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Travel / Re: Before You Travel Abroad As An African Man by mrjojo: 9:23pm
For those who don't understand what the OP is saying, let me put in another way.

There is racial hierarchy the world is built upon, and most Africans who haven't left Africa don't know about it. Ngozi Chimamanda spoke about being aware she is black after she left Nigeria. She never knew it was a thing.

You might not know about it, but the world will show you where they think you belong, and it can be dehumanizing if you don't know how to navigate these terrains.

It's like how a bank manager may single out a millionaire standing in the queue, even if you all are customers. Or in a church, the big boys hang out with themselves, forming cliques.

You never thought your poverty could be used against you, after all, you didn't bother anyone with it. it's the same for race. I am black, but I didn't trouble you with my blackness, so why this treatment?

The best way to navigate such a scenario is not to play. You can only lose if you play. Just be in the group if you have to be there, but be mute, don't view their comments, mute the chat, and only respond and reply where it is NECESSARY.

Don't exit the group, to avoid giving a wrong impression, but you need to operate overtly since they are also operating overtly. You act like you don't know their game, and when they hope to catch and beat you somewhere, you are not there.

But make sure you are good at whatever you do, your competence is your redemption. Let them feel superior, or disenfranchise you from whatever, but when they are done operating in deceit, they will know deep down that you are good, and them no reach.
can you expatiate more on this please? with a scenario if possible, and how do you raise kids in this environment? if you as an adult is subtly made aware of your blackness, and it can sometimes be draining , how do you prepare your kids for this? and also been wealthy and physical attribute(height, fit, cute) can also be a "redemption "
Family / Re: Will He Ever Be Serious? by mrjojo: 5:38pm On May 31
8 years after,

1. He is not “settled “, even with using your child, only God knows how long this is going to take, with the uk current anti-immigration campaign, it will probably be longer.

2. No career,business: I reckon he has been working minimum wage jobs to pay the bill( carer,warehouse, kitchen assistant to pay the bill) a almost 40 years old man with no plan, ambition or any form of goal is only compatible with someone who is equally yoke

3. Bad habits : he blames you for his stagnancy, smokes (very expensive habit in the uk) drinks, probably a womaniser, all on a meagre minimum wage.
If you are still asking and making effort to amend a man that has nothing whatsoever to offer you even after 8 years of your understanding and patience,then maybe you truly deserve each other.

What are you so scared of kicking this unserious man child to the curb? Single parenting? (you a glorified baby mama as it is

You should be thankful and grateful he didn’t marry you,

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Family / Re: RELOCATION SALE: PLOT OF LAND WITH GERMAN FLOOR. I OWN IT! by mrjojo: 8:04pm On Apr 27
3 years after and you haven't sold this?/
Family / Re: How Much Is A Bag Of Foreign Rice? by mrjojo: 8:01pm On Apr 27
What's wrong with the Local rice? I'm really curious to understand the difference and why it seems to be impossible to replicate a 'foreign' processed rice in Nigeria
Travel / Re: Memoirs From Chile by mrjojo: 7:50pm On Apr 27

First thing first, I will advise you to really polish your tech skills really well. Machine learning itself isn't an entry level tech role. You are better off looking for things like data analytics or engineering but those are quite competitive at entry level since everyone bought the AI hype and is quite interested in data science.

If you can get Australian or Canadian pr then you should go for it as you will easily settle and integrate in both countries.

If your wife is pregnant and you have the money, then giving birth in mexico is a good option as you immediately get permanent residency and citizenship in 2 years which also has a lot of options for you. I don't know how the logistics field is in mexico but the tech industry in mexico is very solid with regards to availability of jobs.
Thank you for your prompt reply. Yes Data analytics/BI entry Role is extremely competitive now, hence why gunning for Machine learning , What skil do you think l will set one aside, I'm thinking learning Scala instead of python, learn Mongodb instead of Sql. There is less Competition In Niches.

