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Nairaland / General / Anything You Bring Me Santa Will Be Fine! by muskanmuffleit: 1:27pm On Apr 16, 2022
Today I had the opportunity to play Santa Clause at a local real estate office, Better Homes and Gardens in Livermore, CA. Since Santa is very busy this time of year, they needed a stand-in. When I was asked a month or so ago by Sophie Aretta, the Sales Manager of the office, I was hesitant at first as I had never played Santa, not like this anyway.

When I was in my late 20’s, as a sales manager I played Santa for a computer store commercial, but that was different. I also had my own Santa Clause suit when my stepdaughters were young and I played Santa for the family or for Halloween. I’m sure that confused some neighborhood kids! But that too was different.

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This time I was playing Santa ‘for real’, standing in for the big guy! The children who came to visit today were coming to see Santa, the real Santa!

We had a four-week-old baby, children who were visiting Santa for their very first time, all the way up to youngsters who were asking questions like, how old are you Santa, and how tall are the elves? Do the elves talk? How cold is it at the North Pole and how long does it take to fly around the world in your sleigh?

Tim Denbo as Santa Clause at Better Homes and GardensIf you have ever played Santa before and worn the professional-grade, heavy suit, beard, and wig, you know that it isn’t long before you are wishing you were back in the North Pole where it is nice and chilly! Not to mention sitting for five hours…

So, was it worth it! You Bet! Even though a few screamed and cried and even fought and kicked like a wild cat, all the time looking at their mother and father like, NO don’t abandon me and put me in that stranger with a red suit and beards hands, please don’t!!!

There were those other moments and looks that made it all worthwhile. Like when I asked one little boy who must have been about 9 years old, “What do you want Santa to bring you for Christmas,” the little boy thought for a moment and quietly responded, “Anything you bring me Santa will be fine.”

So, if you are wondering how our future is looking or you are looking to see hope, joy and happiness somewhere, put on a red suit, be a Santas helper and play Santa. Ho, Ho, Ho!

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Nairaland / General / Mastery Is Not What You Think… by muskanmuffleit: 12:26pm On Apr 16, 2022
As I continue to read and put to work the lessons and philosophy of the book I am currently reading, The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson, I found today’s chapter to be very enlightening.

The topic was Mastery and Jeff went on to explain that Mastery is not a destination, nor an accomplished set of skills or tasks, but rather the first step we take towards our goal.

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Baby Learning to WalkHe used the example of a baby learning to walk which I found quite interesting and easy to understand at the same time. Each day the baby would make another effort, falling short many times. How many times did the baby fail to succeed?

Did the baby just give up, no of course not, the baby would continue to try and fail and try again, eventually succeeding? The baby was in Mastery when it took the first step, not the last.

Jeff also goes on to talk about funerals at the end of the chapter and believe it or not, the baby and funerals all tie together to help explain Mastery and the road less traveled, or the Slight Edge towards success.

Today I put to use the skills and lessons I have been learning to date, and I had a very productive and fulfilling day! How was your day? Have you taken the first step?

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Nairaland / General / Fats – The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly. by muskanmuffleit: 12:51pm On Apr 15, 2022
There is so much discussion about fats today. A lot of people are not sure what is good and what is bad. Some people are sure that ALL fats are bad. This is very wrong! We absolutely need fat – the human brain is said to be composed of up to 60% fat. These fats are known as Essential Fatty Acids. We want to assist by trying to clear this up for you.

The Good Fats

As already stated we need fat. There is a good reason why some fats are referred to as Essential Fatty Acids or EFA’s because they are essential to our good health!

The group of fats known as unsaturated fats is thought of as good fats. These include monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats and are generally liquid when at room temperature. Monounsaturated fats are found in nuts, seeds, avocados, and olive oil.

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Polyunsaturated fats can be found in soya beans, oily fish, and walnuts. There is evidence that eating foods rich in polyunsaturated fats may improve unhealthy cholesterol levels.

Omega 3 fatty acid is a well-known polyunsaturated fat and is found in both marine and plant foods, such as salmon, sardines, and linseed (flaxseed).

Omega 3 fats are very beneficial to your cardiovascular system and help to keep every cell in your body supple.

The Bad Fats

The worst fats are trans fats. These are also the ugly ones. They are created by a process known as hydrogenation, which occurs when liquid vegetable oils are converted into solid fats. Hydrogenation happens when hydrogen atoms are added to unsaturated fats, thereby altering them to create a partially or completely saturated fat.

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One hydrogenated fat familiar to many people is margarine. Hydrogenated fats are used in many commercial food processes and in baked goods such as cookies, cakes, crackers, and pastries.

Some saturated fats are also considered to be bad fats. These mainly come from animal sources, such as meat, full-fat dairy products, and many fast foods. Some saturated fats and all trans fats are considered harmful because of their unhealthy effects on cholesterol levels.

However, not all saturated fats are bad for you. Recent studies have revealed that saturated fat has some amazing health benefits. This fat is coconut oil.

Health Naturally Magazine has regular articles on the diverse benefits of coconut oil, many of which might come as a surprise. See Dr. Bruce Fife below from the Coconut Research Center explain why hydrogenated oils should be avoided.

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Nairaland / General / Distinctive Niche Marketing Options To Apply In Your Business by muskanmuffleit: 12:39pm On Apr 14, 2022
Niche marketing is nothing new, and it has been a model for doing business on the net for nearly ten years. There are so many of these so-called niche markets that any one person could never get involved with all of them in their lifetime. You can get involved with niche marketing, but it is an extremely good idea to get some education about the matter, first. Here are a handful of relevant niche market methods that you can use in your own online ventures.

One effective strategy within niche marketing is to market to different social categories using the same offer. Keep in mind that you will not have to make any modifications to whatever product you are promoting to these different groups. The key is that you will be effectively positioning the product for each category/group so it works and appeals to them.

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This has been shown, many times, to be a very effective way to cross-market the same product in different demographic groups. Consider that all the 'health bars' and 'energy bars' are an outgrowth or derivative of candy bars. Yes, we do realize this kind of strategy involves some creative thinking, but you can do that if you put your mind to it.

If you are willing to spend the time thinking of what you can do, eventually you will be rewarded for your efforts. Also, do not forget about the backend, and when you use this approach your whole backend marketing will take on new dimensions.

When you start marketing your product to a niche market, you should aim at positioning the product in a unique way where you're fulfilling specific needs. In other words, you need to stand out of your competition and that's only possible when you are providing solutions that are unique. Your target market will be more than happy to pay for your solutions if they feel that they're different from the rest.

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People will not know until you tell them, and you should tell them but be able to back up whatever you do say. Regardless of how you do it, you should actively think about how you can be distinguished with your business.

Always make sure your market is a spending one with money that is available. Obviously, you only want to spend your time with markets where profits can be made. It is clear that you do not want to waste your time on people who will never buy from you. Everyone spends money, but it is the amount of money that makes the difference.

You can check out the PPC ads and see how many there are within any particular niche market. If you do market to a non-buying niche, no worries because you will find out very soon.

You have just read some powerful niche marketing advice, but the real power lies with you if you choose to take positive action. The key to sustained success, or the first taste of success, is to do something - take what you know and just take action. Persistence is key to all success, along with a few other things - but more people quit and give up which guarantees they will never succeed in business.

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Nairaland / General / Discovering The Right Utilized Material Detector by muskanmuffleit: 11:56am On Apr 14, 2022
This type of occasion occurs when many people progress towards the area the location where the yellow metal was first identified along with dreams of finding it in mass and also quickly acquiring a bundle of money.

Rare metal pushes happened in the actual Unites States, Sydney, South America, North America along with South Africa. A large amount of your metal was found in the USA if this was initially found with the Spanish.

Your Spanish language colonizers brought back shipments of precious metal along with other gemstones returning to its motherland, producing The world one of several most wealthy nations around the world inside the Western entire world. The majority of the platinum was purchased from the Aztecs that tried on the extender to create temples or wats and also other structures.

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Nonetheless, as soon as the European people took over all of them, the valuable precious metals have been consumed as well as delivered to The European countries.

Your need for rare metal is great, but the present is fairly reduced. This will make the actual metallic quite expensive these days. Due to the price, precious metal is continually getting looked for world wide.

One method to seek out this currently is with metallic sensor to get fantastic nuggets and also abnormal veins inside stones. You have to buy an alarm that could penetrate by having a decent level of rock and also track down big or small fantastic nuggets.

Thus, should you be considering on seeking gold, look for metal detectors on the market. Rare metal detectors will help you take pleasure in your own platinum hobby merely may possibly hit this wealthy.

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We've remarked that not only one platinum sensor producer at any time specifies the particular recognition degree with their models. This can be always perplexing. The reason is that there are several issues that get a new depth prognosis just like the terrain type, humidity, and many others.

