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Politics / Re: Keep Your Dirty Nose Out Of Nigeria’s Affairs, Fani-kayode Attacks British Envoy by Moye715: 12:51pm On Mar 27, 2023
The British must be put in their place at all cost. Along with France, very very mischievous people in relations with other countries.

Though i do not always agree with FFK, i do totally on this one.

To hell with their visa ban. Who their visa help? It’s demeaning for them to be everywhere and threatening a whole nation of visa ban. Like their country is heaven or they are the only country? This is so shameful, that a visa to the UK is now seen as a big thing one would be pained if denied. Na wa o.

Will you blame them? Blame your inferiority complex citizens that exalt visa like it's a source of life. Very stupid set of Nigerians! There are more than 300 countries in the world the one can visit and have a good time, so what is peculiar about their visa. Honestly I blame Nigerians... Who do us this thing ?


Politics / Re: Keep Your Dirty Nose Out Of Nigeria’s Affairs, Fani-kayode Attacks British Envoy by Moye715: 11:37pm On Mar 26, 2023
Blame the inferior-minded Nigerians
always begging for a visa ban like traveling to these cold regions is a prize.

What a disgrace to ask for Visa ban.

With all the violence at the US capitol, imagine they start asking for a Visa ban from us for their citizens.


Personally I feel Nigerians are the most mentally enslaved Africans I have come across. It's so sickening for a people that pride themselves as Giant of Africa to be seeking western validation to an insulting and demeaning level. We can't be running our country with the view of visa acceptance or rejection... It's stupid!

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Celebrities / Re: Ludacris Asks Patoranking Which Jollof Is Best Of Nigeria,Ghana Or Senegal? by Moye715: 12:25pm On Mar 25, 2023
Unnecessary and unhealthy competitive comparison.


Politics / Re: Meet Dr Onyechi Ikpeazu, Ademola Adeleke And Peter Obi Lead Counsel by Moye715: 4:14pm On Mar 24, 2023
you are wrong he is the the lead counsel

...."The legal team of Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, a party in the suit, moved a motion requesting the court not to allow INEC to tamper with the evidence in the matter going to the Presidential Election Tribunal.

According to our findings, Obi’s legal team include at least twelve Senior Advocates of Nigeria. Some of them presented in order of seniority are Dr Livy Uzoukwu, SAN; Chief Awa Kalu, SAN; Dr Onyechi Ikpeazu, SAN; P.I.N. Ikwueto, SAN; Chief Ben Anyachebe, SAN; S.T. Hon, SAN; Arthur Obi Okafor, SAN; Ik Ezechukwu, SAN; J.S. Okutepa, SAN; Dr Mrs Valerie Azinge, SAN; Emeka Okpoko, SAN; and Alex Ejesieme, SAN.

According to an inside source, Obi’s legal team is still being constituted and “these are not all the senior advocates of Nigeria on the team. More are still signing up.”

Politics / Re: Meet Dr Onyechi Ikpeazu, Ademola Adeleke And Peter Obi Lead Counsel by Moye715: 2:39pm On Mar 24, 2023
He is among the counsel but not the lead counsel to Peter Obi, Dr Livy Ozoukwu SAN is. Do your research well before posting.

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Celebrities / Re: Mother Of Singer, Seyi Vibez Is Dead by Moye715: 12:57pm On Mar 17, 2023
Avoid peeps desperate for fame.. Capping from life experience.


Politics / Re: Rest On Temitope Olatoye A.K.A Sugar by Moye715: 9:51pm On Mar 16, 2023

Lol… Do people still believe in bulletproof charms??
When a locally made gun misfires as they’re always bound to do, everyone shouts bulletproof!
Have you seen or heard anyone chest rapid gun fire from an AK-47?? 🙄

Is either you're a kid or one of those diaspora people that have lost touch with reality. Look this Africa home of the originals, e dey play e dey show.


