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Romance / Re: Are Yahoo Boys So Wealthy Or Just Over-hyped by Mowaconfused: 9:47pm On Jun 20, 2021

Sba that they may or may not approve
And now SBA is asking for bank statements
Bank statement is not an issue bro.. My $20k PPP loan drop last week and I used edited bank statement

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Romance / Re: Are Yahoo Boys So Wealthy Or Just Over-hyped by Mowaconfused: 9:38pm On Jun 20, 2021
Well, it depends sha. Yahoo is no longer about waiting for a maga to send you money. File benefits and SBA. If you have like 10 profiles lasan.


Politics / Re: My Directive On Criminals With AK-47 Remains In Place - PMB by Mowaconfused: 8:27pm On Jun 10, 2021
Sports / Re: Cameroon Vs Nigeria: Is Rohr The Right Man For Super Eagles AFCON 2022 Campaign? by Mowaconfused: 2:35pm On Jun 10, 2021
Capital NO


Career / Re: I'm Scared About My Future, Career Wise by Mowaconfused: 10:03pm On Jun 08, 2021

Bro update me on this Maryland stuff. Your WhatsApp will be appreciated
PM me
Career / Re: I'm Scared About My Future, Career Wise by Mowaconfused: 6:39pm On Jun 08, 2021
Hello everyone,
Bear with me pls, this might be a long read and I apologise in advance for any grammatical error.

Recently I've had a lot of thinking about my life after school, how I can finally support my family after I graduate this year, I am the first son and the first child in my mom's extended family, so I have a lot of people looking up to me, and we only have one source of income in my family which is my dad, and recently he developed a health condition which affects his eyesight, and that is making his work nearly impossible.
The problem now that I'm facing is that I literally don't know what I want to do after school, normally I've had this notion that I will cross that bridge when I reach there, but now the bridge is so close and I have no idea of how to cross, to make things worse, I saw my result this semester and I failed two courses which will make me to come back for an extension, it makes me sad whenever I think about it, cos my dad will have to continue his risky job (thats even riskier cos of his eyesight) for a year or so
Sad part is that I can't even think of any side job that might be profiting me while in school or any work that I can do without a certificate, my friends aren't giving me anything useful, I wanted to learn graphics design, I'm passionate about editing photo and videos, I also wanted to learn animation back when I was in secondary school, but my parents killed that dream telling me to go for a professional course, back then they were still thinking school is the only answer to being successful, now I regret allowing them to let that passion die.
Right now I need you guys advice if you have any concerning my situation, or if you've being in a similar situation like mine, I need to know how you made it out successfully

I will accept your criticism, advice and whatever piece of info you can share with me
If you have a laptop and small change PM me . Maryland is currently paying $470 per week now . Grab this update before it cast

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Religion / Re: Howard Nyoni: TB Joshua & Oyakhilome Had Terminal Diseases, Took Drugs Secretly by Mowaconfused: 11:26am On Jun 08, 2021
Man can Deceive Man!
Nobody can Deceive GOD
The Prophet is gone to render his account to GOD.
He is either in Heaven or Hell as we speak based on what GOD knows about him.
What Matters is not what people say about you.
What Matters is what GOD knows about you.
Politics / Re: Lagos Trains 200 Students On Life Saving Skills by Mowaconfused: 5:48pm On Jun 04, 2021
Good initiative
Politics / Re: Nigerian Army Reportedly Arresting IMSU Students by Mowaconfused: 8:18am On May 31, 2021

Keep chasing fire without addressing its root cause.

You live in a country where:

>>>>Your vote does not count, (Supreme Court imposes whom ever against people's wishes)

>>>>Security operatives hired to save you maim and molest you with impunity,

>>>>There is no equity for all citizens ( we have first class to fourth class citizens)

>>>>There is mutual exclusivity among ethnic nationalities

>>>>Where the constitution foisted on its citizens is a fraud ab initio. ("We the Nigerian people", was signed by one junta)

Yet you can't read the lips of your oppressors?

