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Food / Re: Cook In Your Kitchen, Take Pictures And Post It Here. SIMPLE! by MissyB3(f): 12:55pm On Mar 28, 2018
Can't believe this thread is still alive. shocked shocked
Career / Re: Confused About Contract Job And A Permanent Job by MissyB3(f): 11:27am On Sep 16, 2016
If all factors were equal, this would be a no brainer. Being that there are lots of buts and ands, I'd say the contract job.
You'll be closer to your family, it could be an opportunity for growth ( I'm not talking financially which is already obvious), and well yes, you'll earn better.

You're probably that good be be getting these good offers, hence shouldn't have a problem getting the contract become permanent if there's the possibilty.
Worse case scenario, when/if it ends, being valid should help you get something else as good or better.


Travel / Re: The Journey Of A Photoblogger Into The Slum Of Ilaje-Bariga Lagos by MissyB3(f): 11:17am On Sep 16, 2016
Great idea. . . Exactly my photography genre.
Good photos that can get a whole lot better. Do more learning to improve your photography/post-processing skills smiley
Food / Re: Turmeric Coconut Fried Rice by MissyB3(f): 9:12am On Sep 16, 2016
Art, Graphics & Video / Re: A Nairalander Needs Your Vote by MissyB3(f): 2:12pm On Sep 15, 2016
You have my vote.
Your subject in the last photo is out of focus, though. I love the second pic.

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Celebrities / Re: Munachi Abii Says Keep Off My BOYFRIEND!! Pics by MissyB3(f): 2:07pm On Sep 15, 2016
Her bf be like craze lipsrsealed
cheesy cheesy

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Food / Re: Reach The Moderator Here - Complaints~ Feedbacks~ Suggestions by MissyB3(f): 4:43pm On Sep 14, 2016
Ask for the recipe on thread in which it was posted?
Celebrities / Re: An Open Letter To Tiwa Savage From Her Friend by MissyB3(f): 7:15am On May 05, 2016
Dear Tiwa,
Show me a marriage without
challenges and I will show you a
virgin in a maternity ward (birthing
center): Most marital crises happen
prime of the bliss. This is no
different from what our parents went
through and what we, the people
that ventured into marriage would go
through or are experiencing, these
times of our lives. These wahalas
come with “the territory”.
But what makes your palava unique
is the arena chosen to out this
perhaps usual roforofo fights: the
social media. Your celebrity status
accelerated the speed of the spread.
Everyone on social media has an
opinion, even those that don’t know
what and how you feel. Don’t blame
us, Tunji invited us. And you
privileged us gate pass to your
faltered family.
Tiwa, after watching your Pulse
television interview, I felt your pulse
and Teebillz heartbeat from a
distance. You both cried out for
help. You are hurting. Teebillz is
also hurting. He is a coke head. He
is human. The environment and
nature of your business influences
entices and encourages such social
behaviors. He stole your money:
greed… so what. Sometimes, you
take from the one you love. He must
have spent it on you and or the
family… am not giving excuses, but
Nne, words are like weapons, they
wound you sometimes.
You publicly stated, while avoiding
eye contact with the Television
camera that the marriage was over.
Tiwa, your pronouncement did not
match your body language. You are
angry. You still love him. What is
missing? you and Tee are too busy
engaged in the limelight, washing
your designers’ linens in public. The
cracks were getting deeper, but you
both did not communicate to
address your problems. Teebliz
loves you. You love him. Life can be
short or long. Love can be right or
Mama T, go after what you love. You
are stronger than pride. Go get your
man and seek help. Take a trip to a
marriage counselor and offer him
drug rehab. You too need to go into
rehab. Forget everything. You both
love each other; hence, you reached
out to us. Tiwa, Teebliz is human.
You are also human and woman.
Those encouraging you to drop him
or let him go are not your friends.
They do not care about you and your
child. Go and get your family back
together. You both made mistakes.
It is time to seek help as a couple
and a young family. There is nothing
out here but home wreckers services
at work. Talk!. Talk!!. Talk to your
husband. I felt your pains: you are
still trapped in love. I believe he
feels the same ways too.
You stated your mother always
urged you to work things out: I think
you should listen to your mother.
Forget about the whispers, the
comments, and the silly Facebook
babbles and vitriolic nonsense from
mostly losers, on social media and
Nkworbi joints. Teebliz’s outbursts
were an attempt to open up a
dialogue with you: although he
chose the wrong platform. He
misdirected his plea to you to see
his pains and love for the family.
Your heart is young. Your love, still
fresh, Tiwa, do not be deceived by
several advisers and negative vibes
to support you. These are from
hangers-on that want to be there for
you. The truth is, they will never be
here. You do not need anyone’s
advice to mend your broken hearts
and rescue your young marriage
from collapse.
You need two hurting hearts to
meet, sit down as adults still in love,
communicate and resolve your
differences. Let your feelings show
and go. Those advising both of you
now, don’t feel the loneliness and
lonely nights under the bedsheets,
or mornings alone on the couch
remembering how love came by and
swept you off your beautiful skinny
feet, the memories of gracious and
seductive moments, the temptations
to text him, or checking the cell
phone every ring or minute, wishing
secretly that he called or text..Or
sleeping alone at nights in the bed
you both shared some silly real and
genuine moments of love, unlimited:
holding his favorite cloth or T-shirt
just to smell his body scents; the
little things both of you did in the
beginnings that made each fond of
the other, the crazy memories when
you both thanked God for making
each the other’s selection, when you
gave affection to get each’s
attention. You, my dear, can work
things out.
Don’t say it’s over. It’s not over.
You still love him. He still loves you.
To hell with what people will say.
They have already stated their worst.
They will continue to say more as
long as you’re alive and successful.
Don’t let that stop you from your
love. Mama Tee. Waka after your
man. Save your marriage and seek
help collectively so that you will
amaze the world with a second
chance at love. I wish you best as
you listen to your heart. Regards to
your lovely son. Be strong.