Rare metal sensor companies won't designate a unique level assortment (such as. 12 meters) since yet another maker will immediately stipulate a better variety (at the. grams. 14 meters). I believe precious metal sensor degree assortment is practically the same for many makes of the same sort.

One more half-truth would be that the more deeply you can go into the ground the more value you will discover. I do think this isn't a circumstance. The deeper you go, the much less you can find. If someone else might bury a new treasure Three hundred in the past how heavy do you think although dig?

I do think the common depth will be concerning 10 feet. Archeologists discovered pieces undetectable for centuries, smothered in the ground in less than Five yards detailed.'

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Nairaland / General / Dialysis Technician Salary - A Full Report As Well As Vital Information by muskanmuffleit: 1:39pm On Apr 13, 2022
Anyone attempting to get the right dialysis technician salary must evaluate a variety of matters well before concluding the fact that this will be the employment direction for them. Unlike many other employment avenues, the essential level of education and learning ahead of qualifying for a position is relatively small.

Though standards change from company to company, most companies do not require any previous schooling in addition to the high school diploma or degree.

For you to make best use of one's skills for the task, it could certainly reward an applicant to acquire highschool classes around biology and chemistry under their belt. Also, any kind of knowledge of some sort of health-related location is helpful.

As soon as employed, a person getting a dialysis technician salary will be necessary to total accreditation inside 18 months of employ. The actual BONENT is among the more prevalent records, and it has some requirements of their own.

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Along with successful completing the several option exam, a copy of a senior high school diploma or degree, 2 letters associated with research, and something twelve month of expertise in neuro-scientific nephrology is required as well.

Test demands individuals to end up being currently used in this collection work to consider this, or even alternately have previously passed test previously. In addition, states have various needs to obtain a dialysis technician salary.

The average dialysis technician salary is actually $32,582, with salaries usually which range from around $27,000 to just more than Forty One Thousand each year.

With regards to getting a plan being licensed, many companies provide a plan working, frequently totally free. Alternately, numerous vocational schools, as well as neighborhood colleges, offer applications to help in the accreditation procedure, such as help in taking the accreditation exam or exams.

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Individuals receiving a dialysis technician salary possess a wide selection of various roles that may be part of the day to day duties. They are the primary treatment provider with regard to patients undergoing dialysis remedies. Working underneath the direct guidance of registered nurses (that after that function under the supervision of the physician), these workers are accountable for the actual preparation and management of the dialysis treatment.

Anyone creating a dialysis technician salary is expected to comprehend the scientific basis behind renal dialysis, and respond to the actual physical and emotional needs associated with sufferers while they are dealing with all of them. Individuals within this role should be comfy working with high-tech machines as well as the sight of physical liquids for example bloodstream.

Guidelines, as well as processes, must be adopted towards the precise letter to guarantee government wellness regulations tend to be satisfied as well as sufferers are provided with the utmost level of treatment possible.

Other aspects to think about are the requirements of spending most of the work day position or strolling. When the emotional aspect is one thing you find rewarding instead of physically demanding, this just might be the job for you personally.

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Nairaland / General / Description Of Dell Ink Cartridges by muskanmuffleit: 10:51am On Apr 12, 2022
With the advancement in technology, the computer has become the need of today’s lifestyle whether it be in running a successful business or for household use. With so much increment in the use of computers need for printers developed because of the reason that there is always the need of printing some urgent documents.

The ink cartridge is an essential part of the printer which is removable so that you can refill or replace your cartridge if you are not getting superior printouts.

Many times it might have happened that you need to print an urgent document and your printer stops working because of the cartridge, now the fascinating information regarding this problem is Dell ink cartridges. In order to get good quality printouts, the best quality cartridge should be used, which are of different types:

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• single color Dell ink cartridge: having a black color cartridge
• tricolor dell ink cartridge: which includes three main colors, these three colors are used to mix to get more different colors

Dell Ink Cartridges are very easy to install even if you are ignorant regarding the hardware knowledge of computers. Following are a few simple steps to install dell ink cartridges:

• open the printer flap so that you can view the cartridge cavity
• Identify the respective lids so that you can replace your cartridge with new dell ink cartridges.
• Remove the tape of the Dell ink cartridge so that you can insert it into your printer as it does not function with the tape on.
• Close the printer's flap after filling all the lids by matching appropriate colors, and your new Dell ink cartridge is installed.
• While installing printing software it is preferable to select “draft mode” in order to save ink from your printer.

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Advantages that make dell ink cartridge very unique are:

• easy installation
• proved and tested to be reliable
• genuine and compatible
• Dell ink cartridges are of high quality and moreover they are lucrative
• Dell ink cartridges are the best option for those who are using their dell printer for many purposes like printing letters, essays, and pictures.
• Dell ink cartridges provide the best and high-quality printouts
• Dell ink cartridges provide 100% perfection in the printouts

Everyone loves a good and safe environment so it is necessary to recycle dell ink cartridges, for the ease of customers FREEPOST prepaid envelopes is been attached to every order you make and you just have to put your empty dell ink cartridges into that envelope and post to the written address.

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Nairaland / General / MP&A Wins Big For Local Client–and One 1,800 Miles Away by muskanmuffleit: 12:49pm On Apr 09, 2022
MP&A Digital & Advertising has been recognized by the Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts (AIVA) with Communicator Awards for exceptional creative efforts.

MP&A Digital & Advertising was recognized with two Communicator Awards:

• Silver Award of Distinction, Print Brochure, Non-Profit: Muscarelle Museum of Art
• Silver Award of Distinction, Print Brochure: Rosalie Bay Resort, Dominica – Gló Spa

The Communicator Awards is the world’s largest and most competitive awards program honoring the creative excellence of communications professionals. This year’s contest attracted more than 6,000 entries.

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The Communicator Awards are judged and overseen by AIVA, a 600+ member organization of leading professionals from various disciplines of the visual arts dedicated to embracing progress and the evolving nature of traditional and interactive media.

(L to R) The staff of MP&A Digital & Advertising, Ann Hughes, Executive Vice President, Laura Bonfiglio, Account Executive, Harshad Methrath, Associate Creative Director, Amy Kerr, Director of Public Relations, Catherine Smagala, Account Supervisor, Madigan Pratt, President
(L to R) The staff of MP&A Digital & Advertising, Ann Hughes, Executive Vice President, Laura Bonfiglio, Account Executive, Harshad Methrath, Associate Creative Director, Amy Kerr, Director of Public Relations, Catherine Smagala, Account Supervisor, Madigan Pratt, President

“It’s a privilege to be recognized by our peers and by AIVA among the ‘best of the best in the world for creative excellence,” says Madigan Pratt, President of MP&A Digital & Advertising. “These awards demonstrate our agency’s creative expertise, led by Harshad Methrath, Associate Creative Director.

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They are also a testament to our ability to develop and execute strategic communications that meet diverse business objectives and generate results for our clients whether they are a non-profit right here in Williamsburg or one of the world’s top resorts 1,800 miles away in the Caribbean island of Dominica. We’re proud to celebrate and share this success with them.”

“The work entered in the 21st Annual Communicator Awards serves as a true testament to the innovative ideas and capabilities of communications and marketing professionals around the world.

Each year our entrants continue to amaze by reinventing the ways we communicate and market in an ever-changing industry,” noted Linda Day, executive director of the Academy Interactive and Visual Arts.

This marks the second year MP&A Digital & Advertising has been honored with Communicator Awards.

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Nairaland / General / The Risk And Reward Of Coaching by muskanmuffleit: 1:21pm On Apr 07, 2022
The boldest measures are the safest, he who dares wins, nothing ventured nothing gained….all suggest that taking a risk is well worth the reward. This can be true in coaching too.

There may be avenues well worth exploring or questions that you could ask, which may be a bit “edgy”, but like most risks, some weighing up of the costs vs benefits would be a helpful precursor, to plunging into such a gamble.

Some considerations coaches should reflect on:

1. What are my reasons, as the coach, for taking this risk?
There are plenty of very good reasons for taking a bit of a risk with a client in relation to areas you may have picked up as worth exploring further. Or a hunch you want to back. But of paramount importance, is being able to justify that you are doing it for the sake of the client. Not to look “brilliant” as the coach. But to help the client achieve their goal.

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As coaches – whether you are a manager who uses this style or a full-time coach – you will doubtless have taken such risks and they will have been the very thing that has “unlocked” a door through which the client can progress.

And let’s not deny that this can be incredibly fulfilling as the coach. It makes the job very rewarding. Great. But keep your celebrations a personal thing. That should not be the motivating factor for taking such gambles.

On the flip side, I have observed many coaches, practicing their skills during my work in helping them develop, and frequently witness a recurring pattern when it comes to taking a bit of a risk: they seem to be on the edge of a discovery that the client may benefit significantly from and yet they step back.