Foreign Affairs / Re: Hichilema: We Do Not Support Gay/lesbian Rights, Zambia Is A Christian Nation by Moye715: 10:43am On Mar 15, 2023
Good one..

This is one of the reasons the USA VP is going there, and few others Africa countries. Nothing else. She's not coming to Nigeria because USA knows Nigeria won't even give it a second thought..

USA do see some of these other African countries as weak and poor so they’ll believe they can buy them off easily..

I wonder why these people are so keen on forcing LGBT on people. Is there no more freedom in life?

You mean Nigeria that is giving LGBT people free hand to operate, In a sane African society will they allow Bobrisky, James brown and the rest to operate? Look at the so called skit makers, they're subtly promoting transgenderism by acting feminish. Buhari government gave them a free ride and they have indoctrinated a lot of young ones. Hope Tinubu will do the needful.
Politics / Re: Settlers Colonialism In Yorubaland. by Moye715: 2:25pm On Mar 14, 2023

Many young Yorubas do not understand why the first Republic failed and why Nigeria has always been in a state of war. They have been programmed with Zikist ideology that is targeted in exterminating them and turning them into third class citizens in their homeland. They have been told that real history is Bigotry and reality of Nigeria is tribalism. They want to taste slavery before they realize what slavery is all about. They have eyes yet they can't see, they have ears yet they can't hear.

The reason why the NCNC led by Azikwe and AG led by Awolowo could not align together politically against the North was because of ideology that NCNC was trying to foster on Nigeria. Azikwe an Igbo man wanted to become the premier of western region against the wishes of the Yoruba political leaders of that time led by Awolowo. Awolowo told him that Nigeria is not a country but a country of nations. Awolowo spoke clearly against what he perceived as ethnofascism championed by Zik who never wanted true federalism but a unitary system of government where his Igbo kinsmen will be able to go to the North and West and be dragging political and economic power with the indigenous people in those places in the name of one Nigeria.
That was why Ahmadu Bello launched the Northernization policy in order to protect Northerners from Ziks obsession to infiltrate indigenous spaces and be taking over the jobs meant for the indigenous people via one Nigeria. Zik saw Awolowo and the Action group as an obstacle to the take over of Yorubaland. He propagated propaganda against Egbe omo Oduduwa and even called Egbe omo Oduduwa a fascist organisation that must be crushed. Zik connived with Yoruba Saros to create a parallel Yoruba Nationalist organization called Yoruba federal union in order to dilute Yoruba unity and nationalism in order to politically conquer YORUBALAND.He fought against the concept of Confederacy, regionalism, secession clause in Nigeria's constitution and was part of the Eastern assembly that dared say Lagos is no man's land in 1948. One of the biggest weapon of Azikwe's propaganda against Yoruba intellectuals of the first Republic was to call them "Tribalists", "fascists" or "ethnicists" in order to defame them in the eyes of young Yorubas of that time who didn't understand that Zik was only trying to propagate political conquest via one Nigeria.

Azikwe never believed in respecting Nigeria's diversity and deep fault lines, to him ethnic identity and ancestral boundaries should be eradicated so that his kinsmen can have political power across Nigeria just like the speech he gave in 1948 at the Igbo state union called the manifest destiny where he stated that his people are the master race meant to liberate the sons of Africa.Azikwe failed in his bid and his lack of foresight led his people to a brutal civil war.
Fast forward to 2023, another political party called labour party has brought back Ziks ideology full blown. The cybertalibanism of the supporters of this party mostly ex-IPOB members who wanted Biafra and all of a sudden became emergency Nigerians has become a full blown psychological warfare against Yoruba people mostly against the youths. They are pushing narratives of Azikwe on why Igbos should be governors, senators and house representatives in Yorubaland starting from Lagos because they are Nigerians, they pay tax and because they are "competent". Does that ring a bell?