Absolute Phockery!

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Literature / Re: VALENCRY, My Valentine Experience ( Short Story ) by MissyB3(f): 5:34pm On Apr 12, 2016
Classcaptain, no vex me oh.
Start a new story or finish this one, biko cheesy
Literature / Re: [story] My Life As A Yahoo Boy by MissyB3(f): 10:07am On Apr 10, 2016
Classcaptain (?) does a better job. undecided undecided


Literature / Re: How Jamb Jammed Me Out ( My Jamb Experience ) by MissyB3(f): 5:22pm On Apr 04, 2016
I don laugh skatta grin
Love your work. . . Nice one cheesy
Celebrities / Re: See The Reason Kim Kardashian Gave For Taking Everything Off Again (photo) by MissyB3(f): 8:18am On Mar 09, 2016
Beauty in flesh
Celebrities / Re: Mr Ibu Replies Amber Rose:'If U Like Me,Please Let Me Know,I Am Here For U'(pic) by MissyB3(f): 9:23am On Nov 24, 2015
There's nothing epic about his reply. undecided

Plus yeah, Amber is so right. . . I can relate with that cheesy
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Tips On How To Write That Book You've Always Wanted To by MissyB3(f): 12:52pm On Sep 23, 2015
I couldn't. Leave you, that is smiley

I don't write.
I'm giving people opportunity to learn how to. . .There are people who would love to but have no idea where to start from or how to.
Literature/Writing Ads / Re: Tips On How To Write That Book You've Always Wanted To by MissyB3(f): 12:41pm On Sep 23, 2015
Hi Rocky! Been ages smiley
Literature/Writing Ads / Tips On How To Write That Book You've Always Wanted To by MissyB3(f): 12:36pm On Sep 23, 2015
Register and participate FREE OF CHARGE to gain valuable Knowledge and concrete help in writing a book.

Speaker : William Gabienu, author of ''GRABBING YOUR DESTINY BY THE HORNS''

This event is dedicated to people who have the intention and passion to write out their books but are finding the process somewhat difficult.

On this webinar, I’ll be sharing the effective way to structure and set out the writing process so that anyone could actually begin and complete their book writing in as little as 60 days – if not less, in a painless way.