They don’t ask the next question. Well, I frequently challenge them to ask that next question and see what happens. What do you think the results are?

2. Have I contracted this kind of “leap of faith” with my client?
You have much greater flexibility and the permission to take such gambles if you have contracted this at the outset of the coaching relationship. Make sure that at that first meeting you have positioned that you will challenge, posit,” put out there” on occasion, when you think it may help the client move toward their goal.

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3. What could go wrong? How would we deal with that?
In the moment, it is worth considering the potential downsides of daring to ask that next question. Weigh up quickly the variety of ways that your client may react and how you would deal with that. It matters not if they decide they don’t want to play ball. That is entirely their right.

Therefore dealing with it, maybe as simple as recognizing their option of not engaging and not using that as a stick to beat them with. Let it go and move on. But each situation, each client, and each you will determine what the best way forward is if things go less than positively


Nairaland / General / Managers: Growing Your People Skills by muskanmuffleit: 12:33pm On Apr 07, 2022
I love my work. I love meeting people and working with them on their challenges. I’m pretty good at what I do (apparently). I like to think that at the heart of all of this is the fact that from my view of the world, the person in front of me, at any given point, is the most important thing in my universe at that moment. I will give my all to ensure they find working with me rewarding, challenging, and ultimately a pleasant experience.

This wouldn’t have been the case to the same extent ten and certainly twenty years ago. I could have come across as awkward. A bit reserved. Emotionally, I have matured. The area of my development that has moved on, is what is referred to as my “emotional intelligence”(e.g. Thorndike, 1920).

I’m far from perfect (whatever that is) but I am more people-aware now than I was in my early twenties and thirties. You probably are too. The good news is it is possible to develop your emotional intelligence over the course of your lifetime. And that’s a good thing.

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First impressions
If I come to your place of work and you meet me with a warm smile, a firm handshake, some small talk, and the offer of a coffee or glass of water, you probably have a good level of emotional intelligence. It may be a habit but whatever the reasons, you are able to appreciate that I am in unfamiliar surroundings, I may have had a terrible journey to get to you.

I might be thirsty. You are helping me settle in, to be comfortable enough to do my job. You have displayed high levels of emotional intelligence and that will help you go a long way.

If you don’t raise your head as you walk around your office; if you regularly throw a tantrum when someone fails to deliver or sulk for days; if you keep people waiting as a powerplay; if you don’t realize the impacts on others of your emotional state, you are likely to have a low level of emotional intelligence and that will hold you back.

Get promoted
As you move further up an organization, the emotional or social intelligence that you develop is likely to be increasingly important. Think about the very best leaders you have worked with … they tend to be good ‘people-people’. They may also be technically excellent, but they are also likely to be very aware of their own emotions and the effect that has on others; they also know how to alter their behavior and attempt to empathize where they can.

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How to develop your Emotional Intelligence
1. Want to: I’ve never worked effectively with any coaching client on this, without their full engagement. Usually, clients know their own limitations but occasionally clients are “suggested” to work with me as part of their career progression because they lack such awareness. Whatever the reason, there has to be a willingness to change.

2. Raise self-awareness: The more aware you are of how you are and the impacts you have on yourself and those around you, the more able you are to bring about effective change. Undertaking a formal or informal 360 feedback process can be incredibly powerful for this. If that is not an option, simply recording significant incidents – positive and negative – can be very helpful to begin to see some patterns emerging.

3. Have an increasingly clear idea of what you want to achieve: you may have a role model that you would aspire to be similar to; you may know there are certain situations you want to handle better, with a good idea of what that would be like.

4. Work with someone: A good coach (I would say that!) or a colleague may be best placed to help you develop your emotional intelligence as sometimes the lack of awareness is the very thing that is stopping you from progressing.

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Nairaland / General / Boxer Puppies - The Active Companion by muskanmuffleit: 12:52pm On Apr 06, 2022
Boxers are becoming more and more popular these days. There are many reasons that account for their rising popularity. But the key reason is that they are considered to be stable but active companions. Let's explore some of the other reasons.

1) The right size.

Boxers grow up to be medium-sized adults. They are strong enough to be guard dogs or to perform some search and rescue work. But their sizes remain reasonable for most pet owners.

2) Good-looking.

These dog breeds are considered to be good-looking animals. They are exceedingly adorable when they are young pups, and grow up to become handsome-looking adults that stand with pride and walk with confidence. It has a coat of short hair that (when properly groomed) shines in different colors. The underbelly is usually white, with hints of the same white flashes across the face.

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3) Minimal grooming.

Due to their thin hair, boxers require minimal grooming. It sheds its hair all year round though. So the pet owner will still have to groom the animal on a regular basis. Don't bathe the dog too frequently as it will strip the animal of its natural oils.

This dog likes to keep clean, so it will groom itself. If the pet owner continues to feed the animal a healthy diet and give it plenty of exercises, there is a good chance that there is little need to spend time on grooming.

4) Extremely loyal and intelligent.

Being extremely smart creatures, boxers are very easy to train. Try to start the training as early as possible, and let the animal socialize with other members of the family. It will learn to be loyal and sociable to all family members. It has a good nature, but can be aggressive when threatened or provoked.

5) Very active.

The boxer is, by nature, a very active animal. It has a very high energy level, and although it needs less grooming than other dogs, it does require a fair amount of attention when it comes to exercise. This is not a good pet to have if you lead a busy lifestyle and can't find time for the dog.

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Retirees or homemakers will surely welcome this house pet though, as it can be a very good companion. When left alone for prolonged periods of time, it may misbehave just to attract attention. Be sure to give the boxer plenty of exercises to keep it happy.

6) Fearless and courageous.

Boxer dogs don't have a fiery temper. They have a very sweet nature and don't usually bite or display aggressive behavior unnecessarily. But if there is good reason to flare up, it will do so. For example, a boxer may not respond favorably to a stranger. Or if it thinks its owner is being threatened, it will do anything in its power to protect the owner.

The qualities of a boxer dog make it an ideal candidate for police work. It has a heightened sense of smell, which can be useful in rescue situations or any situation that requires detection work. In the home, it is a faithful and active companion.

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Business / Blastomycosis In Dogs by muskanmuffleit: 11:26am On Apr 06, 2022
We love our dogs and want to take care of them as best we can. They are dependent on us for a lot of their care, and when they become ill we tend to feel responsible.

There are some diseases that we don%u2019t have a cause for and in other cases, we know the cause, but not how to prevent the issue. With Blastomycosis you can prevent your dog from becoming ill. The key is to understand what the disease is and where it can be found.

Blastomycosis can affect any dog breed. There are no specific breeds that it tends to affect because the actual disease is based on location. You see blastomycosis is an infection found in your dog that is caused by a fungal organism. In other words, Blastomyces dermatitis is a fungal mold that is found in sand and acid soils near river valleys and other waterways.

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Most often this organism or mold is near the Ohio, Mississippis and St. Lawrence River valleys. It has even been found along the Great Lakes, eastern United States near the ocean, and other estuaries in the area. This means that any dog living in these areas can be affected.

They may also be affected outside of these areas around the world depending on whether the river bed has mold. So right here you have the answer that it can be prevented.

If you keep your dog away from known sources of infectious bacteria your chances of your dog becoming ill will be significantly less. This doesn%u2019t mean you have to keep them from having fun, but just be cautious about where you let them play.

Basically to become infected the dog just has to inhale to spores from the soil into its lungs. When it arrives in the lungs the dog will start to have issues with a pulmonary infection. The infection can then spread through the bloodstream to infect other areas of the body. The infection can get into the eyes, brain, bone, lymph nodes, genital systems, skin, and subcutaneous tissues.

There are several symptoms that you can help to diagnose the problem early. Symptoms include anorexia, depression, weight loss, fever, coughing, shortness of breath, exercise problems, enlarged lymph nodes, eye disease, and even skin lesions. If you suspect your dog has been exposed to the disease you need to seek a vet for treatment.

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There are a few treatments and most of them are going to be drug-related depending on how far the disease has progressed. If you do not seek treatment the disease can be life-threatening. When the dog has been treated for the disease you should see an improvement over a three to five-day period.

The first drug usually provided for the disease is amphotericin B. This is an intravenous injection that goes directly to the source of the infection. Since the drug can have adverse effects the vet usually keeps the dog for a couple of days to make sure there is no kidney failure.

Ketoconazole is also given. This drug is provided orally. Most often this drug takes ten to fourteen days to see any effects. It has been known to cure the issue, but sometimes both drugs may have to be given.

Itraconazole is the newest treatment on the market; however, some vets have yet to take up this medication because of the expense to the owner. It can cost about $1000 for treatment since they need to have several doses over a period of days for the effects to work.

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Nairaland / General / How PNR Status Check Online For Indian Railway Trains Works? by muskanmuffleit: 11:50am On Apr 05, 2022
With the introduction of the online booking system, Indian Railways have made trains easily accessible to travelers. People from any part of India can check the train PNR status online on their mobile phones and other mobile gadgets.

