad reviews about them but I used them when I was coming to the US cheesy grin. I don't have any bad thing to say about my trip or the airline
They have not started flying here since after covid; there's a documentation they said might be completed this week. Confirm from them about this before paying. Their quoted rate online is the cheapest, though.
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 7:36am On Nov 15, 2020
Intellectual pursuits in our Contraption is like none other - we sink deeper by the day

Below are examples of what some students (undergrad and PG) have to go through in Nigerian universities. Did you experience any of these?

COPIED Compiled by the one and only Eketi Edima Ette!!

On Project/Master's Thesis Defence in Nigerian Federal Universities - A thread:

"We had to pay hotel bills for the members of the panel. You could also offer sex, if your supervisor is the devil's apprentice. Transport money inclusive."
- Erdoo N.

"I decided I'd never have anything else to do with Nigerian universities, the day I saw people defending their masters dissertation presenting coolers of rice, garden eggs and crates of drinks to their supervisors. I legit thought someone was getting married."
- Bibian U.

"We we're told we'd pay 60k each, for both entertainment and logistics of external supervisor."
-Chiamaka O.

"We spent the night prior to my mother's defense at the University of Ilorin, cooking coolers of rice with assorted meat for the lecturers."
- Omekagu.

We fed the whole department.
Paid a prior fee of 2k.
Still gave supervisor gift. This same supervisor then came on one of my Facebook posts to say how I'm too opinionated to get married. I blocked him for my peace of mind. I don't have strength."
- Sylvia E.

"My husband was so frustrated by his Uniuyo supervisor for this, that he abandoned his MBA and finally got it from a UK university without any sort of bribery."
- Uche N.

"In ESUT, students have to buy brand new suits for their supervisors."
- Udeh O.

"Envelopes filled with money. Hotel bills. Payment to the school. External supervisor's fee. The mental stress.
Ah! The only reason I'm still doing it is because I've come too far to stop. After Master's, I'll never do anything school in this country again. Never!"
- Bello A.

"Some departments will even provide you with a menu and list of people you'll feed on the day of your thesis defense.
I nearly wept for my friend, when one non-teaching staff started dragging her because meat had finished."
- Esther A.

"Ordinary B.Sc project I defended, mh supervisor collected a bag of rice. On the defense day, we went to an eatery and bought food and drinks for all the supervisors in the hall."
- Harrison P.

"The money I spent on my supervisor was enough to buy a piece of land in GRA.

-A bottle of special nonalcoholic wine and MTN airtime worth 1.5k for "consultation" before he approved my topic.
-Two months DSTV premium subscription...

-N5000 for every chapter I took to him for vetting. Except Chapter 4 - he made me pay 20k for it because, "all my project students knows I do it better."

-The day of defence, we(a group of about 15 students) paid 2k each for food and transport fare."
-Odichi R.

"We paid 40k each for 'refreshment' and 'honorarium' during internal defence. We are also going to replicate that amount, if not more, during external the defence."
- Ịhụnanya A.

"For BSc project defense we contributed money to feed the supervisors."
-Oreva E.

"My project topic was originally on aquatic snails.

My supervisor said I should bring some snails to his house, not even the aquatic snails that I was supposed to be working on. I bought half a bag of land snails for him.

A week later, he changed my topic to Catfish and demanded that I buy some catfish and and bring them to his house for inspection. I had to do it. I wish he'd asked for rice and drinks, like my colleagues were asked. If have spent less money."
- Ruth D.

"The best thing I ever did for my life and mental health was to abandon my Master's program halfway. My blood pressure was always high. They killed my zeal to study and do research. Nigerian universities? God forbid!"
- Ene P.

"I abandoned my Master's program because my supervisor wanted to have sex with me. I told him I'm a married woman. He said and I quote, "That's even better! I like them married. If anything happens, we'll both keep our mouths shut." No one listened to my report.
- Annie U.

“And Postgraduate students do multiple defenses - proposal, internal and faculty defense, then the very almighty external defense. Multiple seminars too

And refreshment is served in ALL

Aswear, MSc in Nigeria was the most challenging thing I've done in my life so far”
Seriously? Hmm
The full truth!!!!!! I've done two post graduate degrees here and I'm fed up!!
Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 5:29am On Nov 13, 2020
Let there be too many testimonies today!


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 1:04am On Nov 12, 2020

This has sincerely been my worry, like I think everyone whose visa has been approved here had full funding.
Please to the gurus, do they actually give people without full funding visas?
Yes!! There are many instances here of visa approvals without scholarships. Have faith.


Travel / Re: General USA Student Visa Enquiries-part 15 by missuzoma: 6:51am On Nov 11, 2020

Even I am interested in this response pls reply guys. Can one use printed electronic i-20 for interview

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