Their target are young Yorubas with zero knowledge of history and Yoruba Christians who they are manipulating through their pastors. They don't engage older Yoruba Adult because those category understand the evil of ZIKISM and it's inherent hate for Yoruba self preservation and survival. They are quick to call any Yoruba man or woman who calls out this political conquest a "Tribalist" or a "Bigot" just like the way Zik did in the first Republic.

To be continued...in Part 2.

Distorting history to fit in your failed narrative.

What were the events that led to the civil war ?
Was Azikiwe on the Biafran side during the war?

The scuffle for the premier of western Nigeria between Awolowo and Akintola led to breakdown of law and order. Series of events in Midwest now south west between 1962-1963 brought about the coup,then counter coup, the progrom in the north and finally the war.
Let me ask, what's the offense of the Igbo people to the Yorubas?
Igbo didn't take Yoruba city Ilorin
Igbo didn't kill Awolowo
Igbo didn't kill Abiola

Despite the many wrongs of some Northern part of Nigeria towards the southwest, you guys still cosy up with them .. STOCKHOLM SYNDROME laced with cowardice.

Wild wild west !

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Health / Re: Asa: Ogun State Community Where People Are Suffering — Man Cries Out by Moye715: 12:05pm On Mar 09, 2023
My mumcy village.... I went there probably 20 years ago.... I can't go there now cos no light, good water nd basic amenities.... My mum nd family went there last year for my grandma burial though....

Your village brothers and sisters living outside the village ought to have an association in Abeokuta,Lagos or Abuja, where things affecting the community are ironed out. You'll can't wait for government always. This is why Igbos stands out, no bragging or trying to insult pls, They don't wait for government to come solve everything, they have village association in almost everywhere they find themselves and this act has help in solving numerous problems back home. I believe this community has top government officials and businessmen in Abeokuta, Lagos and Abuja but they have all forgotten their villages which is common among Yorubas. We need to learn from each other, reason why we are countrymen.

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Politics / Re: Ekiti To Establish State Wealth Fund by Moye715: 7:44pm On Mar 08, 2023
A welcome development. Not like those 5 eastern states that don't want to develop their region but instead claiming another state

Is Ekiti more developed than any 5 South eastern state ?
Politics / Re: What If Tinubu Ends Up Being One Of The Best Leaders In Nigeria? by Moye715: 8:36pm On Mar 01, 2023
Expect toll gates on major Abuja highways
Politics / Re: Petition To Cancel Nyesom Wike’s Visa Gains 200k,other States Can Follow by Moye715: 3:35am On Feb 28, 2023

Shift abeg. Wike will not e allowed to travel out.

Will he die ?
Politics / Re: Petition To Cancel Nyesom Wike’s Visa Gains 200k,other States Can Follow by Moye715: 3:00am On Feb 28, 2023
Nigerians and their visa mentality. Is Eu and America the only countries on earth? Nigeria is a sovereign and Independent country. We shouldn't be running our country with the view of US and EU visa acceptance or rejection, it's a shame and disgrace. Nigerians should have some National pride no matter the situation we find ourselves in our country. Other top African countries don't display this demeaning mentality Nigerians display. We should and we must be able to sort out our differences within ourselves without outside interference.

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Politics / Re: So Tinubu Lost His Home State Osun To Atiku by Moye715: 6:42pm On Feb 26, 2023

Don’t mind those 🐷🐖🐗🐽

Between Yorubas and Igbos who can be referred to as 🐖? A pig is known for being dirty, we all know the tribe known for dirtiness.
Politics / Re: Nigerian Presidential Election 2023: Result Updates from INEC portal & Collation by Moye715: 3:07am On Feb 26, 2023

Igbo had no other choice in 1999, it's between Obasanjo and False and they're both Yoruba...

Igbo voted against False which is Yoruba choice...

Then how was it possible for two yoruba presidential candidates to be on ballots of the two leading parties ? I can remember some Igbo candidates stepping down for the yoruba candidates just to appease the Yorubas. How many Igbo presidential candidates has Yorubas voted for or even stepped down for.