PNR stands for passenger name record. It is a unique number that is allotted to travelers who have booked their tickets through IRCTC or railway reservation counters. PNR status checks online sites provide all information related to travel, such as:

PNR status whether the ticket is confirmed or still in waiting
Train information – live running status
Estimated time of departure or arrival of the train
Live train location

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How to do PNR status live check on mobile online?
PNR status inquiry is a very simple procedure. You can visit sites like Procedure for PNR live status checking is completed in just two steps:

Visit the site mentioned above.
Enter the PNR number.
Click ‘Submit’.
Within seconds, PNR lives ticket status can be found on mobile phone through SMS too, when the passenger sends a short message ‘‘PNR ‘PNR Number’” to service number 139.

What is the PNR number?
PNR number, as explained above, is a 10-digit number. If we decode the Indian Railways PNR number, this is what we get: first three digits denote the PRS or Passenger Reservation System. Actually, Indian railways is divided into 9 PRS zones.

And, the remaining 7 numbers are completely random which makes the PNR number unique. Thus, there is never any confusion regarding PNR status check result. Here is the list of PRS zones, accordingly, the PNR number will start with the numbers assigned to PRS zones:

Secunderabad PRS (SCR zone) – 1
New Delhi PRS (NR,NCR,NER, NWR zone) – 2,3
Chennai PRS (SR, SCR, SWR zone) – 4,5
Kolkata PRS (NFR, ER, ECR, SER, SECR, EcoR zone) – 6,7
Mumbai PRS (CR, WCR, WR Zone) – 8,9

Indian Railway PNR confirmation probability– a new facility worth trying
IRCTC tries to achieve maximum customer satisfaction by introducing new features from time to time. Passengers want to know the most accurate prediction about the PNR status of the ticket they choose to book. IRCTC offers this information by adding a small button called ‘Confirmation Probability’.

This feature tells what percentage of chances are there to get PNR status confirmed if the current status is waiting. When the users book a ticket at the online booking system of IRCTC, their status in case of waiting status reads hypothetically as WL6/WL3. WL6 shows the status at the time of checking the availability status.

WL3 shows the change in PNR status that happened while completing the transaction. WL3 further changes to RAC (reservation against cancellation) or Confirmed depending upon the PNR number status.

Various ticket statuses that PNR inquiry reveals
PNR status check provides various ticket statuses against railway ticket reservations done by travelers. One can find PNR live status options which actually mean any one of the following:

CNF: A confirmed ticket status is expressed as CNF when a traveler gets a confirmed railway ticker and is allotted a seat or berth no. too.
NOSB: This PNR status stands for No Seat Berth. A traveler booking a ticket for a child has to pay full fare to get a berth for the child. It happens mostly in case of booking tickets in AC coaches and fully AC trains like Rajdhani, Shatabdi, etc.

WL: This status against your PNR number means Waiting list. Passengers cannot travel on an unconfirmed ticket. They are charged penalty if they do so. It is, however, possible to cancel this ticket before 30 minutes of train departure to get full refund.

RAC: A traveler can receive PNR status as RAC when Indian Railway finds a possibility of giving a shared berth. RAC has higher chances of converting into a Confirmed ticket as the traveler gets the full berth when there is a cancellation of a confirmed ticket by any other traveler.
NR: No room PNR status means that there is no room available in the train and so, even waiting for a ticket cannot be booked.

TQWL: The train PNR status of this type rarely turns into confirmation. This status appears when the ticket is booked under the Tatkal scheme and is not confirmed, but put on a waiting list.

PQWL: It stands for Pooled Quota Waitlist ticket. When any ticket booked under Tatkal is canceled, this PNR status IRCTC changes to Confirmed, which is a rare thing to happen because the Tatkal ticket is booked just one day before the start of the train.

RLWL: Remote List Wait List is the full form of this train PNR status. The passenger may not get a confirmed ticket at the start of the journey but at any of the intermediate stations. The chances of confirmation of this waiting list are high.

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Nairaland / General / Getting Your Inspiration From Closer To Home by muskanmuffleit: 12:17pm On Apr 04, 2022
A very dear friend and colleague of mine, Sharon Sands*, completed her MSc study into the power of role modeling. I remember distinctly, her telling me that we have a clear tendency to underestimate the power of role models.

Looking for people who encapsulate the qualities you want to grow, in order to be able to replicate their methods, is a great way of learning and developing yourself.

Oftentimes I have read advice about role models which suggests finding a film star, sports champion, artist, etc who possesses the skills or attitudes that I want to develop and model myself on what they do and how they do it. There are at least two things that seem to be a little short-sighted about this:

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i) I can only see and experience those people “second-hand”; I only get an indirect, at-a-distance, and incomplete picture of them

ii) “Superstar” role models have life and bubble in which they exist that I find difficult to relate to. The effect of this is that it seems to make the qualities that they display, less relevant, accessible, or pertinent to my context.

So, what to do?
Let me share the following with you and see if you can draw some parallels to your own experience. I want to develop certain traits that I think would be helpful for my own and others’ good. The traits I want to work on are persistence; emotional intelligence (people skills) and staying positive. How far do I need to go to find people role modeling these qualities?

A 5-minute walk to the home of persistence
My local convenience store used to be a relatively high-end wine store. It sold a wide variety of great wines to a relatively select few people in our neighborhood. 5 years ago it was sold to a young man (I now consider the late twenties to be young!) who now runs it as a convenience store which has a brilliantly wide range of lines in stock from food to basic DIY, to cold remedies (and still lots of wine).

There is excellent customer service. The shop is open from 0600-2300. And almost always, serving from behind the counter is the smiling owner.

Sure, he looks a little older but boy, does he graft? The result: a thriving local business, serving the community, that has recently survived 8 months of major gas main repairs directly outside the shop front which slashed passing trade by 70%. They got through it. Why did it survive? He worked even harder at getting the basics right. Every single day. Admirable.

The ‘people genius’ … in our own home
My wife, my daughter, and I are relatively quiet in the company. We’re listeners. We love company but it’s rare that we are the center of attention. We would pay good money, as would many others that I know, to be able to bottle and use whatever magic my son has for connecting with people.

Check Also

Whilst being very respectful, he has a knack of making them laugh, usually at themselves. He is sharp and witty and it works. The beauty of it is, that it’s natural. He’s not forcing it. It is in his very essence. He is an awesome role model to aspire to. (Although he wouldn’t admit it, there are traits that we have, he might find useful too!!)

Staying positive … all around me
“There are a lot of old people in there. They sleep a lot” she said to me on the telephone last week, in a tone that was unusually slightly downbeat. “But I leave them sleeping and go to the activities room.

There’s always something going on there,” she said, back to her normal upbeat self, in an instant. “Good for you Nan” I replied to my grandmother, who was 98 on the 1st March 2012, “Good for you”. True story. Need I say more?

There is inspiration all around you. Define what it is you want to work on. Find people that you have access to and who you can actually relate to who possess the skills, attitudes, and knowledge that you aspire to possess and use them as part of your role modeling resource …right on your doorstep.

Who could you use as your local inspirational role model? Share your stories here.

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Nairaland / General / Oh! Well Done, You. by muskanmuffleit: 11:37am On Apr 04, 2022
I could see that she was really pleased with the work she had put into achieving her goals since the last time we met. From confused and de-motivated to energized and highly effective in a matter of a couple of weeks, Sarah (not her real name) was now buzzing and seemed full of confidence. My response: to bite my tongue.

Giving praise
Not Judge and Jury
The coach’s job, in this respect, as I see it, is to enable the client to review their success and pass comment on it. It isn’t my role to praise them.

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If I praise the client for what they have achieved I am passing judgment which suggests that I have some conferred power – even if that has only been conferred by me to me ! In effect, it can take away some of the relative power in the relationship owned by the client. And for me, the client should possess as much real or perceived power as practically possible within a coaching relationship.

Those of you that are aware of Transactional Analysis will recognize that praise can put you into the role of Parent, which in turn can result in the client consciously or unconsciously taking the role of a child. Not a great position for coaching to take part in.

The Management Challenge
The suggestions I have given above are aimed at those who are coaching. If you happen to be a manager who uses a coaching style I can understand if you are currently yelling at your screen “No! No! No! My people like praise and positive feedback and you’re telling me not to!!”. Well, yes and no.

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In the real world, where there already exists a solid relationship, an understanding of how both parties work, and a culture of praising staff, I don’t think it is necessarily a negative thing to praise someone for their efforts. The odd pat on the back probably does more good than harm. Quick caveat: You may decide to ask yourself and/or your staff, why they like praise.