And Canada learning French to increase score take time, hence why the Mexico option is looking more feasible due to knowledge of Spanish

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Travel / Re: Memoirs From Chile by mrjojo: 6:46pm On Apr 27

Ask what you need here.
Nice thread, you insight on traveling is always a refreshing well done. What Advice would you give a young couple currently in the UK, wife is a student(almost done) Husband (intermediate Spanish speaker) is a logistic manager trying to cross into Tech Machine learning . Since the UK keep changing the goal post, it will be wise to have a plan B.

- Move to Canada or Australia Via PR (husband has 8 years experience logistic manager in Nigeria, Wife 4 years Digital Marketing)
- Give birth in Mexico >> PR >> Spain (Eu Passport)


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Food / Re: Is This The Most Underrated Grain In Nigeria? See Pic by mrjojo: 5:31am On Apr 17
This is quinoa or bulgur wheat (it a super food) high in fibre, low carb
Foreign Affairs / Re: Vaughan Gething To Become Wales' First Black Leader by mrjojo: 6:43am On Mar 17

Please how is this the answer to why the son of a white father is called a black man?
Are you able to explain why
Because black is a dominant gene! Anything mixed with black is black

Megan markle for instance, her father is white yet that didn’t stop a thing, even her son archie with Prince harry is already a subject of racism


Family / Re: Nobody Should Do This To Any Woman by mrjojo: 7:51pm On Mar 10
she should Adopt a child and live her life to the fullest. Everyone is not destined to be married!
Travel / Re: Another Plane Crash In US Claims Several Lives Weeks After Wigwe's Incident by mrjojo: 1:56pm On Mar 05
I will never be caught on a Helicopters or single engine aircrafts.The statistics are scary!
Romance / Re: "Guys, What Is The Biggest Gift Or Financial Sacrifice You've Made For Love?" by mrjojo: 12:30pm On Mar 05
Paid her Msc Tuition in the UK.
Family / Re: My Ordeal In The UK With My Wife by mrjojo: 1:40pm On Mar 02
I would have loved to make an intro of this post based on what people have had to say severally about bringing your wife to abroad, most especially the ones you knew must have been messing up in ways that one cant curb in Nigeria talkless of being abroad. This is a summary of whats going on with me now. So I arranged for us to move with student visa, shes the main applicant and myself and the 3 children are dependent. Its been a year and the half here now, and just 6 months into entering this country, my eye dun see shege from this woman. One thing I can actually hail and praise her for though is her delegence in taking care of the house, cook and all that. But I do my own bit too cos when shes out for work, I cook for the kids, I clean once in a while too and do what I can.

So after graduation, we got a sponsorship work VISA via the care home shes working for, though while she was a student, she was working in a daycare which was filled with white people, she always complained about how she could not cope with the white people’s culture and how she cant contribute their gist, so she was really happy that she had moved to this new place where she had met some Nigerians.