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Election Results From Polling Units by Moye715: 1:35am On Feb 26, 2023
There's nothing wrong with that. Boosts morale and also constitutes evidence.

Imagine trying show false superiority complex. So after winning thier polling unit they shouldn't be happy?

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Politics / Re: 2023 Presidential Election Results From Polling Units by Moye715: 1:27am On Feb 26, 2023

this is real problem peter will have

Aren't they supposed to celebrate for winning their polling unit?

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Politics / Re: Image Of Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu Void Vote For Apc by Moye715: 3:47pm On Feb 25, 2023
Images coming out from Sen Orji Uzor Kalu shows him thumbprint for Apc, but considering the new electoral law this is a void vote.

Mistake or Deliberate?

Dear mods I have been trying to post pictures but to no avail.
Politics / Image Of Sen. Orji Uzor Kalu Void Vote For Apc by Moye715: 3:46pm On Feb 25, 2023
Images coming out from Sen Orji Uzor Kalu shows him thumbprint for Apc, but considering the new electoral law this is a void vote.

Mistake or Deliberate?
Politics / Re: Igbo People Have No Empire And No Heros by Moye715: 11:01pm On Feb 23, 2023
Those that claimed they invented democracy, you need to ask them where they copied and learnt democracy from.
You're child OP even at that you shouldn't be ignorant. I have just 2 questions for you.

1. Who are those black warriors that the British used to wage wars against Southern Kingdoms?

2. Why do the British prefer relationship with the Northern part of the country than Southern part and despises the Igbo tribe especially.

Willing to engage ?

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Politics / Re: Uzodimma: US Denied Supreme Court Justices Visa – Donald Duke by Moye715: 3:15pm On Feb 19, 2023
Southern Nigerians aka Japagerians and Visa na wa
Pets / Re: Another German Shepherd Litter Is Available by Moye715: 4:57pm On Feb 16, 2023
How much sir ?
Religion / Re: Church Of England Votes In Favour Of Blessings For Same-sex Unions (pics) by Moye715: 12:18am On Feb 10, 2023
Religion / Re: Church Of England Votes In Favour Of Blessings For Same-sex Unions (pics) by Moye715: 12:17am On Feb 10, 2023
Politics / Re: Will Diaspora Voting Stop Vote Buying by Moye715: 12:50pm On Feb 08, 2023
Nigeria is a great country with different tribes and cultures. But, I realized that we have a Northern Muslim versus Southern candidates. I realized, the northern leaders uses the falsely population figures to cajoled our leaders and their people in the south. But, I realized one thing that they fear the most; the Diaspora vote. Why are the northern leaders afraid of Diaspora votes? According to financial bodies in Nigeria; diaspora remittances is a huge source of foreign exchange in the country. They contribute more to our growth in the country. So, why are the northern leaders stopping the diaspora vote from occurring? We need to discuss this issue to stop vote apartheid of diaspora citizens.


How will diaspora voting stop vote buying? If you love the country come home and vote. So called diaspora voting shouldn't even be discussed by Inec.
Politics / Re: Obidients In Diaspora Have Started Coming Back To Nigeria To Vote For Peter Obi by Moye715: 11:23pm On Feb 04, 2023

Absolutely true there are just too many poor illiterates and unexposed nigerians that are determining who becomes nigeria's president.

Because you are rotting in another man's country makes you rich and exposed? Typical braindead japagerian.
Travel / Re: The 3-in-1 Flyover In Kano State Is Completed And Getting Ready For Commission by Moye715: 7:22pm On Jan 27, 2023
We've finally reduced governance to only building bridges in this part of the world 😥. When you ply the bridge ur account will be credited.

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Celebrities / Re: What Do Celebs Do To Their Clothes After Wearing Them Once by Moye715: 9:37pm On Jan 25, 2023
Politics / Re: Allow Kanu Address Ndigbo Before Election – Ohanaeze by Moye715: 6:58pm On Jan 25, 2023
As the leader of Ndigbo or what ?


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