Best of Both Worlds?
I wonder if it is possible to achieve both: firstly, a self-assessing member of staff who is clear about what they have done well and where there are areas of improvement and all the confidence benefits that go with that; secondly someone who is able to accept praise in the spirit in which it is being given.

How that might be achieved would be to get the client/member of staff to review their plans or progress first and appraise themselves in terms of the outcomes and their efforts before you as the manager give your praise.

The order of this is important I think because it keeps the member of staff in charge for a while and also prevents them from coloring their own comments with the influence of the manager if the manager has made their comment first.

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Nairaland / General / Kinesthetic Coaching (3) – Walk The Line by muskanmuffleit: 10:14am On Apr 04, 2022
This mini-series will look at the rationale behind using a more practical and active approach in your coaching style in addition to some of the techniques I have tried successfully with many of my clients.

Before you read this post I would strongly recommend that you read Part 1 first, just to be aware of some of the background about the decision to use this style of coaching.

Active Coaching scenarios
Part 2 Walk the Line
Once again this exercise is best done wherever possible, by literally getting up and walking but like the Empty Chair exercise, it can be talked through as a discussion exercise or drawn on a flipchart. Physically walking it through is best though as it creates some momentum.

Why would you?
This exercise is designed to help people experience, metaphorically, any journey or timeline that they have brought to the coaching conversation as the focus for their work. It enables a deadline to be “seen”, moved, approached, and passed.

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It helps the client work on the obstacles that may get in the way between where they are now and where their end goal is. It also allows them to experience what it would be like when they arrive at their destination.

I have used this exercise a number of times in one-to-one coaching sessions and I have also seen it used effectively in a team development setting too.

I am not a trained Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) practitioner and you don’t need to be to help others enjoy the benefits of this engaging, energizing, and often confidence-building exercise, but you may want to know that some of its roots are tied to the NLP concept of future pacing i.e. helping people visualize future states.

How would you?
The great thing about the timeline walk is that it is really simple. An example of the practical steps you might use after having discussed the goal with your client is the following:

1. Ask the client to think about when they would like/have to complete their project

2. Ask them to stand and designate somewhere in your coaching room – or possibly even better still the surrounding space – as that endpoint.

Know More

3. I like to then walk with them to the endpoint they have suggested and ask them to describe what the experience is like “from here”.

4. Next ask them what obstacles they can “see” they would have had to overcome in order to arrive successfully.

5. Go visit those places along the timeline. Continue the process until you arrive back at “the present day”.

6. Discuss what they will do now in order to start the journey towards achieving their success, by the deadline agreed.

7. Review the activity and reflect on how the client could use this exercise for themselves in similar situations.

Go for it
With the caveats from Part 1 of this series uppermost in your mind, I would highly recommend that you try this exercise.

So, I hope that you have enjoyed this mini-series on Kinesthetic Coaching and hope that you will give this approach a try. It may well have significant benefits for your clients/team members.

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Nairaland / General / How To Play In The Free Casino by muskanmuffleit: 1:25pm On Apr 02, 2022
Most new visitors to the free casinos are worried about the playing rules. They should check out the rules and regulations of the sites they visit and also read the frequently asked questions and these will provide them with answers to all their queries regarding the free casinos and their games.

Most online casinos also have a help section and if you find any question that is not answered in either the frequently asked questions or in the rules and regulations, you can post your query to the online help.

A number of the free casino also have toll-free numbers that you can dial to get your problems resolved. Most of them employ professionals that will help you with any query.

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In most instances, just navigating around the site will resolve most of your queries. Since you are not paying any money to play the games on the free online casino, you can try out the games contained therein without any worries.

However, if you decide to play using cash in their paid sections, and need help, you can contact their help desk. You can be assured that you will love your visit to the free casino.

Where to find casinos free online
If you are searching for casinos free online, your best bet is to use the search engine to find out such sites. You should know that there will be many results when you search for the term “casino free online” and it is best to check out the sites that are at the top of the search results.

Since you are not going to pay any money, it does not matter which site you join, but then the games in the reputed sites are programmed better and give you a better gaming experience.

If you do not have any idea about the best casino free online, you might ask some of your friends who have been playing on the free casino site.

You might also join an online forum that holds discussions about online games and interact with other members of that forum to help you locate the best free casinos. Once you have found the best online casinos, just follow the rules of the same and start playing casino free online

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Nairaland / General / A Shorter Summary Of The Entire Denon Ahd5000 Audiophile Earphones by muskanmuffleit: 12:41pm On Apr 01, 2022
Unfortunately utilizing a price of 5 $ 100 or so pounds, these are not appropriate for those who are generally “skinny” pant pockets or average person. The noise of each of these controlled animals can cause were made when it comes to audiophiles also employees. Now you are likely to start the issue: Those earphones’ tariff around $ 1000, could they be worthwhile them?

The wonderful Making use of your Denon AHD5000 Headsets

Their Denon AHD5000 are extremely lightweight, even though they could be containing mahogany. For anyone who is owning worries of needing woods all across all of your Michael kors handbags hearing, you’ll certainly just like the convenience of with them.

In most cases, the case while using the headphones for several moments tends to be that sweating in excess probably will manifest, alternatively, I have not gone through this specific matter a piece while using the Denon AHD5000.

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These Denon AHD5000 flaunt some kind of asymmetric ear drums apartment for an additional cozy suite, allowing you the thrill to have enjoyment from longer tuning in treatment with no need of all the weariness in any way.

The entire AH-D5000 Headphones Delight in Classy combined with State-of-the-art Make

Activities have been going up a stride in Denon because of style and design. Because of golfing ball with a structure that experts claim permits the particular vendor quite easily place it back to contact the most suitable complement, the main headset’s shape is able to the Michael kors handbags warranty us all easily be handled.

The entire padded scarf also tracks pads that can be found in similar basic, that the members will like ample solace. Mainly, features light-weight and versatile a sufficient amount due to the magnesium mineral constituents, there will not behave to be serious about smashing the headset because of mucking that it over the limitation.

Top-quality Denon Wise Yield

But the sound recordings value precisely what is going to gnash probably for your wages. Far better than the vast majority of hi-fi designs available in the market that will be yet Four times the value, the particular Denon AHD5000 has generated a very high audio track standard.

Each kind to do with music that people second-hand by such headset finished up being accordingly grown its keep continues to be very small opportunities while headphone gave the impression to stop a very perspiring reproducing that company.

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Safari, orchestrated retro classics, jazz music, brown blend, drum & fish in addition to rap happen to be produced in you the greatest high quality which usually remained my own eardrums very well cheerful. The lows were considered one amongst the primary options often the Denon AHD5000 blissful people by having lousy websites. our 250-millimeter neodymium heat, any mastered emailed our ear outside a full orgy.

Weaknesses of the Denon AHD5000′s

Naturally, typically the selling price is something which you’ll quibble relating to. Nevertheless, if you happen to will not have the knowledge beneficial headset be understood, but this is very simple to comprehend.

But, it is always significantly better that you just start in the inexpensive person’s not to mention escalate a new spectrum for the certified title of units exactly like Denon AHD5000. Lg G6 Latest Software Update

In this manner, you will then see simple methods to completely appreciate Michael kors handbags and any of them. A subsequent weak point is certainly the extensive, serious connection that is not befitting for vacationing for many different men or women because the plot is certain to get so that you can tangle an excellent deal.


The very AHD5000 undoubtedly does not for example, but also for authorities which in turn learn how to enjoy Michael kors outlet oy delightful solid once they listen to it. No matter what type of song you consider, these sorts of headsets can give you that which you in fact wish. Really don’t spend time; get your wallet or maybe an initiate reduction, due to the fact AHD5000 is without question worth it!

The particular headphones make remarkable records participating in high-end. Should you want to bury your own self for the brilliant sound any of these headsets result in, and reveal these guys using a whole lot, subsequently check us out.

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Nairaland / General / Pro Active Treatment The Best Solution For Acne Problem by muskanmuffleit: 12:44pm On Mar 31, 2022
Acupuncture now become very popular in western societies. It’s known as an alternative medical practice. It’s a drug-free therapy for stress relief. Acupuncture has been the medicine practiced in China for over two thousand years, it’s a therapeutic system that makes the use of sterilized needles for restoring body equilibrium.

The needles are placed in a specific area and it’s will correspond to the internal organs. The needle that inserts in the skin will act to free the flow of the “chi” the internal energy in the human body.

As mentioned in the chinese medical theory, anything that block the chi to flow inside the body can leads to an imbalance of the body energy and resulted in illness.

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The chi flow is the key to tell that that person has a good health. The acupunture is helping on restore the chi enery back to the body and it continues to balance the metaphysical concept of yin and yang.

Acupuncture is used for treating a wide range of diseases, like nausea, migraine, headache, lower back pain, chronic pain and knee pain. The chinese claimed that acupuncture also could be used as a treatment for minor mental and emotional problems.