Share these details directly with anyone you know who could be interested in this awesome upcoming training or broadcast through your social media. On the other hand, if you are passionate about book writing and would like to learn the proven and effective way to do it, watch this short video and register today: http://app.webinarjam.net/register/19545/a46c6a99cc

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TV/Movies / Re: American Odyssey by MissyB3(f): 2:02pm On Jun 07, 2015
Expected better
Family / Re: For Ladies Who Grew Up In The Village. Did You Do This (picture) by MissyB3(f): 1:35pm On Jun 07, 2015
I refuse to believe those photos are real!
So all those times I desperately wolfed down yam and red oil like it was the sole purpose of my existence, I've been doing nothing but enjoying people's sweat and spit ? shocked shocked I haff die!!!

Coogar, God will not forgive you for posting those photos and your vivid description angry cry

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Food / Re: I Decided To Cook After 3years! by MissyB3(f): 3:19pm On Jun 02, 2015
Chei, I disappear from NL and the cute ones come outta hiding?!

Bigfrancis, If you cook as well as you look, oya make we go see my Papa grin
Celebrities / Re: Kim N Kourtney Kardashian, Who Got Ths Best Butt? by MissyB3(f): 11:47am On Jan 18, 2015
Oh those shoes, Kourtney! kiss
Celebrities / Re: Who Are The Moderators Of The Celebrity Section? by MissyB3(f): 10:45am On Aug 25, 2014
hatux: Don't know them either? Will like to know them!
Use the "report" button on the thread/ post you need to draw to the mods' attention.
Celebrities / Re: Who Rock It Better? by MissyB3(f): 8:31pm On Aug 20, 2014
Kim - Nadia - Yvonne - Mercy. In that particular order.
Tiwa does not count.
Family / Re: My Wife Got Fat, Now I Don't Like Her by MissyB3(f): 8:44pm On Aug 09, 2014
Some things just never change.
Nairaland / General / Re: :o Shocking Indian Girl Eat And Sleep With Venomous Snake (pix) :o by MissyB3(f): 10:23am On Aug 07, 2014
Tufia! undecided
Food / Re: Reach The Moderator Here - Complaints~ Feedbacks~ Suggestions by MissyB3(f): 8:04pm On Jan 10, 2014
Obiagelli: hi everyone, I am suggesting a Saturday morning cook out or recipe in this section, someone can always come up with a recipe that we all could and paste pictures here for the fun of it. We would also learn more and it should spice up this section. Just my humble suggestion.
Nice one Obiageli. Please do launch the thread.
Events / Re: ***Happy Birthday Dear Rocktation*** by MissyB3(f): 6:10pm On Jan 01, 2014
Happy new year, Jay wink
Events / ***Happy Birthday Dear Rocktation*** by MissyB3(f): 6:01pm On Jan 01, 2014
First and foremost, I want to deeply apologize for not being on Nairaland yesterday (which happens to be your birthday) to send my greetings. I feel ashamed to have let yesterday slide without saying happy birthday, and I think other moderators should be too.

- Better late than never -

Dearest Rocky,
without making use of too many words, I say HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.
Thanks for being a sweetheart, thanks for making my stay on Nairaland worthwhile, thanks for remembering our birthdays, thanks for being born
. . .Thanks for stepping into 2014 with me. smiley
kiss kiss kiss kiss I appreciate you and have nothing but deep respect and admiration for you. Lotsa Love always! kiss kiss kiss kiss

Celebrities / Re: Celebrity Section Complaints/Suggestions Thread by MissyB3(f): 5:20pm On Dec 26, 2013
Rocktation: Happy celebrations Missy and Ije!
Merry christmas and a wonderful new year to you darl. kiss kiss
Celebrities / Re: Teenage Fani-Kayode And His Girlfriend In Kelly College UK!!!! by MissyB3(f): 10:32pm On Dec 13, 2013
Ola one:
Not kidding, trust me. smiley

BTW, long time, Missy. Long long time. How'ya?
Yea, that's right. I'm good, you? wink
I still dey wait the picshore tongue

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