Now this is where the wahala is, she has 3 prominent friends there, 2 males and a female. So I noticed she picks up these dudes at home to work, pick the girl and do the same, then to make it worse, she will go ahead and still go drop them at home, when me dun dey house after work after taking care of the kids make I comot with car, she go come late and all that. Overtime this ish continued, so I told her one day, bae I don’t think it’s a good idea going to pick and drop this people all the time, because for the lady, her husband normally come around to pick her up and drop her off, but since them don see mugu, the guy totally stopped, so it became my madams task to run everytime they are on shift together. When I had this discussion with her, she complained that they are just friends that she may get the same help from later on, I was like am not saying you should not help, but don’t take it upon urself to be doing this all the time. All said and done she never listended to me and the deed continued to an extent that the husband of the lady had only given her money once, and maybe once from one of those guys and na me and am dey combine money to buy fuel. So it got a level where she begin dey carry food from house go give those guys, not all the time but sometimes. So yesterday jollof wey she cook, I was going to microwave in the morning to eat, I found out it was gone, I called to ask where the food was, she boldy told me that she had taken to her two male friends who told her they were hungry, I was now like why would u priortorize outsiders over your family, she sha change am sey sebi they too bring food that she eats blab la bla. And to even say that one of these dude is the one I created this thread about: the level of disrespect is unimaginable. Funny this is, after creating that above thread, a week after serious confrontation she had a feud with the guy and they stopped talking to each other, in which the guy stopped working at the place, but few days ago I got in from work and I saw that she was on call (speaker on) with this same guy, talking freely and giving me a no Give a F attitude, because I thought the only way she could have at least show me that she was remorseful was to cut permanent ties with that guy, but hell no. After her convo with the guy, she came to meet me that she hope that am not angry about her calling and talking to the guy, I was like its none of my biz, that I had important things to think about, in which it was indirect statement that I thought she would understand, omo from that day like this them dun start their friendship again,, to an extent I felt disrespected, disregarded and I started feeling theres more to what I have been thinking before. That aside, the other guy too, I noticed that one talks to her anyhow, though in a playful way. One day she came back from work and started complaining that the people that shes helping that they aren’t appreciating her, the started with the lady, that her husband does not even care again, only sent her money for fuel once, but the one that is hurting her most if the fact that this other dude that talks to her anyhow tried to implicate her at work, saying that he started yelling at her at the dinning where the old people are, that why haven’t u fed this woman, don’t u have grandma in the house, that he went as far as reporting her to one of the oldies that didn’t gave dementia that could have easily reported her to her manager which can out her work in jeopardy. I was like so have u served his sanction of not dropping and picking him again? She was like no oo, this happened last week, that shes still dropping him, I was like wow! She was like the reason is because the guy had come to prostrate to beg her, I was like how old is this dude, she said 26, and shes 36, omo I was in awe. Before any starts saying am not man enough, am a simp or weak, omo this country na were oo, he dey change SOME women. On a final note I have given her a mandate that she should stop picking or dropping anybody off at their respective homes, infact she should tell them that its my husband that said so. Story continues on the other new thread

First, People don't Change!!. Your wife has shown you who she is, but you keep making excuses for her, which I totally understand. Your Madam has no atom of respect nor regard for you! In fact, she is en route to getting you totally emancipated, and you wouldn't be able to do anything about it, thanks to the environment you are in.

For 36 years, your madam has constantly been seeking attention and validation; as you claimed, she is beautiful; she has heard that all her life, she's had attention all her life, but that has dwindled with age, kids, and marriage. So when two handsome youngsters show interest and attention, she loses it and starts behaving like a teenager, craving love and chasing shiny new things. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with seeking love and attention at any age. Also, the stress of relocation, especially in its early days, affects marriages, which is the reason why divorce among Nigerians in the UK is at an all-time high( no data to back this; it might be hearsay). You guys might not have time for each other as you used to back in Nigeria, but that is no excuse! Her priority should be different now. Like raising healthy, "normal" kids in a new environment /culture, Mortgage, family vacation, etc, but here she is gallivanting around with low-tier men(any man that can comfortably make disrespectful l comment to a married woman and her husband is just plain st*pid), and been dragged in the mud alongside your family while at it.

She is not just disgracing herself but your whole family. She is also a people pleaser; the constant need to be loved and liked is a symptom of Dependent Personality Disorder. Helping others is not a big deal, but going out of her way to please others, even to the detriment of her family, is just unreasonable.

Now to the Action Plan.

You know your wife better; she is 36 but highly impressionable, meaning she'll take everything she learns on TikTok friends, frenemies, coworkers, and environment and mirror them in her life; soon enough, she'll start learning of the benefit of being single motherhood and "how to deal with men."
Seems only Asian(Indians, Bengalis) Women are immune to the influence of the West; even after donkey years, they are still feminine and stuck with their culture. Little wonder why they are prospering.

I will be talking in the extreme here, but I hope things don't get to that.