Check It out

Due to this believe, there are some people even start to compare traditional chinese medicine with the western medical threory. However, both medical treatment are good in healing the patients adn have a positive effect on the patients mental health.

The real beneficial of acupuncture is the efficiency as a non-invasive and drug free treatment. This also used in conjunction withe the chinese herbal medicine that even more effective than those modern drugs and medication. Acupuncture is only related to providing of cure to specific aliments.

It’s also used as the determination of the causes of physical discomfort and illness. Western doctors and those scientists still working on determining the effective of acupuncture how it’s form the healing on those diseases and symptoms. Even though the acupuncture are alredy been accepted by many people, but still there are a lot of questions about the long term effects from the acupuncture.

The understanding of the internal energy flow and the pattern of the flow in the human body is the key to the acupuncture. The meridians in the body will correspond to the western lay out of hte nervous systems adn the circulatory systems in the human body.

While there is still no prove or any researches have a clear explanation about how acupuncture can heal the symtoms. It’s intersting to know how is the chinese medicine and the herbal are work from inside the human body. How could it possible developed since thousands years before the western medicine?

Somehow we all wish that one day, the scientist and researchers will fond the answer about the different between the chinese medicine and modern medical practice. Nevertheless, both western and eastern chinese medicine all work in term of the theory and philosophy on the use of the needle as a tool of healing.

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Nairaland / General / Pro Active Treatment The Best Solution For Acne Problem by muskanmuffleit: 1:15pm On Mar 30, 2022
The embark upon a acne eruptions of the skin could be given thorough the cleanup by using a proactive approach as its control and its medication. The pro active acne treatment is the combination therapy, studies all aspects of the acne problems in order to find out viable solutions.

The first step of proactive treatment in acne relies on the premise. The skin blemish is healed before further steps to check its reappearance are taken in hand. The start point of skin healing in the proactive approach is to examine the ways in which the skin can be cleaned, with the help of an effective skin cleanser.

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The model cleanser resulted in a skin blemished healing by acnes are one that could help in skin exfoliate and remove the dead skin cells. The benzoyl peroxide then will treated after the exfoliated skin, this will helping in killing the bacteria what causing the pimple.

Moreover, the benzoyl still help in cleaning the exfoliated skin more sufficient. This action will help in healing the blemishes and attack the bad bacteria as well as providing the cure and prevent the action all in one.

With the problem that presents in hand, the next step of the three-way proactive to control the pimple on your face is to choose the skin toner that suits your skin type. Buy the alcohol-free toner and those with the water base products when you shopping for the toner.
This kind of product will help to remove the dead skin cells and help in removing the clog in the pores.

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With this it helps in keeping the skin remains acne-free and healthy. The toner will also help in the removal of excess oil that form on the skin and cause the eruption of acne. Apply the skin toner on the skin regulary will help in balancing the skin tone and the skin remain acne free.

Lastly, when the skin is limping back to its original health and the healing effect is well on the course, the steps in such repairing lotion must use regularly with the skin. Since the skin becomes the acne-free, but there still the scar and the black or white heads are on the dept skin. So you have to apply the lotion that helps in healing the blackheads and whiteheads.

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Nairaland / General / St Albans Or Carpet Cleaning Harpenden by muskanmuffleit: 1:36pm On Mar 29, 2022
There are many ways you can clean your carpet at home, using a specialized vacuum cleaner. But does your carpet completely clean up when you do the cleaning? If you could take a magnifying glass and see you would find that despite your best efforts you cannot clean your carpet completely. This has nothing to do with the effort that you place.

But this has everything to do with the fact that professional carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning in Harpenden is much more effective. There is nothing surprising in this statement because people involved with carpet cleaning know what they are supposed to do.

Carpets catch dirt and dust easily. They are fluffy in nature and woven. Hence, all the materials used in making a carpet find it very simple to become repositories for dirt and dust.

When you use a carpet cleaner you get rid of some of the dirt and the dust but you cannot eliminate them completely. There are often those crevices that you miss out on because you are not experienced enough for this job.

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And if you have a pet at home your job becomes that much hard. Pet hair strands are the toughest to remove through vacuuming. They invariably cling on to the wool or any other material that is used in making your carpet.

If there’s anyone at home that suffers from dust allergy they are going to find it very hard in such circumstances. And when you have guests coming in you don’t want them to see dog hair flowing out of your carpet each time they take a step on it.

check also

Moreover, different carpets have different cleaning methods. You cannot use a single method irrespective of the carpet that you have at home. You will end up ruining your precious carpet. When you hire professionals for carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning in Harpenden they don’t start with carpet cleaning.

They spend time on understanding the constitution of your carpet and choose on the best cleaning method. As a result, your carpet remains safe and it also becomes clear enough.

If you are thinking about money then reckon what is cheaper – buying a new carpet because you managed to ruin one or letting professionals for carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning Harpenden clean your carpet for less than £35 for each of your rooms.

Also, consider the amount of time you can save by hiring professionals. Time has money value, doesn’t it? And ultimately, what you get from these professionals is a clean carpet, a truly clean one.

The summary is rather simple to comprehend – if you want a truly clean carpet you need professionals for carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning in Harpenden.

For every quid, you spend on hiring such professionals you get back more than a quid. What you will have at the end of their job is a truly clean carpet and thus, a truly clean home. Why wouldn’t you hire one of them?

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Nairaland / General / All You Get Are Benefits From Professionals For Carpet Cleaning St Albans Or Car by muskanmuffleit: 12:07pm On Mar 29, 2022
here are many ways you can clean your carpet at home, using a specialized vacuum cleaner. But does your carpet completely clean up when you do the cleaning? If you could take a magnifying glass and see you would find that despite your best efforts you cannot clean your carpet completely.

This has nothing to do with the effort that you place in. But this has everything to do with the fact that professional carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning in Harpenden is much more effective. There is nothing surprising in this statement because people involved with carpet cleaning know what they are supposed to do.

Carpets catch dirt and dust easily. They are fluffy in nature and woven. Hence, all the materials used in making a carpet find it very simple to become repositories for dirt and dust. When you use a carpet cleaner you get rid of some of the dirt and the dust but you cannot eliminate them completely.

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There are often those crevices that you miss out on because you are not experienced enough for this job. And if you have a pet at home your job becomes that much hard. Pet hair strands are the toughest to remove through vacuuming. They invariably cling on to the wool or any other material that is used in making your carpet.

If there’s anyone at home that suffers from dust allergy they are going to find it very hard in such circumstances. And when you have guests coming in you don’t want them to see dog hair flowing out of your carpet each time they take a step on it.

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Moreover, different carpets have different cleaning methods. You cannot use a single method irrespective of the carpet that you have at home. You will end up ruining your precious carpet. When you hire professionals for carpet cleaning in St Albans or carpet cleaning in Harpenden they don’t start with carpet cleaning.

They spend time understanding the constitution of your carpet and choosing the best cleaning method. As a result, your carpet remains safe and it also becomes clear enough.

If you are thinking about money then reckon what is cheaper – buying a new carpet because you managed to ruin one or letting professionals for carpet cleaning St Albans or carpet cleaning Harpenden clean your carpet for less than £35 for each of your rooms. Also, consider the amount of time you can save by hiring professionals. Time has money value, doesn’t it? And ultimately, what you get from these professionals is a clean carpet, a truly clean one.

The summary is rather simple to comprehend – if you want a truly clean carpet you need professionals for carpet cleaning in St Albans or carpet cleaning in Harpenden.

For every quid, you spend on hiring such professionals you get back more than a quid. What you will have at the end of their job is a truly clean carpet and thus, a truly clean home. Why wouldn’t you hire one of them?

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Nairaland / General / Eczema (dry Skin) by muskanmuffleit: 12:17pm On Mar 25, 2022
Eczema is the medical term for extremely dry skin, and it is very common in babies and children.
This child has chronic eczema in her elbow crease and an acute allergic skin reaction with hives over her forearm.

Eczema often begins in newborns with two round red patches on the skin, sometimes on the cheeks, behind the ears, or on the scalp (CRADLE CAP). Over the first few weeks, it moves to the wrists and ankles and sometimes the arms, thighs, or stomach.

Always use perfume and dye-free laundry detergent, soaps, and creams. Dress children in cotton clothing.


Old school thinking on eczema was to minimize the number of baths that you give your baby, however, thinking has changed. Doctors now recommend daily baths in warm water NOT hot water for no more than 3-5 minutes. Pat the skin dry, then promptly apply a rich hypoallergenic moisturizer.

Shorten your baby or child’s fingernails to reduce problems from scratch. Nail clippers often cause bleeding at the nail bed if you try to cut the nails too short. Instead, use an emery board to file their nails very short.

Put scratch mittens on newborns at night, children can wear cotton socks or gloves on their hands to prevent scratching while asleep.