Too bad!
And destroying government properties and killing the police officers is the solution right?
Romance / Re: Please I Need Description. by Mowaconfused: 12:09am On May 31, 2021
Arepo around magboro right?
Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 10:50pm On May 27, 2021
This was my thought too. I would've encouraged her. In short, I would've pimped her. Op, take this. Lesson one. Whenever you notice your girl having interest in a guy wealthier than you, or have something important that you don't have, encourage her so that she can do it openly else she would do it behind your back. Lesson two: immediately your girl tells you "we are just friends", "I just want to eat his money" etc, start looking for a replacement. Lesson three: never let a girl know her true position in your heart.
Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 9:14pm On May 27, 2021
Just move on... Same thing happened to me 3 years ago and d mum was encouraging her to leave me. She is not ur wife, just count the loss and move d abroad guy no know d nonsense him marry out for house. Let him loose his money he will see d true colour. To trust woman dey hard me...
Women always listen to their mom when they want to choose but if it was to be men they will calling us mommy's boy . Anyways it's fine sha

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Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 8:30pm On May 27, 2021

The bolded is why men without game will always lose with women. Men by default know what loyalty means... Women don't.

And for her mummy that said her daughter is too young for introduction. She knows what she is doing... Less than a year, same daughter did wedding.

Brother move on... Life happens
I moved already . Thanks for the bitter truth
Romance / Re: Nairalander Tosyne2much Finally Ties The Knot With His Big Ass Girlfriend (photo by Mowaconfused: 8:01pm On May 27, 2021
What happen to bbstar ? They don broke up ni

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Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 7:58pm On May 27, 2021

Good. Since you said u lose nothing. Just be cool with the babe. Shit happens, this na jungle and every body deh try lookout for him head... She did what was best for her.
Everybody was trying to lookout for him head ,really?
I had nothing when i met this girl and she stay with me through those hard times . Things change for good , you know I can also left her then and go for ladies that match my new standard since everybody dey try lookout for him head but i didn't do that . I did all what we prayed when were struggling ,I kept all my promises. I even told her mom that I'm ready to do introduction but she said her daughter is still young for that ,this was like 6 months ago .

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Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 7:20pm On May 27, 2021
It must've been tough.. May take some more time to heal but you will be fine

What if you hadn't found out everything & you had continued with the relationship, she would've probably fed you more & more lies(so as not to hurt you lol), strung you along the whole time & one day drop the bombshell on you.. She was "playing" him til he started pulling some strings, they both knew what they wanted.. Her family was very much aware, it was indeed very pleasing to them.. Nothing new, he only just came back for his beloved after expressing his love for her as well as her family when he was in the abroad.
Were you there ? That was what she told me when i asked her that ,"what if I didn't find out myself ?
She came back begging but i never listen ,thanks to the harsh advices ya'll gave me on that previous thread . She want to use me to pass time till her beloved got back from abroad .
Women ehn ! I've learnt my lessons though
Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 5:56pm On May 27, 2021
This is the problem when we preach redpill. Most simple men think redguys are angry guys (I won't say some ain't tho). But the basis of redpill is to expose you to game and make you a better man while relating with women without hating them.

Op, to be real with you, you lost this game. It might not seem like a game to you but to every girl, relationship is a game especially when the honeymoon period in relationship is over.

Subconsciously, she will continue to test and measure you against her potential sexmates... It is natural. That doesn't meant she is worst than other females. As a matter of fact, most ladies you quoted on ur former thread will do worst if given a chance like that. Women are very pragmatic and selfish than men. They take decisions as it comes notwithstanding how u feel about it. They don't really care as long as it serves their objectives and that of their immediate family.

Now, don't wish that girl bad. She did what she did in her best interests. You only lost cos you are not game. I understand you may like to be straight with women, but I assure you, being straight is the best way to always lose with women cos they are always playing games.

You said you were not doing bad for yourself, but still, I think you should have p1mped that girl and get whatever you want (connections, money or travel deals). She won't feel used as long as she thinks you allow her. It would have been a win win on both sides.

Lastly, women are not the angels you wish they are..... They are smart and dangerous and you have to be just like them or even better to win while with them.

Count your loss. Wish her well (you can even send her a best wishes message to open that communication line back).

Then going forward always play your game right, that is the only way to win!
Well, you're right though I didn't feel like I lose anything maybe because I'm so straight and I don't really like depending on anyone . I cut her off myself and she still try to reach me by proxy . Even the day the man enter Naija she let me know . I can still do all these things you listed up there if i really want to . She once said we can still be seeing when the man left but I'm not really into that .


Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 5:00pm On May 27, 2021
How old is she?
Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 12:37pm On May 27, 2021

You appreciate someone advising you to sleep with public toilets and carry?

Lol, I appreciate his advice doesn't mean I will do it na.

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Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 11:53am On May 27, 2021
U want her to lose America passport..dollars etc bcus of love..
How far,u didn't gain any dollars from them...
We advised you on what to do..
Now,u lost the girl..
U didn't gain dollars...
U lost a communication line,that would have helped you maybe in future..
U lost money and time bcuz,it is obvious that you have been her backbone for the past 2 and half yrs..