- No matter what she does, please learn to remain calm at all times. You'll need a quiet head; never raise your voice nor shout at her
- Keep the recording from the car; don't tell her before she misconstrues it, and say to her friends you are tracking and monitoring her
- I hope you don't have a mortgage yet? If you do, then if anything happens, she owns that house till the kids are 18. Before you know it, you are paying a mortgage on a home you are not living in
- Start upskilling FAST!!!! If you are working in care or a minimum wage job, you need to have a plan to get a professional career that can give you a work visa FAST! Btw Salesforce administration is a skill many people are sleeping on.
- Start saving, just in case you need to move out
- Network with other men. I find this hard to do abroad. You need a support system of other men; don't just be work > home. This will keep you sane if things go awry

The not extreme

- Have a heart-to-health conversation with her; explain the pressure of being a new immigrant and how her newfound friends affect your relationship and family. If nothing changes, talk with the married female friend's husband; if there is still nothing, start planning your escape using the steps above.

You matter, too! You didn't come to this life to work and be a sacrificial lamb. It would be best if you were happy to give your kids a happy life. Kids should grow up in multiple happy homes rather than a sad, depressing one.

Btw, you bleeped up, too; talking with your ex is a no-no; cheating isn't just physical. You know, married men are the number one por.n subscribers, and weirdly, a lot of married men masturbate more than their single counterparts. You have unlimited internet; help yourself, my guy.
Romance / Re: Men Only! by mrjojo: 3:09pm On Feb 27
please help me with the price of each, thanks bro
Google is your friend,prices are not fixed
Travel / Re: I Am Considering Japa For The First Time In My Life. The Hardship Is Unbearable by mrjojo: 1:45pm On Feb 27
I gambled with mine believing I could make it here
you can if you are a fraudster, sweet mouthed pastor or a politician. if you are non of the above, Run, it's not too late
Romance / Re: Men Only! by mrjojo: 1:43pm On Feb 27
Armani Acqua Di Gio or

Paco Rabane : Invictus or


These are sure banker compliment getter

use Suremen roll on, and apply vaseline on your pulse point before the perfume

Thank me later
Travel / Re: Advice Me On My 2 Million Travelling Budget by mrjojo: 6:16pm On Feb 21
I hope the 2million is in dollar equivalent
Autos / Re: Kakakiautos - Case Of Fraud by mrjojo: 11:16pm On Feb 20

I understand it is your hard earned 45m , but when you see premeditated fraud, there will be no car, no money and no seller.
Can you please shut the f@.uckup? Respectfully!!

Autos / Re: Kakakiautos - Case Of Fraud by mrjojo: 11:16pm On Feb 20

I understand it is your hard earned 45m , but when you see premeditated fraud, there will be no car, no money and no seller.
Can you please shut the f.uckup? Respectfully!!

Travel / Re: I Am Considering Japa For The First Time In My Life. The Hardship Is Unbearable by mrjojo: 10:47pm On Feb 16
Nigeria can't get better in this generation, this is no curse, but fact!. 20 -25 years ago, there was a massive japa train. 20 years after, nothing has changed, things have gotten worse even!

Don't gamble your life believing in Nigeria!

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Food / Re: Look at the Meal I Prepared With 2000 Naira In This Tight Economy. by mrjojo: 10:15pm On Feb 16
Veggies are supposed to be green no? this has obviously lost all it's nutrient due to overcooking. Next time just "blanch" the vegetables in hot water for 2 minutes and put in cold water immediately after, Turn off the heat before putting the Veggies in the sauce.
Family / Re: What Business Can I Start With 5million? by mrjojo: 7:05pm On Jan 31
Convert to dollars and keep
Crime / Re: Herdsmen Kill Evangelist Segun Adegboyega In His Farm In Oyo, Suspects Arrested by mrjojo: 6:30pm On Jan 31
These Fulani herders are becoming nuusance
becoming?? shocked
Agriculture / Re: We Can Help You to Establish Cereal, Root,Tuber and horticultural Farms . by mrjojo: 6:16pm On Jan 21

We can provide Agriculture 3D - 5D farming services in supporting your Agribusiness for Profitable farming and profits making.