Eczema is aggravated by heat. Often you’ll find it’s actually worse in summer and not winter. In very hot weather, stay indoors, in air conditioning. Find a great indoor playground for young children on those super hot days. Also, playing the grass can aggravate eczema, so when possible, dress children in lightweight pants instead of shorts.

Use a humidifier in the winter to keep skin from drying out.

Topical steroids are helpful for controlling itch and inflammation; ask your doctor for a prescription. Antihistamines may help relieve itching, but tend to make the baby or child very sleepy. They can be helpful with babies who can’t sleep because they are itchy and scratching all night.

Antibiotics may be required to treat skin infections which can arise as a complication from so much scratching.


Symptoms of heat rash include tiny pink bumps, mainly on the neck and upper back. It is also called prickly heat. Treat heat rash with techniques that cool off the skin and allow it to breathe.

Give your child a cool bath for 10 minutes every 2-3 hours without soap. Let their skin dry completely before dressing them in loose cotton clothing. Keep them in air conditioning if possible.


Hives look a lot like mosquito bites. Symptoms of hives are raised pink spots with fluid-filled centers. They can vary in size and shape, and be up to 3 inches across. Hives are very itchy.

Hives are often caused by allergies to foods or insect stings. Though some children develop hives when their skin is exposed in very cold weather. Please record the incidence of hives along with what your child has eaten or come into contact with. Bring this with you when you follow up with the doctor.

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Nairaland / General / Beginning With Greenhouse Hydroponic Gardening by muskanmuffleit: 11:00am On Mar 25, 2022
A regular gardening method requires a suited climate to the increase of various kinds of plants; nevertheless, a hydroponic kit lets you experiment with various kinds of vegetation, as it doesn't require any sort of climate.

Aside from, in addition, it helps you save through the hassle of placing plant foods or other bug elimination techniques. As there isn't garden soil utilized, perils of your plants receiving soil-borne illnesses is very removed. Since the vitamins and minerals are straight put in the vegetation, their own progress surpasses some other usually grown vegetation.

You must remember a number of crucial items when you buy hydroponics products. These come in kinds of that is the actual Aeroponic method, Ebb and Flow system, as well as the Pull system.

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A normal system contains containers, a drinking water tank, as well a water pump to flow normal water, and expanding medium-plus lighting for in-house gardening. It is then excellent to get started on your house garden.
If you intend to be able to buy one of these kits discover principle elements.

The actual hydroponic supplies in addition depend upon the sort of place you happen to be prepared to expand. Consequently, make sure the system that you will be acquiring works to your wanted plant to cultivate.

As an illustration, your Pull away program permits effortless setup and also routine maintenance and it is consequently most widely used. It involves the development of a smaller hole as well as the insertion of your wick using that gap. Within an Adapt program, the particular expanding medium will be right placed on your pan filled up with vitamins and minerals.

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Your pot is swapped out each and every week. As the actual floor is within immediate contact with normal water, o2, and also vitamins and minerals, actual intake is actually at its peak.

The Aeroponic method is probably the most superior of these. Vegetation is kept without the growing channel as well as progress rock, making it possible for the particular plant life to take in far more airflow by means of its root base. Other things you have to take into account would be the expanding platforms, including clay stones along with avocado fabric.

You should pick another appropriate towards the particular wants of one's seed. Be cautious whilst purchasing these, given that a low-grade developing channel may actually impede the development of plant life.

You may like to have a look online to the proper items. You will find at present several sites specializing in this area involving horticulture and you may likewise be able to find a lots of data that will help you in the process at the same time.

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Nairaland / General / Become Familiar With More To Do With Hcg Diet Drops by muskanmuffleit: 1:02pm On Mar 24, 2022
Wrong? Should you not lose pounds, u cannot assume the aforementioned situations. It's really easy; the standard plans associated with strength exercises are not merely a potent approach to decline kilos.

Once i refer to exercising, I am referring to activities such as trekking, riding a bike, floating around, rowing or maybe jogging. It is usually Four to five times per week with regard to the amount of 40 to Sixty minutes inside the "fat-burning plan. Inches

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What does the investigation say? Inside the Record associated with Employed Physiology shows that bodily stresses have got little impact on shedding your fat.

A small grouping of 24 obese males had been designated both low and also intense workouts for any amount of 14 months. The actual men were advised to carry on their own usual eating habits throughout the studying. The program consisted of biking exercises.

Every drill melts away up to 300 energy. The time duration of each and every program in the reduced depth as well as rigorous training programs has been regarding Fifty-seven and also Thirty-three moments every single.

Following taking stock of the outcomes, the researchers concluded that instruction doesn't have popular modifications in body mass and the entire body arrangement if the diet plan wasn't transformed

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Accomplishing Fat loss when you eat less excess fat plus much more necessary protein It really is widely known to us for quite a while which reducing high-fat content material foods inside diet can easily surely be of assistance with weight reduction.

For the reason that fats consist of 9 calorie consumption for each gram in comparison to merely Four calories for each g associated with meats or carbohydrate food. It ought to be known that fat-free meals incorporate calories from fat in addition, so therefore it is not an environmentally friendly transmission to eat unrestricted levels of fat-free merchandise.

From time to time fat-free food gets numerous calories as the body fat-loaded competitors. If a person eats more energy when compared with their physique uses then the face is actually susceptible to putting on pounds.

Lowering excess fat consumption will help with losing weight. Thus ingesting a smaller amount of excess fat and simply updating it with huge levels of fat-free items are not aid. The utilization of healthy proteins and much more fiber, including fruits help with weight loss.

Excess healthy proteins don't soon add up to the body bulk, they may create a little trouble for your current kidneys. Therefore, it's suggested which equilibrium should be taken care of.

Fiber-rich eating plans, however, be all you need your own hunger gives a feeling of a full stomach and it is absorbed a smaller amount through the gastro-intestinal region.

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Nairaland / General / Are Network Marketing Corporations Like Numis Network UK A Con by muskanmuffleit: 11:40am On Mar 23, 2022
Lots of people are asking me whether Numis Network UK is a scam or a real and legitimate enterprise.
Before I proceed any further I would really like to say that i spent weeks studying the organization and absolutely discovered Numis Network UK to become very intriguing certainly.

Numis Network is a network work at home opportunity, therefore if you are not looking for good change, to spend additional time with your friends and relations, and to live a much better lifestyle, then do not keep reading.

Numis Network UK was only introduced this morning in the UNITED KINGDOM, following a very profitable 18 months in america and Canada. Already many top internet marketers around the globe are raving about how exactly good Numis is, and how much potential there is certainly to make fortunes.

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Visualize life without worrying about the way you will pay the following bill, or without needing to spend all your time and energy in an office making another person rich. Well, now your thoughts could be set free with all the zero risk Numis Community UK.

Numis Network UK Numismatic Gold and Silver Coins. Of course, you will need to work hard at your network and your organization, and of course, you need to be dedicated.

Again do not read any further if you're just looking to find an overnight get rich quick scheme. This is genuine. Many financial advisers advise you to collect property and build your own residual income.

Well with Numis Network UK you do both. You build a unique collection in assets in government mint Gold and silver numismatic coins. You also build a residual income with the network as you progress. check it out

I can't keep saying to you how essential it is to find yourself in this network in Britain while it is actually fresh. Every minute a person wastes, somebody joins higher and below you, and to really take full advantage of the system you have to sign up today.

Numis Network UK supplies a business with the best low risk for any networking marketing business out there today. You can sign up for the network these days for only ?1!!!

Once a member you will have access to every one of the tutorials and business end tools that will help you progress. The tools they offer are extremely potent and include autoresponders, business cards, full video training, and so far more. No networking marketing company We have worked with has ever given this many free resources from the start.

The compensation plan is also being raved about with the network marketing local community. A whole breakdown from the payment plan can be found at: https://www.numisnetwork.com/Anthony under the particular "Opportunity" tab. It's completely revolutionizing the industry.

An additional excellent reason to join Numis Network GREAT BRITAIN is because there's no competition. Numis Network UK specializes in collecting assets in Gold and silver numismatic coins, that are government graded by the mint to the grade of MS70 which is certainly the maximum quality.

There are no other multilevel marketing companies running within the numismatic coin business in the world, so we are virtually pioneering the industry. Numis Silver Eagle Numis Network GREAT BRITAIN

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Nairaland / General / Wine School: Serving Temperature 101 by muskanmuffleit: 12:53pm On Mar 22, 2022
This past weekend, the Fiancé and I spent Sunday evening out on the fire escape enjoying the warm weather, chilled glasses of wine in hand, while music played in the background. It was the perfect kick-off to Summer.

I opened up a bottle of Field Theory Albariño. It was crisp with notes of lemon and white peach. Coming from Lodi, CA this wine is not as mineral-driven as an Albariño from Spain, where the grape thrives. It was a fun expression of what the grape can do in a different climate.