U know deep down,that u lost this game.
Dnt let ur guards down..bro
Another guy's ex or even current girlfriend is readily available for u..
U can marry now.avoid delays to avoid losing ur bae to a richer guy..
Everybae ambition is to marry a rich guy..
Nig is hard..
I didn't lose anything brother man . I'm not doing bad either


Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 11:40am On May 27, 2021
You should be happy that you dodged a bullet. Welcome to the club of "fucck'n'go aka fucklationship" and I hope you don't go back to simpism by entering into another relation. Go carry olosho and celebrate your freedom brother, you deserve it. If you don't have money to carry one, come to our olosho thread and we will gladly contribute money for you. Cheers brother man.
Thanks I appreciate
Romance / Re: I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 11:39am On May 27, 2021
So last last she married her ancestor.

Good luck to her.
Yes ,she married her ancestor grin
Romance / I'm Confused, Should I Still Continue With This Relationship (modified) by Mowaconfused: 10:57am On May 27, 2021
I created a thread 5 months ago to seek for advise about my relationship. In case you missed the earlier thread ;

I listened to all the advises you gave me on that thread. I quit the relationship even though it's really tough but I told myself that it's better to cry now than to postpone it because the red flags are so glaring . The man came to Nigeria 3 weeks ago and they got wed last week saturday . Thanks everyone I really appreciate.

Cc: RedPanther
John hood
Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 1:39pm On Dec 21, 2020
Lalasticlala front page please
Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 1:12am On Dec 21, 2020

E pain am
Lol pain who?
Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 9:31pm On Dec 20, 2020

I can read your dssappointment from a distance. I currently reside in the US and I've experienced many incidences like yours. Sincerely, no sane Nigerian man in the US will devote time, attention and sacrifice for the need of any babe/woman back home in Nigerian if he's not planning to marry and file for her.

I've seen several cases like yours where the real boyfriend latter get to know his fiance had plan B (dating another man) after the babe got the US here.

Most Nigerians in the US are too busy with work to sacrifice that resources and attention for any babe living in Nigeria. My take from you earlier post is that the man is strongly using your babe as a good good/better substitute for his failing/failed/crashing marriage.

Pls don't be fooled, the romance between both of them is a strong defence ground for the man during USCIS interview. I want you to document every bit of my post on this, you'll later realise how truthful it is.

And I'm neither discouraging you nor poisoning your mind against that babe but I see sincerity in your post and the psychological pit such a double-minded babe will eventually lead you to.

The battle in the mind of your babe now Naira - Dollar supremacy and the picture of her seeing herself in the US very soon. You in-law too is not helping matter by her stand.

Bros, be very careful......
I've seen slot with my short stay here....

Don't be deceived, there're lots of men here in the US who are fathering many kids which another father (husband) is ignorantly being fathered back home.

Your future is very paramount to me......
Don't be deceived......
Thank you so much bro for your fatherly advice. This man has spent millions and he's not dumb, if the family didn't promised him anything he won't be sending such amount of money let's be realistic here

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Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 7:36pm On Dec 20, 2020
O boy allow ur girl to enjoy her sugar zaddy o. She needs it to fend for her needs since it's only urstupid dick you can provide, no money in your pocket. Having money to care for your woman is what makes u a man but if you can't then enjoy d materials together
You just open your mouth wàá dey yarn dust. I always provide her with everything she asked for and i even go higher sometimes, she never complained about my financial status, Despite all what she got from that man she still ask me for money and I never benefit ordinary pencil from what she got from that man, she's even planning to sell clothes for me. She's just so wicked, heartless and self centred.

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Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 5:45pm On Dec 20, 2020
first you are not the only one fhucking that girl. Secondly that girl is gone!! If you have any self esteem left in you, it is better you dump her before she does that ..

Or better still turn her to your sex object and find yourself another ever ready girl ..

Next time don’t love .. love is a scam. . You know why ? If she loved you she would not have done something of such ..

My brotherly advice to you is that next time always seek ‘respect and loyalty ‘ from ladies in relationship rather than love .. sorry , you will get over it .. and if you do strong head and still stay in that relationship , your end will be brutal than the beginning.. my 2cents
Yes i'm thinking of turning her into sex object since she still want us to continue the relationship but she will later find out because she won't be getting a dime from me again. I just want to count my loss and move on.
Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 5:43pm On Dec 20, 2020

Since she has chosen, why not? The man is in his 50s and it is highly unlikely she will want to marry him. What she was doing is the age old love scam, but I suspect she may have been catching feelings along the line. However, your ultimatum may have woken her up.