We offers On-Farm Consultancy services like chain pulling technology for deforestation services ,land development services using equipment (Buldozer) etc ,farm set up advisory services, farm development services ( farm Mechanization) and farm management services at affordable price.


We can provide Agriculture equipment heavy and lightweight equipment like Buldozer and others for Land clearing and chain deforestation technology with our experience trained field operators to protect the rich precious top soil for crops optimum yield .

We can also provide farm tractors for Tillage operation at your request to support your farming operations which will compliment the Buldozer land Clearing operation like ;
(ploughing, Harrowing, Ridging, spraying and harvesting) etc.






1) Land Clearing -
2) Land Clearing and Dis -stump -


1 ) Land clearing -
2) Land Clearing and Dis-stump


1) Land Clearing -
2) Land Clearing and Dis- stump -


1) ploughing -
2) Harrowing -
3) Ridging -
4) Planting with fertilizer applications -
5) Fertilizer Second application -
6) Harvest using combine harvester -


Using 3D services operations of Human power for Land clearing to remove trees, Dis-stumping trees and packing out of felling trees from the farm.

(4) We can also provide services for setting up and planting , Economic trees, oil palm, cashew, citrus, plantain, Banana, cereal ,lowland rice , upland Rice, soybean and horticultural crops.

Using healthy hybrid materials as seeds, seedlings and stem cuttings for economic trees , cereal and horticultural crops by using mechanization and modern technology approach method for all the plantings and management from the beginning to the harvest with minimum effort and to make maximum profit which will help you to fulfil your farming business dreams

1) Farm survey, mapping, modelling per hectare
2) We can provide farm road construction and grading services per km

3) We can also provide farm landscape and
horticultural services per square meters for
farm settlement and housing estate -

4) Base on your request We can also render. consultancy services in your field management from land development ( Land Clearing) to harvesting for all tropical crops .

NOTE : Operations Price is not fixed due to market price fluctuation but our operations price is negotiable, this wiil depend on the under-listed factors ;

1) The Number of hectares or Acres to cover on your farm

2) Your propose farm location ( Distance)

3) Type /nature of vegetation

4) The density (Trees closeness and thickness on the farm) of the vegetation

5) The volume of work on your farm

For more information on bookings ,Please call or
WhatsApp this number +234-8060323226, 08060323226. 08052491991...
What is the quote to survey a 2.9hectare farm in ondo state?
Family / Re: Is My Family Truly Cursed Or Not? by mrjojo: 6:14pm On Jan 21
my GPA is 4.39/5.0. I studied Geography and regional planning
that's really great, where do you currently leave, You need a plan.

First plan

- Feeding, rent, internet

You had a bike, meaning you can ride as a delivery biker, correct?
is there a busy junction close to you? , for morning/night akara/fried yam
Family / Re: Is My Family Truly Cursed Or Not? by mrjojo: 6:09pm On Jan 21

Sorry, Is it US that will get him passport, application fee, flight ticket and other fees?
when there is a will, there is always a way, I am a living proof of that.
Family / Re: Is My Family Truly Cursed Or Not? by mrjojo: 5:03pm On Jan 21
how possible could that be, for someone who barely feed?
trust me sir, it is!!!
Family / Re: Is My Family Truly Cursed Or Not? by mrjojo: 4:42pm On Jan 21
no vez o, what do you intend to do with his GPA?
he might be able to get into a full funded msc if his course is STEM related and with a good GPA
Family / Re: Is My Family Truly Cursed Or Not? by mrjojo: 2:19pm On Jan 21
In simple term, your dad failed!! There is no point crying over split milk.

You are educated, what did you study? What’s your Gpa?What phone do you use? Do you have a laptop? What do you currently do? Which area do you stay?

If you have a phone , a laptop maybe , dedicate the next 7 months and learn python like your life depends on it, heck your life and your siblings depend on it.

For daily income to survive, start a small akara frying at your junction if it relatively busy, you can learn python 6 hrs and fry akara at night.

This might not be exactly what you want to hear, you are not caused, that is a loser mindset

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