This week, today in particular, is proof that the hot and humid weather is officially here to stay. Many people (including myself) are starting to reach for lighter-style wines. What’s better than a chilled glass of wine on a warm summer day?

Not a whole lot. But what’s important is making sure that the wine in your glass is chilled accordingly. By serving the wine at the correct temperature, you’ll be getting the most out of the bottle you bought. And that’s really what we all want in the end, right?

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Wine Serving Temperature

Serving Temperature of Wine

When people think about the serving temperature of the wine, most will say whites are served chilled, reds are not. However, there’s a little more to serving temperatures than those two notions.

Flavors become muted if a glass of white wine is too cold, if it’s too hot, it will taste flat. Tannins become harsh when a red is too cold and alcohol will be overpowering if it’s too hot.

By serving wines at their ideal temperatures, we’re getting the best experience. The wine can show off it’s unique characteristics at the right temps.

Here is a guideline to make sure you’re getting the most out of your wine.

Medium to full-bodied, oaked white wines: lightly chilled, 50° – 55°F

These are your California Chardonnay, White Burgundy, and Fumé Blanc.

Light/medium-bodied white wines: chilled, 45°-50° F

Think of your favorite New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc, Muscadet, Pinot Grigio, and Fino Sherry.

Sweet wines: well chilled, 43°-45°F [url=https://erictric.com/
]check It out[/url]

Yummy Sauterne and Eiswein.

Sparkling Wines: well chilled, 43°-50°F

All the bubbly – Champagne, Cava, Prosecco.

Light-bodied red wines: lightly chilled, 55°F

Perfect summer reds – Beaujolais, Pinot Noir, Valpolicella.

Medium/full-bodied red wines: room temperature, 59°-64°F

Your California Cabernet Sauvignon, Australian Shiraz, Barolo, Red Bordeaux, Rioja, and Châteauneuf-du-Pape. Take note of the temperature. Although it says room temperature, many rooms are not actually 59°-64°F. Most reds can benefit from 10-15 minutes in the fridge to bring their temperature down.

Field Theory Albarino

The storage of wine is very different from the serving temperature. The brief version is this – store bottles at a constant, cool temperature, ideally ~55° F. If they have a cork, keep them flat on their sides. This keeps liquid in contact with the cork so it will not dry out and allow air to get in contact with the wine (big no-no).

Stay cool this weekend, friends. And make sure you’re chilling your wines appropriately! A lot of work goes into making this fermented grape juice we all love.

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Nairaland / General / Advanced Search Will Make Finding Cabinet Hardware Enjoyable by muskanmuffleit: 9:00am On Mar 16, 2022
The crystal pull of this choice shouldn't be likely to crack or scratch. Acrylic knobs are more affordable alternatives to crystal but the quality is noticeably varied. You must not often be fooled into buying crystal pulls that turn out to be acrylic.

Online shopping for these cabinet pulls will have to be done carefully because anything you see in the photo probably is not what you will actually see in the event the pull is delivered to your account. When you order the crystal pull, read the specifications to make certain that the knob fits a drawer perfectly.

Take note of the length, projection, mounting range, and finish truck caps. Don't limit yourself to colorless crystal pulls often. Many sellers offer crystal pulls in a variety of colors. These colored pulls should be equally clear to the particular colorless pulls, despite the presence of color.

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Keep clear of scratches and imperfections around the pull. If you have the patience to install along with uninstalling, purchase the same model in several colors. Crystal cabinet pulls develop the knack for decorating your space effortlessly. You can find the best choice of crystal pulls in the Internet to also be able to obtain them at the smallest prices.

Classic drawer pulls are a fantastic way to pay homage to occasions past, and they can convey a classic look of elegance for every space. The most usual use for these draws is on antique home furniture, but some people also choose a retro style for their new kitchen or bathroom cabinets.

Whatever the biology behind selecting an antique drawer attracts, there are a number of things that must be considered before a decision is created. It is important to realize that products periods are thought of as antique, and even within this wide selection of styles, there will still be plenty of decisions to help make. check It Out

Most antique pulls are more than metal, and it is rare to locate any that are made from other materials. Glass may also be coming onto the particular antique drawer scene at this time, but metal is nonetheless the predominant material. But, the metal that was would once make antique drawer pulls may well be different than the metal this really is used in pulls presently.

Here are some other things to be very helpful to understand it of shopping for traditional pulls. StyleWhile you might believe the style of the actual antique drawer pulls has already been selected, remember that antique covers many styles over many decades. Some antique drawer pulls are quite ornate, while others are actually far simpler.

Most people choose antique while they like the ornate patterns many drawers pulls the moment had, but some people also much like the simpler days. It all just depends on how much design and style you're using in your cooking area or bathroom. It also depends on whether you might be purchasing the pulls for some of the furniture that is actually antique and needs new hardware.

material question of material is a bit more complicated for antique drawer hardware than it's always for today's hardware. Mainly because while most of all the pieces are metal, truly authentic-looking pieces is probably not made of the same different types of metal used today.

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Nairaland / General / Diabetes – Detection Is Good, Prevention Is Better by muskanmuffleit: 11:42am On Mar 15, 2022
Diabetes is a serious problem in America today, but an increasing amount of good news resounding from multiple sources heralds not only hope but real answers.

There are some people who have been diagnosed as diabetic who are not, and there are those who have not been diagnosed as diabetic who are. Most do not know they are diabetic until symptoms appear which leads them to have their blood glucose levels checked.

If you test positive and the symptoms have already developed, it could mean you have had diabetes for several years prior and it is progressing.

Left untreated, diabetes harms the blood vessels and capillaries your organs need to transmit oxygen and glucose and remove waste products. Take control of your own health. Make absolutely sure you are getting the best treatment.


When something better is discovered anywhere in the world, be sure your doctor knows about it; and if you need to, change doctors. It’s your body. You are in charge. Never forget that. Your life depends on it. Your kidneys, heart, nerves, and retina along with every organ in your body depend on it.

Correct treatment every step of the way is important in the prevention of strokes, cardiovascular disease and damage to the nervous system. Don’t place your life solely in the hands of the medical community to do all the research and decisions about your health. Do some research of your own. Be vigilant and live.

Testing is very important. It is a good idea to take a yearly blood test, even if you think you are healthy. You can request lab tests either from a private lab or from your doctor. Early detection is good. Prevention is better.

If you test positive, it is a very good idea to have the diagnosis confirmed because diabetes drugs have very dangerous side effects and you don’t want to take any drug if you don’t have to. Drugs should be a last resort. Demand safe alternatives first, like dietary changes, exercise, and safe supplements. check it out

Am amazing amount of new evidence about diabetes is beginning to surface. Some doctors and some companies are trying to tell you about cures amidst threats of fines and imprisonment. That means if you want to know, you need to search it out for yourself. Consider all sources. Search the Internet.

Find books at your local bookstore or natural health food store. Look into advances in brain technology and sound waves and how that is being applied to disease. Look at diabetes from every possible angle.

Ask questions, be relentless, and do not stop until you have all the answers you need. If you have diabetes, become a student of solutions. If you do not have diabetes, learn enough about it to prevent it. Prevention is the best solution.

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Nairaland / General / Tips On How To Naturally Regrow Hair by muskanmuffleit: 12:55pm On Mar 14, 2022
When you begin to lose hair this could be a mortifying time and this might give you a visual aspect that is not reflecting who you are. In case you would like to start to grow back your hair with an efficacious and natural solution, then consider a how-to by nature regrow suffered hair organization.

This is loaded with real-life proficiencies and advice for how you can stimulate your hair follicles in order to commence the growing appendage once more, just like what they had been naturally intended to do.


All the techniques within this book differ from focusing on fingernail wellness to employing solemnity in order to improve the growth rate.

Readying Is Essential.

The main subdivision of this book would be in the beginning. This subdivision will explicate the signification of setting up the scalp prior to using the hair growing methods in the last chapters.

This holistic nature will take into consideration the reason why the hair isn’t growing right. One of the problems would be the build-up on your scalp.

This cooking section of the book shows you how you can soften that build-up in order to get rid of depositories that might impede the natural growth of hair.

Natural Items.

This system will use various elements to help encourage ontogeny, but these are natural and common tokens that you can purchase at your local grocery store.

Organic clothes and solid foods contain natural properties which can aid your body to recreate the hair which has ended up abeyant. This system will show you ways to use the natural ingredients in order to stir regular hair ontogenesis and for good come alive the catching some z’s follicles.

Tips to Last a Lifetime.

The book will expose you to proficiencies that can be utilized for the remainder of your lifespan in order to hold an overhead of hair.

The naturally regrow suffered hair organization consists of methods which you can use whilst watching telly or working on your personal computer. As soon as you know how the system will work and why this will make it easier for you to hold lifelike growth.

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