Be that as it may, watch her for a month and see where it goes from there.
She can marry that man aswear. I provoked her this afternoon and she said after she has done everything i told her to do I'm still complaining, I asked her if she can really marry that man or how will she feel if that man climb on her and she said why not that the man is actually not old. She's just confused and don't know what she want.
Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 5:40pm On Dec 20, 2020
Me, as someone who resides outside the country, the oversea man is not having a peaceful marriage, hence, the reason for sticking to your babe.

The most dangerous part of it is the involvement and consent of your babe's mum. That's poisonous to the stability of your union. Such a 'mayeeialistic' in-law won't give you peace if you eventually marry her daughter.

The oversea man has also gained the heart of your babe's sister which means something sinister is being cooked. You must realise that most in-laws are easily moved by what you (prospective) can give. Majority don't care about how bright your future is but by the answer you can provide to their present needs.

I can also conclude that the US based man might have introduced your babe to his families in Nigeria, who may be seeing her as a good wife material to replace the troublesome wife the man is currently having.

I've seen people here advising their friends/families to go home (Africa) and marry a wife and later file for her to migrate here. I'm sure your babe wouldn't have totally fall for that man if her mum had kicked against it.

Be wise o, this is festive period. You may suddenly see the pics of their introduction or court wedding.

Let me shock you, the US based man is keeping records of all their conversations and those stuffs he's sending to her. Those are strong evidence that they're indeed into a true relationship. Most foreign based guys do it to build a strong defence before the US immigration, to convince them that their union is for real. I must also tell you that he's intentionally sending those stuff to her mum as an evidence for parental consent.

I won't be surprised if he send all the receipts, shipping receipts and all necessary receipt relating to those shipments to the US immigration service before/during interview. Also, the screenshots of their conversation will further convince the USCIS that their courtship is long, therefore, the marriage is real.

The babe will soon be calling you from the US.......
Thank you so much for your advice. I've also think it through and i don't think i can continue with the relationship. She insist she's still in love with me and he has blocked that man, but as you also pointed out about her mom 's consent on this issue, she later confessed to me that the man paid for 3 years house rent and she and her mom used sleep there once in a while. I told her this is no longer between she and i but her families inclusive, I insist on meeting her mom before i can give her any second chance. I'm just hoping for the worst now. Its either her mom chose the man over me or she asked me if I will be able to take up their responsibilities. I've lost interest in the relationship already, The man sent her some clothes to sell and when i asked her she told me the clothes is from her aunt that she's helping her to sell it so she can get some percentage, could you believe my babe intend to sell the clothes for me, i later got to know the clothes is from the man is USA,this is the girl I want to set up a business for next year.
Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 10:51am On Dec 20, 2020
I have some questions to ask before concluding on what to tell you. The said old man of above 50, is he a Nigerian based overseas or an American? Another question is that before you started your relationship with her, how sure are you that they have not been communicating? Thirdly since the family of the lady in question knows about the said discussion or communication, how sure are you that they have not promised the man of marrying her? Fourthly what are your intentions towards the girl in question.
The man is a Nigerian based in abroad

She met the man after we started dating and i asked her why she kept everything from, she said her friends advised her to do so because men are unpredictable that if she tell me about the man I might be playing along with her and when I'm about to settle down I will jilt her and start having trust issues with her so that's why she kept everything from me.

I'm not really sure of the third question

Before all these happened, I really love and trust her so much because she's always contented with anything i gave her, she never for once change her attitude, you know when a girl started having feelings for someone else, she will start to distant herself from her previous boyfriend and start acting strange non of these happened infact she always over care and play alot with me anytime she came over to my place so I'm just confused. She still call me this morning to apologise.
Romance / Re: I'm Confused Should I Still Continue With This Relationship by Mowaconfused: 7:28pm On Dec 19, 2020
The truth is that if the man were to be in Nigeria, she would have been cheating on you with him.
If by any means the man arrives Nigeria, be sure that your girl will be camped somewhere with him for the during he will stay in Nigeria.
Men hardly shower goodies on ladies for nothing.

If you are not ready to marry her yet, then, you may simply take a walk and avoid all these dramas.
Even if the girl is poor, she can decide to be contented with whatever you give her rather than receiving gifts every now and then.

Most gifts men give to ladies are like loans which will be repayed sometime later. Of course, you know how they usually pay back, don't you?
Thank you so much for this

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